3 Pink nailpolishes for summer (or whenever you feel linke pink)

3 Pink nailpolishes for summer (or whenever you feel linke pink)

I’m baaack! Kinda. It’s still summer and posting will likely continue being spotty, sorry about that. I am also waffling on wether or not to go for a paid account or my own hosting as I am approaching the storage limit – this blog has been going on since 2012 after all!

Today I have three very different pink nailpolishes for you:

This is two coats of OPI Strawberry Margarita with top coat. It’s creme and a fairly standard pink, not quite neon, but it pops. Lasted the usual four days without chipping.

From my ‘old polish’ vault: Two coats of YSL in the color 27 Rose Lunaire plus top coat. This whole nail polish line (La Laque) is discontinued and got replaced by ‘La Laque Couture’. Rightfully so, because the newer polishes are much better. This one is thin and takes longer to dry and showed wear by day three. The color is quite pretty though, a mauvey pink with small silvery flakes that shimmer in different colors when the light hits just right. Or maybe it’s just big shimmer, anyway it is pretty.

And last, an absolute surprise hit: 337 Pretty Fuchsia by Mavala. This shows a single coat plus top coat. The polish is easy to apply and opaque. The color is an intense blue toned pink with silver shimmer. Not your everyday pink for sure. Kinda a eighties/nineties vibe. Lasted four days without showing wear and later had only minimal chipping.

This concludes my post. I hope to see you soon.

YSL La Laque Beige Chiffon/Beige Mousseline

YSL La Laque Beige Chiffon/Beige Mousseline

I’m on a bit of a vintage trip, digging out stuff I had even before I ran this blog. One of them is this nail polish:

This is from YSL in their old design: thinner, longer and the shade name is not on the front. I like their current design better. It’s more compact and you can easily find the shade name. This nail polish is N° 41 Beige Chiffon/Beige Mousseline. I am wearing three coats plus top coat. I prefer to use two color coats, but this one just won’t have it, it’s always uneven with two. The color itself is a pretty perfect nude, pulling more orange or more pink depending on light. I had some chipping on day two (boo) but after that it stuck around unchanged until day five, which was when it gave up.

It’s a pretty color, but honestly you’re not missing that much. The brand’s current nail polish formula (La Laque Couture) is better imo. There is no exact match for this color, though. I think the new nr 41 is a soft pink.

YSL Cinéma

YSL Cinéma

This is a bottle of YSL Cinéma EdP. It was released in 2004, perfumer is Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud. I don’t say this often but I really like the bottle design, even though it was hard to photograph (the Cinema in the front kept vanishing).

Cinema is a vanilla perfume. There is of course more to it but to me the vanilla always is on the front. I remember in 2004, when I bought Pure Poison I had also tested this one and was like, maybe I’ll buy Cinema when the Poison is empty. Today, in 2018, I look at my huge collection and the bottle of Pure Poison that is still not used up and laugh. But it still describes my preference for scent notes well. First is always orange blossom/neroli, next love is vanilla.

Anyway, Cinema is not just vanilla and there are flowers in it although I don’t think it has orange blossom. Jasmine is there I think. Amber and almonds, rounding the vanilla experience. And there’s something else in it, that gives it a bit of an old fashioned edge. I think that was intentional to make it seem a bit older as the name is Cinema and they probably wanted to evoke thoughts of Hollywood Glamour and olden time red carpet divas? But I can’t put my finger on what it is that gives off that vibe. It’s not really soapey, but a little bit clean – okay, maybe it’s just a kind of musk I get there. There’s also something a little but fruity, sweet like syrup.

It’s really nice, not a huge must have, though. It depends on whether you want a vanilla at all and what sort. Back in 2004 I didn’t know Shalimar but I do now and if you told me to pick just one vanilla, it wouldn’t be Cinema. It is a nice sort of glamour perfume, though. It makes me feel like I should be wearing a ball gown and I don’t even own any gowns. I think it’s a good perfume for big occasions, because it is not super loud and intense. It is sweet and present and hopefully won’t annoy other people too much. It’s probably one of the gentlest perfumes with jasmine I’ve ever smelled. I guess I should start wearing it to the movies every now and then. Not always though; that would get boring fast.

