MAC Fruity Juicy Haul

MAC Fruity Juicy Haul

Hello here’s my haul from MAC‘s current summer collection, Fruity Juicy:

I picked up the Fix+ Coconut, the Pearlmatte Face Powder and an eyeshadow palette. I was really good and skipped the lipsticks even though I wanted them all.

Before I go on to the makeup items, a few words about the Fix+: Firstly the name Fix+ is misleading as it is not a spray that keeps your makeup on longer. You can put it on top of your finished makeup and it will take the powderyness down a notch. Or you can use it to wet your brushes or to mix a pigment. As it is full of antioxidants you can also just spray it on after cleansing your face, that’s what I prefer to do. Since it’s basically water, glycerin and antioxidants it will help makeup adhere better (the glycerin) if you put it on before makeup (instead of afterwards). Now, this version here is not the normal one, it’s the coconut one. It includes actual coconut extract. The smell is a lot more gentle than I expected (considering the last item I reviewed was the Physicians Formula Bronzer!) In fact I can barely smell it. But, what I didn’t expect is that (since the liquid is clear in the bottle) the spray comes out milky! It dries down to colorless, but I’m sure my other Fix+ never did this. Okay so that was longer than I expected I really only wanted to say, guys good news, no obnoxious coconut scent!

On to the makeup. The pearlmatte powder in Oh my, Passion! is certainly the center piece of the collection. Usually I skip these kinds of things, because sure they’re pretty in the pan, but will I use them? Well this time the swatch was just so pretty…

The Eyeshdow palette is Love in the Glades, the one with green colors. The other two are more orange/pink and included some colors I already owned, so this one here was more unique to me.

Swatches for Love in the Glades. Shade names are (from left to right as swatched, the order is reversed in the palette): Russian Blue (matte), Palm Leaves (satin), Neoprene Green (veluxe pearl), Bye Bye Bahamas (frost), Cumulus (frost) and Grey Stroke (Satin). I’m surprised the Veluxe Pearl Shade has less shimmer than the two Frost ones, but then I’m not the biggest expert in MAC shadows and also it works better this way, you don’t need an intense green with a ton of shimmer.

Now the reason this palette is so cool is that while it can also be seen as tropical it is also literally cool (toned). You can go for a green toned holiday look, but since there are so many greys you can also go for a futuristic look, like a robot from a dystopian future (I have been reading a lot of comic books lately…). Seriously, you can go for conventional beauty or, with the right combination, a really disturbing look. The lightest shade is what makes or breaks the weird look because it is not a traditional highlight or blend out shade – it is too obviously grey for that. Pair it with a grey or blue lip for maximum alien-ness.

All of the shades apply well. I am glad that the greens apply properly opaque. For Neoprene Green you could use the Paint Crushed Emerald as a base but you don’t need to. I do need a good primer underneath but I always do. Without primer they stay about four to five hours, with primers all day on me. I am also glad the darkest color, Russian Blue applies so smoothly, it can work as an all over shade, as a crease shade, as eyeliner. I love using shadow as eyeliner and am annoyed when the shade is too crumbly for that. In the swatch it looks quite dark grey but it can be sheered out as well.

Overall I’d say the colors apply semi-opaque and can be built up to full opacity.

Swatch of the Pearlmatte Powder in Oh my, Passion! And yes, that’s the exact punctuation. Anyone else feel like that comma should be somewhere else?

Anyway, I swatched the individual parts and then all of them together. While you could pick up the individual colors with small brushes, in real life I only used them swirled together. And it gives off the prettiest color. Don’t get fooled by my pic here, the color can be built up quite a bit so I am sure it’ll also show up on darker skin tones. This is really the all over cheek product – blush, bronzer, highlight. It looks amazing and very summery, like you were sunkissed and are flushing at the same time. I use it like a bronzer, so generously on the cheeks, and a bit across the nose and forehead. You can apply it lightly or get it stronger. The first time I used it I used too much and ended up looking quite flushed. XD

I love the look because while it’s of course makeup it also imitates my natural look quite well. In summer I get a bit of color where the sun hits me from above and because it’s hot my cheeks are red at the same time. This is that, but prettier.

I hope that by now this isn’t all sold out already. You never know with MAC, but the big summer collection is usally not that bad… In case you can’t get the items anymore I am sorry. In case they still have the face powder left, I highly recommend it.


MAC Holiday Haul

MAC Holiday Haul


This year MAC has this beautiful pink purple themed Holiday Collection, Nutcrakcer Sweet. I actually only bought three items (so far) but it still ended up a picture heavy post. 😉 Even the bag is pretty!


