Mini Haul

Mini Haul

Does it count as haul if you buy one item but get a bag of goodies?


Because if I’m going to break the bank on Lancome‘s Advanced Genifique I’ll certainly do it with extreme couponing and get the most of it. 🙂

In the back: silver Lancome Bag. I can get all of the pictured items in and then some.

In the front: samples of Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, Lancome Visionnaire, Lancome Dreamtone Shade 2, Schwarzkopf essence ultime conditioner.

Then the purchased item, Lancome Genifique and next to it a 300 ml pot of Soap & Glory Butter Yourself. There was also a body scrub but my mum stole it.


Little Drugstore & Body Shop Haul

Little Drugstore & Body Shop Haul

I needed a few things and afterwards I accidentally also Body Shop. 😉


I picked up the Garnier Micellar Cleanser because my current bottle is about to run out (review with next used up post), waxing sheets from Balea and hair conditioner also from Balea. At the body shop I picked up a dry oil, the Cocoa Butter beautifying oil. The beautifying oil is available in most of their scents; I had a really hard time choosing. Then, because it was on sale, I also took the vineyard peach shower gel, because VINEYARD PEACH!!!

On a different topic, I’m so stoked for the world cup finale today! 😀

All Used Up in June ’14

All Used Up in June ’14


My first empty bottle in June was the BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier. Like, it ran out on June, 1st, just a day too late for my previous empties post. 😐 I’m still not sure what this thing actually is, it comes out as a golden conditioner-like cream, but it’s a leave in product. It contains argan oil and no silicones. It was very useful, since it was sort of conditioning the hair and giving a little volume as well and being a leave in product, it’s faster than something you have to wash out. I liked it and might buy a full size.


Diadermine Lift+ Hautverschönderndes Multi-Zonen Öl: This was a body oil in a spray bottle. At first I was super into it, it leaves the skin very soft. After a while it started to annoy me – the spray isn’t very directional and the oil ends up all over the place, including eyes and airways. 😩 Even when I put my hand right in front of the bottle, some of the oil ended up somewhere else. My mum also claims that the smell is terrible. Personally, I found the scent okay. But I wouldn’t buy another full size.


Clarins Creme Eclat du Jour/Daily Energizer Cream: I also have the matching facewash. The Daily Energizer line has a very lovely scent. This particular cream is very rich, I would only recommend it for dry skin. It moisturizes well, but I did not notice anything else. It’s a completely regular face cream, apart from the nice smell you can get something similar for less money.


Figs & Rouge Multi-Purpose Lip Balm Coco Rose: This was good. This was very good. I used it every day and it kept my lips soft and whole. The balm comes out a soft glossy pink with sparkle. This was pretty much the reason I did not use any lip gloss the last year. I’d just use this instead. I 100% recommend this, I only wish it had some sort of applicator or a better opening, because it comes out of the tube in a wide opening and I had to use my finger to apply.


Judith Williams Phytomineral Handcream: This a very rich hand cream with a thick texture in a bottle with a very small opening. Getting anything out is quite the muscle training. It was very good for my skin though. Operating touch screens is not possible after application, it needs a while to sink in.


Another Clarins, this time the Ultra Matte Rebalacing Lotion for oily skin: This is a lightweight mattifying cream. Despite being for oily skin, it did not feel drying on my cheeks. It’s the perfect summer face cream. It does mattify the skin, but if I used nothing else my nose would get shiny halfway through the day. There is also a version for combination skin, but since the version for oily skin has worked so well for me, I’d stick with it.


Daylong ultra sunscreen with SPF 25: I had several mini sizes and samples of this one. It goes on very lightweight and sinks into the skin fast. There is no greasy feeling afterwards. I could detect no scent, but the dog could (and kept on trying to lick it off). It comes out of the bottle yellow and while it hasn’t happened to me, it’s possible for this to stain clothes. Overall, it is a good product, but SPF 25 is too low for me. I also had one sample of the SPF 50 version for kids. That one has physical filters only (as kids sun screen always should) meaning that unlike the SPF 25, the 50 left a visible white cast on the skin. The texture of the SPF 50 was also harder to work in.

All in all, I would buy neither the SPF 25 nor the kids one, but I might check out their SPF 30 sunscreens sometime.


These were my June empties, if you made it down here, you get a virtual cupcake. 🙂

Not used up

Not used up

I did not have any empties in April, but I did spring cleaning, so let me show you products I used, but then chucked away half full.


alverde Blond Conditioner HopfenblĂŒte Honig: I liked this conditioner, it made hair super soft and easy to brush. But I used it only occassionally (would make hair limp if used too often) and I’ve had it forever and a day and it smelled funky when I found it in the back of the cabinet. So it had to go, but it was not a bad product at all.


Kanebo Sensai Prime Solution: This was supposed to be an additional step in moisturizing, used before any other products to make them work better. I had suspicions it broke me out. It probably didn’t, but it didn’t have any positive effects either. Usually I would let it lie for a few months and then try again. However, the product is impossible to get out. This thing has no pump, and it’s made from several layers of hard plastic, making it impossible to squeeze even a tiny bit. If it was liquid enough to come out on its own, that would be okay. But it was such a hassle getting even the slightest bit of product out, that I decided to give up.



bebe more Fresh Eyes & Face make up remover: it does remove eye make up very well and did not burn inside of my eye. However, it burned on my skin and made it very red. The next day, my skin would be very dry and peel off. This thing is supposed to be for sensitive skin. I beg to differ. I stopped using and chucked it away because I was afraid it would ruin my skin. It took me two weeks of using to come to this decision. I was very determined to like it, and it does remove make up well. But no, wasn’t worth it.



bebe more brighten up: possibly the worst skin cream I have used, ever. It gives pretty much no moisture at all. It is also highly reflective and not in the good way. It makes you look oily even if your skin is dry. So in my eyes, this makes it unsuitable for any skin type.



The Body Shop 100% natural lip roll on: Tastes sweet. Does not do anything else at all. Gives no moisture or protection. My lips cracked a lot and so I threw it out.



alverde liquid rouge: started to smell funky. That’s always a chance with liquid makeup, sadly.

Both alverde products were long past their ‘best before’ dates.


The only reason the great majority of Glossybox hair stuff isn’t on there is that I didn’t even open them. I only list things I really tried to use up but couldn’t. By the way, I have unsubscribed from Glossybox for now. I have a backlog to go through and their quality isn’t what it used to be. I might get weak with the one time boxes, though.

Glossybox Österreich MĂ€rz 2014

Glossybox Österreich MĂ€rz 2014


This morning I was surprised by a new Glossybox arriving. I had not expected it until much later in the month.


First look…


Syoss Keratin Style Primer: You’re expecting a rant now, aren’t you? Let’s take a look at the ingredients:


Sory for the bad pic. Basically, I am super surprised, I didn’t think Syoss had it in them. This looks to be an actually useful Keratin Spray!


Avene Hydrance Optimale Riche: A rich skin cream. I’ve never had anything from Avene before, looking forward to testing.


Sumita Brow Set: This is a clear brow wax pencil. I have not heard of this brand before.


Diadermine CC Cream: My first ever CC Cream! (I am expecting DD and EE Creams to be the break out items of 2015) So, for the uninitiated, CC stands for Color Corrective. Like BB Creams, CC Creams are all over the place in terms of what they do. For example, the Chanel CC Cream comes in only one color, yet it has pretty good skin colored pigmentation and can be used instead of a foundation. The new MAC CC Creams are colored primers (they come in soft colors like yellow or lavender), not much unlike their old colored primers. And this Diadermine Cream? It claims to be a day cream and make up base – so it’s a primer.


A dab of product proves that this is certainly not a foundation.


Spread out. It goes on colorless and is therefore fitting for everybody. I am not sure if you can see it here, but it has slight pinkish shimmer here and there. My verdict: this is an illuminating primer, hopefully with skin care benefits. I am deducting points for missing SPF, though. It claims to help with pigmentation, in my opinion this means there should also be SPF to prevent further pigmentation.


And last, Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer: This contains 100 ml, the Glossybox card says the full size has 250 ml. The brand name Nougat gives me a total cross wire with the pinkish color. I have a Pavlovian reflex to the word Nougat. Excuse me while I go search for some chocolate.


