Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Matte

I was a big fan of the Astor Lipcolor Butters, those sheer, balmy colors. Yet, when the the mattes were released I was not interested. I already liked mattes just fine, but the colors didn’t speak to me. Well, this year I revised my opinion of how certain colors look on me and started wearing lots of colors I wouldn’t have worn just last year.

Astor Lipcolor Butter Matte

And so, when there was a good deal at the drugstore I took home not one, but three. I am insatiable.

Astor Lipcolor Butter Matte2

Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter matte, colors are from top to bottom: 023 Vivid Divine, 025 Cheeky Girl, 026 Royal Diva.

Astor Matte swatch shade

Swatches in the shade. All colors are matte and pigmented. Same order as before, Vivid Divine is bright pink, but with a sort of dusky yellow undertone; Cheeky Girl is a bright orangey red; Royal Diva is plum. You see it in the swatch, Royal Diva doesn’t apply quite as smooth as the other two, but it’s still easy to work it into the lips.

Astor Matte swatch light

Same swatches in the light. Cheeky Girl is really bright. Vivid Divine might look like a regular pink, but I have nothing like it in my stash.

All of these are easy to apply, smooth and matte. They last very long, especially the pink one. The darkest color wears off the most visible, but still only on the inside of the lips after a meal, and not too bad. For mattes these are almost silky and they are less drying than my MAC mattes. The packaging claims these are color and lipbalm in one; I wouldn’t quite go so far. At the end of the day a matte is a matte. Also at the end of the day, you’ll need a lot of makeup remover to get them off again, because not only are they super long lasting, they stain like crazy too.

vivid divine

Lip swatch of Vivid Divine. Sadly blurry. Sorry. :(

Astor Matte Cheeky Girl

Lip swatch of Cheeky Girl.

Long story short, I am super in love with these right now. Not long ago I wouldn’t have worn a yellow toned red, but with Cheeky Girl I can see why everyone loves the color so much; it really looks like a million bucks.

Maybelline the nudes palette

Maybelline the nudes palette

Nude eyeshadow palettes are still the biggest trend in makeup, every brand has one. A couple weeks ago the Maybelline version (simply called the nudes) finally hit Austrian lands; it has been available in other places for a while. After ooh-ing and aah-ing for a while I picked it up. (Pro tip: compare prices; there’s quite a span)

I was under the impression that it was a permanent addition to the Maybelline lineup, but last week I couldn’t find it anywhere. Anyone know what’s up with that?


Here’s the open palette. The colors can be grouped in several ways, but for me the most obvious is in three groups of four and I will stick to that for this review. What makes this palette so easy to use and versatile is that it has neutrals, warm tones and cool tones. The first quad (on the left) are the neutrals, they go with everything and are my new go to colors for when I use bright lipstick. The next quad are the warm colors: gold, bronze, brown. The last quad are the cool colors.


Here’s a swatch of all the colors; grouped in the quads from above: first neutral, then yellow-toned, then cool.

nudes swatch 1

Close ups: this is the neutral quad. The highlight color is much prettier applied than in the pan; it’s an iridescent cream color. Very similar to MAC’s A Natural Flirt. Then there’s a mid tone slightly shimmery taupe and a lighter matte taupe and a darker matte taupe. They might look different on this swatch, but on the eye they are hard to tell apart when blended. All of these except for the highlight make for a very subtle look; perfect for when you just want to put on a bit of eyeshadow to cover the veins without looking super made up; also perfect for a subtle look paired with bright lips.

nudes swatch 2

This is the warm toned quad. It has a matte highlight color, looks vanilla. I find this one most useful to blend out any color of this palette into the brow bone. Using a light color to blend a darker color out is something I don’t usually do, but these shadows take some work blending them. The next color is a shimmery gold, maybe a bit more yellow than it looks here. I love a good gold shadow, same as the next color: bronze. Both of these are so good for making blue eyes pop. Last color is a warm slightly shimmery brown.

nudes swatch 3

The last group are the cool colors: a light taupe (I call these and the neutrals taupe, but these are definitly more greyish); then a shimmery very light grey-taupe; a matte mid tone taupe; last color is black, but it’s not super pigmented so it can be sheered out into dark grey.

Like I mentioned, these take some blending work, or a very light hand in application (if you get too much color in one place it’s impossible to get off again), they are not as smooth and buttery as high end shadows. Lasting power is great: once they are on, they stay (with primer) all day. I have used the darker colors as smoky liners as well – they create fallout upon application, but once they are on, they stay and don’t smudge.

Maybelline the nudes gold look

Here I used the gold on the lid and the bronze in the crease. On my lashes is Chanel Le Volume in Bronze Khaki, to keep it soft.

So, colorwise this is one of the best nudes palettes out there, you get many options. Quality wise this is for those who know what they are doing and who have good blending brushes. Because of this I wouldn’t recommend it for a makeup newbie. For everyone else, this is fairly good. I finally see the point of nude palettes, which I wasn’t so sure about before. Or maybe I finally see the point because I am now crazy about bright lips, which like a toned down eye. ;)

OPI Aloha from OPI

Aloha from OPI

And here’s the last little hula from OPI’s spring/summer Hawaii Collection: Aloha from OPI. It’s a bright reddish coral. I applied two coats and no top coat. Lasting power was okay, I got tip wear at the end of day 3.

