essence The Glass Slipper


Part of the current Cinderella LE, 01 The Glass Slipper is a glitter top coat by essence. In this pic I am wearing one coat of The Glass Slipper on top of OPI‘s Lost my Bikini in Molokini.

The Glass Slipper is a clear base with purple shimmer and silver hex glitter. The hex glitter comes in two sizes. Sometimes you can also catch the nail polish getting a sea foam green sheen, but I can’t tell if the base has a green tint or if it’s the glitter or the shimmer. It’s truly enigmatic, but mostly you’ll see the silver glitter.

The shimmer is strong and it changes the color of the polish underneath. In this case, I ended up a lot lighter than the original OPI color. A white base would end up more purple, I guess. The finish is glossy enough that I didn’t feel the need to put a clear top coat over it. It is easy to get the glitter out, you don’t have to fish for it. Instead, sometimes I got way too much on the brush. Application was very easy, no need to drag or pat the pieces on.

My brush was defective though, first I had to cut off a piece of the brush that was twice as long as the rest and would drag glitter everywhere. And there is still a loop in my brush, but I left it. I mean, okay, it’s a 2 € nail polish, but it can’t be too hard to cut a brush straight across?

Dry time was seemingly fast. I mean it was quickly dry to the touch, but several hours later I pushed the polish off in parts on accident.

In conclusion, my verdict is so-so. It’s nice, but I wouldn’t buy it again. Of course at the price point of essence, you can’t do much wrong.

What’s in the Box II


I have this pretty little white box standing around in my room, usually on the book shelf, sometimes on the coffee table.


What’s in it?


It holds my perfume samples. Before I decided to put them all together, they were littering the place all over. Finally I decided they needed a box. I was about to repurpose an old carton when I found this cute white thing at Depot. It’s the perfect size to have samples in it. Although now I need more samples – there are not enough to keep them standing. XD But the chaos makes it fun, too. These days I never know which one I’m grabbing, so it’s exciting.

See anything you recognize? Any wish for a review?

How do you keep your samples, if you keep them?

OPI Lost my Bikini in Molokini


From OPI‘s current Hawaii Collection, also part of the Little Hulas set: Lost my Bikini in Molokini, two coats, no top coat. This is a purple cream, no shimmer. Quality is pretty much flawless. I prefer the brush in the bigger bottles, but I did okay with the small one. And I really don’t need this many full size bottles. Anyway, if you’re looking for a good purple cream, take a look at this one.

MAC Toledo Haul

I did not intend to buy anything from the newer MAC Collections, but I was sabotaged by the fact that there’s a new store ten minutes from my home and the Toledo packaging is really cute…

MAC Toledo 1

Pretty packaging and also a new pic background.

MAC Toledo 2

More packaging pics. I only picked up two items, the blush ombre in Azalea Blossom:


I think this is a repromote from a previous LE.


And the other item I picked is the Pearlglide Intense Liner in Chlorafill, because I love funky colors.

MAC Chlorafill

Liner Swatch. It is very creamy and soft. It really glides on and is easy to put in the waterline, where it looks so weirdfunnyamazing. It holds very well, even on my watery eyes. The liner has some shimmer in it. Since it’s so soft, it has to be sharpened often.

MAC Azalea Blossom

Swatches of Azalea Blossom. First the pink part, then the lilac part and last swatch is them softly blended together. The blush is big enough to make it possible to pick up only one color with a smaller blush brush but I think I’ll mostly wear them swirled together.

Man, now I want the other blushes, too, especially the red one. :|

OPI Muir Muir on the Wall


In this pic I’m wearing OPI‘s Muir Muir on the Wall, two coats, no top coat. (I added one later and it got even shinier.) It’s a dark grey base with burgundy shimmer. The shimmer has a color shift over orange to bottle green, but the green is barely visible. You can catch it a little in the pic at the bottom of the bottle. Quality is absolutely flawless, in application and wear time. A wonderful vampy color.

Yearning for Spring: Prada Candy Florale


Prada Candy Florale EdT is a flanker to Prada Candy. It’s the soft, summery version. It looks so happy and springlike I just had to wear it the last two weeks!


Luckily I have two samples so I can spray with abandon. ;)

While Candy Florale is sweet, it’s not the kind of gourmand sweetness that punches you in the face and rifles through your pockets. It is gentle, like a teeny tiny fairy fluttering through the air. I don’t think the sillage is very big, I barely notice I’m wearing it except when I move. Longevity is good, about 7 hours. The scent doesn’t really change much on me; the strongest part is there from the beginning, the sweet fresh limoncello. This doesn’t go away, luckily.

This makes it a perfect sweet perfume for hot temperatures, when you don’t want to choke everyone on your cotton candy. Or when you’re sitting there at the end of winter, desperately hoping for sunlight. Candy Florale is much like the early blooms, small and cute.


List of ingredients, click to enlarge.

Candy Florale was released 2014, perfumer is Daniela Andrier.

Yearning for Spring: Nail Polish Haul

I don’t know about your location, but here the weather is still drab and everything is grey. :( I can’t wait for spring so that I can complain about how it’s too hot again. :D

So, a little spring nail polish haul was in order:


I very much wanted the minty green form OPI‘s spring collection Hawaii. But then I also wanted a baby pink so I picked up the mini set “little HULAS“. This set contains four mini polishes, all of them creams. There is the pink Suzi Shops & Island Hops, the minty That’s Hula-rious!, the purple Lost my Bikini in Molokini and the corally red Aloha from OPI.

