I still exist and a video recommendation

I still exist and a video recommendation

Well, hello there! I mean I knew I had slacked on posting but it’s been a while, wow. How are you? Anyone still here?

I have learned a few things about myself in the absence:

  • I want to set up hosting for this blog but I am lazy
  • I am most likely to update a blog when I’m procrastinating
  • I am currently procrastinating from the hosting thing
  • a blog vacation can be lovely though – it’s not good to pressure yourself on a hobby
  • at first it was freeing not to have to test things in time, I could just use whatever I wanted and not stick to a schedule
  • unlike what I expected this did not lead me to purchase less new items – on the contrary since I didn’t have to stagger my usage of makeup for reviews I simply purchased ALL the things instead of what I could reasonably review
  • oops

I am still not fully back. For a while I contemplated just stopping because I can’t keep up with all those polished pretty blogs. But that is not my aesthetic. I want to bring you real reviews with normal pics, not ads. And this brings me to this video I found on youtube by Jen Luvs Reviews which expresses my opinion on swatches so well:

I think she does an amazing job of explaining things.  Through the course of the video she pulls up a good, not so good and bad palette to show you how the swatches differ. Very useful.


And yes if you wonder what did she do with all her free time when she wasn’t blogging? Watching Youtube. I had never watched Jenna Marbles until this summer. I had a lot to catch up to. 🙂

MAC Retro Matte Liquid lipcolor Gemz&Roses

MAC Retro Matte Liquid lipcolor Gemz&Roses

Now I’m sorry that I’m so behind in my posts that I’m only now reviewing this, but as far as I can tell these are not LE and still being sold. A while ago MAC came out with their matte liquid lipsticks called Retro Matte Liquid. All of those colors were non shimmery. I reviewed (1) some (2) of them (3). Later they expanded by adding shimmery colors and Gemz&Roses is one of them.

Tbh I liked basically all of the colors and had a hard time limiting myself to only one shade. Gemz&Roses is a sort of nude with warm shimmer.

Now his looks quite stark on me, but that’s just because I’m so pale. On me it pulls more rusty and dark. It looks different on others, but always looks good imho. The shimmer is fine and metallic – finally they manage a metallic finish and they didn’t even sell it as such!

The product was easy to apply. I just love the sharp edges you can get with liquid lipstick. It took me a while to hop on the trend and now that I’m finally on the train, everyone else is already getting bored and going for gloss. -_-

The formula is helped by the fine shimmer. I’ve noticed this in nailpolish too, that a flat creme is usually harder to work with than a shimmery color. In this case, the lipstick is less drying than the original non shimmery formula.The shimmer also helps with the look. You know how matte liquid lippies give you those very visible lines; you’ll still get them with this but way less visible. So if you wanted to try liquid lippies but were turned off by the wrinkly look, a shimmery one might be your thing.

Lasting power is comparable to the original one, so it will last quite well, but wear off on the inside of the lip if you eat something oily. The lipstick can only be removed by oil, normal remover did not help.

In a nutshell this is a great liquid lipstick and I hate how they released way too many colors at once because who can afford all those? I’m not getting any PR I’m on a budget here! 😦

Of course by now MAC has already released several thousand other things but I hope some of you might find this review helpful anyway. Let me know what you think and please be patient with me – I cannot yet promise to be back to regular uploads until I fix the storage issue.

Rituals Miracle Glow Cream Highlighter

Rituals Miracle Glow Cream Highlighter

This is the Miracle Glow Cream Highlighter by Rituals. It’s one of those glibbery bouncy gel highlighter thingies. You know, those that behave like jello? It’s so satisfying to touch. It pleases my inner three year old.

Le swatch. I’d call the color rose platine. It has rosy shimmer, but certainly no gold to it, so rose gold would be wrong, but platine alone doesn’t describe the color either. The shimmer is very fine, no glitter to see. Depending on the angle you can see either the shimmer or you can see some of the base color, which is off-white. Therefore this highlighter will not work for everyone unless you are a blending goddess. Because you may be able to blend it out and diffuse the base color – but I am not. It sets pretty quickly and then does not move anymore.

You should also put on enough the first go around – if you try to pat on more it starts lifting. It is really best to just put it on fearlessly and then never touch anymore. 😐 Also not recommended for dry skin – this stuff creates more texture.

I would not recommend this to makeup beginners. Everyone else can play at their own risk.

