4711 Remix Cologne

4711 Remix Cologne

4711 are celebrating 225 years of Echt Kölnisch Wasser. This inspired them to do an Anniversary Edition for their famous cologne. It’s called Remix Cologne EdC and was released this spring/summer as a limited edition. As the name implies this is not just the old juice in a pretty bottle, it’s a remixed version. Perfumers are Alexandra Kalle and Vincent Schaller.

Remix Cologne is fresher and less herbal than the original cologne. It’s a wonderful neroli cologne with lots of citrus fruit in the opening. Very fresh, very yummy.

This is a typical cologne – as in, it doesn’t last all that long. An hour, maybe two. It’s a quick refreshment that doesn’t bother you all day long. If you’re looking for a long lasting version of this, check out Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino.

A note on the (very pretty) packaging: the cap may look like a screw cap, but it’s not. Just pull it upwards after breaking the sticker seal by screwing sideways. I like that the sticker that connects the bottle with the cap broke so neatly you can barely see the tear.

I greatly recommend this for every neroli cologne lover and those that want to tap their toes into the genre.


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