L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzongkha

L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzongkha

After the last couple of weeks I needed a break from the sweet and/or flowery perfumes. Therefore it was time to go back to niche:

This is Dzongkha EdT by L’Artisan Parfumeur, as always, the old bottle design. Perfumer is Bertrand Douchafour. It was released in 2006.

Dzongkha is a language spoken mainly in Bhutan, but also India and Tibet. L’Artisan have a few perfumes inspired by the perfumer’s travels (see: Timbuktu etc) so I guess that’s the case here. I’ve never been in Bhutan so I can’t tell you if it is in any way accurate.

First thing I smelled was tea. I excitedly held my wrist under a friend’s nose, declaring: “TEA!” and they were like “that’s not tea, not in a hundred years.” At that point I remembered most people don’t take their black tea as bitter as I do. I’m talking strong Ceylon, with too many leaves and stewed for too long. Then you forgot all about the tea and rediscover it hours later. That’s what Dzongkha smells like. Wonderful!

Of course that’s not all. There’s also leather and vetiver, some incense. It’s bitter and exactly the palate cleanser I need after one too many sweets.

Worth a try if extremely bitter smoky tea sounds like a thing you might want. But it’s surely not for everyone.

Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom

Whoa, what do you mean, the first month of 2018 is already over? What the heck?

Okay so I super didn’t like Gucci’s previous new perfume, Bamboo. Imagine my surprise when I ended up buying their next release the week after it came out? But that’s what happened. This is Gucci Bloom EdP, released in 2017. Perfumer is Alberto Morillas.

The bottle is very simple but I find it elegant. The label on the front is textured, which looks very nice. The bottle is pretty heavy, mostly because there’s a magnet in the cap. I don’t usually think a lot about the names of perfumes but Bloom really is very fitting I guess. I also love the design on the cardboard packaging.

The smell is… hold your breath… tuberose. Again. 🙂 I can’t help myself, once I got over it I loved tuberose and had to get a small army of tuberose perfumes. This is mostly tuberose and jasmine and… honestly I’m not sure what else. I don’t get a distinctive base here, it’s just heavy flowers all the way. And it’s just so good. It’s like they had to keep all the good quality for Bloom , so there was nothing left for Bamboo other than thin laundry detergent. Sorrynotsorry.

Bloom lasts for about five to six hours in the intense stage and then another five on the cool down. You know, when it’s still there, but only if you take your wrist up to your nose.

A similar release to Bloom is Prada La Famme Intense, but that one has more stuff going on on the sidelines. Another tuberose release of 2017 was Hermes Twilly, which is also similar but more bubblegum pink in my nose. I liked them all, but in the end I sprung for Bloom.

Worth a try if you are into tuberose and jasmine and a total no-no if you hate these flowers.

YSL Cinéma

YSL Cinéma

This is a bottle of YSL Cinéma EdP. It was released in 2004, perfumer is Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud. I don’t say this often but I really like the bottle design, even though it was hard to photograph (the Cinema in the front kept vanishing).

Cinema is a vanilla perfume. There is of course more to it but to me the vanilla always is on the front. I remember in 2004, when I bought Pure Poison I had also tested this one and was like, maybe I’ll buy Cinema when the Poison is empty. Today, in 2018, I look at my huge collection and the bottle of Pure Poison that is still not used up and laugh. But it still describes my preference for scent notes well. First is always orange blossom/neroli, next love is vanilla.

Anyway, Cinema is not just vanilla and there are flowers in it although I don’t think it has orange blossom. Jasmine is there I think. Amber and almonds, rounding the vanilla experience. And there’s something else in it, that gives it a bit of an old fashioned edge. I think that was intentional to make it seem a bit older as the name is Cinema and they probably wanted to evoke thoughts of Hollywood Glamour and olden time red carpet divas? But I can’t put my finger on what it is that gives off that vibe. It’s not really soapey, but a little bit clean – okay, maybe it’s just a kind of musk I get there. There’s also something a little but fruity, sweet like syrup.

It’s really nice, not a huge must have, though. It depends on whether you want a vanilla at all and what sort. Back in 2004 I didn’t know Shalimar but I do now and if you told me to pick just one vanilla, it wouldn’t be Cinema. It is a nice sort of glamour perfume, though. It makes me feel like I should be wearing a ball gown and I don’t even own any gowns. I think it’s a good perfume for big occasions, because it is not super loud and intense. It is sweet and present and hopefully won’t annoy other people too much. It’s probably one of the gentlest perfumes with jasmine I’ve ever smelled. I guess I should start wearing it to the movies every now and then. Not always though; that would get boring fast.

