MAC Casual Color Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer

This is the MAC Causal Color in Secret Admirer. It was included in the Red Red Red Collection at the beginning of this year. I love the Casual Colors for the ease of application to cheeks. They are easy to blend with either fingers or a brush. They can also be applied to the lips, also with either fingers or a brush. Sometime ago MAC changed the packaging. Now they look like in this pic. Before they had a screw-on lid. When they changed the packaging, they also made the product more expensive and put a lot less product in. :| Like, seriously, a LOT less. Now on one hand, how often have I ever used up a cream blush? So I’m okay with having less product in, but the combination of less product for more money is just not cool. So, long story short, I bought this one but I’m not sure how many more I’ll buy in the future.

Secret Admirer Swatch

Swatches. First I made a singly finger swipe (top) then I tried to show how it looked like blended out. But I may have blended too much for the camera… can you see the pinky part going over most of my arm down there? :| Sorry, guys I tried but I guess I should have blended less.

So what I am trying to say the raspberry red color can be worn as strong or as sheer as wanted. It never gets completely matte, which I like. On the cheeks it lasts all day for me. On the lips it’s more like a balm (with strong color) by which I mean it doesn’t last that long on the lips, maybe two hours but leaves a very slight stain.

I like using these combination products when travelling (for less packing), otherwise I prefer a regular lipstick and only use the Casual Color for cheeks.

My favorite ways to apply are in order of preferance: MAC 188 brush, Zoeva Petite Stippling brush, fingers. For lips: fingers, any lip brush.

Chanel La Flamboyante

In which I am a clearance sale victim:

La Flamboyante

This red beauty here is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 337 La Flamboyante. This lipstick was included in the Holiday 2014 Collection and while I liked it lots I decided to not buy it back then. I told myself, you already have La Malicieuse, you don’t need this one too. And that worked until I saw La Flamboyante on sale six months later…

Malicieuse Flamboyante

Comparison pic: top is La Malicieuse, bottom La Flamboyante. This pic is a little too light, both lipsticks are clearly bright red, but with pink leanings.

Swatch Chanel reds

Swatches: again top is La Malicieuse, bottom La Flamboyante. The latter is stronger/more opaque and slightly less pink. Still, they are very similar.

Quality is the usual Rouge Allure Velvet quality: long lasting and silky on lips. Not as drying as a MAC matte.

Chanel La Flamboyante

Lip swatch of La Flamboyante.

Since it was LE, this lipstick is not widely available anymore, but you might find it here or there.

Essie Sugar Daddy

Essie Sugar Daddy

After Mademoiselle I also tried Sugar Daddy, another one of Essie‘s sheer pinks. It’s a tad darker than Mademoiselle, which means that instead of giving my nails a milky sheen, it gave them – nothing. The color is absolutely invisible. The finish wasn’t even very glossy, rendering this nail polish pretty much pointless. :(

I’m giving it the benefit of doubt; the bottle is not new, maybe it got bad…

MAC Pink Plaid

Hello everyone! I am officially back! The heat wave is finally over and I feel like wearing makeup again! :D I hope you had a lovely time.

I have lots of lippies in my backlog, so let’s continue with another one from my MAC the Matte Lip haul:

Pink Plaid

This is Pink Plaid (matte). To be honest I always forget if I have Pink Plaid or Please Me, they are quite similar. But the packaging says it’s Pink Plaid.

Pink Plaid Swatch

Pink Plaid is a rosy pink color. It’s about the lightest I’m usually willing to go, lighter than that washes me out. It’s a perfect everyday color, not flashy, just pretty. For lipliner I use Rosy Rim (my fav liner, hehe), not that you really need one.

Since it’s a matte it’s drying; primer is a must or at least very useful. It lasts about four hours with eating and drinking. Then my stronger lip color starts showing through (my lips are naturally more red).

I think Pink Plaid is an okay lipstick, but I found I haven’t used it that much so far. I learned that with this sort of lighter pink I prefer my lipsticks to be creamy. However if you are looking for this color with a matte finish, Pink Plaid is your friend. I will continue my search for the perfect light pink lipstick.

MAC Heroine

Hello everybody! I promise this blog is not dead, but we’re having a terrible heat wave and I find it hard to formulate sentences. So I can’t say when I’ll be back for regular posts, but today I have a famous MAC lippie for you: Heroine!


Heroine (matte) is a straight up purple, but maybe a tad less blue than it looks here. It used to be LE, then it was added to the regular line. Then it was included in the Matte Lip Collection, but all lipsticks in that one are now permanent, too.

Heroine Swatches

Swatch of Heroine (lipstick) and underneath Heroine (lip liner). They are not identical, to my surprise. The liner pulls more reddish. Still, on the lips I can’t tell the difference. They are close enough for my taste. However, if you wish to get Heroine more blue-toned, you should get a liner with more blue in.

