All Used Up November 2016

This month went by so quickly! Here we have another list of my empties:


Starting on the right this time, this the Douglas Beauty System Multi-Talented Serum. This came to me without a list of ingredients so I can’t tell you what exactly makes it so multi-talented. It is a light liquid with golden shimmer. The shimmer was very subtle, though and did not emphasize pores. My skin looked really good while using this, small pores and no blemishes, if a bit on the dry side.

Next is the Body Shop Shower Gel Cranberry Joy. This is from a past winter collection and I sort of forgot about it until recently when I decided to finally finish it. The gel was bright cherry red and the smell was a sweet, fake smelling cranberry. It was okay but I’m not super sad it was limited or something. I am still on shower gel & body lotion no buy, so I wouldn’t repurchase it even if it was still available.

I am however never on a handcream no buy, as I use up a tube per month. This one here is Balea Kamille Hand & Nagelbalsam. It does smell of chamomille, but not strongly. The balm is very balmy and refuses to sink in quickly. Operating a touch screen after you put this on? Impossible. So while the cream was actually pretty good for my hands,ย  I will not repurchase this one (at least until the next reformulation).


Then I used up the Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo Original. This must be my third bottle. I used to use these interchangably with the Batiste ones, but somehow this bottle has not worked well for me at all. I don’t know if I got a dud or if it was reformulated, but I will stick with Batiste now.


Shiseido Ultimmune: This is a very thin serum. It comes out white and dries up so quickly, it sometimes dries on your finger before you put it on. This is clearly designed for people who hate heavy textures. Sadly I have to say this did not work for me at all. I started with a clear face (after I used up the Serum shown above) and my skin got gradually worse. It didn’t happen over night, but I’d look worse every few days. First I got small pimples, then darker pores and last I got some real huge pimples. This could be a coincidence, yes, but as I also hated the texture I am not willing to try again.


List of ingredients. Click to see pic full size.


And last item, another face cream, Vichy Aqualia Thermal rich cream. In november, the weather started to get really cold and my skin dry. This cream is rich and has no scent. It felt good to use this in the evenings as last step. I wouldn’t have used this underneath makeup, though.



That’s it! Next empties post will be in the new year already!!!

Balenciaga Rosabotanica


Look at this tiny bottle next to the huge packaging! Look at it!๐Ÿ˜„ This is Rosabotanica EdP by Balenciaga. This is a flanker to Florabotanica. When that came out I tested it, thought meh, and ignored it. When Rosabotanica came out I was even less interested since I’m not into rose perfume. But a merciless SA held a paperstrip under my nose before I could run away and to my surprise – I liked it? I could detect no rose, so I tried it on my skin and still liked it. So it got put on the mental ‘maybe sometime’ list. This summer I saw Rosabotanica reduced and pounced!

Luckily I still like it. This isn’t a traditional rose and not a soapy rose either. It’s more of a thorn bush, really. It starts spicy in a green way, not like curry or something. It stays spicy and peppery (pink pepper though, not the harsh black pepper), it mellows out in the base. It never gets sweet and never gets overly rosey. I think they only named it Rosabotanica, because Pepperbotanica doesn’t have such a nice ring to it.๐Ÿ˜‰

The whole thing isn’t very intense. Out of all the bottles I bought this year I have made the biggest dent in Rosabotanica because it needs many sprays to be really noticeable. And it doesn’t really last longer than four hours. But that’s okay with me, this way I can happily use up my bottle and move on. I like owning it, but I don’t need it forever and ever. It’s a nice herbal rose scent, but it’s not a must have. With this I discovered I do like rose when they are really dry and woody. It’s just the light and soapy roses I don’t like (like Chloรฉ) and I don’t like the classical roses either (like Nahema) but rose has a big spectrum and I found my end of the rainbow, yay.๐Ÿ˜€


List of ingredients for Rosabotanica.

Rosabotanica was released in 2013. The noses are Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault.

What’s your take on rose perfume? Love, hate? Tell me in the comments.

Blue lips trend: MAC Dreampot, Soft Hint

Well I hope you guys like MAC, because I have yet some more MAC lipsticks to show. These are… a little unusual though.๐Ÿ˜„ At the start of fall, MAC has expanded their regular lineup again, and they put in so many awesome non traditional colors! I am in love. Sadly I can’t buy everything (boo) so I picked out the two most non traditional lipsticks they had:


These two babes are Dreampot (matte, a solid blue) and Soft Hint (frost, a sheer shimmer).

You know, there used to be a time when blue was only for the eyes and red only for the lips. But the current biggest trend is to have red on the eyes and blue on the lips (not at the same time though!). I mean the real current trend is anything goes, but even the more traditional brands have put out reddish eyeshadows this year and some put out blue lipstick as well. Most are more of a dark blue, like Matte Royal. The difference between dark purple and dark blue is minimal anyway. But these two here, they are bright!๐Ÿ˜€


Swatch in the shade. Dreampot is a solid matte color, no shimmer. Soft Hint is an almost clear base with lots of blue and violet sparkle in. The base isn’t completely clear. It’s a light turquoise.


