All Used Up November 2017

All Used Up November 2017

Look, it didn’t take me another three months to do another used up post! Yay. Honestly I don’t even know if anyone reads these but I love doing these kinds of posts and I also love reading these kinds of posts on other people’s blogs, because it means putting your money where your mouth is, kinda? It’s one thing to review products you used for a bit, but which ones do you actually use up?

I’ve managed to use up some makeup again, which is why I’m giddy. But on to that later.

Firstly I don’t wanna bore you, but this is still my fav hand lotion. Already repurchased and I think I’ll stop showing it here to not spam you unless something changed in which case I’ll show it again (like with their Q10 handcream, my previous fav until they changed the formula). Shown in the pic is Balea‘s Handcreme Buttermilk & Lemon which smells fantastic.

More Balea: the infamous unicorn showergel from last year: Regenbogendusche. It had a sweet milky smell and I liked it. This was LE so I can’t repurchase it, but I did also buy the reissue they had on April 1st (same showergel, different picture). I couldn’t bring myself to use that one right after this one, so it’ll be a while until you see it in the empties. I was thinking about keeping the empty packaging, seeing as this was a stupidly hyped item and people actually paid sums for it on ebay (totally crazy since the original cost only between 55 cents and 80 cents) but I hate keeping litter so I threw it out anyway.

Also used up the Reinigungsöl/cleansing oil. This is still my favorite cleanser. It was originally discontinued but by the time I used this one here up and would have had to look around for something else, it was back on the shelves. So I bought a couple back ups, just to be safe. Like with the handcream I won’t show every single bottle I use up here to not bore you. Will update if something changes.

Another handcream, this time by Ahava, the Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream. At first I liked it because when you put it on it feels so good. But then and it took me a while to notice but it only ever happened when I used this particular handcream – my skin got really dry about 15 minutes later. I felt like parchment. Slathering on more didn’t make it any better. So I used it up (I’m very stubborn and also at first I wasn’t sure if it was the cream), but would never repurchase it.

And then I used up the Clarins Instant Light Blush/Eclat Minute Blush in the color Coral Tonic. Woot, woot! I mean how often do you use up color cosmetics and a cheek color, at that? Sure, you could say this was a pretty small amount of product containing only 7ml of blush, but then personally I prefer if a blush is sized so that I can reasonably use it up before it goes bad. Still, looking through my old posts, I swatched it here, and that post is from 2013 so it took me a while to use it up. Haha. It didn’t go bad, always smelled the same, just right at the end when there was barely anything left it thickened up and dried and that was it. I don’t care much about expiry dates since those exist mostly so that you can’t sue the company and it doesn’t mean the stuff goes toxic after that date. My rule is, if the smell stays the same and the texture doesn’t change either it is good to use. So Clarins had produced a real quality item here, it stayed fresh until the end and looked to amazing, plus was easy to use. I stand by my orignal assessment, if Clarins had come out with more of these I would have purchased them all but so far, it was only that one LE that had these blushes. Boo. Admittedly, when they went on sale I snagged up back ups and that might have helped with me using it up too. These were the only color items I ever bought backups for. Nowadays I probably wouldn’t do it as I own so much more makeup now. But then, these were really stellar…

CLARINS BRING THEM BACK! Why do they always discontinue the best items (like with that famous nail polish)?

Okay, enough with the Clarins love. I’ve used up yet another Batiste dry shampoo on my quest to try all the scents (or at least most). This is Blush, and it has left the least impression on me, smell-wise. This is actually good, because it means it’s neutral enough to use it with any perfume. Honestly I can’t even tell you what it smells like anymore even though I used it up only last week. Repurchase highly possible, once I’m done with the other scents.

