Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Alpha

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Alpha

After several Comfort Mattes, this is my first Mega Matte of the Urban Decay Vice lipstick range. The color is simply called Alpha. It’s a bright pink.

Swatch. This color is so beautiful and intense: I think it will suit just about everybody. Strong pinks always make me so happy. XD

Color comparison! I have a whole lot of fuchsias and in general more blue leaning pinks than yellow leaning pinks. Alpha leans yellow and is darker than most of my lipsticks. The four lowest lipsticks have a matte finish, the two underneath Alpha have a cream finish (Givenchy and Estee Lauder). Alpha is supposed to be “mega matte” but honestly I found it to be satin/matte. It’s certainly not as flat as mattes from MAC.

Sadly the not as matte as expected finish also affects longevity. The lipsticks survives mayyybe four hours without eating. I did not see much of a difference between UDs comfort matte and mega matte finish in look and wear time. The mega matte lasts a smidgen better and is more drying compared to comfort matte. It is less drying than a regular MAC lipstick.

To help it stay better I’d recommend a lip liner, like for example Kiko’s Smart Lip Pencil in 709.


Essence Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans

Essence Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans

Essence currently has the June/July Summer Collection out. It’s called “Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans“, which… okay… it’s not the best collection name I’ve ever seen. But I gotta admit that this season I am crazy about blue jeans. I own no less than five jeans dresses alone, never mind pants and shirts. But back to essence. The collection is quite big, including several highlighters and blushes and other stuff. I was drawn to the cheek palette… and this funny thing called lip powder:

Shown: bronze & blush sunkissed palette 01 sunkissed, what else? and lip powder 01 I’m gold and I know it!

Honestly I bought the lip powder because I’m a blogger and I thought I’ll try it so you don’t have to. XD

Now, essence is a cheap brand the packaging shows it. I have to handle it very carefully, but at that price I can live with that. (The problem is that the packaging isn’t completely tight and so everytime IΒ  move the item I end up releasing powder all over the place.)

The powders show a pretty embossing. The gold lip powder is already chipped because I dropped it. But apart from the small chip it survived just fine.

Swatch time! First the cheek palette, then the lip powder.

The cheek palette consists of a very light shimmery pink, a bronzer with intense shimmer and a pink blush color with fine golden shimmer. The packaging calls the light pink the “lighter rouge shade”. It’s obviously meant to be used as a highlighter but they’re not calling it such, probably because it’s not very shimmery. On the other hand it’s too light to use as a real blush. Honestly it’s the dud of palette; it barely shows up on my face, only giving a little bit of shimmer.

The bronzer on the other hand is very shimmery. So shimmery that you don’t really need to also use a highlighter. Now, the official essence video shows this powder used as a contour. DO NOT DO THAT! It’s warm toned and shimmery, it goes ON your cheekbones, not underneath. It looks very pretty on the cheeks, though. The swatch shows it at full opacity but it can be sheered out and so it works for lighter skin tones as well as darker ones.

The blush color is also very pretty and gives off a good flush while blending easily. It doesn’t look that shimmery next to the bronzer, but it does pack a good amount of golden shimmer. Very universal slightly coral pink, goes with everything.

Blush and bronzer last pretty much ten hours, longer when worn with a setting spray (best setting spray I know is actually also from essence).

So, two very good colors and one meh, for that price I’m okay with it.

The lip powder… It looks very light in the swatch, like a highlighter*. It is a cool gold color, which I like because a very yellow gold on the lips would look ridic on me. It says you could apply all over the lips or just in the center. I have only used it in the middle of my lips, not all over. The powder is very soft, softer than an eyeshadow (which answers the question “why not just use eyeshadow” – you’d have to apply with a lot more force to get the same amount of powder and coverage on). I have used my finger to pat it on. Since it’s powder I’d recommend putting a base on, either lipstick or at least lipbalm.

The packaging suggests that the finish is going to be metallic (“metallic foil lip powder”). Well, look at the swatch. It’s plain not shimmery enough for a metallic finish. However, it’s not a complete loss, either. It does give off a good muted shimmer/color, sort of like a brass tuba? I actually like the effect and it’s more appropriate for a jeans collection anway. When patted on top of lipstick it changes the color but the color underneath is not overwritten, it still influences the result.

Putting a powder on top of lipstick has a similar effect as putting powder on top of cream eyeshadow – the whole concoction lasts quite well and actually survives a meal with about 80% lipcolor left (might also depend on bases; I used only matte and semi matte lipsticks).

So to my great surprise, really, I can actually recommend the lip powder to those who want such a thing as well as the cheek palette (if only for the bronzer and the blush)! Huh.

