All Used Up April 2016

All Used Up April 2016

Ah, sorry for the little hiatus there. My schedule keeps being upset and I can’t create when I don’t have a few hours of spare time in one go. 😦 Anyway, here is what I used up the last month, quite a few items:

batiste blonde

Batiste Dry Shampoo light&blonde: this dry shampoo is colored. It comes out a muddy yellow. it totally works for my hair, but I’m not sure if it would work for a platinum blonde. You might end up with yellow patches! It does leave the scalp yellow, which is a bit annoying. The scent is vanilla, which is okay, but I’d highly prefer for hair products in general to be a lot less scented. They often compete with my perfume. But in general this is a good dry shampoo. It also creates volume, something I despereately need. The finish is duller than other dry shampoos might leave you, but I don’t care. Already repurchased.

batiste blonde2

Ingredients for Batiste Dry Shampoo.


Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel: This is a case of not used up. I finally admitted to myself that foaming cleansers are really irritating for my skin. This particular product has a really nice smell, just like the matching cream, which I used up and reviewed before. But ultimately it’s not worth it. If you are the sort of person to use foaming cleaners you can find similar ones for less money.


This is my second empty MAC Mineralize Compact Foundation. It works really well for me. I have not repurchased yet, but I might. I just wish they offered a lighter color than NC15. I think I am really NC13 now.


Another handcream. I may be on a mission to try all the Balea ones… This is the Totes Meer handcream (dead sea salt). The texture is light and absorbs easily. The scent is light and unoffensive, a bit salty. Despite the light texture, it really helped keeping my skin moisturized. I have now purchased other hand creams that need to be used up, but I would totally repurchase this one. I just wish it came with SPF!


Ingredients. Click to see full size.


Absolute Douglas Endless lashes mini mascara: I will spare you the review because not only does this mascara not exist anymore, the whole brand has been discontinued at the end of 2015. I just took a pic of my fingers with the brush, because the brush is really super big. I kept on stabbing myself in the eye, or applying mascara to my brows on accident. 😐


MAC brow pencil Lingering: the quality is absolutely top notch. The color is brown, something that works for many people. But I am naturally very ashy and found this a tad too red to repurchase this particular color.


La Roche Posay Rosaliac UV Legere: This is a cream with niacinamide (also written as nicotinamide, this is a derivate of vitamin B3). It has SPF 15, so first I used it as a day cream. It is tinted green, but too little to actually have effect, it’s just a gimmick. Despite being the legere version (there’s a riche one also) I found this cream very thick. And sadly, it left me looking incredibly greasy. It’s not that I was greasy (aka full of my own sebum) but this cream is just so shiny in not a god way. It was impossible to apply makeup on top. So I started using this as a night cream. And you know, in the long term it really worked. Short term I’d often get red in the face when I applied it. But long term, my acne and rosacea symptoms got so much less. My skin is calmer and better overall. But, because I really don’t need a greasy night cream with SPF I will not repurchase. Instead I am looking for creams with similar ingredients. Sadly I had not taken a pic of them before I threw the packaging away, so I can’t show them to you. Sorry. Basically I am looking for something with niacinamide, no alcohol, no perfume.


Then I used up a sample of YSL Paris EdT. This is originally from the 80s and you can tell. I has a lot of notes, but I am overwhelmed by the powdery rose. Very rosey, very powdery. It was nice to test, but I’m not going to miss it.


Last item! I also used up the Kiko kiss balm. This is very pigmented, comparable to a sheer lipstick. The balm had a lot of slick, it glides on very quickly. It made my lips feel good and look lovely. I am not sure if it had any long term benefits. It does come with SPF 15, though, which is good. I would recommend it for those who don’t want to put on lipstick and are looking for a colored balm instead. It’s too slick and too pigmented to use underneath lipstick even if you wiped most of it off again.

