Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

Chanel 1

Chanel recently released a new foundation, the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation. I have never tested Chanel foundations before because the lightest available color here was 20, which is way too dark for me. With this release, there is also a 10 so I had to try it! I got myself a sample and long story short, before I even got to write this review I went and bought a bottle of it! So, spoiler: I like it.

The foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle. It claims to have SPF 25/PA++.


The glass bottle has a pump. I am always annoyed when bottles like that come without one, since you’re already paying enough and then they want you to buy an extra pump, too? But not Chanel Les Beiges, it comes ready to use.

Chanel Swatch

Alright, the swatches. On top Maybelline Fit Me in 105, then MAC Mineralize Compact in NC15 and last Chanel Les Beiges in 10. The top two foundations used to be my best color match, but then I got even paler thanks to lots of sun care. You can see Les Beiges 10 is even lighter and pretty much a perfect match. I have no blended swatch, you would not see it.

You can also see in the swatch pic that Les Beiges has a less shiny finish than the other two. I wouldn’t call it a matte, but satin. It does give a wonderful lit from within finish, similar to the Les Beiges powder. It also has one hell of a blurring effect. Like, you look almost photo shopped with it. I would call the coverage medium. You can build it up a little by carefully patting more on.

Applicationwise, I prefer fingers. The foundation has a creamy texture and can be best worked in gently with a finger.

It lasts pretty much all day on me, but I do have to powder my nose in between. But this is normal. I always have to do that. Despite the finish this is not drying at all. My skin is combination, but on the dry side in winter and my cheeks were okay with wearing it. So this is okay for those with dry skin and does not emphasize dry patches. I can’t promise how well it will work with oily skin, though.

The only downside I found in this foundation is that it can emphasize large pores, it settles down in them after a while. You probably only notice that with a magnifying mirror, but for those who have a problem with it, test it out before purchasing.

Other reviews have pointed out the perfume. It smells like the Les Beiges Powder, maybe a bit stronger, but the scent evaporates in a minute so I can live with it, even if I generally prefer unscented face products.

Chanel 3

Here’s a list of the ingredients for those interested.

I loved it and so I bought it. My mum has also tested it on her mature skin and she is very pleased, too. She claims that it did not settle in wrinkles, but I can’t 100% promise that.

Also, I am so glad there is a good shade for the fair ones! However, when I bought my bottle, the SA put the shade 10 tester away. Apparently I bought the last one. So either there was already a run on it or they didn’t have much of a stock. So if you’re also very fair, it could be that they don’t have it. But since it’s not limited, it’ll be back in stock eventually.

For everyone else, there are some in between shades also, like 22, 23 etc.

In a nutshell: worth a look.

Prada Iris

Prada Iris

My newest perfume acquisition is Prada Iris EdP. This is the new, 2015 release, which has replaced the older Infusion d’Iris. The perfumer for both versions is Daniela Andrier.

How to tell which version you have:

  • The green outer packaging for the new version will say “Iris” and this word is set apart from the rest by sitting on a band with a blue line on top and bottom. The old version will say “Infusion d’Iris” and will not be set apart from the other writing.
  • The notes listed on the new version will be: “Iris Pallida, Mandarine D’Italie, Neroli De Tunisie, Bois De Cedre, Benjoin Du Laos”.  Notes list of old version says: “Mandarine D’Italie, Neroli De Tunisie, Bois De Cedre, Benjoin Du Laos, Encens de Somalie”. Interesting that the old one does not actually list any iris, eh? Notes list for both is in front and side of the outer packaging, as well as on the side of the bottle itself.

Prada Iris 2

Notes list on side of bottle.

Alright, now that this is out of the way, what does it smell like? The new Infusion d’Iris smells a little soapy and clean, like iris of course, a little powdery. The neroli in it is the sharp kind, and without a hint of dirt which neroli can have. I get a little soft zest which I guess is the noted mandarin. In the dry down I get a wee bit vanilla, not much.

This perfume is alway gentle and close to the body. If someone who is not into perfumery smelled it on you, they’d probably think of fresh clothes. Wearing it makes me feel calm and serene. It lasts all day, but since it’s so quiet, often I don’t notice it when there are strong scents in the room (like food or fresh flowers). I have to press my nose into the skin to see it’s still there.

I like it very much, but I can recommend it only to folks who like iris and don’t mind a soapy smell.

essence winter wonderful the semi matt


This nail polish comes from one of essence‘s winter LEs, called Winter Wonderful. It has been available for a while now, but I still saw it in drugstores last week. The color is 02 the semi matt.

