MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Soft Frost

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Soft Frost

It’s snowing! Time for more ethereal glow!

This is the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in the color Soft Frost. I’ve wanted this since it came out, but many others wanted it too and so it was very often sold out. Luckily, this is a permanent item and keeps getting restocked so I finally have mine. In the pan it looks plain white, only when you tilt it just right you can see the purple shimmer.

Swatch! It’s purple alright. There’s not much of a color shift to it, it changes a little from more pink purple to more blue purple, but that’s only when you look very closely. So, there’s no duochrome quality to it. The base color does not apply as far as I can tell. On me it looks completely invisible unless the light hits in which case it looks like in this swatch. You can buff it out some to make it more subtle as well. So this should be wearable for all skintones despite looking stark white in the pan, but I only tested it on my skin of course.

The shimmer is very fine. I can see no sparkles in it. This is one of the finest highlighters I own.

On my cheeks it lasts about nine hours. Qualitywise one of the best highlighters I own and despite the fact that it’s purple it’s surprisingly wearable. The price is a bit steep though, imo. I do want to mention that Nyx has a very similar highlighter for a lot less money, the color pulls a bit more blue though.

Guerlain Insolence

Guerlain Insolence

I hear the Pantone color of the year is Ultraviolet. Except, when you look at their colored square, it seems just plain violet to me? Well, whatever floats their boat. Last year I posted my fav color combinations. This year I like them all, so I’ll just link to the official site instead: here. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to the combinations.

I hope we get some lovely nail polish collections out of that. But it’s friday, so let’s talk about perfume!

This sculptural thingy here is Guerlain‘s Insolence EdP. It was released in 2008, perfumer is Maurice Roucel. The EdP followed the EdT released in 2006.  So this year we celebrate the ten year anniversary of the EdP. Very recently Guerlain has repackaged several of their perfumes, including Insolence. They are now only available in frosted bee bottles. While the bee bottles are very pretty, it also means no more 30 ml sizes. So, just like I did with all the L’Artisans I own, I snagged up the old bottle when it went for cheap. I’m not sure if I’ll do it with the others, too. Maybe Samsara.

Many fans of Insolence are sad to see the special bottle go. Personally, I’m not overly atached to bottle designs. As far as I can tell from testers, the juice remained unchanged, so it seems this was only a repackaging so far, not a reformulation (yet).

Insolence is a violet perfume. It’s a powedery, intense violet. I think back when they released it – and maybe still today, violet was suuuper old fashioned. And Guerlain was like, so what and released a super intense violet. Those were the days. The EdT, which I am not reviewing because I don’t have it, is sweeter. The EdP is mostly powedry flowers: violet, iris, a tiny hint of orange blossom. There’s a tonka bean in the base (well, it’s a Guerlain) but this stays a violet through and through.

A single spray of this is enough to fumigate a whole room. It lasts up to twelve hours, usually there’s no need to reapply. It’s also pretty distinct, everyone who ever knowingly smelled Insolence will recognize it. However, not enough people wear it to make it annoyingly familiar (hello, LVEB).

I love it, because it makes no compromise. It doesn’t chase after trends.

I suggest you try it carefully, because this is a love it or hate it thing and you wouldn’t want to run around with an intense scrubber on your wrist.

All Used Up December 2017

All Used Up December 2017

And here’s the final post of my empties for 2017! It’s only skin care this time.

I am super late to the sheet mask trend, mostly because I don’t really use a whole lot of masks at all. Of course, that makes sheet masks especially useful, since they’re a one use product, meaning it won’t go bad on you. The brand here is La Juice, which I’ve never heard of before, but then I basically don’t know any of those sheet mask brands. I’m also not sure which of the words printed on there is the name of the product itself? Whatever. It was super easy to put on and then I looked like a mummy sitting around soaking the goodness up. It left me very hydrated when I took the sheet off. I’m not sure if it had any other effect than that, maybe it was a bit calming. See, this is my general problem with masks. Since you don’t use them everyday, how do you even tell if they work? In my opinion masks are only good for intense hydration for a few hours. This is what I got from the mask, and as such I’d say it was a good mask.

Same brand, La Juice, this time a purple mask I used a while later. The effect was in my opinion exactly the same: intense hydration for a short while, maybe calming. That’s it. The one on top claims to be anti aging, this one claims to help with skin elasticity. I don’t know, kids, it was just a one time use. I still have one more of the same brand to use and I might repurchase these, on the other hand there are so many sheet masks out there… Also I have some other masks to use up so for now I won’t repurchase any.

And we’re already halfway through the post. I used up a full size Balea body lotion called You Are Gold. This was LE and is not available anymore. It included fine golden shimmer and was a bit sticky. And the smell took me a while to decode until it hit me – it smells like Mugler Angel! Honestly that was a bit much for me so even if it were still available I wouldn’t buy it again.

And the other one is a sample of Vichy Ideal Body Lait-serum. It was only enough for a single use so I can’t say much. It was okay but it didn’t fill me with the desire to run out and buy a full size. It was a bit too thin for december weather, too.

You know I’m thinking of throwing away all my sample sachets. You don’t get a whole lot out of them anyway, they’re a pain to rip open and take a lot of space in storage since they don’t stack properly. This might be a good new year’s resolution. I have enough stuff to use, even if I throw away those. I’ll keep every sample that comes in a proper bottle.

Apart from that I am still on shower gel no buy, although I am steadily working through the backlog. I would have been much farther if I hadn’t broken the no buy for some unicorn shower gels last year, though.

In fact right now I am on compete skin care no buy, including face products. These things just somehow magically appear in my drawers, I swear. I am allowed to buy one item if there is only one single back up of the same type left. 🙂 Wait, no. I am allowed to buy one of the same if I open the last back up, that’s more like it.

OPI I’m not really a waitress

OPI I’m not really a waitress

So this is cleary a pic I took during december. It shows two coats of OPI nailpolish in the color I’m not really a waitress. This is an older OPI and a classic. It is also more liquid than I expected, resulting in flooded cuticles. 😦 But I guess that’s my fault. Should have been more careful.

The color itself is beautiful, a deep red with red shimmer. The polish lasted the usual three days without tip wear and then some minor tip wear. This is what I always get from OPI when wearing polish whithout top coat. My new year’s resolution is finally start wearing top coat, so in the future the wear time might change. But first we’ll have to slog through the polishes I wore in december. 🙂

Lolita Lempicka Sweet

Lolita Lempicka Sweet

Sooo, when I got Lolita Lempicka EdP I did a double tap and snatched up this one here, too, just in case they would vanish again. They were 50% off, so it was really two for the price of one. 🙂

Sweet EdP by Lolita Lempicka was released in 2014, perfumer is Anne Flipo. Don’t get it confused with its 2016 flanker, called So Sweet, which looks similar, but smells differently. Anne Flipo has created many masterpieces and also many sweet smelling bestsellers, sometimes those categories even overlap.

Sweet is really the sort of perfume I usually hate. The name is program, it’s a sticky sweet synthetic thing. Yet it’s nowhere near as screechy as LVEB (also by Flipo) or as annoying as Manifesto (also Flipo). It’s cherry candy with a little bit of cocoa later on, elegant iris (??? how does that even work), and as base some musk and cashmeran. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a masterpiece – I mean it’s a bright red cherry candy bottle and it smells like that, too. I think the Lolita Lempicka EdP is more of an intriguing thing, more complex, so if I’d call any Lempicka perfume a masterpiece it would be that one. But damn, if Sweet isn’t a real good drugstore perfume. Many drugstore perfumes, even those that cost far more, have a terrible cheap base like thin fabric softener. This one has actual quality base to it. If I put Sweet in a LPRN bottle and told you it was the newest flanker, you’d believe me. You would hate the perfume, because for a Guerlain it’d be terrible, but you would believe me.

But still, only try this if sticky sweet cherry with cocoa sounds like a good idea to you. Otherwise, stay away.

For me I’m wearing it when it’s sub-zero Celsius. When it’s warm, it’s a bit much. But I’ll totally keep it.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Pearl

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Pearl

Hello, everybody. I hope you arrived well in the new year. Over here, it is being cold and snowy right now, as it should be. Matching the weather my makeup style is very glowy, very pale in color. I’m never into pastels in spring, but in january they’re my favs. Same with highlighters, I’m putting the golds back on the shelf, now it’s all white and silver. So today I’ll be reviewing my first highlighter from Becca. It’s not actually my first Becca product, that was a summery liquid blush, but my first of their famous highlighters.

The packaging has a metal top, but the rest of it is rubbery. As you can imagine, it looks new for exactly three seconds. The powder itself, this is the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in the color Pearl, is white with white/platinum shimmer. I think Becca offers the same colors in different formulas, like liquid etc.

Swatch. It looks pretty close to the pan, doesn’t it? Some highlighters have a base color and a shimmer color, and often the base color doesn’t apply, so you’re left with only the shimmer. (If you don’t know what I mean, an example of that would be the Zoeva Spring Palette which looks off white in the pan but applies only in colored shimmer.) This one, on the other hand, applies definitely with base color, so you’re going to have a white patch or stripe on your face. This is what makes the highlighter so intense and noticeable (like, seriously, guys, this is a youtube/instagram style highlighter, no subtlety to be had) but also not suited for everybody. Luckily, Becca has many shades, including darker ones. My advice would be to get a shade that goes with your skin – unless you are a blending god/goddess who can make this work on dark skin, I mean I’m not going to tell you what do.