Wow, this was a mega post. In case anyone besides me finished reading all that, you deserve a cookie. 🙂

Kiko Moon Shadow Glistening Turquoise and Mysterious Chocolate

Kiko Moon Shadow Glistening Turquoise and Mysterious Chocolate

Kiko Shadow sticks

These two sticks are from my last Kiko haul. They are Moon Shadows from their 2015 Fall Collection. I already reviewed the lightest color here. Since I liked wearing that one I picked up two more colors on sale. The blue one is called 04 Glistening Turquoise and the brown is 02 Mysterious Chocolate.

Kiko shadow swatches

Swatches! Both are mid to dark colors with pretty multi colored shimmer. The pics don’t do them justice; the shimmer is really strong.

Both are easy to apply right from the stick and need to be blended quickly before they set. I have worn them for a single color smoky eye, it’s really easy to do with dark stick shadows. The shadow is also easy to apply on the lower lid. I simply turn the stick around and use the edge. They shadows did not smudge under my eye, which is a huge plus.

Overall, the brown one lasted six hours before it started to crease, the blue one five. The blue is a little patchier than the brown one, you can see it in the swatch as well. When the brown one was creasing on me, it still looked fairly good despite the creasing. You know – in a lived in rockstar sort of thing. The blue was okay too, but while I didn’t mind wearing the brown long after it had started creasing, the blue one got patchier and patchier and I wouldn’t wear it for a long night out.

Still, both are pretty good and I like them.

Here’s an out of focus pic to show the shimmer better:

Kiko shadow swatches2

It still doesn’t do them justice, though.

Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder Mysterious Pink

Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder Mysterious Pink

This beautiful powder almost slipped under my radar; luckily I discovered it on sale.

sale haul1

I’m talking about the red packaging in the corner here; it’s the Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder from their 2015 Holiday Collection.

sale haul2

The product comes in a pretty red compact packaging. However I have already managed to rub the color off in the corners by now.


But I don’t care because the inside is just sooo beautiful. It’s a bright pink powder with gold shimmer and darker and lighter veins. Those veins are just for the looks, though. You cannot pick up different colors from it.

Kiko Moon Swatch

Swatch. Despite this being called a face powder, this is too pink to be worn as anything other than a highlightinh blush/eyeshadow. The color actually goes on a little lighter than it looks in the pan, but that didn’t stop the powder from making my brush bright, electric pink. XD The shimmer is golden and strong. I think it’s perfect to be worn right now, when everything is so dark and cold and the christmas lights have been taken down. Not that that will stop me from wearing it the rest of the year, haha.

The powder blends easily and I had no problems with getting it to last. The shimmer is finer than it is in the highlighting stick from the same collection. I love this powder.

Kiko Dazzling Highlighter Bright Rose

Kiko Dazzling Highlighter Bright Rose

The Dazzling Highlighter by Kiko was part of their Holiday Collection. You might still find it in their sale.

Kiko Bright Rose

It’s a highlighter stick. Those sticks are very useful, because they’re so easy to apply. Just drag right across where you want it and then blend with your finger.

Kiko Bright Rose2

The color of 04 Bright Rose is honestly more of a salmon color. The shimmer is light gold and light pink.

Kiko Bright Rose3

Swatch. The color is pretty subtle. I think it’s a good color for the very pale kids. The shimmer itself is a bit sparkly, it’s not exactly on the toned down end of the shimmer spectrum. It’s more for a glittery evening makeup than an everyday highlighter. In comparison, the highlighter from the fall collection was more of a continuous shimmer, while this one is more a sparkle. Fitting for a holiday collection, although I can’t say how often I’ll reach for it in the future.

The stick is creamy and easy to apply; the sparkle lasts through the night. The bigger shimmer particles can move around on the face though.

All in all a solid product. I can’t promise that it’s still available, though, sorry. In case you get to their sale, do check out their powders as well, they are very finely milled.

