essence I ♥ Extreme volume mascara

essence I ♥ Extreme volume mascara

On to the last makeup item from my essence calendar. Finally! XD

This is the I (heart) extreme volume mascara. I have another essence mascara which I love dearly. I would have reviewed it but it is already discontinued, so you’ll hear about it in an empties post instead. This one here should still be available. Anyways since I have this other volumising essence mascara I couldn’t help but comparing them and honestly the discontinued one is so much better why keep this one and not the other what????

Ahem. Let’s take a look at the brush.

The brush is seriously big. I put my finger next to it to show how big (this is my pinky). The brush is long and the bristles are very long as well. This means that everytime I try to get the roots of my lashes, the bristles poke through my lashes and color my eyelid. Meh.

This was produced by making only a small swipe. It covered most of my wrist.

The formula itself is okay. If you gave this to me without the label and asked me what sort of mascara it was I’d have said: “This is nice and separating. Is it a lengthening formula?” What I would not have guessed is volumising because that’s the one thing it does not do. If you can be bothered to fight with the bristles you could add several coats which might give you volume, for it does not clump. But I can’t be bothered and so it colors my lashes black and that’s it.

The formula is not waterproof. It mostly does not smudge unless I sweat a lot. It crumbles a little bit, sometimes. It held the curl (in my experience really volumising formulas weigh the lashes down).

I’ve had worse mascaras but I’ve also had better ones at the same price point. I prefer the “forbidden volume” from the same brand, sadly discontinued. That one did deliver on the volume.

essence All About Nudes eyeshadow

essence All About Nudes eyeshadow

Still reviewing the last few items of the 2016 advent calendar by essence. XD This eyeshadow palette was in the last door. It’s the all about nudes palette in 02 nudes. Honestly, I was prepared to hate it. I like some essence items, but always stay away from powder shadows for fear of them being too powdery and not pigmented enough.

If you look at the lower row, you can see the colors are fairly close together. However, only the middle two colors are truly close, the outer two colors differ quite a bit upon application. Let’s take a look at the swatches:

Swatches in the shade. I did top, bottom, top bottom, moving left to right. So we start with the highlighting shades. The first one is a pale vanilla and matte. The second one is more a seashell color and shimmery. The next four colors are the middle browns, all of which are matte. The second to last color is the darkest of the palette and has a satin finish. The very last one is another mid brown, but with an intense sparkle. On the lid it applies as mostly shimmer and not much base color.

So, the first row is warmer toned and the second is cooler toned. I like having that variety, lots of nude palettes are warm only. I wish that one of the middle colors in the lower row were darker, though. They differ only slightly (the right one leans more taupe), but on the lid you can’t tell the difference. So you always have to reach for the upper row anyway unless you do a light only look.

The same swatches, but in direct sunlight. Here you can see the shimmer and the sparkle.

Like I said in the beginning I was prepared to hate this palette. Except now, four months later I can say this has been my most used palette this year. It’s not too powdery if you knock off the excess on the back of your hand, it applies well and it looks really good on. The biggest quality problem is the glitter shade, as the sparkles land all over your face. The others are good, though. Now, the colors don’t go fully opaque. They always stay a bit see-through, but that also means you can throw them on quickly, blend a bit and be done with it. You can’t do much wrong with these, which is why I’d recommend them to a makeup beginner. You can still get some different looks out of it, from almost invisible to dark. You can have some fun experimenting and it’ll still result in a look you can leave the house with.

Wear time was also surprisingly good: seven hours (with primer, though!).

For people with many nude palettes this will be boring. It’s got nothing you don’t have already. I don’t have all that many nude palettes and honestly, it’s probably the best neutral one I have. You know, really neutral in tones.

Caveat: since the colors are semi-sheer and mostly on the lighter end of the spectrum I can’t say how well it’ll work for darker skin tones. But I totally recommend this one to the paler kids who want a no fuss nude eyeshadow.

essence Kajal Pencil white and black

essence Kajal Pencil white and black

It’s the middle of April and I am slowly working through the rest of the items from my essence advent calendar. XD

It included two eye pencils:

this is the kajal pencil in 04 white.

And this is the same in 01 black. It’s got the same silver design as the other one, but I zoomed in further here.

Swatch of the white one.

Swatch of the black one.

