All Used Up April & May 2018

All Used Up April & May 2018

Since I didn’t get around to do April’s empties I’m combining the last two months in one post:

I used up my beloved Givenchy lipstick in LIVely Pink. This was LE, but I have similar things from Givenchy, so I would not repurchase. I liked it a lot though. It’s one of those almost colorless balms that turn pink when in contact with your skin. The metal case was absolutely beautiful but got me into trouble with a metal detector once. This must have happened to several people because upon redesign they replaced the metal parts with plastic in the newer, slimmer cases.

Piz Buin Allergy SPF 30. Again. And I have one more to use up. See, I honestly like the cream, it doesn’t irritate my skin (which sadly often happens with sun care), it smells great and applies well with minmal white cast. But I seriously hate the bottle. It’s so hard to get anything out. Will not repurchase until they change bottle design, but alas, one more to finish up (I bought back ups before I got my first bottle halfway down, which is when the trouble starts).

More Balea winter stuff: Magic Winter Shampoo: I loved this. Balea shampoos are 50% hit and 50% miss, and this one was a hit, worked well and had a nice milky smell. Would repurchase if full size existed, which as this was LE, it does not.

Then the Hand & Nagelbalsam: This was just a regular hand cream.

And the shower gel with Cinnamon & Orange scent: First I thought I was smelling cinnamon & apples. Quite lovely, but I think a full size would get boring after a while. So I liked that I had a mini that I could use up reasonably fast. Right now I am using up the last of the magic winter showergels. Still have a ban on buying more shower gels as these things just multiply on their own.

Look by Bipa nail polish remover: this was my fav remover, for it was very cheap and worked quickly. The smell was absolutely awful, but the pros outweighed that. Would have repurchased in a heartbeat – but it is discontinued. 😦

essence I love Extreme volume mascara: will not repurchase. The mascara itself was quite good. It gave volume and length with only minimal smudging. But the brush drove me nuts. It was so big and the bristles were so long that I always poked my lid, had to remove the spots on my lids and then redo my eye makeup. Naturally, this one still exists while the best essence masacara on earth (forbidden volume) was discontinued.

essence express eye makeup remover: a two phase remover that worked very quickly. It left some oily residue but that didn’t bother me. It leaked a bit which made the sticker go off, as you can see in the pic, but okay. The one thing I found slightly annoying is that this is scented. Why do I need a scented eye makeup remover? My eyes do not need to smell fresh while being cleaned of makeup. Worst case scenario, you get irritation, which luckily I didn’t get. But since it removed makeup very well I miiiight repurchase in the future. Maybe. Right now I have something else.

And this concludes my list of empties for now. 🙂

Givenchy Le Rouge Beige Plume

Givenchy Le Rouge Beige Plume

I picked up this pretty thing at a sale: Givenchy Le Rouge 102 Beige Plume. This is obviously from some past collection but I don’t know which one exactly. However, while this flower design was limited edition, the lipstick itself is from the regular lineup and therefore always available (with the black leather).

Beige Plume is an pink/orange toned nude lipstick. It’s not too light and has no brown tones. The lipstick has a flowery scent, similar to Chanel Rouge Allure ones.

Swatch. The lipstick has a creamy finish, the regular Givenchy Le Rouge finish (creamy, but not too creamy and well pigmented).

On me it pulls more orange than pink, this depends on your personal skin tone and undertone. You can see on Temptalia that it pulls pink on Christine. Meanwhile, on mel-et-fel: it pulls totally orange. And yes, this is the same lipstick.

The quality is good, application is super easy (what a breather after all these blues and greens where you have to be so careful with application). It only lasts about three hours on me, then it needs reapplication. This is not as long as my other Le Rouge, but that one was a strong pink and those always last better. And this one is so easy to apply and with that design I can’t help but want to pull it out in public. XD

Combined Holiday and B-Day Gift Haul

Combined Holiday and B-Day Gift Haul

I don’t usually receive that many beauty related gifts. But last Holiday season I did get some interesting bits, so here’s my ‘gifts I got in the past month or so’ haul:


What do you get a person who has been massively obsessed with perfume lately? Perfume! And a book about perfume! XD The book is ‘Perfumes the A-Z Guide’ by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez. It is hilarious and I greatly recommend it. The perfumes are L’Eau d’Ambre Extreme by L’Artisan Parfumeur and Al Oudh, also by L’Artisan Parfumeur. And Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain.


