Shopping the stash: Estee Lauder Pure Color All-Over Illuminator

Shopping the stash: Estee Lauder Pure Color All-Over Illuminator

Unrelated to this post, but I have just pulled the trigger on my first ever vault buy (you know, every color of a certain item in a box). Pterodactyl screech. But for today I decided to do some stash shopping, because believe it or not, I actually own things I haven’t even shown on this blog.

I am fairly sure this stick was part of a past Bronze Goddess Collection: Estee Lauder Pure Color All-over Illuminator. I don’t know how long ago that was though. This is a highlighting stick, which as the name implies you can use all over the face or body as desired.

Unblended swatch. It has a bronzed coral color with gold shimmer. The finish is glossy and it does not dry down. Obviously, while on other complexions this is a highlighter, on me it’s a blush.

Blended swatch. This gives a lovely hint of subtle color with shine.

I apply it directly from the stick and blend with fingers. This works best on a light base. The more coverage you got, the more likely the cream is going to lift your foundation. Also works perfectly on makeup-free skin. I prefer this for no makeup makeup looks in summer, when I’m going to sweat and get shiny anyway. With this stick I can at least pretend the shine is intentional. While the color fades a little throughout the day the shine and shimmer stay all day.

It can also be applied to lips and eyelids for a bit of shimmer (you’re not going to get opaque color) but as the product never sets, it’s going to end up in creases sooner or later. It does give a lovely freshness, though. For comparison: this on my lips is more visible than Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Beige Dore. And this stick isn’t actually meant to be a lipstick.

This is perfect for adding lightly glossy finishes without having to use the goopy stuff.

Like most Bronze Goddess items this was LE and is not available anymore, but they might bring it back one day? I’m glad I snagged it up, even though it’s really not compatible with heavy bases and powdered faces. I only ever use it in the summer (or sometimes in the winter when I’m longing for summer), so despite having it for years there is still a lot of product left.

All Used Up March 2018

All Used Up March 2018

Last month I had quite a few empties, I don’t think I can top that this month. But let’s see what I used up in march:

The Balea empties: middle of the pic is the Buttermilk & Lemon handcream, a sight often seen in my empties. For now I have another handcream but repurchase is not unlikely.

The two Magic Winter designs are from the advent calendar and not avalable as stand alones. The Bodylotion has a “vanilla ice cream” scent. Well, it did smell of vanilla dessert. I liked this body lotion, it was easy to work in (unlike the previous body lotion from the same line).

The shower gel comes with a gingerbread scent, and wow it did really smell like that. I liked it a lot and would have gotten a full size for the winter if it were available. Maybe they will recycle the scent. The calendar included three shower gels and two body lotions. I’m currently on the last shower gel, but now have to pair it with a normal body lotion.

A random assortment of items:

Dermasence Cream Soft, my new favoritest skin cream. When my pharmacy stopped carrying Bioderma I switched to Dermasence. Like Bioderma it is a pharmacy brand, but a German one, not French. They have this easy color system. Cream Soft is marked with blue and green, meaning it’s for normal skin and for oily skin. The cream contains mostly avocado oil and glycerin, making it light but moisturizing. There is a good amount of vitamin e and pro-vitamin b5, which has a soothing and repairing effect. There are smaller amounts of salicylic acid, lactic acid and benzoic acid. So it’s got both AHA and BHA, but I’m not sure how much exfoliation it achieves. I have used a stronger serum underneath and this cream as a topper. I felt moisturized, yet the cream is still lightweight which I loved.

I’d recommend this for everyone who needs a light and soohting cream. If you have no major skin problems this one alone should be enough. I have acne so I need stronger acids, but I like this as a topper. Reepurchase is possible, but atm I have too many creams lying about.

Batiste Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo: They are not kidding when they say Heavenly Volume. This is a cross between dry shampoo and hair spray. So like hair spray it leaves a sticky residue, but on the upside it does not leave the white powdery residue you get from normal dry shampoo. So it really depends on which residue you prefer. It got my hair fluffy and fresh like regular dry shampoo, the result lasted even longer than with normal Batiste. The volume was pretty good as well. But personally, I couldn’t live with the stickiness. No repurchase.

Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara TopCoat: Forbidden Volume was my favorite mascara line from essence, so naturally – they discontinued it. 😦 I grabbed two back ups of this item here: the mascara top coat. You apply it on top of your mascara, it goes on black. On the packaging it gives you only one promise: to lengthen your lashes. So it contains these fibers, you know the ones. And it really does make lashes longer, but also adds a bit of volume without clumping the lashes or making them too thick. It also made normal mascara water resistant, which is why I love it so much. Nothing beats the combo of regular mascara (any mascara will do) and this topper. Who needs a mascara base when you can have a good top coat? Would repurchase, but alas. Currently on tube nr. 2.

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser: so this is probably among the most expensive brush cleaners out there? But it is really good and lasted me for many years. It has a thick consistency like shampoo and you need only a drop per brush (or one drop for several eye brushes). Have a cheaper one for now, but who knows? If I end up missing it I might pick it up again.

And lastly a used up sample. The is Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup in the color 2C2 Pale Almond. Now I suspected it would be too dark for me – pre-packaged foundation never comes in light shades – but I wanted to try it as I’ve heard many good things so I went Oompa Loompa for a few days.

On top is a swipe of Pale Almond. Underneath my ususal colors: MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC15, Chanel Les Beiges 10 and Dior BB Creme in 010. So yes, 2C2 Pale Almond is way too dark for me, but I think Double Wear has a good range so I might find one that works for me.

The foundation had good coverage, stronger than Chanel Les Beiges (and much easier to blend), and a bit less than MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I didn’t smell anything, which I liked. Since this was a sample I applied with my fingers. A beauty blender will surely get more coverage out of it.

The finish was satiny, not comepletely matte, but also not luminous/shiny. It lasted very well, my nose got shiny around four to five hours, which is normal for me. It did not settle into fine lines and did not emphasize dry parts.

So I understand why everybody likes this foundation. I might someday look for a color match, but first I’ll have to use up some of my stash.


This was my list of empties for march. There may not be a post for April as I’ve only used up two items so far. We’ll see.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Suggestive

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Suggestive

The new-ish Pure Color Envy lipstick line by Estee Lauder is absolutely amazing. I have two of the normal lipsticks (creamy finish) and one matte, and I love both finishes. So, sooner of later I had to try the shine variant, as well.

Estee Lauder PCES

This color here is the Pure Color Envy Shine 220 Suggestive. When I bought it it came with a special Pink Ribbon packaging, so I’m not sure if this color is permanent or was limited, sorry.

Suggestive is a corally, mid tone pink. A very universal color, I think.

Estee Lauder PCES swatch

Swatch. The lipstick applies pretty creamy. In fact, I can’t see much shine there. There is no shimmer in it, and the color is mostly opaque in one swipe. To be honest I expected this to be the Estee Lauder version of the Rouge Coco shine, but it’s not. The packaging is similar, but the Pure Color Envy Shine is mostly a very creamy lipstick.

And when I put it on my lips, I noticed the smell. 😦 The other Color Envys smell of vanillin, like MAC lipsticks. All the other Estee Lauder lipsticks have a different scent, sort of fig-like? I don’t find it very pleasant. Sadly I had to discover the Shine do not smell like the other Color Envys. Oh, no! Although I can’t say if it is just this one or if they all smell like that. But yeah, I’ll pass on the rest of the Shines. The smell is not as bad as some YSL lip products, but but it’s not good.

The lipstick itself if good, though. Gives off a good amount of color and is not drying at all. The color lasts about three hours maybe, then it settles in the lip lines and needs to be moved around again. If I reapply regularly, it looks good. I would not wear it if I had no opportunity to reapply, though.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Stronger

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Stronger

The Pure Color Envy by Estee Lauder are among the best lipsticks I know. So it was only a matter of time until I had to try the matte line. As I already have so many intense reds and pinks in matte I picked their most unusual color:

Estee Lauder stronger

This is the pinkish-purple color Stronger.

