All Used Up January 2018

All Used Up January 2018

Another month over and I have some empties to show:

Diorskin Forever Compact in the color 010: This is a great on the go powder, mattifying and with good coverage. I like it a lot better than the liquid Forever foundation. Sadly the lightest color is too dark for me and also a bit pinkish. I think the color is comparable to a MAC NW20. So instead of repurchasing the Forever I went for MAC’s Studio Fix powder instead. I think the quality of both is comparable, the Studio Fix is maybe more drying.

Then I’ve got an empty Diadermine two phase eye makeup remover: these removers are falling out of favor it seems. Nowadays you get a lot more all over removers, which makes sense because we don’t just have eye makeup to remove. But I do like having these around, for swatch removal and to get at waterproof liners and mascara. Anyway, this remover was very oily which helped in getting waterproof makeup off quickly. But the packaging was a terror. I always spilled the product, even though I made sure to put the pad under the bottle properly. It was very annoying.

Ebelin Wattepads: my favorite cotton pads.

La Juice Multifruit sheet mask: I already used the other two in december. I really liked those masks; they are easy to use and hydrate well and they smell nice without smelling like there is a ton of perfume in them.

J. Douglas & Söhne Shea & Vitamin Shower Gel: very nice shower gel, smells like shea butter. There are vitamins listed in the ingredients but I’m not sure how much difference they make in a product that is washed off instantly.

Batiste tropical dry shampoo: smells like coconut and a bit of pineapple. Very nice. Already repurchased.

Rexona Maximum Protection: the evil aluminum. But what can I say? It works.

Next I’ve got Eos lipbalm in strawberry scent. Ladies & Gents, I really don’t understand the hype. I mean the balm itself was of good, waxy quality. But the dome shape??? It’s more of a cat toy than a beauty product imho. Also it exposes too much of the product at once to air, so it goes bad very quickly. This never happens with normal chapstick. Get off my lawn and take your dome lip balm with you.

Lancaster Aquamilk Comforting Lip Balm: best. lip balm. ever. Seriously, this is soo good. I ran out in the middle of january and already miss it so badly, because now my lips are cracking. This has also lasted me very long, since you need only so little of the balm. It’s also the best lip primer, no additional product needed. Have not repurchased yet, because I’ve got some other stuff to use up first but I want to repurchase.

And last but certainly not least, my beloved Clarins liquid blush in the color Vitamin Pink: yes I used up two blushes in the span of three months. I feel very accomplished. It was just about time, too, because the pink one did start smelling funky. Liquids simply don’t last forever, but those did last a couple years so it’s all good. This were the best liquid blushes ever and I don’t understand why Clarins never made new colors. These blushes were LE. I also have the third one, Brown Fizz, but I barely used that one, the color is too dark for me.

It’ll probably be a while until you see more empty blushes on this blog, but I’m trying my hardest. 😉

Alright I know I said last, but I just found one more item:

This is the alverde clear Waschcreme Heilerde. This is a nice cream cleanser, it doesn’t really foam but I like that (cleansers that foam always iritate my skin). This is gentle and it gets the job done. I only used it on makeup free skin, though. This was my morning cleanser and I used it on evenings sometimes when I wore no makeup. This has a new design now, but I checked and the ingredients are still the same. I might even repurchase at some point in the future but now I have enough other cleansers.

Well, that was quite the list for a single month, making a good start. I’ve already got two empties for february as well, so we’ll see how many there are at the end of the month.

Alphabet Cream Central

Alphabet Cream Central

I was going to call this the BB & CC post, but then I saw that some companies are as far as EE by now, so umbrella term. In this post I will explain about BB and CC creams and list all reviews I’ve done on this blog.

In the last few years, double letter creams have popped up all over the place, every brand has one or more of them. So what are they?

A marketing gag, of course. All those creams might have been sold as foundations, tinted moisturizers or primers respectively, but the term BB Cream proved to sell, so that is what we got.


What are BB Creams?

The term ‘BB’ usually stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. They have been around in Asia for a while, and then someone discovered it for the western market. The very first Blemish Balm ever seems to have come from German brand Christine Schrammek, though. Lisa Eldridge tells us about the origin of BB Creams in this video.

In general, BB Creams include some sort of coverage, so they come in flesh tones (sometimes they are colorless in the tube and gain color upon application, for example the one from the Body Shop). They are also suposed to have skin care ingredients, making them the new generation of tinted moisturizers. They also usually contain SPF, but that ranges from very high to very low. Some don’t list SPF, but at least with all the creams I looked at they still contained some sort of sun protection ingredients. Creams created for the Asian market often also claim to have whitening properties.