Catrice the Dewy Routine: the dewy drops Rose & Holographic

Catrice the Dewy Routine: the dewy drops Rose & Holographic

In which Catrice keeps misusing the word ‘holographic’, part 28378:

Catrice has a new LE out, called the Dewy Routine. It consists of only highlighters, sorted into three colors and categories: there’s a liquid highlighter, a cream stick and a powder for each color: rose, bronze and blue (called Holographic, because apparently blue is uncool). This LE is selling like lightning, especially the pink items. Luckily the distribution wasn’t even – while some drugstores were already sold out, others hadn’t even gotten their goods yet. It pays off to check smaller, less frequented places here.

I picked up two liquid highlighters, C01 Rose and C03 Holographic. C02 Bronze was wayyyyy to dark for me but may be amazing on dark skin. I decided to skip the cream sticks as I barely ever use stick highlighters. I could only barely stop myself from picking up the powders, but I didn’t for now.

Swatches, first Rose, then Holographic (which is clearly plain blue).

Rose is pink, but a very light and silvery kind of pink. The rose gold packaging and the promo pic promise something warmer, but looking at the liquid in the bottle and applied, this is clearly rose platinum rather than rose gold. Don’t go for Rose expecting something warm.

The blue one is, as expected, properly blue. Both don’t seem to have a base color when spread out, but you know my skin tone could swallow a white base so I can’t promise anything here. I didn’t see any whiteness when wearing these on my face (other than the very pale shimmer).

Both apply great. I put a drop on my hand and then apply with my finger, blending with a clean finger. One drop is more than enough to highlight the cheeks, temples, nose, upper lip and forehead. I don’t feel they need anything else on top. I mean you could layer with the other items in the collection, but they really don’t need anything to help with the glow. Lasting power was great as well, they stayed on all day, even in humid weather.

Both have a fine shimmer, with some small glitter particles. They do emphasize pores.

The blue one gives such a wonderful eerie glow, I love it. The rose one I must admit I expected it to be more … wholesome, more pink. Then I put it on and it made me look even more eerie-faerie like than the blue one. Because I expected it from the blue, but the pink is so light in color and the shimmer so intense it gives off quite a ghostly vibe. So I love both equally and would recommend both for the goth fae crowd. If the goal is more healthy look, you should rather go for something more warm in tone. In fact Catrice has similar drop bottles in their regular lineup – they sell them as primer, but they are just as shimmery, just more normal colors (light correcting serum primer in candlelight and sunlight).


My routine for maximum otherwordly glow:

  1. Rose: after cleansing face, start with MAC Fix+ in Pinklite, followed by MAC CC Cream in Illuminate (this is lavender colored), foundation + concealer as usual, then dewy drops in Rose. Finish regular makeup and put on another layer of Fix+ Pinklite.
  2. Blue: After cleansing, Essence fresh&fit awake primer, foundation + concealer as usual, colorless eye primer, dewy drops in Holographic on face and eyelids. Finish eyes with Catrice prismatic palette.

If this is all too one note in color I suggest adding in a touch of green highlighter such as Sleek Distorted Dreams or Zoeva Spring Strobe Spectrum (both of these palettes also have a blue one if you wish to intensify the blue instead for maximum ice queen look).

MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder Mother O’Pearl

MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder Mother O’Pearl

So, MAC‘s summer collection is out and despite many complaints that it just isn’t as pretty as last year’s it’s still been selling like hot cakes.

This is the Pearlmatte Face Powder in Mother O’Pearl and that Mickey Mouse face gave me half a heart attack until I realized that was the shirt I wore during photographing. So, the powder comes without creepy faces, I promise. This is the only piece I intended to buy (so far) and as of today it’s still available in some places and already sold out in others.

Swatches, first each color alone and then swirled together. Overall it’s on the sheer end which is normal for a Pearlmatte Powder. The purple is quite, well, purple (I wasn’t sure if the two purples were different so I swatched both), the pink is swatched in between the purple and the bronze, even if you can’t see it and the yellow stripe is swatched underneath the last purple (before the mix swatch). So pink and yellow don’t really give off color, only sheen.

The mix gives a nice blush color. You can get it more pink or more bronze depending on where you swirl your brush. The color is somewhat buildable but never opaque. All colors have a satiny sheen but it’s the least noticeable on the purple. It’s basically blush, bronzer and highlighter in one which is quite useful for summer.

Comparison to last year’s Oh my Passion:

The colors were quite similar so I expected them to be dupes. The yellow and the bronze part are identical, they look only different due to the different embossing. Then Oh my Passion has a light purple and strong yellow toned pink, while Mother O’Pearl has the very light pink and the deep purple.

Swatches, first Mother O’Pearl, then Oh my Passion. Turns out the strong purple makes quite a difference. Mother is more like a blush, while Passion ends up much lighter and bronzier. So if you wished for a version that was darker and pinker than last year’s there you have it.