I had a matt pastel polish from essence that I like very much, so I was interested in this semi matt concept. The color is a very light grey with blue undertones. The polish dries extremely fast, but it’s streaky and not opaque in two layers, which is what I wear in the pic. It may look sort of matt here, but in truth it was not matt at all. It simply looked like a badly applied shiny polish. I am not a fan of this finish. The polish is quite mediocre, the only saving grace is that it dries so fast so you can do three layers in no time. It still looks uneven at three coats, though.

Givenchy Blush Memoire De Forme

givenchy blush

Like I mentioned in my sale haul I picked up this blush from Givenchy, it’s called Blush Memoire De Forme and the color is 02 Rose Delicat. As far as I know this was a limited edition, so I’m sorry for showing you something you might not be able to get anymore. But I this was the second time such a blush was included in a Givenchy LE, so it may come back again.

Givenchy claim it’s a gel formula. However, I find it extremely liquid, so I consider this a liquid blush (although the difference is probably miniscule). The pot is filled to the brim and it’s closed with a tight black lid. So first you have to open it up without spilling the product all over. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but so far I always have blush on all ten fingers when handling this product. But the tight lid is needed, else the product would spoil or dry up.

The color is a reddish pink with subtle shimmer. As it often happens with liquid products I got out wayyyy too much for my swatch, so please excuse the fact that my whole arm is blushed in my swatch pic:

Givenchy blush swatch

The swatch. XD You really only need a tiny amount of product for a cheek. But it is easy to blend, the harsh edges here are only for the swatch.

The blush creates a stain. Properly applied it barely even looks like you got makeup on, but the color is visible of course. Due to the color, one could also create a feverish look. The shimmer is there, but it’s not a high shimmer look. You’d have to know it’s there to find it. What you see in the swatch pic is the strongest the color gets. It can be applied lightly, for a barely there color, but there’s only so much you can layer until it doesn’t change anymore. So despite the intense color, there’s no way this is going to end up looking clownish.

Personally I like a lot how if looks on my face. I also like how very easy it is to blend before it sets. Sometimes liquid blushes that stain can end up uneven, this is not an issue here. What I don’t like so much is the packaging. I would have preferred something airtight with a pump dispenser. The pot is fiddly to open, and when it’s open it gets a lot of exposure. I’m not sure if that’s so hygienic.

In a nutshell: great product, not so great packaging.

Kiko Moon Shadow Glistening Turquoise and Mysterious Chocolate

Kiko Shadow sticks

These two sticks are from my last Kiko haul. They are Moon Shadows from their 2015 Fall Collection. I already reviewed the lightest color here. Since I liked wearing that one I picked up two more colors on sale. The blue one is called 04 Glistening Turquoise and the brown is 02 Mysterious Chocolate.

Kiko shadow swatches

Swatches! Both are mid to dark colors with pretty multi colored shimmer. The pics don’t do them justice; the shimmer is really strong.

Both are easy to apply right from the stick and need to be blended quickly before they set. I have worn them for a single color smoky eye, it’s really easy to do with dark stick shadows. The shadow is also easy to apply on the lower lid. I simply turn the stick around and use the edge. They shadows did not smudge under my eye, which is a huge plus.

Overall, the brown one lasted six hours before it started to crease, the blue one five. The blue is a little patchier than the brown one, you can see it in the swatch as well. When the brown one was creasing on me, it still looked fairly good despite the creasing. You know – in a lived in rockstar sort of thing. The blue was okay too, but while I didn’t mind wearing the brown long after it had started creasing, the blue one got patchier and patchier and I wouldn’t wear it for a long night out.

Still, both are pretty good and I like them.

Here’s an out of focus pic to show the shimmer better:

Kiko shadow swatches2

It still doesn’t do them justice, though.

Essie It’s Genius


This is Essie It’s Genius, two coats, no top. This is a great polish, almost a one coater. The color is a little hard to pin down, a reddish purple with multi colored shimmer. Even the shimmer is hard to pin down. It looks mostly golden, but then sometimes the polish itself looks frosty. I think there are bigger and smaller shimmer particles, the bigger ones being golden and the small shimmer is the color itself. Or something. Whatever. It’s a nice polish and while I wouldn’t wear the color everyday it’s pretty once in a while.