And that’s it. Despite the great bottle, the perfume is a bit plain. Not bad, not great, but it has the potential to annoy with its bland loveliness. I like wearing it every couple weeks, but wearing it everyday for the sake of this review took a bit of a toll on me, sorry about that. It’s really not a bad perfume. I’ll just shut up now. Have a lovely weekend, see you next week.

Madonna Truth or Dare

Madonna Truth or Dare

I think two years ago I did not even know what tuberose was. One year ago I knew how it smelled like and thought it was good, but too heavy for me. Today… not only do I like it now, I own several tuberose heavy scents.

That I own Madonna Truth or Dare EdP is an accident, though. A friend thought she was ordering the flanker which smells completely different only to open it and realize it was the regular one. So it was passed down to me. I remember trying it in the store before and it being way too heavy. I thought it was the tuberose but today I think it might have been the vanilla. Truth or Dare is a combination of tuberose and vanilla. Each of those alone can have strong character, together they are quite the diva scent. Through in some sweet amber and you can see how past me and probably several other people can find it overwhelming. But since I got used to it now I find it quite wearable – one spray is enough, though!

Not only is the scent quite strong, it also lasts half an eternity. Or at least 12 hours.

This is certainly one of the better celebrity scents and used to be easily available for cheap. I’m not sure, to be honest, if it is still available? But if it is and you like the idea of flowers with a lot of vanilla/vanillary amber, this is a good choice.

Truth or Dare was released in 2012.

Guerlain Insolence

Guerlain Insolence

I hear the Pantone color of the year is Ultraviolet. Except, when you look at their colored square, it seems just plain violet to me? Well, whatever floats their boat. Last year I posted my fav color combinations. This year I like them all, so I’ll just link to the official site instead: here. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to the combinations.

I hope we get some lovely nail polish collections out of that. But it’s friday, so let’s talk about perfume!

This sculptural thingy here is Guerlain‘s Insolence EdP. It was released in 2008, perfumer is Maurice Roucel. The EdP followed the EdT released in 2006.  So this year we celebrate the ten year anniversary of the EdP. Very recently Guerlain has repackaged several of their perfumes, including Insolence. They are now only available in frosted bee bottles. While the bee bottles are very pretty, it also means no more 30 ml sizes. So, just like I did with all the L’Artisans I own, I snagged up the old bottle when it went for cheap. I’m not sure if I’ll do it with the others, too. Maybe Samsara.

Many fans of Insolence are sad to see the special bottle go. Personally, I’m not overly atached to bottle designs. As far as I can tell from testers, the juice remained unchanged, so it seems this was only a repackaging so far, not a reformulation (yet).

Insolence is a violet perfume. It’s a powedery, intense violet. I think back when they released it – and maybe still today, violet was suuuper old fashioned. And Guerlain was like, so what and released a super intense violet. Those were the days. The EdT, which I am not reviewing because I don’t have it, is sweeter. The EdP is mostly powedry flowers: violet, iris, a tiny hint of orange blossom. There’s a tonka bean in the base (well, it’s a Guerlain) but this stays a violet through and through.

A single spray of this is enough to fumigate a whole room. It lasts up to twelve hours, usually there’s no need to reapply. It’s also pretty distinct, everyone who ever knowingly smelled Insolence will recognize it. However, not enough people wear it to make it annoyingly familiar (hello, LVEB).

I love it, because it makes no compromise. It doesn’t chase after trends.

I suggest you try it carefully, because this is a love it or hate it thing and you wouldn’t want to run around with an intense scrubber on your wrist.

Lolita Lempicka Sweet

Lolita Lempicka Sweet

Sooo, when I got Lolita Lempicka EdP I did a double tap and snatched up this one here, too, just in case they would vanish again. They were 50% off, so it was really two for the price of one. 🙂

Sweet EdP by Lolita Lempicka was released in 2014, perfumer is Anne Flipo. Don’t get it confused with its 2016 flanker, called So Sweet, which looks similar, but smells differently. Anne Flipo has created many masterpieces and also many sweet smelling bestsellers, sometimes those categories even overlap.