Here you can see Pearl applied on my temple. It really is blinding and white (for reference, my skin tone in MAC is NC 15). Also, I’m sorry but I think I’m not actually wearing any makeup here other than the highlighter… I was just so eager to put it on. When I wear primer and foundation the pores look less noticable. But this is the sort of color that would show imperfections.

The wear time on this is amazing. I’m talking fourteen hours and still looking good. The product is finely milled and applies easily, if a bit strong (on purpose). The price is not exactly cheap, though. Becca has so many highlighters out, very pretty shades, but I’m not sure if I’m going to get more…

Also, right now I’m testing a palette by BH Cosmetics, the Carli Bybel Deluxe palette, which includes a white highlighter that looks veeery similar to this. It’s not as fine, though, looks a bit more glittery. However, if that’s good enough for you I thought I’d mention it, since the whole palette is cheaper than a single from Becca.

MAC Snow Ball Pigment and Glitter Kit Pink

MAC Snow Ball Pigment and Glitter Kit Pink

Happy New Year! *throws glitter*

This is a queued post, so when you’re reading this I’m probably sleeping, haha. Unless I messed up the queue and it back posts to Jan, 1st of 2017…

My year in review: I’m actually shocked I managed to keep up my posting throughout the year as I’ve been mostly sleeping and working all the time and I can barely remember the year as I’ve been tired all the time. But there are a lot of posts so my schedule worked out fine. My plans for next year are to keep up the Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule. Productswise I want to pay more attention to drugstore brands because I found quite a few gems there this year and I hope they’ll keep it up. Most luxury brand releases left me unimpressed in 2017. I used to buy a lot more of those.

In 2017 I also bought wayyyy to many MAC products, like, help, I keep falling for those LEs, even though I know it’s silly. But I also gotta say they turned out to be good quality and I’m still using those items. My plans for next year is still to slow it down with the LEs and go for the regular items I’ve been wanting for a while. Let’s see how that turns out, though.

So to make this post not just boring blabber, I’ve also got a review for you! It’s the MAC Snowball Pigment and Glitter Kit in Pink. Yes, Snowball was the Holiday Collection and is already mostly sold out, however, those kits were released later on and right now this kit is still available on the MAC website and it’s even on sale. Also I think those pigment and glitter colors usually pop up again from time to time as well.

Well, the packaging this year was a dream.

And I like that the bag is in fact a lot bigger than it needed to be to hold the three minis. I think you can get about ten single shadows in there at least. The pigments included in this set were: Pigment Whisper Pink, the very lightest shade, Pigment Copper Sparkle, and Glitter Pink.

Swatches: Whisper Pink, Copper Sparkle and Pink.

All of those are loose and produce fallout and are best applied before the rest of the makeup.

Whisper Pink is very light and only barely pink. It’s really more of a shell color if you ask me. The shimmer is a light gold. In fact there is slightly bigger shimmer which is gold and smaller pink shimmer. The color is very pretty and works very well for me, although  am not sure if it works for darker skin tones. This can also be used as a highlighter as you can blend it out well and there’s no real base color.

Copper Sparkle is, well the name is what you get. The color is intense and opaque however, as you can see on my swatch, a bit crumbly at first. It’s best to put some out, then dip a brush in and then really swirl the brush around on the back of your hand before putting that onto your face, so the pigment applies smoothly. Once you do that it’s oky, but I don’t understand where the clumps come from. My full sized pigments don’t do this. I’ve right now pulled out my full sized pigments and I gotta say those are five thousand times smoother. The particles are so much smaller. Does MAC put lower grade pigments into their minis??? Or is it just the colors I have?

Pink is just loose pink glitter. This color is always available, at least in pro stores and online. As there is nothing that makes the glitter hold together or adhere anywhere it’s best used with glitter glue. Then you can just pack it on.

The pigments on the other hand can be used on their own and will – once you’re done and cleaned up the fallout – stick to where you put it. But you can also use mixing medium with the pigments to turn them into creams. The glitter though, even when you use glue there is always a piece of glitter that ends up somewhere like in your hair etc, but that’s just how loose glitter behaves.

Personally I like the colors but I think the best thing about the set is in fact the bag. 🙂 I wish the pigments were the same as the full size pigments but they’re not. As is, I don’t plan on getting more of these holiday kits in the future.

Lolita Lempicka EdP

Lolita Lempicka EdP

This is a bottle of Lolita Lempicka EdP by Lolita Lempicka, in the typical whimsical bottle. This perfume was released in 2012 and is still available. There was an older version from 1997 which is discontinued. The older bottle was more purple, while this is more blue. Usually I’m not a fan of fancy bottle design, but I truly love this fairy apple. The stem, which is also the sprayer is a bit fragile, sadly, so be careful not to drop it as it will fall onto the stem (the upper part of the apple is heavier). Normal spraying is okay, though.