And the items themselves! I bought a full size lipstick, a blush/highlighter face combo and a lipstick set.


The full sized lipsticks come half bright pink, half dark purple. It’s actually sort of ugly, but it works if you put it next to the other items. XD


I bought Leap of Delight (matte). All colors were pretty, but this one struck me as the most unusual, a dark purple that doesn’t lean reddish.


The mini lipstick set comes in a beautiful box. The lipsticks themselves have a pink/black design, different from the full sized ones (and prettier if you ask me). The box itself was my bane. In theory the plastic is slanted so that you should be able to get the licksticks out by pressing one end, raising the other. In reality, this was a world of nope. I had to remove the little drawer from the box (it doesn’t usually come out completely), remove the inner plastic and then pop out the lipsticks from behind. 😐 On the upside, I could put the box back together and with the plastic layer removed it fits a lot more lipsticks than just four. It can also hold full sized ones. So the box itself is a keeper.


There are three lipstick mini sets: pink, nude and red. I opted for red, because it was the only set that didn’t include colors I already owned. XD All lipstick sets include permanent colors only! So if you didn’t get a set anymore that had a color you really wanted, you can still get that color anytime!

The colors in the red set are: Lady Danger (matte), Mac Red (satin), Diva (matte) and Rebel (satin). So while you’ve got a variety of colors in this this set, there’s not a lot of variety in finishes. But those two are the most trusty, long lasting finishes which is what you’d want in a set of intense colors, right?


Swatches of all lipsticks ltr: First Lady Danger, which is an intense orange red. It was the most matte of the bunch. On the lips it looks almost neon.

Next to it, Mac Red. It is a bit washed out by having Lady Danger next to it. But let me assure you, there’s a reason this is MAC Red. It’s the most beautiful red ever. It has a blue undertone, which is why it looks pinker when put next to Lady Danger. I always wanted Mac Red, ever since I first started looking for red lipsticks. But there was always something else to get first. XD

Next color is Diva, a beautiful dark red, great for autumn.

Last color in the mini set was Rebel, which is very pretty, but arguably not so much red as raspberry pink. It looks purple in the bullet, but really applies lighter than that. The color absolutely beautiful on the lips and not too dark (for those who don’t want to look too goth). It was the creamiest of the four.

Personally, I like that there is some variety in the set. If you went for a stricter definition of red you would narrow it down too much.

The last color in the swatch is the full size, Leap of Delight. It is a dark purple. It goes on quite dark. Nothing for the goth-phobes. The full sized products in the Holiday Collection are limited edition (they might of course come back at a later point).

All lipsticks were long lasting. They only wore off a little on the inside of the lip. Leap of Delight really surprised me there, because dark colors tend to show wear most obviously, but this one really clung to the lips! Even after lunch it barely wore off. The matte finishes lasted a bit better than the satin ones, but the satin were pretty good, too.


On to the last item, the blush/highlighter compact. It’s the darker of the two available sets, the Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact. There was also one with a more silvery highlighter and a light pink blush. This one has a golden highlighter and a ruddy bronzey blush. The exact colors are Whisper of Gilt (highlighter) and Pleasure Model (blush). Both are in the extra dimension finish, which is very silky. At least the highlighter is a repromote, so you may own it already.


Swatch. The highlighter is pretty intense and golden. Perfect for strobing, although you can apply it more subtly with a light hand The blush also contains shimmer particles, but worn alone does not appear to be super shimmery. The color is quite dark on my face (MAC NC 13) and will look more natural on darker skin tones. I do think I can wear it, although it is more of a bronzer to me. I sort of also want the lighter duo, but my wallet does not want it.  😉

That’s it, these were all the items I got. I really like the collection and the quality – at least of the items I got – is great.

essence exit to explore: blush and perfume

essence exit to explore: blush and perfume

essence has a lot of collections per year. I usually ignore them, but something about the current one (on sale august and september) caught my eye. The collection name is “exit to explore”.


So I picked up the blush and the perfume. They come in a cute jungle design. The blush is called 01 My heart is beating like a jungle drum (and now for getting that tune out of our heads again!); the perfume is called like a jungle dream. essence has a whole “like a…” line and they are pretty well liked.


The blush goes from a lighter color to a darker pink. The perfume liquid is also light pink.

essence blush sw

Blush swatches: first the light part, then the dark part, last mixed both together. You can see it is pretty powdery and matte. I mostly use it all swirled together. It leaves a pretty light pink flush, leaning a bit coral. At first you don’t even see much when applying to cheeks – however, do not let that fool you. The color needs a moment and then shows up. The first time I overapplied, haha. Blended out it doesn’t look as powdery as up in the swatch. But it is pretty matte and I usually use highlighter on top. The color wears for about five hours, six at most.

essence blush in

Ingredients of blush.

