All Used Up January 2018

All Used Up January 2018

Another month over and I have some empties to show:

Diorskin Forever Compact in the color 010: This is a great on the go powder, mattifying and with good coverage. I like it a lot better than the liquid Forever foundation. Sadly the lightest color is too dark for me and also a bit pinkish. I think the color is comparable to a MAC NW20. So instead of repurchasing the Forever I went for MAC’s Studio Fix powder instead. I think the quality of both is comparable, the Studio Fix is maybe more drying.

Then I’ve got an empty Diadermine two phase eye makeup remover: these removers are falling out of favor it seems. Nowadays you get a lot more all over removers, which makes sense because we don’t just have eye makeup to remove. But I do like having these around, for swatch removal and to get at waterproof liners and mascara. Anyway, this remover was very oily which helped in getting waterproof makeup off quickly. But the packaging was a terror. I always spilled the product, even though I made sure to put the pad under the bottle properly. It was very annoying.

Ebelin Wattepads: my favorite cotton pads.

La Juice Multifruit sheet mask: I already used the other two in december. I really liked those masks; they are easy to use and hydrate well and they smell nice without smelling like there is a ton of perfume in them.

J. Douglas & Söhne Shea & Vitamin Shower Gel: very nice shower gel, smells like shea butter. There are vitamins listed in the ingredients but I’m not sure how much difference they make in a product that is washed off instantly.

Batiste tropical dry shampoo: smells like coconut and a bit of pineapple. Very nice. Already repurchased.

Rexona Maximum Protection: the evil aluminum. But what can I say? It works.

Next I’ve got Eos lipbalm in strawberry scent. Ladies & Gents, I really don’t understand the hype. I mean the balm itself was of good, waxy quality. But the dome shape??? It’s more of a cat toy than a beauty product imho. Also it exposes too much of the product at once to air, so it goes bad very quickly. This never happens with normal chapstick. Get off my lawn and take your dome lip balm with you.

Lancaster Aquamilk Comforting Lip Balm: best. lip balm. ever. Seriously, this is soo good. I ran out in the middle of january and already miss it so badly, because now my lips are cracking. This has also lasted me very long, since you need only so little of the balm. It’s also the best lip primer, no additional product needed. Have not repurchased yet, because I’ve got some other stuff to use up first but I want to repurchase.

And last but certainly not least, my beloved Clarins liquid blush in the color Vitamin Pink: yes I used up two blushes in the span of three months. I feel very accomplished. It was just about time, too, because the pink one did start smelling funky. Liquids simply don’t last forever, but those did last a couple years so it’s all good. This were the best liquid blushes ever and I don’t understand why Clarins never made new colors. These blushes were LE. I also have the third one, Brown Fizz, but I barely used that one, the color is too dark for me.

It’ll probably be a while until you see more empty blushes on this blog, but I’m trying my hardest. 😉

Alright I know I said last, but I just found one more item:

This is the alverde clear Waschcreme Heilerde. This is a nice cream cleanser, it doesn’t really foam but I like that (cleansers that foam always iritate my skin). This is gentle and it gets the job done. I only used it on makeup free skin, though. This was my morning cleanser and I used it on evenings sometimes when I wore no makeup. This has a new design now, but I checked and the ingredients are still the same. I might even repurchase at some point in the future but now I have enough other cleansers.

Well, that was quite the list for a single month, making a good start. I’ve already got two empties for february as well, so we’ll see how many there are at the end of the month.

All Used Up MAy 2015

All Used Up MAy 2015

Another month over, and time for another round of empties:


I used up my sample of Jil Sander Simply. I already reviewed it here.  I liked it, but I don’t feel the need for a big bottle atm.


The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel: Lovely smell, a bit like honey and a lot like wild flowers. A little bit of clover, maybe. I am on a total shower gel buying ban, because I have way too many bottles standing around, but generally I would repurchase this. I’m not sure if the scent is stll around, though.


Douglas nails hands feet everyday’s darling moisturizing hand balm: a good hand cream, but ultimately nothing special. Flowery scent that isn’t too overpowering.


