MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Plum Foolery

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Plum Foolery

Before I jump into today’s post I’d like to tell you that MAC will re-release fan favorite Whisper of Gilt and this time around it’s here to stay. You can see my swatch and review of Whisper of Gilt here.

Shown in this pic is the Sheertone Shimmer Blush in the color Plum Foolery by MAC. This is a permanent item. MAC’s regular blushes don’t get as much attention, as there is always something limited going on. MAC has four different blush formulas going on: the regular powder blush, the sheertone shimmer, mineralize and extra dimension, so it’s easy to lose track.

This one here is my first sheertone shimmer.

Swatch. There is some shimmer, but compared to the extra dimension blushes it’s sparse. There is more shimmer than in the regular powder blushes. The color applies true to pan, but as the name says sheer (which is good in my books because blending blush that is too pigmented is annoying). The color is plummy, with some pink and some brown undertones. The shimmer is multicolored but appears mostly gold. My pictures here pull a bit yellow. Depending on the light the color has more brown or more pink/berry.

I think it’s a great blush, as it is easy to blend, but also gives a good amount of color in one go. It lasts all day on me.

Plum Foolery goes well with any dark lip. Applied lightly I also wear it with nude lips. For me it’s one of the darker blush colors I can still pull off (my skin tone is NC15). For deeper skins this could be a lovely everyday blush.

I have noticed this with most MAC blushes, that they oxidize a bit after application. The first time I apply them, I barely see anything on my skin and so I apply more and more, which is a mistake. Because somehow MAC blushes need a minute to show up? So now I know to only apply one go, then do something else and only later check if I need more blush (and usually I don’t). I don’t know why this happens, my blushes from other brands don’t do this. The upside is that they tend to look quite natural, as they pretty much melt into my skin. But this is something to watch out for.

Overall Plum Foolery is a great blush, although depending on your style maybe more suited to autumn/winter.

Serge Lutens Serge Noire

Serge Lutens Serge Noire

No, this is not a promo pic. This is my living room shelf. Took me only two years to realize it might be a good background.

The bottle is Serge Lutens Serge noire EdP. This is the old 50 ml bottle. The new ones look a bit different. After I took the pic I put in the sprayer, so now it looks a bit different. I like how some brands give you the option to either spray or use it as a splash bottle.

This is my first Serge Lutens. I’ve been sampling them in the store on and off, but could never decide which one to get. In the end, Serge noire won because it was the most different from what I already owned.

Serge noire was released ten years ago, in 2008. Perfumers are Christopher Sheldrake and Serge Lutens.

I don’t know what the offical notes list is. Serge Lutens has a tendency for the sort of marketing babble I have no patience for. So here’s what I think I’m smelling:

Incense which fades out softly (the whole perfume is very long lasting with good sillage), amber and vanilla (the vanilla may be part of the amber mix). Something spicy I can’t put my finger on. Not cumin or cardamom, not pepper. Later on I get some cinnamon.

The perfume is weirdly transparent, as in it’s actually quite strong (like I said, sillage and lasting power) yet it’s not as clogging as a strong perfume can be. Maybe because it lacks any flowers. Flowers can feel suffocating.

Wearing Serge noire makes me feel competent, like I can take anything on. It’s warm, yet at the same time keeps it’s distance.

I like it a lot and that’s bad because now I don’t know if I found my one hit wonder from Serge Lutens or if I should go hunt some more old bottles…

Woman Day Haul Spring 2018

Woman Day Haul Spring 2018

It is April, which here in Austria means Woman Day craziness. Woman Day is a twice yearly shopping extravaganza, where most stores will give you discount. It even extends to stuff like phone contracts by now. (Some stores also call it Gentleman Day or both.) I only did a little shopping:

So the majority of that is samples. I got two samples of Kenzo World (I call it Augenkenzo – the Eye Kenzo) and one of Kenzo Flower Eau de Lumiere. Then a few Lancome samples: two Genifique, one Visionnaire and one Energie de Vie.

