Dior Diorshow Brow Chalk Blonde

Dior Diorshow Brow Chalk Blonde


Last year Dior came out with these brow chalks.

This is the Diorshow Brow Chalk in 001 Blonde, presumably the lightest color available. It’s a brow pencil, but with a thick side.

Swatch, once with the whole chalk and once with the edge. The color looks almost green tinted here, but don’t worry, when it’s in the brow it somehow turns more yellow/ochre. Honestly, why is it that no matter how cool a color looks on the skin, it turns red in the brow? However, this one isn’t too bad. In fact it’s a pretty good brow color. It’s lighter than my real brow hair and turns them thicker in a soft way. It looks very good and subtle and I have immediately declared this to be my everyday brow product after trying it out the first time.

My real hair color is an ashy blonde, very cool, almost grey. Usually I go for brow colors that are darker than this one here. But it was a present and it turned out so well. I think this stick would actually work for most blondes. Unless the goal is to darken your brows, of course.

This brow chalk is softer than my usual pencils. That means it needs only a very light hand to apply. I fear that also means that it will be used up quickly, but we’ll see that when I’m done with it.

For the swatch I used the edge as well, but in real life I only apply with the broad side (the edge wore off very fast, as well). It is so easy and quick to apply this way, but of course you’re ending up with a full stripe of color. You can’t draw tiny hairs as you could with a very thin, hard pencil. You can just apply very lightly and then blend a bit if necessary. If you make a mistake it can be rubbed off easily. I blend/remove with my finger; this is also recommended on the packaging.

I think this is best for people who have brow hairs though, then you can just wipe it over your brow hair and be done. People who shave their brows or who have very thin brows might have a problem with the broadness of this chalk. It’s not that precise and very soft.

The product claims to be waterproof. I took a shower with it and it was still on afterwards, so water alone doesn’t affect it. However, I do think it vanishes throughout the day. I’m not entirely sure how long it lasts, maybe six hours, maybe more. But when I wash my makeup off there’s not that much visible difference, indicating that there wasn’t much makeup left.

Pros: super easy to use

Cons: possibly not that long lasting, expensive

Certainly worth a try if you ususally shop luxury makeup.

All Used Up May & June 2017

All Used Up May & June 2017

I had empties in may but I kept forgetting to post them long enough that it’s now a combined post.

essence all about matt! oil control paper: These paper things are a must @ work when the weather is hot. I liked the paper but the packaging was a bit annoying so I repurchased the Catrice ones instead.

Batiste dry shampoo sweetie: The packaging is so cute with the little russian dolls. The smell confused me a bit because it smelled like pineapple to me and that didn’t really go with the look. Apparently it’s supposed to be raspberry, not pineapple. Okay. The scent lasted only ten minutes which is good because it would be annyoing to smell all day. The spray itself works well and fluffs my hair up nicely. Will repurchase but probably in a different scent.

Garnier Micellar Water: still a fav cleanser of mine, not too expensive and just works. I thought about getting the Bioderma one instead but it’s more expensive so I got another bottle of Garnier by now.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure Body Lotion: I’ve already reviewed the perfume here. The body lotion smells nice, but is not a very good lotion overall. Does not give enough moisture and leaves me sticky at the same time. Would not buy in full size.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir body lotion: Oh yes I can see why this scent is popular. It’s fruity but also deep and resinous and the scent lingers for SO LONG on skin! This was also a much better lotion than the Issey one. Would still not purchase a full size of the body lotion but would certainly not say no to the perfume! Was that too many negatives in one sentence?

Dior Lip Glow: This was a LE coral version. I’m not sure if it’s still sold. Colorwise it ends up pink anyway so if I repurchased one it’d be the regular pink one. However, I like the Givenchy ones a tad better even if this was a good balm and pretty color.

Bioderma Sebium Global: This is a serum with a high amount of citric acid and some salicylic acid and zinc, so basically an all around product for when you’ve got acne. So far I always concentrated on BHA alone but I found it’s the combination of both AHA and BHA (plus niacinamide, more on that later) that really works. I guess the pores aren’t just clogged from sebum (BHA helps) but also dead skin cells (AHA helps) so from now on I’ll always use both.

List of ingredients for Bioderma Sebium Global. I went back to repurchase it – only to be told “we are not carrying Bioderma anymore, sorry”. WHA! So I got some Dermasence poduct instead. I could’ve bought the Bioderma at another place – but the one I usually shop at gives the best discount so for now no more Bioderma for me.

Olaz Total Effects Serum: Gel cream with lots of niacinamide. You can always count on Olaz/Olay to bring the niacinamide and I have found that this ingredient (in combination with the acids mentioned above) gives the best results for my skin. I bought this one here at TK Maxx. When I went to check the item at the drugstore I found that the name was similar but packaging and ingredients differed. Later I bought another one at TK Maxx, but it was again different from the others. So either they keep reformulating them or idk.

