Sleek Matte Me Metallic liquid lipstick and Distorted Dreams Highlighter

Sleek Matte Me Metallic liquid lipstick and Distorted Dreams Highlighter

Hello and welcome to my first ever post about Sleek. This brand became available over here last year, but to be honest I looked the products over once, found nothing of interest and forgot about them. This year I started looking for metallic matte lipsticks and now here we are. (This post is not sponsored and I bought all products here myself).

… I kinda bought the whole display. I think it may have been a  summer collection or something because it has now been replaced by a Holiday/Winter looking thing, but I checked and all products made the jump into the normal display so hopefully they’re not LE and in the regular range now.

These are the highlighting palette Distorted Dreams 1030, which includes three cream highlighters and two powder highlighters, and three Matte Me Metallic liquid lipsticks, from left to right: Rusted Rose 1042, Volcanic 1043 and Roman Copper 1044.

The applicator looks like this. It is small compared to other brands and not fluffy at all. It felt kinda hard on my lips, but it was easy to get crisp lines which I find more important with a liquid lip than fluffiness.

Single swipe of all three colors, except I managed to mess up the order, sorry about that. So here we have Rusted Rose, a mauve color with frost shimmer, Roman Copper, which is straight up bronze and Volcanic, the most interesting color. It’s a duochrome shimmer shifting from pink to a weird earthy greenish grey, but the pink dominates on the lips.

You can see in the pic that a single swipe isn’t truly opaque. I have come to the realisation that metal liquid lipsticks are a lot like nail polish. They don’t always look good with one coat but you can do a second and then it’s all good. And unlike nailpolish you can add your second layer immediately. I got all colors opaque with two coats.

The Matte Me Metallic are the first metallics I have that are truly and totally matte. This dims the shimmer but that makes them properly metallic in my opinion (as opposed to simply shimmery).

They take a while to completely set, they feel sticky for about twenty minutes but they look dry sooner. The lasting power, though – for a matte liquid lipstick it’s disapointing. It lasts about four hours and wears off when eating on the inside of the lips immediately. It has the lasting power of a regular lipstick, not a liquid. On the upside, once you’re past the sticky stage they feel totally comfortable and are not drying. Compared to other liquid lipsticks, these feel more like a thin mousse.

I think these were the first three Matte Me Metallic, but Sleek has since released more colors. I actually like the ones I own and was willing to get more but all of the new colors have frost shimmer. These three offered some nice variety in color and shimmer, but I really don’t need more that are just like Rusted Rose, but with a slightly different color. Maybe I’ll check out their normal Matte Me range instead, the one without shimmer.

On to the highlighter!!!

Le swatches. The palette lists the names of shades in the back but I can’t tell which one is supposed to be which, so I’ll skip that. I swatched the two powders first, the gold and the pink and then the three creams, a peach, a blue (smallest pan in the middle) and a green that is to die for.

So, yes, cream and powder in the same palette. Lots of people dislike that and for good reason (the powder will contaminate the creams) but I wanted the palette so badly so I tried to be careful with it (with moderate success). Picking the powders up with a brush is the biggest offender here. Using fingers does not create that much flying powder and they actually apply well when using fingers as well (the powders I mean; I always apply creams with my fingers). However I have found that you’ll get the best and biggest impact when using a beauty blender. That’s how you get instagram-highlights out of these (both cream and powder).

All shades are very good, except for the lilacy pink powder, which has less base shimmer and more sparkle. They are invisible heads on (no base color) but show a strong shimmer when the light hits just so. They are among the strongest highlights I have used. While I was testing these out I have by pure chance watched a video by Manny MUA, who did a “Jeffree Star” Halloween look and offhandedly mentioned that Jeffree (famous highlighter lover)  likes Sleek highlighters best and now I can say I am not surprised.

Look at this pic I took at six am:

You may have to tilt your screen a bit, but that’s the green highlighter. A picture taken in better light because it was in the afternoon sun:

Yeah, baby. This is the blue one. It’s not like in your face blue, but it does give a very cool vibe.

The wear time of these is also very good I can still see them with the same intensity after eight hours. Most of my expensive highlighters don’t manage that. So, in conclusion I am now thoroughly in love with Sleek highlighters and I want them all.

Zoeva Rodeo Belle

Zoeva Rodeo Belle

So, Zoeva has a couple of new palettes out, and they keep adding more new palettes. Deciding which one I wanted got overwhelming so I went for an old one instead:

This is Rodeo Belle, not new and in the regular range (aka non-LE). Huzzah.

The palette design is a bit underwhelming compared to what Zoeva is putting out now, but the shade selection is nice imho. The first row is warm toned, the second one is cool toned. There is both warm and cool neutrals in there and colors. The only truly matte shade is the pink in the middle. The others are at least a bit shimmery, though some apply with no visible shimmer (basically all of the neutral colors).

On to swatches:

The swatches are done in reverse today. First is the black, which is a really good black when applied to the eye, don’t get fooled by this single finger swipe here. You can see the red shimmer on the pic, but it’s not really visible on the eye. It looks a lot more shimmery in the pan, but I like that it applies with a good base color. The black is called Deadshot.