The naked bottles. 🙂


And I sort of forgot to photograph these with the outer packaging: Tom Ford Black Orchid, L’Artisan Parfumeur Mechant Loup and the pretty lipstick is Givenchy Le Rouge Beige Plume. Look at the pretty packaging!

So reviews for all of these will come up… sometime. I’m sorta behind on reviews. XD

Givenchy L’Ange Noir

Givenchy L’Ange Noir

Here’s another fall perfume release: Givenchy L’Ange Noir EdP.


I’m not entirely sure if this is supposed to be a flanker to the Ange au Demon line, but since I don’t know those and the name doesn’t have any demons in it, let’s pretend it’s not a flanker, ok?

I love the bottle. It’s so sculptural and dark. I don’t think the perfume is sculptural and dark, though. Yes it has noir in the name, but it smells like almond cookies. There’s nothing noir about almond cookies. XD In the almond cookie note it is similar to Guerlain’s L’Instant Magic, but Magic is also very powdery, while L’Ange Noir is a lot less powdery. I also get a strong note of sesame from the beginning through the heart. In that I see similarities to Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline, but L’Ange Noir is much sweeter. The sweet almond sometimes gives an impression of marzipan.

I really enjoy the almond cookie – sesame phase. Sadly it doesn’t last forever. The base is – sorry – ultra boring and weak. I get some floweryness, some sweetness and after four hours nothing. However the start is so lovely and if you keep it on you and reapply, you can spend the whole day smelling like cute baked goods. 😀

It’s november and cold and bah outside and totally the season to smell of cookies if you ask me. I like that this perfume is sweet, but in a different way from the whole fruitchouli stuff (like LVEB etc). So, thumbs up, this is a cutie. I’m not getting the name though. This is an angel with white fluffy wings.

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl Noir Relevateur

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl Noir Relevateur

Givenchy RIV 1

As already mentioned in a previous post, I could not get past the newest Givenchy lipsticks, the Rouge Interdit Vinyl. As far as I know these replace the previous Rouge Interdit lipsticks. The Vinyl come in a longer lipstick case, the old ones were traditionally lipstick shaped.

Givnenchy RIV 2

They have the whole range of colors, many pretty juicy shades. But of course, the one I had to own was 16 Noir Relevateur. Some time ago Givenchy had this amazing sparkly lipstick, Prune Folie. I love it and I wear it lots. Yet often I would think, if only they had a version without sparkles, I’d buy it in an instant. Because as nice as sparkles are, sometimes you want just the color. Well looks like I jinxed myself because here it is!

Givenchy RIV 3

This is one swipe of the lipstick. Just like Prune Folie, this does not go on black. It’s one of those color revealing lipsticks that react to the PH on your skin/lips.  On my lips it’s maybe a tad darker than in the swatch, but not much. The texture is balmy and glossy. There is actually really fine glitter in it, but you can’t really see or feel it. I think it’s just there to enhance the formula.

Noir Relevateur leaves a bit of a stain on the lips, but in a way that’s barely noticable. It looks like you’d eaten blackberries. The glossy part only lasts about two or three hours.

I didn’t detect any scent or taste, which is how I prefer my lipsticks, it feels good and looks good. I know sheer glossy lipsticks are all the rage these days and every brand offers them, but I think Givenchy’s are a really good addition to the lineup.

The Rouge Interdit Vinyl are permanent. They also have sheer Le Rouge stylo-like lipsticks. I think the difference is that the Vinyl ones are more likely to leave a stain, and are maybe less glossy and more like a balm.

Givenchy Blush Memoire De Forme

Givenchy Blush Memoire De Forme

givenchy blush

Like I mentioned in my sale haul I picked up this blush from Givenchy, it’s called Blush Memoire De Forme and the color is 02 Rose Delicat. As far as I know this was a limited edition, so I’m sorry for showing you something you might not be able to get anymore. But I this was the second time such a blush was included in a Givenchy LE, so it may come back again.