List of ingredients for Olaz Total Effects Serum.

The cream comes out gel-like but feels a tad oily on the skin, but that doesn’t last. I liked the results very much – I hope the new one can compare. The version I found at the drugstore contained lots of alcohol so I would not purchase that one. The ones without alcohol I’ll take.

I used this one at night after the Bioderma one. My new bottle has SPF 15 so I’m not yet sure if I’ll use it as a day cream or keep using it at night…

And the very last item, used up on the last day of June and therefore barely squeezing into the post: Colab Dry Shampoo Paradise. This is my first ever Colab dry shampoo. And it really does leave no visible residue. unlike every other dry shampoo I had before! It does leave the hair feeling a bit sticky, though. Sadly it did not work quite as well as Batiste when it came to making my hair fluffy and keeping it there.

However, guys, the scent is godly! (And I do mean godly, it smells like Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche!) The scent is great but intense so it can battle with your perfume if you wear one. Also, the scent just lasts and lasts all day! Not sure if dry shampoo or hair perfume, really. You can tell Ruth Crilly loves a good scent, they did not skimp on the budget in this point. So on the one hand, Batiste works a bit better for me. On the other hand compared to Colab Batiste smells just so cheap. It’s a toss up, I’ll be repurchasing both brands.

Big recommendation for the smell!!!

And that was my empties for the last two months. I super miss the two face creams already in fact I am having a bad break out right now, boohoo.

Dior J’Adore L’Or

Dior J’Adore L’Or


Taking a break from the lesser known brands I am currently drenched in Dior parfum. More specifically, in J’Adore L’Or. This is a flanker to the best seller J’Adore. Unlike the Poisons, where you can keep the flankers easily apart by their colors, all versions of J’Adore have the same white/gold color scheme, only the bottles differ a little in length and curve. The best way to keep them apart is to read the name very carefully. I often see men stumble into stores and telling the SA they want the one with the golden thingy on top, at which point the SA leads them to the J’Adore section an d says: “Which one exactly?” and the men are like: o_O

I’m not sure about the perfume concentration of L’Or. It says “essence de parfum”. I don’t know if this is a fancy way of saying eau de parfum, or extrait de parfum, or something in the middle? Considering the price point of L’Or it could be extrait, but the bottle houses a regular 40 ml and I guess if that size were extrait it would be even more expensive.

Honestly I didn’t pay attention to the J’Adore line at all, until a fellow parfumista started raving about it. She was enthusiatic about L’Or – until she saw the price. At over 100 € a pop for 40 ml, you could almost get a full 100 ml bottle of L’Artisan Parfumeur instead for example. (Long story short she bought it anyway because it’s that good).

So, what does it smell like? L’Or is a creamy, flowery vanilla sweet perfume. The notes aren’t all that unusual, really, but they seem to be well balanced. No one note rules over the others, it’s just a harmonious whole. So you’ve got jasmine, fairly soft compared to some other perfumes. It’s unusal that jasmine is gentle in a perfume that is still so loud overall, because I find L’Or pretty intense. Then there’s vanilla and possibly tonka bean and some sort of amber. There must be some other flowers in it, they are very lush, almost fruity, although luckily there is no real fruit note in it. It does smell almost edible, like freshly baked cake. But then it is also creamy like body lotion. Some underlying musk, maybe.

As you can see, the notes are fairly normal, you can find this stuff in many perfumes. But the composition is nice and rounded. If it is worth the amount of money they ask for everyone has to decide for themselves.

J’Adore L’Or was released in 2010 and is still available in stores. Perfumer is François Demachy.

Best of 2016

Best of 2016

It’s that time of the year again! I didn’t feel much like doing a best of beauty products last year, but this year I have enough product loves to make a list:

  1. best lipstick: 2016 was my purple pink year. I bought probably too many similar shades, but my absolute fav this year was MAC‘s Ariana Grande 2.
  2. best new perfume release: There are so many releases each year I usually only discover them later on. But of the new ones I smelled this year, Chanel N°5 L’Eau was the best. Even if I can’t smell the drydown, it so good while it lasts.
  3. best bottle: Moschino Eau Fresh. The smell is boring but the bottle is hilarious.
  4. best mascara: essence forbidden volume top coat. The plain mascara of this line is good, too, but the top coat rocks everything.
  5. best cheek product: I’m still on the fence with the blush part of the Zoeva rose golden palette, but everytime I put it in storage I missed the highlighter so much I had to get it out again.
  6. best foundation: Chanel Les Beiges (although essence camouflage is a strong contender here)

I don’t have a best nail polish because I loved pretty much everything I put on this year. Go to the tag and take your own pick. 🙂


Products most used that I didn’t purchase in 2016:

  1. lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure Precieuse
  2. base: Urban Decay primers. Still a life saver.
  3. perfume: Chanel N°5, probably.
  4. eyeliner: Chanel Santal. Sadly, my Chanel liners are slowly falling apart, they’re not as sturdy as I want them to be.
  5. eyeshadow: Dior quads, surprisingly. They have the most interesting color combinations in my stash.
  6. nail polish: Essie nourish me basecoat goes under everything I put on.