I have decided to compare this Nougat Shimmer Body Lotion to my Soap&Glory Glow Lotion. They both have the same claims: nice smell and shimmer to put strategically on your body, like down your shins.


Aplying globs of product onto my arm: While Soap&Glory has a pump dispenser , Nougat has a wide opening to dip the lotion out and the lotion is very runny. I had to snap this pic very fast before the lotion ended up on the background.


This is Soap&Glory spread out on my arm. It leaves a slightly peachy shimmer.


And since I got way too much out of the Nougat one, I had to spread it pretty much all over. So this is an awkward shot of my upper arm. You can see that this Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer  leaves you pretty sparkly. I’d certainly not call this a shimmer. This is a sparklepire lotion.

Regarding the scents of these two lotions: Soap&Glory smells like Malibu Beach Barbie. The Nougat scent is a lot more subtle, a little rosy.


Overall, I am surprised by this box. The majority of it is pretty useful.

Glossybox Österreich Januar 2014

Glossybox Österreich Januar 2014

A new year, a new Glossybox.


A new ribbon, too. The box itself looks different too, tbh I liked the older one better, it looked classier. Now the box is shiny, and instead of just the logo it also has “Glossybox” on it and the shade of pink is more squeaky?


Samples of Calvin Klein Down Town; not the usual spray samples, but three of these things you rip open to smell.


First look into the box.


100% spa by Karmameju: A konjac sponge! I heard good things about these.


Benefit the Porefessional: the tube next to the packaging is NOT the one that came with the packaging (it’s still unopened); Glossybox included a 3 ml sample, I’ve already had a 7,5 ml sample, so you get a review right here (reminds me that I have lots of Benefit products that I need to review).


It looks like this out of the tube, sadly I squeezed out too much.


Spread out it is invisible. It leaves a silicony-silky finish, hides pores and small wrinkles. For comparison, my naked arm:


Yeah, it’s probably not that visible on pics, but the porefessional leaves an unreal finish, your skin looks more like a doll than human. Uncanny. As a primer, it does what it says, it covers pores. Other than that, nothing. It does not make my makeup last longer, it feels a little drying. I guess you should only apply it to areas with large pores, as it’s completely useless on the side of your cheek. Personally, I’m using those samples, but I wouldn’t buy a full size.


La Roche Posay Hydreane Riche: I think I had this in a box before? I’m very happy about it because my skin is being unreasonable and I think this cream helps.


Opticalm Gouttes Bleues: I checked it and the bottle is see through  – the liquid IS that blue! On the one hand, eye drops are a nice idea, who doesn’t get dry eyes sometimes? On the other hand, it’s electric blue and contains mostly flower extracts – a bad idea for someone with allergies.


bebe more Fresh eyes & face cleanser for sensitive skin: I am super on the fence about this. On the one hand, the bebe more cream they sent before has been the worst cream I tried on my face EVER! I have been meaning to write a scathing review for a month. On the other, it looks like the sort of cleanser that I really like.


I couldn’t get a better pic of the ingredients, sorry. There are not too many ingredients and nothing that raises my hackles. But the cream looked okay too and it wasn’t. I’ll keep you updated on this.


And last, the obligatory hair full size. Please take a second to read what it says: Gliss Kur Million Gloss Kristall Öl: Shimmering gloss & millionized light reflexion. Like, what? Did they hire the marketing dude who usually sells L’Oreal mascara?


A look at the ingredients shows that while the color is different and the name is a mouth full, it is exactly like EVERY other hair conditioning product on the market: silicone, silicone, apricot oil. Yawn. Well, alright they changed the argan for apricot, but that’s about it. Not exactly an innovation.


Overall: I like that they put in a benefit product, even if I already owned this particular one. The sponge is a great idea, as well, something not everybody has yet. You can never go wrong with La Roche Posay. The hair products annoy me endlessly. I have a whole drawer of completely unused full size hair stuff from Glossybox. If I unsubscribe, it’s gonna be because of those. Who needs this many, even if you only try them out?

Well, I will se what the february box brings before deciding.

