Lancome Erika F Ombre Hypnose Stylo

Lancome Erika F Ombre Hypnose Stylo

Lancome has released eyeshadow sticks! I love a good eyeshadow stick so I had to have one. The colors range from gentle gold and beige to several shades of silver and grey to light blue and navy. And one of the silvery colors is:

Lancome Stylo Erika F

the infamous Erika F in stick form!!! Erika F is a powder shadow by Lancome. It is famous for its particular color and infamous for the fact that it is not available in the US. Rumour says due to an ingredient that is banned there. You can get it easily here in Europe, though. Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of single powder shadows, but give it to me in stick form and I’ll need it!

Stylo Erika F

The difference between Lancome stick shadows and most other high end ones is the tip. It is very precise. Sadly there’s no sharpener with it and I’m afraid it will dull down.

Lancome Erika F Shade

Swatch 1: shade.

The color of Erika F is very hard to describe. It is a grey with a darker base and silvery and khaki shimmer.

Lancome Erika F Swatch

Swatch 2: direct sunlight.

In the sun it looks sort of taupe.

Quality: this stick is one of the easiest to apply I ever had. The tip makes it very precise and blending is almost unnecessary. It can also be easily used as a smokey liner. It sets after a few seconds, so any blending has to be done quickly.

It lasts about five hours on me. Then it isn’t gone but visibly less. Did not crawl into my crease, though.

I did not get any glitter fallout.


Overall: If I didn’t have so many golden shades already, I’d want those too. As it is, I got an eye on the navy one. I swtached these next to the Chanel ones and Lancome’s are a lot more pigmented. Absolutely worth a look.


5 thoughts on “Lancome Erika F Ombre Hypnose Stylo

    1. Oh I mean it’ll be okay when the point is gone, other sticks don’t have it in the first place and it’s fine, but it’s so precise and I thought it might have a sharpener in the back, like the Chanel eye liners…

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