This years powder comes in a slimmer case, yet at the same time it is heavier. It’s the same amount of product though (8g/0.28oz).

So, I like this powder. The rest of the collection didn’t really wow me although it wasn’t like, bad or anything. I might have gone for the pink lipstick but it was sold out quickly. I also tried the new liquid lipstick line, I think they’re called Oh, Sweetie? They are very scented. Very. They actually feel quite good on the lips and look pretty. Lasting power of a regular lip gloss though and the shimmer migrates into lip lines. Pass.

MAC Prep&Prime Fix+ Pinklite

MAC Prep&Prime Fix+ Pinklite

Recently MAC released some more Prep&Prime stuff, including a body lotion in Pinklite, some mattifying stuff and Fix+ in Pinklite and Goldlite. I like having some Fix+ as a backup and chose the color Pinklite.

The liquid is colorless but has pink shimmer flowing through it. If you leave it standing it will sink down but you can shake it up again. There’s a ball in the bottle to help with that. This is why my Fix+ up there looks white – I had been shaking it. To show you the beautiful shimmer in the bottle I made a detail photograph:

See the pretty swirls? All of the white and pink here is the shimmer. So clearly this is a shake well before use kind of product. But will you look like a disco ball spraying it on your face?

Fix+ in Pinklite sprayed on my arm. It’s very subtle. I mean there is pinkish shimmer, but you can totally spray this all over and nobody will notice it’s makeup. They’ll just think you are naturally ethereal. 😉

Now the name Fix+ tends to confuse people. This is NOT the sort of setting spray that makes your makeup last longer. MAC’s description says: skin refresher/finishing mist. Not setting spray! How to tell apart refreshing spray and setting spray: when you spray them on your hand the refreshing spray will feel watery while the setting spray will be sticky (that’s what helps the maekup stay on). If the spray is mostly alcohol (often in mattifying sprays) it will evaporate quickly and feel dry afterwards. Fix+ is basically water with skin care ingredients such a cucumber extract.

So how I usually use Fix+ is that when I am done washing my face I spray this over my face for a nice refresh. This moisturizes my face very well, especially when I then put primer on top. The difference for me, especially in winter is that I get less dry skin patches which helps a lot with makeup application. That’s the skin refresher part. The finishing mist, like a finishing powder, is something you can put up after you’re done with makeup, for a luminous finish. Some like to do that with Fix+ when they look too powdery. The water helps the powder to melt into the skin. Personally I prefer to use less powder. So mostly I didn’t put Fix+ on top.

Now Pinklite and Goldlite also contain shimmer particles, so spraying them on before makeup is like putting on a shimmery primer. And when you put it on top of makeup you get that very subtle luminosity. In my opinion those two shimmery ones are the only Fix+ that are also useful to use right after makeup application. When it’s hot you can also spray it on through the day for a quick refresh which is something I do with any Fix+, but not a setting spray (too sticky).

I specifically chose Pinklite because it contrasts with my yellow undertone, to make it more visible. I have also noticed that the whole thing shows up better on darker skin, so depending on your skin tone the results may vary.

I think it’s a cute gimmick, but after I use it up I’ll probably be back to the normal Fix+. Those new Prep&Prime products should be a permanent addition, but I’m not 100% sure.

MAC Grand Illusion Lipcolor

MAC Grand Illusion Lipcolor

A while ago MAC had this display with new glossy lipcolors, the Grand Ilusion Lipcolors. To be honest I don’t know if they were LE or not, but even now that the display is gone you can still get them, so hopefully I’m not too late here.

Originally I got Broken Halo (silver with multichrome shimmer), and the red looking one here is Let’s Rock, which actually belongs to my sis. Let’s Rock is a lighter red (was hard to photograph) with green shimmer.

Then I got this one later on:

Ah, look at it! Rave Bunny, a light pink with blue shimmer.

Swatches of Let’s Rock and Broken Halo.

Swatch of Rave Bunny.

So in my books, these are glosses, even if MAC sorts them among the lipsticks on their site. Yes, the color is almost opaque, but the finish is still super glossy and does not dry down, which makes them glosses. They feel different from MAC’s other glosses, less sticky, more slick. They last fairly well for a gloss, too. I get like three hours of wear time which I think is great for a gloss.

They are supposed to have a cooling effect, which. You know the body can’t actually tell hot from cold, that’s just in your brain? This stuff gives off intense tingling, like from a strong mint. My lips interpret this as ‘chili’, so much that I got hungry for spicy food and ate some and I can confirm chili sauce on your lips feels not identical but very similar. So, tbh the cooling effect is basically a pain response, which can’t be too healthy for your skin. Luckily this tingling stops after about ten to fifteen minutes. I could have done without that effect.

