NYX Vivid Brights Vivid Fire

NYX Vivid Brights Vivid Fire

I don’t use all that much classic liquid liner, as I have hooded eyes and that often doesn’t end well. However I had good experiences with Nyx matte liquid liner and so… clearly I had to try more?

Jepp. Red eyeliner. XD This is the Vivid Brights liner in VBL01 Vivid Fire by NYX. The packaging is the same as for the normal liquid liner, but the bottom part matches the color inside. Not shown here but the handle is the regular black.

Swatch. Like my black one this also dries matte and quickly so. This is great because hooded eyes. I can actually play around with this quite a bit and make a big wing and/or a very thick line and nothing transfers into the crease or anywhere else. This can be worn alone or you can add a thinner black line near the lashes. The red may look scary, but it actually looks very good combined with my blue eyes. The red has blue undertone, it’s actually more of a raspberry color.

While the swatch here looks pretty much exactly like the one for the black liner I found this one to be even easier to work with (maybe I’m just getting the hang of it, though). The swatch may look patchy, but on my eye lid I just… tbh I simply applied more and more until it looked even and it didn’t even bunch up or anything. Also while the black one crumbled after a while this one only crumbled when I rubbed my eye. There was no smudging. You need oil remover to get it off, but then it went very quickly – easier than black liner.

So this one gets a full stamp of approval from me.

NYX Matte Liquid Liner

NYX Matte Liquid Liner

Happy Valentines! Let’s wear some liquid eyeliner:

This is the NYX matte liquid liner in the color MLL01 Black. The brush is a classic thin brush, no hardened foam or anything. The brush is thinner than it looks like on the pic, because there it’s loaded with product.

A common liquid liner problem for me is that I have hooded eyes and I apply the liner and then I look up into the big mirror – bam! Liner all over the place. *sob* And in real life I can’t do the Violet Chachki thing and declare the whole lid liner. So I don’t do classic liquid liner that often, eye liner pens work better for me. But I’m nothing if not stubborn with a shopping problem. Hence trying out the NYX matte liquid liner. It comes out liquid and dries down matte like liquid lipstick – and it dries down super quick! No more “augh I opened my eye!”. On the downside it dries so fast it dries on the brush while painting. So you need to dip back in several times (depending on how much you have to fuss around. If you’re good, once is enough).

Swatches! Truly matte. Even the very thick line dried quickly. You can also see it can get patchy on the edges.

The product does not claim to be waterproof, but it claims to be water resistant. Not sure what’s the difference there, except resistant is probably the more honest claim. It behaves like a waterproof item. You certainly need oil to remove it. It does not smudge, but what it does is crumble. Not like in huge pieces, but like you can see in the swatch the edges aren’t smooth, and it just gets more and more like that as time goes on. Upon removal you do get bigger crumbles.

I’m not a huge liquid liner expert, but for me this was certainly the easiest one to apply, as described above. I can actually play around and do winged liner without messing everything up, woohoo. This weighs up the bit of crumbling it does for me, but you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it for yourself.

I’m certainly tempted now to also try their other liquid liners to see if it’s a NYX thing or if it’s a matte thing that does the trick for me.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Pacific Green

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Pacific Green

This little tip belongs to a Chanel eyeliner, the Stylo Yeux Waterproof 925 Pacific Green. I think it was part of a past Spring Collection, but can still be found in stores today. I am generally a fan of the Stylo Yeux Waterproof, because they really are waterproof, they are easy to put on and the color range is big.

Two swatches. The color is sooo pretty, but despite the name I consider it to be more blue than green. It’s a greenish blue with multi colored cool toned shimmer. The mine is very soft which makes it hard to get a thin line. But with a color like that, do you even want a thin line? The liner works both on skin and on the waterline. You can also use it as an eyeshadow, you just gotta be careful because it’s so soft. Don’t press too hard.

Overall, this brings the usual Stylo Yeux Waterproof quality and lasts on skin until I take it off. On the waterline it lasts about four hours, maybe a bit less. It does not smudge but the bigger shimmer particles do wander around some.