The purchased items: The brush is a MAC 239S. MAC has replaced all of their natural bristles with synthetic, which is what the S at the end means. So you can easily tell apart old and new brushes by wether there’s an ‘S’ or not.

At the bottom of the pic there is a Catrice eyeshadow palette from the Lala Berlin Collection. It’s called Prismatic Palette C01 Prismatic Persian.

At the top I’ve got one of the new MAC Mineralize Items: Mineralize Skinfinish in Warm Aura.

The rest is Maybelline: Colorsensational matte metallic in 50 Gunmetal and Colorsensational metallic foil in 85 Zen and 105 Scorpion. Those two are my favorite Maybelline finishes, especially the metallic liquid lipsticks are out of this world. Now I own most of the colors, except for one I think, that was imo too close to another color.

Here are the color items: The Lala Berlin palette claims to be an eyeshadow palette but the pans are big enough for a highlighter brush. The colors are light bases with iredescent shimmer – the didn’t use the word ‘holo’ but tbh ‘prism’ means basically the same thing, doesn’t it?

MAC Warm Aura is a pink highlighter with four quadrants, from light to dark.

Metallic Foil Zen is a light bronze, Scorpion is red. The metallic matte Gunmetal may look black in the tube, but it’s really grey. I can’t wait to wear all these.

I just realized I forogt to put it in the picture but I also stocked up on my favorite foundation, the essence camouflage.

That was my haul and considering every store threw their ads at me I think I was being pretty good.

Reviews of the items will come later when I had time to test them. If there’s one you want sooner rather than later, please tell me, as my backlog is quite big.

All Used Up March 2018

All Used Up March 2018

Last month I had quite a few empties, I don’t think I can top that this month. But let’s see what I used up in march:

The Balea empties: middle of the pic is the Buttermilk & Lemon handcream, a sight often seen in my empties. For now I have another handcream but repurchase is not unlikely.

The two Magic Winter designs are from the advent calendar and not avalable as stand alones. The Bodylotion has a “vanilla ice cream” scent. Well, it did smell of vanilla dessert. I liked this body lotion, it was easy to work in (unlike the previous body lotion from the same line).

The shower gel comes with a gingerbread scent, and wow it did really smell like that. I liked it a lot and would have gotten a full size for the winter if it were available. Maybe they will recycle the scent. The calendar included three shower gels and two body lotions. I’m currently on the last shower gel, but now have to pair it with a normal body lotion.

A random assortment of items:

Dermasence Cream Soft, my new favoritest skin cream. When my pharmacy stopped carrying Bioderma I switched to Dermasence. Like Bioderma it is a pharmacy brand, but a German one, not French. They have this easy color system. Cream Soft is marked with blue and green, meaning it’s for normal skin and for oily skin. The cream contains mostly avocado oil and glycerin, making it light but moisturizing. There is a good amount of vitamin e and pro-vitamin b5, which has a soothing and repairing effect. There are smaller amounts of salicylic acid, lactic acid and benzoic acid. So it’s got both AHA and BHA, but I’m not sure how much exfoliation it achieves. I have used a stronger serum underneath and this cream as a topper. I felt moisturized, yet the cream is still lightweight which I loved.

I’d recommend this for everyone who needs a light and soohting cream. If you have no major skin problems this one alone should be enough. I have acne so I need stronger acids, but I like this as a topper. Reepurchase is possible, but atm I have too many creams lying about.

Batiste Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo: They are not kidding when they say Heavenly Volume. This is a cross between dry shampoo and hair spray. So like hair spray it leaves a sticky residue, but on the upside it does not leave the white powdery residue you get from normal dry shampoo. So it really depends on which residue you prefer. It got my hair fluffy and fresh like regular dry shampoo, the result lasted even longer than with normal Batiste. The volume was pretty good as well. But personally, I couldn’t live with the stickiness. No repurchase.

Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara TopCoat: Forbidden Volume was my favorite mascara line from essence, so naturally – they discontinued it. 😦 I grabbed two back ups of this item here: the mascara top coat. You apply it on top of your mascara, it goes on black. On the packaging it gives you only one promise: to lengthen your lashes. So it contains these fibers, you know the ones. And it really does make lashes longer, but also adds a bit of volume without clumping the lashes or making them too thick. It also made normal mascara water resistant, which is why I love it so much. Nothing beats the combo of regular mascara (any mascara will do) and this topper. Who needs a mascara base when you can have a good top coat? Would repurchase, but alas. Currently on tube nr. 2.