But that’s the worst thing I can say about these, otherwise I loved them which is why I went back to get the pink one. After the tingling is done these are pretty moisturizing, combined with usable lasting power and beautiful shimmer. Broken Halo does pale down the lips considerably and gives off the finest pink shimmer. I have also worn it over matte lipsticks, which looks so good but is hard to touch up. Worn alone it’s pretty editorial and I like it that way.

Despite the green shimmer, Let’s Rock is the more wearable color between the two. Some may not even notice the shimmer is green, interpeting it as yellow gold. Let’s Rock is sparklier than the other two, which have the very finest shimmer.

And lastly, my absolute fave, Rave Bunny. It’s just so bubblegum pink and the blue shimmer is really intense (stronger in artificial light).

I can’t believe MAC actually made me like lip glosses!!! Those fiends! Luckily the majority of the other colors didn’t look good on me. The more normal colors were too dark on me, but will look stunning on deeper skin tones. Some of the lighter colors were not to my taste and some colors were too outlandish even for me. Yes I am willing to wear matte green lipstick, but green gloss is were I draw the line, apparently.

I greatly recommend Rave Bunny for pink with a twist and Let’s Rock for transparent red with a twist. Broken Halo is more for the androids and alien queens.

Now if MAC could do these without the ‘cooling’ they’d be perfect.


Catrice Lala Berlin Prismatic Palette

Catrice Lala Berlin Prismatic Palette

When I did my last haul one of the things I got was the three pan palette on the left here. It’s from a Catrice collection, so LE. It’s the Lala Berlin Collection, which had mostly iridescent stuff. This palette is called Prismatic Palette in C01 Prismatic Persian. It claims to be an eyeshadow palette but the size of the pans and the colors made me think of a highlighting palette. The two outer pans have an off white base color with blue shimmer and pink shimmer, the middle one has a gunmetal base color with silvery shimmer.

Swatches. Same order as in the pic above, first the blue one, then the grey one, last the pink one. The base colors on the blue and pink don’t really show up, the grey one does have a base color. So based on the first swatches I decided to use all of them as an eye color and the blue and pink as highlighters as well. The grey had too much base for me to dare put it on my cheeks.

So, when buffed out with a highlighter brush the white base color of blue and pink didn’t show up and the shimmer turned out to be quite intense. They lasted all day long, too. Thumbs up, those two are good highlighters.

For eyeshadow I used a dense brush and patted it on instead of buffing like the highlighter. To not end up looking like I was from the early 00s I paired it with MAC eyeshadow in Soba. The grey one looks pretty much like in the above swatch, but pulls a little purple? It was a surprisingly good look. For the other two I had to pack on quite a bit. That way the base color did show up and it looked a bit dusty. Tbh I prefer them as highlighters, even though it was possible to get an eye look out of them. I do have to say that I’ve tried putting most of my colored highlighters on my lids and the Lala Berlin ones lasted better than them. All shadows lasted all day on me without fallout or creasing when worn over primer. Real highlighters often only make it up to two hours.

Overall, a cute palette to experiment with, but not a must have. If this is already sold out and you really wanted that pink and blue highlighter I’d recommend Zoeva Spring Strobe palette as possible dupes.

Shopping the stash: Estee Lauder Pure Color All-Over Illuminator

Shopping the stash: Estee Lauder Pure Color All-Over Illuminator

Unrelated to this post, but I have just pulled the trigger on my first ever vault buy (you know, every color of a certain item in a box). Pterodactyl screech. But for today I decided to do some stash shopping, because believe it or not, I actually own things I haven’t even shown on this blog.

I am fairly sure this stick was part of a past Bronze Goddess Collection: Estee Lauder Pure Color All-over Illuminator. I don’t know how long ago that was though. This is a highlighting stick, which as the name implies you can use all over the face or body as desired.

Unblended swatch. It has a bronzed coral color with gold shimmer. The finish is glossy and it does not dry down. Obviously, while on other complexions this is a highlighter, on me it’s a blush.

Blended swatch. This gives a lovely hint of subtle color with shine.

I apply it directly from the stick and blend with fingers. This works best on a light base. The more coverage you got, the more likely the cream is going to lift your foundation. Also works perfectly on makeup-free skin. I prefer this for no makeup makeup looks in summer, when I’m going to sweat and get shiny anyway. With this stick I can at least pretend the shine is intentional. While the color fades a little throughout the day the shine and shimmer stay all day.

It can also be applied to lips and eyelids for a bit of shimmer (you’re not going to get opaque color) but as the product never sets, it’s going to end up in creases sooner or later. It does give a lovely freshness, though. For comparison: this on my lips is more visible than Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Beige Dore. And this stick isn’t actually meant to be a lipstick.