As you can see, these aren’t super opaque. You can easily go over your lines a second time but you’ll never get the blackest black. Despite the sort of disappointing swatches they went on the eyes okay. I recommend warming the tip first, the helps the color glide on. They can be used on the lid and on the waterline. They went on the waterline without tugging, but they didn’t stay on there for super long, maybe three hours tops.

I compared the black pencil to another one I’m currently testing, the YSL Dessin du Regard in black. That one is much more pigmented (it’s of course also much more expensive). But pigment isn’t all. The essence pencil was more forgiving of mistakes, as you could just wipe them off and go again, while the YSL one was like “nope, I live here now”. In the end, applying the essence one was less hassle and the difference was not that big in the result. Only afterwards the essence one broke down much faster. This however is a slightly unfair comparison as the Dessin is waterproof and the essence kajal is not.

Overall, these are perfectly workable pencils. I use them more for a somewhat messy look, though, as that’s where they work best – when a little smudging is okay. 🙂 Admittedly I didn’t use the white one as much as the black (in the waterline the Nyx pencil in Milk holds much better).

Little Drugstore Haul

Little Drugstore Haul

You know this thing where you go to a store because you need a specific thing and then come home with a whole gaggle of stuff you didn’t really need? XD

So I decided to try out the makeup sponges by Real Techniques. I can’t even say why. I never felt the need to pick up the original beauty blender, yet this orange thing said “buy me!” when I walked past. There’s also a whole list of brushes of theirs I want (but not really need).

Then I bought two back ups from essence: the mascara topper Forbidden Volume and the Camouflage Make-up & Concealer. Note how the cap of the Forbidden Volume has a sticker on it saying ‘new’. The Forbidden Volume line came out last summer, featuring two different mascaras and one top coat. I bought them when they were brand new and had a 2 for 1 promo. The next week I went back and bought another set since they were pretty good for the price. And in February, (only six months or so later) essence discontinued them! Yes, a product with the ‘new’ sticker on it and already not available anymore. Boo! So I bought that one as a back up. The Camouflage makeup, luckily, is not discontinued but I thought better safe than sorry and bought a back up since it is my favorite foundation.

Then there’s a lipstick from Maybelline, 987 Smoky Rose. I think this was new, it was on a display among mostly nude colors (review upcoming).

Last there’s a nail polish by Sally Hansen, 120 Luna Pearl. I don’t expect this one to be opaque, but it has such a pretty purple shimmer!

And I also picked up this one here: Balea Regenbogen Dusche. This was probably the most hyped shower gel of the last few months; it sold out pretty much immediately thanks to the unicorn hype. I got lucky; there were a few bottles left in a more remote location so I grabbed one. At least this one wasn’t an expensive hype: as all Balea shower gels it cost only 89 cent for 300 ml. XD The smell is lovely. It’s a milky, coconutty sort of sweetness, but not too much coconut.

Now I am back on shower gel and body lotion no-buy. These things just accumulate so easily? And because the bottles are so big they just clog up the bathroom.

essence eyeliner pen

essence eyeliner pen

Another of my many essence items: the eyeliner pen. It’s a simple felt tip liner, black. They call it extra long lasting, but they do not call it water proof.

The line. It’s not super duper black, but on the eye I mostly apply like you can see at the end of the line here and it works out well enough. It applies easily. The very first time I had to coax the color out, but ever since it was flowing nicely. The finish is not comepletely matte, but not shiny either. Lasting power is good. I have used it as eyeliner and to draw animal faces on people for Mardi Gras and the color mostly survived. It got less black but didn’t wipe off.

Even though it does not claim to be water proof it’s best removed with oil.

I like this liner so far. Hopefully it does not dry up too fast. You will see it in an empties post if it does. XD

essence Glossy Kiss: Cherry Kiss and Berry Kiss

essence Glossy Kiss: Cherry Kiss and Berry Kiss


More products from last year’s advent calendar: essence glossy kiss. On the front the tube says lip balm, but on the back it says lip gloss. I guess it’s sort of both. It’s a gloss, but also completely non-sticky. It feels more like a nourishing oil, really.


It’s got the typical tube gloss opening.


Swatch of Cherry Kiss. It comes out bright red, but as you can see, sheers out into pretty much nothing. There is no shimmer.


Lip swatch of Cherry Kiss. The color mostly settles in lip lines.


And this is Berry Kiss.


