Rituals Miracle Glow Cream Highlighter

Rituals Miracle Glow Cream Highlighter

This is the Miracle Glow Cream Highlighter by Rituals. It’s one of those glibbery bouncy gel highlighter thingies. You know, those that behave like jello? It’s so satisfying to touch. It pleases my inner three year old.

Le swatch. I’d call the color rose platine. It has rosy shimmer, but certainly no gold to it, so rose gold would be wrong, but platine alone doesn’t describe the color either. The shimmer is very fine, no glitter to see. Depending on the angle you can see either the shimmer or you can see some of the base color, which is off-white. Therefore this highlighter will not work for everyone unless you are a blending goddess. Because you may be able to blend it out and diffuse the base color – but I am not. It sets pretty quickly and then does not move anymore.

You should also put on enough the first go around – if you try to pat on more it starts lifting. It is really best to just put it on fearlessly and then never touch anymore. 😐 Also not recommended for dry skin – this stuff creates more texture.

I would not recommend this to makeup beginners. Everyone else can play at their own risk.


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