Givenchy claim it’s a gel formula. However, I find it extremely liquid, so I consider this a liquid blush (although the difference is probably miniscule). The pot is filled to the brim and it’s closed with a tight black lid. So first you have to open it up without spilling the product all over. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but so far I always have blush on all ten fingers when handling this product. But the tight lid is needed, else the product would spoil or dry up.

The color is a reddish pink with subtle shimmer. As it often happens with liquid products I got out wayyyy too much for my swatch, so please excuse the fact that my whole arm is blushed in my swatch pic:

Givenchy blush swatch

The swatch. XD You really only need a tiny amount of product for a cheek. But it is easy to blend, the harsh edges here are only for the swatch.

The blush creates a stain. Properly applied it barely even looks like you got makeup on, but the color is visible of course. Due to the color, one could also create a feverish look. The shimmer is there, but it’s not a high shimmer look. You’d have to know it’s there to find it. What you see in the swatch pic is the strongest the color gets. It can be applied lightly, for a barely there color, but there’s only so much you can layer until it doesn’t change anymore. So despite the intense color, there’s no way this is going to end up looking clownish.

Personally I like a lot how if looks on my face. I also like how very easy it is to blend before it sets. Sometimes liquid blushes that stain can end up uneven, this is not an issue here. What I don’t like so much is the packaging. I would have preferred something airtight with a pump dispenser. The pot is fiddly to open, and when it’s open it gets a lot of exposure. I’m not sure if that’s so hygienic.

In a nutshell: great product, not so great packaging.

Post Holiday Sale Haul

Post Holiday Sale Haul

It’s the best time of the year – sale time! 😀

sale haul1

I think I was being good. I picked up only a few items. 🙂

There’s Prada Iris, the 2015 re-release of Infusion d’Iris. Then Givenchy Blush Memoire De Forme in 2 Rose Delicat. The last three are all Kiko items: Two more moon shadows (02 Mysterious Chocolate and 04 Glistening Turquoise) and a face powder from their Holiday Collection: Moon Dust in 01 Mysterious Pink. I also bought a highlighter from that collection, but that was before the sale…

sale haul2

Proper reviews will come later, when I had time to play with them.

givenchy blush

This is the Givenchy Blush. I didn’t even know we got their liquid blush here.


The lovely Kiko items. The “face powder” is clearly a blush, but whatever. If you have the chance to take a look at Kiko’s winter sale, it’s really worth it.

Kiko Bright Rose2

And this is a snap of the highlighter that I bought at the beginning of December but had no time to show on the blog just yet.

Did you hit the sales? Any hauls to show?

Givenchy Le Rouge Framboise Velours

Givenchy Le Rouge Framboise Velours

After loving the sheer Givenchy lipsticks so much I figured it was time to check out their opaque Le Rouge line.


Le Rouge lipsticks come in a lavish leather case. It also emits a strong leather smell, so watch out for that if you’re sensitive to such scents.


The color I chose is Framboise Velours 315, which in translation means ‘help, the Dandygal has way too many raspberry lipsticks’. But it’s sooo pretty! x(


Swatch. It goes on pretty much like it looks in the bullet, a blue toned raspberry pink. It was creamier than I expected, I guess I thought it was going to be a matte lipstick with a harder bullet, like the Rouge Allure Velvets from Chanel. But it has a creamy finish and goes on very easily. The first time I put it on my lips I applied too much because I was pressing too hard. This is the sort of lipstick best applied with a lip brush, I think.

Despite the creaminess, lasting power was pretty much amazing. It survived breakfast completely unscathed, it didn’t even fade on the inside of the lips! Then it wore down to a stain for the rest of the day and I had to use two remover pads to get it all off at 10 pm. And this day was not when I applied too much, it was later when I knew what to expect. So, the formula is pretty impressive. My lips got dry though, I think a good base underneath is important.

Framboise Velours can be found in the regular lineup, as far as I know it’s not limited.

Givenchy rouge a levres relevateur prune folie

Givenchy rouge a levres relevateur prune folie


I’m such a lemming for Givenchy‘s relevateur lipsticks and there was one included in their glittery shimmery Holiday Collection.