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser: so this is probably among the most expensive brush cleaners out there? But it is really good and lasted me for many years. It has a thick consistency like shampoo and you need only a drop per brush (or one drop for several eye brushes). Have a cheaper one for now, but who knows? If I end up missing it I might pick it up again.

And lastly a used up sample. The is Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup in the color 2C2 Pale Almond. Now I suspected it would be too dark for me – pre-packaged foundation never comes in light shades – but I wanted to try it as I’ve heard many good things so I went Oompa Loompa for a few days.

On top is a swipe of Pale Almond. Underneath my ususal colors: MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC15, Chanel Les Beiges 10 and Dior BB Creme in 010. So yes, 2C2 Pale Almond is way too dark for me, but I think Double Wear has a good range so I might find one that works for me.

The foundation had good coverage, stronger than Chanel Les Beiges (and much easier to blend), and a bit less than MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I didn’t smell anything, which I liked. Since this was a sample I applied with my fingers. A beauty blender will surely get more coverage out of it.

The finish was satiny, not comepletely matte, but also not luminous/shiny. It lasted very well, my nose got shiny around four to five hours, which is normal for me. It did not settle into fine lines and did not emphasize dry parts.

So I understand why everybody likes this foundation. I might someday look for a color match, but first I’ll have to use up some of my stash.


This was my list of empties for march. There may not be a post for April as I’ve only used up two items so far. We’ll see.

Hermès Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

Hermès Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

Happy Friday 13th. 🙂

This cute and tiny bottle is Hermès Un Jardin Sur Le Nil EdT. This was first released in 2005, perfumer is Jean-Claude Ellena. Like most Jardins this smells kinda green. And like most Hermès, this is light footed and airy. It does still last about five hours on me (just very light).

Have you ever plucked tomatoes from the stem? It smells like that, except with added citrus. Very refreshing yet weirdly enough, kinda super elegant. When the zesty citrus leaves I smell something lightly sweeter (in comparison, not generally sweet). But I really can’t put my finger on it. It could be any note.

Right now I am in the mood for that kind of thing. Winter has gone on long enough. It’s not the sort of perfume I could wear everyday (I could wear no perfume everyday, that sounds so boring) and I think when I wear it too often I also stop noticing the smell. But once a week or whenever it is such a refreshing perfume. It’s funny because usually I’m not into green perfumes, but I do like citrus, so that works out somehow.

Try it if: you feel like you need a cool unsweetened drink.

MAC Patrick Starr lipsticks + lipliners

MAC Patrick Starr lipsticks + lipliners

So here’s the two lipsticks and liners I also picked up from the previous Patrick Starr collection by MAC: She Betta Werrrk (matte) and Patrick Woo (matte), Brick and Edge to Edge. I liked that the cost was the same as for regular lipsticks and liners. Often you pay extra for special design. In that case I would have skipped them. The lip liners are available in the permanent range with the normal design. The lipsticks were LE.

Swatches: first the lip liner in Brick, the Patrick Woo, She Betta Werrrk and Edge to Edge. Both lipsticks are matte and I feel like the newer MAC mattes are a tad more creamy than old ones, so these don’t feel like your lips are dying while you wear the lipstick. The liners are darker than the lipsticks. You can see it in Patrick’s videos that he likes to do a visible gradient. This is especially useful for deeper skintones to ease into lighter colors. Neither lipstick really needs a liner, but I wore a liner with Patrick Woo most of the time, since you want to be more exact with red. I wore She Betta Werrrk with liner to test it out, but after that I used it without. She Betta Werrrk has quickly turned into an all time fav of mine. It’s just such a perfect nude, not too light or too orange, and it goes with everything. The only way I could love She Betta Werrrk even more if it was satin or amplified.