Some picture impressions:


Moschino Fresh

Zoeva RG

Chanel 1


Urban Decay Sin 1

So, it seems a little Chanel heavy. Funny, but I guess I only buy Chanel items when I really love them also they are decorative and so most often out of storage* compared to other brands…


*storage being a desk drawer.

So, that concludes 2016 for me, next post will be in the new year. 😀

What were your favorites this year?

Dior Smile

Dior Smile


This pretty happy nail color is Smile by Dior. I think it was from a spring collection, but it’s still on the counters. Since these orangey colors are often hard to catch on camera I made one in direct sunlight and one in the shade, to give you an approximation of the real color. It’s a pinky orange coral with fine shimmer. The shimmer is barely visible on the nail, it just makes for an overall better impression.

I am wearing two coats and there is still a visible nail line, but that doesn’t bother me personally. The application was great. Dior are among my best nail polishes. It also lasted very well, four days with only very minimal chipping.

Dior Rose

Dior Rose


In these pics I am wearing two coats of Dior nailpolish Rose 499. Rose was released last year in a capsule collection I think. I only bought it a couple weeks ago so it should be still out there, though. The color is a muted nudeish pink with golden and pink shimmer. The pic above is shot in indoor light, but I went a little pic crazy so there’s two more:


This is in direct sunlight.


And this one is shot in the shade. I am not wearing top coat, look how glossy it is!

Dior polishes are the best quality I own. I wore this one for a whooping eleven days and didn’t get tip wear until day 7!  Application is also easy. I had one bubble, but that was probably my fault.

As much as I love the quality of this polish I must admit the color isn’t perfect on me. I think this one would absolutely stunning on someone with dark skin.

The Dandy Perfume Wish List

The Dandy Perfume Wish List

No perfume review today as I am suffering a head cold and can’t smell properly. Instead I decided I’d do a list of amazing perfumes that I would like to own one day.


In alphabetical order:

Bottega Veneta

  • Knot


  • La Panthere Legere


  • Nr 5 Eau Premiere

Comme des Garcons

  • 2


  • Diorissimo
  • Dior Homme Intense
  • Eau Sauvage Cologne
  • Poison


  • Jicky (for Collector’s purposes)
  • Shalimar
  • Shalimar Cologne
  • Shalimar Ode a la Vanille (Shalimar is awesome, ok. You can’t have too many)
  • Shalimar Parfum Initial EdP (the original only, not L’Eau!)
  • Vetiver

Maison Martin Margiela

  • Replica Jazz Club

Narciso Rodriguez

  • Narciso

Tom Ford

  • Black Orchid
  • Jasmin Rouge
  • Neroli Portofino
  • Noir Femme
  • Oud Wood
  • Violet Blonde


  • Baby Doll
  • Cinema

…this list turned out longer than I thought. Oh, my. Also, I am still looking for the perfect perfume that smells like wonderfully roasted coffee beans.

Edit 13.05.2017: wow how my tastes/wishes have changed in such a short time. XD Some of these I own by now (Black Orchid, Shalimar PI) others I’m somehow not that interested anymore (Baby Doll, Replica Jazz Club, La Panthere Legere). My current wish list is too short to warrant its own post, so let me put it here: Chanel Coco, Dior Poison, Guerlain Shalimar. End of story. XD

Dior Poison Girl

Dior Poison Girl

The Poison line by Dior holds some interesting perfumes, some of which I like a lot so I just had to try this new release:

poison girl

Poison Girl EdP. It was released in 2016, but not at the same time in all countries, so it may not be available everywhere yet. Also, so far the information is that it will not be released in US and Canada! Here in Austria, it’s been available since Feb 1st.

Perfumer is Francois Demachy.

I have now tested it several times, both on paper strips and skin, and I have to say that sadly it smells a lot better on paper than on my skin! 😦 So do not be fooled by the paper, test on your skin before purchasing!

The name already hints at it, Poison Girl wants to capture the young audience. And what do these youngling buy? Cotton candy perfume! Poison Girl opens dizzingly sweet. It claims to not have red berries in, but at first I totally smell fake strawberries. The opening is also disappointing in the way that, if you’ve smelled sweet perfume in the last years, you’ll realize this is so similar to many others, you’ll wonder what the point was. My coworker, who also took a sniff, immediately exclaimed “Diesel Loverdose… some flanker or other.” And she’s right. Also, a couple other perfumes.