Even with these three things in common, one BB Cream can be very different from the next. At the moment, some brands offer more than one BB Cream (Dior, Guerlain etc).

BB Creams I have reviewed on this blog:

Aok Blemish Balm

Biotherm Aqua Source BB Cream

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

Diorskin Nude BB Creme

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB

La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream


What are CC Creams?

Since BB Creams proved to be a seller, companies were on the lookout for the next big hit, and this sort of seemed like the logical consequence. The CC usually stands for Color Correction or Complexion Correction. I think the name operates on the assumption that Blemish Balm is for skin with pimples, and skin with age spots and such needs its own cream. Sometimes the marketing or SA will try to tell you that BB is for young and CC for mature skin, but frankly that is a gross overgeneralisation, also because I’m sure BB Creams weren’t really created with this in mind. (Compare Clinique‘s Age Defense BB Cream. And also, my approach for skin care is that anti-aging skin care is the best for skin with acne.)

The color correction is approached from two sides: one, the skin care side, which (hopefully) includes ingredients to help with pigmentation and discoloration from scars. Two, the cream itself is tinted to optically help with discolorations. And here we have two versions, lets call them Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 comes flesh-toned, just like BB Creams. That, like most BB Creams, makes them a form of tinted moisturizer or even foundation. Examples for Type 1 are Chanel‘s CC Cream, or the creams by Dr Brandt. Type 2, on the other hand, comes in pastel colors to color correct the skin before you put makeup on top. That means they are primers. Examples for this type are the CC Creams from YSL or MAC. Both have CC Creams in several different shades (lavender, peach etc), to combat different discolorations.

What do CC Creams have in common with each other? Pretty much only the tinted aspect (and even that is sometimes very slight, see Diadermine). They should all include skin care ingredients that help even out the complexion over time, but some contain more and some a whole lot less. SPF is also not a common denominator. Some have a high SPF, and some have none at all. I think they all should have some, because if you boast that you’re helping with pigmentation you should protect the skin from further UV damage. That’s just my personal opinion, though. So, really, CC Creams are all over the place, even more so than BB Creams.

CC Creams I have reviewed on this blog:

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum

Diadermine Lift+ CC

Dr Brandt CC Mat


Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream

Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream

I have given the Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream to my older sister. She has been using it ever since and so I thought I’d make a post about her thoughts on it.


Like I wrote before, this cream claims to be a day cream and a makeup base, putting it into the primer category of CC Creams. It also claims to help with pigmentation and to be “ultra” tightening.


It comes out almost colorless, unlike some other CC creams, which tend to have a visible color tint.


Spread out you can barely see it, but it has a slight pink shimmer. Since both shimmer and pigmentation are so low, it would work with all skin tones.

What my sister says:

She likes to apply it in the morning, then she doesn’t need any other moisturizer. She likes the way it looks on skin, not noticable but it does give a glow. Her favorite part is that she says her face tightens with this on, like there is less sagging. (I don’t know where my sis thinks there is sagging on her face, but it’s what she said.)

My sister also uses Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and she says those two are pretty similar.

And last, she also complains that there is no SPF in it. She doesn’t want to put yet another layer on. I very much agree about the SPF. If you claim to reduce pigmentation you can put SPF in your cream.

All Used Up in June ’14

All Used Up in June ’14


My first empty bottle in June was the BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier. Like, it ran out on June, 1st, just a day too late for my previous empties post. 😐 I’m still not sure what this thing actually is, it comes out as a golden conditioner-like cream, but it’s a leave in product. It contains argan oil and no silicones. It was very useful, since it was sort of conditioning the hair and giving a little volume as well and being a leave in product, it’s faster than something you have to wash out. I liked it and might buy a full size.


Diadermine Lift+ Hautverschönderndes Multi-Zonen Öl: This was a body oil in a spray bottle. At first I was super into it, it leaves the skin very soft. After a while it started to annoy me – the spray isn’t very directional and the oil ends up all over the place, including eyes and airways. 😩 Even when I put my hand right in front of the bottle, some of the oil ended up somewhere else. My mum also claims that the smell is terrible. Personally, I found the scent okay. But I wouldn’t buy another full size.


Clarins Creme Eclat du Jour/Daily Energizer Cream: I also have the matching facewash. The Daily Energizer line has a very lovely scent. This particular cream is very rich, I would only recommend it for dry skin. It moisturizes well, but I did not notice anything else. It’s a completely regular face cream, apart from the nice smell you can get something similar for less money.