*now I reviewed this lip powder as such, because that’s what they sell it for. but at the end of it, it’s a shimmery gold powder and can be used everywhere. It makes for a beautiful cheek highlighter and the pan is big enough to fit a highlighting brush in there comfortably. I also used it as an eyeshadow, funnily enough it looks less shimery when used that way, probably because you are used to eye colors with more shimmer than that. It looks like a golden beige on the lids. It works well enough, but is not completely opaque. When used as eyeshadow I strongly recommend using a primer or cream shadow underneath so it can stick – the powder is still loosely pressed and can be prone to fallout. The good news is that while there was some glitter wandering about I’ve had worse fallout with some ‘real’ eyeshadows. So really, this thing is a one in three product – if the color is something you can use. Could also be used to lightly dust the body for golden shimmer.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Mrs. Mia Wallace

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Mrs. Mia Wallace

So this beauty here is the Vice Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace (cream) by Urban Decay. So far all the Vice Lipsticks I had were in the comfort matte finish. Finally I have a cream one. Mrs. Mia Wallace seems to be a popular color. Despite being not a limited edition it is frequently out of stock.

Swatch. Is there anything a good as red lipstick??? This is a darker medium neutral red with slightly blue undertone and creamy finish.

The color was of course named after the character in Pulp Fiction although the color the character wears looks browner to me. Might be the film’s lighting (of course this lipstick didn’t exist back then either so I don’t know what she was wearing. We do know the nail polish was an earlier version of Chanel’s Rouge Noir.) Anyway so honestly this color reminds me more of Cheryl Blossom in the TV Show Riverdale. I love watching that show for Cheryl’s makeup alone, her ridiculously overdrawn red lips that she wears like armour. You know something’s off when you see her in a nude color instead of her trademark red.

Back to makeup, here’s the color comparison:

When I shot this pic I was like oh these colors are all so DIFFERENT. And when I opened the pic on the computer I was like, damn I have WAYYYY to much red lipstick. XD

First swipe is Mrs Mia Wallace, underneath is Viva Glam I, which is darker and matte. Next one is Maybelline Rich Ruby, wich is also matte but otherwise closest in color to Mia. Last is Estee Lauder Vengeful Red, which has a cream finish, but the color is lighter and pinker.

The cream finish glides on the lips easily. If you’re not careful it might end up all over the place (I’m just so used to applying very matte colors!). I recommend using a lip brush for the prettiest results.

Lasting time: well, it is not a matte lipstick so the wear time doesn’t compare to the comfort mattes. Most of my MAC lipsticks regardless of finish last a lot longer than Mia. Eating and drinking killed it off completely, drinking alone reduces it a lot as well. It lasted better applied with a brush than straight from the bullet; I think it was worked in better that way. But overall it lasted three hours, not much longer. I tried using a lip liner (the closest color I own is He Said, She Said) but the lipstick wore off the same and left me with the lip liner alone.

On the upside this lipstick is hydrating and feels lovely. I love the color but I wish it lasted better.

MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics: Coral Bliss, Overnight Sensation, Cracked Emerald

MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics: Coral Bliss, Overnight Sensation, Cracked Emerald

Well. MAC‘s Make-up Art Cosmetics was a limited collection that came out several weeks ago already. Originally I didn’t intend to buy anything, but I broke down when Douglas had 20% off. So that’s why this review is super late. I apologize if these products are already sold out, but we can always hope MAC brings them back again.

I bought these three items: two paints from the Kabuki Magic part, Overnight Sensation and Cracked Emerald; and a lipstick from the James Kaliardos part, Coral Bliss (Cremesheen). Coral Bliss isn’t actually new, it was either part of LEs before or available in the regular lineup.

I really like the special packaging here and that it says “Spring/Summer 2017”. So in the future I’ll know exactly when I got it. XD

Coral Bliss has a cremesheen finish, meaning it’s not opaque and has a glossy finish. The color is a pinky toned light coral, a very happy color. Due to the finish it does not last that long, maybe three hours and the color pulls into lip lines/emphasizes dry parts. I solve that by reapplying. I like the way it looks and it has been my most used lipstick lately. The color is such a no-brainer, I use it whenever I don’t know what to wear (as I have to get up in the morning way too early this happens a lot; I put my makeup on in zombie mode).

Overall: if you can live with the cremesheen finish it’s a great lipstick.