A problem I have with my Stylo Yeux Waterproof collection (I have ten) is that some of them break off at the base. Like, the mine as such is whole, but it comes out of the casing. I tend to push it back gently and they’re still usable but they never reattach to the packaging. I used to store them upside down so I could see the color stripe (example shown here), but now I store them horizontally to avoid further breakage. This also sometimes happens with my Rouge Allure & Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks. I had a similar problem with a thin Estee Lauder lipstick from an LE (not their usual lipstick design) and an old MAC shadestick, but unlike the Chanel items which are still like new those two makeup items were also dried up so I chucked them out. I don’t understand why my Chanel things don’t like to stay properly in their packaging.

But the above is just a general observation. It has not yet happened with Pacific Green, which is a lovely eyeliner if you want the thicker, less crisp design of a soft pencil.

YSL Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil

YSL Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil

This is the Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil from YSL in the color 1 which I assume translates to ‘pitch black’. Sadly the tip was already chipped when the pencil got to me. It promptly broke off when I tried to apply the color. Luckily that’s nothing a pencil sharpener can’t fix. The mine is really soft, though.

Swatch. The pencil applies a creamy pitch black.

This is soft and waterproof and therefore absolutely perfect for the waterline. It lasts quite well, there are still traces of it on the waterline four hours later. On the skin it’s best for a messy look, as again, the mine is very soft and prone to go all over the place. Also it needs to be blended before it sets, because when it sets, that’s it. This stuff lasts so well, you’ll barely get it off with remover.

So, out of all my black pencils this is the darkest and the best lasting one. I’ve already used up quite a bit of it and for once I’m positive I’ll finish this pencil sooner or later.

essence Kajal Pencil white and black

essence Kajal Pencil white and black

It’s the middle of April and I am slowly working through the rest of the items from my essence advent calendar. XD

It included two eye pencils:

this is the kajal pencil in 04 white.

And this is the same in 01 black. It’s got the same silver design as the other one, but I zoomed in further here.

Swatch of the white one.

Swatch of the black one.

As you can see, these aren’t super opaque. You can easily go over your lines a second time but you’ll never get the blackest black. Despite the sort of disappointing swatches they went on the eyes okay. I recommend warming the tip first, the helps the color glide on. They can be used on the lid and on the waterline. They went on the waterline without tugging, but they didn’t stay on there for super long, maybe three hours tops.

I compared the black pencil to another one I’m currently testing, the YSL Dessin du Regard in black. That one is much more pigmented (it’s of course also much more expensive). But pigment isn’t all. The essence pencil was more forgiving of mistakes, as you could just wipe them off and go again, while the YSL one was like “nope, I live here now”. In the end, applying the essence one was less hassle and the difference was not that big in the result. Only afterwards the essence one broke down much faster. This however is a slightly unfair comparison as the Dessin is waterproof and the essence kajal is not.

Overall, these are perfectly workable pencils. I use them more for a somewhat messy look, though, as that’s where they work best – when a little smudging is okay. 🙂 Admittedly I didn’t use the white one as much as the black (in the waterline the Nyx pencil in Milk holds much better).

Catrice Liquid Gel Cushion Eye Liner

Catrice Liquid Gel Cushion Eye Liner

I successfully skipped all the cushion stuff so far until they got me with this: cushion eyeliner!

You have to have one of every type of black liner, right? For science?

This is by Catrice. The color is called 010 Black Sheep. I think it’s the only color at the moment.

The sponge! It looks so funny, somehow. The sponge is finer than in the bigger foundation cushions.

You dip into it with a brush like so. Any eyeliner brush will do and you can vary the result by using different brushes.

The finish is glossy, like in this picture. It does not get matte.

So far, so good. Picking up the product is easy, but it dries incredibly fast. In some cases it dries while still on your brush (I was trying to figure out the angle of the wing and when I had it, it was too late). It gets a sort of rubbery texture and that means going over what you already applied is difficult and the product that is left on your brush also makes it harder to work with it. For me that was more hassle than it was worth, not when gel eyeliner and regular liquid liner behaves so much better. However, many people on the net loved this cushion liner, so it might depend on your skin/preferences.