Glossybox Österreich Dezember 2013

Glossybox Österreich Dezember 2013

Another month, another box:


In very cute and festive packaging.


The inside looks rather… not so festive, all white bottles.

As a goodie, you can see it on the left here, a perfume sample of Moschino Cheap&Chic in Chic Petals. Despite the name, it smells a lot more fruity than floral, which I find refreshing. It’s not citrusy, more like… strawberies? With a little spice.


Then there’s a full size nail polish by Nails inc. in the color Victoria. It looks black against the background, but it’s a very dark red. Yess, nails inc.!


24h Aqua booster serum by Marbert 10 ml sample. I like serums, I like Marbert. win.


Renu Lip and eye active lift, 25 ml sample??? I’m a little confused because these are 25 ml, but the Glossybox text says full size contains 15 ml. Anyway it’s a product for both eyes and lips.


Alpienne Propolis Lotion: body lotion sample of 30 ml



Matrix Biolage Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Overall: not as glam as last december*, but useful. I have never heard of Alpienne or Renu and I think this is what Glossybox is for, to show you products you do not know. I’m glad that the two hair products count as one product, since I’m always weary of hair products and having 2 out of 5 be hair products would be annoying. I cannot see any silicones in the shampoo (but the writing is terribly small), there is silicone in the conditioner. I don’t know, I might even use them. I like that there’s quite a big eye product as well, very useful.

Yes, it’s a nice pampering box with the added glamour of a full size nails inc. polish.** I guess I’ll keep my subscription yet 😉


*last december included a perfume by versace, body lotion by lacoste and a full size rouge bunny rouge product!

**boy am I glad the full size is finally NOT a hair product! I am drowning in hair products, but there is no such thing as too much nail polish!

Glossybox Österreich November 2013

Glossybox Österreich November 2013

Guess what I received today! Glossybox for the month of November!


20% off the Body Shop, again a preview of what’s to come. (underneath: the useless Glossy mag)


First box peek.


As extra goodie, Roses de Chloé. As the name suggests, a strong rose scent.


Anny 6 in 1 Nail Polish 950. This is a base and top coat in one. Yes, this one was also in the Douglas box. I guess I’ll gift it to someone, because the polish is not bad at all. This is a mini size of 6 ml.


This black hole here is Emite Makeup Micronized Eye Shadow in Dams. Full size.


Swatch. It is coal black, no shimmer at all. Funny, but I only now realized I didn’t have a black eye shadow without shimmer. It’s a powder eye shadow, but with a super creamy and very fine texture. With this swatch there was no fall out at all. I think I’ll try this for eye liner.


Gliss Kur Marrakesh Oil & Coconut Intensiv-Feuchtigkeits-Kur: Oh dear, here we have the obligatory cheap full size (200 ml) hair product with silicone. Bleh.


Pic of the ingredients. It wouldn’t even be so bad – without the silicone!


The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel: It looks like winter and holidays! It smells like sweet plastic, but whatever, I’m going to use this in the gym. Small size of 60 ml.


Vichy Liftactiv Anti-wrinkle and firming cream: Mini size of 15 ml. I usually like Vichy, so this is a win.


My overall feelings: What is it with all those hair products? They are usually full sizes of cheap products. If it were at least sample sizes of more expensive brands. Not amused.

My box highlights are the Vichy cream, because Vichy is usually good, and the Emite Eye Shadow. I liked their lash curler and this shadow looks to be of good quality, so I am excited to try it. It’s not Glossyboxes’ fault I already got the Anny polish and I think it’s a good idea to have a base and top coat in the box.

I think the box is okay, except for this annoying ongoing hair product trend. Even if I meant to use them, there would be too many.

Already I am looking forward to December’s box, because last year’s was great. I hope 2013 can live up to it.

Glossybox Österreich Mai 2013

Glossybox Österreich Mai 2013

Well, look at that! Glossybox managed to send the May box in the month of May! Now let’s see what’s in it, shall we?


A pink note book for your glossy notes. Um. *shrug*


Underneath we find this month’s products. Looking good?


Clinique repairwear laser focus: win! Sample size.


