All Used Up September 2015

All Used Up September 2015

Another month has gone by already, and while I didn’t have much time to blog, I did produce quite a few empties. So let’s dive right into it:


Dior BB Creme in 01: out of all BB Creams I tried this was my favorite. It is a tad pink for me (more NW than NC if we use MAC color scheme) but overall so good that I have already bought another one.


Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Shampoo Shower gel: This is the bright blue one that is both shower gel and shampoo. The monoi smell in this one has a note of bubblegum if you ask me. I found this to be a good shower gel but even more important, a very good shampoo. My hair was all silky and easy to comb. That makes this product a clear winner in my books and I will likely buy it again.


List of ingredients. Click to enlarge.


Two Chanel products: The Rouge Coco Shine in Chic that I already talked about in my Lipstick Tag post. This was a limited color, but I have received another one as a gift after talking about it on this blog. 🙂

The other one is my beloved Le Volume mascara in Khaki Bronze, another limited item. Like the name suggests the main draw is the volumising effect. There’s not much lengthening going on and the weight can make the lashes droop a little. But I don’t have a huge problem with my lashes losing their curl so it worked for me. The biggest plus of this mascara was the fact that there was no smudging and no crumbling. Even though it is not waterproof, this was my go-to sure thing mascara. The scond biggest draw was the color, it worked very well for my fair complexion and I wore it to pretty much every look with the exception of black liner looks. Very, very good and while this particular color is not available anymore, I will certainly buy another Le Volume in the future. I just have to use up a couple other mascaras first…


Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza Body Lotion: Eleganza is a flanker to the perfume Signorina and this was the matching body lotion. The smell is flowery and honestly sorta forgettable. The lotion was of good quality, though.


Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Me: a red lip balm. Tbh I didn’t expect the color to come out so strong, but this has about the same color pay off as a sheer lipstick when applied twice. The stain left is very strong, the shine wears off after a half an hour. I was on the fence about the nourishing quality of this balm. First I thought it wasn’t that good, weeks later I thought, no it’s quite good. Maybe it depends on the state of your lips. It doesn’t help with very flaky ones. For now I have enough lip balms and I’ll probably try something else rather than repurchasing this one.

So, this concludes my empties of last month. I’m not sure if I will use up anything in October. I have thrown some stuff out that I wasn’t going to finish when I was moving house, so now I have less stuff lying about, yay! (Mum, who helped me pack, in the background right now: “you have WAY too much stuff!” Pffft.)

Alphabet Cream Central

Alphabet Cream Central

I was going to call this the BB & CC post, but then I saw that some companies are as far as EE by now, so umbrella term. In this post I will explain about BB and CC creams and list all reviews I’ve done on this blog.

In the last few years, double letter creams have popped up all over the place, every brand has one or more of them. So what are they?

A marketing gag, of course. All those creams might have been sold as foundations, tinted moisturizers or primers respectively, but the term BB Cream proved to sell, so that is what we got.


What are BB Creams?

The term ‘BB’ usually stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. They have been around in Asia for a while, and then someone discovered it for the western market. The very first Blemish Balm ever seems to have come from German brand Christine Schrammek, though. Lisa Eldridge tells us about the origin of BB Creams in this video.

In general, BB Creams include some sort of coverage, so they come in flesh tones (sometimes they are colorless in the tube and gain color upon application, for example the one from the Body Shop). They are also suposed to have skin care ingredients, making them the new generation of tinted moisturizers. They also usually contain SPF, but that ranges from very high to very low. Some don’t list SPF, but at least with all the creams I looked at they still contained some sort of sun protection ingredients. Creams created for the Asian market often also claim to have whitening properties.

Even with these three things in common, one BB Cream can be very different from the next. At the moment, some brands offer more than one BB Cream (Dior, Guerlain etc).

BB Creams I have reviewed on this blog:

Aok Blemish Balm

Biotherm Aqua Source BB Cream

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

Diorskin Nude BB Creme

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB

La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream


What are CC Creams?

Since BB Creams proved to be a seller, companies were on the lookout for the next big hit, and this sort of seemed like the logical consequence. The CC usually stands for Color Correction or Complexion Correction. I think the name operates on the assumption that Blemish Balm is for skin with pimples, and skin with age spots and such needs its own cream. Sometimes the marketing or SA will try to tell you that BB is for young and CC for mature skin, but frankly that is a gross overgeneralisation, also because I’m sure BB Creams weren’t really created with this in mind. (Compare Clinique‘s Age Defense BB Cream. And also, my approach for skin care is that anti-aging skin care is the best for skin with acne.)

The color correction is approached from two sides: one, the skin care side, which (hopefully) includes ingredients to help with pigmentation and discoloration from scars. Two, the cream itself is tinted to optically help with discolorations. And here we have two versions, lets call them Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 comes flesh-toned, just like BB Creams. That, like most BB Creams, makes them a form of tinted moisturizer or even foundation. Examples for Type 1 are Chanel‘s CC Cream, or the creams by Dr Brandt. Type 2, on the other hand, comes in pastel colors to color correct the skin before you put makeup on top. That means they are primers. Examples for this type are the CC Creams from YSL or MAC. Both have CC Creams in several different shades (lavender, peach etc), to combat different discolorations.

What do CC Creams have in common with each other? Pretty much only the tinted aspect (and even that is sometimes very slight, see Diadermine). They should all include skin care ingredients that help even out the complexion over time, but some contain more and some a whole lot less. SPF is also not a common denominator. Some have a high SPF, and some have none at all. I think they all should have some, because if you boast that you’re helping with pigmentation you should protect the skin from further UV damage. That’s just my personal opinion, though. So, really, CC Creams are all over the place, even more so than BB Creams.

CC Creams I have reviewed on this blog:

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum

Diadermine Lift+ CC

Dr Brandt CC Mat


the Face Base

the Face Base

I almost named this entry “the bare necessities” but none of this is necessary, so I changed my mind. Anyway, this post is to show you my current base makeup routine. I have three stages of makeup:

1. None. Nada. I don’t mean “no makeup makeup”, I mean nothing on (except for sunscreen). This happens a lot more during summer, due to heat & laziness. My tips for that stage are: groom brows and dye eyelashes blue-black. I swear that makes so much difference! I gotta admit  I have been neglecting my poor brows, though.

2. BB Cream all over and done with it. Might add some rouge etc to create no makeup makeup.

3. The full base. When I want to look polished or the skin acts up. My current base items:


In order of application:

MAC Prep & Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer in Pink. Mostly because I want to use it up. If I was doing a Project Pan, this would be one of the items.

MAC Mineralize Foundation Compact: Holy Grail item. Good coverage, long lasting, does not emphasize dry skin, but does not get shiny either.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer: Photoshop for the skin.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer: undereye concealer. I use this so much the writing has worn off. Coincidentally Lisa Eldridge mentioned this in her latest video and I agree so much. Why change something that works so well for you?

Flormar Brow Powder: Stays all day.

Sumita Brow Wax: This came in one of my last Glossyboxes before I unsubscribed. When I ran out of my brow gel I decided to use this. It’s good, but I think I prefer gel.

MAC Prep & Prime Eye: When I apply eyeshadow I’ll use either this or a cream shadow. This is the only real eye primer I own. I’m not 100% happy with it, but I haven’t yet gotten my hands on anything better. Suggestions?

(For my vacation makeup, I took the same items with me, except I replaced the foundation with Dior‘s BB Creme. I ended up not using the brow items even once.)


That’s it, that’s my face base. It’s quite MAC heavy, partly because there are some items that I’ll never replace (Studio Finish Concealer!), partly because some items are left over from the days when I was still learning my way around makeup (the primers, mostly. although it’s possible that after I use up the face primer, I’ll pick up the CC cream from MAC to replace it).

Which are your base items that you always have on hand?

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB

Somehow I did not even notice that Guerlain offer a BB Cream until there were already two. I have tested the older one, Lingerie de Peau BB Beauty Booster (not to be confused with the Lingerie de Peau foundation). It can be found among the makeup and comes in a flesh colored packaging. The new one, Super Aqua BB cream, comes in blue packaging and can be found among the rest of the Super Aqua skin care line.

(picture from

I must apologize for the lack of pics, I was so greedy and used up the whole sample on my face. Sadly, the BB cream comes in only two colors. The lighter 01 pretty much matches up to a MAC NC 20, maybe it’s even a touch lighter. I am usually NC 15, but in summer I get close to NC 20.

The BB comes with SPF 30 and PA +++ in a 40 ml tube (for comparison, my beloved Dior BB Creme comes in 30 ml).