Comparing it to the set of last Autumn both have a purple and a minty green. But the little Northies were much stronger, the little Hulas are more spring-y in their soft colors. Except for Aloha which is not very soft, but still very fitting in a spring collection.

Then I picked up a turquoise nail polish with black glitter from Flormar, the Black Dot Nail Enamel simply called BD02.

The statement necklace is from Bijou Brigitte. I love the color and that it has a ribbon instead of a regular chain. I think it adds even more visual interest. The downside is that it’s harder to put on (or I may simply be too clumsy).


Back of the little Hulas set.

What are your spring must-haves?

Kiko Precision Lip Pencil Fire Red


I was impressed with the Smart Lip Pencil from Kiko that I picked up before Valentines. But I wanted another red lip pencil, one that was less yellow toned. There was no color like this in the Smart range, but I found one in their Precision range. It’s the Precision Lip Pencil in 307 Fire Red.


Little swatch heart. The lip pencil is easy to apply and holds very well; my lipstick lasts about two hours longer with it. But, and I think you can see it in the pic up there, it is a little prone to feathering. I can wear it, as I don’t have many lines around my lips, but this is something to watch out for.


Color comparison: left is Estee Lauder Vengeful Red, then the Kiko Pencil and on the right Dior Marilyn.

While the name Fire Red might sound like it’s a true red, the lip pencil has leanings towards blue undertones (which is exactly the color I wanted). So it goes best with my lipsticks with blue undertones, like the two up there. From my newest L’Oreal lipsticks it goes best with Blake. When worn with Liya, it changes Liya’s color.

Overall, it’s very good but not perfect. I might have to check out MAC’s new lip liners… On the other hand, considering the price point of Kiko, you get real good bang for your buck. :)

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Sensuelle


I came across this in a clearance sale and you know it’s hard for me to pass up a matte lipstick…

This baby is Chanel‘s Rouge Allure Velvet in 40 La Sensuelle. It was part of the original Rouge Allure Velvet lineup. I’m not entirely sure if it’s still available, seeing as I picked it up on sale.


A swatch of La Sensuelle. It’s a rich reddish berry color. I am now officially on a berry spending ban, but I’m glad I bought this one last. XD


Comparison swatches: on top the reddish 40 La Sensuelle, underneath the brand new and more pinky 50 La Romanesque.


You know I think La Sensuelle is the perfect lipstick to recreate this stunning look Mila Kunis is wearing in this scene of Jupiter Ascending, no? I love this look. (For the eyes I’ll use my Dior palette in Trafalgar.) If you haven’t seen Jupiter Ascending yet, consider it. The movie is ridiculous, but in a very fun way. :D

All Used Up Feb 2015

After no empties last month, I got a few of them this month:


Alessandro Hand Spa Sun 50: a hand cream with high SPF. It was pretty good, maybe not as nourishing as I need it, but my hands seem to be unusually needy. The sun protection has worked very well, the one age spot I have on my hand even got a little lighter. The cream itself leaves a white cast due to the SPF 50. On my face that would annoy me, but on my hands I didn’t care too much.


Two items from Nivea: First, the day cream (feuchtigkeitsspendende Tagescreme) with SPF 15 for normal skin. I may have reviewed this before, not entirely sure. It’s a rich face cream. I know it says ‘for normal skin’ and there’s an even richer one for dry skin, but this one is already pretty rich and I would only recommend it for dry skin. It worked well for me during this winter. The sample was surprisingly long lasting; I used this from the december  holidays all through january and part of february.

The other item is my new favorite shampoo: Pure Impact. I chose it for the short list of ingredients, because I don’t like silicones in my hair and the last few shampoos left my hair overwhelmed. Only at home I realized I had picked a men’s shampoo!


List of ingredients. Sorry for the blurriness. :(

Luckily the scent wasn’t cliché man-shampoo smell. In fact it’s very fruity. But not overwhelmingly so. This shampoo does exactly what it promises. It gets you clean in a gentle way. And that’s it. No volume, no extra shine or conditioning. It is a relief, I tell you, after all the gunk women’s shampoo has left in my hair! My hair has never been so soft and managable. I barely use conditioner anymore. You see, my hair is especially unruly and almost impossible to comb. Yes, it is also completely straight and it looks like it’s manageable, but it is not. Until now. I heart this shampoo! Repurchased already.


Clinique Airbrush Concealer: Favorite under eye concealer. Perfect balance of pigmentation and highlighting. Already repurchased, the package you see here is from my new one.


Balea Q10 Anti-Aging Hand Cream: Best hand cream I know. Have not repurchased yet, but will. Comes with SPF 10, that could be higher. Otherwise perfect.


List of ingredients.


La Roche Posay Toleriane Cleansing Milk: I already talked about it here. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, already repurchased. I guess I ran out of a lot of favs last month.


A bad pic of the ingredients list.

And now, this is technically cheating because I ran out last week, but I don’t want to wait until April to talk about them:


Rexona Aloe Vera Deodorant: yes, I use the evil, evil aluminium. Except it’s actually stable aluminium salts and I think it’s laughable the way people get worked up over aluminium that’s applied on the skin while they take in that much more with food. /rant


Last item is Lancome‘s La Vie Est Belle EdP. If you want a representation of what this smells like, please watch this video. The smell is highly similar to Armani’s Si, but more rounded and grounded with a deeper streak. That didn’t make me like it more, it made me like it less. It’s like having overeaten. I don’t mean to say it’s a bad perfume, it’s like the epitome of a fruitchouli, a landmark. It’s just not for me. La vie est belle was created by Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo.