Guerlain Samsara

Guerlain Samsara

Guerlain Samsara EdT was first released in 1991 (two years after the EdP). My bottle is from 2016, though, one of the last batches before they changed the bottle. As far as I know, the bottle changed but the juice is the same so I have the newest formula.

Samsara is massive. You can smell the connection to the eighties where perfumes were as subtle as a fist to the face. When you’re wearing Samsara, everybody knows it. However, compared to some other huge eighties works, this one is almost ladylike. Almost. Originally I didn’t like Samsara at all. When I smelled it for the first time years ago all I got was soap. Today it’s one of my favorite perfumes and I wear it a lot. Funny how tastes change. I still get soap, but now I also get cozy vanilla, amber, sandalwood. Samsara supposedly has top notes, tbh I never noticed any other than the soapy part. With time it gets more and more ambery in a soft way (I don’t know about you, but some ambers tend to get on my nerves if they’re too strong) and of course from beginning to end there is sandalwood (synthetic, surely).

There are many sandalwood perfumes and there are many eighties orientals but nothing quite smells like Samsara. It’s probably a love it or hate it sort of thing. Luckily there won’t be a lot of people nowadays out wearing it so you’re more likely to annoy people by wearing LVEB (which I’m still smelling at every corner). At least that’s I’m telling myself while feeling fabulous in Samsara.


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