Catrice Spectra Light Magma Infusion

Catrice Spectra Light Magma Infusion

This is three coats of Catrice Spectra Light Magma Infusion, no top coat. This may have been LE I’m not sure.

The color is beautiful, a duochrome shifting from purple to greenish bronze. The quality, however… this thing drove me nuts. It would not dry, which is why I wore no top coat. I just… gave up at some point. On the first coat I bumped my hand very lightly somewhere and the polish just wiped off. It did not get better from there on. Four hours later I still got dents in the polish as if it were newly applied. I applied it in the morning. The next day I had imprints from my duvet on the polish. Then it was finaly dry and started to flake off. UUUUUGH.

Also, much less annyoing but still: the bottle claims to have “holographic and duochrome” effects. There is no holo in this one (the two Spectra Lights were indeed holo, though).

Overall, no recommendation, which is sad because the holo polishes in this line were great.


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