OPI Coca-Cola Red


This pic shows one coat of OPI Coca-Cola Red, no top coat. This is a true red, maybe a tiny bit on the yellow undertone side. The formula is the jelly kind. With this I mean there are no white pigments in it. It is pure color pigment and a bit sheer. With one coat you can still see nail line, but I like it that way. Two coats would make it opaque. The quality is flawless, applies well, wears well. I got slight chipping on day three, but then it stayed like that until I removed it.

All Used Up June 2016

Better late than never, here is what I used up last month:


First the Balea handcream in Fruity Harmony. This is the handcream that smells exactly like Escada Agua del Sol! I think this one was a limited edition. It was properly hydrating and felt good, the smell was a little strong.


Ingredients of handcream.


The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel: I like this strong, totally obnoxious scent of fake peach candy. Sometimes it even smells like a real, ripe peach. The smell doesn’t really linger on my skin much, well maybe a few hours. It also hangs around in the bathroom. I’ve now used up all I have of this line. Might repurchase some day.


Another one from The Body Shop: Camomille Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. It removes waterproof and water resistant makeup well. I was going to give this a so-so review, but honestly the remover I use now is much worse, so I miss this one already.


And my last empties: a sample set of Calvin Klein Eternity Now, perfume and body lotion. I think this perfume smells really, really good (review). But boy, it does NOT last. Even layering the body lotion with the perfume does not make it last any longer, but it makes the smell stronger for the first ten minutes.


List of ingredients for body lotion. It moisturizes only a little. This is really not the sort of body lotion you use for skin care, it’s the thing you se for the scent only. Did I mention it smells really good, but gets too subtle way too fast? Pity.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Suggestive

The new-ish Pure Color Envy lipstick line by Estee Lauder is absolutely amazing. I have two of the normal lipsticks (creamy finish) and one matte, and I love both finishes. So, sooner of later I had to try the shine variant, as well.

Estee Lauder PCES

This color here is the Pure Color Envy Shine 220 Suggestive. When I bought it it came with a special Pink Ribbon packaging, so I’m not sure if this color is permanent or was limited, sorry.

Suggestive is a corally, mid tone pink. A very universal color, I think.

Estee Lauder PCES swatch

Swatch. The lipstick applies pretty creamy. In fact, I can’t see much shine there. There is no shimmer in it, and the color is mostly opaque in one swipe. To be honest I expected this to be the Estee Lauder version of the Rouge Coco shine, but it’s not. The packaging is similar, but the Pure Color Envy Shine is mostly a very creamy lipstick.

And when I put it on my lips, I noticed the smell.😦 The other Color Envys smell of vanillin, like MAC lipsticks. All the other Estee Lauder lipsticks have a different scent, sort of fig-like? I don’t find it very pleasant. Sadly I had to discover the Shine do not smell like the other Color Envys. Oh, no! Although I can’t say if it is just this one or if they all smell like that. But yeah, I’ll pass on the rest of the Shines. The smell is not as bad as some YSL lip products, but but it’s not good.

The lipstick itself if good, though. Gives off a good amount of color and is not drying at all. The color lasts about three hours maybe, then it settles in the lip lines and needs to be moved around again. If I reapply regularly, it looks good. I would not wear it if I had no opportunity to reapply, though.

Lush/Gorilla Perfume Karma

Long time no see! Sorry guys, but the weather was wonderful and so I spent most of my free time swimming (and, okay, catching pokemon).

Today I have a wonderful and interesting perfume for Fragrance Friday: Karma (solid) by Lush.

Lush are mostly known because of their great body products, but they have an amazing range of perfumes, too! All the perfumes are available in liquid and in solid form. While I usually prefer sprays, sometimes having a perfume in solid form is useful, for example when you’re travelling. Also, usually solids have less sillage, so if you want perfume to stay closer to your body, this is a good option.

Karma Solid

So here’s my cute little sample of Karma (solid). It’s a bright orange, waxy substance. You don’t need a whole lot to apply, so this sample has had me testing for months now (not daily, of course).

Lush are the sort of company who list their ingredients on the website, so here they are:

Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Castor Oil (Ricinus communis), Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia cerifera), Perfume (Perfume), Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin), Talc (Talc), Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis), Lavandin Oil (Lavandula hybrida), Pine Oil (Pinus syvestris), Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon citratus), Elemi Oil (Canarium commune), Cassie Absolute (Acacia farnesiana), *Cinnamal (*Cinnamal), *Citral (*Citral), *Geraniol (*Geraniol), *Citronellol (*Citronellol), *Farnesol (*Farnesol), *Benzyl Benzoate (*Benzyl Benzoate), *Eugenol (*Eugenol), *Benzyl Salicylate (*Benzyl Salicylate), *Limonene (*Limonene), *Linalool (*Linalool), Colour 15510 (Colour 15510)

So, what does this smell like? Well, to me it smells like childhood. You know, I had a phase where I drank lots of Fanta, and I loved walking into these sort of esoteric stores, you know, with the colorful fabrics and lots of incense? Karma smells exactly like that. There’s a swish of orange soda pop, lots of patchouli, but it’s not combined with the usual spices. It is sweet, not the usual cheap fruitchouli sweet, just very good and yummy. And somewhat esoteric.