The perfume also wears for about five to six hours. The official website only lists coconut and flowery notes and calls it a fruity floral. It’s certainly a fruity floral. The coconut note isn’t very strong. To be honest I would not have noticed it if I hadn’t checked the official list. I think it’s more coconut water than the lactonic creamy scent we often connect with coconut in our head.

To me the whole thing basically smells like Malibu Beach Barbie. I’m fairly sure I played with a doll that smelled like this when I was little. There’s a very short fresh phase (soft lemon?), then something light and fruity (… lychee?)  then a sort of bubblegum flowery scent. This lasts for maybe an hour, then we get the base. The base is what I would call a Saubär fragrance in German. So basically, clean musks, a laundry conditioner smell.

I’ve actually gotten compliments on this frangrance. When you wear complicated and/or expensive niche scents, nothing. But a 3 € essence perfume – ‘oooh, you smell nice today’. XD

essence perf in

Ingredients of perfume.

Baseline: there’s some cute stuff in this collection – for the little Barbie in you.

My MAC Chris Chang haul

My MAC Chris Chang haul


I skipped a few MAC Collections but I knew I needed some items from the Chris Chang Collection. Sadly, as it often happens with MAC LEs, some of the things I wanted were already sold out. Int he end I picked up four items, two eye shadows and two cream color bases.


These are the pretty pots.


The colors are: Sock-it-Xiqu (cream color base), Electric Mandarin (eye shadow), Royal Woo (eye shadow), and Peony Pavillian (cream color base)

The MAC MUA said you can use the cream color bases for everything and showed me how she used it as a base underneath powder eye shadow. However I wish to point out that there is a slip of paper in the packaging that says both cream color bases should not be used on eyes or lips. To be honest I only discovered that paper after I had already used both on my lips and so far I suffered no ill effects. But still this might be something you’d like to know. I haven’t tried the cream color bases on my lids because they are really very creamy and I have oily lids.

Chris Chang swatches

The colorful swatches! LtR: Electric Mandarin, Royal Woo, Peony Pavillion, Sock-it-Xiqu

Both eyeshadows claim to be matte, but the orange one contains some shimmer. You can see it in the pan, but not really when applied. The cream color bases have no shimmer, but never quite dry down, so they always look a little glossy.

I am very happy with the pigmentation of all of these. I skipped the turquoise eye shadow because it seemed less pigmented. The pink shadow and the orange cream color base also looked real good. Sadly, the yellow and the turquoise lipstick were so sheer. I’m waiting for some more pigmented releases there.

I have worn both cream color bases as blush and as a stain on the lips. Sock-it-Xiqu is very pale. It works as a blush on me (NC13) but might be too light for most. It also worked on my lips but only for a statement look. I lasts all day on my cheeks, and three hours on my lips.

Peony Pavillion is sooo great! It looks like a simple pink, but it’s really quite intense, amost neon when worn. But it still blends out so well on my cheeks that most peple couldn’t even tell I was wearing something. It looked like I had a strong flush, haha. On the lips it lasted about four hours. It creeps into lines because it’s so creamy, but it can be gotten out again by rubbing the lips together. It leaves a light stain on the lips.

Both eye shadows apply really well. They are pigmented and fairly easy to put on (with a patting motion, mind you). I used a normal colorless primer. They are so pigmented I didn’t really feel the need for a white base. The orange has lasted on my upper lids for about eight to nine hours, the yellow a little less. But I was testing them in warm and humid weather. I also used them on my lower lids with neutral shadows on top, which is the more casual way to wear them and they lasted even longer there.

I am happy with these and would buy them all again. I apologize for getting this review out so late, and you may not be able to get them anymore. But hopefully, there will be re-releases of these colors sometime.

Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer Carrie&Big

Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer Carrie&Big


I found this pretty packaging and had to get one: a bronzer by Too Faced. There were two versions available, I took the Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer in Carrie & Big, there was also Ross & Rachel, but that one was darker, so I thought this one was better for my pale skin.

Too Faced bronzer

The actual bronzer is heart shaped black plastic.

Too Faced bronzer2

Inside the hearts continue. While the compact is big (usual bronzer size), it’s easiest to swirl both colors together. Picking up the blush alone is easiest with a small size blush brush.

Too Faced bronzer3

Swatches! First line is the bronzer alone, second is the blush part and last both mixed. You can see when mixed the color is a little softened.

The product is very finely milled. There is fine shimmer in it, but it’s not really visible on the face. The bronzer is very light – I read some online reviews that people could not see it at all on their faces! For reference, my skin color is MAC NC13 and it shows up well on me, not too dark, but clearly visible with one swipe. I’m not making promises for anyone darker than me, though.

