Jil Sander Strictly

Welcome to Fragrance Friday! :D

Jil Sander Strictly

Today I’m talking about the newest release from Jil Sander, Strictly EdT. This is the men’s perfume to go with Simply, which I already reviewed (click) and liked very much. So I was looking forward to testing Strictly and I was not disappointed.

Jil Sander Strictly2

Strictly starts very peppery and that pepper opening lasts almost an hour. After the first shock wears off (about five minutes in) the other notes start coming through. There is nutmeg and vetiver, but both are gentle. They don’t dominate the scent. And then there’s also a note of rum. Rum is sort of sweet, but in a warm and cozy way. In the base we also get tonka bean, but again this is never overly sweet, only a little cozy. At the same time, the scent is always spicy and a bit woodsy.

Longevity is great. We’re down to the base in about four hours and then it lasts all day and the night, too. Spray it on your scarf; it might just last the whole winter.

I think this is a great scent for men (and of course everyone else who wants to wear it) and such a nice reprieve from all the aquatic shower gel scents that get sold in the men’s section. I’m not sure if I will ever ‘get’ the shower gel scents.

Recommendation for everyone who likes spice!

Kiko Liquid Intense Eyeliner & Colour Definition Eyeliner and Kajal

The last two items from my haul are two Kiko eyeliners. Both are from the Rebel Romantic Collection. One is a liquid liner, the other is a twist up pencil.

Kiko Liquid Liner

This is the Liquid Intense liner. It’s available in several colors, but I chose black. The applicator is felt. It’s also on the thick side. So making bold lines is easy, but a nice, thin line is harder.

Kiko Kajal Liner

This is the Colour Definition Eyeliner and Kajal in the color 03 Warrior Violet. It’s a twist up pencil, but the size is about the same as for a regular pencil, it’s not super thin.

Kiko Liners

Squiggly Swatches: First is the Colour Definition  liner, and the last three are the Liquid Intense liner. I tried to get lines of varying thickness, but as you can see the first two had too much product on and so the start of the line was thicker than the rest.

The Colour Definition in Warrior Violet is a reddish purple, the Liquid Intense a black with a sort of glossy finish; it doesn’t dry down completely matte.

To be honest I feel that the liners were the weak points of my haul. Both are okay, but not overwhelming. The Color Definiton liner is too hard for a kajal. It doesn’t give off much color on the waterline, and on skin the line isn’t completely smooth and hard to smudge.

The Liquid Liner has a thick tip and gives off a lot of product so it’s easy to get too much on the lid. It also doesn’t dry fast, which means once you open your eye, you get product where it shouldn’t go. I also can’t do a cat eye with it, because I have hooded eyes and have to put liner in my outer crease. And there the liner starts glueing my lid together. Not fun. So only a regular line along the lashes is possible with this. I guess I should have gotten Kiko’s regular, non limited liquid liner, which has a much thinner tip, instead.

So if you passed up those two limited products, you didn’t miss all that much. Last I checked, both the Rebel Romantic and the Midnight Siren Collections were still available, though.

So, that concludes the reviews from my Fall haul. I’m saving up for Holiday Collections, although I’m pretty much only interested in Chanel and maybe Guerlain. But Chanel Holiday is still not available. By the time it is, I might have gotten it out of my system. :)

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

Now, I’m not a typical palette addict. To this day I do not own one single Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. For me to buy something bigger than a quint is noteworthy and I must see some really interesting colors in a big palette to want it.


Like this: Smashbox Double Exposure. I was drawn to the fact that it has cool and warm shades, purples and peaches. The rest is just a bonus, really.

If you click on the pic you should be able to read the names of the shades, if you want to. Shamshbox claims these shadows can be used wet and dry and the pic lists the ways that using wet changes the shadow. More on that later.


Smashbox Double Exposure Swatches

Click the pic to enlarge. Now, usually I am able to offer more than one swatch pic for such a number of shadows, but somehow all my pics turned out unusable. Boo. Also, the light is more to the yellow side in this pic, which might make the warm shades look even warmer.

The Colors

I swatched top-bottom repeat, so the first two shades on my wrist are Silver and Midnight. Silver is a cool shimmery silver. Midnight looked blue in the pan, but swatches more like a black base with blue shimmer.

