Essie Delhi Dance


This cute bubblegum pink is a mini from Essie‘s 2016 Resort Collection. The color name is Delhi Dance. Shown are two coats, no top coat. The color is opaque, but applies a little bit streaky. I got it mostly okay with two coats, but it wasn’t perfect. Pastels are often a little more difficult. I got tip wear on day three.

It’s a pretty color, but you can get such a color in probably every other collection. Still, Essie does lots of pretty pinks, and I like how this one isn’t sheer. The color is a true Barbie color, a pale yet strong pink with a blue leaning. When I wanted to go matchy matchy I paired it with my MAC lipstick in Silly.

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Red Sunset

Maybelline Red Sunset

As I liked the Maybelline Colorsensational Matte in Magnetic Magenta so much I picked up another color: 960 Red Sunset.

The Colorsensational lipsticks have a strong scent of bubblegum sweetness, but it goes away after application. The mattes have a fine texture, the finish is a satiny matte, not super matte.

Maybelline Red Sunset Swatch

Red Sunset ist red, but not a true red. It has lots of pink in. Maybe it’s even more of a corally pink. Hard to describe. Whatever the color is, it is very summery. And it actually does sort of look like a sunset.

Sadly the weartime doesn’t compare to Magnetic Magenta. I wore it several times to make sure, but even without eating it wears off on the inside of the lip after three hours, and with eating or drinking it wears off faster. The color also gathers in fine lip lines. It does not bleed out, though. All of this isn’t terribly bad, it’s still a nice lipstick, and when it wears off it is not super duper visible, unless you’re a beauty blogger and looking for it. But I have better matte lipsticks.

Moschino Fresh Couture

Moschino Fresh

This is the newest perfume release from Moschino: Fresh Couture EdT.

Did I buy it for the bottle? I totally bought it for the bottle! Moschino designs are very hit and miss. And this was a hit for me. Your milage may vary.

Moschino Fresh 2

Even the back is funny.

What does it smell like? It probably smells exactly like you imagine. This is a very fresh scent. I can’t really pick out individual notes. There is cedar in the dry down. Light citrus in the opening. The middle is fresh, but not overly aquatic. It smells quite nice.

Is the smell anything to call home about? Nah, but it’s actually really nice. Dupable, but nice. I only bought it for the looks, but have found myself reaching for it a lot more than I thought I would. To be honest I use it as much as a laundry spray and room spray as I use it on myself. I might even use up the bottle going at this rate!

wd haul


Essie Mrs Always-Right


This is Mrs Always-Right from Essie‘s current Wedding Collection. The other colors are pastels, but this one is a raspberry red. Shown in the pic is one coat, no top coat. The polish is easy to apply. Lasting power was okay for one coat. I got tip wear on day two. Two coats last a day or two longer.

All Used Up April 2016

Ah, sorry for the little hiatus there. My schedule keeps being upset and I can’t create when I don’t have a few hours of spare time in one go.😦 Anyway, here is what I used up the last month, quite a few items:

batiste blonde

Batiste Dry Shampoo light&blonde: this dry shampoo is colored. It comes out a muddy yellow. it totally works for my hair, but I’m not sure if it would work for a platinum blonde. You might end up with yellow patches! It does leave the scalp yellow, which is a bit annoying. The scent is vanilla, which is okay, but I’d highly prefer for hair products in general to be a lot less scented. They often compete with my perfume. But in general this is a good dry shampoo. It also creates volume, something I despereately need. The finish is duller than other dry shampoos might leave you, but I don’t care. Already repurchased.

batiste blonde2

Ingredients for Batiste Dry Shampoo.


Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel: This is a case of not used up. I finally admitted to myself that foaming cleansers are really irritating for my skin. This particular product has a really nice smell, just like the matching cream, which I used up and reviewed before. But ultimately it’s not worth it. If you are the sort of person to use foaming cleaners you can find similar ones for less money.


This is my second empty MAC Mineralize Compact Foundation. It works really well for me. I have not repurchased yet, but I might. I just wish they offered a lighter color than NC15. I think I am really NC13 now.


Another handcream. I may be on a mission to try all the Balea ones… This is the Totes Meer handcream (dead sea salt). The texture is light and absorbs easily. The scent is light and unoffensive, a bit salty. Despite the light texture, it really helped keeping my skin moisturized. I have now purchased other hand creams that need to be used up, but I would totally repurchase this one. I just wish it came with SPF!