However, despite being light in tone, this is still a very orange leaning bronzer, even if you don’t mix it with the coral blush. Wearing it made me feel a bit old fashioned, like you know. Remember ten years ago or so when there were lots of light blondes with orangey bronzer and light pink lipgloss on tv? Before the rise of contouring? It looks like that. If that is not what you want, stay clear of this product. (If you are looking for a bronzer that is very much NOT orange, I recommend The Body Shop).

I had a lot of fun using this, and the quality is really good. But after a couple weeks I switched it out for my beloved Kiko bronzer, which is a lot less orange.

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

Zoeva Rose Golden

I had to fight for this palette, it was constantly sold out: Zoeva Rose Golden. People said ‘if you like their brushes, try their makeup’, so I did. 🙂

Zoeva Rose Golden back

The packaging is cardboard and copper colored. This color has been very hot in the last couple years. I blame instagram.

Zoeva RG

The colors! On the very top you get the contour powder shade, Heavy Crown. Next the highlighter, Glowing Still, and last is the blush shade Palace Door. By the way I wore this to see Huntsman: Winter’s War, which I guess was very fitting. Although I wore this every day since I got it, so that wasn’t planned. I also wore it to Marvel’s Civil War, which is sooo good, like omg.

Ahem. Let’s take a look at the swatches:

Zoeva RG swatches

Heavy Crown is non-shimmery and cool toned, like a contour shade should be (as opposed to bronzer which would be warmer). It is also very light. Don’t let the swatch fool you, this is unblended on my very pale wrist.

Glowing Still is very shimmery. The powder is white, but the shimmer is yellow golden. Blended out on the face the white goes invisible and you are left with a very intense yelow gold shimmer. I repeat, the shimmer is not white or silver! The highlight is very strong, good for a strobing look.

Palace Door is the rose golden shade of the palette. It is very shimmery, to the point where if your skin tone is dark enough, this could be used as a highlighter instead. The shade itself is more coppery, the shimmer is mostly golden. But here, the base color and the shimmer are so fine that they become one.

Overall I am a bit confused by the colors:

  • The contour is so light it will only work on the really pale gals (NC 15 or lighter), so yay a contour for the really pale ones!
  • The highlight on the other hand is so yellow! If this were a palette for the really light gals, I’d think it would be white pearl. However, this highlighter looks actually really good on me when I do a warmer look. This is for the golden Chalize Theron, not the silvery Emily Blunt (I may have watched this movie strictly for the makeup…). Also, this highlighting shade will look absolutely amazing on every skin tone! I bet the lovely Motsi Mabuse wears something like this, too.
  • And then, there’s the blush, which is not only very shimmery, but also not too dark on the face. It ends up looking almost taupey, by which I mean, more brown than rose color comes out. In fact, minus the shimmer, the color looks really natural on my skin (NC13!).
  • Sooo, sadly there is the possibility that at least one shade in this will be too light or too dark for you personally.

That was the colors. The quality of the powders is top-notch, though. They are finely milled, buttery, blend easily. For the blush, depending on how shimmery you want it, you’ll have to apply it with a light hand. And then, as I was applying it for the first time with a not so light hand and it turned out soooo shimmery on my cheeks I thought, this looks totally like an eyeshadow.

And so I got my eye brushes out and started playing. These totally work for eyshadow, all three of them. A primer is a must, but with primer they last for eight hours without creasing. With a shimmery base the blush color really goes all out. It’s a lot less sheer than the Maybelline blushed nudes for example. You’d never believe it was meant to go on cheeks. With a matte base, you dampen the shimmer content. The highlight makes a good eye highlight as well. The contour shade is too light to cut the crease with it. I use it for blending out, mostly. I also wore it all over the lid on its own for a subtle (veeeery subtle) no makeup makeup look. Gosh if only the contour was a bit stronger I would call this the most perfect palette on earth.

Overall, this is super versatile and I am so glad I got it. I’ve been wearing it everday, on cheeks or eyes or both. My suggestion is they should make a pale and dark version of this. I would buy them all.

Woman Day Haul

Woman Day Haul

Tody I have another little haul to show, my haul from the Woman Day Sale:


I picked up the new Moschino release, Fresh Couture EdT,  mostly because of the bottle. I’m not usually one to care about bottles, but this one is hilarious!

A makeup thing I really wanted: the Zoeva Rose Golden Palette. My first Zoeva makeup.