This solid lasts about five hours, after that I can’t smell much of it anymore.

It’s totally worth a try, don’t let the strong patchouli scare you off. There’s a high chance I’ll buy a full size when I use this up, although I’ll probably reach for the liquid variant. But who knows? I still have quite a bit of this orange ball left and I will roll myself in it, now.:)

Escada Agua del Sol


Escada throws out a limited summer perfume every year. This year’s especially colorful version is called Agua del Sol EdT.

You know, I had a hand cream that smelled exactly like it, Balea Fruity Harmony. That was weird because when I was testing this perfume first I couldn’t smell it at all, as it was the same smell as my hands. Anyway, I managed to test it without the hand cream.

… turned out the perfume smells just like the hand cream but much weaker. You have to throw on a lot of liquid to get the same effect.

So, what does it smell like? First, like fruit. I could have sworn it was something tropical, but according to the notes list, it’s pear and raspberry and apricot. Okay. This lasts only about half an hour, if even. Then you get a very short flash of a sunny rose. And then it’s all tonka bean and a bit musk until the end. This stage lasts maaaybe four hours, if we’re being generous.

The interesting thing is, when put on paper this perfume turns quite strong and heady. But on skin it fizzles out quickly and never gets potent. So, before purchasing, test this on your skin, not only a paper strip.

Overall I like the sort of tropical smell, but I guess I’ll just pick up some body products with a similar note. Brands like Balea, the Body Shop or Yves Rocher should have you covered there.

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo Histoire and Roman

I love the Stylo Eyeshadows from Chanel. When they released a Stylo lipstick (full name: Rouge Coco Stylo Complete Care Lipshine) I knew I wanted one, but I had a hard time choosing a color. They are all so great.


In the end I chose the two most intense colors. On top we’ve got the berry color 208 Roman, and bottom the bright red 206 Histoire.

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo

And here we see my first mistake: I put out a bit of the bullet for the sake of taking pics. Which resulted in…

C Rouge Coco Stylo swatch

These swatches (top Roman, bottom Histoire), where I accidentally smushed out wayyyy too much product. I knew these were going to be very soft and I was still taken by surprise. This stuff just melts onto you. I made the same mistake on my lips once and looked like a clown. In addition to a very soft and nourishing formula, these are heavily pigmented and stain immediately! Good luck getting anything off. So, live and learn, I started putting it on with a lip brush. That way I can get the lines precise and not waste any product. Afterwards I pat on a little from the bullet. Not even swipe, just a short touch. Seriously, this stuff is so pigmented.

The colors are pretty, juicy and a little jelly-like. On the lips it doesn’t even feel like lipstick, it feels like high-quality balm. I have lip balms that give less moisture. Lasting power is okay. In the middle of the lips it does not really survive a meal, so it has to be reaplied with a gentle pad (I make a single touch in the middle, then press and move my lips around to spread the color. Need to be very fast.) It still stains the lips and that stain stays all day, but if you want the intense color of a fresh swatch, it needs to be reapplied sometimes.

These Stylos are so great, the biggest downside is the steep price. It’s the reason I have only two instead of all. But, at least for now, these are not limited, so there’s no hurry to get them right now.

Missoni EdP

DSC01590 (2)

In 2015, Missoni has released their new perfume, simply called Missoni EdP. It is being produced by EuroItalia and is the first perfume of this line. To be concise, there has been a whole line of Missoni perfumes in the 80s and 90s of the previous century, but they have all been discontinued and were produced by a different company. In the new EuroItalia line there are two Missoni perfumes so far, EdP (2015) and EdT (2016). Please note these are not interchangeable. The EdT has a completely different set of notes!

This review is for the EdP. I have several samples of that one but no EdT (yet).

The perfumers for this are Quentin Bisch and Givaudan.

Missoni EdP opens with intense sugared fruit salad. There is a bit of lemon in it, but it mostly very sweet fruits. In the beginning it is not so different from all the other berry sugar bombs that are best sellers. However, those often stay completely one note, many hours of high screeching sugar and nothing else. Missoni starts like that, then the flowers come in. There is jasmin combined with some others. I can’t say what, exactly. And then the base starts to shine through. I like the base. It has a good dose of sandalwood.

The perfume lasts for a good six, maybe seven hours. The majority of that is the base, which I am very happy about. I prefer sandalwood over fruit salad.:)

I’m not sure if Missoni has a chance to shine among all these fruity florals that dominate the current perfume market, as the perfume is really not all that different or special. But it is still much better than La vie est belle.

My MAC Chris Chang haul


I skipped a few MAC Collections but I knew I needed some items from the Chris Chang Collection. Sadly, as it often happens with MAC LEs, some of the things I wanted were already sold out. Int he end I picked up four items, two eye shadows and two cream color bases.


These are the pretty pots.