Next are Mauve and Temper: Mauve is the shade I used most so far, it is a shimmery lilac and goes with everything. Temper is almost matte and applies darker than it looks in the pan. Like, quite a bit darker. I was like, oh this is a good crease color and applied it liberally in my crease but it’s dark and well pigmented so I spent quite a bit blending that out again, haha.

Next two are Peony and Haze: Peony is a shimmery pale pink and great on the lid. Haze is a shimmery cold lilac, it has more grey than Mauve and makes a good crease color (also a good color for using as single tone all over).

Next are the two that cut the palette in half: Blanc and Noir are the colors in between the cool and the warm shades. The names are pretty self-explanatory. Blanc is the color with the least pigment in the palette and the highest grade of shimmer. It’s the color you use to place down highlights. Noir is a soft matte black.

Quartz and Copper: Quartz is an oh so pretty coral shade with gold touch, similar to MAC’s Rubenesque. The color has a high amount of shimmer, and note that this color is not coral with gold shimmer! Both colors, coral and gold, are the shimmer, there’s a slight duochrome quality to it. Quartz is a burgundy brown color with shimmer. It is also quite dark and pigmented and should be applied with a light hand.

Flushed and Fig are next: Flushed is a shimmery peachy bronze color, the shimmer is more on the silvery side, but overall this is still a warm color. Fig is matte, and again darker than it looks in the pan. I use this for eyeliner a lot. A great autumnal color.

And the last two colors are universally useful: Veiled and Espresso. Veiled is a matte vanilla and can be used with pretty much all looks to blend colors out. It could also be used all over the lid to neutralize it. Espresso is matte, too. For once, this doesn’t apply darker than in the pan.

The Quality

All colors are well pigmented. the shimmery colors are smoother than the mattes, but with the right brushes the matte apply well, too. The shimmery ones are too shimmery for my taste, I usually apply shimmery lid colors over the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin, but with these I used the Primer Potion in Original instead. Original usually swallows too much of the shimmer, but the Smashbox shadows were still super shimmery. Apart from that, the mix of shimmery and matte colors is good, but I would have preferred Temper and Copper to be less shimmery.

Lasting power is good, all day with primer, and five hours without.

The wet and dry thing, now… They claim you can use the shadows wet and the pan will be jst like before. I was sceptical and used only  a little corner with a wet brush and just like I expected, the wet part changed. You can tell exactly which parts of the pan had been wet. Now, the shadow itself is still good to use, but I very much would not advice to slap a wet brush all over the pan. Also, since they are so pigmented anyway, you don’t really need to use them wet. I only use them wet for eyeliner, and usually not even then. And most of the shadows are supposed to get more metallic or sparkly when wet. I say these are already shimmery enough.

in a nutshell

This is a very good palette, very good mix of pretty colors. Don’t bother using them wet, they are good enough dry. This palette is for the lovers of shimmer and shine, even though there are matte colors, too.

Miu Miu EdP

Hello Beauties!

Today I’ll be talking about a new perfume. Did you notice I do a lot of perfume reviews on Fridays? I don’t do it on purpose, but I guess it sounds good: Fragrance Friday! :D

Miu Miu

Today’s sample is the first fragrance by Prada’s little sister brand Miu Miu. It’s simply called Miu Miu EdP and you probably saw the ads with the cute kitten.

Miu Miu is a fresh scent, a light flowery one. I can’t pick out particular notes, it’s just fresh greens and flowery. Maybe there’s jasmin in it, but not much. On my skin it turns a little sour, but on clothes it’s okay. It’s a matter of skin chemistry I think.

It’s cute and fresh and only a little sweet, very spring-y if you ask me. It doesn’t feel very special. I am sure there are many similar perfumes. The scent stays close to the skin and it holds strong for about three hours. Then it fades, but is still there six hours later. Just very close to the skin.

Miu Miu EdP

In a nuthshell: cute, but ultimately forgettable.