The perfumer for Lolita Lempicka EdP is Annick Ménardo.

From the code on my bottle I can tell it was produced in 2016, which is interesting because last year when I used up my sample of this perfume I wrote the following lines in my  used up post:

I like it quite a bit. It smelled of cherry candy and liquorice. It smelled a bit dusty and light at the same time, like a young girl wearing an old dress. Quirky. Sadly, as far as I can tell, Lempicka aren’t sold in stores in Austria anymore and online retailers only have a few leftovers of this particular perfume.

It’s so funny because to me it feels like that episode where I used up a sample and went to buy the full size only to not find it anywhere (not even online – when I mentioned online retailers I meant like ebay) must have happened years ago – but it was only last year??? It must just have been a shortage in supply because only months afterwards this perfume was back at every drugstore chain. So now I have my bottle. I still love it. It’s sweet but so different from other sweet perfumes.

If you don’t know how it smells like I totally recommend at least trying it out. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but honestly I find it quite iconic.

MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson 2

MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson 2

I was debating back and forth if I should pick up the Taraji P. Henson 2 Viva Glam or not. It looked sooo pretty, but also not meant for pasty kids like me but when the promo for the next Viva Glam hit (Sia, a red one) I decided to snatch it up before it was gone for good.

Like the first Taraji P. Henson lipstick the whole case is bright pink. The lipstick itself is a dark bronze, the MAC finish is frost.

Swatch. Note how this is a proper metal finish unlike MAC’s ‘metallic’ finish. With frost finish you never know what you get, it can be a sheer glitter shade or it can be this, an opaque smooth shimmer. The texture is very slippery, it glides on so easily, but it also doesn’t last all that long on the lips. I’d give it like two hours, maybe three. If you have dark skin this could be an amazing nude-ish color for you, one that you can just reapply without a mirror. On me it’s more of a grunge kind of color, very stark and dark but not dark enough to be vampy.

To help the edges and also the wear time I have used lip liner with this color and I would recommend doing so, it helped a lot. First I used Whirl, as I thought it would be the closest match, but it turned out Whirl has a lot more red in. Then I used Stone and it worked perfectly. So despite being such a dark brown bronze, Taraji 2 is actually very cool toned. This makes it such an interesting and unique color.

I hope this helps you deciding on wether you want to pick it up or not. 🙂

Dolce & Gabbana the one

Dolce & Gabbana the one

Happy Holidays!

For today’s Fragrance Friday I have the perfume that probably surprised me the most this year (plus a tip if you’re still searching for a present):

This is Dolce & Gabbana the one EdT. It was released this year (2017); the nose is Michel Girard. If you’re as confused as I am, yes, the one EdP was released several years ago in 2006, but apparently they never released an EdT to go with it. There are several flankers already, though.

Now, my track record with Dolce & Gabbana perfumes is not the best. Some are nice but forgettable, some have a really nasty shrill fake sandalwood in them. I would have never tried this new EdT if it hadn’t been included as a GWP.

The good news is, there is no sandalwood in the one! The bad news is – well actually I have no bad news for you because I really, truly like this perfume!

It’s a lily perfume, but without the crushing presence lilies can have. It’s not really lightweight, as the main notes are lily, ylang ylang and vanilla, but it’s not a screechy sweet mess either! I’m honestly impressed. For other notes, I get some musk in the dry down, but that’s it. I don’t decect any of the fruit it’s supposed to have. That’s a good thing in my books, as there are so many fruity florals anyway. The biggest problem in perfumery is that so many perfumes smell alike. Now, this one isn’t super original either, but it’s still a fresh breath in the LVEB sea.

It lasts for to five hours. It doesn’t seem to have a strong sillage but it could be the sort of perfume that actually lingers around without you even noticing.

Worth a try if you like a soft lily.

MAC Fashion Fanatic

MAC Fashion Fanatic

This is the Fashion Fanatic palette by MAC. It’s part of the Girls palettes, which I think are LE, but available for six months? Anyway these are still available, but I don’t know for how much longer, sorry.

Back of the palette.

The color names were put on the plastic insert. I don’t know why they didn’t just print them on the palette, there’s enough space in the whimsical design. I hate those plastic sheets and usually throw them away.

The palette is actually heavy plastic, it’s not a cardboard palette, although the outer part could be cardboard, I’m not sure.

It contains eight eyeshadows of varying size and one highlighter. I picked up the Fashion Fanatic palette because of the pinks and purples. The other palettes gave me nothing I didn’t own already.