Ingredients. Click to see full size.


Absolute Douglas Endless lashes mini mascara: I will spare you the review because not only does this mascara not exist anymore, the whole brand has been discontinued at the end of 2015. I just took a pic of my fingers with the brush, because the brush is really super big. I kept on stabbing myself in the eye, or applying mascara to my brows on accident.😐


MAC brow pencil Lingering: the quality is absolutely top notch. The color is brown, something that works for many people. But I am naturally very ashy and found this a tad too red to repurchase this particular color.


La Roche Posay Rosaliac UV Legere: This is a cream with niacinamide (also written as nicotinamide, this is a derivate of vitamin B3). It has SPF 15, so first I used it as a day cream. It is tinted green, but too little to actually have effect, it’s just a gimmick. Despite being the legere version (there’s a riche one also) I found this cream very thick. And sadly, it left me looking incredibly greasy. It’s not that I was greasy (aka full of my own sebum) but this cream is just so shiny in not a god way. It was impossible to apply makeup on top. So I started using this as a night cream. And you know, in the long term it really worked. Short term I’d often get red in the face when I applied it. But long term, my acne and rosacea symptoms got so much less. My skin is calmer and better overall. But, because I really don’t need a greasy night cream with SPF I will not repurchase. Instead I am looking for creams with similar ingredients. Sadly I had not taken a pic of them before I threw the packaging away, so I can’t show them to you. Sorry. Basically I am looking for something with niacinamide, no alcohol, no perfume.


Then I used up a sample of YSL Paris EdT. This is originally from the 80s and you can tell. I has a lot of notes, but I am overwhelmed by the powdery rose. Very rosey, very powdery. It was nice to test, but I’m not going to miss it.


Last item! I also used up the Kiko kiss balm. This is very pigmented, comparable to a sheer lipstick. The balm had a lot of slick, it glides on very quickly. It made my lips feel good and look lovely. I am not sure if it had any long term benefits. It does come with SPF 15, though, which is good. I would recommend it for those who don’t want to put on lipstick and are looking for a colored balm instead. It’s too slick and too pigmented to use underneath lipstick even if you wiped most of it off again.

Wow, this was a mega post. In case anyone besides me finished reading all that, you deserve a cookie.:)

Jay Z Gold

Now that’s a tag I didn’t think I’d create for this blog:

JayZ Gold

Today I will be reviewing Gold EdT by Jay Z. There’s exactly one reason I wanted to try it: there’s a law suit about it. Short summary: the perfume is being produced by Parlux, who of course had a contract about it. You pay for the star’s name and in turn the star promotes your fragrance and everyone is happy and rich. Except, they claim Jay Z refused to promote the fragrance, and it’s not selling well and so they are losing money. (That’s what they claimed. I don’t know how the thing ended)

So I was intrigued: is it that bad it’s own star refuses to have anything to do with it?😮

Gold opens a bit harsh and loud. Spices paired with citrus. My mum’s comment when I wore it last sunday for lunch: ‘What IS that stink?’ She may have mistaken it for cleaner or nail polish remover.

Okay, but let’s give Gold a chance. The harsh stuff wears off and it becomes a spicy warm scent. Some vetiver, some pepper, some lavender. Perfectly okay scent.

And the last stage is sweet and warm. Amber, vanilla, something woody and something smoky, but mostly sweet and warm. This stage lasts the longest, about four hours. The whole experience lasts six or seven hours on me. After the first loud stage it is very close to the skin.

My biggest problem with this perfume is that the different parts don’t really go together. It seems a bit disjointed and confused. However, it’s not actually that bad. It’s a perfectly good ‘male’ scent if you want something different than the ubiquitous aquatic drivel. The best thing about it is that since it sells badly – but is still being sold – you should be able to find it at good discounts (with some luck). I think this will be a good summer perfume for me since I like them citrusy, vetivery, ambery for summer. I fully expect to use up all my samples.

Verdict: worth a try if you can get a good deal.

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

Zoeva Rose Golden

I had to fight for this palette, it was constantly sold out: Zoeva Rose Golden. People said ‘if you like their brushes, try their makeup’, so I did.:)

Zoeva Rose Golden back

The packaging is cardboard and copper colored. This color has been very hot in the last couple years. I blame instagram.