Then I stocked up on the MAC CC Cream. I mean if you’re gonna buy it anyway, you might as well do it when you can get it for 20% off. (In the last three years MAC has gotten more and more expensive here. I have my staples that I’ll keep buying but for the rest I’m checking out other brands now.)

I also got another Maybelline lipstick, the Color Sensational matte in 960 Red Sunset.

Then I bought two things that people keep raving about: the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, as a base for colorful makeup, and an EOS lip balm. I picked Strawberry Sorbet, not because I prefer strawberry scent, but because this one came without the bad scent components (like Linalool, Geraniol etc). I’m trying to pay more attention to that now. The reason that I bought Eos at all is, well I needed a lip balm, but I picked Eos because I felt compelled to at least try it as a beauty blogger… “for science” so to say. 🙂

The last items are the freebies I got: Missoni‘s first perfume release, Missoni EdP, and the new Escada summer scent: Agua del Sol EdT.

Well I hope you guys like perfume reviews because I’m not going to run out of topics any time soon.

As usual, reviews will follow when I had the time to test the stuff.

wd haul

Givenchy Blush Memoire De Forme

Givenchy Blush Memoire De Forme

givenchy blush

Like I mentioned in my sale haul I picked up this blush from Givenchy, it’s called Blush Memoire De Forme and the color is 02 Rose Delicat. As far as I know this was a limited edition, so I’m sorry for showing you something you might not be able to get anymore. But I this was the second time such a blush was included in a Givenchy LE, so it may come back again.

Givenchy claim it’s a gel formula. However, I find it extremely liquid, so I consider this a liquid blush (although the difference is probably miniscule). The pot is filled to the brim and it’s closed with a tight black lid. So first you have to open it up without spilling the product all over. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but so far I always have blush on all ten fingers when handling this product. But the tight lid is needed, else the product would spoil or dry up.

The color is a reddish pink with subtle shimmer. As it often happens with liquid products I got out wayyyy too much for my swatch, so please excuse the fact that my whole arm is blushed in my swatch pic:

Givenchy blush swatch

The swatch. XD You really only need a tiny amount of product for a cheek. But it is easy to blend, the harsh edges here are only for the swatch.

The blush creates a stain. Properly applied it barely even looks like you got makeup on, but the color is visible of course. Due to the color, one could also create a feverish look. The shimmer is there, but it’s not a high shimmer look. You’d have to know it’s there to find it. What you see in the swatch pic is the strongest the color gets. It can be applied lightly, for a barely there color, but there’s only so much you can layer until it doesn’t change anymore. So despite the intense color, there’s no way this is going to end up looking clownish.

Personally I like a lot how if looks on my face. I also like how very easy it is to blend before it sets. Sometimes liquid blushes that stain can end up uneven, this is not an issue here. What I don’t like so much is the packaging. I would have preferred something airtight with a pump dispenser. The pot is fiddly to open, and when it’s open it gets a lot of exposure. I’m not sure if that’s so hygienic.

In a nutshell: great product, not so great packaging.

Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder Mysterious Pink

Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder Mysterious Pink

This beautiful powder almost slipped under my radar; luckily I discovered it on sale.

sale haul1

I’m talking about the red packaging in the corner here; it’s the Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder from their 2015 Holiday Collection.

sale haul2

The product comes in a pretty red compact packaging. However I have already managed to rub the color off in the corners by now.


But I don’t care because the inside is just sooo beautiful. It’s a bright pink powder with gold shimmer and darker and lighter veins. Those veins are just for the looks, though. You cannot pick up different colors from it.

Kiko Moon Swatch

Swatch. Despite this being called a face powder, this is too pink to be worn as anything other than a highlightinh blush/eyeshadow. The color actually goes on a little lighter than it looks in the pan, but that didn’t stop the powder from making my brush bright, electric pink. XD The shimmer is golden and strong. I think it’s perfect to be worn right now, when everything is so dark and cold and the christmas lights have been taken down. Not that that will stop me from wearing it the rest of the year, haha.

The powder blends easily and I had no problems with getting it to last. The shimmer is finer than it is in the highlighting stick from the same collection. I love this powder.

Post Holiday Sale Haul

Post Holiday Sale Haul

It’s the best time of the year – sale time! 😀

sale haul1

I think I was being good. I picked up only a few items. 🙂

There’s Prada Iris, the 2015 re-release of Infusion d’Iris. Then Givenchy Blush Memoire De Forme in 2 Rose Delicat. The last three are all Kiko items: Two more moon shadows (02 Mysterious Chocolate and 04 Glistening Turquoise) and a face powder from their Holiday Collection: Moon Dust in 01 Mysterious Pink. I also bought a highlighter from that collection, but that was before the sale…

sale haul2

Proper reviews will come later, when I had time to play with them.

givenchy blush

This is the Givenchy Blush. I didn’t even know we got their liquid blush here.