Same swatches in direct light. You can see the multi-colored sparkle in Soft Hint.


And this is a wavey line of High-Def Cyan atop of Dreampot. So you can see how much lighter Dreampot is. And here I thought High-Def Cyan was a light, bright blue. I guess you could use those two to create an ombre lip but I haven’t yet tried that.

Dreampot is a great lipstick. It looks pretty freaky on the lips, but the lipstick itself is creamy and goes on well. I didn’t feel the need for a liner (not that I would have one in this color). And when it was on, it stayed put pretty well. I even ate dinner with it and the color got less, but not patchy or anything. I did need three layers in the beginning to completely block out my real lip color, though.

With Soft Hint I knew it gave barely any color. I bought it as a glitter topper. It works well as a topper, although I learned that it would be best applied with a finger or patted on with a brush. Then as I was experimenting anyway I realized it also makes for an amazing cheek highlighter! The shimmer is just soo pretty! And I guess it could also be patted on the eyelid. So that’s what I bought it for, but then I tried it on my lips alone as well and that also looked quite good. With three layers the base color actually comes through and the lips look tinted blue and not just sparkly. I didn’t expect that so the lipstick was even better than I thought! The color never gets opaque, though, don’t expect that.

So, these two are a bit special, but they really work when I’m going for the faerie, otherwordly look. The look works out if I keep everything ethereal and super highlighted.


Here’s a lipswatch of Dreampot. I think it looks amazing, even though I have to admit I wear Soft Hint more often.

These lipsticks are non limited (aka they will be in the regular range as long as they sell) so there’s no real hurry to get them. They also got a load of amazing purples and some more of the shimmery ones. Sadly the only green looking lipstick swatched solid gold, so I still have no green one.

Essence grey-t to be here

Hello everybody!

Some of you had a long weekend, yes? For others it’s just a normal Monday today. Either way there have been some sales the past few days. Have you spent money? Did you stay strong? I bought exactly nothing, I’ve been really good. (Don’t ask about my spending at the beginning of the month though๐Ÿ˜„ )


This picture shows me wearing two coats of essence nailpolish in the color grey-t to be here. This is a pale grey with a really interesting shimmer. It’s red but color shifts to yellow. On the nail you mostly see the red. This is from the regular essence range, although since they change their lineup every six months I can’t promise it is still there.

It was mostly opaque with two coats. It was dry to the touch very fast, but it took much longer to really dry. I totally messed the polish up hours after this pic. Sob. Apart from that it lasted okayish, chipping on day three. The shimmer was hard to remove.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu


So I picked this one here up on a whim. I knew nothing about L’Artisan Parfumeur and nothing about this perfume. I just thought it sounded interesting.๐Ÿ˜„ This is a bottle of Timbuktu EdT. I smelled it and immediately fell in love. Later on I looked the brand up and it seems this is one of the original niche perfume houses. Timbuktu was released in 2004, perfumer is Bertrand Duchafour. What I have here is the old bottle style. They have recently replaced their bottle design with black glass. Honestly I think this design here is prettier. You can still find old bottles around.

So it’s called Timbuktu, because it was inspired by the perfumer’s travels through Mali. I’ve never been to Mali so I can’t say if it is any way authentic. The packaging lists the notes as: Cardamom, benzoin, karo-karounde, papyrus wood and vetiver.

Not listed, but to me this smells strongly of frankincense and myrrhe??? The start is spicier than the drydown, so I’ll believe there is cardamom in it, even if I can’t pick it out individually. It’s lightly peppery, too. Later on the spices get quiet and it gets just so incensy to my nose. But I guess I also get the papyrus note. I’ve smelled papyrus before and while that usually dustier, I get it in this perfume. The vetiver is gentle and does not overwhelm the whole thing, as it sometimes happens with vetiver.

You know, to be comepletely honest I didn’t look at the notes list before writing this entry and I’m just so freaked out it does not list frankincense.๐Ÿ˜„

Well, no matter what is in it, it smells amazing and unusual. It does smell dry, so very dry. I have to be in the mood for it, but I am in the mood frequently.๐Ÿ˜‰

On my skin it lasts a good ten hours, although it gets close to the skin and soft at the five hour mark. The drydown is a bit sweeter, as the benzoin comes through. But it’s never a sweet perfume.

Absolutely worth a try. This was my very first L’Artisan, but certainly not the last.


List of ingredients.

Chanel Ombres Contraste Duo Khaki Discret


I found this pretty duo eyeshadow from Chanel, the Ombres Contraste Duo in Khaki Discret. I have to admit I never really noticed their duos before – and now they seem to be discontinuing them! You can still find them in some places, but not everywhere.