This product is not waterproof, but it did not smudge at all, even when I rubbed. This, however, does not mean the eyeliner stayed where I put it. Over the hours, starting an hour after application already, it crumbled around. It creates small fuzzies, like a tubes mascara. These stick all over the face. And since it did not smudge it means  when it crumbled off, it left blank patches of skin in the middle of the eye look.

Sorry, but this stuff is a total dud for me. Do not recommend. (I have oily skin – maybe it works on dry skin?)

MAC Work It Out: Chromagraphic Pencils

MAC Work It Out: Chromagraphic Pencils

The current Work It Out Collection by MAC includes Chromagraphic Pencils again, so I picked up what I didn’t have yet.

The colors are Landscape Green, Genuine Orange and Primary Yellow. The whole Work It Out Collection has a special outer packaging on top of the regular black packaging. The products have the usual black MAC design. The chromagraphic pencils are permanent Pro items, meaning you can get them anytime online or in a MAC pro store, but with this Collection you can get them everywhere. Other colors also included in the Collection: Process Magenta, Rich Purple and Marine Ultra.

This pic brings out the kid in me. Happy crayon colors!

All three go on smooth and pigmented. The yellow might be a tad creamier than the others. But none of them smudges much and they go on well in the waterline. They hold reasonably well in the waterline, but they are not waterproof, so a waterproof pencil will last better. According to the packaging all of these can be used in the lip area, Genuine Orange should not be used in the eye area or the waterline and the other two shouldn’t be put into the inner rim of the eye either. That’s just a precaution, though (so that you can’t sue them if you turn out to be allergic or something). I’ve totally used them in the waterline and lived to tell the tale.

So these colors are probably a bit unusual but I like using orange, red or yellow underneath the eye, often with a regular brown colored smokey eye look. Other than that they can be used as lip liner for the currently very trendy colorful lipsticks and of course they can be used for all sort of special makeup, like Sugar Skulls etc.

There were also a whole lot of colored mascaras in this collection, but unlike pencils mascara dries up so I skipped them even though I sort of wanted some freaky colors.

essence eyeliner pen

essence eyeliner pen

Another of my many essence items: the eyeliner pen. It’s a simple felt tip liner, black. They call it extra long lasting, but they do not call it water proof.

The line. It’s not super duper black, but on the eye I mostly apply like you can see at the end of the line here and it works out well enough. It applies easily. The very first time I had to coax the color out, but ever since it was flowing nicely. The finish is not comepletely matte, but not shiny either. Lasting power is good. I have used it as eyeliner and to draw animal faces on people for Mardi Gras and the color mostly survived. It got less black but didn’t wipe off.

Even though it does not claim to be water proof it’s best removed with oil.

I like this liner so far. Hopefully it does not dry up too fast. You will see it in an empties post if it does. XD

MAC Chromagraphic Pencils Rich Purple & Marine Ultra

MAC Chromagraphic Pencils Rich Purple & Marine Ultra


Let’s talk about MAC‘s chromagraphic pencils. Those two here are Marine Ultra and Rich Purple. I already own a few Chromagraphic Pencils and I like them so much that ultimately I want to have all of them. These are Pro items, you can get them in MAC Pro stores or on the regular MAC website. They are not limited edition, you can get them anytime.

Those pencils are multi-use, you can do whatever you want with them (I mean, you can always do whatever you want with everything, but these aren’t designed as eyeliners or something is what I mean). Now that’s the theory but these MAC products always come with a little slip of paper in the packaging with warnings. These say that Marine Ultra is not to be used in the lip area or in the inner rim of the eye and that Rich Purple is not to be used in the inner rim of the eye. (The warning differs between general eye area and the inner rim. All the reddish colors aren’t to be used in the general eye area either). Now, AS USUAL I did not find this slip of paper until AFTER I’d used these products and I have worn Rich Purple in the inner rim and live to tell the story. Personally I ignore these warnings, but you might want to know these things before you buy them, so that’s why I put it here.


They look like regular pencils. Top: Marine Ultra, bottom Rich Purple.