Next color is called Day Money, a cool toned dark grey. It is very soft, but applies without fallout and  opaque. Next is Smoking Gun, a, well, gubnmetal grey shimmer. It looks pretty dark in the swatch, but due to it’s high shimmer content can look lighter when worn on the lid due to the way the light hits it. Color itself is opaque.

The green is called Hot Wind. It’s shimmery with a golden shimmer tint, it is buttery and wonderful.

The blue is called Yee Haw; it has golden shimmer, making it very pretty. Wearing blue is a bit difficult for me but the color itself is of good quality.

Now we’ve reached the upper row. The red is Bang Bang, and it’s banging! This is the best red I own, hands down. The color is so strong, but it also blends out well (there’s no point in having lots of pigment if you can’t place and blend it properly) and is absolutely one of the best colors in the palette.

Western Diva is a warm toned mid tone brown. It is very useful to have in this palette because I prefer to pair most color looks with a warm brown. I usually placed this in the crease.

The next color is Cactus Flower. I think this corally pink is sooo pretty and was one of the main reasons I bought this- And then it turned out to be the worst color in the whole palette. Eh. It’s the only matte and it shows. Getting the color to actually show up on the lid and evenly is a fight. I have to pat it on gently three times for even coverage on my lids. What a pity.

Rodeo Ready, the light brown on the other hand is a good kid and the most used color for me. It’s already showing a dent. It might depend on your skin tone how useful this color is, but for me it’s a great warm allrounder. It is so warm it pulls slightly orange, which goes well with blue eyes.

The last, but really first color is Early Sunrise. It’s a shimmery beige, darker than my skin tone, but for most this will be the highlight color. I have used it as an all over wash to even out the lid before putting the rest on. The quality is okay, but I am not sure if it really applied opaque. It’s after all more a subtle highlight than a lid color.


And that’s the whole palette!

tl;dr: It’s a good one if the colors happen to be colors you want, because nobody will buy it for the neutrals even if they are good. Don’t buy it for the peachy pink, though. The rest is great. Best color is the red. Palette design is meh compared to newer Zoeva offerings.

Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireplace

Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireplace

Welcome to Fragrance Friday. It is a cold and misty early december day, just right for something like this:

This is Replica By the Fireplace EdT by Maison Margiela. In my tags this is still called “Maison Martin Margiela” as this is what the house used to be called but they shortened it down. I don’t want to change my old tags, though, so now you know where that tag comes from.

Alright, I have mentioned Replica Jazz Club in some posts before but I never ever bought it. Because while I liked the opening, I didn’t like the rest of it. And so, you see, the Replica line got bigger and bigger but I never really liked the perfumes in it. Until I found this one (By the Fireplace was released in 2015, but I only noticed it this year). The scent is smoky, sweet, ambery. This ia sweet perfume that proves that sweet doesn’t have to be that cheap, screeching sugar stuff you get in so many mainstream scents. You can have sweet and cozy and still be different!

The smoke in this is actual smoke. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s not the scent of incense or burning incense, it is like the smoke you get from a fire. Personally I don’t find that note too strong or harsh, but ymmv.

The sweetness is combined with chestnut. It smells like cake with chestnut filling or like chestnut confections such as “Maroniherzen” (but without the alcohol note those tend to have). It’s so cozy and yummy. It smells like sitting in your warm home, with a blanket and hot chocolate/tea and a book and some expensive sweets. Even if in reality you are outside in the chilly fog and can’t feel your toes anymore.

The scent stays mostly unchanged on me. The smoke wafts in and out. First I thought the smoke was more in the top notes and evaporates later but the more often I wear it the more I think I can still smell it later on. By the Fireplace lasts about seven hours on my skin.

This is what I wear when I want something cozier than my beloved Kenzo Jungle and lighter than Black Orchid, but stronger than Shalimar.

I strongly recommend testing By the Fireplace if “smoke and chestnut” sounds like heaven to you. Stay away if smoke sounds like a no go.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

*post based on free samples*

The MAC Studio Fix Fluid isn’t a new foundation, but MAC had some sort of promo going on for it lately and so I got two samples, NC 10 and NC 15.

Most of MAC’s liquid foundations are designed for combination to oily skin, they are meant to be long lasting. If your skin is dry you probably won’t be too happy with the finishes of the liquid foundations. I used to prefer the creamier compact foundations when my skin was drier, but I got the dry patches under control with a new skin care regime. Now my skin is more combination/normal rather than extremely combination (oily t-zone and very dry cheeks). So this is why I’m not repurchasing the Mineralize Compact anymore, even though I used to like it.

Back to Studio Fix Fluid: This foundation has no added perfume. It does, however have a super funky smell that you can notice for quite a while after application as well. It doesn’t mean it has gone bad already, that’s just how this thing smells and personally I like that they didn’t try to mask it with some obnoxious flowery scent, but if you’ve never tried Studio Fix before I think you should know about the smell. On the upside, no added perfume components means one less thing that can irritate your skin, which is good, especially if you’re oily (irritation makes skin produce more sebum aka more oil).

