OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops

OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops

After all the greens and blues I was in the mood for baby pink, so here’s OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops from the Hawaii Collection. Now when I say baby pink, and yes, it looks baby pink in the picture, but in reality it turned out to be something of a pastel neon! It’s a strong pale pink with blue undertone and it almost glows. I think it’s the most “Barbie” color I own.

Pictured are three coats and no top coat. Even with three coats it was still streaky. :( Wear time was pretty good, I got chipping on day four, which is fairly normal.

Acqua Colonia Lime & Nutmeg

AcquaColonia LimeNutmeg

4711 Acqua Colonia‘s newest Cologne is Lime & Nutmeg. The whole line often combines fruit with spice. Lime and nutmeg are also the only notes listed. There’s literally nothing else but lime (yummy, yummy refreshing lime) and afterwards a drydown of nutmeg. That part smells a lot like you had an accident in the pantry. It is not similar to nutmeg, it really is straight up nutmeg.

To be honest I’m not sure if I want to smell like the drydown. The lime is so great, though.

Lime & Nutmeg is, like the whole line, an EdC, the lowest perfume concentration. The smell also doesn’t last all that long, an hour, maybe two. I think these aren’t meant to be super long lasting perfumes, they’re more meant to be a quick refreshment during the day, to be reapplied several times.

To be honest, I’m somewhat tempted to use this to clean door handles, light switches and such… XD High concentration of alcohol (85 %) and a fresh lime scent, you know. Also I’d rather the kitchen smell of nutmeg instead of me.

AC LimeNutmeg

List of ingredients, click to enlarge.

MAC Eye Brows Lingering

When I was checking out the MAC Wash & Dry brow stuff, the MACisto gave me the brow pencil in Lingering instead. Lingering isn’t new and not limited either.

Brow Pencil Lingering

This is a small twist up pencil thingy. I’m sorry for the blurriness; I could not for the life of me get a proper picture. :( While I am usually a fan of twist up pencils I have to say this one will not twist down again, which is pretty annoying! Especially if you want to take pics. The packaging tells you that the mine can also easily break if you get out too much.

Lingering Swatch

Weird little swatch. Looks pretty taupe here, which is also what it was sold to me as, but you know everything always gains more redness when applied into the brows (a phenomenon that should be scientifically explored if you ask me. Or was it aliens?). So here it looks taupe and on my brows I would pretty much call it brown.

I’m not entirely convinced on Lingering. It looks okay, but I also haven’t gotten the hang of proper application yet. Like in the swatch up there, sometimes I press too hard and it looks crumbly. It doesn’t crumble, though, and it lasts very well. Maybe I’m just more of a gel and powder sort of person.

Take a look at Lingering if: the color you want can be described as “brown”. If you want ashy and taupe, look elsewhere.

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne

L'Homme Ideal Cologne

Last year Guerlain released a new male perfume, L’Homme Ideal. It was a male perfume with a sweeter core. I liked it and it must have sold well enough, because this year we get L’Homme Ideal Cologne.

L’Homme Ideal (from now on LHI) came in EdT concentration. LHI Cologne is NOT the same perfume in lower concentration, which would be EdC; it is a lighter flanker that comes as EdT. A little complicated, but you know, perfumes and flankers and names. What can you do.

The notes of LHI Cologne are named as Citrus, green almond, musky and woody. That’s pretty basic, but it comes down into a lovely composition. It’s supposed to be a light, summery perfume, and it is. I get a lot of bergamot, but lightened with some other citrus oil. I’m not sure if I could pick out the almonds if I wasn’t expecting them, but there is something only a little sweet. The drydown is a lot less intense than in LHI, which is the point. I can pick out vetiver, but it’s not incredibly strong.

Honestly, if you made me blind sniff it, I don’t think I’d have said “this is clearly related to LHI” but I would have liked it anyway. A recommendation for everyone who wants a cooling summer perfume and is okay with the smell of bergamot and vetiver.

L'Homme Ideal Cologne2

Essie Blossom Dandy

Essie Blossom Dandy

Blossom Dandy was part of Essie‘s Spring 2015 Collection. It was one of these collections where I wanted everything, but I limited myself to the very pretty Garden Variety, and the one with the perfect name: Blossom Dandy! The Dandygal had to have it!

In the pic I am wearing two coats and no top coat. Blossom Dandy is a pastel blue with green undertones. The first coat was patchy, the second mostly evened it out. Perfectionists might need three. When I was sorting through my pics for this post I decided that this nail polish would have benefitted from a ridge filler base, but in real life you don’t see the ridges the way you see it in high-def photography.