The lovely Kiko items. The “face powder” is clearly a blush, but whatever. If you have the chance to take a look at Kiko’s winter sale, it’s really worth it.

Kiko Bright Rose2

And this is a snap of the highlighter that I bought at the beginning of December but had no time to show on the blog just yet.

Did you hit the sales? Any hauls to show?

MAC Casual Color Secret Admirer

MAC Casual Color Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer

This is the MAC Causal Color in Secret Admirer. It was included in the Red Red Red Collection at the beginning of this year. I love the Casual Colors for the ease of application to cheeks. They are easy to blend with either fingers or a brush. They can also be applied to the lips, also with either fingers or a brush. Sometime ago MAC changed the packaging. Now they look like in this pic. Before they had a screw-on lid. When they changed the packaging, they also made the product more expensive and put a lot less product in. 😐 Like, seriously, a LOT less. Now on one hand, how often have I ever used up a cream blush? So I’m okay with having less product in, but the combination of less product for more money is just not cool. So, long story short, I bought this one but I’m not sure how many more I’ll buy in the future.

Secret Admirer Swatch

Swatches. First I made a singly finger swipe (top) then I tried to show how it looked like blended out. But I may have blended too much for the camera… can you see the pinky part going over most of my arm down there? 😐 Sorry, guys I tried but I guess I should have blended less.

So what I am trying to say the raspberry red color can be worn as strong or as sheer as wanted. It never gets completely matte, which I like. On the cheeks it lasts all day for me. On the lips it’s more like a balm (with strong color) by which I mean it doesn’t last that long on the lips, maybe two hours but leaves a very slight stain.

I like using these combination products when travelling (for less packing), otherwise I prefer a regular lipstick and only use the Casual Color for cheeks.

My favorite ways to apply are in order of preferance: MAC 188 brush, Zoeva Petite Stippling brush, fingers. For lips: fingers, any lip brush.

Most used Makeup April & May 2015

Most used Makeup April & May 2015

Fav May

Took a while, but here are the makeup items I used the most in the two previous months. They’re not exactly my favorites, since sometimes you love an item very, very much and then it turns out you barely used it. And sometimes you don’t even notice a thing, but reach for it again and again.

Fav May2

So these are the makeup items I used more than any others:

1. Guerlain Crazy Terracotta: as an orange toned blush/bronzer. It looks innocent here, but it really ends up being mostly coral, not bronzy. I don’t understand how it still looks new after I had and used t for many months. Guerlain magic.

2. Lip liners MAC Fruit Cocktail and Rosy Rim: Rosy Rim goes with almost everything, so it saw a lot of use. Fruit Cocktail is for orange and coral lips.

3. Lipstick MAC Morange: used on its own or with Fruit Cocktail. Honestly, when I bought it I thought I wasn’t going to use it much. Then I had a massive orange phase. XD

4. Eyeliner: Chanel Orchidee. So summery. So lovely.

5. Mascara: Chanel Le Volume Khaki Bronze: My mascara staple. Perfect for subtle definition of my naturally blonde lashes. Sadly, it’s on its last legs and was limited edition. 😦 You’ll see it in a used up post soon.

6. Maybelline the Nudes: I succumbed and bought a nude palette. Review upcoming. Reason it landed in my “most used” is that I had to try all the shades before reviewing it. But (like any nude palette) it is also very useful for a quick and subtle eye look, so I wore it to work pretty much every day.

7. alverde Schimmerfluid Meeresglanz: a highlighter from a past alverde summer collection. Gives a lovely subtle golden shimmer, not sparkly at all. Pity it isn’t permanent.

Lush and MAC Haul + Highlight Powder Freshen Up

Lush and MAC Haul + Highlight Powder Freshen Up

I’m not a bath bomb sort of person, so I have never been to Lush before.

Haul Lush MAC

But as I passed the store I figured I could take a sniff. I bought the two items that smelled best to me, Lemony Flutter hand and cuticle balm, and Bubblegum lip scrub. I also got a sample of Helping Hands, which was genius; you know how much hand cream I use. Two days later I’m already a big fan of Lemony Flutter. It’s so rich and smells so nice. Although this is the sort of smell not everybody likes. Bubblegum smells good and tastes good. I’m not sure how useful a sugar scrub really is; maybe it does more damage than good?

Afterwards I slipped and fell into the MAC store again. xc

MAC Haul

I picked up an eyebrow pencil (Lingering, permanent), a lipstick (Morange, also permanent but here with special design) and a Casual Color (Secret Admirer, part of the past Red Red Red LE). I’ll put up swatches of these later, for now I’d like to show you a cheek swatch of the Highlight Powder, Freshen Up. I didn’t buy it, but the MACisto insisted I let him put it on me.