These are my first ever MAC paints. They used to be in the lineup several years ago but then got discontinued when they introduced the Paint Pots. GREAT INJUSTICE! These Paints are five thousand times better than the Paint Pots! I know the Pots have many fans but they never worked for me at all. They are hard to put on evenly and they crease two hours in. They are also too dry to be a good makeup base, imho. These paints, though. Look at the swatches:

Overnight Sensation is a purple with blue shimmer, Cracked Emerald is matte green. The green doesn’t fade out more than the purple, I just took less product out of the tube. The colors are perf, pigmented, easy to put on the lid (I used a flat synthetic brush for full coverage and to use as eyeliner, a fluffy synthetic for less coverage and I’ve also used my finger). And then they dry down and stay uncreased until the end of time. Yet, they can be removed with any regular makeup remover quickly. I am in love!

Since they come in these little tubes, it’s best to squeeze only a tiny bit and put the cream onto a surface (back of hand or some artist’s plates) and then pick up the product from there. Work quickly as it dries up fast. The purple one was a little eager, the tube kept releasing more cream even when I didn’t touch it. But overall I found them easy to work with and the fact that the cream is kept in tubes with a small opening surely keeps them from drying out too fast, unlike cream shadows in pots.

I seriously hope MAC plans on releasing more of these again. I would buy them in a heartbeat.

Maybelline Color Sensational Smoky Rose

Maybelline Color Sensational Smoky Rose

Happy Easter!

This is the lipstick from my last haul, Maybelline Smoky Rose 987. (If the number starts with a 9 it means it’s a matte finish.) This is from their current collection, Inti-Matte Nudes, which features matte nudes for every skin tone.

Well, for me Smoky Rose isn’t really nude, it’s a typical My Lips But Better shade and don’t we all love these? The color is opaque and goes on creamy, then dries down to a matte finish. The whole thing lasts about four hours, give or take. Sadly it is a bit drying over time, so good lip care is essential.

Color Comparison: first is Smoky Rose, underneath is essence long lasting lipstick in Natural Beauty. The essence lipstick is more semi-opaque, shinier and a bit lighter in color. I love both, depending on what kind of finish I want that day.

I seriouly recommend taking a look at Smoky Rose in the stores, as the color is so, so pretty and wearable.

Givenchy Le Rouge Beige Plume

Givenchy Le Rouge Beige Plume

I picked up this pretty thing at a sale: Givenchy Le Rouge 102 Beige Plume. This is obviously from some past collection but I don’t know which one exactly. However, while this flower design was limited edition, the lipstick itself is from the regular lineup and therefore always available (with the black leather).

Beige Plume is an pink/orange toned nude lipstick. It’s not too light and has no brown tones. The lipstick has a flowery scent, similar to Chanel Rouge Allure ones.

Swatch. The lipstick has a creamy finish, the regular Givenchy Le Rouge finish (creamy, but not too creamy and well pigmented).

On me it pulls more orange than pink, this depends on your personal skin tone and undertone. You can see on Temptalia that it pulls pink on Christine. Meanwhile, on mel-et-fel: it pulls totally orange. And yes, this is the same lipstick.

The quality is good, application is super easy (what a breather after all these blues and greens where you have to be so careful with application). It only lasts about three hours on me, then it needs reapplication. This is not as long as my other Le Rouge, but that one was a strong pink and those always last better. And this one is so easy to apply and with that design I can’t help but want to pull it out in public. XD

MAC Colour Rocker: Indigo-Go, Deep With Envy

MAC Colour Rocker: Indigo-Go, Deep With Envy

MAC has what feels like a hundred LEs out at the moment and I’m getting fatigued. But there’s this one, called Colour Rocker that includes so many unusual lip colors. All lipsticks are matte and I had to really hold myself in. Can’t spend a hundred bucks on blue lipsticks, right? But I chose two: Indigo-Go and Deep With Envy. The first is a muted mid-tone blue; it’s sort of a dark jeans blue and not as neon as the other blues. Deep With Envy is emerald green.

Even before I got into unusal colored makeup I knew I wanted to own a mid to high end green lipstick. I wanted one for years, even before I was confident enough to wear red lipstick. XD And for the longst time there were no good ones available so I had to have this one here. The blue I chose because it loked pretty.

Both are in MAC’s matte formula, so they are somewhat dry and long lasting. Of course with colors like these, wear is much more visible, but I found that Indigo-Go was a bit more forgiving of wear than Deep With Envy. Indigo-Go wore off evenly and left me with a transparent stain. Of course, that look was a bit ghoulish, but you’re not going to be wearing such colors unless you are okay with that anyway. Indigo-Go also felt a bit creamier on application so it went on smoother. Both colors needed two coats to look opaque.

Both lipsticks last around four hours on me, then they are still on but visibly reduced.