Heroine Comparisons

Then I put on the purple Astor lip color butter, and the sheer Kiko lipstick. I still think Kiko has the same color as the Heroine lipstick, but as you can see, sheer and shiny. I could also layer it on top of Heroine if I wanted to change the matte finish. :)

The true beauty of Heroine, apart from the color, is the wear. I once asked someone at a MAC store at seven or eight pm what lipstick they were wearing and they said ‘Heroine, but I applied it in the morning and had no time to reapply; it probably looks horrible!’ and I found myself thinking, no it looks amazing. Purple is farther from a natural lip color than a pink lippie. So when it wears off, it can look patchy. But firstly Heroine doesn’t wear off for quite a while. I get five hours of almost spotless wear time, including a meal. And then it wears off, and this is when the magic happens for me. When it wears off, it looks even better? In a cyber punk sort of way? It wears off evenly for me (win!) and the fading makes it look so effortlessly. What do you mean I wear a weird lipstick color? I was born this way! ;)

I don’t know if I’m making any sense (sorry), but gosh darn, do I love this lipstick, even if I’m late to the hype party.

Take care y’all and don’t forget the sun protection!

Yves Rocher Secrets D’Essences Neroli


The bitter orange tree is what you would call the “eierlegende Wollmilchsau” in German. It’s one tree that produces many different things for perfumery: neroli, orange blossom, petitgrain and orange oil.

Yves Rocher Neroli includes many of these notes: orange blossom, neroli, petitgrain and then some bergamot. There’s nothing in this scent that doesn’t come from some sort of citrus tree.

Okay, that’s a very technical description. Orange blossom/neroli also happens to be my favorite flower scent. Hot or cold, orange blossom is always in season. :)

Secrets D’Essences Neroli starts with a tart, zesty smell. The blossoms come out later, 15-30 minutes in. But it never really gets sweet. It always stays a little zesty, a little greenish. After that I don’t detect a lot of change anymore. Sillage is low; I think it stays close to the body. Longevity could be better, but I get five hours out of it. It’s just that sometimes the perfume is so soft you don’t notice it, but then you move and there it is.*

In a nutshell: for the Neroli lover aka me. :D


*if you want this scent, but amped up to eleven, you’re looking for Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. ;)

Chanel Summer Eye Look

Chanel Summer Look

I did a little and uncomplicated look inspired by Chanel’s summer look.

  • Brows: MAC Lingering
  • Primer: Urban Decay Sin
  • Lid: Chanel Caroube, softly blended into the shimmery primer
  • Liner: Chanel Orchidee, lined lower waterline and around the eye
  • Mascara: YSL Effet Faux Cils Waterproof Signature Violet (turns out to be exactly the same color as Orchidee, so liner and lashes are blending together)

And that’s it, a simple and fast. :)

Chanel Orchidee Look

The color is a little washed out in the pics, the purple comes out stronger irl. :)

MAC Dazzleshadow Boom Boom Room

Dazzleshadows? A whole Collection of sparkles only? Who needs that? Certainly not me, pffft.

Well, then the swatch pics started showing up and Boom Boom Room is such an interesting combination… and so I was at the MAC counter, swatching and swatching…

Dazzleshadow Boom Boom Room

There are many pretty shadows in this Collection, but this one is the craziest. It’s a rusty red with duochrome sparkle in turquoise. I found the sparkle very hard to photograph. The color looks completely different depending on light angle.

Dazzle BBR swatch

Swatch. I tried to show both colors in one pic. On the left side you see the light turquoise, on the right the ruddy color. It looks amazing on the eye, like you did a lot more than just apply a single shadow.

I got pretty much no fallout. Application is best with a flat, stiff brush. A primer is necessary; at least for me, it creases otherwise.

Now I want more than one. :( And here I thought I could skip this sparkly LE.

Dazzleshadows are limited, but seem to be available easily right now.

Current Skin Care Routine

Over the last year I have rehauled my skin care routine. I was going to say “simplified”, but looking at the amount of products in my picture, maybe not. XD I have decided to go as gentle as possible, no harsh washing gels, less alcohol and irritating fragrance, more chemical peeling.

Skin 1


This means I cut out all the mechanical peelings and washing gels. Even the supposedly gentle one I used still irritated my skin (you can tell by how right after washing the skin will be tight and dry and about half an hour to an hour later the skin is oilier than before washing). So that left my cleansing milk Toleriane from La Roche Posay (I use this on makeup free skin only, even if it says it can remove makeup, it’s not very good at it); the Micellar Cleanser from Garnier; and for waterproof makeup the dual phase Camomille cleanser from the Body Shop. That one is okay, but I think when it’s used up I’ll go for another brand.