Kiko Contouring Pencils & how to Bronze and Contour

From Kiko‘s Rebel Romantic Collection I picked up this set of Contouring Pencils:

Kiko Stick Duo

I have the Light to Medium set, it is also available as Medium to Dark. Each set contains two chubby pencils, one a highlighter and the other is called a bronzer. But this is a contouring set, not a bronzing set! As you can see from the pic, the dark shade is ashy and perfect for contouring.

A little excursion on contouring and bronzing:

They are not the same and for each there should be different products used! Bronzing wants to mimic sun kissed skin. Bronzer would be applied at the top of the face, where the sun would hit you most. So that would be the cheekbones, but more on the upper part, the bridge of the nose, the top of the forehead. For bronzing, the color used can be warmer, with a bit of orange undertone (although the lighter the skin the less orange should be used). Bronzer can be matte or shimmery. It can also be lightly used all over the face and neck to warm up the face.

Contouring on the other hand mimicks shadows. You want to create an optical illusion of the face being more chiselled than it is. For this you use mostly matte colors, one lighter (the highlighter can be more shimmery) and one darker than your foundation. A contouring color must be ashy, for how often have you ever seen an orange shadow? The dark contour is placed underneath the cheekbones to make them pop. It can also be put on the sides of the nose (I’d advice to do this only very lightly, for in real life people also look at you from the side), on the temples, the jaw line and on top of the forehead (to make it look smaller). Whatever you do, it is most important to blend it well and use the right color for you skin type or it can look really off.

Alright, back to the product!

So please ignore that it says bronzer on the pencil. It’s an ashy contouring shade, on most skins it will look muddy and dirty when used as a bronzer insted. Let’s see swatches:

Kiko Stick Duo Swatch

On top of my wrist I put the highlighter, unblended, then the contour, unblended. Underneath you can see the darker color blended out. I put a line of highlighter on top and bottom, because I wasn’t sure how visible it would be on the photograph. Well I needn’t have worried about that. However, this pic was taken in a very yellow light, which makes the color more bronzy than it is. Sorry about that.

But you can see very well that it blends very nicely, which is important, because we really don’t want visible stripes down our faces. The highlighter doesn’t differ that much from my skintone (which is a tad lighter than MAC NC15), and it is only a bit shimmery, compared to my other highlighters. So at first I thought it wasn’t going to work for me. But after wearing the duo for a few weeks now I must say the whole picture works very well. Both sticks can be layered on very well, so when one layer of highlighter is not enough, I simply slap on more and since the color is so close to my skin tone I don’t have to worry much about blending.

The darker shade blends very well on foundation. I was super sceptical about this, but the result covinced me. I imagine it could be more of a problem on a very mattifying foundation with less slip, though.

I apply the dark color directly from the stick by putting some strokes and squiggles on, then I use the Zoeva 110 Petite Face Shape for blending. The highlighter I also apply directly from the stick and blend with my finger.

Since these are cream products, they have to be used before powdering the face. If I want to powder after I used these, I only powder down the center of my face.

Alright this was a long post. Here’s the lowdown: The Kiko sticks work very well for me, especially the contour pencil really convinced of the merits of contouring. I’d even go so far as calling these must haves!

Essie Cute As A Button

Today I have a wonderful nail polish from Essie‘s core line:


It’s Cute As a Button, a pretty pink coral. Shown in the pic are two coats and no top coat. It got that glossy on its own. :) I can really tell you nothing other than I have no complaints about this polish. It’s pretty much perf.

Smashbox Cream Shadow Stone


This is the Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow in Stone.

To be honest I don’t pay much attention to Smashbox, because I’m always distracted by other shinies, but they have some real good stuff. My review for the palette I showed in my haul will come up as soon as I have the time to type it up but as a spoiler: I love it!

Alright, back to this single shadow: From the name I expected something grey and it certainly looks grey sometimes, but it’s really more of an olive, muddy color. Which I love, I think such greenish muddy colors always look amazing on the lids.

The texture of this cream shadow is gel-like, very similar to the Maybelline ones. It can be easily applied with fingers or a brush.

Smashbox cream shadow

Swatch. You can see it leans more brown than grey and it’s sort of khaki, but not really green. I think this is a super useful color, it goes with pretty much anything. It can be used as a crease color or alone. On its own it makes a quick and dirty look, perfect for the mornings when you’re running out of time (always) but still want color on the lids.