And last item used up, the MAC CC Cream in the color Illuminate. This is my favorite primer, it comes with SPF 30, meaning I can skip on additional sun protection. The primer is very silicony, giving the usual benefits of that (filling out pores, little wrinkles, helping foundation to stay on) but of course not everyone likes that sort of finish. The color Illuminate is light lavender, making your face glow (will probably work best on light skin tones, there are other colors for darker tones). I use it to color correct my very yellow undertone, giving a neutral result. I love it and have already repurchased it.

All in all, I’m happy I used up some stuff, but it didn’t help in making my pile smaller that much, since I have back ups/repurchased most of these. 🙂 The pink Clarins blush is also almost used up so I’m expecting to see it here soon, other than that I don’t know how it’ll go on. I’m actually trying to use up more of my color cosmetics but no matter how often I use my Chanel lipsticks, they won’t get any smaller???

This concludes my last trash post of the year, see you in january hopefully for the next one.

All Used Up September 2016

All Used Up September 2016

I had quite a few empties last month. Let’s get to it:


Douglas Beauty System Perfect Complexion Exfoliating Cream: This is a case of not used up. It’s a washing cream with plastic particles that makes your skin smooth. But the particles are pretty harsh and I’m trying to be gentle with my face. So I had this lying about for a long time, thinking maybe I’ll want to use it someday. I finally admitted it won’t get used up so it had to go.

Biotherm Skin-Best Serum-in-Cream: I remember testing the Serum-in-Oil from another Biotherm line and expecting it to be oily, but it turned out to be a gel texture. Well, this one here on the other hand, is totally oily. It’s not a thick cream texture, you only need a little dab for the whole face, but damn, when you spread it out it feels oily. It sinks in, so it doesn’t make you look  bad, but the feeling is unusual. Also I don’t think it did anything for my skin at all. I used it with the matching day cream, which I haven’t used up yet, so it’ll be in the next post, but the pair was pointless if you ask me. Stick with the Blue Therapy serum if you like Biotherm.


Long and tiny list of ingredients for Serum-in-Cream.


Another Biotherm item: Creme Solaire Dry Touch SPF 30: This product has been reformulated sometime after my purchase so I’ll spare you a long review. Would not have repurchased, too dusty dry.

MAC Prep&Prime CC Cream in Illuminate: The BBCC Hype may be over, but MAC created a solid product here. MAC, I have discovered, not only have great makeup, their skin care is also worth a look. This CC cream I consider a mix of both skin care and makeup. It has SPF 30 and is soothing on the skin, so after washing my face and adding a bit of moisture I go in straight with this one here, adding SPF and a smooth layer to apply my makeup on. It comes in several colors, I have the lavender one. It’s not the perfect color for me, as it doesn’t help with redness, but it makes such an elvish skin tone, lightening up the whole face. Also the other colors showed up too intense on my pale skin. I have repurchased the same color, Illuminate, but maybe one day I’ll check out the yellow color in hopes of it covering my redness…


Balea Urea hand cream: good cream, but strong plasticky sweet smell. Will try to find one with lighter scent.


Ingredients for hand cream.


La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +: really good cream with Salicylic Acid and Capryloyl Salicylic Acid. Used this every evening underneath my cream. Have not repurchased yet as I’ve got some other stuff to use up, but might. It cleanes the pores because of the lipophile acids. Good for acne and rosacea.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Blonde: Not my first bottle and won’t stay the last bottle. Batiste gives me more volume than other dry shampoos I’ve tried. And dry shampoo in general gives me way more volume than hairspray (especially natural looking volume), which is why I go through bottle after bottle (and of course, you have to wash less often, too). Only downside to this Batiste one is that the smell is really strong. It’s vanilla which works when I wear vanilla-heavy perfume, but sometimes clashes badly with other perfume. However, I have since tried Batiste Classic and think it smells godawful, so I’ll be going back to Blonde next time.


Ingredients of dry shampoo.

That’s it, my empties for last month. 🙂 I am currently on a no-buy for all skin care, as I’ve way too much of it. Only exception is hand cream, since I use so much of it (neurotic hand washer).

