4711 Remix Cologne Edition 2018

4711 Remix Cologne Edition 2018

Well, time flies and we’re nearing the end of August. Today I want to talk about this happy orange bottle. Last year 4711 released something LE they called Remix Cologne Anniversary Edition to celebrate 225 years of their cologne. It smelled of citrus and neroli and petitgrain and I liked it very much (and wow, the review of mine is from exactly one year ago). So this year they came out with a new LE cologne, again called Remix Cologne, but with an added Edition 2018. The bottle looks more modern this time, but still the same style.

Also it smells completely different this time around. The other was still more the typical cologne style, with neroli and lavender, but less harsh than old fahsioned colognes. 2018 is totally orange fizz. No petitgrain, no lavender, absolutely nothing herbal or harsh. This is yummy orange juice with a hint of orange blossom and it softens out into a wonderful light tea note and ends in a little bit of musk. Wonderful and fresh.

This being a cologne the lasting power is around two hours. The musk might linger a bit longer, but honestly the point of a cologne is the top notes, so around two hours I tend to reapply. It’s a 100ml bottle after all.

The 2018 edition is clearly inspired by last year’s remix idea, but if I understood correctly it is supposed to kick off a new series of LE colognes, one per year, each centered around a different ingredient of the original 4711 cologne (2018 representing the orange note). Well I am intrigued and will surely try the next one as well.

Edition 2018 is limited edition (however you can still find bottles of last year’s edition as well so it should not be too hard to get for a while). The perfumer is Nicolas Beaulieu.

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