The heart is even more generic, and while it’s delicious on paper it gets a bit screechy on my skin.  And finally, the base is a very lovely yummy vanilla, sadly a lot stronger on paper than on skin, but still so good. Lasting power on skin is ten hours, on paper it’s like 48 hours and counting. Sillage is 2 meters (tested with the paper strips).

You know I am not a huge fan of very sweet perfumes, but if this had smelled on me like on the paper strips, I’d have called it a must have (even if, yes, there are other perfumes that smell veeeeery similar). As it is, I think it is a nice, cutesy perfume and certainly not the worst sweet one to have.

Some people have voiced displeasure ver this being a Poison flanker, but honestly all Poison flankers are so wildly different, I don’t see much of a problem here.

In a nutshell:

  • you could do a lot worse
  • copycat perfume (if it doesn’t get a release in your country, check out Diesel Loverdose Tattoo/Black, Black Opium, Kenzo Flower L’Elixir,…)
  • yummy vanilla base
All Used Up September 2015

All Used Up September 2015

Another month has gone by already, and while I didn’t have much time to blog, I did produce quite a few empties. So let’s dive right into it:


Dior BB Creme in 01: out of all BB Creams I tried this was my favorite. It is a tad pink for me (more NW than NC if we use MAC color scheme) but overall so good that I have already bought another one.


Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Shampoo Shower gel: This is the bright blue one that is both shower gel and shampoo. The monoi smell in this one has a note of bubblegum if you ask me. I found this to be a good shower gel but even more important, a very good shampoo. My hair was all silky and easy to comb. That makes this product a clear winner in my books and I will likely buy it again.


List of ingredients. Click to enlarge.


Two Chanel products: The Rouge Coco Shine in Chic that I already talked about in my Lipstick Tag post. This was a limited color, but I have received another one as a gift after talking about it on this blog. 🙂

The other one is my beloved Le Volume mascara in Khaki Bronze, another limited item. Like the name suggests the main draw is the volumising effect. There’s not much lengthening going on and the weight can make the lashes droop a little. But I don’t have a huge problem with my lashes losing their curl so it worked for me. The biggest plus of this mascara was the fact that there was no smudging and no crumbling. Even though it is not waterproof, this was my go-to sure thing mascara. The scond biggest draw was the color, it worked very well for my fair complexion and I wore it to pretty much every look with the exception of black liner looks. Very, very good and while this particular color is not available anymore, I will certainly buy another Le Volume in the future. I just have to use up a couple other mascaras first…


Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza Body Lotion: Eleganza is a flanker to the perfume Signorina and this was the matching body lotion. The smell is flowery and honestly sorta forgettable. The lotion was of good quality, though.


Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Me: a red lip balm. Tbh I didn’t expect the color to come out so strong, but this has about the same color pay off as a sheer lipstick when applied twice. The stain left is very strong, the shine wears off after a half an hour. I was on the fence about the nourishing quality of this balm. First I thought it wasn’t that good, weeks later I thought, no it’s quite good. Maybe it depends on the state of your lips. It doesn’t help with very flaky ones. For now I have enough lip balms and I’ll probably try something else rather than repurchasing this one.

So, this concludes my empties of last month. I’m not sure if I will use up anything in October. I have thrown some stuff out that I wasn’t going to finish when I was moving house, so now I have less stuff lying about, yay! (Mum, who helped me pack, in the background right now: “you have WAY too much stuff!” Pffft.)

Dior Captain

Dior Captain

Dior Captain

The nailpolish to go with my new Miley Cyrus lipstick was Dior‘s Captain 750. Captain was included in a past summer collection.

It is an orengey red jelly. So, lots of color pigment and no white to dull it down. In the pic I am wearing a single coat. It is not completely opaque like that, but I liked the look.

Quality and application are flawless. Dior really know what they are doing. For many nails a single stroke was enough, because the brush is on the broad side. The polish started chipping on day three, but I wore it without top coat. Two layers plus top coat make it last a week.

All Used Up July & August 2015

All Used Up July & August 2015

Here are the combined empties of the last two months. I think I made some good headway. 🙂


Soap & Glory Glow Lotion: body lotion with lovely shimmer. You can see it applied in this post. I liked the effect and lotion itself very much, but I dislike the smell. It is very strong, a sweety floral fruity scent. I could live with that, but the smell refused to go away. It was interfering with any perfume I applied and the smell lasted until the next shower. This is good if you like the scent and don’t want to wear perfume, but I found it annyoing. Otherwise really good, though.