MAC Mineralize Foundation Compact: by now there are several Mineralize Foundations available. I fell for the compact version (it’s creamy, not dry) and used it so much that it’s already empty. 😦


The sad rest. The compact comes with a sponge. That sponge is still untouched, because I only applied this with a brush. The coverage can be adjusted depending on which brush is used. For a natural, medium coverage I used MAC 130, for a stronger coverage the Shiseido foundation brush or my newest brush, the Zoeva Silk Finish.

On the one hand I am sad it lasted only about a year, on the other hand it’s a good idea to use it up fast, because such a cream is more exposed than a bottle and could get bad faster. The cream contains a bit of alcohol, enbough that I could smell it at first. It seemed to evaporate over time. It’s not that I got used to it, because the same week I used this one up, I opened the next one and that one had the alcohol smell again. So if you’re sensitive to alcohol, this is not the foundation for you, but like I said, it evaporates, so I’m not too concerned about it.

Already repuchased, this is the foundation that works best for me. Long lasting, good coverage, does not emphasize dry parts. It’s not mattifying; f you’re looking for something for oily skin, check out the liquid versions.


Ebelin nail polish remover pads acetone free: these were merely okay. I liked the older ones better, but they changed the formula.


Lis of ingredients. For now no repurchase.


Marionnaud Cleansing Micellar Water: I bought this travel size back when I was looking for a cheaper version of the Lancome Micellar Cleanser. I have since found it in the Garnier one. It took me forever to use up this Marionnaud one, because I found it awful. It has a nasty alcoholic smell, it feels nasty and drying on skin and it removed makeup only so-so. I kept it for emergencies and as you can see, there were enough of them to make it finally empty. Would not buy again.


Last one for this month: Biotherm Lait de Douche. It’s the shower milk with that lovely soft citrus smell of theirs. That smell must be popular not only with me, since they have released a matching perfume spray this year. Apart from the smell, the milk also feels lovely on the skin.


Back view with list of ingredients. Click the pic to enlarge. It contains salicylic acid, which explains the smooth feeling afterwards? Maybe? Or maybe the dose is too small and it’s only anti-inflammatory, which is also great.

Like I said I’m on a shower gel no buy, but I wouldn’t say no to getting this one as a gift. 😉

These were my empties of the last month, quite good, eh? Empties always make me feel so accomplished! 😀


Sunday Brush Cleansing

Sunday Brush Cleansing

Lazy sundays are good days to clean brushes. They can dry overnight and are ready to use on monday morning.

Currently I am using the Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser, which yes, it’s very expensive, but I need so little it’ll last for years.


Brushes, Pt 1. They are still wet, so they look a little worse than they are. I have folded my beloved strawberry towel, so that the handles are higher than the brush heads and the water can drop down. The brushes are from left to right: MAC 213, a good one to apply shadow on the lid, Look by Bipa Eye Blender, this one is a favorite of mine! Bipa is an Austrian drug store chain, their own brand Look by Bipa is cheap and comes in the store’s signature colors white and magenta. The other brushes aren’t so great imo but the blender brush is amazing. It has the same shape as the MAC 217, but with synthetic hair. It blends just as well as the 217, you can only tell that it is much cheaper when you use and wash it very often.

The angled brush in the middle is MAC 266, a favorite of mine to apply eyeshadow as liner. The MAC 195, a concealer brush. The black one is an eyeshadow brush by ebelin. I don’t really like it; it’s what I use when I run out of clean brushes.


Brushes, Pt 2. On the very left the Bobbi Brown face blender, an absolute staple of mine. I use it for all over, blush and bronzer. Then MAC 219, a pencil brush. Next an absolute favorite, MAC 214! I use it to apply eyeshadow on the lower lid. Sadly, it does not seem to be in the regular range, only limited edition??? Next to it, another Look by Bipa eye blender, then my favorite liner brush, the one that comes with the Maybelline gel liner. Then an angled no name brush that I use for brows. MAC 217, I don’t think I need to tell you about it. Then smashbox smudge brush which I use when the 214 is not clean or to smudge liner on the upper lid, although it’s a bit scratchy.

The big white one is a MAC 129, my second favorite blush/bronzer/whatever brush, then another 217, the Shiseido foundation brush, and last brush is the 213 again (idetical to the one in the pic above).

Now, this post is not a list of my favorite brushes ever (on that list you’d find the MAC 188, for example), but simply the brushes that needed cleansing and were drying on the towel when I had the idea to snap pics. But it’s a good show of brushes I use often. I have four eye blender brushes because I use them a lot. I’m tempted to get another one of the Bipa brushes, but it’s often sold out.