Zoeva RG

The colors! On the very top you get the contour powder shade, Heavy Crown. Next the highlighter, Glowing Still, and last is the blush shade Palace Door. By the way I wore this to see Huntsman: Winter’s War, which I guess was very fitting. Although I wore this every day since I got it, so that wasn’t planned. I also wore it to Marvel’s Civil War, which is sooo good, like omg.

Ahem. Let’s take a look at the swatches:

Zoeva RG swatches

Heavy Crown is non-shimmery and cool toned, like a contour shade should be (as opposed to bronzer which would be warmer). It is also very light. Don’t let the swatch fool you, this is unblended on my very pale wrist.

Glowing Still is very shimmery. The powder is white, but the shimmer is yellow golden. Blended out on the face the white goes invisible and you are left with a very intense yelow gold shimmer. I repeat, the shimmer is not white or silver! The highlight is very strong, good for a strobing look.

Palace Door is the rose golden shade of the palette. It is very shimmery, to the point where if your skin tone is dark enough, this could be used as a highlighter instead. The shade itself is more coppery, the shimmer is mostly golden. But here, the base color and the shimmer are so fine that they become one.

Overall I am a bit confused by the colors:

  • The contour is so light it will only work on the really pale gals (NC 15 or lighter), so yay a contour for the really pale ones!
  • The highlight on the other hand is so yellow! If this were a palette for the really light gals, I’d think it would be white pearl. However, this highlighter looks actually really good on me when I do a warmer look. This is for the golden Chalize Theron, not the silvery Emily Blunt (I may have watched this movie strictly for the makeup…). Also, this highlighting shade will look absolutely amazing on every skin tone! I bet the lovely Motsi Mabuse wears something like this, too.
  • And then, there’s the blush, which is not only very shimmery, but also not too dark on the face. It ends up looking almost taupey, by which I mean, more brown than rose color comes out. In fact, minus the shimmer, the color looks really natural on my skin (NC13!).
  • Sooo, sadly there is the possibility that at least one shade in this will be too light or too dark for you personally.

That was the colors. The quality of the powders is top-notch, though. They are finely milled, buttery, blend easily. For the blush, depending on how shimmery you want it, you’ll have to apply it with a light hand. And then, as I was applying it for the first time with a not so light hand and it turned out soooo shimmery on my cheeks I thought, this looks totally like an eyeshadow.

And so I got my eye brushes out and started playing. These totally work for eyshadow, all three of them. A primer is a must, but with primer they last for eight hours without creasing. With a shimmery base the blush color really goes all out. It’s a lot less sheer than the Maybelline blushed nudes for example. You’d never believe it was meant to go on cheeks. With a matte base, you dampen the shimmer content. The highlight makes a good eye highlight as well. The contour shade is too light to cut the crease with it. I use it for blending out, mostly. I also wore it all over the lid on its own for a subtle (veeeery subtle) no makeup makeup look. Gosh if only the contour was a bit stronger I would call this the most perfect palette on earth.

Overall, this is super versatile and I am so glad I got it. I’ve been wearing it everday, on cheeks or eyes or both. My suggestion is they should make a pale and dark version of this. I would buy them all.

Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint Poppin Poppy

Clinique Poppin

While everyone else is going crazy about the Clinique Pop Colors, I am behind and am writing about Clinique Chubby Sticks only now. I actually had a Chubby Stick Intense for a long time now and I use it frequently, yet it looks like I never made a post about it. Might do… sometime. Today, I have a Chubby Stick Baby Tint for you. Sadly, these were limited (I think) and are not part of the lineup anymore. I found it at a clearance sale, and you never know when you might come across one, so I’ll put up a review anyway. Sorry it’s not easy to get anymore.

The Chubby Stick Baby tint is described as a “moisturizing lip color balm”. It’s one of these react-with-your-ph sort of things, so it doesn’t give off color directly, but later on it leaves quite a stain on the skin.

Clinique Poppy swatch

Swatch: Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint 01 Poppin’ Poppy.

It is glossy and moisturizing. The color ends up a pinky coral, not as orange as the stick might have you believe. In fact, the color ends up identical to the Dior Color Reviver lip balm in Coral. Repeated application makes the color stronger. Eating makes the color stronger as well.