The Studio Fix has also a lot of powder in it. It needs to be shaken before use, so that the powder that sunk down can reintegrate with the liquid. The finish between medium and full and looks like you already powdered down. This is a really good foundation for oily skin, while someone with dry skin might feel like they’re in the desert. I found it comfortable to wear, though. I did need more highlighter than usual because the finish is very much not luminous.

When I review foundations I usually say that I got oily in the t-zone after four hours, which is normal etc. That is with powdering down. Well, with the Studio Fix I get four hours without putting powder on top and five hours of no shine if I add powder on top. That’s really good in my books.

Finally, some swatches:

First the two Studio Fix swatches, followed by my trusted MAC Studio Finish concealer, Chanel Les Beiges and my favorite foundation on earth: Essence Camouflage. The last three are quite close together, but the first two lean a lot more yellow if you ask me. Also, no that is not a typo. I swatched the Studio Fix in NC 15 and uinderneath the Studio Finish in NC 15 and they look completely different! I used to think MAC colors are always the same, just with slight differences, but that is not slight. So I unearthed my old Studio Finish in NC 20, from before I was careful with my sun protection.

First the concealer in NC 20, then the Fix fluid in NC 15. They are a lot closer than the other two above.

Soooo, if you think you know your MAC color and want the Studio Fix, go one shade lighter. I’m usually NC 15 and the Studio Fix in NC 10 was not too light for me. If you’re usually NC 10 – well, you’re out of luck. However, if normal MAC shade range is just a bit too light for you, the darkest Studio Fix might work.

So, overall I liked wearing this foundation. The wear was fantastic, the coverage what I personally need (in between medium and full although I could not build it up to full). The finish is just very powdery and also kinda thick. This is certainly no “no make up make up” foundation and it has not the slightest bit of dewyness. While I liked it, I didn’t like it enough to buy a full size.

Also keep in mind that with MAC foundations you always have to purchase an extra pump, so calculate that in if you want to buy one. At the moment since this foundation is being promoted you get a free pump if you buy it, though. (Might depend on country and store.)

Nyx Cosmic Metals Celestial

Nyx Cosmic Metals Celestial

Hello, let’s brighten our monday with some more metallic lips, shall we?

This is a tube of Cosmic Metals by Nyx, the shade is called Celestial (CMLC13).

It has a regular flocked applicator, although it is a bit fluffier than others I think. The product is very goopy and always sticks to the end like in the picture.

Swatch. The color is a warm gold. And yes, it is a lip gloss. On the packaging they call it lip cream, but come on guys, this is a gloss. It has that typical plush glossiness you can only ever get with lip gloss. The color is opaque though and for a lip gloss it lasts surprisingly well. But it’s still a gloss, so don’t expect it to be long lasting. I get about two hours, mayyyyybe three.

Is it metallic? I say yes, of course this is a gold color with gold shimmer, so that wasn’t too hard, but most of the other shades in the cosmic metals range look metallic as well. This range also has very cool colors like blues and greens and such. They look pretty but since the lasting power isn’t that great I decided to stick to a lighter color. It’s just not a liquid lipstick (even though a SA tried to claim that, don’t listen to them) and to be honest I’m not a big gloss wearer. If I were, I would get some of the more outlandish colors, because they are super opaque and they do last longer than regular glosses. They are also very pretty.

The gloss has no discernible taste or smell, which is great. The product is goopy and feels thick on the lips and is sticky – that’s what helps to keep it on. The lips feel moisturized while wearing it and in the evening the skin doesn’t feel like it wants to pop off. If there is a rest of product still on when you take your makeup off it is best to take it off seperately with some micellar water or else you’ll smear the goop all over the place.

Verdict: try out if you like opaque glosses.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau Fraiche (Wonder Woman)

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau Fraiche (Wonder Woman)

So, today’s perfume is:

Yay. This is Classique Eau Fraiche EdT by Jean Paul Gaultier. This is the Wonder Woman edition as you can see. But the juice is identical to Eau Fraiche Betty Boop, it’s just a different picture. Eau Fraiche is a flanker to the bestseller Classique, so it does not smell the same as Classique, but similar.

The Wonder Woman Edition was released this year, 2017. I think the Eau Fraiche has replaced the Summer edition, because the summer editions of Classique stopped in 2015, then there was the Betty Boop Eau Fraiche and now this one. Perfumer for the Eau Fraiche is Daphné Bugey.

Honestly I fell prey to the pretty design because I super, super loved the Wonder Woman solo movie. Releasing a designer perfume to go with it was a pretty clever move. Luckily by now it’s already sold with discount, probably because there’s a new edition next year.

The main notes of Eau Fraiche are orange blossom, jasmine and musk. It’s a very powdery, dusty sort of orange blossom, not the intense juicy kind you can get with a orange blossom soliflore. Underneath the powder there is also vanilla and a faint whiff of tiare. It reminds me of my beloved Yves Rocher showergel, just without the bubblegum.