Comparison swatches:

MAC Red has a lot more blue undertone, and the finish is of course Satin. Ruby Woo is very similar to Patrick Woo (obviously) but it is retro matte and a bit deeper. I think you can see the difference in the pic. Ruby Woo is also sliiiightly more blue in undertone. The lip liner Ruby Woo has less pink undertone than the lipstick and is therefore the best match for Patrick Woo. Brick is darker and pinker. So if you want the closest color and Patrick Woo is already sold out, go for the Ruby Woo pencil.

Edge to Edge has clearly more blue undertones than She Betta Werrrk. Rosy Rim on the other hand, which was already my favoritest lip liner ever, turns out to be an almost exact match. So again, the lip liner might be the best dupe. Pink Plaid on the other hand, matches quite well to Edge to Edge. I don’t have the lipstick Please Me, but it might be a dupe for She Betta Werrrk.

I have not purchased the brown liner and lipstick as I think that would not go so well with my skin. It looks extremely lovely on Patrick’s mum, though.

Overall I really loved this collection and I think Patrick picked colors that would work for most people. I’m looking forward to his next collab with MAC, even though I don’t know yet if I’ll buy them.

MAC PatrickStarr eyeshadow quads

MAC PatrickStarr eyeshadow quads

So the promo for Patrick’s second collab with MAC came out recently – and I haven’t even posted my reviews of the frst one ugh. Sorry.

Here’s my haul. This was a holiday collection in the US, but over here it came out in february. For this post I’ll concentrate on the eyeshadow quads. Hopefully I will have the lip products up next week.

So in the pic above, the upper quad is Glam AF and the one in the lower corner is Goalgetter. While both are neutral colors, the Glam AF has colors from light to dark and one warm toned and three more neutral colors, while Goalgetter is all warm tones and more in the mid range of colors. With Youtubers who reviewed this collection and Patrick himself you caould see that they always reached for both palettes in one look. I did that too, since I had both. I did do looks with only one quad each too, to see if it workes and it was possible, but the range of Goalgetter on it’s own is limited.

Alright here’s the swatches:

Now the majority of those colors are regular MAC colors. Some peeps didn’t like that, but for me it was the reason I got the quads because I’ve been wanting some of those colors forever and now I have them in a very pretty packaging. Obviously, you could just easily recreate the quads with MAC’s refill pans. In this case you’d get Embark (matte), Saddle (matte), Brule (satin), I’m into it (matte), Swiss Chocolate (matte), Amber Lights (frost) and Soft Brown (matte). Omigaud is the only color not available as single. For Omigaud (frost) subsitute All that Glitters (veluxe pearl). Done.

Qualitywise I liked the eyeshadows very much. They were pigmented and I had no problems applying or blending. The mattes were a bit dustier than the others but not unreasonably so. I remember Temptalia gave Omigaud a bad rating, but mine was great. As always I used primer for everything because nothing, absolutely nothing works on me without primer. The shimmery colors I patted on with flat eyeshadow brushes, the others I used mostly with 217 or similar brushes.

The Goalgetter quad looks very warm on me, but it may look less so on people with a deeper complexion, as my skin just brings out the orange in everything. Luckily I think orange is real good eye look.

I like both quads and wore them a lot since february. I guess the collection is not available anymore (sorry) but you may find some left overs, otherwise, like I said you can just recreate them with refills. Infact, unless you really want the design, you should do it with refills.

New perfumes quick reviews

New perfumes quick reviews

There has been a slew of new releases – most of them flankers – and I’m just doing some real quick reviews of first impressions in no particular order.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Florale: I literally can’t smell the difference between this and the original one??? Not necessary to own both.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Intense: bland, lifeless patchouli and uninspired flowers. Also very similar to original, except stronger.

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori: now I love, love, love the original Gucci Bloom, so I eagerly grab the bottle from the shelf and – WHAT IS THIS??? It smells nothing like Bloom, which okay, I was just complaining about flankers that are too similar but, this! It’s completely green and fresh and not bad, but where’s the sweet creaminess of Bloom? It’s a galbanum bomb, check it out if that’s what you’re looking for. If you want pompous flowers, stick with original Bloom.