The finish is glowy and I mean it. If you’re looking for a matte face, this will not work. Immediately after application I looked fresh and luminous and wonderful. But two hours in my nose would be super shiny. After experimenting around with mattifying primers and powder I found the best way to keep the shine controlled was in fact achieved by applying a Guerlain terracotta powder all over. Sneaky, Guerlain! The finish of this BB is the absolutely only reason I do not own a full size yet. The problem is that it’s too shiny for summer and in winter I am too pale. If Guerlain offered it one shade lighter it would be perfection. So, my recommendation: only for people with dry skin!

Coverage is medium – full. Most days I didn’t even need additional concealer. It’s easy to apply and blend with fingers.

The best thing about it is that I didn’t need anything else. I have lots of trouble getting up in the morning and will love anything that shortens my bathroom time. Due to the high SPF I didn’t need any additional sunscreen, due to the moisturizing properties I didn’t need any additional face cream and due to the good coverage I could skip concealer. So my routine was wash face – put on Guerlain BB cream. Wonderful!

My skin loved it, no clogged pores, no dryness.

Lasting power was not so great due to the finish. I had to touch up twice a day (in summer heat. When I tested this it was the only hot weeks we had this year at all!)

In short: amazing product if you can deal with the finish.

Biotherm Aquasource BB-Cream

Biotherm Aquasource BB-Cream

I have been testing a sample of the Biotherm Aquasource BB-Cream in fair – medium.


As you know, there is no fixed definition of what a BB Cream is, so products vary wildly. I like that there are samples of the biotherm cream available. It’s always such a hassle buying face products when you can’t test them properly.


Out of the tube, the color fair – medium looks too dark for me (of course my face isn’t quite as white as the inside of my arm).


Spread out it isn’t too dark anymore. The reason, as I could tell on my blemished face, is because this cream offers no coverage whatsoever. None. Nada. Nix. It gives a very light tint of color and that’s it. However, it feels very lovely on the face, even better than the regular Aquasource face cream.

So what I did was apply foundation on top. And I found out that worn like this, the Aquasource BB Cream is pretty good at oil control. My nose didn’t get as shiny as it gets with my usual primer (MAC prep & prime). In fact, it held my make up very well together. (please note I tested this in january, so not under extreme heat conditions)

My verdict: if you’re looking for a product with coverage, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a primer with moisturizing properties and some shine control, the Aquasource BB Cream is worth checking out.

Glossybox Österreich Mai 2013

Glossybox Österreich Mai 2013

Well, look at that! Glossybox managed to send the May box in the month of May! Now let’s see what’s in it, shall we?


A pink note book for your glossy notes. Um. *shrug*


Underneath we find this month’s products. Looking good?


Clinique repairwear laser focus: win! Sample size.


Neutrogena Body balm with nordic berry: My pot of Balea body cream is just about to run out, so this should be useful. Full size of 200 ml.


Syoss Glossing Shine Seal (Glanz-Versiegelungs Fluid): this is another leave in oil spray. Full size of 100 ml. Yes I know only two weeks ago on last month’s box I said I want all the argan oil products, but I take it back.This is the third full size oil spray I got from Glossybox, when am I supposed to use them all? Also, out of the three, this one is surely the worst, it is drowning in silicone. Note that it is a personal preference and not a hard boiled fact if silicone is good or bad, but I strongly prefer to use as little as possible on my hair. The first two ingredients in this are Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone, and only then the good oils follow. And this product claims to be lightweight… This bottle is free to go to a good home.


La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Creme with SPF 20: Oh I like LRP products and I was about to switch to a slightly darker BB Creme – but note how this product says it’s medium in color. I surely clicked “very pale” on my profile. Swatch is a bit farther down the post. Sample size.


Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush: Oh, a chubby stick kind of product! I didn’t have one like this yet. Full size.


Swatches: left Jelly Pong Pong, a creamy red that was very hard to wash off again, which bodes well for a lip product. On the right is La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Creme in Medium, as you can see on me it would be brown face – bad, bad. Sadly, free to go to a good home, especially annoying because it looks like a great cream, with good coverage. Nothing like that Aok Blemish Balm from the January box. Will they ever send me face make up that I can use on my face?


Alright, this makes a solid box, could be better, but there’s three products I’ll surely use up, so it’s okay.

Next up on Dandygal: Glossybox Men!


Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

This is the last BB cream type product that I (currently) own. I figured I might as well make a series of my BB cream posts and tackle my foundations later.