Figs & Rouge Multi-Purpose Lip Balm Coco Rose: This was good. This was very good. I used it every day and it kept my lips soft and whole. The balm comes out a soft glossy pink with sparkle. This was pretty much the reason I did not use any lip gloss the last year. I’d just use this instead. I 100% recommend this, I only wish it had some sort of applicator or a better opening, because it comes out of the tube in a wide opening and I had to use my finger to apply.


Judith Williams Phytomineral Handcream: This a very rich hand cream with a thick texture in a bottle with a very small opening. Getting anything out is quite the muscle training. It was very good for my skin though. Operating touch screens is not possible after application, it needs a while to sink in.


Another Clarins, this time the Ultra Matte Rebalacing Lotion for oily skin: This is a lightweight mattifying cream. Despite being for oily skin, it did not feel drying on my cheeks. It’s the perfect summer face cream. It does mattify the skin, but if I used nothing else my nose would get shiny halfway through the day. There is also a version for combination skin, but since the version for oily skin has worked so well for me, I’d stick with it.


Daylong ultra sunscreen with SPF 25: I had several mini sizes and samples of this one. It goes on very lightweight and sinks into the skin fast. There is no greasy feeling afterwards. I could detect no scent, but the dog could (and kept on trying to lick it off). It comes out of the bottle yellow and while it hasn’t happened to me, it’s possible for this to stain clothes. Overall, it is a good product, but SPF 25 is too low for me. I also had one sample of the SPF 50 version for kids. That one has physical filters only (as kids sun screen always should) meaning that unlike the SPF 25, the 50 left a visible white cast on the skin. The texture of the SPF 50 was also harder to work in.

All in all, I would buy neither the SPF 25 nor the kids one, but I might check out their SPF 30 sunscreens sometime.


These were my June empties, if you made it down here, you get a virtual cupcake. 🙂

Glossybox Österreich MĂ€rz 2014

Glossybox Österreich MĂ€rz 2014


This morning I was surprised by a new Glossybox arriving. I had not expected it until much later in the month.


First look…


Syoss Keratin Style Primer: You’re expecting a rant now, aren’t you? Let’s take a look at the ingredients:


Sory for the bad pic. Basically, I am super surprised, I didn’t think Syoss had it in them. This looks to be an actually useful Keratin Spray!


Avene Hydrance Optimale Riche: A rich skin cream. I’ve never had anything from Avene before, looking forward to testing.


Sumita Brow Set: This is a clear brow wax pencil. I have not heard of this brand before.


Diadermine CC Cream: My first ever CC Cream! (I am expecting DD and EE Creams to be the break out items of 2015) So, for the uninitiated, CC stands for Color Corrective. Like BB Creams, CC Creams are all over the place in terms of what they do. For example, the Chanel CC Cream comes in only one color, yet it has pretty good skin colored pigmentation and can be used instead of a foundation. The new MAC CC Creams are colored primers (they come in soft colors like yellow or lavender), not much unlike their old colored primers. And this Diadermine Cream? It claims to be a day cream and make up base – so it’s a primer.


A dab of product proves that this is certainly not a foundation.


Spread out. It goes on colorless and is therefore fitting for everybody. I am not sure if you can see it here, but it has slight pinkish shimmer here and there. My verdict: this is an illuminating primer, hopefully with skin care benefits. I am deducting points for missing SPF, though. It claims to help with pigmentation, in my opinion this means there should also be SPF to prevent further pigmentation.


And last, Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer: This contains 100 ml, the Glossybox card says the full size has 250 ml. The brand name Nougat gives me a total cross wire with the pinkish color. I have a Pavlovian reflex to the word Nougat. Excuse me while I go search for some chocolate.


I have decided to compare this Nougat Shimmer Body Lotion to my Soap&Glory Glow Lotion. They both have the same claims: nice smell and shimmer to put strategically on your body, like down your shins.


Aplying globs of product onto my arm: While Soap&Glory has a pump dispenser , Nougat has a wide opening to dip the lotion out and the lotion is very runny. I had to snap this pic very fast before the lotion ended up on the background.


This is Soap&Glory spread out on my arm. It leaves a slightly peachy shimmer.


And since I got way too much out of the Nougat one, I had to spread it pretty much all over. So this is an awkward shot of my upper arm. You can see that this Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer  leaves you pretty sparkly. I’d certainly not call this a shimmer. This is a sparklepire lotion.