It’s the color Prune Folie 37 and it looks pretty scary in the bullet. The whole colection was black with sparkle, but while it’s rather easy to find black eyeshadow with sparkle, how often do you see such a lipstick?


Deliberately unfocused close up to show the multi colored sparkle. It looks like a galaxy.

Despite the scary color it does not apply so dark. It’s not meant to. The revelateur lipsticks are sheer lipsticks meant to react with your skin to give individual color. Dior has similar ones.


When applied to skin, both on wrist and lips at first I didn’t see anything. After half a minute of anxiety – have I just paid a small fortune for an “emperor’s new clothes” lipstick? – the color comes out. I think it looks like a lovely dark stain, like I’ve just eaten blackberries. I could absolutely not catch the glitter on camera, but it is there and very multi-colored sparkly. The glitter feels gritty on the lips but I stopped noticing soon. The whole lipstick is moisturizing as well. I’m glad I picked it up after all. 🙂

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

I was so eager for summer that I did my summer favorites post in spring. I meant to do the fall favorites at the beginning of september, but time flies. I was so eager for summer this year and then summer turned out to be two weeks of warmth and a whole lot of rain for the rest of the time. 😦 It feels like we’ve already had autumn since August. Maybe that’s why I am so very into the current Fall Collections…

Anyway here are my favorites for the season, not these products in particular, but the type they represent:


On top, an older YSL lipstick (you can tell by how the logo is divided), a blush by s-he, a Givenchy eye shadow, perfume by Narciso Rodriguez, a Maybelline lip pencil, a lip balm by Rodial, the body shop bronzer and Essie nail polish.


With the products open.

I put a lip balm in the selection because right when the temperatures sink I suddenly need a lot more balm for my lips. Rodial is what I’m currently using because it came in a beauty box, but any brand will do.

For nail polish I chose brown because almost every brand put brown in their fall collections. It’s this year’s trend color. I chose Essie Partner in Crime, but if you’ve seen my haul post you’ll know that by now I also own OPI How Great is your Dane? Brown nail polish is perfect because it’s warm and cozy and not too loud. Make sure it doesn’t clash with your skin tone before buying, though.

For perfume I chose Narciso Rodriguez for her EdT (pink packaging, black bottle), mostly because I was thinking of a day with crisp cold air, colored laves, fog at first but then the sun comes out. For really terrible weather I’d prefer something sweeter. for her is a clean chypre with lots of musk. To me it smells very buisness-like. I’m also cheating a little because for her is an all year round scent to me. I just felt like including it here.

I put the body shop bronzer in because it helps transition from summer bronze to no bronze. I have the lightest color 01 of four, but all of them are on the pale side of bronzer. If you can never find a good bronzer because you are so pale, do take a look at these. Those who are darker can probably use them all over. I am NC 15 in MAC and this bronzer barely shows up on me, so I mostly use it for contouring. Should I ever repurchase I’d take a darker shade.

For lips I chose my beloved YSL 42 Rose Lyrique and as alternative the new Maybelline Color Drama pencil in 310 Berry Much. (Review upcoming) I don’t stick to berry tones only, but I think they’re quite trendy this season. I mostly coordinate makeup with my clothes, so when it’s warm there’ll be a lot of coral and when it’s cold a lot more plum. I don’t even choose my clothes that way, it’s simply what’s being sold…

For eyes I put in the Givenchy eye shadow le prisme mono in 12 Casual Khaki. This is a stand in for all my bronzey-khaki items. I think the color goes well with plum and I love the way it looks. Givenchy’s le prisme mono are interesting eyeshadows because while it’s a single color, the quadrants differ in level of shimmer. There’s a matte part, two different shimmers and a glittery part. I think that’s pretty cool because you can reach for whatever suits you best and you can even make a whole look out of this alone. However I must admit I cannot tell the shimmery ones apart. Only the matte and the glittery are really distinctive to me. Usually I sweep all of them together and use the matte on its own for lining my lower lashes.

And last but not least, a powder blush by s-he. (That’s a cheap brand available at DM.) This is technically also cheating because it’s certainly a year-round item but I chose it because the color is so universal, it goes with everything. You can see I made a visible dent in the pan. The color is a dusty rose pink without shimmer. The picture pulls a little blue, it’s more neutral than that. Universally flattering, goes with everything. If you have only one blush, it should be like this. (I have a lot more blushes but I keep coming back to this one.)