Post Holiday Sale Haul

Post Holiday Sale Haul

It’s the best time of the year – sale time! 😀

sale haul1

I think I was being good. I picked up only a few items. 🙂

There’s Prada Iris, the 2015 re-release of Infusion d’Iris. Then Givenchy Blush Memoire De Forme in 2 Rose Delicat. The last three are all Kiko items: Two more moon shadows (02 Mysterious Chocolate and 04 Glistening Turquoise) and a face powder from their Holiday Collection: Moon Dust in 01 Mysterious Pink. I also bought a highlighter from that collection, but that was before the sale…

sale haul2

Proper reviews will come later, when I had time to play with them.

givenchy blush

This is the Givenchy Blush. I didn’t even know we got their liquid blush here.


The lovely Kiko items. The “face powder” is clearly a blush, but whatever. If you have the chance to take a look at Kiko’s winter sale, it’s really worth it.

Kiko Bright Rose2

And this is a snap of the highlighter that I bought at the beginning of December but had no time to show on the blog just yet.

Did you hit the sales? Any hauls to show?

Kiko Liquid Intense Eyeliner & Colour Definition Eyeliner and Kajal

Kiko Liquid Intense Eyeliner & Colour Definition Eyeliner and Kajal

The last two items from my haul are two Kiko eyeliners. Both are from the Rebel Romantic Collection. One is a liquid liner, the other is a twist up pencil.

Kiko Liquid Liner

This is the Liquid Intense liner. It’s available in several colors, but I chose black. The applicator is felt. It’s also on the thick side. So making bold lines is easy, but a nice, thin line is harder.

Kiko Kajal Liner

This is the Colour Definition Eyeliner and Kajal in the color 03 Warrior Violet. It’s a twist up pencil, but the size is about the same as for a regular pencil, it’s not super thin.

Kiko Liners

Squiggly Swatches: First is the Colour Definition  liner, and the last three are the Liquid Intense liner. I tried to get lines of varying thickness, but as you can see the first two had too much product on and so the start of the line was thicker than the rest.

The Colour Definition in Warrior Violet is a reddish purple, the Liquid Intense a black with a sort of glossy finish; it doesn’t dry down completely matte.

To be honest I feel that the liners were the weak points of my haul. Both are okay, but not overwhelming. The Color Definiton liner is too hard for a kajal. It doesn’t give off much color on the waterline, and on skin the line isn’t completely smooth and hard to smudge.

The Liquid Liner has a thick tip and gives off a lot of product so it’s easy to get too much on the lid. It also doesn’t dry fast, which means once you open your eye, you get product where it shouldn’t go. I also can’t do a cat eye with it, because I have hooded eyes and have to put liner in my outer crease. And there the liner starts glueing my lid together. Not fun. So only a regular line along the lashes is possible with this. I guess I should have gotten Kiko’s regular, non limited liquid liner, which has a much thinner tip, instead.

So if you passed up those two limited products, you didn’t miss all that much. Last I checked, both the Rebel Romantic and the Midnight Siren Collections were still available, though.

So, that concludes the reviews from my Fall haul. I’m saving up for Holiday Collections, although I’m pretty much only interested in Chanel and maybe Guerlain. But Chanel Holiday is still not available. By the time it is, I might have gotten it out of my system. 🙂

Kiko Contouring Pencils & how to Bronze and Contour

Kiko Contouring Pencils & how to Bronze and Contour

From Kiko‘s Rebel Romantic Collection I picked up this set of Contouring Pencils:

Kiko Stick Duo

I have the Light to Medium set, it is also available as Medium to Dark. Each set contains two chubby pencils, one a highlighter and the other is called a bronzer. But this is a contouring set, not a bronzing set! As you can see from the pic, the dark shade is ashy and perfect for contouring.

A little excursion on contouring and bronzing:

They are not the same and for each there should be different products used! Bronzing wants to mimic sun kissed skin. Bronzer would be applied at the top of the face, where the sun would hit you most. So that would be the cheekbones, but more on the upper part, the bridge of the nose, the top of the forehead. For bronzing, the color used can be warmer, with a bit of orange undertone (although the lighter the skin the less orange should be used). Bronzer can be matte or shimmery. It can also be lightly used all over the face and neck to warm up the face.