The colors are: Sock-it-Xiqu (cream color base), Electric Mandarin (eye shadow), Royal Woo (eye shadow), and Peony Pavillian (cream color base)

The MAC MUA said you can use the cream color bases for everything and showed me how she used it as a base underneath powder eye shadow. However I wish to point out that there is a slip of paper in the packaging that says both cream color bases should not be used on eyes or lips. To be honest I only discovered that paper after I had already used both on my lips and so far I suffered no ill effects. But still this might be something you’d like to know. I haven’t tried the cream color bases on my lids because they are really very creamy and I have oily lids.

Chris Chang swatches

The colorful swatches! LtR: Electric Mandarin, Royal Woo, Peony Pavillion, Sock-it-Xiqu

Both eyeshadows claim to be matte, but the orange one contains some shimmer. You can see it in the pan, but not really when applied. The cream color bases have no shimmer, but never quite dry down, so they always look a little glossy.

I am very happy with the pigmentation of all of these. I skipped the turquoise eye shadow because it seemed less pigmented. The pink shadow and the orange cream color base also looked real good. Sadly, the yellow and the turquoise lipstick were so sheer. I’m waiting for some more pigmented releases there.

I have worn both cream color bases as blush and as a stain on the lips. Sock-it-Xiqu is very pale. It works as a blush on me (NC13) but might be too light for most. It also worked on my lips but only for a statement look. I lasts all day on my cheeks, and three hours on my lips.

Peony Pavillion is sooo great! It looks like a simple pink, but it’s really quite intense, amost neon when worn. But it still blends out so well on my cheeks that most peple couldn’t even tell I was wearing something. It looked like I had a strong flush, haha. On the lips it lasted about four hours. It creeps into lines because it’s so creamy, but it can be gotten out again by rubbing the lips together. It leaves a light stain on the lips.

Both eye shadows apply really well. They are pigmented and fairly easy to put on (with a patting motion, mind you). I used a normal colorless primer. They are so pigmented I didn’t really feel the need for a white base. The orange has lasted on my upper lids for about eight to nine hours, the yellow a little less. But I was testing them in warm and humid weather. I also used them on my lower lids with neutral shadows on top, which is the more casual way to wear them and they lasted even longer there.

I am happy with these and would buy them all again. I apologize for getting this review out so late, and you may not be able to get them anymore. But hopefully, there will be re-releases of these colors sometime.

Guerlain Shalimar Cologne

Shalimar Cologne EdT

Shalimar Cologne EdT is one of the more recent flankers to Guerlain‘s famous Shalimar. While it is called Cologne, the perfume concentration is Eau de Toilette. Calling a flanker “Cologne” is simply a recent trend in perfumery. Maybe they are too lazy to come up with a new flanker name, idk.

Shalimar Cologne starts with a recognizable bergamot, similar to Eau de Shalimar, another flanker. The real Shalimar has a much stronger opening, but is also a lot harsher. Cologne starts like, yes citrus, fresh. It is immediately followed by the trademark vanilla/flowers accent that I consider to be Shalimar. However, Cologne always stays light. The vanilla never gets as strong as in the original. Personally I really like the scent and think it’s going to be a good alternative to Shalimar for the days you want something lightweight.

However, the lasting power suffers. It’s like they dilluted the perfume so much that it just fizzles out at some point. I get about three hours, then it is still there, but much less.

Shalimar Cologne is perfect for those who want the lovely vanilla, but find the original way too intense. Those who already own Eau de Shalimar,Β  you don’t really need both (unless you want to, of course). Cologne is lighter than Eau de Shalimar.

Shalimar Cologne was released in 2015. Perfumer is Thierry Wasser.

Do not confuse the flanker Shalimar Cologne EdT (2015) with Shalimar EdC (1937). The latter is not being produced anymore, you might find it in yard sales etc.:)


Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer Carrie&Big


I found this pretty packaging and had to get one: a bronzer by Too Faced. There were two versions available, I took the Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer in Carrie & Big, there was also Ross & Rachel, but that one was darker, so I thought this one was better for my pale skin.

Too Faced bronzer

The actual bronzer is heart shaped black plastic.

Too Faced bronzer2

Inside the hearts continue. While the compact is big (usual bronzer size), it’s easiest to swirl both colors together. Picking up the blush alone is easiest with a small size blush brush.

Too Faced bronzer3

Swatches! First line is the bronzer alone, second is the blush part and last both mixed. You can see when mixed the color is a little softened.

The product is very finely milled. There is fine shimmer in it, but it’s not really visible on the face. The bronzer is very light – I read some online reviews that people could not see it at all on their faces! For reference, my skin color is MAC NC13 and it shows up well on me, not too dark, but clearly visible with one swipe. I’m not making promises for anyone darker than me, though.

However, despite being light in tone, this is still a very orange leaning bronzer, even if you don’t mix it with the coral blush. Wearing it made me feel a bit old fashioned, like you know. Remember ten years ago or so when there were lots of light blondes with orangey bronzer and light pink lipgloss on tv? Before the rise of contouring? It looks like that. If that is not what you want, stay clear of this product. (If you are looking for a bronzer that is very much NOT orange, I recommend The Body Shop).

I had a lot of fun using this, and the quality is really good. But after a couple weeks I switched it out for my beloved Kiko bronzer, which is a lot less orange.