For a perfume called an Eau Fraiche EdT it lasts very long. I easily get ten hours. The flowers get a bit less, but the musk and vanilla are here to stay. Despite the fact that it’s an orange blossom/jasmine concoction it truly is a fresher variant, it’s nowhere near as opulent as other orange blossom/jasmine/vanilla perfumes can be. The regular Classique is also pretty opulent, but is different since it does not have any jasmine (as far as I know at least). Eau Fraiche is light on the flowers, but has a lot of sweet musk which people will either love or hate.

I like it, but it’s another one of those that I can only wear from time to time, so that I don’t grow sick of it. So far I’ve been wearing it to every comic book movie and nobody complained yet.

A note on the packaging for those who have never opened a JPG perfume before: You hold it at the very bottom and then gently pull the can upwards.


MAC Lip Pencil Stone

MAC Lip Pencil Stone

Let’s talk about a useful item from MAC that is non-limited (with all these LEs it’s so easy to get sidetracked). It’s the lip pencil in the color Stone:

Stone has been around for a long time and proved so popular that MAC later on released a Stone lipstick to go with it. But I don’t have the lipstick, only the pencil. Stone is a greyish brown, a taupe so to say. The lighter your skin tone is, the browner this will appear on you and the darker you are the more the grey will pull out. This, like nudes, is a color that will look different on everyone.

Swatch. See how it looks pretty brown on me? It’s still a cool toned brown, but this pencil can look much cooler and more grey on others. Just so you get a feeling for it, Stone is quite a bit darker than the MAC liquid lipstick in Flesh Stone.

Stone comes with the usual MAC lip pencil quality. It applies well and helps the staying power of the lipstick. You can also use it alone or under lipgloss.

Examples of lipsticks you can pair it with:

MAC Stone (obviously); Maybelline Steel Chic (will make the deal opaque); L’Oreal x Balmain Legend; L’Oreal x Balmain Glamazone (will make color stronger and more opaque); Maybelline Gone Greige.

You can also use it underneath non-opaque shimmery things to give them a base color to shine on, use it with all sorts of nude lipsticks to pull them cooler, and use it with all sorts of soft pinks and corals to pull them more nude.

You see it’s a really versatile lip liner. I really go into the very cool toned lips this year (and the metals, but that’s another story).

Do you have Stone? What’s your most used lip liner? What’s the most useful one in your stash? Or do you not use liner at all?

Too Faced Melted Metal Debutante

Too Faced Melted Metal Debutante

Welcome back to: Dandygal tries to review all the metal lip thingies she can get her hands on. Today it’s Too Faced with their Melted Metal liquified metallic lipstick. Too Faced also have a product called Melted Matte, but note that it doesn’t say matte anywhere in the description of the metal one.

The item looks like this, the color is Debutante.

The unused applicator. It is shaped like those gloss plastic things, but is also flocked.

With product coming out.

It’s easy to mash this stuff onto your lips, but I wouldn’t get a dark color because I’m not sure how accurately I could apply it with this thing. As is, the color does not apply completely opaque.

Lip swatch. Debutante is a light coral with lots of gold shimmer in. It is not comepletely opaque and so the red of my lips shows through, pulling it more pink.

The melted metal finish is creamy and doesn’t dry down. So I would consider this a lip cream and not really a liquid lipstick as I expect a matte finish from a liquid lipstick. The upside is it’s nowhere near as drying as a liquid lipstick and when applying you can put it on your lower lip, press your lips together to distribute product and then finish the edges. This is how I usually apply regular lipstick. But you can’t do that with real liquid lipstick at all – if you press your lips together before the product is dry you’ll end up with a mess. The melted metal is a lot easier to use here.

The downside of it not being a matte liquid lipstick is obviously the lasting power. It never dries down and gets continuously less on your lips even if you do not eat or drink. After half an hour there is about half of it left on the lips but on the upside it reduces evenly so it always looks good. I ended up allpying more every couple hours. The squeeze tube houses 12 ml of product so I won’t be running out anytime soon.

Debutante has a weird sort of taste and smell, but it’s not very strong so I got used to it. The first ingredient is castor oil, that’s where it might come from?

To the most important question: is it metal? The shimmer is very fine so yes, I would consider this one here actual metal. So in that regard, this one is a winner.


Other “metal” lip products I have reviewed so far:

Mac Metallics Silver Spoon and Love’s a Gamble (both shimmery and not really metallic imho)

Maybelline Pure Gold and Steel Chic (truly metallic)

L.T. Piver Heliotrope Blanc

L.T. Piver Heliotrope Blanc

Alright, are you thinking, what the heck is L.T. Piver? Because that’s what I was thinking the first time I saw it, haha. Well, turns out, L.T. Piver is a really old french perfume brand, like Guerlain old. Except, as a quick googling just told me Guerlain opened up in 1828 and L.T. Piver opened up their first shop in 1774, so they’re actually older. Except the brand wasn’t yet called that and… okay this is getting complicated. Look it up yourself if interested.