Contouring on the other hand mimicks shadows. You want to create an optical illusion of the face being more chiselled than it is. For this you use mostly matte colors, one lighter (the highlighter can be more shimmery) and one darker than your foundation. A contouring color must be ashy, for how often have you ever seen an orange shadow? The dark contour is placed underneath the cheekbones to make them pop. It can also be put on the sides of the nose (I’d advice to do this only very lightly, for in real life people also look at you from the side), on the temples, the jaw line and on top of the forehead (to make it look smaller). Whatever you do, it is most important to blend it well and use the right color for you skin type or it can look really off.

Alright, back to the product!

So please ignore that it says bronzer on the pencil. It’s an ashy contouring shade, on most skins it will look muddy and dirty when used as a bronzer insted. Let’s see swatches:

Kiko Stick Duo Swatch

On top of my wrist I put the highlighter, unblended, then the contour, unblended. Underneath you can see the darker color blended out. I put a line of highlighter on top and bottom, because I wasn’t sure how visible it would be on the photograph. Well I needn’t have worried about that. However, this pic was taken in a very yellow light, which makes the color more bronzy than it is. Sorry about that.

But you can see very well that it blends very nicely, which is important, because we really don’t want visible stripes down our faces. The highlighter doesn’t differ that much from my skintone (which is a tad lighter than MAC NC15), and it is only a bit shimmery, compared to my other highlighters. So at first I thought it wasn’t going to work for me. But after wearing the duo for a few weeks now I must say the whole picture works very well. Both sticks can be layered on very well, so when one layer of highlighter is not enough, I simply slap on more and since the color is so close to my skin tone I don’t have to worry much about blending.

The darker shade blends very well on foundation. I was super sceptical about this, but the result covinced me. I imagine it could be more of a problem on a very mattifying foundation with less slip, though.

I apply the dark color directly from the stick by putting some strokes and squiggles on, then I use the Zoeva 110 Petite Face Shape for blending. The highlighter I also apply directly from the stick and blend with my finger.

Since these are cream products, they have to be used before powdering the face. If I want to powder after I used these, I only powder down the center of my face.

Alright this was a long post. Here’s the lowdown: The Kiko sticks work very well for me, especially the contour pencil really convinced of the merits of contouring. I’d even go so far as calling these must haves!

Kiko Moon Shadow and Cream Radiance Highlighter

Kiko Moon Shadow and Cream Radiance Highlighter

Hello everybody!

I am finally getting around to reviewing the items from my last haul, yay. My life has been crazy the past month. I got a new job in a different state, so I had to move and everything is still chaos. Except I put all the chaos in boxes, so it’s mostly boxes with hidden chaos, only some boxes are actually really neat. So it’s Schrödinger’s boxes, you never know if you get a neat one or a chaotic one until you open it! Uhm. Also, my new place isn’t ready for moving in yet, so I’m crashing at my mum’s. With my boxes. 😀

Kiko Moon Shadow

I mentioned in my haul post that Kiko has these absolutely lovely collections out atm. The two items here are both from the limited Midnight Siren Collection, which is mostly dark colors and highlighters. This eyeshadow stick up there is the Moon Shadow stick in 01 Glamour Gold. It looks completely white in the pic, but that’s because of the light. It’s really white gold with multi-colored shimmer. And if you looked at the pic and thought “that’s Chanel” yeah… it’s Kiko. But it does look absolutely identical to the Chanel eyeshadow stick packaging. It also feels the same (the cooling effect) and basically, apart from the colors (there are no Chanel dupes among the colors) they are identical. Same amazing quality, just much cheaper. LOVE!

Kiko Cream Radiance Highlighter

And this baby here is the Cream Radiance Highlighter in 01 Twilight Gold. The color in this pic also pulls a little too white, the highlighter is a cold golden color. The packaging is a pretty little sphere with a mirror on the inside. I thought the product was a cream, but it really feels like a mousse.