Highlight Powder Freshen Up

I didn’t get to make pictures until I was home, so this is hours later. Freshen Up is called a highlighter, but it’s really a blush. It goes on mostly orange with golden undertone. There’s not a whole lot of shimmer in it, which is something I’d have expected from a highlight powder. The bronzers in this collection are a lot more shimmery. Freshen Up consists of three colors, a light gold, orange and corally red, but since orange is the biggest part, usually you’ll end up with orange.

I think it looks like a slightly more golden version of my Crazy Terracotta Bronzer, so I don’t feel the need to have both. If you’re wanting for something orange, check this one out. But you need to be quick; it’s LE and selling fast!

Most Used Makeup Items February & March 2015

Most Used Makeup Items February & March 2015

After finishing my series of seasonal favorites I thought I’d make a bimonthly series showing the items I reached for the most, excluding base products. Because even when I think a particular lipstick is my favorite, I find I’m not wearing it as often as others. So this is not a ‘favorites’ post, it’s a tally of ‘most reached for’. 🙂


And these are the makeup heroes of the last two months.


MAC Brow Set in Beguile: This has completely replaced my routine of brow powder and wax. Review upcoming; I was just so busy using it that it took me forever to take pics. From now on this counts as a base product staple!

Lipstick in front is L’Oreal Blake’s Red.

The powder in the back is MAC Powder Blush in Easy Manner. I use this so much and it’s not even dented!

The pencil is MAC Chromagraphic in Process Magenta. I’ve been using this as a lip liner for various bright pink lipsticks. I think it’s funny that a pink liner and a red lipstick made it into the list, but I used Blake without and with varying liners and I somehow never used the same pink lipstick…

The lipstick on top is actually a lip balm, Lancome Baume in Love A la folie, cherry. It goes on almost transparent and as such is very wearable.

Last one is a MAC Paintpot in the universal color Painterly. I used this sometimes as base underneath other shadows but often on its own for a bare look. I have two paintpots and I think I never talked about them before. Reason is that I never used them as they crease terribly. I’m always awed when people say, oh I use a paintpot as my makeup base, it holds forever. On me it holds about one hour. However, since I have the wonderful Primer Potion by Urban Decay (not pictured, because total base staple) now, the paintpots stay in place and almost don’t crease! Huzzah! So I went from never using Painterly to using it lots. Thank you, Urban Decay!

So these were the products I used the most the last two months. Do you keep track of what you use?

More MAC Toledo: Kindergarten Red and Victoriana

More MAC Toledo: Kindergarten Red and Victoriana

Suddenly living near a MAC Counter is taking its toll on my purse.


I mentioned in my last Toledo Haul I felt the need to also own the red blush. The third one, the peachy one, was completely disappointing in pigmentation and was not allowed to come home with me.

I’m sorry to blab about a MAC LE from last month when everyone is already three LEs farther. But I’m super not interested in all that super duper limited stuff and the Toledo LE was right there and I really like the packaging.

So what I got was the ombre blush in Kindergarten Red, the lipstick in Victoriana and the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Trust in Red (regular lineup, not part of the LE). I guess you could say I’m having a red phase.

MAC Toledo Kindergarten Red

Here’s Kindergarten Red in all its glory! While the outer carton packaging had red going around, separating it from Azalea Blossom with its black packaging, the actual blush packagings are identical on the outside. On the inside Kindergarten Red goes from very pale pink to a mid tone red.

Sawtches Kindergarten Red

Swatches. First the pale pink, barely visible, but there. Then the red from the bottom. Last swatch is once swirled through. The combined color can be easily influenced lighter or darker depending on where you pick up the most powder. The whole blush is softer than the other two, making it easier to pick up color. Of course that means I have to be more careful in application. The top stripe also makes for a good non-shimmery highlighter.

MAC Toledo Victoriana

Victoriana lipstick. The packaging feels satiny.

Swatch Victoriana

Swatch of Victoriana. The finish is matte. It’s not retro matte like Ruby Woo, but matte enough. The usual warnings about matte lipstick apply here: lips must be prepped, lipstick is drying etc etc. Wear time is good, but not perfect. (To be honest, the L’Oreal ones last a little bit better.) Application is very easy, it glides on nicely and takes a second to set, so I can correct mistakes. That makes it a lot easier to apply than Ruby Woo.

MAC Victoriana

Lip swatch.

The color of Victoriana is a red with blue undertones.