Day five after application (still no top coat), left hand: almost perfect except for that little scratch.


Day five, right hand: chipping on ring finger and little finger, not much on the other fingers.

Overall: a really good nail polish. Pity it is LE.

Urban Decay Sin 1

Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin & Original – worth the hype?

I have complicated lids. I wouldn’t call them oily as such, but often eyeshadow just melts off or wanders off to party in my crease. Not a good look (although it works for a really grungy look).

I tried drugstore eye primers; I tried MAC eye primer; I tried layering cream shadow and powder shadow. None worked perfectly; although cream-powder shadow layering has been my biggest success.

Finally I decided to try the hyped Urban Decay Primers. Well, I guess they are hyped for a reason.


I went with Original first. Please ignore the other products here, pics are originally from a haul post. XD


Original is a silicony primer. It comes out a little peachy, but applies invisible. So there’s no swatch; you wouldn’t see much.

I have found that the secret to applying Original is to not get out too much. A little dab all over the lid is enough, else it gets crumbly.

And then the promised magic happened. Eyeshadows that worked well already stayed on until evening; eyeshadows that were troublesome at least managed five hours now! Praise the Makeup Gods!

The downside of Original is that it works very well with matte shadows, but shimmers get dulled. Some still work, others are a mere shadow of their usual self (Woodwinked for example). So I guess the brand knows what they are doing, as they also offer a shimmery base for all your shimmery needs. Why sell one primer to the masses when you can sell two (or more)?

Urban Decay Sin 1

Enter Sin. The tube is already so golden and shimmery!

Urban Decay Sin 2

I like the little apple on the back of the tube. :)

Urban Decay Sin Swatch 1

Since Sin isn’t invisible you get swatches! Here is a little dab of product. It looks small, but this would be too much for two eye lids.

Urban Decay Sin Swatch 2

Same dab blended out. It looks so good! Ungh. Best champagne shimmer right there!

Sin can be worn on its own and I did because sometimes its hard to cover the pretty. But alone it does not hold all day. Like my cream-powder layering method, two products generally hold better than one.

Now while Original killed the shimmer in my beloved Woodwinked, Sin amplified it. The combination also holds all day long. Another favorite combination is Sin and the Chanel eyeshadow sticks.

Overall, I think Original might stick a little better, but we’re talking nuances here. Both primers have ascended into my ‘daily items’ box. So for me, these were absolutely worth the hype. I’m so glad to finally know how to get my eyeshadow to stay! However, I cannot promise it’ll work the same way for everybody. I have read many ‘foolproof method’ posts on blogs and they didn’t work for me. Also, the very best primer might not help on a very hot and humid day.

By the way, the package is being revamped. New tubes should come with applicator.

Which primers do you use? Or do you have other tricks to get shadow to stay?

MAC Lip Liner Rosy Rim and Ruby Woo

I continue my love affair wih liners by further going through MAC‘s liner lineup. They have recently expanded their range with new liners, including matching liners to Candy Yum Yum and Heroine, which I already showed you here. There’s also one for the iconic Ruby Woo. To be honest, I don’t have the Ruby Woo lipstick (yet). But I figured the liner would be a good investition regardless. Then I also picked up Rosy Rim, a soft nude-ish pink.

Lip Pencils

top Rosy Rim, bottom Ruby Woo.

Rosy Rim Ruby Woo

On to swatches:

Swatch Rosy Rim

First some squiggly lines. Again, top is Rosy Rim and bottom Ruby Woo.

Rosy Rim is about the lightest I’m usually willing to go on my lips. MAC has lots of liners and lipsticks that are paler than this, but Rosy Rim is my perfect ‘light, but not too light’ color. I use it alone or with lipsticks of all sorts of colors. Rosy Rim can calm down a crazy color (like Morange) or be paired with a nude. Since Rosy Rim has peachy undertones it goes best with lipsticks that also have a peachy side.

Ruby Woo is a slightly blue-toned red. It has less blue tones than my other red liners; I bought it to pair it with the more neutral reds. I admit I had hoped it would match perfectly to L’Oreal Liya, but while I can totally wear them together, they don’t match exactly. So, sadly Liya is not a dupe for the Ruby Woo lipstick! (Ruby Woo having more blue than Liya, which seems to be a true red.)