Neutrogena Body balm with nordic berry: My pot of Balea body cream is just about to run out, so this should be useful. Full size of 200 ml.


Syoss Glossing Shine Seal (Glanz-Versiegelungs Fluid): this is another leave in oil spray. Full size of 100 ml. Yes I know only two weeks ago on last month’s box I said I want all the argan oil products, but I take it back.This is the third full size oil spray I got from Glossybox, when am I supposed to use them all? Also, out of the three, this one is surely the worst, it is drowning in silicone. Note that it is a personal preference and not a hard boiled fact if silicone is good or bad, but I strongly prefer to use as little as possible on my hair. The first two ingredients in this are Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone, and only then the good oils follow. And this product claims to be lightweight… This bottle is free to go to a good home.


La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Creme with SPF 20: Oh I like LRP products and I was about to switch to a slightly darker BB Creme – but note how this product says it’s medium in color. I surely clicked “very pale” on my profile. Swatch is a bit farther down the post. Sample size.


Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush: Oh, a chubby stick kind of product! I didn’t have one like this yet. Full size.


Swatches: left Jelly Pong Pong, a creamy red that was very hard to wash off again, which bodes well for a lip product. On the right is La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Creme in Medium, as you can see on me it would be brown face – bad, bad. Sadly, free to go to a good home, especially annoying because it looks like a great cream, with good coverage. Nothing like that Aok Blemish Balm from the January box. Will they ever send me face make up that I can use on my face?


Alright, this makes a solid box, could be better, but there’s three products I’ll surely use up, so it’s okay.

Next up on Dandygal: Glossybox Men!


Glossybox Österreich April 2013

Glossybox Österreich April 2013

Believe it or not, but I received my Glossybox for April this morning! 😐

I’ll still make a post for it even though it’s so late, because my blog keeps on being hit by the search term “Glossybox April”. So here it is:



Balance Me super toning body wash: never heard of this brand, interested to try out.


Modelco Eyeshadow duo palette in bronzed goddess: I immediately put it on today, and was not amused at first when I tried to take the eyeshadow with my Bobbi Brown shadow brush – and it wouldn’t go on the brush. It was impossible to get it on the lid with a brush. Then I tried it with my finger and it was like a revelation! It goes on super pigmented and creamy. I put the light one on my lid (on top of primer) and the darker in the crease. The colors are gorgeous, and they stayed all day with minimal creasing. This duo is certainly a winner and I can take it for travels without having to bother with packing brushes. (full size)


Bama Gel Pads: useful (full size; 1 pair)


Alessandro pedix feet heel rescue balm: also useful; I just hope it doesn’t smell too much like feet cream.


Gliss Kur (Schwarzkopf) ultimate oil elixir serum: A hair repair serum with argan oil and gold shimmer particles. It can be put on wet or dry hair. That would be useful in theory, but the small print says to not use it on bleached hair and my hair is bleached. 😩 I’m afraid it would ruin my hair/disturb the color job so I’ll probably give it away. That said I love the argan oil trend and want all the argan oil products! (full size)



Diadermine gentle face soap: this looks to be a great product and it can also be used on the body. I usually always use liquid soap, so a soap bar is going to be a new one for me. (full size)


A tester of YSL Manifesto: smells like a typical YSL to me, I mean different from the others but still very YSL.


All in all, a very balanced box with great products and it came in a proper box. If now only they manage to send me a box AND send it in the right month I will be in love with Glossybox Austria again. 🙂

all used up april, including biotherm blue therapy serum

all used up april, including biotherm blue therapy serum


Eucerin DermatoClean: another micell thing. I need to start buying bigger sizes of cleansers, really. I enjoyed using this one a lot; I wish they had a bigger size than 200ml.


list of ingredients; this product comes unscented, yay!


petritsch hair gold hair shine treatment: I’m on a mission to use up testers and such. This thing is not supposed to be a conditioner but you use it like one (put on wet hair, rinse) and it’s supposed to make your hair shiny. Honestly I couldn’t see any difference in shininess afterwards. Since it’s not meant to be a conditioner, the conditioning properties are there, but not as good. You’re meant to use both a conditioner and this but I really don’t see the point.