Kiko Highlighter

Swatches in the shade. On top is the highlighter, and underneath the eye shadow. They are pretty close, but the highlighter is alittle more yellow and the eyeshadow has more sparkle. This makes sense since you wouldn’t want that much sparkle on your cheeks, but it’s okay on the eyelids.

Kiko Midnight

Same swatches in direct sunlight. Soooo pretty. Here you can also see that the highlighter gets sheer on the corners, so you can easily blend it out while the eyeshadow has more pigment to it.

I love both of these, they are so glamorous. Application is easy. I apply the highlighter with my finger, the shadow directly from the stick (cooling effect yay) and then blend it with my finger. It sets quickly and stays well. To ground the pale shimmer I pair it with a matte taupe in the crease, a little bit of liner and the look is done! Might wear this for the holidays.

I can recommend both products. And if white gold isn’t your color, they offer darker ones, too. 🙂

Fall Haul

Fall Haul

So, the story is as such: I had put money aside to splurge on the Chanel Fall Collection because it looked so good and I wanted a number of pieces. Then August came and the Collection didn’t. And then September and still nothing. Finally I asked and got the info that Chanel wants to release everything here later from now on ‘because the customers want it’. Apparently people don’t want to buy Fall Collections in August. The collection won’t release until October – when all other brands already have their Holiday Collections out.

Well, eff that. I’m not buying my stuff three months after the rest of the world. So I spent the money on some other awesome stuff:


From Smashbox: Double Exposure Palette and cream eyeshadow in Stone

From Essie: Over the Knee and It’s Genius

And lastly, Kiko currently has two really cool LE out: Midnight Siren and Rebel Romantic. I picked up the Cream Radiance Highlighter and a Moon Shadow from Midnight Siren and a Contouring Pencil Set, Liquid Intense eyeliner and a Color Definition kajal (that one was a freebie) from the Rebel Romantic Collection.


Reviews will come up when I had enough time to try the pieces. I already started wearing the Double Exposure and like it. 🙂

Do you have any recent purchases? Which Fall Collection do you dig?

Kiko Essential Bronzer & Beam of Light

Kiko Essential Bronzer & Beam of Light

July is the time of summer sales and I have fallen victim to a few 50% off deals. At Kiko I bought a bronzer from the Modern Tribes Collection and a highlighter from the On The Go Collection.


The Essential Bronzer is huge (20 g) and comes in an equally huge packaging made from wood. The two pieces are held together by small magnets. This is a bronzer for using at home, certainly not for travels.


The bronzer itself looks a bit like Pluto, doesn’t it? My color is 200 Warm Melange, the lighter of the two colors in this Collection. The bronzer is very soft; a light hand is needed when picking up the powder.


The highlighter Beam of Light in the color 01 (again, the lighter of the two available) is much smaller (1,5 g); it comes from a Collection of minis.


Both products are baked. The highlighter is not quite as soft as the bronzer, but it still gives plenty of powder at a light touch.

Kiko Swatches


The bronzer isn’t too orange for me, although I need to apply it gently to get it even. But a light application of this gives me the most beautiful glow. I find it easier to apply than my Body Shop bronzer, which is more tightly packed and needs a firmer hand. The Kiko bronzer includes a slight shimmer, but I don’t really see it on the skin.

The highlighter is a shimmery champagne color. It is similar to my MAC Lightscapade, but that one is whiter and the shimmer finer and more multi-colored. Beam of Light looks best applied with my new favorite method: using a tight blush brush to apply on top of the cheek bones and temples.

I can recommend both of these. They are LE from different collections. While the minis collection is new and should therefore still be available, I can’t promise the same for the bronzer which comes from a collection that has been out for a few months by now. Should you find it on a sale, do take a look!

Did you pick up anything at the latest sales?

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow Golden Beige

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow Golden Beige

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow Golden Beige

Kiko has several types of shadow sticks, often as limited editions. But these Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows are in the regular lineup. 🙂

Kiko Stick Shadow

The tip looks like this, small and round. The color I have here is 07 Golden Beige, a great basic color.