Sweet is really the sort of perfume I usually hate. The name is program, it’s a sticky sweet synthetic thing. Yet it’s nowhere near as screechy as LVEB (also by Flipo) or as annoying as Manifesto (also Flipo). It’s cherry candy with a little bit of cocoa later on, elegant iris (??? how does that even work), and as base some musk and cashmeran. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a masterpiece – I mean it’s a bright red cherry candy bottle and it smells like that, too. I think the Lolita Lempicka EdP is more of an intriguing thing, more complex, so if I’d call any Lempicka perfume a masterpiece it would be that one. But damn, if Sweet isn’t a real good drugstore perfume. Many drugstore perfumes, even those that cost far more, have a terrible cheap base like thin fabric softener. This one has actual quality base to it. If I put Sweet in a LPRN bottle and told you it was the newest flanker, you’d believe me. You would hate the perfume, because for a Guerlain it’d be terrible, but you would believe me.

But still, only try this if sticky sweet cherry with cocoa sounds like a good idea to you. Otherwise, stay away.

For me I’m wearing it when it’s sub-zero Celsius. When it’s warm, it’s a bit much. But I’ll totally keep it.

Lolita Lempicka EdP

Lolita Lempicka EdP

This is a bottle of Lolita Lempicka EdP by Lolita Lempicka, in the typical whimsical bottle. This perfume was released in 2012 and is still available. There was an older version from 1997 which is discontinued. The older bottle was more purple, while this is more blue. Usually I’m not a fan of fancy bottle design, but I truly love this fairy apple. The stem, which is also the sprayer is a bit fragile, sadly, so be careful not to drop it as it will fall onto the stem (the upper part of the apple is heavier). Normal spraying is okay, though.

The perfumer for Lolita Lempicka EdP is Annick Ménardo.

From the code on my bottle I can tell it was produced in 2016, which is interesting because last year when I used up my sample of this perfume I wrote the following lines in my  used up post:

I like it quite a bit. It smelled of cherry candy and liquorice. It smelled a bit dusty and light at the same time, like a young girl wearing an old dress. Quirky. Sadly, as far as I can tell, Lempicka aren’t sold in stores in Austria anymore and online retailers only have a few leftovers of this particular perfume.

It’s so funny because to me it feels like that episode where I used up a sample and went to buy the full size only to not find it anywhere (not even online – when I mentioned online retailers I meant like ebay) must have happened years ago – but it was only last year??? It must just have been a shortage in supply because only months afterwards this perfume was back at every drugstore chain. So now I have my bottle. I still love it. It’s sweet but so different from other sweet perfumes.

If you don’t know how it smells like I totally recommend at least trying it out. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but honestly I find it quite iconic.

Dolce & Gabbana the one

Dolce & Gabbana the one

Happy Holidays!

For today’s Fragrance Friday I have the perfume that probably surprised me the most this year (plus a tip if you’re still searching for a present):

This is Dolce & Gabbana the one EdT. It was released this year (2017); the nose is Michel Girard. If you’re as confused as I am, yes, the one EdP was released several years ago in 2006, but apparently they never released an EdT to go with it. There are several flankers already, though.

Now, my track record with Dolce & Gabbana perfumes is not the best. Some are nice but forgettable, some have a really nasty shrill fake sandalwood in them. I would have never tried this new EdT if it hadn’t been included as a GWP.

The good news is, there is no sandalwood in the one! The bad news is – well actually I have no bad news for you because I really, truly like this perfume!

It’s a lily perfume, but without the crushing presence lilies can have. It’s not really lightweight, as the main notes are lily, ylang ylang and vanilla, but it’s not a screechy sweet mess either! I’m honestly impressed. For other notes, I get some musk in the dry down, but that’s it. I don’t decect any of the fruit it’s supposed to have. That’s a good thing in my books, as there are so many fruity florals anyway. The biggest problem in perfumery is that so many perfumes smell alike. Now, this one isn’t super original either, but it’s still a fresh breath in the LVEB sea.

It lasts for to five hours. It doesn’t seem to have a strong sillage but it could be the sort of perfume that actually lingers around without you even noticing.

Worth a try if you like a soft lily.

