Woman Day Haul

Woman Day happens twice a year in Austria and it means 20% off everything, so now there’s a haul to show.


First, the freebies. Who doesn’t love freebies. I got samples of Lacoste Pur Femme EdP and the brand new Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne (which comes in the concentration of EdT, this is not confusing at all!). The first luxury sample is Lancaster Total Age Correction Mask Cream. I guess this is the sort of thick cream you slather on at night and don’t have to take of anymore? Looking at the very long ingredients list I spot a few things that are probably antioxidants, so it’s gonna be a nourishing repair mask. Although Alcohol is very far up in the list, which is not so good.

Then there’s two cute perfume minis: Acqua Colonia Lime & Nutmeg (EdC) and Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Petales (EdT). Man, I love perfume minis. Reviews and pics will come later.

On to what I actually bought:


A look into the package of shame. It’s very heavy on MAC.

Haul 1

The items: Two Zoeva brushes, because I wanted more face brushes and didn’t feel like spending a ton of money. The brushes are 102 Silk Finish (the duo fibre one on top) and 126 Luxe Cheek Finish (the white one).

Urban Decay Sin 1

I also ordered another Urban Decay eye primer, Sin. I love the Original so much and I like the current packaging so I ordered Sin before they replace the packaging.

Urban Decay Sin 2

Tube packaging with nozzle and no applicator. The new packaging will come with doe foot applicator again.

MAC Haul

And this is it, the great and slightly confused MAC haul. Confused because I had a mental list of things I wanted, but lots of things were sold out and I thought I wouldn’t get the limited edition Silly lipstick so I got Candy Yum Yum and now I have both. XD

So I got the Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20, the lip pencils Heroine and Candy Yum Yum and the lipsticks Silly and Candy Yum Yum. Product pics and swatches will be up with the reviews, hopefully tomorrow or the day after. :)

Looking at the packagings right now I see that the lipsticks are made in Canada, the Chromagraphic Pencil in Italy, but the liners are produced in Germany. A truly international haul.

If you made it here you deserve a cookie. Is there anything you want reviewed ASAP?

Have you been shopping lately?

Most Used Makeup Items March & April 2015

After finishing my series of seasonal favorites I thought I’d make a bimonthly series showing the items I reached for the most, excluding base products. Because even when I think a particular lipstick is my favorite, I find I’m not wearing it as often as others. So this is not a ‘favorites’ post, it’s a tally of ‘most reached for’. :)


And these are the makeup heroes of the last two months.


MAC Brow Set in Beguile: This has completely replaced my routine of brow powder and wax. Review upcoming; I was just so busy using it that it took me forever to take pics. From now on this counts as a base product staple!

Lipstick in front is L’Oreal Blake’s Red.

The powder in the back is MAC Powder Blush in Easy Manner. I use this so much and it’s not even dented!

The pencil is MAC Chromagraphic in Process Magenta. I’ve been using this as a lip liner for various bright pink lipsticks. I think it’s funny that a pink liner and a red lipstick made it into the list, but I used Blake without and with varying liners and I somehow never used the same pink lipstick…

The lipstick on top is actually a lip balm, Lancome Baume in Love A la folie, cherry. It goes on almost transparent and as such is very wearable.

Last one is a MAC Paintpot in the universal color Painterly. I used this sometimes as base underneath other shadows but often on its own for a bare look. I have two paintpots and I think I never talked about them before. Reason is that I never used them as they crease terribly. I’m always awed when people say, oh I use a paintpot as my makeup base, it holds forever. On me it holds about one hour. However, since I have the wonderful Primer Potion by Urban Decay (not pictured, because total base staple) now, the paintpots stay in place and almost don’t crease! Huzzah! So I went from never using Painterly to using it lots. Thank you, Urban Decay!

So these were the products I used the most the last two months. Do you keep track of what you use?

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Teazurra

Every year Guerlain releases a new Aqua Allegoria fragrance (and old ones that don’t sell well are phased out). The 2015 release is Teazurra:

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Teazurra

pic: Guerlain

As the name promises, this is a tea perfume. But lets start at the beginning:

The first thing I smell is a great rush of lemon. It’s almost too strong, but very refreshing. I think there are several citrus fruit in, but to me it mostly smells of lemon. This phase lasts longer on paper, on my skin it was over in a matter of minutes. The heart is made of tea and camomile. Very gentle, very grounding, yet elegant. Sadly, this phase only lasts about an hour, if even. At his point I was ready to declare it a very short lived perfume (not unlike its sibling Limon Verde).

But then the base shone through: Soft and gentle, but persistent vanilla, and something else (benzoin? musk?). And this phase lasts all day. It is sweet, but gentle enough that it should work even in hot weather.

So this perfume is perfect for everybody who wants citrus and tea, but dislikes the leather and oakmoss and other harsh or herbal smelling stuff that often comes with the first two (for example in Eau de Gaga). Apart from the first burst of citrus, Teazurra feels like a fluffy cloud, but never overwhelming. I like it very much, but I wish the tea phase lasted longer.