Swatch of Berry Kiss shows it’s Barbie pink with lots of shimmer, and the color also sheers out mightily.


Lip swatch of Berry Kiss. It has less color to begin with, so nothing settles in lip lines. The shimmer is somewhat visible.

Despite the fact that both are barely visible on lips, they stain like crazy on everything your lips come in contact with – glasses, your skin, other people’s skin etc. I suddenly had pink fingers and no clue why until I remembered I was wearing this gloss and must have touched my lips without even noticing.

Lasting power was close to zero: Maybe half an hour, if even.

I think the biggest selling point of these must be the scent & taste, which is exactly like you would expect from the names: fake cherry candy and fake berry candy. The target group is probably young teenagers who I think might like this sort of thing?

essence long lasting lipstick natural beauty

essence long lasting lipstick natural beauty

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Firstly, new layout yay! Secondly I finally realized you have turn on the switch for mobile layout, oh my god. Sorry I thought that would happen automatically. If anyone is reading my blog from a mobile device, do you like the new setting or would you prefer the old one (mobile site identical to computer view)?

General blog blather aside, let’s talk about this lipstick.


Like many of the other essence products you have been seeing lately on here, this was in my advent calendar. 🙂 It’s the long lasting lipstick in the color 07 Natural Beauty. Since the calendar had to be one size fits all they probably had to put in one of the neutral colors but I love it because it really does look great.


Swatch in direct sunlight. The color has no shimmer, but a creamy finish. It does not get matte and it doesn’t really dry down either, always staying a bit creamy.


Swatch in the shade.

So, in my opinion this pinkish nude is a real winner colorwise because it goes with pretty much everything while not being too light in color. Many nude lipsticks are too pale for my personal taste (and let’s not forget how freaking pale I am. I don’t know how people with darker skin pull these off?). But the color of Natural Beauty is lovely and will work for a bigger range of skin tones, too. 🙂

On to the not so good stuff: They have the gall to call this long lasting? I really don’t want to see their non long lasting lipstick are, then, because this one here survives barely two hours without eating or drinking. Half an hour, if you have a cup of tea when wearing it. Like I mentioned, it is not matte and doesn’t really settle down. On the upside I did not notice it collecting in lip lines or migrating outside the lips – but that’s probably because it just doesn’t last long enough to do that!

The smell of it is also god awful. Cheap lipstick smell up the max.

If you can live with frequent reapplications and the smell it is a very nice color, though.

essence play with my mint

essence play with my mint


Hopefully winter is slowly giving way for spring soon. What better to celebrate late winter than with pastel nail polish? This beauty here is essence play with my mint. Despite the fact that I own several light blue greens, I have no exact dupe. In this pic I am wearing two coats and no top coat. Unlike the red essence polish I showed a while ago, this one here does not self level completely, making the surface wobbly. It also lacks the high shine the red polish had. So while the color itself is okay and mostly opaque in two coats, it is not the best quality there is and profits greatly from a good top coat. It lasted four days with a bit of chipping.

essence do you speak love?

essence do you speak love?


A little late, but here’s the nail polish I wore for the X-Mas Holidays. Basically I’ve been super sick for almost a month now, so most of my posts up until today were made with pics I did loooong before the middle of december. XD we’re finally nearing the pics I made around the new year. Actually I made no photos around the new year as I was too sick. I’ve also barely worn any makeup the last weeks, which is why I am super behind on my testing.

Sorry for the rant. So in this pic I am wearing two coats of essence nailpolish in the color do you speak love? . This was the first of four polishes included in the calendar and also my first essence nail polish in years. I still have some old ones, but nowadays the line is called “the gel” nail polish. This red one up here does have a satisfying gel shine. After I took the pic I put a gel top coat over it, so I can’t say how long the polish would have lasted on its own. With the top coat it absolutely refused to come off for a week and a half. That was crazy.

Application was easy (if you like their wide brush which I do). The color is beautiful. What’s not to like?

Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder

Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder


I bought the Advent Calendar by essence cosmetics for the 2016 X-Mas season. It was full of full sized regular (meaning non-limited) essence products, so there’ll be a couple reviews of essence products coming up. The products have a special wintery design, but can be purchased in the normal design at counters.

So one of the first items was this face powder: all about matt fixing compact powder. They’ve got a whole all about matte line, I always buy the blotting paper. Other than that I haven’t paid much attention to it because usually I am all about the glow instead.