I’m a huge lover of khaki on the eyes. I think it always looks great, no matter what skin tone. It’s not too green, it’s dark enough and usually comes with pretty golden shimmer. Yet somehow all my fav khaki products seem to be discontinued – why???

Well, here’s the quick lowdown in case you guys also want to grab it before it’s gone:


The swatches. There’s a darker color, a brownish greeney bronze with very subtle shimmer. The lighter color is a very light pastel green.

Both colors are very soft and smooth. While they seem soft I had no noticeable fallout. Both colors sheer out quite a bit so I had to pack it on but it worked out. While this is almost the perfect khaki duo, for me the lighter color needs to be darker or stronger. I don’t like lid colors that are too light and it’s too green to really use it as a highlighter.

Honestly if you don’t have this, you’re probably not missing much, but I do like using it. Since all my khaki eyeshadows are discontinued I can’t back them up, so I just… pick up new ones when I see them…๐Ÿ˜„

So while you don’t need this one here in particular, I totally think everyone should at least own one shadow in this murky green color. Because it looks awesome I promise.


MAC Holiday Haul


This year MAC has this beautiful pink purple themed Holiday Collection, Nutcrakcer Sweet. I actually only bought three items (so far) but it still ended up a picture heavy post.๐Ÿ˜‰ Even the bag is pretty!


And the items themselves! I bought a full size lipstick, a blush/highlighter face combo and a lipstick set.


The full sized lipsticks come half bright pink, half dark purple. It’s actually sort of ugly, but it works if you put it next to the other items.๐Ÿ˜„


I bought Leap of Delight (matte). All colors were pretty, but this one struck me as the most unusual, a dark purple that doesn’t lean reddish.


The mini lipstick set comes in a beautiful box. The lipsticks themselves have a pink/black design, different from the full sized ones (and prettier if you ask me). The box itself was my bane. In theory the plastic is slanted so that you should be able to get the licksticks out by pressing one end, raising the other. In reality, this was a world of nope. I had to remove the little drawer from the box (it doesn’t usually come out completely), remove the inner plastic and then pop out the lipsticks from behind.๐Ÿ˜ On the upside, I could put the box back together and with the plastic layer removed it fits a lot more lipsticks than just four. It can also hold full sized ones. So the box itself is a keeper.


There are three lipstick mini sets: pink, nude and red. I opted for red, because it was the only set that didn’t include colors I already owned.๐Ÿ˜„ All lipstick sets include permanent colors only! So if you didn’t get a set anymore that had a color you really wanted, you can still get that color anytime!

The colors in the red set are: Lady Danger (matte), Mac Red (satin), Diva (matte) and Rebel (satin). So while you’ve got a variety of colors in this this set, there’s not a lot of variety in finishes. But those two are the most trusty, long lasting finishes which is what you’d want in a set of intense colors, right?


Swatches of all lipsticks ltr: First Lady Danger, which is an intense orange red. It was the most matte of the bunch. On the lips it looks almost neon.

Next to it, Mac Red. It is a bit washed out by having Lady Danger next to it. But let me assure you, there’s a reason this is MAC Red. It’s the most beautiful red ever. It has a blue undertone, which is why it looks pinker when put next to Lady Danger. I always wanted Mac Red, ever since I first started looking for red lipsticks. But there was always something else to get first.๐Ÿ˜„

Next color is Diva, a beautiful dark red, great for autumn.

Last color in the mini set was Rebel, which is very pretty, but arguably not so much red as raspberry pink. It looks purple in the bullet, but really applies lighter than that. The color absolutely beautiful on the lips and not too dark (for those who don’t want to look too goth). It was the creamiest of the four.

Personally, I like that there is some variety in the set. If you went for a stricter definition of red you would narrow it down too much.

The last color in the swatch is the full size, Leap of Delight. It is a dark purple. It goes on quite dark. Nothing for the goth-phobes. The full sized products in the Holiday Collection are limited edition (they might of course come back at a later point).

All lipsticks were long lasting. They only wore off a little on the inside of the lip. Leap of Delight really surprised me there, because dark colors tend to show wear most obviously, but this one really clung to the lips! Even after lunch it barely wore off. The matte finishes lasted a bit better than the satin ones, but the satin were pretty good, too.


On to the last item, the blush/highlighter compact. It’s the darker of the two available sets, the Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact. There was also one with a more silvery highlighter and a light pink blush. This one has a golden highlighter and a ruddy bronzey blush. The exact colors are Whisper of Gilt (highlighter) and Pleasure Model (blush). Both are in the extra dimension finish, which is very silky. At least the highlighter is a repromote, so you may own it already.


