All Used Up April & May 2018

All Used Up April & May 2018

Since I didn’t get around to do April’s empties I’m combining the last two months in one post:

I used up my beloved Givenchy lipstick in LIVely Pink. This was LE, but I have similar things from Givenchy, so I would not repurchase. I liked it a lot though. It’s one of those almost colorless balms that turn pink when in contact with your skin. The metal case was absolutely beautiful but got me into trouble with a metal detector once. This must have happened to several people because upon redesign they replaced the metal parts with plastic in the newer, slimmer cases.

Piz Buin Allergy SPF 30. Again. And I have one more to use up. See, I honestly like the cream, it doesn’t irritate my skin (which sadly often happens with sun care), it smells great and applies well with minmal white cast. But I seriously hate the bottle. It’s so hard to get anything out. Will not repurchase until they change bottle design, but alas, one more to finish up (I bought back ups before I got my first bottle halfway down, which is when the trouble starts).

More Balea winter stuff: Magic Winter Shampoo: I loved this. Balea shampoos are 50% hit and 50% miss, and this one was a hit, worked well and had a nice milky smell. Would repurchase if full size existed, which as this was LE, it does not.

Then the Hand & Nagelbalsam: This was just a regular hand cream.

And the shower gel with Cinnamon & Orange scent: First I thought I was smelling cinnamon & apples. Quite lovely, but I think a full size would get boring after a while. So I liked that I had a mini that I could use up reasonably fast. Right now I am using up the last of the magic winter showergels. Still have a ban on buying more shower gels as these things just multiply on their own.

Look by Bipa nail polish remover: this was my fav remover, for it was very cheap and worked quickly. The smell was absolutely awful, but the pros outweighed that. Would have repurchased in a heartbeat – but it is discontinued. 😦

essence I love Extreme volume mascara: will not repurchase. The mascara itself was quite good. It gave volume and length with only minimal smudging. But the brush drove me nuts. It was so big and the bristles were so long that I always poked my lid, had to remove the spots on my lids and then redo my eye makeup. Naturally, this one still exists while the best essence masacara on earth (forbidden volume) was discontinued.

essence express eye makeup remover: a two phase remover that worked very quickly. It left some oily residue but that didn’t bother me. It leaked a bit which made the sticker go off, as you can see in the pic, but okay. The one thing I found slightly annoying is that this is scented. Why do I need a scented eye makeup remover? My eyes do not need to smell fresh while being cleaned of makeup. Worst case scenario, you get irritation, which luckily I didn’t get. But since it removed makeup very well I miiiight repurchase in the future. Maybe. Right now I have something else.

And this concludes my list of empties for now. 🙂

All Used Up October 2016

All Used Up October 2016


I had a few empties last month, but I’m still on skin care no-buy. XD First item used up was this Biotherm cream, Skin Best SPF 15. The texture and smell of this cream are pretty much like the other day creams by Biotherm, simply a normal face cream with fresh smell.


Looking at the looong list of ingredients you can see what sets this cream apart from the others: there’s a high amount of niacinamide in it. This is a derivate of vitamin B3, which helps your skin cells repair themselves. Great, isn’t it? Except, right the next ingredient is alcohol. That’s a cell poison. Basically you’re destroying your skin at the same rate you’re healing it, amounting exactly zero effect. 😐 In my opinion alcohol is alright in creams if it is in the middle to lower end of the list, but that high up is a no-no. This is why I wouldn’t buy a full size of this product.


Next item: Renu Lip and Eye Active Lift: This is the sort of wrinkle cream that creates a matrix on your surface, which tightens the skin and makes you look less wrinkly. This is a purely temporal effect, but some people like that. The cream had a weird, lactonic smell, but it wasn’t bad and I think it wasn’t additional perfume, just the way the ingredients smelled. Sadly, this came to me without a list of ingredients, so I can’t tell you exactly what’s in it.


I always got out too much product, as you had to frmly press to get it out of the bottle, and then you had this big blob on your finger. I used the rest on my neck, as I didn’t like the feeling of it around my mouth. As an eye cream it was okay, but I don’t feel the need to have another bottle. In general, eye cream isn’t necessary at all, it’s just a marketing gag. You can as well just apply your normal face cream (since you’re not supposed to get the cream IN your eye either way). However from time to time I like having an extra cream for my eyes, so sometimes I have one and sometimes I don’t.


Look by Bipa Nagellack Entferner Acetonfrei: frankly, the smell of this is godawful but it is cheap and removes nail polish very well so I already repurchased it.


Ingredients of nail polish remover.


And last item, Venus aqua 24 face cream: I used this both mornings and evenings as the last step in my skin care routine. It is a creamy texture, but on the lighter side. It felt very moisturizing, but thick enough to lock the moisture in and not let it evaporate. The first week or so I found it pretty good.