Swatches. The colors are: Totally Fierce (peach), Outfitted (taupe shimmer), On the Hip Side (taupe), Style & Influence (lilac), Shop Shop Shop (mauve), Mad Mod (mauve shimmer), Fahsion Fanatic (strong pink) and Wild Card (deep plum). The last swatch is the highlighter Must Have It.

Let’s start with the highlighter: Must Have It is a warm toned orange sort of terracotta color. It has a base color and a fine shimmer of the same color. I notice no color shift in it, what you see is what you get, although it applies sheerer than it looks like in the pan, otherwise it would be a blush. I can just about still wear it with my skin tone, but it warms me up noticeably. The shimmer is on the more subtle front. It’s an everyday sort of highlighter, not a youtube sort of highlighter. Actually the whole palette strikes me as being more for normal people. It’s colorful, but you mostly get very wearable looks.

On to the eyeshadows: with the exception of the mauve, the pink and the plum, the colors are pretty much pastel. They are on the light side and not super opaque but the colors show up on my lid. They need some patting on, but not too much. Also I noticed no fallout and they all blend well.

The worst shades by far are the two shimmery ones, or should I say glittery. They have no discernible base color once they’re on the lid, you can barely tell them apart. You totally don’t need both. I am usually okay with one badly pigmented glitter shade in a palette, but two? And one of them is in a big pan, too. Meanwhile the best colors in the palette (pink, mauve and plum) are in small pans.

My most used shade is Shop Shop Shop (mauve) by far. I’ve used it in every look I did with the palette – it’s really good but also the only transition shade in there. My second most used shade is Wild Card (plum).

I did all my testing on primer, as usual, and everything lasted the whole day (like ten, eleven hours). I was very pleased. This is without the glittery/shimmery shades, which did fade and wander about a bit, but were still mostly where I put them at the end of the day.

So for me this one was worth it because I love six of the eight shades and the colors work really well on my complexion. I can’t promise they’ll show up as nicely on darker skin, though. The highlighter could be a bit lighter for me, though. Maybe I’ll just use it as a blush in winter.

essence my love diary

essence my love diary

I’m still catching up on my nail polish posts, so here you have a mani monday:

This is essence the gel nail polish in the color 48 my love diary. This was included in last year’s advent calendar, which is why there’s a gingerbread man on it. Minus that sticker this nail polish should be available in their normal range.

The nail polish is a lovely dusty pink, not quite red, not quite mauve. It’s hard to describe but looks very lovely when worn. The pic was taken in direct sunlight and as such pulls a little yellow. Shown in the pic are as per usual two coats and no top coat. The polish applied easily and lasted for three days with minor tip wear.

I think this is the last item from last year’s calendar that I’ll review. Overall I was very pleased with it, some duds but mostly good stuff. Sadly this year had several repeat products so I didn’t buy it. This year I bought the Essie calendar instead which means there’ll be a lot of Essie swatches coming up in 2018. (I also got a Balea skin care calendar. Those items will only show up in used up posts.)

Chanel Coco EdT

Chanel Coco EdT

Just like No 5, Coco is a massive pillar in Chanel‘s perfume catalogue. It was released in 1984, perfumer is Jacques Polge. I suppose Coco was a smash hit because it’s still going pretty strong. Even if you don’t know what it smells like, you’ve probably smelled it without noticing. The lasting power of it is near endless. On skin you’ll wash it off but if you get it on a scarf or a jacket you’ll smell it the whole winter season. This is why from time to time you’ll pass a person and they’ll be in a cloud of Coco and probably not even know it themselves.

Coco is a massive eighties thing, just like Dior’s Poison, as ‘small’ as the hair used to be and as ‘subtle’ as the makeup used to be. It’s a spicy oriental and extremely different from everything else Chanel offers. There are two flankers to date, Coco Mademoiselle and Coco Noir. The flankers smell absolutely nothing like Coco, at all. I see a slight similarity between Mademoiselle (2001) and Noir (2012), but they are products of their time just like Coco is an eighties baby.

As always when I’m gearing up for a perfume review I’ve been wearing it several days in succession and I noticed that I’ve been smelling it less and less. This is not because it got truly weaker, but because it’s so intense and my brain started to tune it out after a while. This is also why I said you might meet people in a cloud of Coco who might not even know they smell like it. So my recommendation would be to not use it every day to give your nose and brain a break so you can get the full assault every time you spray it. Coco is not for the weak.

So it’s loud and obnoxious and naturally I love it. I just wish they sold their EdT’s in smaller bottles than 50 ml, because as I meantioned you can’t wear it evey day and it’ll take forever to use up. The EdP’s come in 35 ml but I fell in love with the EdT and I feel like they do not smell exactly alike.