The reason you might not have heard of the brand yet is that to my knowledge you can only get their stuff in barber shops and retro style places. Or maybe it’s just me who was not in the know so far, anyway long intro but here’s the perfume of the day:

It’s Heliotrope Blanc EdT by L.T. Piver. It came out in 1850 and is still being produced although of course I can’t say if the formula is still the same. The packaging is all retro and stuff, looks really cute. Sadly I already managed to ruin the golden cap I think by getting perfume on it which kinda dissolved the golden paint??? The sprayer is a little bit difficult, it does spray in the direction you point it at but the spray that comes out is bigger than you’d except so I dripped perfume all over the place…

What does it smell like? Well, like Heliotrope, obviously. Heliotrope is called the vanilla flower and for good reason. It smells a lot like play doh. Luckily this perfume smells like that, but in a non artifical way? It smells like vanilla and almonds and sugar before you start baking.There may be cookies in the future but not yet. That’s what it smells like.

So, really good, but also one note. I like wearing it but I don’t feel the need to wear it two days in a row. Once every couple weeks is enough. The scent does not change while wearing it and it has surprisingly great wear time – I got ten hours on skin out of it. Probably because it’s mostly base note anyway (base notes are base notes because they last the longest so you smell them at the end).

In a nutshell: good quality perfume and lovely smell if non artificial play doh sounds like something you want. Terrible packaging though the sprayer releases too much and it drops down the bottle later on god I just picked it up to examine it and a drop fell onto my laptop no!

Some swiping later everything still seems to be working. If you’re not hearing from me next week, there was a problem after all.


Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Pacific Green

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Pacific Green

This little tip belongs to a Chanel eyeliner, the Stylo Yeux Waterproof 925 Pacific Green. I think it was part of a past Spring Collection, but can still be found in stores today. I am generally a fan of the Stylo Yeux Waterproof, because they really are waterproof, they are easy to put on and the color range is big.

Two swatches. The color is sooo pretty, but despite the name I consider it to be more blue than green. It’s a greenish blue with multi colored cool toned shimmer. The mine is very soft which makes it hard to get a thin line. But with a color like that, do you even want a thin line? The liner works both on skin and on the waterline. You can also use it as an eyeshadow, you just gotta be careful because it’s so soft. Don’t press too hard.

Overall, this brings the usual Stylo Yeux Waterproof quality and lasts on skin until I take it off. On the waterline it lasts about four hours, maybe a bit less. It does not smudge but the bigger shimmer particles do wander around some.

A problem I have with my Stylo Yeux Waterproof collection (I have ten) is that some of them break off at the base. Like, the mine as such is whole, but it comes out of the casing. I tend to push it back gently and they’re still usable but they never reattach to the packaging. I used to store them upside down so I could see the color stripe (example shown here), but now I store them horizontally to avoid further breakage. This also sometimes happens with my Rouge Allure & Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks. I had a similar problem with a thin Estee Lauder lipstick from an LE (not their usual lipstick design) and an old MAC shadestick, but unlike the Chanel items which are still like new those two makeup items were also dried up so I chucked them out. I don’t understand why my Chanel things don’t like to stay properly in their packaging.

But the above is just a general observation. It has not yet happened with Pacific Green, which is a lovely eyeliner if you want the thicker, less crisp design of a soft pencil.

MAC Holiday 2017: Elle Belle, Shimmer & Spice, Stylishly Merry

MAC Holiday 2017: Elle Belle, Shimmer & Spice, Stylishly Merry

MAC‘s Holiday Collection hit the stores here at the start of November, as always. Some places get it a lot sooner, so I apologize if it’s already sold out where you are. The golden design is pretty and I got a matching shopping bag, too!

I tried to limit myself to the things that I filled a hole in my collection. So I got the Extra Dimension Shadow in Stylishly Merry, and the lipsticks in Shimmer & Spice (Frost) and Elle Belle (Amplified). The snowflake design is very pretty, but I already managed to wear most of it off in a single week.

Swatches! First Elle Belle, then Shimmer & Spice and last the eyeshadow Stylishly Merry.

Elle Belle (Amplified) is such a pretty deep berry red. I’d almost forgotten how good the amplified finish is. The color is rich, the finish creamy and the wear time superb. It loses some of the creaminess after a while and it pretty much wears like a matte lipstick. When eating it wore off on the inside of the lips, but not too much. Great lipstick. A similar lipstick with a tad more brown to it, making it more plummy, but with the same finish, is Dark Side. Dark Side is permanent, so if Elle Belle is already sold out, I would take a look at that one. A good lip liner to go with both of those would be Nightingale.

Shimmer & Spice is a frost finish. I’m still not entirely sure where the difference between frost, lustre and metallic lies. Shimmer & Spice is a clear base packed with red-bronze and gold shimmer particles. It is not opaque at all. (All swatches above are a single swipe btw.) It doesn’t get opaque with more layers either, but overall that makes the glitter bomb more wearable imho. I think it looks very festive on. Wear time is terrible, about two hours, maybe three. But it’s not hard to reapply, so I’m okay with that. Eating wipes it out completely except for some stray shimmer. It’s very pretty but not something you’d probably miss that much if it’s already sold out.