The matte lipstick has the strong vanilla scent of the Pure Color Envy line, they don’t smell like other Estee Lauder lipsticks. They smell the same as MAC lipsticks.

estee stronger swatch

Swatch. This is one of the modern satiny mattes. The look is pretty matte, but not chalky. It feels thinner than  MAC matte. It is not drying (I wear balm underneath, though).

Magenta vs Stronger

Color comparison to Maybelline Magnetic Magenta. I haven’t gotten around to take a swatch pic of Stronger with MAC Heroine. At first I thought Heroine might be similar, but it is a lot more purple.

As for lip liner, I currently use the MAC Heroine lip liner, which is somewhat darker. I think MAC has a lip liner that is closer in color but I don’t have it (yet). Heroine works okay. Note that the lip pencil of Heroine is a bit less purple than the Heroine lipstick (swatch comparison) so it works out. Of course you don’t really need a liner at all with Stronger, I just like having the option.

Stronger wears well, I get about six hours. Eating reduces it, but it is still there. Still, with a color like purple I prefer to reapply throughout the day. The lipstick does leave a stain as well, but it’s not that intense.

Estee Lauder often gets overlooked for not being as cool as other brands but they have top notch quality and some real gems. I like that they do have a color like Stronger, which is a bit more unusual. If I had endless money I would buy the whole line, because all the colors are pretty.

Spring Makeup Haul

Spring Makeup Haul

I was super into easter colors lately and it sort of shows in my new purchases?


Maybe not so much with the packaging, but…

Spring Haul 2016

Getting there…


Spring! 😀

Okay, so what are the items?

On top you can see two brow products by Maybelline: the BrowSatin in medium brown and dark brown. They are double ended, one side a thin pencil, the other a sponge with powder.

On the upper left, a Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint: 01 Poppin’ Poppy. On the upper right: Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Magnetic Magenta.

The mascara duo is from Essence: the thinner wand is the Forbidden Volume False Lash Mascara Topcoat, the thicker wand is the Forbidden Volume Mascara Rebel. There’s another duo without the “rebel” in the name, but I thought I might as well go all out. I was actually about to buy the Princess Mascara, but the duo won for one single reason: they came packaged in plastic (shown in top pic). I have trouble buying normal drugstore stuff if it isn’t sealed because I’ve seen too many people use stuff (not the testers) and putting it back in the aisle. And since you can’t tell with mascara if it has been opened, I’m sticking to high end and those drugstore mascaras that come sealed.

The lower lipstick is Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte in Stronger, one of the most interesting colors in their whole lineup!

And lastly, the eyeshadow duo is Nars Fashion Rebel. I am well aware that a matte yellow will not have the best quality, but I just don’t care. I’m packing this stuff on! Spring! (Actually this is a past summer release, but it just screams spring to me right now.)

And this concludes my Spring haul. This is sort of a pre-woman day haul, I got lots of good discounts. This Thursday, for everyone who lives in and near Austria, don’t forget it’s Woman Day. 20% off on shoes, clothes, cosmetics. In my experience this week it will pay off to simply ask for a discount, even if it is not thursday and even if the shop is not officially on the list.

The Lipstick Tag

The Lipstick Tag

Annie asked me to do the Lipstick Tag. I’ve been meaning to do this forever and forgot, so finally, here it is!

1. How many lipsticks do you own?

55 XD


2. What was your first ever lipstick?

Probably the light pink L’Oréal I threw away in this post. Before that, I had hand me downs from my mum. XD


3. What is your most worn lipstick?

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Chic. It’s such a weird cold brown/taupe, but since it’s sheer, it makes such a useful nude. Pity it was limited edition. Should it ever be repromoted I will buy another.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Chic

This is all that is left of it. 😦


4. What is your favourite brand for lipsticks?

Judging by the owned number, Chanel. But I also love Estee Lauder and MAC and Givenchy and I own a lot of Maybelline, too.


5. What is your favourite finish?

I never thought I’d say this, but matte! There’s just something about a matte lip and the staying power is useful, too.