As a whole, these pencils adehere well to the skin and apply without tugging. They are not eye pencils per se, though and that means they do not smoke out well. If you want a smoky pencil look, use a regular eye pencil or even better, a khol. These are what I use when crisp color is the goal. They can also be used to lay down a base color. As mentioned above I have also used them on the waterline and the color payoff wasn’t that great. A creamy eye pencil would be better there.


Swatch of the colors in the shade. Marine Ultra is a pretty bright blue, yet still on the darker end of blue. Rich Purple is more subdued.


Same swatch in direct sunlight.

Now, while the most obvious way to use them would be as eyeliner, lately unusal lip colors have been all the rage so I have also used them as lip liners. They don’t match up exactly with my lipsticks, but it works out. Examples:

Colorwise, Matte Royal is actually closer to Rich Purple than Marine Ultra, but it can work with either of them (depending on the goal, one would pull it more into blue, the other makes it darker purple).

Leap of Delight from the Holiday Collection is way more red than Rich Purple, so using them together pulls the whole deal more purple.

The mid tone purple lipstick 4Eva (review upcoming) is lighter than Rich Purple, this can be used for an ombre effect.

And lastly, since these pencils don’t really smudge and are long lasting they can also be used for any kind of special makeup like Halloween etc.

My biggest problem with these is that since I have used them for both eyes and lips I don’t know if I should put them with the eye pencils or with the lip liners (I keep those seperately, because I have a lot of pencils). XD


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk

Nyx Milk

I picked up the Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk by Nyx a while ago. It’s a creamy eyeshadow stick and the color is pure white, no shimmer. The point of course of such a shadow is not to use it on its own, it’s to have a white base for other colors to pop. Well, usually. Of course you can do other things as well but I woudn’t advise to use it like a normal shadow that would look weird.

Nyx Milk Swatch

The stick is very creamy and you can get a good amount of product on easily. It’s opaque pretty fast. The creaminess is also its downfall on my lids. They tend to be pretty oily and product that doesn’t dry down just wanders around on my skin. 😦 Even with my best primer I didn’t get it to stick on. This depends on your personal skin though, so if that’s not a common problem for you, the stick will work as intended.

Nars with Base

It does enhance colored shadows, though. Here shown with a Nars duo, once on bare skin and in the middle on top of the Nyx shadow. But blending on top of the white shadow is not so easy either. The white shadow moves around with pressure, so the best method is to pat the colored shadow on and not blend too much.

Another thing I don’t like about the shadow stick is that it is not twist-up. You have to sharpen it using a normal pencil sharpener – you sharpen the plastic outer part with it! It don’t like sharpening pencils in the first place and sharpening plastic instead of wood is even more annoying.

Apart from these negative points I can report I also used it as a liner on the waterline. That worked well, it went on nicely because it’s so creamy, yet it also stayed for hours. I was so surprised since it didn’t last well on my lids. But that seems to be a problem of my personal, eyeshadow eating eyelids, not the product itself. When I use it only as a liner, it is great, although if you wanna do a graphic look, you know, like doing a black and a white line on the upper lid it is hard to get the white line to be crisp (product too soft).

As Halloween is coming up, another use for it might be to use it for all over the face / shading when doing a skull or something similar. It is creamy enough to blend over bigger areas of the face. Although if the goal is to cover the whole face in white I would use a pot of white color and a brush instead. But with this pencil you can do the edges and the small places in your face that the brush might not reach. You can also do touch ups later, as it is small enough to take with you and you need no additional brush.  🙂

Chanel Fall 2016: Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eros

Chanel Fall 2016: Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eros


It’s no secret: I love Stylos by Chanel. XD I also feel like the quality of their eyeliners has gone up in the last few years. Before, some colors were great and some were meh. But now, every color I try is consistent and creamy.

This color here, 928 Eros, is part of their Le Rouge collection for fall, all red items. I think the collection is absolutely amazing, and if I had enough money I’d buy the whole thing. But as money does not grow on trees, for now I limited myself to the red liner.


Eros is red, but it’s not primary red. No, it’s a burgundy color, very elegant and wearable. With Chanel you can always be sure it ends up elegant and wearable, no matter how outlandish it sounds at first.