Most of my expensive brushes come from Holiday sets, that’s why the colors don’t always match up to the regular ones and the handles are short. I like brush sets, you get more for less money. But I only buy them when I know I can use the majority of them.

I don’t clean my brushes every week, but I do aim for every other week. But still, it’s always good to have some clean spares, right? 😉

All used up January

All used up January

Here are my first empties of the year 2014:


ebelin nail polish remover pads: I liked these and already bought them again, sadly the new ones (in black packaging) are NOT identical to these. While I could highly recommend the one pictured here, the new ones are not good. 😦


Biotherm Blue Therapy Cream SPF 15: I might have mentioned this on the blog before. It’s a good skin cream, I like the cucumber smell, but it’s not like the serum. I recommend the serum, but the normal cream is just a cream at the end of the day.


Korres Mandarin Lip Butter SPF 15 in Pink: Originally everything white here was covered with black writing but it wore off. This gives a soft hint of color on the lips. I wouldn’t buy it again. I got the feeling that I’d apply it, and then my lips were dry again so I put on more and so forth. However, my lips are very dry, it might just be me.


anatomicals you need a blooming shower your nose smells rose body cleanser: anatomicals is all about the snappy names. If you like rose scent, this is your shower gel.


Kamill Reinigungslotion/Cleansing Lotion: this is a 2 in 1 product, both cleansing milk and toner. It took me forever to use up! I’m very torn about it. First off, the smell is awful! Really terrible! And it didn’t wear off either I’d still smell it when I was in bed an hour later. So I thought, well they can’t help it, it’s probably without perfume and just what the stuff smells like. But NO! There is perfume in it, and it’s not the last ingredient either! Someone sat down, cooked up this smell and thought it was okay to put in skin care!!! Apart from the smell, it is also hard to use because it is very runny. I got it all over the bottle and the sink.

On the other hand, this is a cleanser with lactic acid and it is really good on pores. It gets all the gunk off. It can be used to remove makeup (face only) but I needed to go over my face several times and then it was too drying. So it is better to use it on make up less skin.


s-he stylezone powder duo


This is a case of almost used up. I wanted to show you the colors as long as I still could. s-he is a cheap brand that gets sold at dm here. If you’ve seen anything by s-he lately, you will know that their packaging is square and has been for years. That’s how old this powder is! They used to have these duos of eye shadows and also of face powders. I think it is pretty useful to have an all over powder plus a bronzer together. The downside of this one was that the powder was loose and the packaging didn’t close tight enough, so if was impossible to take anywhere.


Finger swatches. The darker color makes a great bronzer for a pale skinned person (I bought the lightest duo of course, there were darker ones as well).

The powder is nowhere near as finely milled as expensive powders. It helped a lot to control my nose shininess, though.


These were my first empties of the new year. I don’t know if anyone even reads these posts but they help me track what I use. 🙂

Haul post

Haul post

There were some tings I needed and some that just happened to come along, you know how it is.


I don’t usually post clothes (I don’t buy much and even less shoes tbh) but these gloves from H&M are too awesome!


On to the skincare stuff:


These ebelin cotton pads are the only brand of cotton pads I like. Luckily, they’re also the cheapest. I got OPI‘s original nail polish remover, because my acetone-free remver is unsuccessful with the Guerlain top coat. And Rexona. Boring but useful.


Marbert Daily Care Eye Cream. I liked the sample, therefore full size.


Then I got OPI in Dating a Royal because suddenly blue is my favorite color from OPI. They have so many amazing blues and I want them all!

Plus YSL polish set “Edition 7”. I think the individual polishes do not have a name. They are a dark brown and a light green with gorgeous shimmer. I’ve been checking the set out all the time last year, but never bought it and then it was gone. So I picked it up when I found it on the “sale” table. 🙂


And last, another Chanel blush. On top is the creme blush in 63 Inspiration which I already owned and used a lot. Underneath, the darker pink 64 Révélation, new and untouched.