A sample of Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Couture: Couture is a flanker to La Petite Robe Noire (LPRN). Couture is the one with the long dress on the bottle. While LPRN is more cherry based, Couture is raspberry based. Lightly applied (one spritz) I got a faint whiff of old candy. With two or three pumps I got the magic out. You see, strongly applied the raspberry really gets through. But it is not real raspberry, it is raspberry candy. I got flashbacks to being a sticky fingered six year old. It smelled just like the really disgusting candy stuff a kid likes. It made me happy, made me think of being a carefree kid. So, yes, this scent has its merits, but it is certainly not elegant like the bottle and name want to make you think. After a couple hours the berry had worn off and left me with a weird sort of old fashioned something (probably rose and moss. I’m not big on rose). So it’s nice, but no must-have. Maybe for the berry-rose lover.


Catrice All Matt: Blotting paper. Very useful during hot days. Already repurchased.


Balea Q 10 Anti Aging hand cream: my fav handcream, always repurchasing. You can see the new bottle with a slightly different look on the right. Sadly, the packaging was so changed that the cap is harder to close now, which leads to squeezing the bottle while closing it. Please go back to the old bottle, Balea. Also make the SPF higher, 10 is too low for real anti aging.


Two items:

Firstly, Lancome Visionnaire serum. I already reviewed it here. While I liked it, if I bought a full size of a Lancome serum, it would be Advanced Genifique again, which seems to be just a tad better to me.

Secondly, Douglas Beauty System Sea Thalasso body lotion. I also have the matching shower gel, but it seems that one isn’t used up yet. Despite the sea thalasso in the name and the fact that this is a bright blue gel-like cream, the smell is straight up neroli. Neroli, neroli, godly neroli. The lotion is light and good for summer. Might not be enough for winter. Am still on a body product no buy, but might repurchase this in the future.


Matrix Biolage Color Care Shampoo: I have yet to find a product of this brand that is good for long term use. This one made my hair unbrushable. Boo. 😦


Rexona Ultra Dry Deo Stick: a staple of mine. works 100% because of aluminium salts (the good stuff, forget about the scare mongering).

Sun Dance Sonnencreme: Sun cream for the face with SPF 30. Very cheap, and not so good. I mean the sun protection was there, yes. But it made me sweat. I don’t mean oily, I mean sweat. Huge beads of water suddenly coming up and not from the heat either. I tested with one side with cream and the other without. So this was completely useless for the face. I used it up on my hands. I know the sun protection itself worked well, because my hands got lighter in color than my belly, which sees sun a lot less often than my hands.


Dior Eau Sauvage Cologne: I already reviewed it here. Not identical to the newly released “Sauvage”. Very refreshing, especially in summer. Me likey.

used up 2

4711 Acqua Colonia Melissa & Verbena Shower Gel: as name and packaging promise, a very green smelling product. Green and sharp and no weird soapiness. You can really pick out the verbena. I liked this shower gel, but only on hot days. For winter I prefer sweet things. This shower gel goes with the Eau de Cologne of the same line, but I think you could also pair it with Guerlain’s AA Herba Fresca, in case you’re looking for a matching shower gel.

used up1

Last two items: Lancome DreamTone serum 2: I already had a sample of 1 (review). The difference between those is the color: the liquid of 2 is a deeper peach. However, the color does not transfer to the face. It looks like you have nothing on, so the number on the bottle is irrelevant. This serum is so good with pores. SO GOOD! I did not see anything else. I mean, my age spots got lighter, but that started earlier (when I was still using Advanced Genifique) and I attribute it mostly to use of sun cream.

And last item was my other shimmery body lotion by Nougat: Sparkling Body Shimmer (more pics here). It comes with a cherry blossom scent that I don’t like very much, but luckily it goes away fast. The lotion itself is wayyyy too liquid. I kept getting drops everywhere. It also doesn’t get into the skin fast enough, leaving me sticky. The sparkle was nice, almost a bit much, but at least goes with the current trend of strobing. Not very nourishing. Do not recommend, unless it’s for a ten year old in a fairy phase.

And these were all my empties of the summer. I think I’ve been very good. 😀

New Trend: Strobing

New Trend: Strobing

(note: I’m taking a few days off; it’s too hot to blog. love you guys)

The trend

You probably saw it already: the new trend is called ‘strobing’. Unsurprisingly, it basically means ‘a whole lot of highlighting’. I think it’s the perfect trend for summer, for a lady doesn’t sweat, she glows! 😉

Nikkie has a great tutorial for it. I love her; she’s so funny.

Basically, you’ve got two options to go about it: either you start with a mostly matte base, powder down and then use powder highlighter, or you go for the full glow with a luminous base and cream or liquid highlighters.

the products


Here are some base products that I use for a subtle glow:

Dior BB Creme, not overly shiny, but certainly not matte and a perfect base for me. Attention fellow Austrians: the lightest color 01 is being phased out! I stocked up on it. 😦 The other colors are staying.