The fixing compact powder looks stark white, but it’s actually an one size fits all transparent setting powder.


I tried to swatch it anyway. XD Out of all the pics I took, this was the only one where you could see something. Here it looks like a bit of white against my skin. I swatched it heavily with my finger to achieve that. Usually you would apply it with a big fluffy brush all over your face. So I’m pretty sure it should work for all skin tones and not make your face look lighter. Although, being as pale as I am I cannot give you a 100% guarantee.

What this powder does do, however, is mattify the face. You do not need a lot of powder to achieve it, either, so that’s good. So it does exactly what it says on the tin. On the back description it also claims the finish will last all day long. Well, all makeup items claim that don’t they?

Usually I reach for a more glowy finishing powder. With that, my nose gets shiny after about three hours, which is completely normal. (That’s what I have the all about matte blotting paper for.) Without any sort of powder at all, my nose gets shiny at the same time, but worse.

With this powder, the matte finish does not last longer. I still get shiny after three hours, the same as with my dewy powder. The difference is that with the matte powder my whole face is mattified and then the T-zone gets shiny, making the shine a lot more visible. When I wear a dewy finish, the shine is simply not as noticeable. This is why I will still prefer my dewy finishing powders over matte ones.

So in a nutshell, yes, the all about matte fixing compact powder gives a matte finish, but it does not make makeup last longer. It all depends on which kind of finish you prefer. 🙂

essence camouflage make-up & concealer

essence camouflage make-up & concealer

Worth the hype?


Today in the internet made me buy it: essence camouflage 2 in 1 make-up & concealer. I haven’t been paying attention to drugstore brands much the last year or so, but I saw so many blogs and youtuber rave about this product, I had to try it. It was only 3,45 € so not much lost if it was terrible. This foundation/concealer product comes in three shades. I bought the lightest, 10 ivory beige. But the other two shades are quite light as well. So yay on the one hand, finally some drugstore products for the pale kids are showing up. On the other hand, if you are mid to dark toned, you are out of luck here. I know drug store brands never offer up that many shades, but more than three should be possible, don’t you think?


Swatch. This is the lightest available color. It has a yellow undertone. It comes out light and darkens immediately. I think you can see it in the swatch, that the thinner part is already darker than the part where it is still wet. So I recommend trying the tester before purchase. You don’t need to wait long, a second is enough. Some people say it does not darken once they put it on, that is because it darkens so quickly you almost don’t notice it.


Color comparison! On top is essence ivory beige, next is MAC NC15, the third swipe is Chanel Les Beiges 10, last is Dior BB Creme 001. Out of these, the essence is still the darkest, so if you are looking for a reallllly light drugstore foundation I have to disappoint you. However, once spread out, the color difference to MAC NC15 isn’t that big. I bought this soon after it came out at the end of summer. Back then I was NC20 and I had to darken the essence foundation with liquid bronzer to fit me. Good news, it mixed well and still had great coverage.

So like I said I wore it at the end of summer first and it wore about four, five hours and then started to seperate fro my face. It did not melt off, it stayed where I put it, but it was now clearly a layer on my skin instead of being one with my face. While it still gave coverage, it emphasised dry skin more. So weird. Usually a foundation just melts off or emphasises dry skin earlier. However, once the hot weather was over, this turned into the best foundation ever! No more separation from my skin, no more showing dry parts either! And my skin is much drier now in december! So my verdict is: great for normal weather, also usable in hot weather, but the finish is not as natural. Might work better on dry skin than on oily skin. I get shiny on the nose after about four hours which is completely normal and happens with every other foundation as well.

The finish is not matte, but not super dewy either. I’d call it satin. It looks very natural.

How to use it: Now, this is both foundation and concealer and I was skeptical about that. 2 in 1 products are usually better at one thing than the other. Now, this comes out as a thin liquid, and it is very pigmented. More so than you think at first. Also it dries up very quickly, so it is best to only take out a small drop, work that in and then take out more. Since the product is runny and the cap does not close very tight, it is best not to store it standing as that will get messy.