And that’s it. Despite the great bottle, the perfume is a bit plain. Not bad, not great, but it has the potential to annoy with its bland loveliness. I like wearing it every couple weeks, but wearing it everyday for the sake of this review took a bit of a toll on me, sorry about that. It’s really not a bad perfume. I’ll just shut up now. Have a lovely weekend, see you next week.

YSL Mon Paris

YSL Mon Paris

This super cute bottle is YSL Mon Paris EdT, one of their newest fragrance releases. It was released in 2016. Perfumers are: Olivier Cresp, Harry Frémont, and Dora Baghriche-Arnaud.

Mon Paris is one of those perfumes inspired by LVEB. As such, my question is, who needs this? Don’t most perfume lovers who want one already own a LVEB clone or two? The bottle is really cute, though so maybe that’s the main draw.

In defense of Mon Paris I have to say it’s a bit lighter than LVEB. It starts with a chemical berry smell which gets overwhelmed by a bouquet of jasmine. There’s not as much jasmine as Alien has (but then, which perfume has) but I think jasmine haters won’t be fans of Mon Paris. Jasmine lovers on the other hand might like that this is jasmine without the ubiquitous orange blossom. The drydown is super generic and also weak. There’s a little bit of everything in it, but not enough to really pick anything out.

As such, the fragrance is okay, but the market is so saturated by chemical smelling sweet berry scents, some of which smell better than Mon Paris (many smell a lot worse, though) I have trouble being very enthusiastic about it. I’m waiting for the next perfumery trend. My verdict is that this is the perfect perfume for teenage girls (if they like that sort of thing) since it smells sweet and not as strong as LVEB and the bottle is very cute.

For a perfume that also sports sweet berry, but not so synthetic and more elegant, check out my review for Cartier La Panthere.

YSL Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil

YSL Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil

This is the Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil from YSL in the color 1 which I assume translates to ‘pitch black’. Sadly the tip was already chipped when the pencil got to me. It promptly broke off when I tried to apply the color. Luckily that’s nothing a pencil sharpener can’t fix. The mine is really soft, though.

Swatch. The pencil applies a creamy pitch black.

This is soft and waterproof and therefore absolutely perfect for the waterline. It lasts quite well, there are still traces of it on the waterline four hours later. On the skin it’s best for a messy look, as again, the mine is very soft and prone to go all over the place. Also it needs to be blended before it sets, because when it sets, that’s it. This stuff lasts so well, you’ll barely get it off with remover.

So, out of all my black pencils this is the darkest and the best lasting one. I’ve already used up quite a bit of it and for once I’m positive I’ll finish this pencil sooner or later.

YSL La Laque Couture Brun Henné

YSL La Laque Couture Brun Henné


Fall is here! In this picture I am wearing two coats of YSL Brun Henné, no top coat. I think this was released in a past summer collection, but isn’t it the perfect transitioning shade? The nail polish applied like a dream, self levelling, fast dry time and glossy finish. Great! However, I got chipping on day 1. Boo. It was only minor chipping and it wore well for a few days more, but still, this can’t compare to other brands. YSL nail polish is good quality, but not stellar.

YSL La Laque Couture Jaune Babouche

YSL La Laque Couture Jaune Babouche


This happy yellow nail polish is 62 Jaune Babouche by YSL. I think it was included in a past summer collection. I am wearing two coats and no top coat. Application was fairly easy. One coat is patchy, two coats level out, but are not completely opaque. It lasted for three days, then I got chipping.

The color is a darker yellow with absolutely no green undertones. It’s more leaning towards orange. It looks a lot like orange juice, actually.