These are my favorites for fall.

Thank you for reading. 🙂 What are your picks for the season?

Givenchy Rouge Interdite Shine Rose Sensation

Givenchy Rouge Interdite Shine Rose Sensation


I picked the Givenchy Rouge Interdit Shine in Rose Sensation 36 up on sale. It’s a light pink without much pigment; it’s supposed to react with the color of your lip to create a unique color (like the Dior Addict Lip Glow).


It’s not quite as neon as it looks here. Anyway, I took this baby home and then I could have kicked myself, don’t I already own something very similar?


Top: Still Rouge Interdit Shine in Rose Sensation, underneath Le Rose Relevateur de Liv in Lively Pink, also by Givenchy (and very well used; it’s still a big fav of mine when I don’t feel like wearing lipstick, but don’t want to look like a vampire either). Okay, the colors are not quite identical.


Swatches: Top is LIVely Pink, underneath Rose Sensation. That swatch was rather underwhelming, they do look very similar on the pic. I swear that in real life you could tell that Rose Sensation has pink shimmer, the other one has no shimmer at all. Both have the same glossy finish and the colors didn’t seem very different on my arm.

On my lips though, Rose Sensation gives off a stronger rose tone that I thought. I have to apply it with a little care, it’s not the sort of sheer lipstick you can just sweep across. LIVely Pink gives off a lighter yet still visible pink on my lips. Rose Sensation even lasted through a meal (well, the color, the glossiness wore off). Long story short, now I’m glad I picked Rose Sensation up.

For comparison to the Dior Addict Lip Glow, these Givenchy ones are why I was so underwhelmed by the Dior offering. Just check out the swatches in this post in comparison! And the Dior did not look any different on the lips, while these do, I swear.

Both lipsticks are nourishing the lips, too.

Givenchy Le Vernis Bronze Precieux

Givenchy Le Vernis Bronze Precieux


I am wearing two coats of Givenchy Le Vernis in 14 Bronze Precieux, no top coat, except for my ring finger, that’s two coats of OPI What Wizardry is this?

I love this sort of color, I have two eye shadows and one eye liner in this color (and yes I wore it all together). It’s a bronze with strong green undertones. What wizardry is this is more brown, they are not as close as I thought they would be.

I think Neptune by MAC in the Alluring Aquatic collection is a dupe for this color. There was also a similar one by YSL, but with less green.

While the color of Bronze Precieux is great, the quality was so-so. It applied super patchy at the first coat and while the second coat remedied that, the brush is very weird and I made some mistakes with it. The brush is neither round, nor a paddle, it seems thin, but splays out very wide, and so on. I was surprised when I saw this was sold for only 4 € but now I know why.

Givenchy Rose d’Exception & OPI Don’t Talk Bach To Me

Givenchy Rose d’Exception & OPI Don’t Talk Bach To Me


These are Givenchy Rose d’Exception and OPI Don’t Talk Bach To Me. I liked how the bottles looked like together, but I was too lazy for nail art, so I slapped the contrasting color onto my ring finger. Afterwards I was glad not to be attempting nail art, as Rose d’Exception is easy to make a mess with. The polish is thick, the brush is thick, but short and the handle is very short. The finish is glossy, but it was hard to get even.



Don’t talk Bach to me on the other hand was easy to apply, almost a one coater. The finish is more satin, very pretty.

As a German speaker I would like to point out it took me forever to find the pun, and if you pronounce Bach like that, you should go into the corner and think about what you’ve done.

The Rainbow Tag

The Rainbow Tag

I was tagged by letstalkcosmetics to do the rainbow tag. 🙂

To be honest, it was harder than I thought it would be. XD

Rules say you need to show something red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and in addition something pink and something multi-colored. I think I have mentioned before that I don’t consider indigo a seperate color from blue and also I found that I own exactly nothing indigo-colored so I have made do with something teal and something blue.

Here are my picks:


Make-up clutter!


Red: Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush, one of the few true reds I have. Most of my red lippies lean towards pink.