MAC Silly vs Candy Yum Yum

Symbolic picture: my latest matte purchases.


6. What is the last lipstick you bought?

MAC Viva Glam II

MAC Viva Glam II



7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag?

Only one, the highly beloved Rouge Coco Shine Chic.

When I wear a strong lip, I’ll sometimes take that with me for touch ups.


8. What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?

Let’s have a swatch of one I wear a lot, L’Oréal Blake:

kiko liner blake lipstick

But also Estee Lauder Vengeful Red, L’Oréal Liya and MAC Victoriana.



MAC Toledo Victoriana

MAC Victoriana

Swatch of Victoriana


9. How do you store your lipsticks?

Like so:


But in more than one…


10. What lip products are you currently lusting over?

Oh dear. I want them all! Haha, but I’ve got some more MAC mattes and retro mattes on my list. Also wouldn’t say no to more YSL (their mattes are still the best I know), Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy (amazing creamy ones) and Givenchy (lovely creamy ones and sheer ones).


I tag…

Everyone who wants do do it! Please do the tag and leave me a link so I can read it! 😀

Best Of 2014: New Releases

Best Of 2014: New Releases

Welcome to my Best Of 2014 Pt 1.

Last year my best of was a little disjointed, so this year I decided to make two lists, one for products that came out this year, and one for products I just happened to like a lot this year.

Of course I am limited in my review of new releases to things I actually got into my hands this year, so I’m probably missing a lot of real cool stuff. Can’t be helped.

So, in no particular order, products released in 2014 that I liked:

Collection Design: MAC Alluring Aquatic


The pretty turquoise, the fake waterdrops! I’m sad I didn’t buy more just to look at!


Perfume: Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez


Very sexy if you like wood and musk, which I do.


Lipstick range: matte: YSL the mats for high end, Maybelline Color Drama for drugstore; for creamy lipsticks: Estee Lauder color envy





New eye shadows: this was really hard, there were so many new eyeshadow ranges this year. I think for me YSL won with their new quints and I’ll give a honorable mention to Max Factor (which were only recently released and therefore not properly tested yet)




Overall Collection: Dior Summer: I think it had many great items and I wish I’d picked up more.



Nailpolish Collection: OPI Nordic; I think it had the nicest mix of colors



Nailpolish: Dior Bar: amazing quality and proper black, not almost black



Skincare: Garnier Micellar Cleanser; a lot cheaper than high end and better, too.



Blush: MAC Casual Color Young at Heart



Eyeliner: Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Or Blanc:
nice and subtle on the waterline, and a nice ice queen color on the lid/corner


And this concludes my totally subjective list of interesting stuff released in 2014. Which were your personal highlights this year?


Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Vengeful Red

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Vengeful Red

I must be on a red trip because today I want to show you a most amazing red lipstick I recently discovered:


That would be another Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy, this time in 350 Vengeful Red, and if that isn’t already the greatest name for a red I don’t know.


I already mentioned in my previous post how I feel about the display. This time I took a closer look and noticed that not only do the plastic caps of the testers not match the lipstick (that’s common) but the lipstick looks different in the bullet than applied, too. That’s what I’m trying to show in the pic above. Applied it’s a strong red with slight blue undertones, but in the bullet it leans more brown. So don’t buy by just looking at the bullet, always swatch. In general the swatch is prettier. Also the really dark looking colors apply a lot lighter. Very pretty, but sadly not very goth.

Back to the color at hand, let’s have comparisons:


From top to bottom: Estee Lauder Vengeful Red, Dior Marilyn, Maybelline Non Stop Red and Chanel La Malicieuse.

All of these applied by only one stroke. Vengeful Red is the strongest and creamiest.


Same swatches in different light.

Up until now Marilyn was my favorite red and they are quite close in color. I guess that’s just ‘my’ red. Vengeful Red applies easily and lasts better than Marilyn. A meal reduces it to a stain. The color envy lipsticks have very good lasting power for a creamy lipstick, but a matte lasts better.