Kiko Shade

This is the swatch of Golden Beige in the shade.

Kiko 07 Swatch

And here the color shows its true beauty, in direct sunlight.

Golden Beige is as the name suggests a soft, warm light gold. I like that it’s shimmery, but not sparkly.

It glides on effortlessly, is easy to blend – only until it sets though! It’s best to apply shadow on one eye, blend, and then move on to the other. And when the shadow has set, it is indeed very long lasting. I wear it on its own, without primer, and it does last the promised eight hours. Of course, with a color like this, you also won’t see creasing that much. Yet I’m pretty sure there was no creasing, and even in very hot weather it only started to fade after eight hours.

Apart from using it alone, it is also a great base for powder shadow looks. I think it’s a good substitute for the Lancome stick Lisa Eldridge uses in this video, for example.

Kiko Lipstick Swatches

Kiko Lipstick Swatches

As promised, today I’ll show you my newest Kiko lip products. I got two new liners and four lipsticks.

Kiko Smart Liner

The liners are Smart lip pencils in 709 Magenta and 710 Rouge Noir. I’m on a liner trip and Magenta will go nice with my berries, while Rouge Noir will go with the very dark lippies.

Kiko lipsticks

The lipsticks are, from left to right: Smart Lipstick 923 Peony Purple, and three Luscious Cream Lipsticks in 522 Black Cherry, 524 Taupe and 500 Shell Rose. I almost picked up 523 Black as well, but I figured I can always get it later.

The smart lip pencil has a normal packaging, but the Luscious lipsticks come in a really annoying packaging where you have to push at the top first before you can pull it apart. Pushing at the top always feels like I’m breaking off my nail. 😦 (edit: actually broke my nail later on. only open this with knuckle!)

Kiko swatches

Swatch time. Lipsticks in the same order as above, first Peony Purple, which is a shiny sheer violet color. I checked it and colorwise it is a dupe for MAC Heroine, but Heroine is of course matte and opaque.

Underneath is Black Cherry, which is a dupe for MAC Cyber, both in color and in finish. (Pfft I had typed Smoked Purple first. But that one is matte. Both Black Cherry and Cyber are creamy!) Black Cherry is very creamy and very dark. It’s easy to accidentally end up looking like Marilyn Manson had slept with makeup on.

Then there’s Taupe, which is, well, taupe. It’s certainly a unique shade of lipstick to have. It ends up darker on the lips than in this swatch and very obviously grey, I feel very witchy wearing it.

Last is Shell Rose, a very pale nude. I think it’s an ultra sexy nude, but the color is very unforgiving of any redness in the face.

All lipsticks are creamy and as such not drying at all. (Although I gotta admit for the intense colors I would have preferred them to be matte.) They don’t have the lasting power of a matte, but they manage four hours even with drinking and small snacks. Not a full meal, though.

The squiggles underneath are the lip liner swatches. The darker one is Rouge Noir, which is still not all that dark if you ask me. And the inner squiggle is Magenta. I like the smart lip pencils, they are super cheap and very long lasting. I’m not 100% sure about the colors though. I meant to wear Rouge Noir with Black Cherry, but now I’m thinking I have to buy MAC’s Cyber World lip pencil after all.


Out of all these my biggest recommendation is the nude 500 Shell Rose. It wears well and is the most normal color out of these, haha. It goes so well with intense eye makeup. If you like Heroine but wish it was sheer, check out Peony Purple.


Easter Haul

Easter Haul


Let me show you my latest purchases. Three Essie items, six from Kiko, a Balea hand cream, and a gel liner from Maybelline. I’m planning to put up swatches of all my Maybelline gel liners when I get around to make the pics.

essie spring 2015 haul

The items from Essie are the starter scrub, an exfoliating hand scrub. My hands were extra dry lately, I hope this will help. The nail polishes are from the Spring 2015 Collection, Flowerista. The left shade is garden variety, a mid tone teal. The right shade is blossom dandy, a light mint. Did I pick it up for the name? Yes, yes I did. But in addition to the dandy name, it is also mint which I love. I had to have it. xD In comparison OPI’s That’s hula-rious is much greener.