Swatches: top Inspiration, underneath Révélation. They are cream to powder formula, easily applied and blended with fingers.

little drugstore haul & liquid highlighter comparisons

little drugstore haul & liquid highlighter comparisons


So, I got these things: Ebelin nail polish remover pads (a repurchase as the old ones are almost used up); Catrice mattifying oil control paper, thought these might come in handy this summer. I have never used any before, so I’m curious. And alverde Schimmer Fluid, more about that farther down.


And last I got a Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel.


Color is 16, which is very bright.


Swatch. The finish is more matte than shiny and it’s highly pigmented. Despite that, it does not dry the lips out. It feels great on the lips. And it’s cheap. Only downside is that it is scented. Not badly, but I’m campaigning for less useless perfume in beauty products. No, it’s a great lipstick and I’m tempted to buy more colors.


And now to the alverde highlighter: Here you can see the small opening of the pump. It’s very directional, you don’t get too much product out. This highlighter seems to be part of alverde’s summer collection, so it’s probably limited edition.


Comparison to my other liquid & cream highlighters. From left to right, Lancome Eclat Miracle, Benefit Watt’s Up!, Benefit High Beam (both are mini sizes), and last the new alverde shimmer fluid.


Freshly applied: Top is Benefit Watt’s Up (Which is a stick product and so doesn’t need to be spread anymore); underneath Benefit High Beam, then alverde and last the watery mess that is Lancome Eclat Miracle.


With the product spread: Watt’s Up!, High Beam, alverde, and Eclat Miracle. You can easily see the strongest ones are by benefit, the first bronzey, the second pink. Alverde comes subtle with golden shimmer and Lancome is subtle with more whitish shimmer.


Closeup of only alverde (top, golden) and Lancome (white silvery).

In conclusion, alverde is the lightest and most subtle product (but it is buildable). I think the golden color is beautiful and it can be worn in bright daylight without looking like a sparklepire. Consistency and application are most comparable to high beam. It is also super cheap, like 3 ,50 € or so. Only downside? Again the scent. This thing smells of coconuts and pineapples, which I find pretty annoying.

Brush Cleaning of Doom

Brush Cleaning of Doom

Wow I didn’t even realize I used this many brushes lately.


Left to right:

Alicia blush brush: Alicia brushes are pretty cheap brushes available at Müller’s. This one is actually too big for my tastes. I use it for powder blush when there is no other clean brush left…

MAC 130: This is kind of a face allrounder. I don’t even know what they sell it as, imho it can be used for liquid, cream and powder products, for foundation, bronzer, shading, blush, highlight,… it does pretty much everything except for lips and eyes. It also does not cook breakfast. Boo.

MAC 188: The longer and softer version of 130, my most used brush for blusher, be it powder, cream or liquid.

MAC 195: Yeah, this kind of a MAC fest in here. I use this brush to conceal bigger areas.

Smashbox double ended smudger brush: One day I decided that I needed a smudge brush right now and this was the only one available/the first I found that day. It was also on sale so I didn’t look any further.

Ebelin eye shadow brush: Ebelin is a cheap brand available at DM. This is a good if a bit small brush for eye shadow.

Bobbi Brown eye shadow brush: This came in a set, it’s also double ended, the other side is called “liner” but I’m not completely sure if it is for eyes or lips or what. The eye shadow side is meh, mostly usable for the crease. I only use it when there is no other clean brush around.

Alicia eye liner brush: I use it for concealing. It’s perfect for concealing smaller and slightly bigger blemishes. For the longest time I used concealer brushes that were too big; this makes one hell of a difference!

MAC 217: Do I even need to describe it? It’s the perfect eye shadow brush. I also use it for blending (in case I applied the shadow with a different brush) and highlighter. This is the most perfect eye shadow brush and I think I’ll buy some more.

Alicia eye shadow brush: Sorry I don’t know exactly what it’s called like. It’s a flat slanted brush. I use it to apply eye shadow as a line. It’s okay, but not perfect.

And last, but not least: Bobbi Brown face blender: The ultimate face brush for powder products. I use it for all over, bronzer or blusher.

Now this is pretty much my whole brush collection. Not pictured, but also pretty good (and possibly included in my last brush post?) are my no-name foundation brush – I forgot where I bought it, my Shiseido foundation brush (love at first feel) and the Bobbi Brown eye blender. The eye blender is not used for application of eye make up, only to brush over it and beat it into submission. It is magic.