Chanel Coco EdT

Chanel Coco EdT

Just like No 5, Coco is a massive pillar in Chanel‘s perfume catalogue. It was released in 1984, perfumer is Jacques Polge. I suppose Coco was a smash hit because it’s still going pretty strong. Even if you don’t know what it smells like, you’ve probably smelled it without noticing. The lasting power of it is near endless. On skin you’ll wash it off but if you get it on a scarf or a jacket you’ll smell it the whole winter season. This is why from time to time you’ll pass a person and they’ll be in a cloud of Coco and probably not even know it themselves.

Coco is a massive eighties thing, just like Dior’s Poison, as ‘small’ as the hair used to be and as ‘subtle’ as the makeup used to be. It’s a spicy oriental and extremely different from everything else Chanel offers. There are two flankers to date, Coco Mademoiselle and Coco Noir. The flankers smell absolutely nothing like Coco, at all. I see a slight similarity between Mademoiselle (2001) and Noir (2012), but they are products of their time just like Coco is an eighties baby.

As always when I’m gearing up for a perfume review I’ve been wearing it several days in succession and I noticed that I’ve been smelling it less and less. This is not because it got truly weaker, but because it’s so intense and my brain started to tune it out after a while. This is also why I said you might meet people in a cloud of Coco who might not even know they smell like it. So my recommendation would be to not use it every day to give your nose and brain a break so you can get the full assault every time you spray it. Coco is not for the weak.

So it’s loud and obnoxious and naturally I love it. I just wish they sold their EdT’s in smaller bottles than 50 ml, because as I meantioned you can’t wear it evey day and it’ll take forever to use up. The EdP’s come in 35 ml but I fell in love with the EdT and I feel like they do not smell exactly alike.

I’m not even going to bother describing notes or how it smells like exactly as I can’t really pick any notes out and you’ve probably smelled it before anyway. It does have a bit of an oldtimer touch, since those who fell in love with it in the eighties and never stopped using it are now in their fifties/sixties and so that’s an association you might have. It’s funny because No 5, which is much older doesn’t have that sort of touch anymore – it was old when my parents were young so they’d never have worn it and nowadays you mostly get perfumistas and young girls wearing it. In 30 years there’ll be all those middle aged ladies wearing LVEB.

So in conclusion Coco is amazing and I love it and I’ve spent most of this fall being annoyed their newest release doesn’t have any of it’s charm or power. But then I guess they don’t need to remake Coco, as it already exists.

Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireplace

Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireplace

Welcome to Fragrance Friday. It is a cold and misty early december day, just right for something like this:

This is Replica By the Fireplace EdT by Maison Margiela. In my tags this is still called “Maison Martin Margiela” as this is what the house used to be called but they shortened it down. I don’t want to change my old tags, though, so now you know where that tag comes from.

Alright, I have mentioned Replica Jazz Club in some posts before but I never ever bought it. Because while I liked the opening, I didn’t like the rest of it. And so, you see, the Replica line got bigger and bigger but I never really liked the perfumes in it. Until I found this one (By the Fireplace was released in 2015, but I only noticed it this year). The scent is smoky, sweet, ambery. This ia sweet perfume that proves that sweet doesn’t have to be that cheap, screeching sugar stuff you get in so many mainstream scents. You can have sweet and cozy and still be different!

The smoke in this is actual smoke. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s not the scent of incense or burning incense, it is like the smoke you get from a fire. Personally I don’t find that note too strong or harsh, but ymmv.

The sweetness is combined with chestnut. It smells like cake with chestnut filling or like chestnut confections such as “Maroniherzen” (but without the alcohol note those tend to have). It’s so cozy and yummy. It smells like sitting in your warm home, with a blanket and hot chocolate/tea and a book and some expensive sweets. Even if in reality you are outside in the chilly fog and can’t feel your toes anymore.

The scent stays mostly unchanged on me. The smoke wafts in and out. First I thought the smoke was more in the top notes and evaporates later but the more often I wear it the more I think I can still smell it later on. By the Fireplace lasts about seven hours on my skin.

This is what I wear when I want something cozier than my beloved Kenzo Jungle and lighter than Black Orchid, but stronger than Shalimar.

I strongly recommend testing By the Fireplace if “smoke and chestnut” sounds like heaven to you. Stay away if smoke sounds like a no go.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau Fraiche (Wonder Woman)

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau Fraiche (Wonder Woman)

So, today’s perfume is:

Yay. This is Classique Eau Fraiche EdT by Jean Paul Gaultier. This is the Wonder Woman edition as you can see. But the juice is identical to Eau Fraiche Betty Boop, it’s just a different picture. Eau Fraiche is a flanker to the bestseller Classique, so it does not smell the same as Classique, but similar.