I’m not even going to bother describing notes or how it smells like exactly as I can’t really pick any notes out and you’ve probably smelled it before anyway. It does have a bit of an oldtimer touch, since those who fell in love with it in the eighties and never stopped using it are now in their fifties/sixties and so that’s an association you might have. It’s funny because No 5, which is much older doesn’t have that sort of touch anymore – it was old when my parents were young so they’d never have worn it and nowadays you mostly get perfumistas and young girls wearing it. In 30 years there’ll be all those middle aged ladies wearing LVEB.

So in conclusion Coco is amazing and I love it and I’ve spent most of this fall being annoyed their newest release doesn’t have any of it’s charm or power. But then I guess they don’t need to remake Coco, as it already exists.

Sleek Lip Vip Superstar

Sleek Lip Vip Superstar

Alright, so after liking the highlighter and liquid lipsticks from Sleek I started to pay more attention to the brand and they have some new LE out, but I’m not sure if it’s a fall/winter or holiday or whatever. It just appeared with some cardboard pop up in my drugstore and the thing I noticed the most is that… the model on the display is NOT wearing any of the makeup being displayed? At all? It’s hilarious to look at. So I swatched the stuff and the eyeshadow palette was a total pass, really bad pigmentation. The creams were okay but regular colors. The two lipsticks seemed the best so I pickd up the darker one, called Superstar 1020. The cardboard packaging claims this to be a metallic lipstick, while the lipstick itself claims to be semi-matte.

The bullet is facetted, matching the outer packaging. It also shows off the shimmer really well. Personally I prefer regular, no nonsense lipstick bullets because with these facets you can accidentally smear lipstick where you don’t want it – at least if you’re like me and so used to a round bullet that you make weird movements with it you wouldn’t even notice unless you suddenly hit your skin atop your lip with a faceted bullet. But maybe that’s just me.

Swatch in the shade. I think semi-matte describes it very well, while I would not sign the metallic claim. There is very fine blue shimmer but you don’t really see it. That’s beautiful but not metallic in my books. And this from Sleek, who actually have good metallic liquid lipsticks!

Swatch in direct sunlight. It’s still a blue leaning berry color but you don’t really see any blue shimmer. However what looks like creaminess here is really the semi-matte finish with a little shimmer.

The packaging also promises a long wearing formula, and that is true as well. This lipstick has lasted up to six hours on me, only wearing off on the very inside of my lips when eating. That’s good. However, it did also feather over time, even when I started with a very crisp line. The color also had a tendency to bunch up, looking darker in some places. It felt very drying, like a MAC retro matte lipstick and it emphasizes dry skin, too. So I really like that color and that it is long wearing, but it’s not like the best lipstick ever.

As for lip liner, I’ve used it without and with and this is one lipstick I’d recommend to use with lipliner to help keep the edges clean. I’ve used MAC Nightmoth, my go to liner for dark colors because it’s the only dark one I have, but it worked. It’s not an exact match though.

I have no color comparison swatches for Superstar, because I have no lipstick that comes even close to that. The closest match I found is MAC Leap of Delight, but that one is totally matte and is darker. It was also LE.

All Used Up November 2017

All Used Up November 2017

Look, it didn’t take me another three months to do another used up post! Yay. Honestly I don’t even know if anyone reads these but I love doing these kinds of posts and I also love reading these kinds of posts on other people’s blogs, because it means putting your money where your mouth is, kinda? It’s one thing to review products you used for a bit, but which ones do you actually use up?

I’ve managed to use up some makeup again, which is why I’m giddy. But on to that later.

Firstly I don’t wanna bore you, but this is still my fav hand lotion. Already repurchased and I think I’ll stop showing it here to not spam you unless something changed in which case I’ll show it again (like with their Q10 handcream, my previous fav until they changed the formula). Shown in the pic is Balea‘s Handcreme Buttermilk & Lemon which smells fantastic.

More Balea: the infamous unicorn showergel from last year: Regenbogendusche. It had a sweet milky smell and I liked it. This was LE so I can’t repurchase it, but I did also buy the reissue they had on April 1st (same showergel, different picture). I couldn’t bring myself to use that one right after this one, so it’ll be a while until you see it in the empties. I was thinking about keeping the empty packaging, seeing as this was a stupidly hyped item and people actually paid sums for it on ebay (totally crazy since the original cost only between 55 cents and 80 cents) but I hate keeping litter so I threw it out anyway.

Also used up the Reinigungsöl/cleansing oil. This is still my favorite cleanser. It was originally discontinued but by the time I used this one here up and would have had to look around for something else, it was back on the shelves. So I bought a couple back ups, just to be safe. Like with the handcream I won’t show every single bottle I use up here to not bore you. Will update if something changes.