As for liner I do not know of any matching lip liner. You could use an eye liner. I tried using Landscape Green for Deep With Envy but that doesn’t work out – Landscape Green is much more yellow than Deep With Envy. And Indigo-Go is more muted than most blue liners. However, since they went on nicely there is no real need for liner. I did not notice much migration either during my wear. To get the lines crisp you can use a lip brush or you can use a Q-tip with makeup remover afterwards and/or apply skin color around the mout afterwards. When I want to do that I tend to use the Chromagraphic Pencil in NC 15/NW 20. But all those tricks were mostly not necessary.

In a nutshell: Indigo-Go was slightly better than Deep With Envy, but I can recommend both.

And now someone save me from purchasing more of these, argh. To my knowledge the Colour Rocker Collection is limited edition, although the MACista I was talking to said she wouldn’t be surprised if some of them stayed or came back later.

essence long lasting lipstick natural beauty

essence long lasting lipstick natural beauty

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Firstly, new layout yay! Secondly I finally realized you have turn on the switch for mobile layout, oh my god. Sorry I thought that would happen automatically. If anyone is reading my blog from a mobile device, do you like the new setting or would you prefer the old one (mobile site identical to computer view)?

General blog blather aside, let’s talk about this lipstick.


Like many of the other essence products you have been seeing lately on here, this was in my advent calendar. πŸ™‚ It’s the long lasting lipstick in the color 07 Natural Beauty. Since the calendar had to be one size fits all they probably had to put in one of the neutral colors but I love it because it really does look great.


Swatch in direct sunlight. The color has no shimmer, but a creamy finish. It does not get matte and it doesn’t really dry down either, always staying a bit creamy.


Swatch in the shade.

So, in my opinion this pinkish nude is a real winner colorwise because it goes with pretty much everything while not being too light in color. Many nude lipsticks are too pale for my personal taste (and let’s not forget how freaking pale I am. I don’t know how people with darker skin pull these off?). But the color of Natural Beauty is lovely and will work for a bigger range of skin tones, too. πŸ™‚

On to the not so good stuff: They have the gall to call this long lasting? I really don’t want to see their non long lasting lipstick are, then, because this one here survives barely two hours without eating or drinking. Half an hour, if you have a cup of tea when wearing it. Like I mentioned, it is not matte and doesn’t really settle down. On the upside I did not notice it collecting in lip lines or migrating outside the lips – but that’s probably because it just doesn’t last long enough to do that!

The smell of it is also god awful. Cheap lipstick smell up the max.

If you can live with frequent reapplications and the smell it is a very nice color, though.

essence Winter Glow multi-use ombre lipliner

essence Winter Glow multi-use ombre lipliner

So, this review might be a little late because this item is from essence’s winter collection which was on sale dec/jan but maybe you can find some left over…? Sorry. As I like to remind people every year, february isn’t the end of winter, it’s midwinter. We still have a ways to go into spring, even if spring collections are on sale in january. XD So winter glow it is.


So this stick is the essence multi use ombre lipliner. The only available color was white like a snowflake. It’s basically a chubby white pencil with a very creamy texture. Now, essence has dicovered the ombre lips style in 2017. They are also selling some new permanent ombre lip thingys in white and black I think. Had I known that I might have skipped the limited one for those, but alas.


Swatch in the shade. Color is pure white, not completely opaque. The way essence showed this product on the display it looks like they meant it to go on the outside of the lips, so that your color in the middle faded out into nothing. Problem? Well, unless you’re a ghoul, white isn’t going to fade into your skin color, duh. The obviously right way to wear this instead is in the middle of the lip, leaving the darker color on the outside.


Same swatch in direct sunlight.

And you know, it works in the middle of the lip. The texture is so creamy, you only have to dab it into the middle and smack your lip around a bit, it blends itself. It also looked fairly good. However, since this is pure white pigment, it has limitations, as you’ll always end up with the color being mixed with white pigment. Imho it works best with pinks and nudes that already have some white pigment in.

So, it was easy to apply, but of course, if you mix two colors together, reapplication is a bit tricky or honestly it just doesn’t happen. So this isn’t a look for all night.

In a nutshell: okay, but not a huge deal to miss. Honestly every product with creamy white pigment can do this. Great if you wanna create pastel lips, since it always mixes with the other color and makes it lighter and more opaque.

MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson

MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson


February means a new Viva Glam from MAC. After Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande, the new Viva Glam ambassador is Taraji P. Henson and because she is so awesome the lipstick got an extra special packaging. It’s all pink. πŸ˜€


Lipstick Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson (matte). As usual, you get the red metal with the signature on. The lipstick itself is a deep raspberry pink with shimmer.


Swatch in the shade. The color leans more into blue. Honestly I thought I had maybe a thousand lipsticks like this, but it turns out, I have none like it. Not only the shimmer makes it unusual, but it is also a shade darker than what I personally own.