Color swatch in direct sunlight. There is very light shimmer in it and the texture is creamy.


Same swatch in the shade. On the eyes, with mascara and everything it ends up looking a bit darker. So it gives proper definition (no additional dark liner needed) while still being edgy and colorful. It looks stunning against blue eyes. I wore this liner both on top and lower lid and on the waterline. On the waterline it survived a few hours, four maybe. On skin it lasted the whole day and you do need waterproof makeup remover to get it off.

Huge recommendation! Don’t be afraid of wearing red on the eyes!

So far I always paired it with a nude lip though. Sometimes I copy the look on Chanel ads, but this one is really a whole lot of red. XD

Chanel Le Volume and Le Crayon Khol Rouge Noir

Chanel Le Volume and Le Crayon Khol Rouge Noir

I have two pretties from Chanel‘s Holiday Collection, the mascara and the khol eye liner:

Chanel Rouge Noir

These are the Le Volume in Rouge Noir and the Le Crayon Khol, also in Rouge Noir.

I thought I was going to be all over the nail polish and the lipstick, but I wasn’t happy with the lipstick swatch (sheer and uneven) and I’m always sceptical about Chanel nail polish quality, so I skipped those two in the end. The golden liner was very pretty and not as yellow as I feared, but I have enough golden liners as is, but it felt very creamy and nice.

Chanel Rouge Noir swatches

Swatches! On top, a smudge of the mascara, underneath the liner, once as a block and once as a single curvy line. The color of both products matches perfectly. I would describe the color as a dark plum or black cherry.

I was worried about the mascara as I had read some comments about it smudging. Usually Le Volume is my go-to, no smudging, always works mascara, so I risked the purchase. And what can I say, it performs as expected, no smudges, no crumbles. At first it is super wet, my preference is to let it sit a couple weeks. But even the brand new one is good. In comparison to my previous colored Le Volume (Khaki Bronze) this one here gives more length and does not weigh my lashes down as much, so they made an already good mascara even better! (However, smudging always depends on several factors so I cannot promise it will be smudge-free on everybody!)

The color applies very dark. I don’t think anyone would notice it is not black, however the color is softer than stark black, which is great for pale kids like me.


The liner is my first khol from Chanel. Usually I reach for their Waterproof liners. It applies easily, although at first it might be good to warm it up. My personal criteria for judging the quality of a khol are: must apply true to color in the waterline, must not tug on the waterline, and must be easy to smudge when applied on skin. And this liner does that perfectly. A khol is not a waterproof pencil, so I do not expect it to hold forever. And it doesn’t. Sometime at the five hour mark, this liner had, well not vanished, but there was significantly less on my eye than before. (Testing done on naked eye without primer! Will hold better on top of other products.) However, and that is the good news, it had not smudged and wandered down my eye. No panda look! Huzzah! So this khol pencil gets a thumbs up from me.

The color is absolutely beautiful on the eye. It goes on like in the swatch above and can be softened to look lighter or intensified by going over more than once. But it’s always sort of soft, never harsh.


So in my humble opinion, these two are amazing and worth a closer look. The rest of the collection I will fake with products I already own, heheh.

Kiko Liquid Intense Eyeliner & Colour Definition Eyeliner and Kajal

Kiko Liquid Intense Eyeliner & Colour Definition Eyeliner and Kajal

The last two items from my haul are two Kiko eyeliners. Both are from the Rebel Romantic Collection. One is a liquid liner, the other is a twist up pencil.

Kiko Liquid Liner

This is the Liquid Intense liner. It’s available in several colors, but I chose black. The applicator is felt. It’s also on the thick side. So making bold lines is easy, but a nice, thin line is harder.

Kiko Kajal Liner

This is the Colour Definition Eyeliner and Kajal in the color 03 Warrior Violet. It’s a twist up pencil, but the size is about the same as for a regular pencil, it’s not super thin.

Kiko Liners

Squiggly Swatches: First is the Colour Definition  liner, and the last three are the Liquid Intense liner. I tried to get lines of varying thickness, but as you can see the first two had too much product on and so the start of the line was thicker than the rest.