Another handcream, this time by Ahava, the Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream. At first I liked it because when you put it on it feels so good. But then and it took me a while to notice but it only ever happened when I used this particular handcream – my skin got really dry about 15 minutes later. I felt like parchment. Slathering on more didn’t make it any better. So I used it up (I’m very stubborn and also at first I wasn’t sure if it was the cream), but would never repurchase it.

And then I used up the Clarins Instant Light Blush/Eclat Minute Blush in the color Coral Tonic. Woot, woot! I mean how often do you use up color cosmetics and a cheek color, at that? Sure, you could say this was a pretty small amount of product containing only 7ml of blush, but then personally I prefer if a blush is sized so that I can reasonably use it up before it goes bad. Still, looking through my old posts, I swatched it here, and that post is from 2013 so it took me a while to use it up. Haha. It didn’t go bad, always smelled the same, just right at the end when there was barely anything left it thickened up and dried and that was it. I don’t care much about expiry dates since those exist mostly so that you can’t sue the company and it doesn’t mean the stuff goes toxic after that date. My rule is, if the smell stays the same and the texture doesn’t change either it is good to use. So Clarins had produced a real quality item here, it stayed fresh until the end and looked to amazing, plus was easy to use. I stand by my orignal assessment, if Clarins had come out with more of these I would have purchased them all but so far, it was only that one LE that had these blushes. Boo. Admittedly, when they went on sale I snagged up back ups and that might have helped with me using it up too. These were the only color items I ever bought backups for. Nowadays I probably wouldn’t do it as I own so much more makeup now. But then, these were really stellar…

CLARINS BRING THEM BACK! Why do they always discontinue the best items (like with that famous nail polish)?

Okay, enough with the Clarins love. I’ve used up yet another Batiste dry shampoo on my quest to try all the scents (or at least most). This is Blush, and it has left the least impression on me, smell-wise. This is actually good, because it means it’s neutral enough to use it with any perfume. Honestly I can’t even tell you what it smells like anymore even though I used it up only last week. Repurchase highly possible, once I’m done with the other scents.

And last item used up, the MAC CC Cream in the color Illuminate. This is my favorite primer, it comes with SPF 30, meaning I can skip on additional sun protection. The primer is very silicony, giving the usual benefits of that (filling out pores, little wrinkles, helping foundation to stay on) but of course not everyone likes that sort of finish. The color Illuminate is light lavender, making your face glow (will probably work best on light skin tones, there are other colors for darker tones). I use it to color correct my very yellow undertone, giving a neutral result. I love it and have already repurchased it.

All in all, I’m happy I used up some stuff, but it didn’t help in making my pile smaller that much, since I have back ups/repurchased most of these. 🙂 The pink Clarins blush is also almost used up so I’m expecting to see it here soon, other than that I don’t know how it’ll go on. I’m actually trying to use up more of my color cosmetics but no matter how often I use my Chanel lipsticks, they won’t get any smaller???

This concludes my last trash post of the year, see you in january hopefully for the next one.

Essie nail polish swatches

Essie nail polish swatches

We’re skipping Fragrance Friday today because I didn’t feel like it and also because I am super behind on my nail polish posts because my phone ate the pictures. But now I recovered the pics and I figured I’d just put all the Essie polishes into one post to catch up.

Essie had some leather collection thingy going on all with semi-matte finish. This is the dark blue one, called In hot purse-uit. It’s a beautiful dark blue with multicolored shimmer and a semi matte finish. Shown are two coats, no top coat. The polish lasted for four days without any chipping, then there was minor wear.

Same collection, the green Back in the Saddle. Absolutely beautiful and my fave out of the three in my mini set. Quality like the blue one.

Last I applied Tote-Ally in Love, expecting it to be like the other two. I must have gotten a dud. This one is aweful. The shimmer sank to the bottom and nothing made it reintegrate with the polish anymore. Note, this is a brand new bottle, not something standing around for years. The stuff that made the finish semi matte also vanished, making it weirdly shiny but in a bad way, not like a proper creme. The color also wasn’t even, my pinky finger really is that much lighter than my index finger, it’s not just the light. The polish was weirdly thin on application and the finished thing only lasted two days. I’ll probably throw this one out.

Then to raise our spirits I got a real good one again. This is Kimono-over. This is from a past collection, last year or so? Color is a dark purple creme, can look black but I think it’s visibly purple. Color beautiful, quality good, all wonderful.

This one is Over the Knee, also from a past collection but further past I think. It’s a warm brown with very slight coppery/red shimmer. The shimmer isn’t really visible on the nail but it helps the quality I think. With all the other polishes in this post I applied two coats, but this is just one because it applied fairly well. Looking at the pic I think I should have done a second coat, but irl it looked quite good. Lasted chip-free three days, would have done four if I had done two coats I’m sure.