Alright, now we got our small drop out, we spread it on our face in a thin layer. This is important. There is no need to worry about full coverage yet. The product is very liquid, yet very pigmented and dries fast. This is where the secret in it being both a foundation and a concealer lies. For foundation, a little bit will stretch quite far. Then the first layer is dry and we can go into the concealing without wiping anything off. For the conealing I use my finger, take up a little product and pat it on where I need it. Since it is the same color as the foundation it blends seamlessly. So yes, it really does work as a 2 in 1 product and the coverage is so strong I don’t need anything else. Depending on how much you put on, coverage is on the strong side of medium to full.

The essence camouflage works really well for my skin, which is combination, but like I said it works somewhat better in cooler weather. The color works for me since I spread it as thin as possible. I will certainly buy a back up. With essence, you never know what will be discontinued, even if this product is permanent for now. But I will certainly keep repurchasing for as long as I can get it.

Verdict: the internet has not lied to me. Absolutely worth the hype. Might not work for every skin type, but certainly worth a try!

Essence grey-t to be here

Essence grey-t to be here

Hello everybody!

Some of you had a long weekend, yes? For others it’s just a normal Monday today. Either way there have been some sales the past few days. Have you spent money? Did you stay strong? I bought exactly nothing, I’ve been really good. (Don’t ask about my spending at the beginning of the month though XD )


This picture shows me wearing two coats of essence nailpolish in the color grey-t to be here. This is a pale grey with a really interesting shimmer. It’s red but color shifts to yellow. On the nail you mostly see the red. This is from the regular essence range, although since they change their lineup every six months I can’t promise it is still there.

It was mostly opaque with two coats. It was dry to the touch very fast, but it took much longer to really dry. I totally messed the polish up hours after this pic. Sob. Apart from that it lasted okayish, chipping on day three. The shimmer was hard to remove.

essence exit to explore: blush and perfume

essence exit to explore: blush and perfume

essence has a lot of collections per year. I usually ignore them, but something about the current one (on sale august and september) caught my eye. The collection name is “exit to explore”.


So I picked up the blush and the perfume. They come in a cute jungle design. The blush is called 01 My heart is beating like a jungle drum (and now for getting that tune out of our heads again!); the perfume is called like a jungle dream. essence has a whole “like a…” line and they are pretty well liked.


The blush goes from a lighter color to a darker pink. The perfume liquid is also light pink.

essence blush sw

Blush swatches: first the light part, then the dark part, last mixed both together. You can see it is pretty powdery and matte. I mostly use it all swirled together. It leaves a pretty light pink flush, leaning a bit coral. At first you don’t even see much when applying to cheeks – however, do not let that fool you. The color needs a moment and then shows up. The first time I overapplied, haha. Blended out it doesn’t look as powdery as up in the swatch. But it is pretty matte and I usually use highlighter on top. The color wears for about five hours, six at most.

essence blush in

Ingredients of blush.

The perfume also wears for about five to six hours. The official website only lists coconut and flowery notes and calls it a fruity floral. It’s certainly a fruity floral. The coconut note isn’t very strong. To be honest I would not have noticed it if I hadn’t checked the official list. I think it’s more coconut water than the lactonic creamy scent we often connect with coconut in our head.

To me the whole thing basically smells like Malibu Beach Barbie. I’m fairly sure I played with a doll that smelled like this when I was little. There’s a very short fresh phase (soft lemon?), then something light and fruity (… lychee?)  then a sort of bubblegum flowery scent. This lasts for maybe an hour, then we get the base. The base is what I would call a Saubär fragrance in German. So basically, clean musks, a laundry conditioner smell.

I’ve actually gotten compliments on this frangrance. When you wear complicated and/or expensive niche scents, nothing. But a 3 € essence perfume – ‘oooh, you smell nice today’. XD

essence perf in

Ingredients of perfume.

Baseline: there’s some cute stuff in this collection – for the little Barbie in you.

Spring Makeup Haul

Spring Makeup Haul

I was super into easter colors lately and it sort of shows in my new purchases?


Maybe not so much with the packaging, but…

Spring Haul 2016

Getting there…


Spring! 😀

Okay, so what are the items?

On top you can see two brow products by Maybelline: the BrowSatin in medium brown and dark brown. They are double ended, one side a thin pencil, the other a sponge with powder.

On the upper left, a Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint: 01 Poppin’ Poppy. On the upper right: Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Magnetic Magenta.