Then I’ve got my usual concealer: Clinique airbrush. This is an undereye concealer with a bit of highlighting properties. Undereyes only, we don’t want our spots highlighted! For blemishes I used my normal, non highlighting concealer (not pictured).

In the middle of the pic I put what should have chronologically come first: two primers. Both are only subtle illuminating primers, not full on glow. First there’s the MAC CC Cream in Illuminate. Illuminate is a light purple color and the only MAC CC cream light enough for me. It is less shimmery than my previous primer from MAC (Fortified Skin Enhancer), but it has a bit of shimmer. Second primer is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This is what I use if I want a perfect finish. Somehow Beauty Flash Balm makes all layers go together in perfection. It has a bit of peachy shimmer, but also not too visible. If you want more shimmer in the primer, there are many options out there, from Clarins to pretty much every brand. Personally I think a primer is necessary for a look with a strong highlight, because the primer makes the skin more even. I never had a problem with highlighters enhancing my pores if I wore a good primer.

And last I packed a body glow product onto the pic: Soap & Glory Glow Lotion. I think if we’re going overboard with the face glow we might as well have a matching body. Any shimmery body product will do.


And now on to the actual highlighters:

For a more champagney glow I’ve got Benefit Watt’s up, an easy to use cream highlighter. For a pink highlight, the liquid high beam, also by Benefit. For a light golden glow I have my alverde Schimmerfluid Meeresglanz. This was sadly a limited item, but there are many good options at the drugstore these days.

And for powder highlighter I’ve got the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. Not pictured, but Kiko has released some great new powder highlighters: beam of light (review upcoming).

And if you don’t have a powder highlighter, there’s no need to rush out and buy one (unless you want to) because in reality a light shimmery eyeshadow will the do the trick just as well. Here I’ve got my Extra Dimension Shadow in A Natural Flirt, simply because it was on top of the makeup drawer. You only need to make sure it is not too shimmery and blends well. 🙂

the application

With liquid highlighters (and the creamy stick of Watt’s up) I still use my fingers for application; I simply use more than I would use for a subtle look. The biggest change for me was in appliction of powder products: I used apply them with a fan brush, but it never quite looked like I wanted. Not enough, not well blended etc. For strobing I started to use a blush brush instead and finally it looks the way I want it to look! I’ll stick with the blush brush. (actually I’m using the Bobbi Brown Face Blender. That thing blends everything like a charm.) For smaller parts (inner corner, top of lip etc) I’ll use either fingers or a small eye blending brush.

So that’s it, have fun with your highlight and ditch the contour. 😀 Let’s all be faeries, wheee!

Dior Eau Sauvage Cologne

Dior Eau Sauvage Cologne

The current trend in male perfume flankers is slapping the term ‘Cologne’ on them.

Dior Eau Savage Cologne

The newest flanker to Dior‘s classic Eau Sauvage is no exception. It’s called Eau Sauvage Cologne. I can’t find a note of the perfume concentration on my sample, it might be EdC.

I haven’t smelled the original Eau Sauvage from 1966, but from the notes list alone I’m sure it doesn’t smell much like this Cologne. Eau Sauvage Cologne is a modern citrus through and through. It starts with creamy citrus, after ten minutes the pink pepper gets noticable. The vetiver is noticeable through all phases. The perfume doesn’t change much, it’s one of those modern perfumes for audiences who decide on buy or no buy in the first ten seconds.

I compared it to the new Guerlain Cologne and next to each other, the Guerlain is much deeper and richer (and deep and rich weren’t exactly the terms that came to my mind when testing that one alone). Eau Sauvage Cologne is light headed. It’s perfect for everybody who wants a cooling citrus with a little vetiver and not much else for summer. Those who love the original should probably stay far away from Cologne. 😉

I will gladly use the sample on hot summer days but I don’t feel the need for a full bottle.

Dior Nude Air

Dior Nude Air

Well, we’ve had exciting days on the internet, haven’t we? Is it black and blue or is it white and gold? I guess it shows why it’s always a good idea to cross-check color swatches. You wouldn’t want to order a white and gold looking eyeshadow duo only for it to end up a smoky navy and black! Anyway I promise the photos in this post are as color accurate as I could get them. 🙂

diorskin air

(picture: Dior)

Today I want to talk about Dior‘s new foundation: Nude Air. It’s a serum kind of foundation, lightweight and silky, like Armani’s Maestro (which I think was the first of that kind?). Similar to Armani, it also comes with a dropper.