Kiko lipsticks

I want to give the Kiko items their own swatch post, but here’s a little snak preview of the colors. Swatch post will be up tomorrow!

In conclusion: giving myself a spending ban on both berries and reds ends up with me buying more outlandish colors, but certainly not with me spending less. In my defense, all of these were reduced or I had coupons… Although maybe a full makeup & nailpolish spending ban should be in order. I still have so much stuff I haven’t even shown you here. The ban will be in effect until the next 20% off day, because I guarantee for absolutely nothing when Douglas has 20% off! 😉

Kiko Precision Lip Pencil Fire Red

Kiko Precision Lip Pencil Fire Red


I was impressed with the Smart Lip Pencil from Kiko that I picked up before Valentines. But I wanted another red lip pencil, one that was less yellow toned. There was no color like this in the Smart range, but I found one in their Precision range. It’s the Precision Lip Pencil in 307 Fire Red.


Little swatch heart. The lip pencil is easy to apply and holds very well; my lipstick lasts about two hours longer with it. But, and I think you can see it in the pic up there, it is a little prone to feathering. I can wear it, as I don’t have many lines around my lips, but this is something to watch out for.


Color comparison: left is Estee Lauder Vengeful Red, then the Kiko Pencil and on the right Dior Marilyn.

While the name Fire Red might sound like it’s a true red, the lip pencil has leanings towards blue undertones (which is exactly the color I wanted). So it goes best with my lipsticks with blue undertones, like the two up there. From my newest L’Oreal lipsticks it goes best with Blake. When worn with Liya, it changes Liya’s color.

Overall, it’s very good but not perfect. I might have to check out MAC’s new lip liners… On the other hand, considering the price point of Kiko, you get real good bang for your buck. 🙂

kiko Valentines set

kiko Valentines set

I went to kiko for a red lip liner and I was doomed the moment the SA said ‘have you seen our brand new Valentines display?’. Impulse control? What impulse control?


The display shows red and pink lipsticks from their smart lipstick range (not LE) with matching lip liners also from the smart line (also not LE) and a pink pouch (probably LE). If you pick all three, you get a little discount. You don’t have to take matching liners and lipsticks and you also don’t have to buy the set. If you want to take just one item, you can.


Since I was there for a red lip liner I picked up a classic red one (it’s even called 706 Classic Red) and a matching lipstick (908 True Red).


They go on hot tomato red. Swatch in the shade.


Swatch in direct light.


For comparison: kiko True Red, Dior Marilyn, which is darker and pinker, and Maybelline Non-stop Red, which leans more orange.


Lasting Power

The lipstick has a creamy finish and to be honest I didn’t expect much staying power. But applied over the lip liner, this was surprisingly long lasting. During breakfast (cereal) the lipstick kept bleeding onto the spoon so I expected to not see much left on my lips when I was done. But no, it had only worn off a tiny little bit and was now more matte looking, but that was all. After lunch it had worn off on the inside of my mouth but it still wasn’t obvious. Afterwards it wore down to a softer stain (but consdering the color, still not very soft at all). I kept on drinking and snacking but the only thing that gets really rid of it is makeup remover. For a cheap listick that isn’t even sold as long lasting (it says ‘rich and nourishing’) this is amazing. I give it the seal of approval, it is certainly Valentine Dinner safe. (Only with liner underneath!) However after seven or so hours it started creeping into fine lines.



While the quality of it has convinced me, I am not too sure of the color on me. This has never happened to me, but upon application I got the feeling that I wasn’t ‘blonde’ enough. I feel like this would look most amazing on someone with corn blonde or platinum hair. (I am very dark blonde/light brown, sometimes copper.) I think I should have picked a shade darker. Maybe I’ll do it, at € 3,90 for a lipstick and € 2,50 for a liner they don’t exactly cost the world. In fact, these are the cheapest lippies I own. It’s funny though, I don’t bat an eyelash at wearing very dark shades, even black, but hot tomato red is where I get uncomfortable. XD


Inside of the ‘heartbreaker’ bag. It’s hot pink with white hearts. Looks a little more red because the light filters through the bag.