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde: green tea perfume. vair good. Just a bit of citrus and ginger. Good enough to drink all day long. Bvlgari has similar stuff so you probably don’t need both. Best of the new releases methinks. Excuse me while I’ll fix myself a cup of tea.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Passiflora: fruity shampoo from expensive hair salon. My sis went through the whole lot of Aqua Allegorias and chose last year’s Bergamote Calabria to buy instead. She was right to do so.

Thierry Mugler Aura: starts out green and minty, turns vanillic orange blossom later on. Certainly different, not as intense as Alien or Angel. Probably a love or hate thing, as often with Mugler. I like it, but not enough for a bottle.

Dior Posion Girl Unexpected: Flanker of a flanker. Sweet with salty note in the beginning. Everything I should hate. But I kinda really like it? The start has a cinnamon swing to it as well, or something that smells a bit like winter cookies. Sadly, later on it becomes a very generic sweet perfume. Could as well be Christina Aguilera. Also the new 20ml bottles have a roll-on instead of a sprayer! That’s terrible! I’d love to buy 20ml bottles, but not without spray!!!


And that’s all for todays real quick reviews. Hope you enjoyed, see you later.

Jil Sander Simply Elixir

Jil Sander Simply Elixir

I loved Jil Sander’s Simply EdP and after going through several samples and still loving it years later I went to the store expecting to buy a full bottle of Simply EdP (the black bottle). Behold:

Yeah, that’s the flanker. This is Simply Jil Sander Elixir EdP. I mean I didn’t accidentally buy the flanker it just kinda happened, as they’re both quite good and this one was on sale and the other wasn’t…

Elixir was released in 2017, perfumer is Christophe Raynaud.

Compared to the original this one has more vanilla and less violet. There’s more wood and powdery iris which I don’t think I detected in the other one. As leather perfumes go this is a very gentle one. I mean I have some niche stuff and their leathers smell quite different (much harsher).The Bottega Veneta leather perfumes are also stronger on the note. Honestly this more a woodsy powdery vanilla than a leather perfume.

Overall I love it and find it very cozy. Wearing it makes me feel so good like everythings going to be alright. (My mum used to wear Jil Sander when I was smaller, so maybe that’s why…)

I like that Jil Sander keeps releasing mainstream perfume that does not smell like cotton candy. Go, Jil Sander! Going back to the original I feel like Elixir is softer and sweeter and maybe more mainstream than Simply. Simply is cooler due to the violets and some green stuff in it that Elixir does not have. They do smell similar though which is why I went home with Elixir in the end. It’s entirely possible that I pick up the other one later on as well, we’ll see.

I’d say this is a great workplace perfume if you are mindful the doseage, except in my workplace we wear all kinds of heavy stuff so I may be off base here.

Catrice Spectra Light Down the Milky Way, Holo Enchantment

Catrice Spectra Light Down the Milky Way, Holo Enchantment

Catrice has this set of holo and duochrome nail polishes and of course I fell for it:

This is three coats of 01 Down the Milky Way. I expected it to be opaque like the essence holo polish was, but this one is a topper. Still not opaque in three coats. Had I known I would have put a base color on. It’s hard to see in the picture but it is a holo glitter. Weirdly, it has red non holo glitter thrown in as well. The polish itself was easy enough to put on and stayed well on peel off base. I had no chipping until day four.

Here we have the better holo of the set (the other two or three polishes were not holo but duochrome): 05 Holo Enchantment. And yes it is holo, even if the shift does not translate well on camera. You can see it a bit on my index finger. Unlike holo glitter, where each particle does its own rainbow dance, in this polish the shift is simultaneous, meaning you can move a rainbow over your nail by moving it in the light. The colors were a lot more visible in electric light than in sunlight (this pic is taken in sunlight). Here I am wearing two coats plus top coat. Without top coat the finish is semi matte. I put a glossy top coat on and at first was I afraid I’d ruined it as the colorful shimmer was suddenly dull. Luckily when the top coat was dry the shimmer was back.