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream


Like it says on the packaging it has SPF 30. The tube holds 40 ml (Dior comes with 30 ml, Aok with 50 ml). Like all Clinique products it is fragrance free, which I like a lot. I find it pointless to put scent in face products. If I want to smell of perfume I put some perfume on.


The tube has a very tiny opening, you can easily control how much you take out. The shade shown here is 001, the lightest of the three. The Clinique counter lady told me to get 002, but I think that one would have been too dark. Never listen to color advice from Clinique counters.


You can see the cream is very much on the pinkish side, even more so than the Dior one. Shade 002 looked a lot less pink to me in the store, but I think that one may lean towards orange. Make sure to swatch the color on your skin before buying. The thing is, the color seems to adapt to your skin, it’s not as pink on my face as I feared it would be.

The consistency is thicker than the other BB products I tried. Coverage leans towards medium. It gives way more coverage than other BB Creams, it’s more like a foundation in that regard. This also means it is more visible and must be applied in a thin layer.

The finish is matte. I don’t wear any powder over it (mind you I barely ever wear powder). After six or more hours my nose gets a little bit shiny, but not as much as with some other products.

Wearing it makes my skin feel… something. I mean if I put a finger on my cheek I can clearly feel that there’s something there. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but may be a deal-breaker for other people.

Now, this product is pretty great, good coverage, good enough color, good sun protection – BUT. The counter lady already warned me not to wear it without moisturizer or primer underneath. This is a tad annoying because if I have to wear primer I can just as well wear a regular foundation. (By the way I found that my nose stays mattified for longer if I don’t put primer underneath.) If that were the only thing, it would be okay. However, the big problem with this BB Cream is that not only does it emphasize dry skin much more than any other product. It even makes dry skin patches show up on places that weren’t visibly dry when you applied the cream! After half a day I look like a mummy! This cream is only suitable for oily skin imho, but for oily skin it should be pretty good, as it mattifies a lot. I’ll be wearing this in the summer as I cannot wear it any other time of the year (at least the SPF matches my plan, haha.)

On the plus side, this product doesn’t break me out and it even seems to calm my skin down. This is so weird, how can it make my skin so visibly dry yet calm it down? I don’t know, but I’ve been using the Clinique BB Cream for months now and these are my observations.

Diorskin Nude BB Creme

Diorskin Nude BB Creme

Let me just say that I am not getting paid for this, nor did I get the product for free or anything of this sort. I feel the need to say it, because OMG I LOVE THIS THING!


This is the new Diorskin Nude BB Creme in color 001. It is part of the 2013 spring collection. Take note, Dior has already produced another BB cream before, with a different name. They are completely different products. This one here just came out at the end of January.


List of ingredients.


It looks like a normal tube, but when you open it, it has a pump. On the one hand, it’s a really great pump, you can control how much product you remove  very well. On the other hand, I suspect it’s going to be difficult getting anything out after you used up only about half of the product. :/


First little pump. The product says it comes with SPF 10. The description also says that it can be worn without moisturizer underneath, but recommends using moisturizer if your skin is very dry. It raves a lot about its color too. The words “rosy glow” show up several times. It says it has rosy particles and peachy ones, only it says so more poetic than I do. What I take away from it is to make sure not to use too much product to avoid looking too pinky/peachy. It most certainly is perfect for anyone with pink undertones.


Product spread out. Now why do I love it so much? First off, the color is pretty much perfect. It does give a healthy glow in the face, yet it looks like I got nothing on? I look like me, only better. This is so cliché, but it’s really the first product that ever made me feel this way.

Coverage is light, but it is there. My pores are perfectly covered. Any stronger blemishes, like acne scars, need concealer.

I wore it without anything underneath, with primer and with moisturizer. It depends on how dry my skin is, but I like it best without anything else. I can just slap it on and be done. My biggest problem this winter was that every foundation/bb cream emphasized my dry patches. This one does not. Dry patches will show up after several hours, but it’s nothing like with other products. This is what makes it win a special place in my heart.

The finish is dewy, but I didn’t feel like needing powder on top (note however, that I barely use powder). After a whole day my nose is surprisingly still not shiny. It does wear off on the nose the most though.

I am so going to wear this BB creme every day until summer. Then I’ll probably switch to the Clinique one (review upcoming).