Stylishly Merry is sold as an Extra Dimension Shadow, like all shadows in this collection, but this one seems more like a dazzleshadow to me. I applied it with a flat synthetic brush and didn’t get the desired amount of product, so I wet the brush and that did it. With a wet brush the result looks like in the pan, which is soooo pretty. The color is a yellow gold, but with a duochrome color shift from a yellow so yellow it’s almost green (that particular color most people simply call yellow, but to me green-yellow is a different color) to pink. The shift is visible on the eye and very pretty. I made a simple look by applying this all over the lid liberally and pulling it upwards a bit. Then it looked more yellow on the lid and pink in the crease. Then I blended out the crease with a soft matte brown. Super easy but so effectful. I know no dupe for this, but if you like this you can check out the dazzleshadows. Wear time: I got creasing on the ten hour mark which is pretty good I think. (With eye primer, absolutely nothing lasts on me even an hour without.) There was fallout during the application but once I was done I didn’t get any additional glitter juming around on my face, so that’s good, too.

Overall I am very happy with what I got. I wish the eyeshadow would apply dry as it does wet, but I think the Extra Dimension Shadows aren’t actually meant to be opaque.

This collection is so festive I think I’m already out-holidayed with it. I don’t know what other brands could tempt me with now. Maybe I’ll pick up something later, but in the shimmer and gold department I am done right now.

Did you pick up any holiday items? Are you waiting for later releases or sales? Or are you skipping the whole thing?

YSL Mon Paris

YSL Mon Paris

This super cute bottle is YSL Mon Paris EdT, one of their newest fragrance releases. It was released in 2016. Perfumers are: Olivier Cresp, Harry Frémont, and Dora Baghriche-Arnaud.

Mon Paris is one of those perfumes inspired by LVEB. As such, my question is, who needs this? Don’t most perfume lovers who want one already own a LVEB clone or two? The bottle is really cute, though so maybe that’s the main draw.

In defense of Mon Paris I have to say it’s a bit lighter than LVEB. It starts with a chemical berry smell which gets overwhelmed by a bouquet of jasmine. There’s not as much jasmine as Alien has (but then, which perfume has) but I think jasmine haters won’t be fans of Mon Paris. Jasmine lovers on the other hand might like that this is jasmine without the ubiquitous orange blossom. The drydown is super generic and also weak. There’s a little bit of everything in it, but not enough to really pick anything out.

As such, the fragrance is okay, but the market is so saturated by chemical smelling sweet berry scents, some of which smell better than Mon Paris (many smell a lot worse, though) I have trouble being very enthusiastic about it. I’m waiting for the next perfumery trend. My verdict is that this is the perfect perfume for teenage girls (if they like that sort of thing) since it smells sweet and not as strong as LVEB and the bottle is very cute.

For a perfume that also sports sweet berry, but not so synthetic and more elegant, check out my review for Cartier La Panthere.

All Used Up August, September and October 2017

All Used Up August, September and October 2017

Wow, it’s been a while! Usually I try to get one of these posts up once a month or every other month, but whatever. It’s going to be a bit longer, then. Here’s the stuff I emptied in the last three months:

Benefit They’re Real mascara: this mini was part of a set and of course the mascara went way before the other products. At first I really liked the mascara and thought I’d buy a full size aferwards. I mean I still ike it but I have found other mascaras that work just as well so for now I won’t repurchase it. It gave my lashes length and volume and didn’t smear.

Chanel Le Volume Rouge Noir: You will notice a trend here. Some people really hate these mascara wands made of plastic (or whatever it is) with short bristles and I really, really love them. I absolutely adored the Rouge Noir color, which sadly was a LE. The Le Volume doesn’t give length, but it does add a lot of volume. This has the effect that lashes droop a bit and won’t keep the curl. My lashes are naturally curly so it works out for me despite the weight. When the Le Volume is new it is very wet and will be a pain to use. I have found the key is to open it once and then put it in the drawer and forget about it. Several months later it will have the perfect consistency. And no, the mascara won’t go bad in the meantime (just don’t leave it lying about for years). Le Volume does not smear on me (once it had some time to dry) or crumble.

Two small masks: Balea Reparierende Maske and Balea Reinigende Maske. These are supposed to be one time masks, but there was so much product in them that I used each for four or five days. Or rather, nights, as these are leave-on masks. Hence the sleepy face. I liked both, they were refreshing (both have a gel texture) and they plumped up my skin quite a bit. The next day there were visibly less fine lines. I don’t think they did anything else though. The blue cleansing mask didn’t result in less gunk in my pores or anything. Still, I liked them. I’m not sure if they were LE, though as I haven’t seen them in stores anymore?

Ingredients for the green repairing mask.

Ingredients for the blue cleansing mask.

Nivea two phase eye makeup remover: It was okay. I had removers that got the makeup off faster than this one, but on the plus side it did not feel that oily and left not much residue on my eye. Might repurchase if I find nothing better.