All Used Up April 2016

All Used Up April 2016

Ah, sorry for the little hiatus there. My schedule keeps being upset and I can’t create when I don’t have a few hours of spare time in one go. 😦 Anyway, here is what I used up the last month, quite a few items:

batiste blonde

Batiste Dry Shampoo light&blonde: this dry shampoo is colored. It comes out a muddy yellow. it totally works for my hair, but I’m not sure if it would work for a platinum blonde. You might end up with yellow patches! It does leave the scalp yellow, which is a bit annoying. The scent is vanilla, which is okay, but I’d highly prefer for hair products in general to be a lot less scented. They often compete with my perfume. But in general this is a good dry shampoo. It also creates volume, something I despereately need. The finish is duller than other dry shampoos might leave you, but I don’t care. Already repurchased.

batiste blonde2

Ingredients for Batiste Dry Shampoo.


Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel: This is a case of not used up. I finally admitted to myself that foaming cleansers are really irritating for my skin. This particular product has a really nice smell, just like the matching cream, which I used up and reviewed before. But ultimately it’s not worth it. If you are the sort of person to use foaming cleaners you can find similar ones for less money.


This is my second empty MAC Mineralize Compact Foundation. It works really well for me. I have not repurchased yet, but I might. I just wish they offered a lighter color than NC15. I think I am really NC13 now.


Another handcream. I may be on a mission to try all the Balea ones… This is the Totes Meer handcream (dead sea salt). The texture is light and absorbs easily. The scent is light and unoffensive, a bit salty. Despite the light texture, it really helped keeping my skin moisturized. I have now purchased other hand creams that need to be used up, but I would totally repurchase this one. I just wish it came with SPF!


Ingredients. Click to see full size.


Absolute Douglas Endless lashes mini mascara: I will spare you the review because not only does this mascara not exist anymore, the whole brand has been discontinued at the end of 2015. I just took a pic of my fingers with the brush, because the brush is really super big. I kept on stabbing myself in the eye, or applying mascara to my brows on accident. 😐


MAC brow pencil Lingering: the quality is absolutely top notch. The color is brown, something that works for many people. But I am naturally very ashy and found this a tad too red to repurchase this particular color.


La Roche Posay Rosaliac UV Legere: This is a cream with niacinamide (also written as nicotinamide, this is a derivate of vitamin B3). It has SPF 15, so first I used it as a day cream. It is tinted green, but too little to actually have effect, it’s just a gimmick. Despite being the legere version (there’s a riche one also) I found this cream very thick. And sadly, it left me looking incredibly greasy. It’s not that I was greasy (aka full of my own sebum) but this cream is just so shiny in not a god way. It was impossible to apply makeup on top. So I started using this as a night cream. And you know, in the long term it really worked. Short term I’d often get red in the face when I applied it. But long term, my acne and rosacea symptoms got so much less. My skin is calmer and better overall. But, because I really don’t need a greasy night cream with SPF I will not repurchase. Instead I am looking for creams with similar ingredients. Sadly I had not taken a pic of them before I threw the packaging away, so I can’t show them to you. Sorry. Basically I am looking for something with niacinamide, no alcohol, no perfume.


Then I used up a sample of YSL Paris EdT. This is originally from the 80s and you can tell. I has a lot of notes, but I am overwhelmed by the powdery rose. Very rosey, very powdery. It was nice to test, but I’m not going to miss it.


Last item! I also used up the Kiko kiss balm. This is very pigmented, comparable to a sheer lipstick. The balm had a lot of slick, it glides on very quickly. It made my lips feel good and look lovely. I am not sure if it had any long term benefits. It does come with SPF 15, though, which is good. I would recommend it for those who don’t want to put on lipstick and are looking for a colored balm instead. It’s too slick and too pigmented to use underneath lipstick even if you wiped most of it off again.

Wow, this was a mega post. In case anyone besides me finished reading all that, you deserve a cookie. 🙂

YSL Vernis Edition 7 green

YSL Vernis Edition 7 green


This is the green half of a nailpolish duo by YSL. It’s a beautiful shimmery spring green. It goes on a bit stronger than it looks like in the bottle.

