Dior Nude Air

Well, we’ve had exciting days on the internet, haven’t we? Is it black and blue or is it white and gold? I guess it shows why it’s always a good idea to cross-check color swatches. You wouldn’t want to order a white and gold looking eyeshadow duo only for it to end up a smoky navy and black! Anyway I promise the photos in this post are as color accurate as I could get them. :)

diorskin air

(picture: Dior)

Today I want to talk about Dior‘s new foundation: Nude Air. It’s a serum kind of foundation, lightweight and silky, like Armani’s Maestro (which I think was the first of that kind?). Similar to Armani, it also comes with a dropper.


I have got a cute little tester of the shade 10. I managed to snap a pic of it before I got it all messy. Because somehow the foundation inside was expanding and started to flow out of the container right after I took this pic. So my advice is, do not put your Nude Air into the sunlight, keep it cool. Despite that, I managed to get over two weeks worth of foundation out of it and I don’t think the foundation was damaged.

On to swatches:


Swatch of Nude Air 10. Honestly I’m in love with the color. Dior is quickly becoming my best bet of a color match. If this is gently blended out you can barely see it.


Color comparisons: Top still Nude Air 10, underneath Dior BB Creme 01, last is MAC Mineralize Compact NC 15. The BB is the pinkest of the bunch.

Despite how it might look in the swatch up there, the foundation does not have a dewy finish. I’d say it dries down to a semi-matte finish. Like probably most serum foundations, the oils evaporate quickly upon application, leaving only pigment behind. It’s a good idea to blend quickly, but I had no problem with streaks.

Because of the finish I didn’t need powder on top. Sometimes my nose would get shiny at midday, but not always. Of course, it is still winter here. I imagine powder might be needed in summer. I think this is a good one for normal to combination skin. I can’t promise it works for oily skin, but it’s totally worth a try. My skin became drier the longer I used it. The first few days it looked okay, then I noticed dry patches in the evening. It does not emphasize dry skin extremely (Armani, I’m looking at you) but it’s clearly visible. But not from the start; the first half of the day looked pretty flawless.

The coverage surprised me. I expected medium coverage, but it is medium to strong on me. Some days I didn’t even need concealer. However, this could be because I have a decant and the oils might evaporate faster than in the original bottle. (This is my general advice to get stronger coverage from a liquid: make a decant.) Still, you can get quite a bit of coverage from this.

Overall verdict: really good. Good coverage, weightless feel, some oil control properties, did not seem to emphasize wrinkles.

Downside: while there is a perfect match for me, there don’t seem to be a lot of shades.

Honestly if it wasn’t for my dry skin I’d have a fullsize of this faster than you can say “Dior”. I might still get it for summer, but right now the BB Creme is better for my skin.

Unboxing: Douglas Box of Beauty Feb 2015

I haven’t ordered any beauty boxes in a while, long enough to get nostalgic about it. ;) So I decided to get the newest Douglas box.


This is how the open package looked.


The samples in the package (not part of the actual box) were Burberry Brit Rhythm,


and Lancome Advanced Genifique. Sure, I’ve already got a full size of this, but now I have a small one for travels, too. :)


The price for a box was raised from 10 € to 11€ and the number of available boxes was raised from 600 to 800. I’m okay with that.


The content. The Origins product was too big to go inside the neat wrapping. XD


Here we have the star product of the box, Origins Drink It Up Overnight Mask, 100ml.


List of ingredients. Lots of good oils.


And the rest of the package.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Body Lotion 30ml. Well, a perfume mini would have been nice, but you can’t have everything.




Then there was the Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum, 7ml.


With a long list of ingredients.


And the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum, 5ml.




And the actual bottle. I’m fascinated by these kind of pearls in liquid products.


And the last item: Sensai Cellular Performance Mask, 20ml.