The Wonder Woman Edition was released this year, 2017. I think the Eau Fraiche has replaced the Summer edition, because the summer editions of Classique stopped in 2015, then there was the Betty Boop Eau Fraiche and now this one. Perfumer for the Eau Fraiche is Daphné Bugey.

Honestly I fell prey to the pretty design because I super, super loved the Wonder Woman solo movie. Releasing a designer perfume to go with it was a pretty clever move. Luckily by now it’s already sold with discount, probably because there’s a new edition next year.

The main notes of Eau Fraiche are orange blossom, jasmine and musk. It’s a very powdery, dusty sort of orange blossom, not the intense juicy kind you can get with a orange blossom soliflore. Underneath the powder there is also vanilla and a faint whiff of tiare. It reminds me of my beloved Yves Rocher showergel, just without the bubblegum.

For a perfume called an Eau Fraiche EdT it lasts very long. I easily get ten hours. The flowers get a bit less, but the musk and vanilla are here to stay. Despite the fact that it’s an orange blossom/jasmine concoction it truly is a fresher variant, it’s nowhere near as opulent as other orange blossom/jasmine/vanilla perfumes can be. The regular Classique is also pretty opulent, but is different since it does not have any jasmine (as far as I know at least). Eau Fraiche is light on the flowers, but has a lot of sweet musk which people will either love or hate.

I like it, but it’s another one of those that I can only wear from time to time, so that I don’t grow sick of it. So far I’ve been wearing it to every comic book movie and nobody complained yet.

A note on the packaging for those who have never opened a JPG perfume before: You hold it at the very bottom and then gently pull the can upwards.


L.T. Piver Heliotrope Blanc

L.T. Piver Heliotrope Blanc

Alright, are you thinking, what the heck is L.T. Piver? Because that’s what I was thinking the first time I saw it, haha. Well, turns out, L.T. Piver is a really old french perfume brand, like Guerlain old. Except, as a quick googling just told me Guerlain opened up in 1828 and L.T. Piver opened up their first shop in 1774, so they’re actually older. Except the brand wasn’t yet called that and… okay this is getting complicated. Look it up yourself if interested.

The reason you might not have heard of the brand yet is that to my knowledge you can only get their stuff in barber shops and retro style places. Or maybe it’s just me who was not in the know so far, anyway long intro but here’s the perfume of the day:

It’s Heliotrope Blanc EdT by L.T. Piver. It came out in 1850 and is still being produced although of course I can’t say if the formula is still the same. The packaging is all retro and stuff, looks really cute. Sadly I already managed to ruin the golden cap I think by getting perfume on it which kinda dissolved the golden paint??? The sprayer is a little bit difficult, it does spray in the direction you point it at but the spray that comes out is bigger than you’d except so I dripped perfume all over the place…

What does it smell like? Well, like Heliotrope, obviously. Heliotrope is called the vanilla flower and for good reason. It smells a lot like play doh. Luckily this perfume smells like that, but in a non artifical way? It smells like vanilla and almonds and sugar before you start baking.There may be cookies in the future but not yet. That’s what it smells like.

So, really good, but also one note. I like wearing it but I don’t feel the need to wear it two days in a row. Once every couple weeks is enough. The scent does not change while wearing it and it has surprisingly great wear time – I got ten hours on skin out of it. Probably because it’s mostly base note anyway (base notes are base notes because they last the longest so you smell them at the end).

In a nutshell: good quality perfume and lovely smell if non artificial play doh sounds like something you want. Terrible packaging though the sprayer releases too much and it drops down the bottle later on god I just picked it up to examine it and a drop fell onto my laptop no!

Some swiping later everything still seems to be working. If you’re not hearing from me next week, there was a problem after all.


YSL Mon Paris

YSL Mon Paris

This super cute bottle is YSL Mon Paris EdT, one of their newest fragrance releases. It was released in 2016. Perfumers are: Olivier Cresp, Harry Frémont, and Dora Baghriche-Arnaud.

Mon Paris is one of those perfumes inspired by LVEB. As such, my question is, who needs this? Don’t most perfume lovers who want one already own a LVEB clone or two? The bottle is really cute, though so maybe that’s the main draw.