As pretty as the color is, the quality was difficult. It is prone to bubbling and goes on stripey. You can correct that with more coats (I wear only two in the pic) but the more you put on, the longer it takes to dry. I put dents in it hours later.

YSL often has really pretty colors especially in their LEs, but I try to not buy them. At the end of the day, you’re often better off with something like Essie. This color though is unique in my collection (which admittedly is not that big) and once it’s on, it’s so pretty and fresh. The quality troubles might be caused by this being a mini bottle, though. I find those often have more difficult formulas across the brands and are more prone to drying up.

All Used Up February 2016

All Used Up February 2016

February is short (even if this year is a leap year) and my list of empties for last month is also short:


Clinique All About Eyes: Clinique’s famous eye cream is really good at moisturizing. I’ve already repurchased it. While this is among Clinique’s lighter eye creams I still find it plenty rich. I only use it at night because I am afraid it might make my eye makeup slip or smudge.


Secondly I ran out of my beloved men’s shampoo, Nivea Pure Impact. They have overhauled their whole line and this shampoo is not available anymore. Boo! I don’t even know what it was but nothing made my hair look and feel as good as this one. I would have repurchased this until the end of days, but now I am on the search for the perfect shampoo – again!


Last item: I discovered an older sample of YSL Baby Doll and it was still good, so I sprayed with abandon, thinking I could buy a bottle anytime. Ha! Foiled yet again. While the internet claims it’s still beind produced, every Austrian retailer tells me it is not available anymore. 😦 Baby Doll used to be huge many years ago. I can’t believe they’d discontinue it. It smells of grapefruit and candied rose. I am not the biggest rose fan, but this cute scent totally did it for me. I was recommended “In love again” as a replacement, but while they are similar, Love lacks the candied rose aspect. It’s just not the same.

And this concludes my empties. 🙂 I am still working on reducing my stash of shower gels and face creams. Of everything else I have usually only one or two items. I’m being good when it comes to skin care. Not so much with makeup, haha.

The Dandy Perfume Wish List

The Dandy Perfume Wish List

No perfume review today as I am suffering a head cold and can’t smell properly. Instead I decided I’d do a list of amazing perfumes that I would like to own one day.


In alphabetical order:

Bottega Veneta

  • Knot


  • La Panthere Legere


  • Nr 5 Eau Premiere

Comme des Garcons

  • 2


  • Diorissimo
  • Dior Homme Intense
  • Eau Sauvage Cologne
  • Poison


  • Jicky (for Collector’s purposes)
  • Shalimar
  • Shalimar Cologne
  • Shalimar Ode a la Vanille (Shalimar is awesome, ok. You can’t have too many)
  • Shalimar Parfum Initial EdP (the original only, not L’Eau!)
  • Vetiver

Maison Martin Margiela

  • Replica Jazz Club

Narciso Rodriguez

  • Narciso

Tom Ford

  • Black Orchid
  • Jasmin Rouge
  • Neroli Portofino
  • Noir Femme
  • Oud Wood
  • Violet Blonde


  • Baby Doll
  • Cinema

…this list turned out longer than I thought. Oh, my. Also, I am still looking for the perfect perfume that smells like wonderfully roasted coffee beans.

Edit 13.05.2017: wow how my tastes/wishes have changed in such a short time. XD Some of these I own by now (Black Orchid, Shalimar PI) others I’m somehow not that interested anymore (Baby Doll, Replica Jazz Club, La Panthere Legere). My current wish list is too short to warrant its own post, so let me put it here: Chanel Coco, Dior Poison, Guerlain Shalimar. End of story. XD

2015 in review

2015 in review

It’s the end of the year and time to look back! This is the post WordPress prepared, in case anyone is interested in the stats:

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 22,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Plans for next year

Yay, stats! 😀 it’s not an awful lot of views, but okay. Interesting is that my posting pattern changed completely over the year, when I went from posting every other day to posting on Mo-Wed-Fri. Then my pattern dropped off in the summer as usual and then it turned a little eclectic as my life changed a lot from October to now. The good news is, it’s getting stable again and my goal for 2016 is blogging more regularly again. I will aim for Mo-Wed-Fri again, and if that won’t work, I’ll go for two days a week.