After the first week I started noticing the smell more and more. It’s funny, sometimes I notice a scent in the beginning and grow used to it, in this case it went the other way round. The longer I used the cream the more it annoyed me. It is a really strong smell, a blend of several flowers I believe. I think they wanted to make it smell like a really expensive brand or so. It felt like I was slathering my face with perfume. This is why I wouldn’t repurchase this. I prefer my skin care with little to no scent, and for the smell to come from my actual perfume. However, this is a personal pet peeve and I think apart from that the cream was pretty good. Except one more thing – on the back it said this was a day cream but I see no SPF listed. Personally I expect at least SPF 15 in a day cream.

And that concludes my list of empties for this month. Next month there will be some more skin care because I’m really trying to use up all that stuff I’ve got lying about.

All Used Up December 2015

All Used Up December 2015

In December I made my way through my stash and I’m glad to say I produced a couple of empties along the way. Let’s get into it:


Douglas XSmall Purifying Cleansing Water: I haven’t yet found a mini of my beloved Garnier micellar water, so for travels I tend to buy this one here. It’s almost as good. Already repurchased.


And here’s the big one: I also emptied a bottle of Garnier micellar water. Already repurchased.


OPI nail polish remover: this is the green one with acetone. It removes polish quickly and fuss-free and has a good scent. It’s not exactly cheap, though. Might repurchase, but not for now.


Balea Q10 handcream: This is still a staple of mine, although I still wish it offered a higher SPF than 10.


Balea belebende Augenpflege: nice moisturizing eye cream. Cheap and perfume free. Might repurchase.


Rexona Maximum Protection: This is a strong deodorant cream (with aluminium salts, of course). This is so strong I used it only once a week (and normal deo on the other days). Once I accidentally used it twice in a row, and I really noticed it – I was suddenly sweating more on my back and feet, haha. That’s because if the sweat can’t get out in the arm pits, it’ll find other ways to get out. Because what has to get out, has to get out. 😉 (And this is why you don’t have to worry about any sort of clogging or whatever when using deodorant.) Uhm, so, I liked this lots. Less sweat means less stink and it works for a good while, which is why I didn’t have to use it every day. Haven’t repurchased yet, but am planning to.


Lush Lemony Flutter: This is a good strong cream for hands and nails. I am a huge hand cream junkie, because my skin there is always dry and damages easily. Lemony Flutter is rich and feels great and helped me lots. It needs a while to sink in though. The smell is delicious at first, however after a while the smell changed. I am not sure if the product went bad there at the end. It’s possible, since Lush stuff is fresh made? If you don’t use the tons of hand cream that I do, this might be a problem. Since I didn’t have much left I simply used it up and noticed no bad effects. This is very, very good to my nails and hands and I am planning to get another one.


A small sample of Marbert 24h Aqua booster: regular moisturizing face cream. Feels good and has a scent that is not too strong. But I don’t feel the need to own a tube.


And the last one isn’t so much an empty as an “I give up”: Biotherm Homme Total Perfection: I hoped this would lead to clear skin, but all it ever did was give me dry spots. The “male” perfume is also annoying. Are men afraid of buying unscented cream or what? So I chucked it out because it wasn’t worth the dry skin it gave me.

And this concludes the last empties I had in 2015. 🙂

All Used Up MAy 2015

All Used Up MAy 2015

Another month over, and time for another round of empties:


I used up my sample of Jil Sander Simply. I already reviewed it here.  I liked it, but I don’t feel the need for a big bottle atm.


The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel: Lovely smell, a bit like honey and a lot like wild flowers. A little bit of clover, maybe. I am on a total shower gel buying ban, because I have way too many bottles standing around, but generally I would repurchase this. I’m not sure if the scent is stll around, though.


Douglas nails hands feet everyday’s darling moisturizing hand balm: a good hand cream, but ultimately nothing special. Flowery scent that isn’t too overpowering.


MAC Mineralize Foundation Compact: by now there are several Mineralize Foundations available. I fell for the compact version (it’s creamy, not dry) and used it so much that it’s already empty. 😦


The sad rest. The compact comes with a sponge. That sponge is still untouched, because I only applied this with a brush. The coverage can be adjusted depending on which brush is used. For a natural, medium coverage I used MAC 130, for a stronger coverage the Shiseido foundation brush or my newest brush, the Zoeva Silk Finish.

On the one hand I am sad it lasted only about a year, on the other hand it’s a good idea to use it up fast, because such a cream is more exposed than a bottle and could get bad faster. The cream contains a bit of alcohol, enbough that I could smell it at first. It seemed to evaporate over time. It’s not that I got used to it, because the same week I used this one up, I opened the next one and that one had the alcohol smell again. So if you’re sensitive to alcohol, this is not the foundation for you, but like I said, it evaporates, so I’m not too concerned about it.

Already repuchased, this is the foundation that works best for me. Long lasting, good coverage, does not emphasize dry parts. It’s not mattifying; f you’re looking for something for oily skin, check out the liquid versions.