In defense of Mon Paris I have to say it’s a bit lighter than LVEB. It starts with a chemical berry smell which gets overwhelmed by a bouquet of jasmine. There’s not as much jasmine as Alien has (but then, which perfume has) but I think jasmine haters won’t be fans of Mon Paris. Jasmine lovers on the other hand might like that this is jasmine without the ubiquitous orange blossom. The drydown is super generic and also weak. There’s a little bit of everything in it, but not enough to really pick anything out.

As such, the fragrance is okay, but the market is so saturated by chemical smelling sweet berry scents, some of which smell better than Mon Paris (many smell a lot worse, though) I have trouble being very enthusiastic about it. I’m waiting for the next perfumery trend. My verdict is that this is the perfect perfume for teenage girls (if they like that sort of thing) since it smells sweet and not as strong as LVEB and the bottle is very cute.

For a perfume that also sports sweet berry, but not so synthetic and more elegant, check out my review for Cartier La Panthere.

All Used Up August, September and October 2017

All Used Up August, September and October 2017

Wow, it’s been a while! Usually I try to get one of these posts up once a month or every other month, but whatever. It’s going to be a bit longer, then. Here’s the stuff I emptied in the last three months:

Benefit They’re Real mascara: this mini was part of a set and of course the mascara went way before the other products. At first I really liked the mascara and thought I’d buy a full size aferwards. I mean I still ike it but I have found other mascaras that work just as well so for now I won’t repurchase it. It gave my lashes length and volume and didn’t smear.

Chanel Le Volume Rouge Noir: You will notice a trend here. Some people really hate these mascara wands made of plastic (or whatever it is) with short bristles and I really, really love them. I absolutely adored the Rouge Noir color, which sadly was a LE. The Le Volume doesn’t give length, but it does add a lot of volume. This has the effect that lashes droop a bit and won’t keep the curl. My lashes are naturally curly so it works out for me despite the weight. When the Le Volume is new it is very wet and will be a pain to use. I have found the key is to open it once and then put it in the drawer and forget about it. Several months later it will have the perfect consistency. And no, the mascara won’t go bad in the meantime (just don’t leave it lying about for years). Le Volume does not smear on me (once it had some time to dry) or crumble.

Two small masks: Balea Reparierende Maske and Balea Reinigende Maske. These are supposed to be one time masks, but there was so much product in them that I used each for four or five days. Or rather, nights, as these are leave-on masks. Hence the sleepy face. I liked both, they were refreshing (both have a gel texture) and they plumped up my skin quite a bit. The next day there were visibly less fine lines. I don’t think they did anything else though. The blue cleansing mask didn’t result in less gunk in my pores or anything. Still, I liked them. I’m not sure if they were LE, though as I haven’t seen them in stores anymore?

Ingredients for the green repairing mask.

Ingredients for the blue cleansing mask.

Nivea two phase eye makeup remover: It was okay. I had removers that got the makeup off faster than this one, but on the plus side it did not feel that oily and left not much residue on my eye. Might repurchase if I find nothing better.

La Roche Posay Toleriane cleansing milk: my go-to cleanser for makeup free skin. It does claim to be able to remove makup, but don’t fall for it! It’s terrible at removing makeup! It is okay for a normal gentle cleanse, though. I take a blob of this (it has sort of a weird texture) and rub it all over my face. Then I take it off again with a wet cotton pad. It could be taken off with a dry pad but that leaves on too much product for my taste. This cleanser will leave residue, though, even when removing it with water. This is supposed to happen! The cleansing milk leaves a film of moisturisation on the skin while removing the gunk and dirt. Thus, I can skip the regular moisturizer and go straight for sun protection.

Batiste Cherry dry shampoo: am still on my mission to try allll the dry shampoo scents. I like this one here a lot, it smells a bit like Guerlain LPRN… So far Batiste is the brand that gives my hair the most fluffing up, which is my main reason to use dry shampoo (my hair is very limp). Repurchase of this one is highly likely.

From left to right: Lush Lemony Flutter, Colab dry shampoo tropical and a sample of Cavalli perfume.

I don’t like the smell of Lemony Flutter at all, but I love what it does to my skin so I buy it from time to time despite the scent. But the scent is really something. I use Lemony Flutter on my hands, cuticles, feet and sometimes elbows. I put it wherever I need heavy duty cream. It leaves my hands a bit oily for a few minutes, but I think that’s worth it. I do wish they offered a different scent. For now, no repurchase.