The most popular posts

Last year my five most popular posts were all about lipstick. This year, a post about eyeshadows snuck in! And one about Lip Liners…

These are the most viewed posts of 2015:

YSL Rouge Pur Couture the Mats Fuchsia Fetiche – This was already a favorite post in 2014 and rightfully so.

MAC Lip Liner Rosy Rim and Ruby Woo – This is a new post and gets lots of google hits. Many people want to know which lip liner to wear with Ruby Woo!

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet L’Exuberante and La Diva – Another hit from back in 2014.

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow Laurier Rose and Caroube – sometimes you do want to see stuff other than lipstick.

Flormar Revolution Perfect lipstick – people pin this on Pinterest sometimes, which is why this post from 2014 still gets views I think.

Which posts to expect in the new year:

More perfume, more lipstick. 😀

How is your year in review? What are your plans for 2016? Is there anything you would like to see on this blog?

Have fun today everybody and see you in the new year!

Chanel Summer Eye Look

Chanel Summer Eye Look

Chanel Summer Look

I did a little and uncomplicated look inspired by Chanel’s summer look.

  • Brows: MAC Lingering
  • Primer: Urban Decay Sin
  • Lid: Chanel Caroube, softly blended into the shimmery primer
  • Liner: Chanel Orchidee, lined lower waterline and around the eye
  • Mascara: YSL Effet Faux Cils Waterproof Signature Violet (turns out to be exactly the same color as Orchidee, so liner and lashes are blending together)

And that’s it, a simple and fast. 🙂

Chanel Orchidee Look

The color is a little washed out in the pics, the purple comes out stronger irl. 🙂

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Beige Aquarelle

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Beige Aquarelle

Dear Reader,

today I will finally tackle this review that has been in the making ever since I started this blog.


Today I will be talking about this YSL item, the Vernis a levres in the color Beige Aquarelle 19. I ran out to buy it back when they were new and, well, the reason it took me so long to do a review is because – I don’t like it. The vernis a levres were so popular when they got out and going so strong I thought it might be me and not the product who was at fault. But it’s time to admit I tried to get along with it often enough and we won’t be friends.


The applicator; probably the best thing about it. It is easy to work with. The color on the other hand… what was I thinking?


Sure, applied on my ghostly pale wrist it looks like a happy petal pink with slight shimmer. The shimmer is very low key though, just as I like it. However, on my lips… There is no way to wear this and not look like a corpse with gloss. 😐 The color isn’t even that far from Beige Nu, but that one is just the tad darker to make it a proper nude instead of dead.

Apart from the color, I am not a fan of the rest either. The texture is too sticky*, yet it doesn’t last longer than two hours on my lips. I know these are supposed to be glossy stains, leaving behind a hint of color when the gloss fades, but possibly due to the light color, that’s not happening.

I know I’m not a big fan of glosses in general, so that may be tinting my view, but I’d rather wear regular lipgloss instead of this. The only plus point the Vernis a Levres have over the Gloss Volupte is that they come in a much subtler scent.

So, my dear reader this is why although I am a huge fan of YSL, you never hear about the Vernis a levres on this blog. I prefer the lipsticks; and if it has to be a liquid formula, the Baby Doll Kiss&Blush, and even the Gloss Volupte, despite the garish scent.

xx, the dandy gal


*I’m not sure if sticky is the right word; it feels like I slathered my lips in something thick, like pudding. Very distracting.