Alphabet Cream Central

Alphabet Cream Central

I was going to call this the BB & CC post, but then I saw that some companies are as far as EE by now, so umbrella term. In this post I will explain about BB and CC creams and list all reviews I’ve done on this blog.

In the last few years, double letter creams have popped up all over the place, every brand has one or more of them. So what are they?

A marketing gag, of course. All those creams might have been sold as foundations, tinted moisturizers or primers respectively, but the term BB Cream proved to sell, so that is what we got.


What are BB Creams?

The term ‘BB’ usually stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. They have been around in Asia for a while, and then someone discovered it for the western market. The very first Blemish Balm ever seems to have come from German brand Christine Schrammek, though. Lisa Eldridge tells us about the origin of BB Creams in this video.

In general, BB Creams include some sort of coverage, so they come in flesh tones (sometimes they are colorless in the tube and gain color upon application, for example the one from the Body Shop). They are also suposed to have skin care ingredients, making them the new generation of tinted moisturizers. They also usually contain SPF, but that ranges from very high to very low. Some don’t list SPF, but at least with all the creams I looked at they still contained some sort of sun protection ingredients. Creams created for the Asian market often also claim to have whitening properties.

Even with these three things in common, one BB Cream can be very different from the next. At the moment, some brands offer more than one BB Cream (Dior, Guerlain etc).

BB Creams I have reviewed on this blog:

Aok Blemish Balm

Biotherm Aqua Source BB Cream

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

Diorskin Nude BB Creme

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB

La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream


What are CC Creams?

Since BB Creams proved to be a seller, companies were on the lookout for the next big hit, and this sort of seemed like the logical consequence. The CC usually stands for Color Correction or Complexion Correction. I think the name operates on the assumption that Blemish Balm is for skin with pimples, and skin with age spots and such needs its own cream. Sometimes the marketing or SA will try to tell you that BB is for young and CC for mature skin, but frankly that is a gross overgeneralisation, also because I’m sure BB Creams weren’t really created with this in mind. (Compare Clinique‘s Age Defense BB Cream. And also, my approach for skin care is that anti-aging skin care is the best for skin with acne.)

The color correction is approached from two sides: one, the skin care side, which (hopefully) includes ingredients to help with pigmentation and discoloration from scars. Two, the cream itself is tinted to optically help with discolorations. And here we have two versions, lets call them Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 comes flesh-toned, just like BB Creams. That, like most BB Creams, makes them a form of tinted moisturizer or even foundation. Examples for Type 1 are Chanel‘s CC Cream, or the creams by Dr Brandt. Type 2, on the other hand, comes in pastel colors to color correct the skin before you put makeup on top. That means they are primers. Examples for this type are the CC Creams from YSL or MAC. Both have CC Creams in several different shades (lavender, peach etc), to combat different discolorations.

What do CC Creams have in common with each other? Pretty much only the tinted aspect (and even that is sometimes very slight, see Diadermine). They should all include skin care ingredients that help even out the complexion over time, but some contain more and some a whole lot less. SPF is also not a common denominator. Some have a high SPF, and some have none at all. I think they all should have some, because if you boast that you’re helping with pigmentation you should protect the skin from further UV damage. That’s just my personal opinion, though. So, really, CC Creams are all over the place, even more so than BB Creams.

CC Creams I have reviewed on this blog:

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum

Diadermine Lift+ CC

Dr Brandt CC Mat


Dr Brandt CC Mat

Dr Brandt CC Mat

Dr Brandt offers two different lines of CC Cream: CC Glow (pink packaging) and CC Mat (grey packaging). I got testers of CC Mat and I’ve been using them on and off since July.


This is the last pack. I received the color “light to medium”; I’m pretty sure both lines of CC cream also have a “medium to dark”. You can see a bit of the color left on top. At first I was critical if the color would work for me; light to medium is usually too dark. However, it spread out pretty thin and the coverage is light, so it worked.