Colab tropical has a faint coconutty scent. It smells good, but nowhere near as strong or good as ‘paradise’ from the same brand. It truly does not leave white residue, but it also gives me less fluff than Batiste. And it left my hair feeling a bit sticky. Sorry, Colab I love your scents, but I’ll rather deal with white residue than sticky hair. No repurchase.

Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli is a massive powdery orange blossom scent. I like it enough to use up the samples (this isn’t my first) but not enough to go for a bottle.

Piz Buin Allergy Lotion: Haha, can you see where the writing wore off? It didn’t survive the combination of heat and sticky hands. Okay I love the formula. It smells good, it protects really well and it does not give me angry, dry red spots on my skin (this happens a lot to me when using the wrong sun care). Thus I bought two more bottles long before I ran out of this one. Only after that I realized how terrible the packaging is! Once you used up the first half the product refuses to come out of the bottle. The opening is tiny, the lotion very thick and the bottle very sturdy and hard to squeeze. I hate it! So I will use up the bottles I stupidly already bought, but after that I’ll only consider this again if they change the packaging!

List of ingredients for Piz Buin.

This is almost the whole list as right now I realize I forgot to photograph a shower gel I used up. I’l put it in the next post. This brings us to the end of my empties for now. See you on the next one!

Cartier La Panthere

Cartier La Panthere

I just noticed someone landed on my blog by googling “(name of product) temptalia” and I’m like gosh I’m so sorry you wanted high quality comparison swatches and landed here instead. Oh dear.

In other, also totally unrelated news I haven’t posted any nailpolish for weeks. That’s not because I didn’t use any nailpolish, but because I take those pictures on my phone and my phone hates my computer or the other way round, anway there are pics on instagram but otherwise I can’t currently access those pics… Sorry they’ll show up sometime, they always do.

Alright and now back to some actual quality content… sorta. It’s Friday you know that means Fragrance Review Day!

Just like Sisley, Cartier does some high quality GWPs. This is a mini of La Panthere EdP. The new one, obviously. La Panthere was released in 2014 and by now has collected some flankers to go with it, but this review is for the 2014 pillar. There was also a perfume in the eighties called Panthere, but it smelled completely different. Different bottle, too.

I’ve already reviewed the flanker La Panthere Legere here. Legere has a different notes list, but it does smell similar to La Panthere. Legere is lighter than this one and now that I’ve smelled both, I greatly prefer La Panthere EdP.

So at the very beginning it smells like roses and I’m like ‘why’, and ‘nooooo’. But then it changes and some sweet gardenia gets through. Yesss. I still should actually hate this, becuase it is a fruity floral and I’m so not a fan of those in general, but somehow La Panthere manages to not go the obnoxious fruity floral route and stays classy instead. As classy as you can be with a strawberry note I mean. I do think it’s dried strawberry I’m smelling here. Or maybe other dried red fruits. The gardenia and fruit stage lasts pretty long, five to six hours I’d say. The base is kinda meh, like a bit of musk and something else, but rather thin. At this point I’ll either get a shower or just reapply the perfume from my little purse spray here.

The nose of La Panthere is Mathilde Laurent, who does most of Cartier’s perfumes.

Try this if: you want to know how a not super cheap strawberry perfume could smell like. Because let’s be honest strawberry usually gets the short end of the quality stick in perfumery.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 10

L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 10

Mon Numero 10 EdP by L’Artisan Parfumeur comes from an originally limited edition and was included in the regular lineup in 2014. I still have the older, pre-black bottle era packaging.  The 30 ml size has the same cap as the bigger perfumes, making the bottle look even smaller. Perfumer is Bertrand Douchafour.

Personally I love it lots and lots and I’m honestly confused that I haven’t reviewed it before, since it was my second ever Artisan bottle??? It is a hefty dose of cinnamon with a bit of wood, lots of tonka and some unlit incense. You know, like, it’s not smoky but incensy, like how incense smells completely different once lit? It’s perfectly suited for cooler weather when you want something cozy, but not too cozy. The incense gives it character; this isn’t a fluffy cloud. I guess for some people the scent might fall apart as the ingredients differ a lot, but for me it just about works out as a whole.

The official notes list on the packaging says: “incense, cardamom, leather, tonka bean”.