This is perfect for adding lightly glossy finishes without having to use the goopy stuff.

Like most Bronze Goddess items this was LE and is not available anymore, but they might bring it back one day? I’m glad I snagged it up, even though it’s really not compatible with heavy bases and powdered faces. I only ever use it in the summer (or sometimes in the winter when I’m longing for summer), so despite having it for years there is still a lot of product left.

Sleek Matte Me Rioja Red

Sleek Matte Me Rioja Red

More liquid lipstick!

After the rather unusual colors of last week, we’re back to a lipstick classic: red! This is Sleek Matte Me in Rioja Red 433. I have and liked some Matte Me Metallics, but this is my first regular Matte Me.

Unlike the Matte Me Metallic, which have a mousse like texture and aren’t completely oaque, the Matte Me is a thin liquid that dries completely matte and opaque. The color of Rioja Red is a bright, fiery red.

The small applicator was easy to work with for precise edges. It dries quickly; don’t forget to smile while the lipstick is still wet to prevent later cracks. The color does not bleed at all and it didn’t crack on me either. You get the typical look of a matte liquid lipstick, but it does not look overly wrinkly and it did not feel dry either. Honestly this is probably one of the best matte ones I tried so far.

The color does not budge all day, except in the very middle of the mouth when eating. And there it wears off not too badly. It does stain everything it touches. Since it felt so good I forgot I was wearing lipstick at all and somehow dragged my fingers across my lips and then freaked out because my fingers were red…

Thumbs up, this lipstick is wonderful!

NYX Vivid Brights Vivid Fire

NYX Vivid Brights Vivid Fire

I don’t use all that much classic liquid liner, as I have hooded eyes and that often doesn’t end well. However I had good experiences with Nyx matte liquid liner and so… clearly I had to try more?

Jepp. Red eyeliner. XD This is the Vivid Brights liner in VBL01 Vivid Fire by NYX. The packaging is the same as for the normal liquid liner, but the bottom part matches the color inside. Not shown here but the handle is the regular black.

Swatch. Like my black one this also dries matte and quickly so. This is great because hooded eyes. I can actually play around with this quite a bit and make a big wing and/or a very thick line and nothing transfers into the crease or anywhere else. This can be worn alone or you can add a thinner black line near the lashes. The red may look scary, but it actually looks very good combined with my blue eyes. The red has blue undertone, it’s actually more of a raspberry color.

While the swatch here looks pretty much exactly like the one for the black liner I found this one to be even easier to work with (maybe I’m just getting the hang of it, though). The swatch may look patchy, but on my eye lid I just… tbh I simply applied more and more until it looked even and it didn’t even bunch up or anything. Also while the black one crumbled after a while this one only crumbled when I rubbed my eye. There was no smudging. You need oil remover to get it off, but then it went very quickly – easier than black liner.

So this one gets a full stamp of approval from me.

NYX Liquid Suede in Sway

NYX Liquid Suede in Sway

Nyx has several different ranges of liquid lipsticks. This one here is from the Liquid Suede range and the color is LSCL06 Sway. I had to have it because the color is so unusual. It’s a wonderful light purple, somewhere in between pastel and neon.

The flocked applicator is rounded at the top, unlike many other liquid lipstick applicators which have a tip. It is also quite long. It was easy to use, though, and I got a good crisp line.

The smell of the product is pretty chemical. On the one hand, it’s great because there’s no added perfume at all (which can be both annoying and irritate the skin/aggravate allergies) on the other hand you’ll have to decide if that smell is too much for you. I can’t smell it anymore after application, so it’s okay for me.

Swatch. Nyx describes this as lip cream, and it’s accurate. This pic was taken several minutes after application and it’s still not totally matte. On the lips it does look mostly matte, but it’s nowhere near as matte as your usual liquid lipstick. It feels very good on the lips (there’s olive oil and avocado oil in the formula). It is possible to distribute color from the lower lip to the upper lip upon application and not mess up the result (you can’t do that with a matte liquid lipstick – it’ll look like when you touch wet nail polish). There is no cracking along the lip lines either.

Of course, this means the lipstick is NOT transfer proof AT ALL and that it wears off when eating etc. Although, when it’s only a small snack it survives nicely. Overall the wear time great, a solid six hours or more (without eating).

I seriously love this color, seeing it makes me so happy. The quality of the lipstick is also good, so this gets my stamp of approval.

Nyx has released some metallic liquid lipstick lines lately. I do hope that doesn’t mean the regular liquid suede line is cancelled. I haven’t tried any of the metallic ones yet because I didn’t see any color that spoke to me. I have however since bought another one of the liquid suedes, which I hope is just as good (haven’t worn it yet).