Victoriana Blake Trust in Red

Color comparison swatch left to right: L’Oreal Blake’s Red, Victoriana and the lip liner Trust in Red. Both Blake and Trust are more pinky than Victoriana. I don’t have Ruby Woo, but I swatched it in the store and Victoriana has more blue than Ruby Woo. (The reason I’m mentioning that one so often is that I meant to buy Ruby Woo, but changed my mind while swatching.)

Lipliner Trust in Red

The Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Trust in Red is pretty much the same color as the Kiko lip pencil in Fire Red. I got the MAC one in hopes of it bleeding less than the Kiko one. I’ll have to do some more testing but I do think it works. Trust in Red is a red pencil with strong blue undertones. That means I still need a true red one.

So I went on a berry spending ban only to end up with tons of reds. Oh dear.

MAC Toledo Haul

MAC Toledo Haul

I did not intend to buy anything from the newer MAC Collections, but I was sabotaged by the fact that there’s a new store ten minutes from my home and the Toledo packaging is really cute…

MAC Toledo 1

Pretty packaging and also a new pic background.

MAC Toledo 2

More packaging pics. I only picked up two items, the blush ombre in Azalea Blossom:


I think this is a repromote from a previous LE.


And the other item I picked is the Pearlglide Intense Liner in Chlorafill, because I love funky colors.

MAC Chlorafill

Liner Swatch. It is very creamy and soft. It really glides on and is easy to put in the waterline, where it looks so weirdfunnyamazing. It holds very well, even on my watery eyes. The liner has some shimmer in it. Since it’s so soft, it has to be sharpened often.

MAC Azalea Blossom

Swatches of Azalea Blossom. First the pink part, then the lilac part and last swatch is them softly blended together. The blush is big enough to make it possible to pick up only one color with a smaller blush brush but I think I’ll mostly wear them swirled together.

Man, now I want the other blushes, too, especially the red one. 😐

Winter Favorites

Winter Favorites

Better late than never, here’s what I love to wear in winter:


On top of the picture, that’s not a cat, it’s a cap knit by my mom; I got it for x-mas. Because chilly air is no good, so I almost always wear a knit hat. 🙂

On the far right I put a tube of hand cream. Regular reads will know I am a hand cream fiend and in winter I need more protection than usual. Next to it, my new Clarins lip oil. Any lip balm might have worked for this compilation, but it’s new and really good so it made the cut.


On to the makeup: these are what I wore most often when it was chilly and snowy. Underneath the lip oil, The YSL Palette City Drive Arty. The colors are pretty chilly if you ask me. I don’t use it often, but lately I was in the mood for chilly. The tube next to it is another YSL, the Dare to Glow Liquid Highlighter in Naughty Pink. It’s such a pity these were limited edition, it’s the best liquid highlighter I know.

On top there is the MAC powder blush in Easy Manner, sadly another LE item. It was part of a past Holiday Collection. I loved it in the store, took it home and at home… I could barely see it. I was disappointed and chucked it in the back of the makeup drawer. Much later I pulled it out again and it was magic! It gives a wonderful peachy pink flush, pinker than you’d expect from the pan. This story shows how important it is to have a good blush brush. In this case, one that isn’t too loose. Anyway, I think this is a perfect winter blush.

Next is Guerlain Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer Highlighter in Sunny Pink. It’s a coral blush with lots of golden shimmer. I’m pretty sure Guerlain released this in the summer, but the time I need this most is winter. This is my patented recipe for gloomy days when the sun refuses to even rise and you’re stuck in cold and dark. Putting this on, instant light!

Next to it is a lip gloss by Isadora, the Express Star Gloss in Reflecting Peach. I’m not much of a gloss wearer, but in winter when it’s freezing and snowy I suddenly feel the need for sparkles, that’s when I reach for this one (or the one from Rouge Bunny Rouge, which goes very well with the Terracotta Blush).

Last item here is Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Crystal. I use it as base underneath the YSL palette, or on its own for a snow queen look.

Basically, in winter I am a fan of two things: lots and lots of shimmer and sparkles, and pastels. That’s why I am glad that Spring Collections come out in January. By the time real spring rolls around, I’m already in the mood for stronger colors. I guess what I showed you up there is the shimmer edition. Please note I’m not wearing all of this at the same time, that’d look a little weird. I was mostly reaching for these when there was snow on the ground. Except for the MAC blush – I wear it whenever, all through the season.

This time I added no nail polish since I’d already shown you my color picks in a previous post. As for perfume, I forgot to add one. Something cozy like Eau de Shalimar maybe, although I also wore ‘cold’ perfumes a lot, like Eau de Gaga or Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere.

What are your picks for chilly weather? Dark and moody, or shimmery and light?