Color comparisons! On top, the new Taraji P. Henson, which has a matte finish but with pink shimmer, making it less flat. Then the purple Ariana Grande 2, also matte, Pink Pigeon, also matte, Miley Cyrus 1 looks closest in finish, but that one is actually Amplified finish with no shimmer in it. And last I swatched Estee Lauder Stronger, because I had it lying about. πŸ™‚

Taraji is a deeper, darker pink. That makes it universally flattering on all skin tones.


Lip swatch.

The lipstick lasted around five hours with eating. It wears off mostly even, it didn’t pull into lip lines. It did however leave one hell of a stain. I could barely get it off again. Despite being matte I didn’t find it drying on my lips (I always apply balm underneath).

Another great Viva Glam! I recommend. πŸ™‚

MAC 4Eva

MAC 4Eva


Last fall there was another expansion of MAC’s permanent line. There were many great colors included and I want most of them. XD So it was only a matter of time until I picked up another one. This time it’s the purple 4Eva (matte). Unlike all the other purples I showed on this blog, this one does not flirt with pink. It’s straight up purple with a hint of white pigment. It reminds me of the packaging for Milka chocolate.


Swatch. The finish is the typical MAC matte finish, so don’t expect this to be hydrating. Purple always gets pulled a bit darker when applied on my lips, so let’s have a lip swatch as well:



Lasting power: four hours until it started to show some wear. Wears off on the inside of the lips when eating. Pulled visibly into lip lines when it started to wear off, but pressing my lips together and moving them around helped some.

I wish it lasted a bit longer, but this is just the sort of outlandish color that shows wear more than a pink. It needs a bit of reapplication from time to time (only on the inside of the lip).

Still, this is such a cool color. I paired it with orange tones and looked so easterly. XD

4Eva is part of the permanent range.

MAC Viva Glam V

MAC Viva Glam V

Happy New Year!

I hope you’re all safe and well. To kick off the new year I decided to start with a charity item: MAC Viva Glam V:


Viva Glam V (lustre) is part of the permanent six Viva Glam Shades. I already owned the red I and the nude II and then I made a jump in the numbers. My goal is to own all of them eventually. You can always buy them as single lipsticks, and usually they are also included in the Holiday Collection somehow, though usually in a pan. I prefer the traditional lipstick bullet.

V is sort of a MLBB (my lips but better) shade, but with a twist: being lustre, it is very shimmery.


The shimmer is mostly fine gold, but also frosty. The more you apply the more shimmer you get. The color itself is not opaque, but not sheer either. It lasts only about three hours on my lips, the shimmer clinging on a little while longer. It settles some in lip lines, but not bad. The texture is creamy, so you can still move it around by pressing the lips together. It’s not too creamy, though. The color stays on the lips and doesn’t go wandering off. In fact, compared to all my other lipsticks, the texture is almost a bit gel-like.

Viva Glam V is the perfect lipstick for when you want to try out the current trend of metallic finish, but not get too obvious about it. Plus, 100% of the proceeds go to the MAC AIDS fund.

Blue lips trend: MAC Dreampot, Soft Hint

Blue lips trend: MAC Dreampot, Soft Hint

Well I hope you guys like MAC, because I have yet some more MAC lipsticks to show. These are… a little unusual though. XD At the start of fall, MAC has expanded their regular lineup again, and they put in so many awesome non traditional colors! I am in love. Sadly I can’t buy everything (boo) so I picked out the two most non traditional lipsticks they had:


These two babes are Dreampot (matte, a solid blue) and Soft Hint (frost, a sheer shimmer).

You know, there used to be a time when blue was only for the eyes and red only for the lips. But the current biggest trend is to have red on the eyes and blue on the lips (not at the same time though!). I mean the real current trend is anything goes, but even the more traditional brands have put out reddish eyeshadows this year and some put out blue lipstick as well. Most are more of a dark blue, like Matte Royal. The difference between dark purple and dark blue is minimal anyway. But these two here, they are bright! πŸ˜€


Swatch in the shade. Dreampot is a solid matte color, no shimmer. Soft Hint is an almost clear base with lots of blue and violet sparkle in. The base isn’t completely clear. It’s a light turquoise.


Same swatches in direct light. You can see the multi-colored sparkle in Soft Hint.


And this is a wavey line of High-Def Cyan atop of Dreampot. So you can see how much lighter Dreampot is. And here I thought High-Def Cyan was a light, bright blue. I guess you could use those two to create an ombre lip but I haven’t yet tried that.

Dreampot is a great lipstick. It looks pretty freaky on the lips, but the lipstick itself is creamy and goes on well. I didn’t feel the need for a liner (not that I would have one in this color). And when it was on, it stayed put pretty well. I even ate dinner with it and the color got less, but not patchy or anything. I did need three layers in the beginning to completely block out my real lip color, though.