La Roche Posay Toleriane cleansing milk: my go-to cleanser for makeup free skin. It does claim to be able to remove makup, but don’t fall for it! It’s terrible at removing makeup! It is okay for a normal gentle cleanse, though. I take a blob of this (it has sort of a weird texture) and rub it all over my face. Then I take it off again with a wet cotton pad. It could be taken off with a dry pad but that leaves on too much product for my taste. This cleanser will leave residue, though, even when removing it with water. This is supposed to happen! The cleansing milk leaves a film of moisturisation on the skin while removing the gunk and dirt. Thus, I can skip the regular moisturizer and go straight for sun protection.

Batiste Cherry dry shampoo: am still on my mission to try allll the dry shampoo scents. I like this one here a lot, it smells a bit like Guerlain LPRN… So far Batiste is the brand that gives my hair the most fluffing up, which is my main reason to use dry shampoo (my hair is very limp). Repurchase of this one is highly likely.

From left to right: Lush Lemony Flutter, Colab dry shampoo tropical and a sample of Cavalli perfume.

I don’t like the smell of Lemony Flutter at all, but I love what it does to my skin so I buy it from time to time despite the scent. But the scent is really something. I use Lemony Flutter on my hands, cuticles, feet and sometimes elbows. I put it wherever I need heavy duty cream. It leaves my hands a bit oily for a few minutes, but I think that’s worth it. I do wish they offered a different scent. For now, no repurchase.

Colab tropical has a faint coconutty scent. It smells good, but nowhere near as strong or good as ‘paradise’ from the same brand. It truly does not leave white residue, but it also gives me less fluff than Batiste. And it left my hair feeling a bit sticky. Sorry, Colab I love your scents, but I’ll rather deal with white residue than sticky hair. No repurchase.

Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli is a massive powdery orange blossom scent. I like it enough to use up the samples (this isn’t my first) but not enough to go for a bottle.

Piz Buin Allergy Lotion: Haha, can you see where the writing wore off? It didn’t survive the combination of heat and sticky hands. Okay I love the formula. It smells good, it protects really well and it does not give me angry, dry red spots on my skin (this happens a lot to me when using the wrong sun care). Thus I bought two more bottles long before I ran out of this one. Only after that I realized how terrible the packaging is! Once you used up the first half the product refuses to come out of the bottle. The opening is tiny, the lotion very thick and the bottle very sturdy and hard to squeeze. I hate it! So I will use up the bottles I stupidly already bought, but after that I’ll only consider this again if they change the packaging!

List of ingredients for Piz Buin.

This is almost the whole list as right now I realize I forgot to photograph a shower gel I used up. I’l put it in the next post. This brings us to the end of my empties for now. See you on the next one!

MAC eyeshadows Haux, Corduroy

MAC eyeshadows Haux, Corduroy

Amidst the LE madness, let’s take some time to appreciate some gems from the regular lineup. Those two pans might not look like much, but they are so useful to me. Shown here are the MAC single eyeshadows in Haux (the lighter one) and Corduroy. I don’t know the official MAC finishes, because the refill pans don’t list them. Haux has a little bit of shimmer and Corduroy seems to have none at all. Both apply matte-looking.

How do I store my refill pans?

Like this. Sure, I could buy an empty MAC palette plus eyeshadow insert, but then… the refills have a magnet at the bottom and are happy to attach to anything metallic. So I put them in this little box here.

Swatch time. First Haux, then Corduroy. Again, they don’t look like much, but for most looks you want colors like these for the crease, or blending (or worn alone).

Haux is absolutely perfect for pale skins. It darkens the lid, but not too harshly. It works both as a subtle crease color or transition color or worn all over the lid. I often put only Haux all over and nothing else. Haux is buttery and blends easily, producing no fallout. It is also pigmented enough. When I doubt, I reach for Haux.

Corduroy is a mid tone brown. It looks pretty dark here, but in reality there are many browns much darker than this. It’s a tad more powedery but I didn’t notice any fallout either. I use this as a crease color or as liner when I want only a gentle brown line. I pair most colorful looks with a brown crease as I feel that helps calming/taming the color.

On me both eyeshadows wear all day (aka 12 hours) with primer. (Without primer nothing stays on my lids at all so I never wear eyeshadow without.)

I can really recommend these two if you’re looking for neutral single shadows.


Cartier La Panthere

Cartier La Panthere

I just noticed someone landed on my blog by googling “(name of product) temptalia” and I’m like gosh I’m so sorry you wanted high quality comparison swatches and landed here instead. Oh dear.

In other, also totally unrelated news I haven’t posted any nailpolish for weeks. That’s not because I didn’t use any nailpolish, but because I take those pictures on my phone and my phone hates my computer or the other way round, anway there are pics on instagram but otherwise I can’t currently access those pics… Sorry they’ll show up sometime, they always do.

Alright and now back to some actual quality content… sorta. It’s Friday you know that means Fragrance Review Day!

Just like Sisley, Cartier does some high quality GWPs. This is a mini of La Panthere EdP. The new one, obviously. La Panthere was released in 2014 and by now has collected some flankers to go with it, but this review is for the 2014 pillar. There was also a perfume in the eighties called Panthere, but it smelled completely different. Different bottle, too.