The mascara duo is from Essence: the thinner wand is the Forbidden Volume False Lash Mascara Topcoat, the thicker wand is the Forbidden Volume Mascara Rebel. There’s another duo without the “rebel” in the name, but I thought I might as well go all out. I was actually about to buy the Princess Mascara, but the duo won for one single reason: they came packaged in plastic (shown in top pic). I have trouble buying normal drugstore stuff if it isn’t sealed because I’ve seen too many people use stuff (not the testers) and putting it back in the aisle. And since you can’t tell with mascara if it has been opened, I’m sticking to high end and those drugstore mascaras that come sealed.

The lower lipstick is Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte in Stronger, one of the most interesting colors in their whole lineup!

And lastly, the eyeshadow duo is Nars Fashion Rebel. I am well aware that a matte yellow will not have the best quality, but I just don’t care. I’m packing this stuff on! Spring! (Actually this is a past summer release, but it just screams spring to me right now.)

And this concludes my Spring haul. This is sort of a pre-woman day haul, I got lots of good discounts. This Thursday, for everyone who lives in and near Austria, don’t forget it’s Woman Day. 20% off on shoes, clothes, cosmetics. In my experience this week it will pay off to simply ask for a discount, even if it is not thursday and even if the shop is not officially on the list.

essence winter wonderful the semi matt

essence winter wonderful the semi matt


This nail polish comes from one of essence‘s winter LEs, called Winter Wonderful. It has been available for a while now, but I still saw it in drugstores last week. The color is 02 the semi matt.

I had a matt pastel polish from essence that I like very much, so I was interested in this semi matt concept. The color is a very light grey with blue undertones. The polish dries extremely fast, but it’s streaky and not opaque in two layers, which is what I wear in the pic. It may look sort of matt here, but in truth it was not matt at all. It simply looked like a badly applied shiny polish. I am not a fan of this finish. The polish is quite mediocre, the only saving grace is that it dries so fast so you can do three layers in no time. It still looks uneven at three coats, though.

essence liquid lipstick in show off

essence liquid lipstick in show off

essence liquid lipstick

The items on essence and Catrice counters change so fast I can’t keep up with them and so I usually don’t buy much. But when I found liquid lipsticks at the essence counter I decided to try one. The color is 04 show off!

essence liquid show off swatch

Swatch. This is a single swipe. Very pretty strawberry red color. The product has a strong vanilla smell.

Show off! is one of those liquid lipsticks that applies glossy and stays glossy. It is pigmented and applies a little thick. I found it sticky on the lips. The problem with this one is that after a while it starts moving around. I didn’t like the look of the gloss after half an hour. However, it also left a stain. A really strong stain, too. I had real trouble getting it off.

So, this essence liquid lipstick is for those who want a glossy stain that is dirt cheap. Those who are used to more expensive makeup will probably not be happy with it (since it moves around) but those aren’t the target group of essence anyway.

In all honesty, I am currently moving house and this liquid lipstick will not be coming along with me.

essence The Glass Slipper

essence The Glass Slipper


Part of the current Cinderella LE, 01 The Glass Slipper is a glitter top coat by essence. In this pic I am wearing one coat of The Glass Slipper on top of OPI‘s Lost my Bikini in Molokini.

The Glass Slipper is a clear base with purple shimmer and silver hex glitter. The hex glitter comes in two sizes. Sometimes you can also catch the nail polish getting a sea foam green sheen, but I can’t tell if the base has a green tint or if it’s the glitter or the shimmer. It’s truly enigmatic, but mostly you’ll see the silver glitter.

The shimmer is strong and it changes the color of the polish underneath. In this case, I ended up a lot lighter than the original OPI color. A white base would end up more purple, I guess. The finish is glossy enough that I didn’t feel the need to put a clear top coat over it. It is easy to get the glitter out, you don’t have to fish for it. Instead, sometimes I got way too much on the brush. Application was very easy, no need to drag or pat the pieces on.

My brush was defective though, first I had to cut off a piece of the brush that was twice as long as the rest and would drag glitter everywhere. And there is still a loop in my brush, but I left it. I mean, okay, it’s a 2 € nail polish, but it can’t be too hard to cut a brush straight across?

Dry time was seemingly fast. I mean it was quickly dry to the touch, but several hours later I pushed the polish off in parts on accident.

In conclusion, my verdict is so-so. It’s nice, but I wouldn’t buy it again. Of course at the price point of essence, you can’t do much wrong.