Wear time is very good, although I wouldn’t go as far as saying it lasts 15 hours on its own. I didn’t notice much nasty creasing, which is good. Cream shadows with this texture usually crease lots on me. I’d still recommend using a primer, but it’s okay on its own. With primer I get an all day wear out of it.

tl;dr: very good shadow, pretty fall color. recommendation. :)

Kiko Moon Shadow and Cream Radiance Highlighter

Hello everybody!

I am finally getting around to reviewing the items from my last haul, yay. My life has been crazy the past month. I got a new job in a different state, so I had to move and everything is still chaos. Except I put all the chaos in boxes, so it’s mostly boxes with hidden chaos, only some boxes are actually really neat. So it’s Schrödinger’s boxes, you never know if you get a neat one or a chaotic one until you open it! Uhm. Also, my new place isn’t ready for moving in yet, so I’m crashing at my mum’s. With my boxes. :D

Kiko Moon Shadow

I mentioned in my haul post that Kiko has these absolutely lovely collections out atm. The two items here are both from the limited Midnight Siren Collection, which is mostly dark colors and highlighters. This eyeshadow stick up there is the Moon Shadow stick in 01 Glamour Gold. It looks completely white in the pic, but that’s because of the light. It’s really white gold with multi-colored shimmer. And if you looked at the pic and thought “that’s Chanel” yeah… it’s Kiko. But it does look absolutely identical to the Chanel eyeshadow stick packaging. It also feels the same (the cooling effect) and basically, apart from the colors (there are no Chanel dupes among the colors) they are identical. Same amazing quality, just much cheaper. LOVE!

Kiko Cream Radiance Highlighter

And this baby here is the Cream Radiance Highlighter in 01 Twilight Gold. The color in this pic also pulls a little too white, the highlighter is a cold golden color. The packaging is a pretty little sphere with a mirror on the inside. I thought the product was a cream, but it really feels like a mousse.

Kiko Highlighter

Swatches in the shade. On top is the highlighter, and underneath the eye shadow. They are pretty close, but the highlighter is alittle more yellow and the eyeshadow has more sparkle. This makes sense since you wouldn’t want that much sparkle on your cheeks, but it’s okay on the eyelids.

Kiko Midnight

Same swatches in direct sunlight. Soooo pretty. Here you can also see that the highlighter gets sheer on the corners, so you can easily blend it out while the eyeshadow has more pigment to it.

I love both of these, they are so glamorous. Application is easy. I apply the highlighter with my finger, the shadow directly from the stick (cooling effect yay) and then blend it with my finger. It sets quickly and stays well. To ground the pale shimmer I pair it with a matte taupe in the crease, a little bit of liner and the look is done! Might wear this for the holidays.

I can recommend both products. And if white gold isn’t your color, they offer darker ones, too. :)

Diesel Loverdose Tattoo EdT

Diesel Loverdose Tattoo

Loverdose Tattoo EdT Pour Femme by Diesel is a flanker to their “Loverdose” perfume. Loverdose is the perfume with the heart shaped bottle. Tattoo is black, while Loverdose is purple.

Loverdose Tattoo was released in 2013, the perfumers are Anne Flipo and Pascal Gaurin.

So what does it smell like? Tattoo belongs to the gourmand category; it smells mostly like dessert plus a little typical perfumey smell (the flower notes). At the very beginning I get a soft fresh note (very light bergamot), which is immediately replaced by the rich sweet notes. It’s mostly tonka bean and vanilla, a little red berries. This is shot through with a flower cocktail. I can’t really pick out individual flowers but I’m sure there is some jasmine and orange blossom.

I don’t get any huge changes after that, sometimes you smell the sweets more, sometimes the flowers. There are supposed to be notes of rice and milk in it; I can’t really pick them out individually, but I guess they lend themselves to the dessert feel. Personally I would prefer the whole deal without the flower notes. They feel a little scratchy against the soft cake. Or maybe it’s the blackberry that’s a little scratchy.

All in all, a solid gourmand perfume, for the lover of sweet smells. Not really very special, though. Many brands offer a similar perfume imho. So this is nice to have, but no must have.

Diesel Loverdose Tattoo2