Ebelin nail polish remover pads acetone free: these were merely okay. I liked the older ones better, but they changed the formula.


Lis of ingredients. For now no repurchase.


Marionnaud Cleansing Micellar Water: I bought this travel size back when I was looking for a cheaper version of the Lancome Micellar Cleanser. I have since found it in the Garnier one. It took me forever to use up this Marionnaud one, because I found it awful. It has a nasty alcoholic smell, it feels nasty and drying on skin and it removed makeup only so-so. I kept it for emergencies and as you can see, there were enough of them to make it finally empty. Would not buy again.


Last one for this month: Biotherm Lait de Douche. It’s the shower milk with that lovely soft citrus smell of theirs. That smell must be popular not only with me, since they have released a matching perfume spray this year. Apart from the smell, the milk also feels lovely on the skin.


Back view with list of ingredients. Click the pic to enlarge. It contains salicylic acid, which explains the smooth feeling afterwards? Maybe? Or maybe the dose is too small and it’s only anti-inflammatory, which is also great.

Like I said I’m on a shower gel no buy, but I wouldn’t say no to getting this one as a gift. 😉

These were my empties of the last month, quite good, eh? Empties always make me feel so accomplished! 😀


essence peel off base coat

essence peel off base coat

As I mentioned here, I was trying out the peel off base coat by essence.

How does it work?

You put on a layer of base coat. It goes on white, you wait until it has dried clear, then you put your nail polish on top. You’re not supposed to get warm water on your hands three hours afterwards, which I promptly forgot. But it was working well enough.


With this base coat, you get no chipping. Instead, the polish might lift a little on the edges after some time. If it does you can grab it and peel it off. If it doesn’t you can still get it off anytime, you simply wiggle around the edges of your polish until it lifts. You can easily peel it off, nothing stays on the nail (unless you get colored polish in parts where you had no base coat, of course. You can see a tiny bit of color in front of my nail here where this happened). It seems like the whole affair never really stuck to the nail at all, so there is no damage to the nail. You don’t even need to peel it off the way you would with a sticker, it goes almost on its own. This also means it does not last as long as a normal manicure. I noticed differences depending on the polish though. Essie Wicked came of more easily than OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, which also means that an OPI only manicure would have lasted longer.


The whole thing came off like this.


Holding the bottle with my unpolished-again nails. You can see there is no discoloration from the dark color either (although I am not 100% sure if Royal Rajah Ruby on my ring finger might not have stained a little. It looks a tiny bit more pink than the others in real life, so don’t take “it does not stain” as gospel truth).

So, to my surprise it works exactly like it said on the bottle. I thought it might be a little more difficult to get everything off, but the majority of my nails came off in one piece. The big upside is that you need absolutely no nail polish remover and you can pick the polish off any time you feel like. This was also a little downside for me, cause I could not help constantly worrying at my nails until I had it all off. Peeling this off is way too much fun to me. Even without that I don’t think it would last as long as a normal mani with base and top coat. That makes it perfect if you want to change your nails a lot, or want them only painted for one night for example. I’ll certainly try this with glitter polish next, seeing as removing those is the most work.

All in all, well worth the 2,25€ I paid for it.

All used up

All used up

Another month, another round of products I used up:


Essence Nail Polish Remover, acetone-free


Cheap and effective. The only downside I can think of is the fake strawberry&vanilla smell, not because it was bad, but because it made me want to lick it. Bad idea, do not do this at home, kids! But it smells so yummy. 😦


Clinique rinse-off eye makeup remover

The bottle is electric blue and the smell is – medical? Like all Clinique products it is free of perfume, but the scent of the product itself was intense. It did not smell like anything you would put on your eyes on your own free will. Mind you, it removes makeup properly and never irritated my eyes or something, yet the smell made me cringe. I am not going to repurchase this or any other eye makeup remover since from now on I will use the same stuff all over. And that will be whichever micellaire tonic I have near.


Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil miracle shampoo


This is a silicone-free shampoo with Argan oil in it. It came in my glossybox a couple of months ago and I have used it since. My hairdresser immediately noticed that something was different with my hair and asked about it. When I showed her this she said that since it makes my hair so soft I was not to use any conditioning product or anything of the sort, as it would be too much. Well, in my books that makes it quite the winner: use shampoo, rinse, use NO OTHER PRODUCT, done! It is certainly a lazy people product. XD It might not be the shampoo for you if you style your hair a lot, since it makes hair so soft and glossy the hair might not hold up.


And last: Kamill Handpflege Konzentrat (hand care concentrate)


This was like a soothing balm on my abused wintery skin. The high concentration of urea probably helped with that. The scent is sweet in a nice and understated way, not like some hand creams that practically knock your nose out every time you use them. The only downside to this product is that it’s so small and used up very fast. But then, not everyone uses as much hand cream as I do.