I have got a cute little tester of the shade 10. I managed to snap a pic of it before I got it all messy. Because somehow the foundation inside was expanding and started to flow out of the container right after I took this pic. So my advice is, do not put your Nude Air into the sunlight, keep it cool. Despite that, I managed to get over two weeks worth of foundation out of it and I don’t think the foundation was damaged.

On to swatches:


Swatch of Nude Air 10. Honestly I’m in love with the color. Dior is quickly becoming my best bet of a color match. If this is gently blended out you can barely see it.


Color comparisons: Top still Nude Air 10, underneath Dior BB Creme 01, last is MAC Mineralize Compact NC 15. The BB is the pinkest of the bunch.

Despite how it might look in the swatch up there, the foundation does not have a dewy finish. I’d say it dries down to a semi-matte finish. Like probably most serum foundations, the oils evaporate quickly upon application, leaving only pigment behind. It’s a good idea to blend quickly, but I had no problem with streaks.

Because of the finish I didn’t need powder on top. Sometimes my nose would get shiny at midday, but not always. Of course, it is still winter here. I imagine powder might be needed in summer. I think this is a good one for normal to combination skin. I can’t promise it works for oily skin, but it’s totally worth a try. My skin became drier the longer I used it. The first few days it looked okay, then I noticed dry patches in the evening. It does not emphasize dry skin extremely (Armani, I’m looking at you) but it’s clearly visible. But not from the start; the first half of the day looked pretty flawless.

The coverage surprised me. I expected medium coverage, but it is medium to strong on me. Some days I didn’t even need concealer. However, this could be because I have a decant and the oils might evaporate faster than in the original bottle. (This is my general advice to get stronger coverage from a liquid: make a decant.) Still, you can get quite a bit of coverage from this.

Overall verdict: really good. Good coverage, weightless feel, some oil control properties, did not seem to emphasize wrinkles.

Downside: while there is a perfect match for me, there don’t seem to be a lot of shades.

Honestly if it wasn’t for my dry skin I’d have a fullsize of this faster than you can say “Dior”. I might still get it for summer, but right now the BB Creme is better for my skin.

Best Of 2014: New Releases

Best Of 2014: New Releases

Welcome to my Best Of 2014 Pt 1.

Last year my best of was a little disjointed, so this year I decided to make two lists, one for products that came out this year, and one for products I just happened to like a lot this year.

Of course I am limited in my review of new releases to things I actually got into my hands this year, so I’m probably missing a lot of real cool stuff. Can’t be helped.

So, in no particular order, products released in 2014 that I liked:

Collection Design: MAC Alluring Aquatic


The pretty turquoise, the fake waterdrops! I’m sad I didn’t buy more just to look at!


Perfume: Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez


Very sexy if you like wood and musk, which I do.


Lipstick range: matte: YSL the mats for high end, Maybelline Color Drama for drugstore; for creamy lipsticks: Estee Lauder color envy





New eye shadows: this was really hard, there were so many new eyeshadow ranges this year. I think for me YSL won with their new quints and I’ll give a honorable mention to Max Factor (which were only recently released and therefore not properly tested yet)




Overall Collection: Dior Summer: I think it had many great items and I wish I’d picked up more.



Nailpolish Collection: OPI Nordic; I think it had the nicest mix of colors



Nailpolish: Dior Bar: amazing quality and proper black, not almost black



Skincare: Garnier Micellar Cleanser; a lot cheaper than high end and better, too.



Blush: MAC Casual Color Young at Heart



Eyeliner: Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Or Blanc:
nice and subtle on the waterline, and a nice ice queen color on the lid/corner


And this concludes my totally subjective list of interesting stuff released in 2014. Which were your personal highlights this year?


Dior Pure Poison (Vintage)

Dior Pure Poison (Vintage)

Ten years ago the Dandygal was a different person. For example, I had no clue how to put on makeup and saw no point in any other color besides black. Also, I never expected to own more than maybe three perfumes in total. That was true up until last year, when I discovered the term ‘perfume wardrobe’. Why have a signature perfume when you can have one for every sweater you own? But back to the topic at hand, ten years ago I decided to get myself a perfume. I had owned perfume before, but never purchased one for myself. Everything I had before were presents. I thought this time I was going to get the one perfect perfume for me and I took my time choosing. Then I settled on this one:


pictured: Pure Poison by Dior, old packaging.

I had no clue what notes it smelled like, only that there was nothing else quite like it. So for a year or two I was fumigating the place with Pure Poison, then I decided that maybe it wasn’t quite everyday appropriate and started going through samples I had lying about instead. And somehow, I forgot to wear Pure Poison. It was there, up on my book shelf and I liked looking at it, but didn’t use it. And after a while, I was afraid of using it. People say perfume goes bad in two years, what if it’s ruined??? What if I don’t like it anymore? I was a teen when I chose it, what if my taste was terrible?