The color is lovely and summery, even if it’s not the most original color. I have no dupes, but several that come close. As you can see in the pic it applies slightly darker than it looks in the bottle.

Dior Eau Sauvage Cologne

The current trend in male perfume flankers is slapping the term ‘Cologne’ on them.

Dior Eau Savage Cologne

The newest flanker to Dior‘s classic Eau Sauvage is no exception. It’s called Eau Sauvage Cologne. I can’t find a note of the perfume concentration on my sample, it might be EdC.

I haven’t smelled the original Eau Sauvage from 1966, but from the notes list alone I’m sure it doesn’t smell much like this Cologne. Eau Sauvage Cologne is a modern citrus through and through. It starts with creamy citrus, after ten minutes the pink pepper gets noticable. The vetiver is noticeable through all phases. The perfume doesn’t change much, it’s one of those modern perfumes for audiences who decide on buy or no buy in the first ten seconds.

I compared it to the new Guerlain Cologne and next to each other, the Guerlain is much deeper and richer (and deep and rich weren’t exactly the terms that came to my mind when testing that one alone). Eau Sauvage Cologne is light headed. It’s perfect for everybody who wants a cooling citrus with a little vetiver and not much else for summer. Those who love the original should probably stay far away from Cologne. ;)

I will gladly use the sample on hot summer days but I don’t feel the need for a full bottle.

Most used Makeup April & May 2015

Fav May

Took a while, but here are the makeup items I used the most in the two previous months. They’re not exactly my favorites, since sometimes you love an item very, very much and then it turns out you barely used it. And sometimes you don’t even notice a thing, but reach for it again and again.

Fav May2

So these are the makeup items I used more than any others:

1. Guerlain Crazy Terracotta: as an orange toned blush/bronzer. It looks innocent here, but it really ends up being mostly coral, not bronzy. I don’t understand how it still looks new after I had and used t for many months. Guerlain magic.

2. Lip liners MAC Fruit Cocktail and Rosy Rim: Rosy Rim goes with almost everything, so it saw a lot of use. Fruit Cocktail is for orange and coral lips.

3. Lipstick MAC Morange: used on its own or with Fruit Cocktail. Honestly, when I bought it I thought I wasn’t going to use it much. Then I had a massive orange phase. XD

4. Eyeliner: Chanel Orchidee. So summery. So lovely.

5. Mascara: Chanel Le Volume Khaki Bronze: My mascara staple. Perfect for subtle definition of my naturally blonde lashes. Sadly, it’s on its last legs and was limited edition. :( You’ll see it in a used up post soon.

6. Maybelline the Nudes: I succumbed and bought a nude palette. Review upcoming. Reason it landed in my “most used” is that I had to try all the shades before reviewing it. But (like any nude palette) it is also very useful for a quick and subtle eye look, so I wore it to work pretty much every day.

7. alverde Schimmerfluid Meeresglanz: a highlighter from a past alverde summer collection. Gives a lovely subtle golden shimmer, not sparkly at all. Pity it isn’t permanent.

MAC Viva Glam II

MAC Viva Glam II

To be quite honest for the longest time I didn’t realize MAC had permanent Viva Glam lipsticks. I only ever saw the limited versions with the celebrities. Well I know better now and have discovered a great nude lippie along the line.

MAC Viva Glam II

The Viva Glams are numbered I-VI. The one here is Viva Glam II (satin), a creamy nude shade.

Viva Glam Swatch

Swatch. Viva Glam II is a brownish nude with only the slightest bit of pink undertone, no shimmer at all. The finish is satin and opaque. It might look matte here in this swatch, but it is not matte, always stays a little creamy.

Lasting power is not as good as a matte, I get about 3 hours of compact wear out of it, maybe four with a liner. I have several lines that go with it, the only MAC one I use with it is Rosy Rim. Rosy Rim is lighter and pinker than Viva Glam II. The combination creates my perfect nude. Viva Glam II on its own is a little too brown for me. In general this is a really great color for a nude lip, not too light, not too dark, not too brown or pink. I think it works for a great number of skintones.

Even if the wear time isn’t that great, it’s not a problem because of the natural color; you can’t really tell it’s wearing off. This is a huge problem for me with very light colors (when my natural lip color starts showing through) but with this one I need not worry, it all works out. :)

In a nutshell: yes, please and thank you.

In addition to being an awesome lipstick, 100% of the price go to AIDS charity. I may have to take a closer look at the other five…

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow Golden Beige

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow Golden Beige

Kiko has several types of shadow sticks, often as limited editions. But these Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows are in the regular lineup. :)

Kiko Stick Shadow

The tip looks like this, small and round. The color I have here is 07 Golden Beige, a great basic color.

Kiko Shade

This is the swatch of Golden Beige in the shade.

Kiko 07 Swatch

And here the color shows its true beauty, in direct sunlight.

Golden Beige is as the name suggests a soft, warm light gold. I like that it’s shimmery, but not sparkly.