Swatch. The highlighter is pretty intense and golden. Perfect for strobing, although you can apply it more subtly with a light hand The blush also contains shimmer particles, but worn alone does not appear to be super shimmery. The color is quite dark on my face (MAC NC 13) and will look more natural on darker skin tones. I do think I can wear it, although it is more of a bronzer to me. I sort of also want the lighter duo, but my wallet does not want it.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s it, these were all the items I got. I really like the collection and the quality – at least of the items I got – is great.

Balmain Ivoire


Hello, lovelies! Today I want to talk about Ivoire EdP by Balmain. This is the version released in 2012. There’s an older Ivoire, a vintage so to say, but the new one is not just a reformulation. Consider these comepletely different perfumes!

Now, how does this one smell? I find it hard to pin down. It’s one of the more complex perfumes, in that everytime you wear it you discover something new. The one theme I always get is galbanum, though. It is strong from the start through the heart and gets gentler in the base. If you don’t know what that smells like, think of dry green. Then there is some cool powderyness that hints towards Iris.

Ivoire is a scent of opposites. There are some more flowers in it, but it never really turns into a flowery perfume for me. There is some sweetness to it, especially in the base, yet it never turns into a sweet perfume.

It seems aloof from afar, yet it clings to the skin and hugs you (a mix of vetiver and patchouli, maybe?). I think the heart is mostly ylang-ylang, but again it’s subtle.

All of this might make it sound like Ivoire is just a weak perfume with little sillage but it is the opposite. It holds up pretty well and lasts about six hours on me. It’s just so hard to describe the notes because it’s such a perfect blend to me.


List of ingredients (click to enlarge).

So, in my opinion Ivoire is absolutely worth a try. I could never wear it (or any perfume) every day but it feels so good switching from a heavy vanilla perfume to this and back.๐Ÿ™‚

OPI Bogota Blackberry


Look at this beauty! The shimmery deep red is Bogotรก Blackberry by OPI, two coats, no top coat.

I love this! It’s elegant and festive.๐Ÿ™‚ Quality is the usual OPI quality, no complaints here. I got the first chipping on day three.

Gosh I feel like I haven’t used OPI in a lifetime! I must see what else I have at the back of my nailpolish drawer.๐Ÿ˜„

Maybelline Rich Ruby, Clay Crush, Berry Bossy


When I read about the release of Maybelline‘s new Color Sensational line, the loaded bolds I was SO exited! Unusual colors! There was a whole line of them in the US. It always takes a while for Maybelline products to release over here so I waited faithfully. And when they came – instead of a lineup it was like five measly lipsticks. All stripped of the interesting colors like blue, black, grey. It was only red, pink, berry and the white shade. Boo! Booooring! I had no use for the white so I picked the single interesting color (the reds and pinks were good quality, too, but how many reds and pinks do I need?) which was the berry shade 886 Berry Bossy. And then I picked up two of the matte ones as well, because okay, apparently I did need one more red, 968 Rich Ruby and a nude, 932 Clay Crush.

How to tell the regular matte line and the loaded bolds apart: the bolds have numbers starting with 8, like Berry Bossy 886. The mattes start with 9, like Clay Crush 932. The bolds have a sleek blue packaging, the mattes a grey satiny one. The mattes are much better in this regard, because my Berry Bossy looked scratched very fast, while you can’t see any scratches or lines in the others. The lipstick quality is honestly quite similar. Both lines give a satiny matte finish. Actually I think the matte ones might be creamier than the bold. Both have the vanilla scent of the Color Sensational line.


The bullets: Berry Bossy, Rich Ruby, Clay Crush.


The swatches in shade: Berry Bossy, Rich Ruby, Clay Crush.


Same swatches in direct sunlight. Look how, well, rich Rich Ruby is!

All three colors apply well and last well, too. You can create a thin stain with them or apply fully. I absolutely adore wearing all three.

Berry Bossy is a great berry shade, just dark enough and just rich enough without being too goth or too purple. Goes with everything, really. I tried to get a pic of me with it on my lips but the light conditions were always terrible, so sorry.

Rich Ruby is – I mean I have a lot of reds, but it’s just a really good red! It’s darker than many of my reds (without being a dark red, mind you; it’s just intense) and the undertone is neutral – it’s neither blue nor yellow leaning.


Here’s a terrible phone pic of me wearing it.

Clay Crush is this really good nude without being too pale. Wearing it doesn’t wash me out and it doesn’t look too brown either (something that often happens when a very pale person wears nude – it ends up just brown).


Finally a good lip swatch! The difference between a phone and a high def camera pic, haha! You can see Clay Crush has orangey undertones, so depending on your skin tones that might work or not.

I can recommend all three lipsticks. I am pleased in general with the quality of the Maybelline Color Sensational line, but I am displeased with the fact that here in Austria we only get the traditional shades (and the white which is more of an altering shade than one you would wear alone). Get with the program, Maybelline!!!