Other Aqua Allegorias still in production: Herba Fresca, Nerolia Bianca, Mandarine Basilic, Pampelune, Lys Soleia, Limon Verde. The 2015 duty free version of Aqua Allegoria is the same as in the last years (something with Rose, I forgot the exact name).

Maybelline Colorshow Bouquet


I put on a layer of Maybelline‘s 430 Bouquet as an accent nail atop of Essie‘s Stones n’Roses. I thought the colors would go well together. Bouquet is a glitter topper with medium sized and small white, pink and rose gold hex glitter in a clear base. The colors are so cute and would go with so many bases. However, application was difficult. I had to fish for pretty much every piece of glitter, which, considering that the glitter is not so big in the first place, is pretty annoying. Then I couldn’t drag it on, I had to pat it in places and it would still try to clump in one place! And then it dried to a matte finish, which made everything really patchy! So I slapped on glossy top coat (Essie Good to Go) and called it a day, which is why it doesn’t look very impressive up there. Sorry.

I am disappointed in this glitter, it is just as terrible as the L’Oreal glitter with exactly the same issues, except at least the L’Oreal glitter readily jumped onto the brush. If you want easy to apply glitter with good glitter payoff and shiny finish, look elsewhere (essence or OPI for example); the only reason to get this one is if you really want this exact color combination.

All Used Up March 2015

It’s going to be a very short empties post today, promise.


First empty was a sample of Versace Vanitas EdT. This is a very fresh floral perfume. I found it nice, but not overly special. Longevity is good, sillage more on the strong side.


The obligatory hand cream: Douglas nails hands feet daily ageless handbalm. This claims to have SPF in, but does not say how high so I assume it’s low. The cream itself smelled a bit grapefruity, I liked that. It was nourishing, but not special enough to buy a full size imho.


And here’s another hand cream: LCN Candy Eggs Butterflies handcream. This was part of a giftset from a beauty salon; I guess from some kind of LE. From the design I expected it to smell very sweet, but it was disappointing. It did have some kind of perfume, but I really didn’t like it. The cream itself was okay. Even if it wasn’t LE I wouldn’t buy it because of the scent.

And last empty of the month is MAC Prep & Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer in pink. This has SPF 35, so I used it both as primer and as skin protection. The color is pink with a little shimmer, but it goes on mostly sheer. The shimmer and the color do give some illumination, though. As a primer it was okay, it did make my makeup last longer and it was mattifying to a degree. I made the experience that it helped very well with drugstore makeup, but when I switched to a MAC foundation I didn’t feel like I needed the MAC primer as much anymore.

The feeling is very rubbery, silicony. I am sure it clogged my pores, but that is typical for products designed to stay on very long. There’s a reason people say you shouldn’t wear face primer every day. But I wore it almost every day because it was my face product with the highest SPF. And it worked well in that regard. When I started wearing it I was NC 20, now I am lighter than NC 15.

For now I won’t repurchase it. I want to try other products and see what happens. :)

And these were last month’s empties. If I don’t manage any empties in April, there’ll be another ‘not used up’ post. And I really have to stop switching shower gels around I have way too many half used bottles.

Kiko Lipstick Swatches

As promised, today I’ll show you my newest Kiko lip products. I got two new liners and four lipsticks.

Kiko Smart Liner

The liners are Smart lip pencils in 709 Magenta and 710 Rouge Noir. I’m on a liner trip and Magenta will go nice with my berries, while Rouge Noir will go with the very dark lippies.

Kiko lipsticks

The lipsticks are, from left to right: Smart Lipstick 923 Peony Purple, and three Luscious Cream Lipsticks in 522 Black Cherry, 524 Taupe and 500 Shell Rose. I almost picked up 523 Black as well, but I figured I can always get it later.

The smart lip pencil has a normal packaging, but the Luscious lipsticks come in a really annoying packaging where you have to push at the top first before you can pull it apart. Pushing at the top always feels like I’m breaking off my nail. :( (edit: actually broke my nail later on. only open this with knuckle!)

Kiko swatches

Swatch time. Lipsticks in the same order as above, first Peony Purple, which is a shiny sheer violet color. I checked it and colorwise it is a dupe for MAC Heroine, but Heroine is of course matte and opaque.

Underneath is Black Cherry, which is a dupe for MAC Cyber, both in color and in finish. (Pfft I had typed Smoked Purple first. But that one is matte. Both Black Cherry and Cyber are creamy!) Black Cherry is very creamy and very dark. It’s easy to accidentally end up looking like Marilyn Manson had slept with makeup on.

Then there’s Taupe, which is, well, taupe. It’s certainly a unique shade of lipstick to have. It ends up darker on the lips than in this swatch and very obviously grey, I feel very witchy wearing it.

Last is Shell Rose, a very pale nude. I think it’s an ultra sexy nude, but the color is very unforgiving of any redness in the face.

All lipsticks are creamy and as such not drying at all. (Although I gotta admit for the intense colors I would have preferred them to be matte.) They don’t have the lasting power of a matte, but they manage four hours even with drinking and small snacks. Not a full meal, though.