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

Please excuse my currently very errant posting schedule. My non internet life is being stressful and my posting is always patchy during the summer months, so I cannot promise you regular posts right now but this blog has not been abandoned.

Since I am in love with my other highlighting palette from Sleek, Distorted Dreams, obviously I got myself another one instead of using the one I already have because makeup collectors/bloggers are weird like that.

Sleek offers three permanent highlighting palettes. This is the lightest one, called Solstice 032. (I turned the palette around for my photograph so the pink and the taupe are the actual top shades.) While the (LE?) Distortion palette offered five shades in two finishes (cream and powder), this one has four shades in three finishes – cream, powder and two baked powders.

The colors are taupe (cream), vanilla yellow (powder), cool pink (baked) and orange (baked). The cream shade looks dark in the pan, but the color blends out on skin. Swatches:

These are unblended and you can see already that the cream (first swatch) is not dark. The swatches go in the same order as I mentioned before: taupe cream, vanilla powder, pink baked powder and orange baked powder. All of these have silvery white shimmer. You can see that the texture of the baked powders is not as smooth as the other two.

While you can tell the colors apart in the swatch, when applied on cheeks and blended they all look the same. You get intense platinum shimmer, end of story. If that’s what you want, this is a great highlighter for little money. For me I expected some more variety, so I’m a bit disappointed. I mean the quality is great, all of these last a whole day and the shimmer is very visible. It’s just that at the end of the day I could never tell which color I had applied, so the four colors are pretty pointless imho.

My favorite is the yellow powder, because it’s actually lighter than my skin tone and so makes the most difference, also it is the smoothest powder.

Another slight annoyance is that the compact includes a brush. This is completely pointless but takes up a lot of space and the brush is not of good quality. My favorite ways of applying these are as follows: for a more subtle finish I use fingers for the cream and my Zoeva highlighter brush for the powders. For a stronger finish you can either layer cream with powder or apply the cream with a beauty blender.

NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Synthetica

NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Synthetica

Well, let’s make it a cheek week. After monday’s blush review I have a highlighter for you today: NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in the color Synthetica DCIP05. Long story short, it’s a highlighter with intense shimmer. There are several colors in this line, including a great blue/purple highlighter, but I opted for one color that was more unique to my stash (I may be one of the few people who have too many blue higlighters).

Swatch of Sythetica. It has the orange base color you see in the compact, and a beautiful and intense golden shimmer you only see when it’s applied. This is obviously meant to be a highlighter on skintones darker than mine. I use it as a blush instead as the color shows up just well enough for me. It only works if I’m going for a very strobed look, though, because guys this is some serious shimmer. When you buff it in it only gets stronger.

The color starts to fade a little around six hours of wear time, but it never disappears completely.

I’m a bit sad I didn’t notice those NYX highlighters before I already had such a big collection, because I don’t want to buy similar colors yet the NYX have such a good quality. And they don’t cost the world either. My only complaint is that they are not really duochrome. The shimmer is a single color and does not really shift. It’s just that the base color and the shimmer color are different, giving the product an iredescent feel. But I expect something more from a duochrome.

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Plum Foolery

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Plum Foolery

Before I jump into today’s post I’d like to tell you that MAC will re-release fan favorite Whisper of Gilt and this time around it’s here to stay. You can see my swatch and review of Whisper of Gilt here.

Shown in this pic is the Sheertone Shimmer Blush in the color Plum Foolery by MAC. This is a permanent item. MAC’s regular blushes don’t get as much attention, as there is always something limited going on. MAC has four different blush formulas going on: the regular powder blush, the sheertone shimmer, mineralize and extra dimension, so it’s easy to lose track.

This one here is my first sheertone shimmer.

Swatch. There is some shimmer, but compared to the extra dimension blushes it’s sparse. There is more shimmer than in the regular powder blushes. The color applies true to pan, but as the name says sheer (which is good in my books because blending blush that is too pigmented is annoying). The color is plummy, with some pink and some brown undertones. The shimmer is multicolored but appears mostly gold. My pictures here pull a bit yellow. Depending on the light the color has more brown or more pink/berry.

I think it’s a great blush, as it is easy to blend, but also gives a good amount of color in one go. It lasts all day on me.

Plum Foolery goes well with any dark lip. Applied lightly I also wear it with nude lips. For me it’s one of the darker blush colors I can still pull off (my skin tone is NC15). For deeper skins this could be a lovely everyday blush.