I think I’m writing this review backwards. Let’s get the stats: This is a CC cream, meaning it has skin care properties and is supposed to help with discolorations. It comes with SPF 30 PA +++, and it comes flesh-toned. There are two sorts of CC creams if you ask me, one type comes in soft pastel colors, which makes them primers. The others come in flesh tones, which means you can use them instead of foundation (or as primer).

I’ve been using this instead of foundation. The coverage is light, but it’s there. The color of “light to medium” matches up to MAC NC 20, that was the shade of concealer I was using along with this CC cream. But when I fell back to NC 15, it worked as well, so there’s certainly a range of tones it works with.

At first I tried to use it on its own, without any primer or moisturizer underneath, but I found it sinks into pores and highlights them instead of hiding them. So a pore-filling primer was a must. And that’s why this CC Mat does not work as a primer itself. But with a primer underneath I was pretty happy with it. For a while I’ve combined it with the By Terry CC Lumi Serum, that gave the prettiest result.

The product is mattifying as the name suggests and it did control the shininess on my nose. Since our summer wasn’t overly hot this year and my skin isn’t that oily to begin with (my nose gets shiny throughout the day, usually I need to blot twice) I cannot promise it works with very oily skin. I didn’t have to blot during the day while wearing this, though. Since it is mattifying and I applied all over my face I was afraid it might be drying on the cheeks. But that didn’t happen.

Since I used it with a pore-filling primer to keep it from sinking in I cannot say if it had any positive effects on skin, but it didn’t have any negative effects.


The back with a long list of ingredients. Click to enlarge.

All in all I think this is a pretty good product. I won’t buy a full size because I prefer better coverage, but I think it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for only a little bit of color in a mattifying cream with sun protection.

Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream

Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream

I have given the Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream to my older sister. She has been using it ever since and so I thought I’d make a post about her thoughts on it.


Like I wrote before, this cream claims to be a day cream and a makeup base, putting it into the primer category of CC Creams. It also claims to help with pigmentation and to be “ultra” tightening.


It comes out almost colorless, unlike some other CC creams, which tend to have a visible color tint.


Spread out you can barely see it, but it has a slight pink shimmer. Since both shimmer and pigmentation are so low, it would work with all skin tones.

What my sister says:

She likes to apply it in the morning, then she doesn’t need any other moisturizer. She likes the way it looks on skin, not noticable but it does give a glow. Her favorite part is that she says her face tightens with this on, like there is less sagging. (I don’t know where my sis thinks there is sagging on her face, but it’s what she said.)

My sister also uses Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and she says those two are pretty similar.

And last, she also complains that there is no SPF in it. She doesn’t want to put yet another layer on. I very much agree about the SPF. If you claim to reduce pigmentation you can put SPF in your cream.

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum

Today I have a product that’s quite a mouth full, the By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum.


I guess you could call it a CC Cream/highlighter hybrid.


The colors are 1 Immaculate Light, 2 Rose Elixir, 3 Apricot Glow and 4 Sunny Flash.


All four colors on my arm. I switched Rose Elixir and Immaculate Light around (Rose Elixir is the uppermost color) because the lightest is often not very visible on my skin so I didn’t want it to be on the end. Joke’s on me because Immaculate Light ended up being more visible than Rose Elixir! You may have to tilt your screen to see both, though. Anyway from top to bottom: Rose Elixir, Immaculate Light, Apricot Glow and Sunny Flash.


In direct sunlight: Rose Elixir and Immaculate Light (and Apricot Glow right at the bottom)


Right at the top a bit of Rose Elixir, then Immaculate Light, Apricot Glow and Sunny Flash.

In real life, Apricot Glow was the least visible, the lighter ones were pretty stark, and Sunny Flash is obviously more a bronzer on me. But Apricot Glow is probably the most useful one for a wide range of skintones if the goal is to have a subtle all over face glow. The lighter two could be used all over if you’re pretty pale and the goal is Galadriel/Edward Cullen. The darkest one is pretty useful as a glowy bronzer for lighter skin tones, and as an all over glow/highlighter for dark skin tones.