The Colour Definition in Warrior Violet is a reddish purple, the Liquid Intense a black with a sort of glossy finish; it doesn’t dry down completely matte.

To be honest I feel that the liners were the weak points of my haul. Both are okay, but not overwhelming. The Color Definiton liner is too hard for a kajal. It doesn’t give off much color on the waterline, and on skin the line isn’t completely smooth and hard to smudge.

The Liquid Liner has a thick tip and gives off a lot of product so it’s easy to get too much on the lid. It also doesn’t dry fast, which means once you open your eye, you get product where it shouldn’t go. I also can’t do a cat eye with it, because I have hooded eyes and have to put liner in my outer crease. And there the liner starts glueing my lid together. Not fun. So only a regular line along the lashes is possible with this. I guess I should have gotten Kiko’s regular, non limited liquid liner, which has a much thinner tip, instead.

So if you passed up those two limited products, you didn’t miss all that much. Last I checked, both the Rebel Romantic and the Midnight Siren Collections were still available, though.

So, that concludes the reviews from my Fall haul. I’m saving up for Holiday Collections, although I’m pretty much only interested in Chanel and maybe Guerlain. But Chanel Holiday is still not available. By the time it is, I might have gotten it out of my system. 🙂

Chanel Summer Eye Look

Chanel Summer Eye Look

Chanel Summer Look

I did a little and uncomplicated look inspired by Chanel’s summer look.

  • Brows: MAC Lingering
  • Primer: Urban Decay Sin
  • Lid: Chanel Caroube, softly blended into the shimmery primer
  • Liner: Chanel Orchidee, lined lower waterline and around the eye
  • Mascara: YSL Effet Faux Cils Waterproof Signature Violet (turns out to be exactly the same color as Orchidee, so liner and lashes are blending together)

And that’s it, a simple and fast. 🙂

Chanel Orchidee Look

The color is a little washed out in the pics, the purple comes out stronger irl. 🙂

Most used Makeup April & May 2015

Most used Makeup April & May 2015

Fav May

Took a while, but here are the makeup items I used the most in the two previous months. They’re not exactly my favorites, since sometimes you love an item very, very much and then it turns out you barely used it. And sometimes you don’t even notice a thing, but reach for it again and again.

Fav May2

So these are the makeup items I used more than any others:

1. Guerlain Crazy Terracotta: as an orange toned blush/bronzer. It looks innocent here, but it really ends up being mostly coral, not bronzy. I don’t understand how it still looks new after I had and used t for many months. Guerlain magic.

2. Lip liners MAC Fruit Cocktail and Rosy Rim: Rosy Rim goes with almost everything, so it saw a lot of use. Fruit Cocktail is for orange and coral lips.

3. Lipstick MAC Morange: used on its own or with Fruit Cocktail. Honestly, when I bought it I thought I wasn’t going to use it much. Then I had a massive orange phase. XD

4. Eyeliner: Chanel Orchidee. So summery. So lovely.

5. Mascara: Chanel Le Volume Khaki Bronze: My mascara staple. Perfect for subtle definition of my naturally blonde lashes. Sadly, it’s on its last legs and was limited edition. 😦 You’ll see it in a used up post soon.

6. Maybelline the Nudes: I succumbed and bought a nude palette. Review upcoming. Reason it landed in my “most used” is that I had to try all the shades before reviewing it. But (like any nude palette) it is also very useful for a quick and subtle eye look, so I wore it to work pretty much every day.

7. alverde Schimmerfluid Meeresglanz: a highlighter from a past alverde summer collection. Gives a lovely subtle golden shimmer, not sparkly at all. Pity it isn’t permanent.

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner Swatches

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner Swatches

Maybelline gel liner ultra violet

I have three gel liners from Maybelline. They come packaged like this and include the pot of liner plus a brush. The brush is a real champion. Whenever I want to apply gel liner I find myself looking for the Maybelline brush, even though I have others.

Maybelline gel liner brush

This is what the brush looks like. It has a thin side and a flat side. Once I got the hang of that it helped me a lot in getting the liner where I want it.