That’s it. I guess this was the super skincare box or something. XD I like how before this box I had exactly zero moisturizing face masks (but I wanted one) and now I have two. The whole box is a bit heavy on the face serums. Personally I like these samples but some people might be disappointed. I still think it’s a good idea that with Douglas boxes, you know one item beforehand (the full size) and the brands of the samples. It means you could guess approximately what you might get. Which is how I skip the boxes that will come with hair products. So I guess people who don’t want too much skin care would not have ordered it, anyway.

I like that it’s full of high quality products and I’m happy I scratched the box itch. ;)

Winter Favorites

Better late than never, here’s what I love to wear in winter:


On top of the picture, that’s not a cat, it’s a cap knit by my mom; I got it for x-mas. Because chilly air is no good, so I almost always wear a knit hat. :)

On the far right I put a tube of hand cream. Regular reads will know I am a hand cream fiend and in winter I need more protection than usual. Next to it, my new Clarins lip oil. Any lip balm might have worked for this compilation, but it’s new and really good so it made the cut.


On to the makeup: these are what I wore most often when it was chilly and snowy. Underneath the lip oil, The YSL Palette City Drive Arty. The colors are pretty chilly if you ask me. I don’t use it often, but lately I was in the mood for chilly. The tube next to it is another YSL, the Dare to Glow Liquid Highlighter in Naughty Pink. It’s such a pity these were limited edition, it’s the best liquid highlighter I know.

On top there is the MAC powder blush in Easy Manner, sadly another LE item. It was part of a past Holiday Collection. I loved it in the store, took it home and at home… I could barely see it. I was disappointed and chucked it in the back of the makeup drawer. Much later I pulled it out again and it was magic! It gives a wonderful peachy pink flush, pinker than you’d expect from the pan. This story shows how important it is to have a good blush brush. In this case, one that isn’t too loose. Anyway, I think this is a perfect winter blush.

Next is Guerlain Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer Highlighter in Sunny Pink. It’s a coral blush with lots of golden shimmer. I’m pretty sure Guerlain released this in the summer, but the time I need this most is winter. This is my patented recipe for gloomy days when the sun refuses to even rise and you’re stuck in cold and dark. Putting this on, instant light!

Next to it is a lip gloss by Isadora, the Express Star Gloss in Reflecting Peach. I’m not much of a gloss wearer, but in winter when it’s freezing and snowy I suddenly feel the need for sparkles, that’s when I reach for this one (or the one from Rouge Bunny Rouge, which goes very well with the Terracotta Blush).

Last item here is Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Crystal. I use it as base underneath the YSL palette, or on its own for a snow queen look.

Basically, in winter I am a fan of two things: lots and lots of shimmer and sparkles, and pastels. That’s why I am glad that Spring Collections come out in January. By the time real spring rolls around, I’m already in the mood for stronger colors. I guess what I showed you up there is the shimmer edition. Please note I’m not wearing all of this at the same time, that’d look a little weird. I was mostly reaching for these when there was snow on the ground. Except for the MAC blush – I wear it whenever, all through the season.

This time I added no nail polish since I’d already shown you my color picks in a previous post. As for perfume, I forgot to add one. Something cozy like Eau de Shalimar maybe, although I also wore ‘cold’ perfumes a lot, like Eau de Gaga or Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere.

What are your picks for chilly weather? Dark and moody, or shimmery and light?

models own Rocket

This was my nail polish last week, for Carneval:


I am wearing base coat, one coat of Absolute Douglas Sophie, and then a thin coat of Models Own glitter polish in Rocket. At least I think it’s Rocket, the bottle doesn’t list the name. The polish has red bar glitter, orange hex glitter and small multicolor glitter. Depending on how much you have on the brush you can make a very thin coat like shown here, or a thick one. It is possible to get almost opaque with glitter only, but then you can’t tell the forms apart which is why I didn’t do it. There is no need to fish for glitter, it jumps on the brush readily; there is also no need to dab it on. If you do a normal stroke down the nail you’ll end up with quite a bit of glitter coverage. And if it’s not enough you can still go over and dab. My ring finger up there is a normal coat, and the pinky is what was left on the brush. Had I dipped it in again, there would be more. The glitter dries to a shiny finish, so I felt no need for an additional top coat.