Aok Blemish Balm

Aok Blemish Balm

I got this BB Cream by Aok in my Glossybox as shown here.


I have worn it on my face by now and I must say I am not impressed. Apart from the fact that it’s too dark, which is really not the product’s fault, it doesn’t cover anything. Applying it on my face gives me a little fresh color; surprisingly it wasn’t too noticeable on me. This is however also the problem. Something called a Blemish Balm, you would expect it to cover blemishes at least a little, wouldn’t you? Because if you had no blemishes on your face, you would not buy one. You would buy tinted moisturizer at best. Sadly, this product is way too sheer to cover anything.

I feel moisturized when I put it on and it doesn’t accentuate any dry areas, which is a problem I have lately, but apart from that I found it useless. So I put a regular foundation on top, making it a primer. I am of the opinion that it defeats the purpose if you have to put foundation on your BB Cream. However, as I have a full size of this thing I’m now going to use it as primer when I want to look less pale. I can not recommend the product, though.

Glossybox Austria/Österreich January/Jänner 2013 “Beauty Compass”

Glossybox Austria/Österreich January/Jänner 2013 “Beauty Compass”

Wow, my Glossybox came early! Usually when it’s sent off on Thursday I get it Monday or Tuesday. So here’s my immediate reaction post! It’s probably completely pointless writing this in English, seeing as it’s the Austrian edition of this box, but what can you do. Not about to switch languages in the middle of this blog.


The inside of my box. I was half asleep when I took these pics, the mailman woke me up. So what have we got here?


Elite Models Liner Perfection

A liquid liner with a felt tip. I strongly prefer felt tip liners over other liquids. The tip is super flexible, you’ll see what kind of lines you can make with this is my swatch pic. It’s not smudgeable, but it bleeds. It bleeds a lot, so I probably cannot wear it without a dark shadow in my crease to hide that. It’s a full size; the card says it costs 8,90 €.


Clarins Hydra Quench Cream

This is a sample size of 15 ml. I’d say you can barely ever go wrong with Clarins creams. I can’t wait to try it! Card says full size is 40,50 € per 50 ml.


GOT2B iStylers TEXTURE Clay

Ok I have no clue what a texture clay is supposed to be. Let’s take a look inside.


It smells nice, not too strong. I’m still not sure what to do with it? It’s a styling paste, anyway. It’s a full size; 6,29 € for 75 ml.


Modelco Lip Enhancer Illusion Lip Liner


Yes, this looks pretty useful. A nude colored lip pencil. 17 € for 1,5 g; another full size.


And last: AOK BB Cream in “hell” (=light)


I remember having had Aok face products against acne; I think they were were similar to the Clinique ones, only cheaper. I was going to buy a tinted moisturizer anyway, so I’ll try this instead. At first glance it’s too dark for me, but it blends lighter. Probably going to make bronzed look for this. If you’re even lighter than me (I’m between MAC NC 15 and NC 20) this is too dark. It’s probably good for NC 20 and upwards.

Now, what I expect from a BB Cream is lots: good coverage, moisture, sun protection; it should be better than tinted moisturizers, but let’s face it: here in Europe BB Cream is mostly the new name for tinted moisturizer. 😐 I’ll keep you updated on this one. I can already tell you one flaw of this product: it does not list a Sun Protection Factor! All BB Creams should have one, and not too low. Now, a look at the ingredients tells me that it has Titanium Dioxide and three different Iron Oxides. This means in my books that there is SPF in it, but it’s not listed anywhere on the product. I’m 75% sure that’s against some kind of packaging regulations here in the EU?

It’s a full size, 7,99 € for 50 ml.


Swatches: two different kind of lines with the liquid liner. Someone not clumsy can surely make art with it. Not me, though. The brown blob is the lip liner. It’s not as creamy as it could be. I must see how it is on my lips later.


The BB Cream; right unblended, left blended. A little bit goes a long way here; it’s going to take ages to use this up. Sadly, you can clearly see the difference to my skin tone. I can only use this to make myself darker. I might end up not using this at all.

All in all, this box came with 4 full sizes and is well worth the 18 € you pay for it. However, of the boxes I got so far it’s nowhere near among my favorites. I can only say for sure that I’ll use the Clarins cream. But maybe I will be surprised. Last box came with a concealer by Cosline that looked way to dark and its packaging fell apart at one nudge. Yet I carry it in my bag every day, because it turned out to be surprisingly useful and blendable.