As usual, Clinique products are unperfumed, which does not mean they don’t have a smell. This one smells like all the Chubby Sticks, a sort of waxy smell.

When wearing this (and reapplying through the day) I don’t feel the need for a lip balm.

Since this is not easily available anymore, some similar products: Guerlain LPRN My first lipstick (strong scent), Dior Color Reviver balm, the Givenchy Rouge Interdit line always includes one of these, Kiko has one of these, too …Honestly this sort of formula is pretty the much the same everywhere, might only differ in the amount of added perfume and the shape of the balm.

So overall, this is a nice product, if you like these sort of stains, which I do, but not a horrible miss if you don’t have it.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Stronger

The Pure Color Envy by Estee Lauder are among the best lipsticks I know. So it was only a matter of time until I had to try the matte line. As I already have so many intense reds and pinks in matte I picked their most unusual color:

Estee Lauder stronger

This is the pinkish-purple color Stronger.

The matte lipstick has the strong vanilla scent of the Pure Color Envy line, they don’t smell like other Estee Lauder lipsticks. They smell the same as MAC lipsticks.

estee stronger swatch

Swatch. This is one of the modern satiny mattes. The look is pretty matte, but not chalky. It feels thinner than  MAC matte. It is not drying (I wear balm underneath, though).

Magenta vs Stronger

Color comparison to Maybelline Magnetic Magenta. I haven’t gotten around to take a swatch pic of Stronger with MAC Heroine. At first I thought Heroine might be similar, but it is a lot more purple.

As for lip liner, I currently use the MAC Heroine lip liner, which is somewhat darker. I think MAC has a lip liner that is closer in color but I don’t have it (yet). Heroine works okay. Note that the lip pencil of Heroine is a bit less purple than the Heroine lipstick (swatch comparison) so it works out. Of course you don’t really need a liner at all with Stronger, I just like having the option.

Stronger wears well, I get about six hours. Eating reduces it, but it is still there. Still, with a color like purple I prefer to reapply throughout the day. The lipstick does leave a stain as well, but it’s not that intense.

Estee Lauder often gets overlooked for not being as cool as other brands but they have top notch quality and some real gems. I like that they do have a color like Stronger, which is a bit more unusual. If I had endless money I would buy the whole line, because all the colors are pretty.

Maybelline Brow Satin

My current brow pencil feels like it may run out so I snatched up the new Maybelline brow pencils at the last Maybelline promo deal.

They are called Brow Satin and they are double ended pencils. One end looks like this:

Maybelline Brow Pencils

This is the pencil end. The cap is black and a pull off one.

Maybelline brow

The other end is in the chosen color and with a screw off cap. These are sponges with powder on. I think the powder is kept in the cap. I’m not entirely sure and luckily it has not spilled out even though I already dropped the cap.

I picked up both Medium Brown (top) and Dark Brown (bottom).

Maybelline brow swatches

And these are the swatches. In the middle the pencils and above and unerneath the powder of the matching color.

The pencil end is for a more precise look, the powders are soft and a little less directional. Both colors are taupey and cool. I detected no redness wearing these in my brows. Usually I have this problem a lot. My current brow pencil is Lingering by MAC, but ever since I went from being reddish to blonde I felt that Lingering had too much red undertone.

Colorwise, both Medium Brown and Dark Brown work for me. Medium Brown gives me a great normal, everyday look, while Dark Brown gives me Cara Delevigne brows. Medium Brown should work for many people.

The pencil ends are great. They give off just the right amount of color and apply easily. After the very first application they did not tug or feel scratchy. (The very first time they felt a little harsh – as you can see they are cut off at a 90 degree angle instead of rounded! But that wore down easily.) I don’t like that the packaging is so thick. You have to be careful of how you hold the pencil. The packaging of high end pencils is much sleeker.

I’m not entirely convinced by the powder end. At first you get too much off the sponge and it has to be brushed around, then there’s not enough powder on for an entire brow (my brows are thick). Usually I stick with the pencil unless I want to soften the look.

Overall I absolutley love the color and the pencil part. I will use up my MAC pencil but after that I will stick with these. Packaging and product aren’t perfect, but workable and finding a good color is so hard so I’m glad I found these completely on accident.