The polish lasted five days with minor tip wear on a normal base and since it was a shimmer polish not a glitter one was easier to remove as well. I’d recommend Holo Enchantment for being an unusual holo polish. The other one does not get a recommendation from me, holo glitter toppers are easy to come by.

I’m not entierly sure if these are LE or no, they can be found in the normal nailpolish Catrice segment. Knowing Catrice, there’s a chance they’ll only be there for a few months, though.

All Used Up February 2018

All Used Up February 2018

Another month is over and actually… it took me more than half a month to post the results… again. Anyway, here we are, my empties of the month february:

Balea Handcreme zur Oktoberfestzeit. It’s me, dandygal. Of course there is empty handcream. This one smelled of orange blossom and vanilla so it was quite a winner for me. The texture was on the dry side but not too dry. Obviously this was LE so no repurchase possible.

essence camouflage make-up & concealer: this little thing is the best foundation I have come across so far and it costs like 3 €. Already repurchased because with essence you never know when they’ll discontinue your fav item. Downside of this foundation: it comes in exactly three shades, all of which are light. Boo. Review is here. I liked it even better the more I used it, the issues with it separating from my skin in heat did not happen again last summer.

Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti hair & body wash: Yves Rocher only sells this during summer months. Last time I ran out of this I missed it so badly that this time I stocked up on like four bottles to last me the year. It’s one of my favorite shampoos. Repurchase likely but first I must use up the stash, haha.

Dior J’Adore L’Or: Yeah this was just a tiny sample but I liked it a lot. Not enough to shell out for a full bottle though. Review is here.

Olaz dark circle correcting swirl eye: that’s a mouthful. I liked it a lot. It promises instant effects and like always, when a product says that you know there’s going to be fine shimmer in it and there was. It was not too strong though, you could wear this and not put makeup on top and it looked fine. I might repurchase this in the future, but for now I have something else. In part because when I went to the drugstore they didn’t have this anymore. This happens to me with Olaz products all the time, they pop in and out of existence. Then I think they’re discontinued but months later it’ll be there again. Idk.

And last, more Balea stuff. You’re going to see this turqouise design a lot. This was from their advent calendar, which was full of skin care. Therefore, all products in this design were LE.

Let’s start with the body lotion: it claimed to have Chai Latte scent and it did smell like that. The texture was sticky and too liquid so while I liked the scent I wouldn’t repurchase the lotion (if it weren’t LE). It was nicely moisturizing, though.

Then there were two face masks. Both are the kind you put on and later on wipe off with a cloth. I washed them off because tbh it feels gross when you don’t. These made me realized again why sheet masks are just that much better. The After Sport mask was okay (although – does anyone ever use a mask after sport? Really? When I’m done in the gym a shower is the most I can manage. I don’t even use body lotion afterwards, much less something as fancy as a mask). However three days after use I got small pimples. I used it again and the same thing happened so I dumped the rest. I think it’s because there was a lot of alcohol in it (which on the other hand helped a lot with the texture).

The Verwöhnmaske on the other hand was just plain awful. It burned and we’re not talking the kind of tingling you get when using AHA. I washed it off after three minutes and did not try again. DO NOT RECOMMEND. It claims to have jasmin and chai tea axtract which is the sort of thing you’d put into a perfume, not put it on your face undilluted!

Those were my empties of last month. Thanks for reading. Expect more handcream next month. XD

L’Artisan Parfumeur Passage d’Enfer (Eau d’Encens)

L’Artisan Parfumeur Passage d’Enfer (Eau d’Encens)

Whoa, a full week of posts from me? What is happening??? I hope it means I’m up to keeping schedule again. Anyway, today is Friday which means fragrance review:

On my continuing quest of picking up aaaall the discontinued bottles, here is L’Artisan Parfumeur Passage d’Enfer EdT. It was first released in 1999 and the nose is Olivia Giacobetti.

This thing is an incense perfume. It vaguely reminds me of cold, dusty churches. It also has some woods in, like cedar (or maybe I’m imagining it and it’s an aspect of the incense I’m not sure) and maybe sandalwood. If it has flowers in I’m not smelling them.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this fragrance but it’s something you have to be in the mood for and I’m not really sure what that mood is. Possibly “I’m a six hundred years old vampire here to f*ck sh*t up”.