It glides on effortlessly, is easy to blend – only until it sets though! It’s best to apply shadow on one eye, blend, and then move on to the other. And when the shadow has set, it is indeed very long lasting. I wear it on its own, without primer, and it does last the promised eight hours. Of course, with a color like this, you also won’t see creasing that much. Yet I’m pretty sure there was no creasing, and even in very hot weather it only started to fade after eight hours.

Apart from using it alone, it is also a great base for powder shadow looks. I think it’s a good substitute for the Lancome stick Lisa Eldridge uses in this video, for example.

Cartier La Panthere Legere

Cartier La Panthere Legere

Today I’d like to talk about the newest perfume release from Cartier, La Panthere Legere.

About the name: Cartier used to have a perfume called “Panthere” in the past. That one was discontinued. Last year, they released “La Panthere”, which is NOT identical to the old Panthere. And this year we got the first flanker to “La Panthere”, “La Panthere Eau de Parfum Legere”. That’s the one my review is about.

La Panthere Legere comes in EdP concentration. The name suggests it to be lighter than the older sister La Panthere. I can’t say for sure if it is true, since I don’t have that one.


Legere is a gardenia perfume. The listed notes are simply gardenia, musk and tiare. Well, they already had me at tiare, but I gotta say, damn, gardenia smells lovely! Legere doesn’t have a big notes development. It starts flowery sweet and it stays like that. Longevity is amazing, it stays all day on my skin.

Despite the tiare note, it’s not a suntan lotion perfume for me. I find it too elegant for that. I find the perfume elegant and cozy at the same time. I’d wear it to a ball gown and to pyjamas both.

I can’t say much more other than I like it lots. I guess I must take a closer look at the gardenia note, that one slipped my radar up until now. Any recs?

La Panthere Eau de Parfum Legere was released in 2015. Take a sniff if you like flowery perfumes that aren’t overwhelmingly sweet. Despite the name I don’t find it all that light. That’s not a bad thing, though. Just be aware this is not a light citrus thing or something like that.

MAC Lipliner Chick Trick and Fruit Cocktail

I had a bit of a lip liner craze this spring… these are the last two I bought a couple weeks ago.

Chic Trick Fruit Cocktail

These are MAC Chick Trick and Fruit Cocktail.


I was so eager to use them that I didn’t manage to snap pics before I used them, whoopsie. (Usually I take the pics right after the purchase, then test things out and then I write about them. With these I got home and was like ‘must use on lips nao!’)

Swatch CT FC

Swatches, I apologize for switching the order around. On top you see Fruit Cocktail, on bottom Chick Trick.

Fruit Cocktail is a soft orange/coral, not quite as neon orange as Morange (but it works very well with Morange). In this swatch it looks a tad darker than it is. It is creamy and strongly pigmented. It helps creamy lipsticks to stay on better. It goes with pretty much every lipstick that has orange tones. It’s not so easy to find orangey liners, so I am glad I found this one.

Chick Trick is a yellow toned strong pink. It is harder than Fruit Cocktail; you can see in the swatch that it doesn’t apply as smoothly. However, I didn’t have any application problems on my lips. Chick Trick is the liner I use when I want something without any blue undertones. It goes perfectly with Viva Glam Miley Cyrus, although the color gets almost scarily intense that way. It can also be used with corals to pull them more pink. I have also used it with Morange, it ends up a lovely coral that way.

MAC lip liners are so far my absolute favs because no matter how long I wear them they do not crawl into fine lines. Generally I apply lip liner all over the lips. It helps me find the right outline and it helps the lipstick to stick on. Lip liners are drying though, so a base is important.


Lancome Erika F Ombre Hypnose Stylo

Lancome has released eyeshadow sticks! I love a good eyeshadow stick so I had to have one. The colors range from gentle gold and beige to several shades of silver and grey to light blue and navy. And one of the silvery colors is:

Lancome Stylo Erika F

the infamous Erika F in stick form!!! Erika F is a powder shadow by Lancome. It is famous for its particular color and infamous for the fact that it is not available in the US. Rumour says due to an ingredient that is banned there. You can get it easily here in Europe, though. Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of single powder shadows, but give it to me in stick form and I’ll need it!

Stylo Erika F

The difference between Lancome stick shadows and most other high end ones is the tip. It is very precise. Sadly there’s no sharpener with it and I’m afraid it will dull down.

Lancome Erika F Shade

Swatch 1: shade.

The color of Erika F is very hard to describe. It is a grey with a darker base and silvery and khaki shimmer.

Lancome Erika F Swatch

Swatch 2: direct sunlight.

In the sun it looks sort of taupe.

Quality: this stick is one of the easiest to apply I ever had. The tip makes it very precise and blending is almost unnecessary. It can also be easily used as a smokey liner. It sets after a few seconds, so any blending has to be done quickly.

It lasts about five hours on me. Then it isn’t gone but visibly less. Did not crawl into my crease, though.

I did not get any glitter fallout.


Overall: If I didn’t have so many golden shades already, I’d want those too. As it is, I got an eye on the navy one. I swtached these next to the Chanel ones and Lancome’s are a lot more pigmented. Absolutely worth a look.