I have no red lipliner, but I don’t need one, the color stays put and doesn’t creep into fine lines. Last week I needed my red lipstick to stay all day and night, so in the morning I used the Maybelline Super Stay up there as a base and put this one on top and when taking my makeup off at night I needed more cotton pads for my lips than for my eyes. Layering, not just for eyes. I do think I should invest in a good red lip liner though, anyone got recommendations? Lately I’ve been using MAC’S Process Magenta underneath everything pink (for example Tumultous Pink) and the result is quite striking. I guess I’m just not one for subtle. 😉

Which are your favorite reds? Do you use lip liner?

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Tumultous Pink

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Tumultous Pink

A while ago Estee Lauder put out a new range of permanent lipsticks. I heard they were good, but the Estee Lauder counter always looks so unappealing and boring. I think they could really profit from a good redesign. Also, the colors on the plastic caps of the lipsticks look terrible. And while I’m at it, they should also shorten the product names.

But once you get past all that, you’ll find some truly amazing things. (I swear Estee Lauder is not paying me nor are they holding me at gun point 😉 )


Like this Lipstick in the color Tumultous Pink 240.


I love a good bright pink. This one is in between pink and berry. Raspberry, I guess.


Comparison reveals I have nothing like it.  Click to enlarge.

Shown up there from top to bottom: Estee Lauder Tumultous Pink, Astor Unguilty Pleasure, a similar color but much sheerer (well it is supposed to be a balm), Chanel L’Exuberante, probably my favorite color since I compare absolutely everything to it. Tumultous Pink is darker and bluer. Underneath is YSL Fuchsia Fetiche, a color I’m rarely seen without these days. I think it’s most similar to Tumultous Pink, but lighter, more neon. And then two more drugstore products that look red next to the others, but I assure you they are pink: Rimmel Rose Passion and Maybelline 10h Stay Tint Gloss.

All my berries are way more violet and therefore not included. Rose Perfecto and Rose Boom are much more subdued, so also not included.

The lipstick contains no shimmer, but it’s not completely matte either. The formula is very nourishing, the ingredients list reads more like a moisturizer. It also contains hyaluron, which is supposed to plump your lips up. (I can’t say if it truly does.) Despite this, the lipstick is also very long lasting. Usually you have to sacrifice moisture for longevity and the other way around. I don’t know how they do it. Black magic, perhaps. The lasting power is comparable to YSL’s The Mats, meaning the stain lasts all day on me.

Despite the moisturizing ingredients, don’t mistake this for a balm. It’s a lipstick and it certainly won’t leave you with more moisture than you started with.

I am really amazed by all the awesome lipsticks lately.

Estee Lauder Enchanted Berries

Estee Lauder Enchanted Berries

Let’s have a look at something non limited for a change:


This is the Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette in 14 Enchanted Berries.


Swatches. I need to stop putting the lightest color on top. 😐

Estee Lauder claims that the lightest here is a satin, the pink is a shimmer, the taupey/bronzey color is a metallic, the lighter berry shade is a shimmer and the darkest is matte. So we’ve got a useful mix here, even if the shiny shades are still very subdued compared to certain other companies. I think it’s a very sophisticated palette and you can create looks that suit just about everyone with it.

I think you can see in my swatch pic that the pink is a bit powdery. It does not go on a smooth as the other colors and produces some fallout.

I am hugely in love with the lower three colors. 🙂

Dior Transat: Sundeck & Captain

Dior Transat: Sundeck & Captain

Remember when I was trying to talk myself out of the Sundeck quint?


Yeah. I think the SA actually won a bet there. I’ve been prowling the Dior counter for weeks.

Take a look at the beauty that is Dior 5 Coleurs Transat Edition Sundeck 564.


Swatches! Try to spot the lightest color! These are a sweet mix of mattes and shimmers. The orange is in fact more shocking than in this picture, it is really orange and very pigmented. In fact, all of these are creamy and pigmented. I experienced no fallout upon application. So far, I have used the dark color and the orange as liners and they stayed put. On my lid the colors don’t stay – it’s currently hot and my lids are oily. But even when fading they looked pretty cool. I am in love.