Here’s a close up, since it vanishes a little in the above pic:



Orange: MAC Casual Color Lip & Cheek color in Out For Fun. These pots of cream blushes were Limited Edition. They are among my favorite cream formulas and I am sad the regular cream blushes are a lot less creamy. This one is a summery color for me, but I have recently revived it for the orange lips trend.


Yellow: I have no true yellow, so you have to make do with gold. This is my Maybelline Color Tattoo in 05 Eternal Gold. I am a huge fan Maybelline, of course I own Color Tattoos. 🙂 I don’t usually talk about them in this blog, because they are being covered by so many others already. I think they have amazing color payoff, are reasonably long-lasting, but are harder to blend than some high end cream shadows. My taupe one was sort of dried up from the beginning, and never worked well, but the gold one is good and still like new two years later.


Green: Manhattan Magic Duo Eyeshadow in Green Intense: Great Quality Powder Eyeshadow. I love green and have lots of green shadow, yet it was easy to pick this one. It’s a perfect duo, I don’t need anything else for a complete look.


Teal & Blue: Sticking these together, since I chose the same item in different colors: These are s-he quick eye stylers, liquid eyeliners with a thin felt tip applicator. Colors are 002 blue and 003 petrol. I bought every available color of these when I went through my liquid liner phase. They are easy to apply, and last pretty well. Sometimes I end up with an additional line on top of my lid, though.


Violet: My highly beloved Baume in Love by Lancome. Is sheer in color, but is a great pick me up on dull lips plus very moisturizing. I think the color name was “A la folie, cherry”?


And the extras:

Pink: Clarins Eclat Minute Blush in Vitamin Pink: This is a liquid blush with lots of sparkle. A fav of mine for rainy, dull days. I think you can see in the pic that I’ve already used up half of the bottle. How often does it happen you actually use up blush?

Multicolored: Sadly the camera didn’t pick it up properly next to the more colorful items, but this is my Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Bucolique, the face powder from Givenchy’s Bucolic Blossoms Collection. This was a spring collection two (?) years ago that I went seriously crazy about. I bought everything except for the lipstick. The face powder has yellow, red, lilac and green parts, sprinkled all over. It’s a finishing powder like Guerlain Meteorites and it’s so pretty. It is seriously the only thing in my make up stash that I consider too pretty to use. Although I have used it a few times…


This was my rainbow tag! I tag everyone to do it who wishes to do it! I would love to see your picks.

During this I learned that I don’t have that many make up items in primary colors. While I have dozens of corals and pinks and many greens, there is a severe lack of blues and yellows. Most of my makeup falls into the brown/bronze category. 🙂

… I just realized I didn’t even bother looking at my nail polish! Whoops. In case I get tagged again, it’s going to be about nail polish.

Givenchy Écrin Privé Private Felted Nudes

Givenchy Écrin Privé Private Felted Nudes

Going through the sales I found two very similar Palettes by Givenchy: Private Felted Nudes, which I’m going to show you here, and Harmonie D’Exception, which leans a little bit more violet(?) except for the glittery color, which is pure white. I swatched both (several times, while trying to talk myself out of them) and found Private Felted Nudes to go on smoother. Not that the other one was bad, mind you. I’m of the opinion that Givenchy eyeshadows are among the best I ever tried. Anyway, I bought only one, Private Felted Nudes:


This is the packaging, which is super heavy. 😦


And the colors. (Flipped 90 degrees for whatever reason, sorry about that)


Swatch in the shade: The top is charcoal, but not super dark. Underneath a sort of brownish taupey color, then a beige and last the glittery color. While it looks pink in the pan, the swatch looks mostly white. And that means that applied you probably could not tell the difference between this palette and the other with the white shimmer.


Swatch in direct sunlight. I think the pink comes out a tiny little bit.

Apart from the very glittery shade (the pop shade, if this were a Charlotte Tilbury palette), all the colors are completely matte. They apply like a dream, but they are very pale. The swatches above were made with my finger. If you use a brush, the colors will not look as strong. I find the colors pretty much perfect for a nude or slightly smokey look, but I am on the pale side (around MAC NC 15-20). I’m not sure if you would be happy with these colors if you were much darker than that.