Uh, okay? I’m not getting leather, not compared to my real leather paerfumes. Cardamom, sure why not. But I’m confused they don’t list any cinnamon as to my nose that’s really the major component? But who knows, maybe it’s my nose that’s out of alignment.

Try this if: well, if you can find it in the first place, but mostly if you’re looking for an unsweet cinnamon offering. I mean yes there’s plenty of tonka bean but it’s still less sweet than a Guerlain, for example.

L’Atelier des Bois de Grasse Ambre Pamplemousse Rose

L’Atelier des Bois de Grasse Ambre Pamplemousse Rose

So, for this Fragrance Friday I want to talk about the last L’Atelier des Bois de Grasse perfume I own.

It’s called Ambre Pamplemousse Rose and is, like the others called a “Cologne de Luxe” whatever that’s supposed to mean. It was also released in 2016. Specifically my bottle says 09/16 on it and I know I mentioned this already before but I love that you don’t have to decipher some codes to find out your production date. It also comes with the same no-nonsense design as the other bottles of this brand, which I love. Unlike the other two perfumes I reviewed this one isn’t as straight forward from the name. Cuir Iris was as promised a leather iris. This one on the other hand is so innocently named Ambre Pamplemousse Rose, but I find it neither an amber perfume nor a pink grapefruit.

It is, instead, a booze perfume.

I always loved the opening of Margiela’s Replica Jazz Club. The sweetness, the rum, the smoke. However I never bought it because it changed after ten minutes and I didn’t like the rest. Now I’m not saying this one here smells like Jazz Club, because it doesn’t but it basically smells like what I wanted from Jazz Club. And the smell of Ambre Pamplemousse Rose doesn’t change too much. The drydown differs from the fist two hours, yes, but it mostly stays the same perfume.

I personally don’t get a lot of pink grapefruit here, except maybe it’s actually the candied zest I smell here? And all throughout a good dose of alcohol. Not the sharp bite of it that you get in the start Clandestine Clara and not the sweet rum of Jazz Club either. It combines with the candied fruit instead creating a smell a bit like a Rusty Nail?

The dry down is a bit tamer, but still recognizable. The official notes list is a bit more elaborate than my rambling so here it is:

rum, natural frosty lemon, pink grapefruit

rose, violet, white woods (cedar, cypriol, vetiver and elemi)

sandalwood, everlasting flower, golden ambergris

I’m not sure if the golden ambergris isn’t a translation mistake from the french, which says “ambre dore”. Amber and ambergris are different things, but they sound so similar that you can never be quite sure what is meant. On the other hand, they way it smells, there could be ambergris (or rather ambroxan) in it so who knows.

Anyway, this one here smells special and different and not like all the other mainstream stuff. It’s totally worth a try and is the most surprising out of all the Atelier scents I tried. Even more surprising is that it smells so good and different and everything at this price – last time I saw it at a perfumery it cost less than € 20 for 100 ml.

This is also the most long lasting of the three I tried I got a solid six to seven hours, although it was mostly close to the skin. Luckily in this case as I don’t want other people to think I’m drinking…

Sisley Izia

Sisley Izia

Izia EdP by Sisley is a new perfume released in 2017. The noses are Isabelle d’Ornano and Amandine Clerc-Marie.

I got a lovely luxury mini as a GWP. What I love about this mini is that it came with a sprayer. A mini with a sprayer is just infinitely more useful than a tiny bottle mini without a sprayer. But I digress.

Izia is a rose perfume and I am a certified rose hater. So please keep that in mind. I do own some full bottles with roses in, but mostly those barely smell like roses anymore. I have the woodsy, the green, the dry and very dark roses. The Morticia Adams roses, so to speak. Izia is none of that. Izia is the ray of sunshine rose. It’s bright and lovely and tame and entirely too un-goth for me. Izia is that pretty girl from the Munsters, what was her name? Marilyn? However, at least it’s not soapy at all. Soapy roses are the worst.

Izia starts with sparkling citrus and then you get the rose, like a huge yellow thing? And that’s it. I mean I’m sure there’s some other notes in it but I don’t smell them. The rose gets quieter after a couple hours, but overall this perfume is pretty long lasting. I got six hours for sure.

Now I’d never get a full bottle of this but I do have to admit it’s well made and if you like bright roses, this should be worth a try. Spray it and be the lovely Marilyn Munster. She may be ugly but her heart is in the right place. 😉

Meanwhile, I think an Addams Family rewatch is in order.