All in all, the formula is very good and the bar glitter only stuck up a little in two places, the rest was pretty smooth. Removal is, as with all heavy glitter polishes, a piece of work.

Not Used Up: Makeup Spring Cleaning 2015

I had exactly zero empties last month. Last time that happened I chucked out some stuff that had gone bad or that I just wasn’t going to use anymore, so I’ll do the same this time around, only concentrating on makeup (last time was mostly skin care). Here’s the makeup that has either gone bad or that I simply won’t use anymore:


And another shot:


So we’ve got two eyeshadow duos, one from Nivea and one from Astor, both with barely any color payoff; a taupe cream eyeshadow from Maybelline that was always too dry to apply; three pale lipsticks, all of them with strong frost shimmer (shudder), from s-he, L’Oreal and Astor; an even paler and even frostier lip balm from Balea; and a green concealer from alverde that never worked because it kept sliding off when I put foundation on top. Phew.

Sorry, guys, but it’s just not working between us. Bye, bye.

Chanel Rose Satin


In this pic I’m wearing two coats of Chanel nail polish in 463 Rose Satin, no top coat. Rose Satin looks like such an innocent pastel peachy color. But it’s actually terrible and streaky and no matter what I do, it won’t look good. I showed this pic to someone and they said “but it doesn’t look so bad?” Well, I say it’s just a really good pic in the right light. Let’s have another one:


Streakyyy! Ah, Chanel, why you gotta make such terrible nail polishes? Rose Satin was in some Limited Edition so it’s not regularly available anymore. You’re not missing anything.

A close up of the streaky mess, not for the faint of heart, here.

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus & Mineralize Skinfinish Lightscapade


I accidentally some MAC.  -_-”

My newest acquisitions are the Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade and the new Viva Glam lippie.


Miley Cyrus is the new ambassador for Viva Glam. This was the first Viva Glam I ever wanted, the colors never quite grabbed me before. But hot pink? Yes, please. The packaging and the very cute signature are just a plus. Sure, Miley isn’t exactly known as a style icon, but I think she fits in with MAC very well (and also, the more people shame her the more I want to support her; policing women’s bodies still not cool 2k15!). Anyway, it’s a very awesome and also pretty unique pink. I don’t have anything like it, hence no comparison swatches this time. (Swatch at end of post.)

Viva Glam Miley Cyrus was released this month and will be available for about half a year.


I’ve wanted the Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade for a while; now I finally grabbed it. It was originally LE, then became permanent. At the beginning of the year it was part of another LE and came with a sort of knit pattern. I didn’t like that so I made sure to buy the regular one. The different colors were quite hard to catch on camera, they are a bit more distinctive in real life. Not that it matters, since it applies white anyway.



Top: the soft shimmer of Lightscapade which goes very well with my skintone. It’s almost invisible, just a bit of sheen, which is exactly what I wanted. You may have to tilt the screen to see it, sorry. I love how it doesn’t have any bigger sparkle parts, it’s only a finely milled powder.

Miley Cyrus is a hot neon pink. All my other pinks are either lighter or bluer. The finish is amplified creme. Since it’s not matte, it’s not super long wearing, but it wears down to a stain evenly. I find it a bit drying (like most MAC lipsticks, not more so).

The color wakes up the face. I find that I don’t need much more makeup when wearing Miley, which is pretty useful for Monday mornings. ;)

Absolute Douglas Nails Sophie


Happy Valentines!

Today I have an understated sheer white for you: Absolute Douglas Nails in Sophie 08.  It’s an off-white with pink leanings, which makes wearing it easier than a stark white. Pictured above are two coats. A third one might make it opaque, but that wasn’t my goal. You can see how one coat looks like here.

The quality of the polish is pretty good; for such a color the streaking is minimal. I wore it without top coat for four days and it looked good, then it started to splinter off dramatically. (Looked terrible because of the color, as if my nails were splintering, brr.)