For me, the brownish taupey shade is the absolute perfect crease color and the charcoal makes a good liner.Wear time is pretty good; they do crease around the six hour mark, but it isn’t very bad.


I am glad I bought this palette. This palette is pretty much what I always wanted from Bobbi Brown powder shadows and never got.

Pink Nail Polish

Pink Nail Polish

Ever since I noticed that I have pretty much NO pink in my polish collection, I’ve been obsessed with finding some. Looking through spring 2013 collections (now on sale, yay) found me these two:


OPI Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!, a bubblegum pink with shimmer, and Givenchy Rose D’Exception 09, a dusty pink creme.


So I’ve got my share of lilac and pink now, I could totally stop buying nail polish – except I just received an Essie coupon…

my adventures in nail polish – tbc

Spring Favorites

Spring Favorites

I decided to call these my spring makeup favorites, they are products I have been grabbing for a lot in the past weeks.


Sorry for the drab lighting, it’s so dull and rainy outside. These are my spring favorites, with the exception of an eye shadow quad that didn’t fit into it anymore and will get its own picture underneath. Top: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Cool Lilac, underneath from left to right: Clarins Eclat Minute Blush in Brown Fizz, Lancome Eclat Miracle, Givenchy Le Rose Relevateur de Liv in LIVely Pink, Chanel Rouge Allure in Precieuse, Chanel Joues Contraste in Frivole.


Opened: I am so fascinated by Givenchy‘s lipstick (it’s the pink one here, LIVely Pink – that is not a typo on my part, it’s written like that for those who didn’t get the hint that it’s from a collection for actress Liv Tyler). It does not go on very pink, it’s almost colorless, but it makes your natural lip color pop like whoa! I’m sad it’s my only Rose Revelateur de Liv, there were some pretty awesome lipsticks in the lineup. I don’t even know when it came out, sometime last year or 2011?

Next to it, the Chanel Rouge Allure in Précieuse looks almost tan, but it’s a pale nude color. A perfect nude to me, it may be too pale for others. It’s more lively than my Rouge Coco in Superstition, though, more orange than that one and with multicolored shimmer. This and the Chanel blush are the only items here that are actually from Spring 2013 collections.

Above, please excuse how messy it looks and that I cut off the applicator in this pic, is Clarins Eclat Minute blush in Brown Fizz. It it from Clarins Spring 2012 collection. Regular Readers know I was all over this collection, I also own the other two liquid blushes that came in it. In winter I mostly wore Vitamin Pink or Coral Tonic, but now I like to pretend I’ve been a little sunkissed and wear Brown Fizz instead. The liquid blush (well with this color it’s more a liquid bronzer really) can be blended with fingers very well, and can be applied very light, so it does not look off on pale skin. It is very sparkly though so I wouldn’t wear it in direct sunlight. It’s my rainy day savior, when I want to pretend that it has been sunny before.

Next to it is Lancome‘s Eclat Miracle. This is a liquid highlighter, a very subtle one though. While I do use it all year, I had somehow forgotten about it and only recently started using it again, which is why it’s on this list. This is in the permanent range.



Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Cool Lilac: I am such a fan of the long wear cream shadows, and I am planning to make a swatch post of those I own. This color is a wake me up sort of color, a pale lilac with soft purple shimmer. Very spring blossom. It’s in the permanent range.


Chanel‘s Joues Contraste in Frivole, from the Spring 2013 Collection. I find this to be the perfect coral powder blush, all other coral powders can go home. I need no other. It can be applied lightly or stronger. The only cons in this product are the smell and the brush. Luckily the brush can easily be ignored, the scent not so much. Roses, blahrg. 😦


Last, the quad I couldn’t work into the first picture: Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux – Quatuor in Bucolic Blossoms. This was Givenchy’s 2012 Spring Collection and I went a little crazy with it; I also bought the face powder and the powder blush. The eye shadows I used the most though.


You can see I use some colors more than others, but I do like all of them, they are just so spring-y, and the brown is so very universal, I use it in most looks and also on my brows.


So these are the products I used lately, excluded those that I use all year round anyway. My skin care routine and such does not really change in spring so it’s a makeup only post. No swatches because in the current bad light the colors came out wrong, sorry.