Winter Favorites

Winter Favorites

Better late than never, here’s what I love to wear in winter:


On top of the picture, that’s not a cat, it’s a cap knit by my mom; I got it for x-mas. Because chilly air is no good, so I almost always wear a knit hat. 🙂

On the far right I put a tube of hand cream. Regular reads will know I am a hand cream fiend and in winter I need more protection than usual. Next to it, my new Clarins lip oil. Any lip balm might have worked for this compilation, but it’s new and really good so it made the cut.


On to the makeup: these are what I wore most often when it was chilly and snowy. Underneath the lip oil, The YSL Palette City Drive Arty. The colors are pretty chilly if you ask me. I don’t use it often, but lately I was in the mood for chilly. The tube next to it is another YSL, the Dare to Glow Liquid Highlighter in Naughty Pink. It’s such a pity these were limited edition, it’s the best liquid highlighter I know.

On top there is the MAC powder blush in Easy Manner, sadly another LE item. It was part of a past Holiday Collection. I loved it in the store, took it home and at home… I could barely see it. I was disappointed and chucked it in the back of the makeup drawer. Much later I pulled it out again and it was magic! It gives a wonderful peachy pink flush, pinker than you’d expect from the pan. This story shows how important it is to have a good blush brush. In this case, one that isn’t too loose. Anyway, I think this is a perfect winter blush.

Next is Guerlain Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer Highlighter in Sunny Pink. It’s a coral blush with lots of golden shimmer. I’m pretty sure Guerlain released this in the summer, but the time I need this most is winter. This is my patented recipe for gloomy days when the sun refuses to even rise and you’re stuck in cold and dark. Putting this on, instant light!

Next to it is a lip gloss by Isadora, the Express Star Gloss in Reflecting Peach. I’m not much of a gloss wearer, but in winter when it’s freezing and snowy I suddenly feel the need for sparkles, that’s when I reach for this one (or the one from Rouge Bunny Rouge, which goes very well with the Terracotta Blush).

Last item here is Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Crystal. I use it as base underneath the YSL palette, or on its own for a snow queen look.

Basically, in winter I am a fan of two things: lots and lots of shimmer and sparkles, and pastels. That’s why I am glad that Spring Collections come out in January. By the time real spring rolls around, I’m already in the mood for stronger colors. I guess what I showed you up there is the shimmer edition. Please note I’m not wearing all of this at the same time, that’d look a little weird. I was mostly reaching for these when there was snow on the ground. Except for the MAC blush – I wear it whenever, all through the season.

This time I added no nail polish since I’d already shown you my color picks in a previous post. As for perfume, I forgot to add one. Something cozy like Eau de Shalimar maybe, although I also wore ‘cold’ perfumes a lot, like Eau de Gaga or Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere.

What are your picks for chilly weather? Dark and moody, or shimmery and light?

the Dandy year in review & new years resolutions

the Dandy year in review & new years resolutions

After looking back on products of the year, let’s have a look back on this blog. It was my second year writing on here and I got into a routine. The report wordpress sent says that, not very surprising, my best day for blogging was sunday. I have posted 27 posts on a sunday and I queued up many more. That means at least every other sunday you’ll find a post on here. 🙂 In sum, there were 143 new posts.

Topic-wise I might as well put the subheader “a lipstick blog” up, because my love for vibrant lipstick really showed. These were my 5 most viewed entries of the year:

Rose Perfecto (YSL)


Rose Carnation (YSL)


Fuchsia Fetiche (YSL)


L’Exuberante and La Diva (Chanel)


La Malicieuse (Chanel)


Gosh I love lipstick! XD

To see which posts received the most likes, simply scroll down.


For the new year I plan to:

  • buy more lipstick
  • branch out: I haven’t been on my twitter account ever since I got a new computer (you guessed it – the pw); I want to remedy that, I also want to get instagram and maybe more. So in the coming weeks there will probably be more links in the sidebar…
  • get a camera: so far I have taken all my pics with a very old iPhone. Okay I am cheating, the camera just came in the mail right now. 😀
  • keep on posting

Thank you for flying with me, see you next year!