I have noticed this with most MAC blushes, that they oxidize a bit after application. The first time I apply them, I barely see anything on my skin and so I apply more and more, which is a mistake. Because somehow MAC blushes need a minute to show up? So now I know to only apply one go, then do something else and only later check if I need more blush (and usually I don’t). I don’t know why this happens, my blushes from other brands don’t do this. The upside is that they tend to look quite natural, as they pretty much melt into my skin. But this is something to watch out for.

Overall Plum Foolery is a great blush, although depending on your style maybe more suited to autumn/winter.

Woman Day Haul Spring 2018

Woman Day Haul Spring 2018

It is April, which here in Austria means Woman Day craziness. Woman Day is a twice yearly shopping extravaganza, where most stores will give you discount. It even extends to stuff like phone contracts by now. (Some stores also call it Gentleman Day or both.) I only did a little shopping:

So the majority of that is samples. I got two samples of Kenzo World (I call it Augenkenzo – the Eye Kenzo) and one of Kenzo Flower Eau de Lumiere. Then a few Lancome samples: two Genifique, one Visionnaire and one Energie de Vie.

The purchased items: The brush is a MAC 239S. MAC has replaced all of their natural bristles with synthetic, which is what the S at the end means. So you can easily tell apart old and new brushes by wether there’s an ‘S’ or not.

At the bottom of the pic there is a Catrice eyeshadow palette from the Lala Berlin Collection. It’s called Prismatic Palette C01 Prismatic Persian.

At the top I’ve got one of the new MAC Mineralize Items: Mineralize Skinfinish in Warm Aura.

The rest is Maybelline: Colorsensational matte metallic in 50 Gunmetal and Colorsensational metallic foil in 85 Zen and 105 Scorpion. Those two are my favorite Maybelline finishes, especially the metallic liquid lipsticks are out of this world. Now I own most of the colors, except for one I think, that was imo too close to another color.

Here are the color items: The Lala Berlin palette claims to be an eyeshadow palette but the pans are big enough for a highlighter brush. The colors are light bases with iredescent shimmer – the didn’t use the word ‘holo’ but tbh ‘prism’ means basically the same thing, doesn’t it?

MAC Warm Aura is a pink highlighter with four quadrants, from light to dark.

Metallic Foil Zen is a light bronze, Scorpion is red. The metallic matte Gunmetal may look black in the tube, but it’s really grey. I can’t wait to wear all these.

I just realized I forogt to put it in the picture but I also stocked up on my favorite foundation, the essence camouflage.

That was my haul and considering every store threw their ads at me I think I was being pretty good.

Reviews of the items will come later when I had time to test them. If there’s one you want sooner rather than later, please tell me, as my backlog is quite big.

All Used Up March 2018

All Used Up March 2018

Last month I had quite a few empties, I don’t think I can top that this month. But let’s see what I used up in march:

The Balea empties: middle of the pic is the Buttermilk & Lemon handcream, a sight often seen in my empties. For now I have another handcream but repurchase is not unlikely.

The two Magic Winter designs are from the advent calendar and not avalable as stand alones. The Bodylotion has a “vanilla ice cream” scent. Well, it did smell of vanilla dessert. I liked this body lotion, it was easy to work in (unlike the previous body lotion from the same line).

The shower gel comes with a gingerbread scent, and wow it did really smell like that. I liked it a lot and would have gotten a full size for the winter if it were available. Maybe they will recycle the scent. The calendar included three shower gels and two body lotions. I’m currently on the last shower gel, but now have to pair it with a normal body lotion.

A random assortment of items:

Dermasence Cream Soft, my new favoritest skin cream. When my pharmacy stopped carrying Bioderma I switched to Dermasence. Like Bioderma it is a pharmacy brand, but a German one, not French. They have this easy color system. Cream Soft is marked with blue and green, meaning it’s for normal skin and for oily skin. The cream contains mostly avocado oil and glycerin, making it light but moisturizing. There is a good amount of vitamin e and pro-vitamin b5, which has a soothing and repairing effect. There are smaller amounts of salicylic acid, lactic acid and benzoic acid. So it’s got both AHA and BHA, but I’m not sure how much exfoliation it achieves. I have used a stronger serum underneath and this cream as a topper. I felt moisturized, yet the cream is still lightweight which I loved.

I’d recommend this for everyone who needs a light and soohting cream. If you have no major skin problems this one alone should be enough. I have acne so I need stronger acids, but I like this as a topper. Reepurchase is possible, but atm I have too many creams lying about.

Batiste Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo: They are not kidding when they say Heavenly Volume. This is a cross between dry shampoo and hair spray. So like hair spray it leaves a sticky residue, but on the upside it does not leave the white powdery residue you get from normal dry shampoo. So it really depends on which residue you prefer. It got my hair fluffy and fresh like regular dry shampoo, the result lasted even longer than with normal Batiste. The volume was pretty good as well. But personally, I couldn’t live with the stickiness. No repurchase.

Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara TopCoat: Forbidden Volume was my favorite mascara line from essence, so naturally – they discontinued it. 😦 I grabbed two back ups of this item here: the mascara top coat. You apply it on top of your mascara, it goes on black. On the packaging it gives you only one promise: to lengthen your lashes. So it contains these fibers, you know the ones. And it really does make lashes longer, but also adds a bit of volume without clumping the lashes or making them too thick. It also made normal mascara water resistant, which is why I love it so much. Nothing beats the combo of regular mascara (any mascara will do) and this topper. Who needs a mascara base when you can have a good top coat? Would repurchase, but alas. Currently on tube nr. 2.

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser: so this is probably among the most expensive brush cleaners out there? But it is really good and lasted me for many years. It has a thick consistency like shampoo and you need only a drop per brush (or one drop for several eye brushes). Have a cheaper one for now, but who knows? If I end up missing it I might pick it up again.

And lastly a used up sample. The is Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup in the color 2C2 Pale Almond. Now I suspected it would be too dark for me – pre-packaged foundation never comes in light shades – but I wanted to try it as I’ve heard many good things so I went Oompa Loompa for a few days.

On top is a swipe of Pale Almond. Underneath my ususal colors: MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC15, Chanel Les Beiges 10 and Dior BB Creme in 010. So yes, 2C2 Pale Almond is way too dark for me, but I think Double Wear has a good range so I might find one that works for me.

The foundation had good coverage, stronger than Chanel Les Beiges (and much easier to blend), and a bit less than MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I didn’t smell anything, which I liked. Since this was a sample I applied with my fingers. A beauty blender will surely get more coverage out of it.

The finish was satiny, not comepletely matte, but also not luminous/shiny. It lasted very well, my nose got shiny around four to five hours, which is normal for me. It did not settle into fine lines and did not emphasize dry parts.

So I understand why everybody likes this foundation. I might someday look for a color match, but first I’ll have to use up some of my stash.


This was my list of empties for march. There may not be a post for April as I’ve only used up two items so far. We’ll see.

MAC Patrick Starr lipsticks + lipliners

MAC Patrick Starr lipsticks + lipliners

So here’s the two lipsticks and liners I also picked up from the previous Patrick Starr collection by MAC: She Betta Werrrk (matte) and Patrick Woo (matte), Brick and Edge to Edge. I liked that the cost was the same as for regular lipsticks and liners. Often you pay extra for special design. In that case I would have skipped them. The lip liners are available in the permanent range with the normal design. The lipsticks were LE.

Swatches: first the lip liner in Brick, the Patrick Woo, She Betta Werrrk and Edge to Edge. Both lipsticks are matte and I feel like the newer MAC mattes are a tad more creamy than old ones, so these don’t feel like your lips are dying while you wear the lipstick. The liners are darker than the lipsticks. You can see it in Patrick’s videos that he likes to do a visible gradient. This is especially useful for deeper skintones to ease into lighter colors. Neither lipstick really needs a liner, but I wore a liner with Patrick Woo most of the time, since you want to be more exact with red. I wore She Betta Werrrk with liner to test it out, but after that I used it without. She Betta Werrrk has quickly turned into an all time fav of mine. It’s just such a perfect nude, not too light or too orange, and it goes with everything. The only way I could love She Betta Werrrk even more if it was satin or amplified.

Comparison swatches:

MAC Red has a lot more blue undertone, and the finish is of course Satin. Ruby Woo is very similar to Patrick Woo (obviously) but it is retro matte and a bit deeper. I think you can see the difference in the pic. Ruby Woo is also sliiiightly more blue in undertone. The lip liner Ruby Woo has less pink undertone than the lipstick and is therefore the best match for Patrick Woo. Brick is darker and pinker. So if you want the closest color and Patrick Woo is already sold out, go for the Ruby Woo pencil.

Edge to Edge has clearly more blue undertones than She Betta Werrrk. Rosy Rim on the other hand, which was already my favoritest lip liner ever, turns out to be an almost exact match. So again, the lip liner might be the best dupe. Pink Plaid on the other hand, matches quite well to Edge to Edge. I don’t have the lipstick Please Me, but it might be a dupe for She Betta Werrrk.

I have not purchased the brown liner and lipstick as I think that would not go so well with my skin. It looks extremely lovely on Patrick’s mum, though.

Overall I really loved this collection and I think Patrick picked colors that would work for most people. I’m looking forward to his next collab with MAC, even though I don’t know yet if I’ll buy them.