All the other perfumes I have with incense in feel warm, like they’re made more cozy with amber, or in the case of Timbuktu made so dry it feels like a summer evening when there has been no rain in weeks (/months/years). But Passage d’Enfer is cold and dry which makes it interesting, but also rather specific.

On my skin it lasts about five hours, then it is still there but gets progressively weaker.

MAC Lipliners Auburn, Nightingale

MAC Lipliners Auburn, Nightingale

I’m a bit of a lip liner fiend. I just like knowing that I have the right liner for my lipstick should I want one. My favorites are the regular MAC pencils.

So two of my newer liners are Nightingale and Auburn. Nightingale is a lovely berry shade and Auburn is a red with brown undertones.

Swatches of Auburn and Nightingale. Auburn is a great liner for Chili and similar shades. Nightingale goes well with shades like Rebel or Maybelline Berry Bossy.

The liners have the usual MAC liner quality. That’s really all there is to say. Believe it or not, I still have nowhere near the whole range. Although at this point I might just as well pull the trigger on the rest… We’ll see. 😉


BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition

Hello, I am back after having a real nasty cold. Finally I feel like playing with makeup again so here we are. This is the Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition palette from BH Cosmetics. It’s the only version of the palette I know so I can’t say what the difference to the non deluxe version is. BH Cosmetics is now available in certain Austrian drugstores, they have a couple different palettes, but I think they switch them around. I swatched what they had in stores and the quality was wildly different. Like some swatch great and some really, really bad. So take caution – the quality is not the same across palettes. That’s a pity because the Carli Bybel is a winner.

This is the whole palette. It’s huge. There are three rows of eyeshadows and two rows of highlighters. The eyeshaodws come in matte, satin and shimmery finish. All the shadows are warm tones, but the first row is more pinky corally, the second is more purpley and the last more brown toned. The highlighters are a rose gold, a light bronzey gold, then a stark white, a lavender pink with blue undertone, a mid tone bronze and a deep bronze. It goes really all out on the highlighters. No matter the skin tone, no matter the look, you’ll find one that works. Overall I think this is a well thought out palette. Someone sat down and thought, what do I need to get my look and that’s how you got good matte transition and crease colors. Not all palettes have these.

Swatches! This is the first row. It goes from a peachy light matte to a peachy pink shimmer (it looks more golden in the shadow but I promise it applies with pink shimmer) to a matte orange, a pink with gold shimmer and a terracotta shimmer.

The second row starts out with a rose gold shimmer, then a purpley warm taupe (my fav, goes with any look), then a matte deeper purple (very warm toned) my second fav in the palette and my most used color, then a shimmery taupe and last a satin reddish dark purple (not too dark).

Last eyeshadow row starts with a light matte beige, very useful for blending out into the skin. Then there’s a shimmery gold, a caramel brown matte, a bronze and last a dark brown with satin finish. The last color is pretty cool toned compared to the other colors, but that helps it look great in a look. If this one were very warm too, I think it could pull too red. So I love the overall shade selection, but for my personal taste it’s a bit too much shimmer. Also while they swatch differently they looked more similar on my eyes. I feel like it was a varying base color, but the shimmer particles were ususally the same? But I got a lot of compliments wearing these shadows so I do think the shimmer made them stand out. It’s possible to make matte only looks also from this but usually you wouldn’t reach for this palette if you only wanted matte.

And last swatch, the highlighters! First lines are the top two bigger pans, the others the four pans with flower print on. All of them give an instagram worthy shine, but the first two are the most subtle. Due to the warm color they can be buffed into the skin more. The white is just plain white. This comes with a base color, so while it works on my pale skin as a highlighter, it might not work for everyone. I have also used this shade on the eyes (actually I’ve used most of the highlighters on the eyes too. Sadly they do differ from the shadows – they don’t last as well on the eyes and they don’t get that opaque when blended). The most visible shade is the lavender pink one, though, because of the blue toned shimmer. The pink base blends out more than the white one so it may be more wearable despite the blue. The last two colors are too dark for me to wear them as normal highlighters. I have worn them as cheek colors instead. The lighter bronze gives me a nice “I’ve been hiking” glow and the darker one is a regular shimmery bronzer on me.