The squiggles underneath are the lip liner swatches. The darker one is Rouge Noir, which is still not all that dark if you ask me. And the inner squiggle is Magenta. I like the smart lip pencils, they are super cheap and very long lasting. I’m not 100% sure about the colors though. I meant to wear Rouge Noir with Black Cherry, but now I’m thinking I have to buy MAC’s Cyber World lip pencil after all.


Out of all these my biggest recommendation is the nude 500 Shell Rose. It wears well and is the most normal color out of these, haha. It goes so well with intense eye makeup. If you like Heroine but wish it was sheer, check out Peony Purple.


Easter Haul


Let me show you my latest purchases. Three Essie items, six from Kiko, a Balea hand cream, and a gel liner from Maybelline. I’m planning to put up swatches of all my Maybelline gel liners when I get around to make the pics.

essie spring 2015 haul

The items from Essie are the starter scrub, an exfoliating hand scrub. My hands were extra dry lately, I hope this will help. The nail polishes are from the Spring 2015 Collection, Flowerista. The left shade is garden variety, a mid tone teal. The right shade is blossom dandy, a light mint. Did I pick it up for the name? Yes, yes I did. But in addition to the dandy name, it is also mint which I love. I had to have it. xD In comparison OPI’s That’s hula-rious is much greener.

Kiko lipsticks

I want to give the Kiko items their own swatch post, but here’s a little snak preview of the colors. Swatch post will be up tomorrow!

In conclusion: giving myself a spending ban on both berries and reds ends up with me buying more outlandish colors, but certainly not with me spending less. In my defense, all of these were reduced or I had coupons… Although maybe a full makeup & nailpolish spending ban should be in order. I still have so much stuff I haven’t even shown you here. The ban will be in effect until the next 20% off day, because I guarantee for absolutely nothing when Douglas has 20% off! ;)

Essie Stones n’Roses

Today I have a cute lil beauty for you:

Essie Stones n Roses

This is Essie Stones n’Roses from the 2015 Resort Collection. When this Collection first came out I somehow mistakenly thought Stones n’Roses was a dusty pink. Only when looked at it in real life I realized it wasn’t so much pink as peach! It’s a peachy, pinky coral. The color shifts a little, looks more coral in artifical light. The pic above is true to color in natural light.

I am wearing two thick coats (people with long nails might need three thin ones) and no top coat. The finish is already glossy, I did put top coat on later though. The quality is great; easy application and fast dry time. The brush is pretty broad.

Spring can come!

More MAC Toledo: Kindergarten Red and Victoriana

Suddenly living near a MAC Counter is taking its toll on my purse.


I mentioned in my last Toledo Haul I felt the need to also own the red blush. The third one, the peachy one, was completely disappointing in pigmentation and was not allowed to come home with me.

I’m sorry to blab about a MAC LE from last month when everyone is already three LEs farther. But I’m super not interested in all that super duper limited stuff and the Toledo LE was right there and I really like the packaging.

So what I got was the ombre blush in Kindergarten Red, the lipstick in Victoriana and the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Trust in Red (regular lineup, not part of the LE). I guess you could say I’m having a red phase.

MAC Toledo Kindergarten Red

Here’s Kindergarten Red in all its glory! While the outer carton packaging had red going around, separating it from Azalea Blossom with its black packaging, the actual blush packagings are identical on the outside. On the inside Kindergarten Red goes from very pale pink to a mid tone red.

Sawtches Kindergarten Red

Swatches. First the pale pink, barely visible, but there. Then the red from the bottom. Last swatch is once swirled through. The combined color can be easily influenced lighter or darker depending on where you pick up the most powder. The whole blush is softer than the other two, making it easier to pick up color. Of course that means I have to be more careful in application. The top stripe also makes for a good non-shimmery highlighter.

MAC Toledo Victoriana

Victoriana lipstick. The packaging feels satiny.

Swatch Victoriana

Swatch of Victoriana. The finish is matte. It’s not retro matte like Ruby Woo, but matte enough. The usual warnings about matte lipstick apply here: lips must be prepped, lipstick is drying etc etc. Wear time is good, but not perfect. (To be honest, the L’Oreal ones last a little bit better.) Application is very easy, it glides on nicely and takes a second to set, so I can correct mistakes. That makes it a lot easier to apply than Ruby Woo.

The color of Victoriana is a red with blue undertones.

Victoriana Blake Trust in Red

Color comparison swatch left to right: L’Oreal Blake’s Red, Victoriana and the lip liner Trust in Red. Both Blake and Trust are more pinky than Victoriana. I don’t have Ruby Woo, but I swatched it in the store and Victoriana has more blue than Ruby Woo. (The reason I’m mentioning that one so often is that I meant to buy Ruby Woo, but changed my mind while swatching.)

Lipliner Trust in Red

The Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Trust in Red is pretty much the same color as the Kiko lip pencil in Fire Red. I got the MAC one in hopes of it bleeding less than the Kiko one. I’ll have to do some more testing but I do think it works. Trust in Red is a red pencil with strong blue undertones. That means I still need a true red one.

So I went on a berry spending ban only to end up with tons of reds. Oh dear.