MAC Flamingo Park: Silly and Chick Trick

MAC Flamingo Park includes lots of pretty pinks and corals, some of which are permanent or repromotes. Here’s what I already have:

Chic Trick Fruit Cocktail

MAC Lip Liner Chick Trick (ignore the other one, that one’s permanent): When I bought it I didn’t know it was LE, but it’s listed as LE now. My original post for the liners can be read here.


Swatch CT FC

Chick Trick is bright pink with yellow undertones. The mine is a bit less creamy than my other MAC lip liners, but workable. I apply it all over the lip, then it makes lipsticks last longer. An exact lipstick color match would be Miley Cyrus I, but that one was limited. Other than that I mainly use Chick Trick to change the color of my lipstick: it pulls pink colors into coral and corally ones into pink. When paired with Morange it creates a lovely coral, when paired with Pink Pidgeon, that one looks less blueish.

MAC Silly vs Candy Yum Yum

The MAC lipstick Silly (matte), here shown on top, is a light pink with some white in. It’s not quite as blue as Candy Yum Yum, here shown underneath. A post comparing the two can be found here.

Candy Yum Yum Silly

Swatch: Candy Yum Yum (top), underneath Silly. Note that Flamingo Park includes another lipstick called Be Silly, that one is a different color (but still pink, haha). So be careful when ordering so you get the right color.

Silly is a lovely pink. I wear it more often than Candy Yum Yum. It’s certainly a Barbie sort of color and bright. Being matte, it does not need a lip liner, but when I use one, I like Rosy Rim, which softens the color a little. For a brighter look I would use the liner Candy Yum Yum, but then the color difference to the Candy Yum Yum lipstick gets even smaller (it would still be a little less blue).

So if you missed those two items and really wanted them, Flamingo Park is your chance.

Paco Rabanne Olympéa


Today’s Friday Fragrance is Olympéa EdP by Paco Rabanne. It was released in 2015 as a female fragrance to accompany Invictus.

Just like Invictus, Olympea has a strong sour note. They call it a salted vanilla in the notes list, but to me, the sour note is unconnected to the vanilla note. The vanilla comes in the base, but the screechy sour note is there from the beginning to the bitter end. Well, actually the ending is vanilla and white musk, but you get it. In the middle there are some watery flowers.

The vanilla keeps this one from getting too close to toilet cleaner, but it still smells like washing detergent. Sorry, I mean I tried to get what others see in it, but it never pulls together for me.


Olympea has similarities to Thierry Mugler’s Womanity, but while I don’t find Womanity all that wearable either, at least it is consequential and doesn’t try to soften down.

I’m seeing several perfumes cropping up with that weird sour-screechy note, so it might be the new trend, the anti-thesis to the too sweet perfumes that were all the rage in the last few years. Maybe I’ll come around to this note in time. In the meantime, I can’t see an olympic goddess wearing something like Olympea, except it has the same metal and blood connotation as Invictus, so a goddess of war, maybe.

Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder Mysterious Pink

This beautiful powder almost slipped under my radar; luckily I discovered it on sale.

sale haul1

I’m talking about the red packaging in the corner here; it’s the Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder from their 2015 Holiday Collection.

sale haul2

The product comes in a pretty red compact packaging. However I have already managed to rub the color off in the corners by now.


But I don’t care because the inside is just sooo beautiful. It’s a bright pink powder with gold shimmer and darker and lighter veins. Those veins are just for the looks, though. You cannot pick up different colors from it.

Kiko Moon Swatch

Swatch. Despite this being called a face powder, this is too pink to be worn as anything other than a highlightinh blush/eyeshadow. The color actually goes on a little lighter than it looks in the pan, but that didn’t stop the powder from making my brush bright, electric pink. XD The shimmer is golden and strong. I think it’s perfect to be worn right now, when everything is so dark and cold and the christmas lights have been taken down. Not that that will stop me from wearing it the rest of the year, haha.

The powder blends easily and I had no problems with getting it to last. The shimmer is finer than it is in the highlighting stick from the same collection. I love this powder.

OPI Warm me up


In this pic I am wearing two coats of OPI Warm me up, no top coat. The color is a dark brown with cold shimmer. The shimmer looks mostly silver, but it’s actually multi-colored. Depending on the light it looks more or less grey.


Same polish in different light.

I absolutely loved wearing this color; I think it looks so amazing on the nails. Quality was flawless, too and the whole mani held for a week with minimal chipping (I put on top coat after the pics though).