Guerlain Spring 2015: Meteorites Baby Glow

Out of Guerlain‘s Spring releases I was most interested in the new foundation, called Meteorites Baby Glow. My highly beloved Dior BB Creme is about to run out and this release looked like it might be a worthy rival.


The Baby Glow (pic by Guerlain) comes in a tube with a pump (just like Guerlain’s BB Creams) and offers SPF 25 PA ++. That’s  not super high but pretty good for everyday in my books.



So I got my fingers on a sample of the lightest color, 02 Clair. And this time I remembered to make color swatches before the sample ran out! See, I can learn!


Unblended, heavy swatch of Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow in Clair.

Comparison swatches:


In the shade, from top to bottom: Baby Glow, Dior BB Creme, MAC Mineralize Compact NC 15.


Same swatch in direct sunlight. I picked up less of the MAC foundation so it looks like it has less coverage, but that is not the case. The Mineralize has the most coverage out of those three. Colorwise you can see NC 15 is a lot more yellow. It’s a tad too yellow for me, but the MAC NW is way too pink for me.

The Dior BB (middle) is the pinkest, Baby Glow is the peachiest. When blended out on the face, the differences aren’t so huge. I think I can wear Baby Glow without looking too orange and in summer it might be a good color match. All in all, Baby Glow in Clair offers a much lighter color of foundation than Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau BB Cream, which is closer to MAC NC 20. I have never managed to sample Guerlain’s other BB Cream, the one in the blue tube, but I think it also offers a light color. So if you’re lighter than NC 20 that one and Baby Glow are worth taking a look at.



Baby Glow comes with a very modern finish, the kind that was introduced with Armani’s Maestro foundation and can be found in many new releases. It’s very liquidy with a silky feel, but on skin the liquid evaporates quickly, leaving me with only color and a semi-matte finish. I have to blend quickly for a seamless finish, but I’m pretty happy with the result. I think the new Dior foundation has a similar texture.

The finish is not, as the name would have you believe, very glowy. The Lingerie de Peau BB Cream has a much glowier finish, and it’s also much creamier. The finish of Baby Glow is comparable to Chanel’s Les Beiges finish. It leaves you with a subtle glow from within, no overt shine or shimmer. I like the finish a lot and I think it’ll be good in summer (when the Dior BB Creme leaves me a bit too shiny). Right now it is winter and so far it holds up very well. Once I had to powder my nose at midday and I expect that would be more common in summer.



Coverage is light to medium, like the Dior BB Creme. It offers much more coverage than Armani Maestro and less than my MAC Mineralize. I wouldn’t use it on days with bad breakouts.



Absolutely worth trying; sadly expensive. I might splurge on it in the future when my BB runs out…

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Copper and Crystal

I liked the two Excess Shimmer from Max Factor I already had so much that two more were allowed to move in.


The new colors are 20 Copper and 05 Crystal, here again with protective seal, which is such a good idea for drugstore products.


And this is what they look like in the pot. Crystal is a very shimmery white and Copper a shimmery nude color. It’s a lot more subtle than Bronze and lends itself to an easy every day look.


The swatches in contrast with the snow outside. Crystal is indeed very much a snow queen color, very sparkly and icey. I learned from my swatches from last time and applied only a tiny amount of cream to my arm. Both colors can be built up a little, but Crystal never makes a uniform white color. There are bigger shimmery particles in it than in Copper.

Copper finally turned out the “I overslept but still want to wear eyeshadow” color that I’ve been looking for ever since I discovered cream shadows. It can be applied very fast with a finger, and I can go over it several times without swiping anything off again and it actually lasts all day without creasing (or very minimal creasing) without primer underneath! Halleluja!

Crystal I chose more as a base color for underneath powder shadows. I had hoped to get a more uniformly white base with it, but it works out okay once the powder shadow is set on top. It makes a great base for silver, for example. While it helps the eyeshadow to stay better, it doesn’t stay all day long. The creasing didn’t look too bad, though.

Overall I am still very happy with the Excess Shimmer shadows. More colors, please.