With Soft Hint I knew it gave barely any color. I bought it as a glitter topper. It works well as a topper, although I learned that it would be best applied with a finger or patted on with a brush. Then as I was experimenting anyway I realized it also makes for an amazing cheek highlighter! The shimmer is just soo pretty! And I guess it could also be patted on the eyelid. So that’s what I bought it for, but then I tried it on my lips alone as well and that also looked quite good. With three layers the base color actually comes through and the lips look tinted blue and not just sparkly. I didn’t expect that so the lipstick was even better than I thought! The color never gets opaque, though, don’t expect that.

So, these two are a bit special, but they really work when I’m going for the faerie, otherwordly look. The look works out if I keep everything ethereal and super highlighted.


Here’s a lipswatch of Dreampot. I think it looks amazing, even though I have to admit I wear Soft Hint more often.

These lipsticks are non limited (aka they will be in the regular range as long as they sell) so there’s no real hurry to get them. They also got a load of amazing purples and some more of the shimmery ones. Sadly the only green looking lipstick swatched solid gold, so I still have no green one.

MAC Holiday Haul

MAC Holiday Haul


This year MAC has this beautiful pink purple themed Holiday Collection, Nutcrakcer Sweet. I actually only bought three items (so far) but it still ended up a picture heavy post. πŸ˜‰ Even the bag is pretty!


And the items themselves! I bought a full size lipstick, a blush/highlighter face combo and a lipstick set.


The full sized lipsticks come half bright pink, half dark purple. It’s actually sort of ugly, but it works if you put it next to the other items. XD


I bought Leap of Delight (matte). All colors were pretty, but this one struck me as the most unusual, a dark purple that doesn’t lean reddish.


The mini lipstick set comes in a beautiful box. The lipsticks themselves have a pink/black design, different from the full sized ones (and prettier if you ask me). The box itself was my bane. In theory the plastic is slanted so that you should be able to get the licksticks out by pressing one end, raising the other. In reality, this was a world of nope. I had to remove the little drawer from the box (it doesn’t usually come out completely), remove the inner plastic and then pop out the lipsticks from behind. 😐 On the upside, I could put the box back together and with the plastic layer removed it fits a lot more lipsticks than just four. It can also hold full sized ones. So the box itself is a keeper.


There are three lipstick mini sets: pink, nude and red. I opted for red, because it was the only set that didn’t include colors I already owned. XD All lipstick sets include permanent colors only! So if you didn’t get a set anymore that had a color you really wanted, you can still get that color anytime!

The colors in the red set are: Lady Danger (matte), Mac Red (satin), Diva (matte) and Rebel (satin). So while you’ve got a variety of colors in this this set, there’s not a lot of variety in finishes. But those two are the most trusty, long lasting finishes which is what you’d want in a set of intense colors, right?


Swatches of all lipsticks ltr: First Lady Danger, which is an intense orange red. It was the most matte of the bunch. On the lips it looks almost neon.

Next to it, Mac Red. It is a bit washed out by having Lady Danger next to it. But let me assure you, there’s a reason this is MAC Red. It’s the most beautiful red ever. It has a blue undertone, which is why it looks pinker when put next to Lady Danger. I always wanted Mac Red, ever since I first started looking for red lipsticks. But there was always something else to get first. XD

Next color is Diva, a beautiful dark red, great for autumn.

Last color in the mini set was Rebel, which is very pretty, but arguably not so much red as raspberry pink. It looks purple in the bullet, but really applies lighter than that. The color absolutely beautiful on the lips and not too dark (for those who don’t want to look too goth). It was the creamiest of the four.

Personally, I like that there is some variety in the set. If you went for a stricter definition of red you would narrow it down too much.

The last color in the swatch is the full size, Leap of Delight. It is a dark purple. It goes on quite dark. Nothing for the goth-phobes. The full sized products in the Holiday Collection are limited edition (they might of course come back at a later point).

All lipsticks were long lasting. They only wore off a little on the inside of the lip. Leap of Delight really surprised me there, because dark colors tend to show wear most obviously, but this one really clung to the lips! Even after lunch it barely wore off. The matte finishes lasted a bit better than the satin ones, but the satin were pretty good, too.


On to the last item, the blush/highlighter compact. It’s the darker of the two available sets, the Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact. There was also one with a more silvery highlighter and a light pink blush. This one has a golden highlighter and a ruddy bronzey blush. The exact colors are Whisper of Gilt (highlighter) and Pleasure Model (blush). Both are in the extra dimension finish, which is very silky. At least the highlighter is a repromote, so you may own it already.