All of these have a rose scent, typical for By Terry.

While I would consider this CC Lumi-Serum to be makeup, it is usually located with the skin care. This often happens with BB and CC Creams, nobody knows exactly where they belong so they are all over the place. 🙂


EDIT 31. August: I continued using it until all four colors were gone, so I’m adding a little: I used either Nr. 1-3 all over my face as primer before foundation, and Nr. 4 as a bronzer. When I put these on I used no other moisturizer. Up there I said I consider these makeup and not skincare, even though it gets categorized as skincare. I changed my mind on this, my skin seemed to really like it, so it certainly counts as skincare as well. After these samples were open for a while, they started drying up, becoming denser. I liked that, it made the shimmer stronger, but it also gave it some coverage. Now, this seems counterproductive, but when I put the serum all over my face, I patted some extra onto my nose to cover the pores. Highlighter to cover pores??? I know how it sounds, but it worked. Great stuff, highly recommendable.

Glossybox Ă–sterreich März 2014

Glossybox Ă–sterreich März 2014


This morning I was surprised by a new Glossybox arriving. I had not expected it until much later in the month.


First look…


Syoss Keratin Style Primer: You’re expecting a rant now, aren’t you? Let’s take a look at the ingredients:


Sory for the bad pic. Basically, I am super surprised, I didn’t think Syoss had it in them. This looks to be an actually useful Keratin Spray!


Avene Hydrance Optimale Riche: A rich skin cream. I’ve never had anything from Avene before, looking forward to testing.


Sumita Brow Set: This is a clear brow wax pencil. I have not heard of this brand before.


Diadermine CC Cream: My first ever CC Cream! (I am expecting DD and EE Creams to be the break out items of 2015) So, for the uninitiated, CC stands for Color Corrective. Like BB Creams, CC Creams are all over the place in terms of what they do. For example, the Chanel CC Cream comes in only one color, yet it has pretty good skin colored pigmentation and can be used instead of a foundation. The new MAC CC Creams are colored primers (they come in soft colors like yellow or lavender), not much unlike their old colored primers. And this Diadermine Cream? It claims to be a day cream and make up base – so it’s a primer.


A dab of product proves that this is certainly not a foundation.


Spread out. It goes on colorless and is therefore fitting for everybody. I am not sure if you can see it here, but it has slight pinkish shimmer here and there. My verdict: this is an illuminating primer, hopefully with skin care benefits. I am deducting points for missing SPF, though. It claims to help with pigmentation, in my opinion this means there should also be SPF to prevent further pigmentation.


And last, Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer: This contains 100 ml, the Glossybox card says the full size has 250 ml. The brand name Nougat gives me a total cross wire with the pinkish color. I have a Pavlovian reflex to the word Nougat. Excuse me while I go search for some chocolate.


I have decided to compare this Nougat Shimmer Body Lotion to my Soap&Glory Glow Lotion. They both have the same claims: nice smell and shimmer to put strategically on your body, like down your shins.


Aplying globs of product onto my arm: While Soap&Glory has a pump dispenser , Nougat has a wide opening to dip the lotion out and the lotion is very runny. I had to snap this pic very fast before the lotion ended up on the background.


This is Soap&Glory spread out on my arm. It leaves a slightly peachy shimmer.


And since I got way too much out of the Nougat one, I had to spread it pretty much all over. So this is an awkward shot of my upper arm. You can see that this Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer  leaves you pretty sparkly. I’d certainly not call this a shimmer. This is a sparklepire lotion.

Regarding the scents of these two lotions: Soap&Glory smells like Malibu Beach Barbie. The Nougat scent is a lot more subtle, a little rosy.


Overall, I am surprised by this box. The majority of it is pretty useful.