Apart from the 10 Ultra Violet pictured above, I have the 02 Brown pictured here (ignore the nail polish, haha). And then I also have a color that doesn’t seem to be available anymore; 06 Black Pink Diamonds. I don’t own the plain black one since I have MAC Blacktrack and I really don’t need any other.


The pot and the brush with brush guard; I keep losing the brush guards.


This is what Brown looks like in direct sunlight. There is shimmer in the color.

Maybelline Gel liner pots

And these are 10 Ultra Violet and 06 Black Pink Diamonds. Yes, I took the pics on different days, hence the changing background. But please bear with me; I think a combined post makes more sense. I bought Brown and Ultra Violet sometimes this year, Black Pink Diamonds is much older, two years I think?


Thinner and thicker swatches of Brown in direct sunlight so you can catch the shimmer. Brown goes on very creamy, it is easy to get a good line onto the eye. The color works sooo well with blue eyes, huge recommendation on the color. Every time I wear it I wonder why I even bother with black.

Maybelline Gel liner swatches

Swatches of Ultra Violet and Black Pink Diamonds, first with the brush, then with finger. As always, gel liners can be used all over the lid (blend really fast). Gel liners tend to really stick and not crease, so for a while I preferred them to normal cream shadows.

Both colors are not quite as creamy as Brown, but in the brush swatch you can see it’s a lot easier to get a smooth line with Pink Diamonds; Ultra Violet is very dry; it goes on uneven and crumbly. Ultra Violet is also the only color without shimmer. I do not know if there is a connection, or if it is the color, or if I simply happened to get a bad one. I really dislike using Ultra Violat as a liner, it’s easier to apply all over the lid.

Pink Diamonds on the other hand is easy to get on, even though it is pretty old by now (my oldest gel liner, in fact). It’s a as good as new, no changes in texture or whatever.

Wear time on all of these is good, although sometimes a part of the line can crumble off after many hours of wear. My MAC gel liners last better; but the Maybelline ones are still very good. And the best reason to buy it is the brush if you ask me. It’s cheaper to buy a gel liner from Maybelline than to buy a good high end liner brush!

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Orchidee (Summer 2015)

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Orchidee (Summer 2015)

It’s no secret I’m crazy in love with Chanel‘s Stylo Yeux Waterproof liners. I have a whole collection. Everytime a new one is released I take a look, but I only buy it if the color is unique to my collection and the liner is soft and smooth.

Chanel Orchidee packaging

Obviously 997 Orchidee passed the test. (click on pics to enlarge them.)

Chanel Orchidee Stylo

Orchidee is a purple without any kind of shimmer. The Collection has a matching eye shadow and nail polish, btw. But I think it works best as a pop of color like in the ad, where it is paired with the brown eyeshadow.

Chanel Orchidee Swatch

Orchidee goes on light and smooth. I think it’s the worst when an eye pencil is tugging over the sensitive skin. No worries with this one. The swatch is a single sweep. The color can be intensified, but I like it like this. It’s color, but not too busy. I would not try using it for a crisp line, though. It’s clearly more the slightly smudgy type, although it sets and then stays like that.

MAC Toledo Haul

MAC Toledo Haul

I did not intend to buy anything from the newer MAC Collections, but I was sabotaged by the fact that there’s a new store ten minutes from my home and the Toledo packaging is really cute…

MAC Toledo 1

Pretty packaging and also a new pic background.

MAC Toledo 2

More packaging pics. I only picked up two items, the blush ombre in Azalea Blossom:


I think this is a repromote from a previous LE.


And the other item I picked is the Pearlglide Intense Liner in Chlorafill, because I love funky colors.

MAC Chlorafill

Liner Swatch. It is very creamy and soft. It really glides on and is easy to put in the waterline, where it looks so weirdfunnyamazing. It holds very well, even on my watery eyes. The liner has some shimmer in it. Since it’s so soft, it has to be sharpened often.

MAC Azalea Blossom

Swatches of Azalea Blossom. First the pink part, then the lilac part and last swatch is them softly blended together. The blush is big enough to make it possible to pick up only one color with a smaller blush brush but I think I’ll mostly wear them swirled together.

Man, now I want the other blushes, too, especially the red one. 😐