More swatches:

Liner Swatches Ruby Woo

Left is Rosy Rim again, however the swatch above is much more true to color. The reds must have influenced the contrast. Then Ruby Woo, and next to Ruby Woo is MAC Pro Longwear lip pencil Trust in Red. You can see Trust has more blue tones than Ruby Woo, even if Ruby Woo is still on the blue red side. Depending on the light (and the lipstick it’s paired with) Trust in Red is more or less raspberry red.

I love the regular MAC lip liners, they are long lasting and don’t bleed. They do help the lipstick stay and I have found that application of a strong color is simply less messy if I color in with a liner first. I always use liner on the whole lip.

Rosy Rim and Ruby Woo can be found in the regular MAC lineup; they are not limited. They may be out of stock (I’ve wanted Ruby Woo ever since they came out and only got one now) but they’ll be restocked!

Next I want Chick Trick and Fruit Cocktail, and maybe Soar. Honestly I could just take the whole lineup.

Burberry Brit Rhythm


Burberry Brit Rhythm EdT is the 2014 flanker to Brit. Don’t get confused, the 2015 flanker is named Rhythm Floral, but smells completely different!

Brit Rhythm is a somewhat sharp floral. It’s a lavender perfume. The lavender isn’t super strong, but when you know it’s there, you can detect it. There’s also pink pepper in. The opening (lavender, pepper) lasts longer than the opening of perfumes with citrus. I get an hour of it. Later it is softer, more flowery. I can’t detect any certain flowers though. The drydown is a little woodsy, a little musky.

All in all, the perfume reminds me of unworn clothes. You know, my mum used to dry lavender and make sachets and put these in our wooden drawers. Clothes that were in there for a long time smelled of the wood and the lavender, but also a little bit of laundry detergent, because these were clean clothes, not worn ones. That’s pretty much what Brit Rhythm smells like; that white, lacey blouse you got as a hand me down, but rarely wear.

The perfume doesn’t have much sillage and it lasts about three to five hours.


List of ingredients. Click to enlarge pic.

Perfumers are Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Antoine Maisondieu.

All Used Up April 2015

A little late, but here is my short list of empties for the last month:

Garnier Micellar

Not very unexpected; I keep going through bottles: Garnier Micellar Cleanser. This is the pink, original one. By now there are also a red one and a green one, for oily and for dry skin I believe? I don’t intend to switch. Be careful, the version for oily skin includes lots of alcohol. I don’t think that’s such a good idea.

Garnier Micellar ingredients

Ingredients list of the original, pink one.

effaclar duo

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo: I finally used up my mini of the old version. After that I bought a full size of the new one, Effaclar Duo +. And I like the + even better.

Protein Shampoo

Douglas Hair Protein Repair Shampoo: This is pretty good, and left my hair very soft. But my hair was also very prone to flying around when I used this shampoo. For that reason I wouldn’t buy a full size.

clinique superdefense eye cream

Last item: Clinique superdefense SPF 20 eye cream. This one is a good thick eye cream. I think SPF 20 isn’t high enough (but try to find any eye creams with SPF at all!). I’m not sure, sometimes I felt like this cream made my concealer crease and my mascara melt. So I’m somewhat torn on this cream. It’s also helluva expensive. I’m not sure if it isn’t better to just slap my sun protection for the face up into the eye area.

And this was the empties post. Thank you for reading.


MAC Morange


Morange (Amplified) by MAC got a special design with the Wash & Dry LE, but Morange is available all year round in the normal black design. The color is straight up orange.

Morange Swatch

Swatch. Amplified Creme finish means lots of pigment and creaminess. But I found that after about half an hour it dries down and looks more matte. Or maybe the better word is satiny? Anyway, because of the creaminess it doesn’t have the same lasting power as mattes have. Eating wears it away on the inside of the lips. It may also settle in fine lines.

Wearing it full on is pretty neon and sort of scary. But it can also be worn as a stain, which makes it more corally because of the lip color coming through, or it can be worn the korean way, as a pop of color on the inside of the lips. When I wear it as a stain I don’t feel the need for touch ups.

For a full look I’d recommend using a liner to help it last. Depending on the color of the liner, the color can be influenced. Pairing it with Genuine Orange or any other orange liner gives you neon orange. Chick Trick or any pinkish coral gives a coral color. Pairing it with Rosy Rim gives me salmon, very pretty. (To achieve that look, color the whole lip with liner, and gently pat on Morange.) So it turned out Morange was more versatile than I thought, which is always a plus.

What do you think? Orange, yay or nay?