All of the colors, both shadows and highlighters, blend out well. There is kick back when picking up color with a brush, but it’s normal amounts of kick back, not Subculture levels of kick back. When worn with primer the shadows lasted all day on me, except one day when I was sweating a lot, then they creased after eight hours. The highlighters only lasted three hours on my eyes, but then they’re not eyeshadows so that’s okay. Worn on the cheeks they lasted all day as well.

Overall this is a great palette for warm toned neutral loks with a lot of shimmer. I wish all BH Cosmetics palettes had the same quality (some did, but not all). I can recommend this one, at least.

Essie Nailpolish Swatches

Essie Nailpolish Swatches

I took an unplanned break last week I just wasn’t feeling it. But I’m back today with lots of nailpolish.

I’ll put several of the Essie polishes I’ve worn lately in one post again, so here we go:

This lovely gold is Getting Groovy, from a past LE I believe. Those are two coats plus top coat. It was super easy to apply and lasted well. There was tip wear on day three.

This is Blue Rhapsody, omg I love it so much. Two coats + top. Also from a past LE. It shows some brush strokes, but only if you go looking for it. There was some chipping on day three.

This is sew psyched, which looks quite ugly in the bottle, but is incredibly wearable irl. Two coats + top, tip wear on day five. Best nailpolish to wear with a jeans look imho.

And here I’m not actually wearing any color polish at all. This is a single coat of CC for nails. It claims to color corect yellow nails, which… I don’t even understand the point at all. It does so by having very fine purple shimmer. You can barely see it, but looks good. This dries matte, so maybe you’re supposed to wear it on its own and people will think you have no polish on? Is that the point? Anyway I wasn’t really feeling it, tbh I hoped it would be more purple than that. So I dug out my purple top coat and slapped a good layer on:

Oh, yes. That’s Guerlain Le Top Coat Ultraviolet from a past LE on top of CC for nails. Now this is where it’s at! This combo lasted well, there was chipping on day four, but because I smashed my finger against something. It might have lasted longer. This just looks so good I might wear this combo more often. Pity the Guerlain top coat was LE and you probably can’t get it anymore (the Essie base is permanent and should be easy to get). If you can find something sheer and purple or pinky you should get the same effect, though.

And that’s it. I’ve worn more Essie polishes but I haven’t uploaded the pics yet, so those are for another time. Speaking of time, it flies. It’s almost march??? It doesn’t feel like march because we’re having a late winter here and it’s really cold. But the days are getting longer and longer and it’s actually so pretty to have lots of sunlight and snow. 🙂

L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzongkha

L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzongkha

After the last couple of weeks I needed a break from the sweet and/or flowery perfumes. Therefore it was time to go back to niche:

This is Dzongkha EdT by L’Artisan Parfumeur, as always, the old bottle design. Perfumer is Bertrand Douchafour. It was released in 2006.

Dzongkha is a language spoken mainly in Bhutan, but also India and Tibet. L’Artisan have a few perfumes inspired by the perfumer’s travels (see: Timbuktu etc) so I guess that’s the case here. I’ve never been in Bhutan so I can’t tell you if it is in any way accurate.

First thing I smelled was tea. I excitedly held my wrist under a friend’s nose, declaring: “TEA!” and they were like “that’s not tea, not in a hundred years.” At that point I remembered most people don’t take their black tea as bitter as I do. I’m talking strong Ceylon, with too many leaves and stewed for too long. Then you forgot all about the tea and rediscover it hours later. That’s what Dzongkha smells like. Wonderful!

Of course that’s not all. There’s also leather and vetiver, some incense. It’s bitter and exactly the palate cleanser I need after one too many sweets.

Worth a try if extremely bitter smoky tea sounds like a thing you might want. But it’s surely not for everyone.