Rexona aloe vera fresh dry deo stick: I used up two of these pretty much at the same time; one at home and one in my gym bag. I’ve already replaced them with the same brand but different scent. You know those questions where people get asked what they would take to an abandoned island and they list stuff like books, ipods, or mascara? forget all that, I’ll take rexona. I’m willing to live without pretty much every luxury but deodorant. I prefer stick to roll ons or sprays because I don’t want to feel wetness and I can throw them in a bag and don’t have to worry about leakage. Once I had a stick melt inside the car when it was really hot, but even then there was no leaking, the product stayed contained by the cap. I really like Rexona sticks, okay?


Clarins creme desalterante/hydra quench cream: I found this one underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great cream, especially when it’s still cold outside, but the smell and texture reminded me of normal Nivea face cream. It’s good but is it worth the price Clarins asks for a full size? I don’t think so. Maybe it is a super miracle cream and I didn’t discover its greatness yet, but if so, the sample was too small.


Biotherm Blue Therapy serum: This one on the other hand, omfg. It promises to repair visible signs of aging. That’s quite a lot to promise. I used it morning and evenings for over a month (about six weeks all in all, I had a second smaller sample as well), at first with additional face cream but then I noticed that was not necessary as it gave enough moisture and I stopped using anything else.

After three days (=six applications) my raised, angry red acne scars scabbed over. I’ve had these for about half a year or longer. The next day the scab fell off and the scars were visibly smaller and less discolored. Three days! After five days I found it behaved like you often hear about really good acne products. You know when you start using this acne cream to lessen your acne, but then break out all over instead? And it’s supposed to be good because it pulls out the acne from deeper inside the skin? and you go, well great but I look like a pizza now? Well, this serum does that, too. It contains salicylic acid btw. After day seven the pimples healed off. The rest of the month I had no such break out anymore, and pimples were smaller and healed more nicely. So I want to say this is a really good serum, but do not start using it a week before your wedding, you’d be one unhappy bride. 😉

So, does it do what it promises? I’m not sure if it reduces age related problems, I don’t have this many visible wrinkles yet and I can’t say if it would help with pigmentation problems. But I very much recommend it for acne. I’m a big fan of using anti-aging products for acne instead of acne products. I feel like acne products never moisturize enough and this perpetuates the problem, since the skin produces more of its own sebum which is what bacteria eat. Also some of the stronger acne products, like La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo make me red and swollen and pop the outer skin layers right off. It’s just too strong.

The absolutely only minor downside of blue therapy serum as far as I saw it was that while it got the acne out and evened the scars out some, my pores seemed a little more clogged. By that I mean I felt I had more visible blackheads. I don’t think it makes sense since the product exfoliates, but it has been my observation. I might purchase a full size, but unlike the tester I wouldn’t use it every day.

Glossybox Österreich Februar 2013

Glossybox Österreich Februar 2013

Here’s what Glossybox Austria sent me for February:




20% off for Body Shop.


DKNY pure perfume tester as an extra.



Anny nail polish in “sporty snowflake“. This is a very pale grey with blue and pink/purple duochrome. Very modern. Can’t wait to wear it. This is my first Anny polish so I have no clue about the quality of it. Full size 15ml. (review)


Body Shop Body Lotion in Strawberry Puree. Great, I just ran out of my old lotion this week. Mini size of 60ml.


Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner. Sadly, this one is FULL of silicones. I’m only fussy with silicones in my hair and on my scalp, somehow I don’t care when I have them on my face or body, but I really can’t stand them on my hair. Mini size of 50ml.


Eucerin Hyaluron Filler face cream for combination to oily skin. Excited to try this, sadly I still have so many other face creams to try… Mini size of 20ml.


Aok Pur Balance Seesand Peeling. This is a full size of 100ml, oh dear! I’ll never use this up! I’m not the biggest fan of peeling per grains and this has no alpha or beta hydroxy acids in. Well, I’ll see if I like this or not.

All in all, the box is pretty ok. I prefer sample sizes to full sizes these days because I just have so many products! And the sample sizes in this box are all pretty big anyway. Glad to see nail polish instead of yet another eye liner.