Color comparison to Estee Lauder’s Batik Sun. No dupes. All Estee Lauder colors here have a golden shimmer, while in the Dior palette the darkest, the orange and the lightest are mostly matte.


Comparison to Dior’s Golden Flower. All Golden Flower colors are high in shimmer. The bronze color in these two is in fact identical. The others differ in level of shimmer – the lightest colors of the palettes might look similar here, but they are very different when applied. Unlike the right top color of Golden Flower, the right bottom color of Sundeck has actual pigmentation.


tl;dr: the colors of Sundeck are super cool.



I also picked up the Captain 750 nail polish. It comes with a nail file and stickers. All three colors are amazing, but I didn’t have a regular red yet, so Captain was my pick.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Batik Sun

Estee Lauder Pure Color Batik Sun

At the moment I am suffering a great want for the Dior Transat Collection. But I don’t want to keep on buying things and not use them, so instead I went through my backlog of stuff and found this gem:



This gem being an eyeshadow palette by Estee Lauder named Batik Sun. I think it was in some sort of summer collection, but to be honest Estee Lauder often have very similar palettes, so I’m not completely sure. I picked it up in a clearance sale a few months ago.

Now, this is not a dupe for the Dior palette (I’m talking the one with the brown shades and the orange in the middle, Sundeck. The other one, Atlantique, is also very pretty but I’d never wear anything with three shades of blue.) But how many palettes with browns and orange does a girl need? Plus, this one here has a bonus petrol blue green. (This is not helping, now I want the Dior one even harder)

But honestly, Batik Sun is like the prettiest eye shadow palette in the universe. This pan pic does it no justice, check out my swatches:


Swatched clockwise: on top the highlighting shade, which yes, melts completely into my skin; next the terracotta orange with golden shimmer, very pretty. Next the best color on earth and my most used in this palette: the gold! It’s the best gold! Not a clunky glittery gold, but a soft shimmer of awesomeness. Then the petrol, and last the dark brown. All colors have shimmer, but only the top three are really noticable.

Batik Sun makes me wish I was better at doing eyeshadow than I am. Someone could make art with this, but I’ve never managed to wear them all together so far.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay on Shadow Paint in Pink Zinc

Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay on Shadow Paint in Pink Zinc

There’s a point at which names just get silly and both Estee Lauder and also Bobbi Brown cream shadows suffer from this. What is wrong with calling it “cream shadow”?

Let me show you one of my few Estee Lauder items, the Pure Color Stay on Shadow Paint in Pink Zinc:


Here’s the pot. It contains 5 g of cream shadow, one more than Chanel Illusion d’Ombres.



The inside. This product is truly creamy. Often you get ‘cream’ shadows, yet they feel hard or spongy. But when you put your finger in this, it feels like cream. That almost put me off this shadow. I feared that something so creamy would end up in the crease faster than I could blink.


Swatch in the shade. It is a very subtle color, perfect for everyday makeup.


Swatch in direct sunlight.

Now to my earlier fear of it creasing: I bought it anyway because I planned to use it as a base for powder shadows. But of course I tested it by using this on its own, no base or anything. I wore it all day to work, at the gym after work and into the night. I detected no creasing. I thought it might be a fluke, caused by the light coloring, meaning there was creasing but I didn’t detect it. I have now worn this to work for weeks and I have not noticed it creasing, or fading, or wandering around on the lid!

Application is easy, it takes about a second to apply and blend with a finger. I declare this a foolproof product! This was worth every cent I paid for it. The only possible downside may be the color. It works for me, but it will look different depending on skin color. And I cannot guarantee that other colors in this range will be as amazing, as usual. Pink Zinc, however, I can say is something to behold. Top notch quality. (And no, I receive neither money nor any products from Estee Lauder.)