And then last month I said to hell with it, fished it out of the packaging and sprayed it on. And it was just as good as I remembered. 😀

So what does it smell like? It’s a big flowery one, but not sweet like gourmands (like Flowerbomb or Hypnotic Poison). It has Jasmin and Neroli and Gardenia and some more. I think it’s mostly Neroli, although I’m not so good at telling flowers apart yet. (Neroli is made of blossoms of the bitter orange tree, just like ‘orange blossom’ but differently processed btw. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know that.)

Be warned that I bought this when I was still in my vampire phase. Pure Poison always felt like someone had put out a lot of flowers to mask the smell of decay, like there was something ugly hidden beneath the beauty. These thoughts of mine were probably influenced by the marketing and name, haha. Interesting thing about marketing anyway, while I had compared and tested and such, in the end I settled for a new release that was prominently displayed. XD (Pure Poison was released in 2004.)

So, why did I call it ‘vintage’ when it’s barely a decade old? First off, the packaging is different now (the stopper is purple, making it a reversal of ‘Poison’), but the comments on forums and such tell me the formula has been tampered with also, so I can’t guarantee that the stuff in stores smells like what I have here. 😦 I have not dared to spray it on in stores and compare yet. What if they ruined the wonderful poison? So this is strictly a story about the old, ‘vintage’ Pure Poison.


Bottom of the bottle. It looks like something befitting a Faerie queen.

I hope I will not run out of this beauty for a long time, but since it’s not exactly the kind of perfume to drench yourself in (like with Alien, the dosage makes the Poison) I’m not worried.

And this was the story of me and my first chosen perfume. Should you ever get to see the white bottle with white stopper be sure to sniff. You’ll either love it or hate it. 😀

Pure Poison is a flanker of Poison. It was created by Carlos Benaïm, Dominique Ropion and Olivier Polge.

Winter IS coming: getting nails ready

Winter IS coming: getting nails ready

Today is a beautiful autumn day and later I’ll be going to the pre-pre-premiere of Penguins of Madagascar. 🙂 No I don’t know either what a pre-pre-premiere is for. But I love the tv-series so I wanted to see the movie asap.

Anyway, back to nails: Julep asked me to participate in their “winterize” campaign and I was going to do my nails anyway, so why not? While it’s not winter yet, it’s getting colder and snow yould happen anytime now (laughter from everyone living in the Alps).

Due to cold weather and dry air, hands need more care than during the warm season. I’m already an avid user of handcream, as anyone who reads my “used up” posts can see, but that alone is not enough to keep my nails strong.


Preparation: nail polish remover, nail file, nail strengthener, cuticle oil and cuticle balm (I usually use cuticle oil and then follow it up hours later with balm. When going out in cold weather it’s better to use the waxy balm, though).


Cuticle remover gel, rosewood sticks and winter reindeer. I also used a buffer block by the body shop, but forgot to add it into the pics.


Before: my nails with liquid sand polish, day 7. This stuff needs the heavy remover with acetone.




Finally off.


The nails before I shorten them. They don’t even look so bad, but there were a few splits that made it necessary to cut the length. I don’t like leaving damaged parts in, they always get worse.


After filing. They totally look worse now, haha. My preferred nail shape is squoval, but my nails don’t always agree. Also, I don’t know why I didn’t snap the other hand instead, it looked much better.


Letting the cuticle gel soak. I found it needs at least four minutes to do anything.


After washing off the cuticle gel. Next step: nail strengthener.


And last step: slathering on the cuticle oil. Not just on the cuticles, but also my knuckles. The shine on the nails comes from the strengthener.

That’s it. I won’t apply nail polish the same day as I take it off. They get too brittle, and this post is all about pampering.

But if I did, these are my winter nail polish picks out of my own hoard :


top row: Chanel Black Pearl, OPI At First Sight, the brown polish from YSL‘s 07 duo

bottom: Dior Forget me not, which is the exact color of my winter coat, essence grey-t to be here, Maybelline Green Depth.

These are Julep‘s color suggestions:



What are your nail care tips? Your favorite colors when it’s all snowy and stormy outside?

Dior Vernis Bar

Dior Vernis Bar

Happy Halloween!


Today I am wearing Bar 902 from Dior‘s current fall collection. Pic shows two coats, no top coat. The color is straight up black. There is a very fine shimmer in the bottle, but it is not visible on the nails.* It’s just the sort of shimmer to make the formula better. And it does, because this polish is perfect. Easy to apply, fast dry time. The brush is thick, might be too thick for some. What you see up there is one stroke of the brush across the whole nail. I am in love!

*when the lights hits just right and you’re looking for it you can see the tiniest shimmer particles.