I still exist and a video recommendation

I still exist and a video recommendation

Well, hello there! I mean I knew I had slacked on posting but it’s been a while, wow. How are you? Anyone still here?

I have learned a few things about myself in the absence:

  • I want to set up hosting for this blog but I am lazy
  • I am most likely to update a blog when I’m procrastinating
  • I am currently procrastinating from the hosting thing
  • a blog vacation can be lovely though – it’s not good to pressure yourself on a hobby
  • at first it was freeing not to have to test things in time, I could just use whatever I wanted and not stick to a schedule
  • unlike what I expected this did not lead me to purchase less new items – on the contrary since I didn’t have to stagger my usage of makeup for reviews I simply purchased ALL the things instead of what I could reasonably review
  • oops

I am still not fully back. For a while I contemplated just stopping because I can’t keep up with all those polished pretty blogs. But that is not my aesthetic. I want to bring you real reviews with normal pics, not ads. And this brings me to this video I found on youtube by Jen Luvs Reviews which expresses my opinion on swatches so well:

I think she does an amazing job of explaining things.  Through the course of the video she pulls up a good, not so good and bad palette to show you how the swatches differ. Very useful.


And yes if you wonder what did she do with all her free time when she wasn’t blogging? Watching Youtube. I had never watched Jenna Marbles until this summer. I had a lot to catch up to. 🙂

One thought on “I still exist and a video recommendation

  1. I sort of lost a bit of interest for a while and was for and against self hosting. I am so glad i went for it though.
    Its renewed my interest in blogging again and i just love the look of my site now. It cost me a little but i have my own domain now. The hosting site i use (siteground) is highly recommended by wordpress and they are not in any way affiliated with them. They help you set it up through easy to follow tutorials and; they transfer all your content over for free. Its easy. I’m so glad i did it now.
    I had to do it though because i ran out of space. If you have tons of space left, then i would wait.


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