Swatch. The highlighter is pretty intense and golden. Perfect for strobing, although you can apply it more subtly with a light hand The blush also contains shimmer particles, but worn alone does not appear to be super shimmery. The color is quite dark on my face (MAC NC 13) and will look more natural on darker skin tones. I do think I can wear it, although it is more of a bronzer to me. I sort of also want the lighter duo, but my wallet does not want it.Β  πŸ˜‰

That’s it, these were all the items I got. I really like the collection and the quality – at least of the items I got – is great.

Maybelline Rich Ruby, Clay Crush, Berry Bossy

Maybelline Rich Ruby, Clay Crush, Berry Bossy


When I read about the release of Maybelline‘s new Color Sensational line, the loaded bolds I was SO exited! Unusual colors! There was a whole line of them in the US. It always takes a while for Maybelline products to release over here so I waited faithfully. And when they came – instead of a lineup it was like five measly lipsticks. All stripped of the interesting colors like blue, black, grey. It was only red, pink, berry and the white shade. Boo! Booooring! I had no use for the white so I picked the single interesting color (the reds and pinks were good quality, too, but how many reds and pinks do I need?) which was the berry shade 886 Berry Bossy. And then I picked up two of the matte ones as well, because okay, apparently I did need one more red, 968 Rich Ruby and a nude, 932 Clay Crush.

How to tell the regular matte line and the loaded bolds apart: the bolds have numbers starting with 8, like Berry Bossy 886. The mattes start with 9, like Clay Crush 932. The bolds have a sleek blue packaging, the mattes a grey satiny one. The mattes are much better in this regard, because my Berry Bossy looked scratched very fast, while you can’t see any scratches or lines in the others. The lipstick quality is honestly quite similar. Both lines give a satiny matte finish. Actually I think the matte ones might be creamier than the bold. Both have the vanilla scent of the Color Sensational line.


The bullets: Berry Bossy, Rich Ruby, Clay Crush.


The swatches in shade: Berry Bossy, Rich Ruby, Clay Crush.


Same swatches in direct sunlight. Look how, well, rich Rich Ruby is!

All three colors apply well and last well, too. You can create a thin stain with them or apply fully. I absolutely adore wearing all three.

Berry Bossy is a great berry shade, just dark enough and just rich enough without being too goth or too purple. Goes with everything, really. I tried to get a pic of me with it on my lips but the light conditions were always terrible, so sorry.

Rich Ruby is – I mean I have a lot of reds, but it’s just a really good red! It’s darker than many of my reds (without being a dark red, mind you; it’s just intense) and the undertone is neutral – it’s neither blue nor yellow leaning.


Here’s a terrible phone pic of me wearing it.

Clay Crush is this really good nude without being too pale. Wearing it doesn’t wash me out and it doesn’t look too brown either (something that often happens when a very pale person wears nude – it ends up just brown).


Finally a good lip swatch! The difference between a phone and a high def camera pic, haha! You can see Clay Crush has orangey undertones, so depending on your skin tones that might work or not.

I can recommend all three lipsticks. I am pleased in general with the quality of the Maybelline Color Sensational line, but I am displeased with the fact that here in Austria we only get the traditional shades (and the white which is more of an altering shade than one you would wear alone). Get with the program, Maybelline!!!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Perversion + Lip Liner

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Perversion + Lip Liner

Happy Halloween!

Let’s talk about a black lipstick today, eh? πŸ˜‰


The new, huge Vice lipstick line by Urban Decay also included a black in their comfort matte formula. I figured it was worth a try. And because I am a fan of matching lip liners I also bought the 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil. Both of these are in the regular lineup, not limited.


Here’s the Vice Lipstick in all its glory. The color is called Perversion. Since Urban Decay color names stay the same across products, their true black eyeliners etc are also named Perversion.

UD Pencil P

The liner looks like this.

UD Pencil PSwatch

Swatch of the liner alone.


Swatch of lipstick plus liner. The lipstick is really good, gives off a lot of color pigment. With one swipe across my lips it was almost opaque, with two it looked perfect. The matte comfort finish is more of a satin matte, it is not as matte or drying as a regular matte by MAC, but it is also not quite as long lasting as a MAC matte. Last time I reveiwed the comfort matte I said I wanted to try a different finish, and here I am with yet another comfort matte. Sigh. It’s just I think this finish has the best colors in it, haha. Anyway, the lipstick has a great quality, you know, for a black lipstick. It wears off mostly evenly, but of course it looks sorta grungy when it wears off, as your natural color peeks through. I found the lipstick extremely easy to apply and it was also easy to get the lines crisp with just the bullet. Also, like I already mentioned it got opaque with two swipes.