Skin 2


Next step after cleansing is to add moisture back. I do not use any toner at the moment. I ran out (years ago, in fact) and realized I didn’t miss it. So I go right to moisture. You probably heard of Korean skin care by now, and how they layer like half a million products over each other. When I read about that I was like ‘that’s too much work’ but these days I do often use quite a few layers as well. In the midle of the pic you see MAC Fix+. You often see it mentioned that people spray this on after makeup, and the description on the bottle says it can be used before and after makeup. A look at the ingredients list tells me it’s made of water and some antioxidants – and nothing else. So while you can apply as last layer, the water will simply evaporate and might leave you drier than before. But when used as first layer and then locked in with heavier products, the moisture stays on the skin and the antioxidants can do their work. So when I use Fix+, I do it immediately on clean skin.

Then I start layering eye cream and lip balm (not pictured). My current eye cream is a cheap one from Balea, it has no bad ingredients (as far as I could tell) and a few antioxidants.

The moisturizer is Clinique Moisture Surge. It’s a light gel that, well it does exactly what the name promises. I will always use this when my skin is visibly dry, but at the moment I don’t use it every day. I use different serums (not pictured) and often don’t put anything on top of those. If I wanted to use both a serum and Moisture Surge I will layer the thicker texture over the lighter one.

Skin 4

Sun Care

The morning routine usually goes like this: cleansing, Fix+ and Sun care on top. When I wear makeup it’s usually MAC CC Cream with SPF 30. It’s the best option if I want to put something on top. My other options are a mattifying sun cream (not pictured) which leaves my skin super dry if I use it more than two days in a row and the two bottles on here: La Roche Posay Rosaliac UV Legere, a great cream with lots of Niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3 and one of the best skin care ingredients ever) and SPF 15. The cream is slightly green tinted, but applied I don’t really see any difference. However, this one isn’t really good for wearing underneath makeup, as it has a greasy finish. No amount of powder helps here. So sadly despite this being really good for my skin I only wear it when I go makeup-less.

And the last bottle is my all over sun care: Louis Widmer 50+ Extra Sun Fluid. I wanted one without any alcohol or fragrance and there were not too many offerings. This one can be used for the body and face, however when I wear it with makeup I get a similarly shiny finish as with the Rosaliac.

Skin 3


These are the extra helpers. I don’t use them daily. The small grey bottle is the Kanebo Sensai Cellular Performance Mask. This is a colorless mask that you can either take off again or wear over night. It gives the skin extra moisture. As this is a smaller size I don’t have a list of the ingredients but I hope they’re not too bad. I use this only when my skin is flaky and often only on the dry parts of my face.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+: Chemical Peeling with Salicylic Acid and Capryloyl Salicylic Acid. I have found that for me it works best used every other day. It makes pores appear smaller (by getting the gunk out) and helps with spots.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast: For any kind of emergency, be it extremely dry and reddenend skin or huge spots or whatever else might happen.

And last is Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions mask, a white clay mask with Salicylic Acid. I use this whenever I feel like it, not too often.

So far the regime works out very well for me. In the future I want to be even more diligent about suncscreen and I’d like to add retinol at some point.

Do you have any tips? What are your go-to ingredients?

Kiko Essential Bronzer & Beam of Light

July is the time of summer sales and I have fallen victim to a few 50% off deals. At Kiko I bought a bronzer from the Modern Tribes Collection and a highlighter from the On The Go Collection.


The Essential Bronzer is huge (20 g) and comes in an equally huge packaging made from wood. The two pieces are held together by small magnets. This is a bronzer for using at home, certainly not for travels.


The bronzer itself looks a bit like Pluto, doesn’t it? My color is 200 Warm Melange, the lighter of the two colors in this Collection. The bronzer is very soft; a light hand is needed when picking up the powder.


The highlighter Beam of Light in the color 01 (again, the lighter of the two available) is much smaller (1,5 g); it comes from a Collection of minis.


Both products are baked. The highlighter is not quite as soft as the bronzer, but it still gives plenty of powder at a light touch.

Kiko Swatches


The bronzer isn’t too orange for me, although I need to apply it gently to get it even. But a light application of this gives me the most beautiful glow. I find it easier to apply than my Body Shop bronzer, which is more tightly packed and needs a firmer hand. The Kiko bronzer includes a slight shimmer, but I don’t really see it on the skin.

The highlighter is a shimmery champagne color. It is similar to my MAC Lightscapade, but that one is whiter and the shimmer finer and more multi-colored. Beam of Light looks best applied with my new favorite method: using a tight blush brush to apply on top of the cheek bones and temples.

I can recommend both of these. They are LE from different collections. While the minis collection is new and should therefore still be available, I can’t promise the same for the bronzer which comes from a collection that has been out for a few months by now. Should you find it on a sale, do take a look!

Did you pick up anything at the latest sales?