Essie Tart Deco, Fishnet Stockings, Rock the Runway

Essie Tart Deco, Fishnet Stockings, Rock the Runway

I have some red/coral essie nailpolish swatches for you:

This is two coats of Fishnet Stockings plus top coat. It’s a deep red that was easy to apply and lasted with only minor chipping for five days. It was on the liquid side of polishes, though, in case you prefer them thicker.

This is two coats of Tart Deco, with top coat. I used my purple Guerlain top coat and you can tell because the combination ended up on the pnk side. Without that top coat it would look more like in the bottle. Tart Deco is one of my absolute favorite colors, it applies perfectly and looks just so happy. There are several similar colors from Essie LE’s but in the end I sprang for Tart Deco too as they are never 100% identical.

This is two coats of Rock the Runway. As you can see this is one of their gel couture line. I still think the bottles are pretty, but take up too much space in storage (probably only relevant if you own wayyy too much polish). This is a classic red leaning sliiightly pink (only noticeable if you put it next to a more yellow leaning red). I have had Essie gel polishes before, but not the matching top coat. So previously I have used my regular Essie base coat (nourish me) and no top coat (that was my no top coat phase lol) and they lasted very well, but not much longer than normal Essie polish. So this time around I researched how Essie wants us to wear these and found the following information:

  1. no base coat! (they claim the polish already includes a base)
  2. apply color
  3. use their gel couture top coat (comes in a white opaque bottle)

And so I did that. And I regret. Do NOT use without base coat! This stuff stained so hard. Also, doing it that way made it last no longer than regular nail polish. Up to two weeks of wear time? Yeah, no. Four days of wear time, then bad chipping. It might just be my nails, but base coat is a must, both to avoid stains and to help with longevity. People often ask me ‘how do you get your polish to last so long’ and I mean the obvious answer is ‘no hard labour’ but also ‘base coat’.

I will try again with base coat and the gel couture top coat and see what happens, but so far my advice is: use normal base coat if you want these to last. Top coat is optional.

Apart from that the color od Rock the Runway is very pretty and the polish applied like a dream. It has a very broad brush though, if you dislike that sort of thing. The polish alone already has more shine than regular nail polish. The gel couture top coat is also very shiny, but not more than any other high shine top coat.


2 thoughts on “Essie Tart Deco, Fishnet Stockings, Rock the Runway

  1. I had no idea that Essie recommends wearing their Gel Couture polishes without a base coat. I always wear a base coat no matter what! And bold colours like that red… yikes. Sorry that happened to you. I have a bunch of those Gel Coutures and they’re one of my favourite formulas – always with a base and top coat though! I don’t wear the corresponding Essie base coat – I use my Orly Bonder for everything. I do like the Essie Gel Couture top coat, it works well not only with the Gel Couture polishes, but also other brands.

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    1. I noticed a slew of bad reviews on the gel couture polishes and it turned out the reviewers had only tested the polishes without base coat and I was like why until I found the no base coat thing.
      they still don’t mention a base coat, but I swear they also said somewhere that the polish is the base.
      so that explains the bad reviews imo because with base they are really good. any base will do.
      Oh, I have to try the top coat with other polishes haven’t done it yet.


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