I’ve already reviewed the flanker La Panthere Legere here. Legere has a different notes list, but it does smell similar to La Panthere. Legere is lighter than this one and now that I’ve smelled both, I greatly prefer La Panthere EdP.

So at the very beginning it smells like roses and I’m like ‘why’, and ‘nooooo’. But then it changes and some sweet gardenia gets through. Yesss. I still should actually hate this, becuase it is a fruity floral and I’m so not a fan of those in general, but somehow La Panthere manages to not go the obnoxious fruity floral route and stays classy instead. As classy as you can be with a strawberry note I mean. I do think it’s dried strawberry I’m smelling here. Or maybe other dried red fruits. The gardenia and fruit stage lasts pretty long, five to six hours I’d say. The base is kinda meh, like a bit of musk and something else, but rather thin. At this point I’ll either get a shower or just reapply the perfume from my little purse spray here.

The nose of La Panthere is Mathilde Laurent, who does most of Cartier’s perfumes.

Try this if: you want to know how a not super cheap strawberry perfume could smell like. Because let’s be honest strawberry usually gets the short end of the quality stick in perfumery.

MAC Brow Set Clear

MAC Brow Set Clear

Hello everybody! I hope you’re well. Can you believe it’s November already? What?

Today I’ve got the MAC Brow Set in the color Clear for you. Honestly this isn’t as much a review as it is simply a bottle porn post. Just look at the clear gel and the bubbles and gah! So good! It doesn’t stay like that once you start using it that’s for sure. I won’t post a pic of how it looks now, because gross. You might see the rest of it in a used up post some day in the future.

It started out smelling a lot like glue but has since mellowed down. I’ve been using it for several months by now. It’s pretty much what’s promised. The color is clear and it’s a gel that sets your brows. It lasts okay, up to twelve hours I’d say. You don’t see it unless you put on a lot. The brow hair is stiffer once the gel has set and stays in place.

Using a clear gel is easier than a colored brow gel because if you mess up, nobody sees it anyway. So when I want to be quick, it’s actually better to use a pencil first and then the clear gel rather than using a colored gel on its own. This is also why the gel gets gross looking after a while, because you touch the brush to your pencilled or powedered brow and then back into the tube. I mean the colored gel probably gets gross too but I don’t see it.

And that’s it for this review. No swatch, obviously, since you wouldn’t see anything anyway. What’s your preferred way of doing brows? Do you have enough natural brow hair that you need to set it at all?

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Beige Doré

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Beige Doré

This is Beige Doré Rouge Coco Shine from Chanel‘s Spring 2017 LE. Yes I know it’s the end of October right now, but you’ll see you didn’t miss much.

Swatch. It doesn’t get any more intense than that. It’s a very light gold color with some gold shimmer. Sadly, there is really only very little shimmer. I mean Rouge Coco Shines are supposed to be sheer, but usually they pack a  little more punch than that. If only it had more shimmer, it would have been right on trend! But… nah. On the lips you basically don’t see much color; you see the glossiness. It’s a glorified lip balm. I mean if you love Rouge Coco Shines you know what you’re getting into and I’ve actually used it quite a bit for no make up make up and such, but… you didn’t really miss much if you din’t get this one.

For comparison, here’s what the Maybelline Metallic Pure Gold looks like (lower swatch):

And this one isn’t opaque either!

And this is how I got a Chanel lipstick for 70% off. No, Chanel don’t do reductions usually. The vendor just really, really wanted this one gone. And if I wasn’t the sort of decadent person who likes using Rouge Coco Shines as lip balm I’d have still been ripped off.

Tune in next week when there will probably be another lipstick review with some visible color and real shimmer!

L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 10

L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 10

Mon Numero 10 EdP by L’Artisan Parfumeur comes from an originally limited edition and was included in the regular lineup in 2014. I still have the older, pre-black bottle era packaging.  The 30 ml size has the same cap as the bigger perfumes, making the bottle look even smaller. Perfumer is Bertrand Douchafour.

Personally I love it lots and lots and I’m honestly confused that I haven’t reviewed it before, since it was my second ever Artisan bottle??? It is a hefty dose of cinnamon with a bit of wood, lots of tonka and some unlit incense. You know, like, it’s not smoky but incensy, like how incense smells completely different once lit? It’s perfectly suited for cooler weather when you want something cozy, but not too cozy. The incense gives it character; this isn’t a fluffy cloud. I guess for some people the scent might fall apart as the ingredients differ a lot, but for me it just about works out as a whole.

The official notes list on the packaging says: “incense, cardamom, leather, tonka bean”.

Uh, okay? I’m not getting leather, not compared to my real leather paerfumes. Cardamom, sure why not. But I’m confused they don’t list any cinnamon as to my nose that’s really the major component? But who knows, maybe it’s my nose that’s out of alignment.

Try this if: well, if you can find it in the first place, but mostly if you’re looking for an unsweet cinnamon offering. I mean yes there’s plenty of tonka bean but it’s still less sweet than a Guerlain, for example.