The color is very similar to Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Emerveille, but less shimmery and more pigmented. In fact I went to the store to buy Emerveille and after swatching every cream shadow available, I chose this instead. There are lots of cream shadows these days. Givenchy have recently launched some and Shiseido has added a lot more to their range. I want them all. *sigh*

Collective Haul post (including Superstition de Chanel)

Collective Haul post (including Superstition de Chanel)

I didn’t buy all of these products at once, or even in one week, but I’d like to put my newer purchases in one post.

The drugstore products:


Essie for the twill of it, because it is gorgeous (and a dupe for Peace & Love & OPI), a cheap blending brush from Bipa, and Maybelline Super Stay 14 hr lipstick in Beige for good.


Maybelline 14 hr Stay Beige for good (left) and Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Luminous Beige (right). Colorwise they are dupes, but you can already see on the bullet that the finish is different.


Top: Superstay, bottom: Moisture Extreme. I may put the moisture one over the other to have lasting power and a slick finish… the Moisture Extreme on its own doesn’t really do much, as it wears off fast.


On to the high end stuff, two new things and two old:



On the left Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel in 64 Inspiration, then clockwise Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 85 Secret, Guerlain Ombre Eclat 1 Coleur in 142 L’Instant Fauve and last YSL Dare to Glow in 3 Naughty Pink.



Swatches: Top Rouge Coco Shine in Secret, then Le Blush Creme de Chanel in Inspiration and bottom Guerlain L’Instant Fauve.

I think they go together nicely? The lipstick isn’t the lightest of the Superstition collection, but the lightest was so light I don’t think it’d show up much. This one is already very subtle on the lips. The blush was the lightest available. I was afraid of getting a darker color because they are so pigmented. However it turned out they are very blendable and now I want several other colors too. *sigh* While it is a cream blush, the finish is very matte. There is no shimmer in the blushes at all. The creamy yet matte texture is most comparable to Maybelline’s dream touch mousse in my opinion, only much, much finer. And not a mousse. Actually, I don’t have anything else like that Chanel blush.

The Guerlain eye shadow was on sale and is a very everyday color especially to blue eyes.




Comparison: YSL Dare to Glow and Benefit high beam! Top here is Dare to Glow which is more creamy and gel-like, bottom a dot of high beam, which is liquid.



Blended out. This is not a trick of the light or the camera angle, Dare to Glow really is that much stronger in comparison to high beam! I even added more high beam before I took this picture. Dare to Glow is also much harder to remove (=long lasting) too, which was the reason I bought it (that and it was on sale lol). Most of my highlighters I couldn’t see anymore shortly after applying them, this I can still see after several hours. Dare to Glow of course needs to applied with a light hand or people will think you’re a Twilight Sparklepire. But I love it (so much for using up my Lancome highlighter first).

Colorwise they look similar but not identical; both are very pale pink, but high beam has a cold, bluish shimmer, and Dare to Glow has a slightly warmer shimmer.

And the next and last few items I’ve had for quite a while, to be honest. They were from spring/summer collections I bought on sale.



Shown left to right: Estee Lauder Pure Color sheer matte lipstick in 02 Rock Candy and 05 Demure, Lancome in Love eyeliner pencil in 30 Chocolate Affair.


To the lipsticks: they are my first Estee Lauder products EVER and I am impressed. They are long lasting (comparable to my beloved Maybelline 14 hr Super Stays) but not overly drying. Also due to the thin, sleek design they are easy to apply and you don’t need any lip liner. To be honest, since the name is “sheer matte lipstick” I didn’t think the colors would be this strong. But it is (this explains why all the lighter colors were sold out and only the two strongest were left). There is nothing sheer in these lipsticks, other than sheer awesome.

The eye pencil is nice and creamy. It is brown without any sort of shimmer. Most non-black pencils have shimmer in them but this doesn’t. Lasting power is alright.


Swatches: several squiggly lines with the eye pencil in Chocolate Affair (that teaches me to apply the swatches on my right arm), one blended. Then Rock Candy and Demure. All of these were really hard to wash off again…


That’s it, those are the products I bought the last couple weeks (that I didn’t show already). While it looks like a huge haul, it more quietly accumulated… one here, one there.