So, this brings us to the bad part of the review: the liner. I got it to help getting the lines crisp, to help with opacity – which the lipstick absolutely didn’t need, but I didn’t know that! My recommendation is really to just buy the lipstick alone. Because, and you can see it in the swatches quite well, the liner does not create a crisp line. The liner, and that’s really the last thing you need a lip liner to do, freaking bleeds! Evey time I tried to do my mouth with it I looked like a failed attempt at a horror clown! I mean the whole reason I did not use an eye liner was that I expected the eyeliner to smudge, which I thought a waxy lip liner would not do. But it does. Boo!

So, long story short: lipstick yay, liner nay. If you really want to use a pencil with it, you’re better off with MAC’s Chromagraphic in Black Black.


Lip swatch. The edges in the middle of my mouth (cupid’s bow) are made with the lipstick bullet. The corners were done with liner and you can see the smudging. That was not a corner thing, it had happened everywhere but I wiped it off and applied anew in the middle for the sake of the photograph. “Prevents feathering” my ass. I don’t know if this problem only arises with the Perversion color or others, too, as this is my only UD lip liner.

Other than that I found this color to be surprisingly wearable! Real black isn’t all that far off those dark purples anyway. I think more people should wear it, it goes with all skin tones, too.

MAC Invite Intrigue

MAC Invite Intrigue


Shown up here is MAC lipstick in Invite Intrigue (matte). To be honest I completely lost track of MAC releases so I can’t tell you if this was a limited release or a permanent one, sorry. If it was limited, I’m sure it’ll be back sometime.


2016 is the year I went crazy for this pink/purple color. I bought way too many similar lipsticks, but at least I also wear the hell out of them. I’m so used to it, at some point I thought to myself, today I’ll do a subtle makeup, and while thinking this I was smearing Invite Intrigue on. XD Then I was like, whoops.

So, the lipstick is matte, typical MAC matte. There is no shimmer. The color is intense and it’s either a pink leaning purple or a blue leaning magenta. Let’s see some comparisons:


So here we have Invite Intrigue, Maybelline Magnetic Magenta, which is lighter and pinker. Last is Estee Lauder Stronger, which is slightly darker. Then, as I really wasn’t sure about this, I made a thin line with Stonger atop of Invte Intrigue. They are pretty close, but it seems this depends on the light, because I also made this swatch comparison here:


And here I see more of a difference between Invite Intrigue and Stronger. (And yes the pink one here is Invite Intrigue and not the Maybelline one! I always snap a pic of the lipstick bullet before doing a swatch.)

Anyway, you probably don’t need both Invite Intrigue and Stronger. XD

The quality of the lipstick is great, it holds on really well to the skin. It’s drying though.


Lip swatch.

If you wanted to use a liner with it, I think the MAC Heroine liner works, since it is pinker than the Heroine lipstick.

tl;dr: good lipstick, if not exactly unique.

MAC Viva Glam Ariana 2

MAC Viva Glam Ariana 2


I skipped MAC‘s Ariana 1, because the color was so similar to what I already owned, but Viva Glam Ariana 2 (matte) is a total must have for me. It comes in the usual pretty Viva Glam packaging and the color is a light pinkish purple.


Color swatch in the shade. It is a typical MAC matte and contains no shimmer either.


Same swatch in direct sunlight. It’s always clearly purple, but depending on light looks more or less pink.


Time for color comparison! On top, MAC Heroine, the darkest and most purple of the bunch. Next, MAC Invite Intrigue, which is pink, then Estee Lauder Stronger, which is ismilar, but darker and slightly more purple. Then Ariana 2, clearly the lightest color and also much cooler toned than the two above. Ariana 2 is light and has a lot more blue than your usual purple. It ends up looking quite neon.


Lip swatch of Ariana 2. This was taken with my phone on the inside, so the color looks washed out here, sorry. But I think you can still see it’s an intense color.

It’s a typical MAC matte, meaning it’s pretty dry and needs some quality lip balm underneath. But it applies silkily and is really easy to put on. And the wear time is bomb. This phone pic was made after wearing it for five hours and you can see it stayed where it should on the lip lines. This is probably one of the best lipsticks I own, period.

Usually I try to recommend matching lip liners for the readers who want one. It’s a bit hard for this color, as there are no lip liners in exactly this shade and the purple ones (like MAC lip liner Heroine) are too dark and the pink ones can be too intense. The lipstick certainly does not need a lip liner, as it stays nicely where you put it and it is easy to apply non-messily, too. But if you really want one you could either use a colorless lipliner or a flesh tones one. Or, I have found, the lip liner Candy Yum Yum is actually the closest to this color, since it’s also a blue based neon color.

Long story short: great lipstick and a charity item, too! What’s not to love?