I am in no way affiliated with kiko, I just really like their stuff. XD

kiko kiss balm Raspberry

kiko kiss balm Raspberry


I am still sick with a cold, better than before, but this is my third try writing a post on the kiko kiss balm. Alright so this is a balm, not a balmy lipstick. You’ll find it with kiko’s other skin care, not with the makeup. There are several colored balms in a fruity theme with the packaging reflecting the color of the balm itself. I chose 05 Raspberry, because I thought a mid-tone pink would be a good color for a balm. The balms come with SPF 15.


The packaging is of high quality in my opinion. This could be a high end lipstick.


Swatch. The balm goes on super creamy and gives off more color than I expected. It does not create any sort of stain, though. (Actually, when I reapply during the day there might be a pink stain left after all?)

On my lips I first noticed the smell/taste of fake candy raspberry. Brrr. Had I noticed that in the store, where I only swatched it on my arm, I wouldn’t have bought it. If you like fake candy scents, these are for you, obviously every color will have a different one.

Despite the good swatch up there, on my lips it’s basically invisible. I don’t think it’s a lack of pigmentation, but it’s pretty much my natural lip color and the balm isn’t really opaque. I have now delegated this to be my at home balm. Wear time is not good, but again it’s not meant to be a lipstick. It’ll last only an hour, maximum two, then I need to reapply. The moisturization is okay I think. My lips are simply super chapped because of my cold right now.

All in all, a nice product. Had I known how it would be on my lips I might have either chosen a lighter color for a completely invisible balm or a darker one. In fact, my mum has this in a different shade and likes it a lot, I might have to snoop around which one she has.

Kiko Colour Shock & Skinny Fit

Kiko Colour Shock & Skinny Fit

A brand new Kiko store opened its doors recently; I had to take a look.


I picked up these two items with their beautiful packaging; probably their summer collection? I got a color shock long lasting eyeshadow in 106 Custom Sugar Green and a skinny fit kajal in 02 (no added name).


Opened. They are both the most beautiful sea foam green. They had more normal colors too, but I’m at the stage where I try to only buy colors I don’t have yet. Both items were on sale (yep, the store opened with a sale), the eyeshadow cost 3 € and I forgot what the Kajal cost, but it was around the same amount.


Swatches! I dipped my finger into the eyeshadow pot and got out way too much product, which is why the swatch is so big. The eyeshadow has a mousse texture, it is much softer than the usual cream eyeshadows you get these days – it feels like whipped cream as opposed to the gel creams that are so common now. It’s called a long lasting shadow and yes, it does last very long. I needed so much makeup remover to get this swatch off again. On the eyes I did not notice any creasing throughout the day, the shadow got patchy after a while though (not terribly).

On my lid I used less product which made it sheerer than this swatch and when I tried to apply more I found that sweeping across makes it patchy as it drags the previous layer off again. The best way to apply is to gently pat it on. Apart from that I think this shadow is a winner and I wish I’d taken more neutral colors as well. They have a cream and a brown both with the most beautiful shimmers.

On to the kajal: The SA told me that this is not waterproof (they have waterproof pencils too, but only in normal eye pencil colors like black etc) and it really isn’t. This is interesting because it is explicitly sold as a product especially for the waterline – it says so right on the packaging! Yes it is super creamy and goes on without dragging. I don’t know about your waterline, but mine is watery. Two hours after application the kajal was all but gone and smudged a little underneath.

So my verdict is shadow yay, kajal nay. And it is even an extra long kajal, containing more product than the average. Sigh.

The eyeshadow can be used with an eyeliner brush to create a long lasting line, by the way.

My general verdict on Kiko is that they offer good prices. The cream eyeshadows give expensive ones a run for their money and I hope they are not limited/discontinued; that would be a shame.