And last but not least, cozy in cashmere, also an older collection polish, from a matte collection. The color is so, so pretty, a taupe with blue shimmer. It dries down matte very quickly, but must have been still wet underneath because I put dents in fast. Sadly the lasting power is not very good, something known from truly matte polishes. Essie got the formula a lot better with their semi-mattes (except for the red one above but I suspect I just got a bad bottle and that not all of them are like this).

And that concludes my quick nail polish catch up. Yay. Which is your favorite color? Do you like Essie? I hope you do because I got their advent calendar and that means there’s gonna be about twenty or so swatches coming in when I get around to put them on. See you next week, bye.

Sleek Matte Me Metallic liquid lipstick and Distorted Dreams Highlighter

Sleek Matte Me Metallic liquid lipstick and Distorted Dreams Highlighter

Hello and welcome to my first ever post about Sleek. This brand became available over here last year, but to be honest I looked the products over once, found nothing of interest and forgot about them. This year I started looking for metallic matte lipsticks and now here we are. (This post is not sponsored and I bought all products here myself).

… I kinda bought the whole display. I think it may have been a  summer collection or something because it has now been replaced by a Holiday/Winter looking thing, but I checked and all products made the jump into the normal display so hopefully they’re not LE and in the regular range now.

These are the highlighting palette Distorted Dreams 1030, which includes three cream highlighters and two powder highlighters, and three Matte Me Metallic liquid lipsticks, from left to right: Rusted Rose 1042, Volcanic 1043 and Roman Copper 1044.

The applicator looks like this. It is small compared to other brands and not fluffy at all. It felt kinda hard on my lips, but it was easy to get crisp lines which I find more important with a liquid lip than fluffiness.

Single swipe of all three colors, except I managed to mess up the order, sorry about that. So here we have Rusted Rose, a mauve color with frost shimmer, Roman Copper, which is straight up bronze and Volcanic, the most interesting color. It’s a duochrome shimmer shifting from pink to a weird earthy greenish grey, but the pink dominates on the lips.

You can see in the pic that a single swipe isn’t truly opaque. I have come to the realisation that metal liquid lipsticks are a lot like nail polish. They don’t always look good with one coat but you can do a second and then it’s all good. And unlike nailpolish you can add your second layer immediately. I got all colors opaque with two coats.

The Matte Me Metallic are the first metallics I have that are truly and totally matte. This dims the shimmer but that makes them properly metallic in my opinion (as opposed to simply shimmery).

They take a while to completely set, they feel sticky for about twenty minutes but they look dry sooner. The lasting power, though – for a matte liquid lipstick it’s disapointing. It lasts about four hours and wears off when eating on the inside of the lips immediately. It has the lasting power of a regular lipstick, not a liquid. On the upside, once you’re past the sticky stage they feel totally comfortable and are not drying. Compared to other liquid lipsticks, these feel more like a thin mousse.

I think these were the first three Matte Me Metallic, but Sleek has since released more colors. I actually like the ones I own and was willing to get more but all of the new colors have frost shimmer. These three offered some nice variety in color and shimmer, but I really don’t need more that are just like Rusted Rose, but with a slightly different color. Maybe I’ll check out their normal Matte Me range instead, the one without shimmer.

On to the highlighter!!!

Le swatches. The palette lists the names of shades in the back but I can’t tell which one is supposed to be which, so I’ll skip that. I swatched the two powders first, the gold and the pink and then the three creams, a peach, a blue (smallest pan in the middle) and a green that is to die for.

So, yes, cream and powder in the same palette. Lots of people dislike that and for good reason (the powder will contaminate the creams) but I wanted the palette so badly so I tried to be careful with it (with moderate success). Picking the powders up with a brush is the biggest offender here. Using fingers does not create that much flying powder and they actually apply well when using fingers as well (the powders I mean; I always apply creams with my fingers). However I have found that you’ll get the best and biggest impact when using a beauty blender. That’s how you get instagram-highlights out of these (both cream and powder).

All shades are very good, except for the lilacy pink powder, which has less base shimmer and more sparkle. They are invisible heads on (no base color) but show a strong shimmer when the light hits just so. They are among the strongest highlights I have used. While I was testing these out I have by pure chance watched a video by Manny MUA, who did a “Jeffree Star” Halloween look and offhandedly mentioned that Jeffree (famous highlighter lover)  likes Sleek highlighters best and now I can say I am not surprised.

Look at this pic I took at six am:

You may have to tilt your screen a bit, but that’s the green highlighter. A picture taken in better light because it was in the afternoon sun:

Yeah, baby. This is the blue one. It’s not like in your face blue, but it does give a very cool vibe.

The wear time of these is also very good I can still see them with the same intensity after eight hours. Most of my expensive highlighters don’t manage that. So, in conclusion I am now thoroughly in love with Sleek highlighters and I want them all.