Best Of 2014: New Releases

Best Of 2014: New Releases

Welcome to my Best Of 2014 Pt 1.

Last year my best of was a little disjointed, so this year I decided to make two lists, one for products that came out this year, and one for products I just happened to like a lot this year.

Of course I am limited in my review of new releases to things I actually got into my hands this year, so I’m probably missing a lot of real cool stuff. Can’t be helped.

So, in no particular order, products released in 2014 that I liked:

Collection Design: MAC Alluring Aquatic


The pretty turquoise, the fake waterdrops! I’m sad I didn’t buy more just to look at!


Perfume: Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez


Very sexy if you like wood and musk, which I do.


Lipstick range: matte: YSL the mats for high end, Maybelline Color Drama for drugstore; for creamy lipsticks: Estee Lauder color envy





New eye shadows: this was really hard, there were so many new eyeshadow ranges this year. I think for me YSL won with their new quints and I’ll give a honorable mention to Max Factor (which were only recently released and therefore not properly tested yet)




Overall Collection: Dior Summer: I think it had many great items and I wish I’d picked up more.



Nailpolish Collection: OPI Nordic; I think it had the nicest mix of colors



Nailpolish: Dior Bar: amazing quality and proper black, not almost black



Skincare: Garnier Micellar Cleanser; a lot cheaper than high end and better, too.



Blush: MAC Casual Color Young at Heart



Eyeliner: Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Or Blanc:
nice and subtle on the waterline, and a nice ice queen color on the lid/corner


And this concludes my totally subjective list of interesting stuff released in 2014. Which were your personal highlights this year?


Winter IS coming: getting nails ready

Winter IS coming: getting nails ready

Today is a beautiful autumn day and later I’ll be going to the pre-pre-premiere of Penguins of Madagascar. 🙂 No I don’t know either what a pre-pre-premiere is for. But I love the tv-series so I wanted to see the movie asap.

Anyway, back to nails: Julep asked me to participate in their “winterize” campaign and I was going to do my nails anyway, so why not? While it’s not winter yet, it’s getting colder and snow yould happen anytime now (laughter from everyone living in the Alps).

Due to cold weather and dry air, hands need more care than during the warm season. I’m already an avid user of handcream, as anyone who reads my “used up” posts can see, but that alone is not enough to keep my nails strong.


Preparation: nail polish remover, nail file, nail strengthener, cuticle oil and cuticle balm (I usually use cuticle oil and then follow it up hours later with balm. When going out in cold weather it’s better to use the waxy balm, though).


Cuticle remover gel, rosewood sticks and winter reindeer. I also used a buffer block by the body shop, but forgot to add it into the pics.


Before: my nails with liquid sand polish, day 7. This stuff needs the heavy remover with acetone.




Finally off.


The nails before I shorten them. They don’t even look so bad, but there were a few splits that made it necessary to cut the length. I don’t like leaving damaged parts in, they always get worse.


After filing. They totally look worse now, haha. My preferred nail shape is squoval, but my nails don’t always agree. Also, I don’t know why I didn’t snap the other hand instead, it looked much better.


Letting the cuticle gel soak. I found it needs at least four minutes to do anything.


After washing off the cuticle gel. Next step: nail strengthener.


And last step: slathering on the cuticle oil. Not just on the cuticles, but also my knuckles. The shine on the nails comes from the strengthener.

That’s it. I won’t apply nail polish the same day as I take it off. They get too brittle, and this post is all about pampering.

But if I did, these are my winter nail polish picks out of my own hoard :


top row: Chanel Black Pearl, OPI At First Sight, the brown polish from YSL‘s 07 duo

bottom: Dior Forget me not, which is the exact color of my winter coat, essence grey-t to be here, Maybelline Green Depth.

These are Julep‘s color suggestions:



What are your nail care tips? Your favorite colors when it’s all snowy and stormy outside?