Regarding the scents of these two lotions: Soap&Glory smells like Malibu Beach Barbie. The Nougat scent is a lot more subtle, a little rosy.


Overall, I am surprised by this box. The majority of it is pretty useful.

Favorites of 2013

Favorites of 2013

The year has almost come to an end.Time to look back!

I made a list of the beauty things I enjoyed most this year; then I removed everything that I did not get in 2013, else it would have been an all time-favorites list instead of a 2013 list. While not everything on the list came out in 2013, I still think it makes a good representative.


Base: Diorskin Nude BB Creme

Blush: Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel, Lancome Blush in Love

Eyes: Benefit They’re real, YSL Palette in Classy, Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner (1 2 3), Chanel Stylo Eyeshadows

Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Chic, Pygmalion; Lancome Baume in Love in A la folie, cherry, YSL Rouge Pour Couture in Rose Lyrique, Maybelline 14h stay lipsticks

Skin Care

Hands/Body: Balea Hand Creams, Diadermine Body Oil

Face: Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum, Lancome Visionnaire Serum, Lancome Eau Micellaire Doceur


Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo, BC Boncacure Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier


OPI Alcatraz
 Rocks, What Wizardry is this?, Essie For The Twill Of It, Penny Talk, YSL Jade Imperial, Guerlain Ultraviolet Top Coat


Prada Candy L’Eau, Marc Jacobs Honey

Glossybox Österreich Oktober 2013

Glossybox Österreich Oktober 2013


I’ll leave out the ads and the Glossymag from October’s Glossybox.

After a first look at the whole box, here are the products on their own:


Balance Me shine on tinted lip salve: a slightly tinted (color not very visible on lips) balm that doubles as gloss. It contains peppermint and spearmint, and this is also what it smells and tastes like. It is not sticky at all on the lips. I can’t say yet how nurturing it is. full size.


Back view with ingredients.


Naobay Oxygenating Cream: moisturizer; another organic brand. Sample size of 30 ml (but the full size has only 50 ml).


Back view. Ingredients look pretty good for winter.


Diadermine Hautverschönerndes Multi-Zonen Öl: Body Oil with pump spray! Very happy to try this! Another great product for a “we’re slowly moving into winter” box. full size.

edited to add: just showered and used this; then immediately retired my current body lotion. This one will get used to the last drop. (note of caution: close your eyes when spraying on your upper body, tis not pleasant to get in the eye)




Syoss 10 in 1 Essential Wonder (Wunderkur): oh, COME ON. This feels like the 456783th hair spray thingy. It claims to restore your hair and it also claims 9 other things (hence the 10 in 1). full size.


Back view, sorry it was not possible to get a good pic. The ingredients include several types of silicone. Other things, too, but that’s all I need to know about it. Every single “Oh, I’ll repair your hair, it’ll be like new” product contains silicone. And it never ends well. Let me tell you a thing about hair: it is dead. It cannot and never will repair itself. If it is damaged you have two options: cut it off or hide the damage behind a veil of silicone. Sure, with silicone you won’t see the damage (or see less of it) but it will still be there. And behind that veil, the hair will not get any better. /2cents


And last: Alien by Thierry Mugler! A super cute miniature of the famous perfume.

All over, a great box. Lots of nurturing stuff for when it gets colder plus a heavy perfume. I’m not happy about the hair product, but not everyone has these hang-ups about silicone. I do think I got enough conditioning sprays to last me about five years (if I used them). So it would be nice to see something else for a while. By the way, Glossybox, I could need an eye cream for a change. 😉

Glossybox Österreich April 2013

Glossybox Österreich April 2013

Believe it or not, but I received my Glossybox for April this morning! 😐

I’ll still make a post for it even though it’s so late, because my blog keeps on being hit by the search term “Glossybox April”. So here it is:



Balance Me super toning body wash: never heard of this brand, interested to try out.


Modelco Eyeshadow duo palette in bronzed goddess: I immediately put it on today, and was not amused at first when I tried to take the eyeshadow with my Bobbi Brown shadow brush – and it wouldn’t go on the brush. It was impossible to get it on the lid with a brush. Then I tried it with my finger and it was like a revelation! It goes on super pigmented and creamy. I put the light one on my lid (on top of primer) and the darker in the crease. The colors are gorgeous, and they stayed all day with minimal creasing. This duo is certainly a winner and I can take it for travels without having to bother with packing brushes. (full size)


Bama Gel Pads: useful (full size; 1 pair)


Alessandro pedix feet heel rescue balm: also useful; I just hope it doesn’t smell too much like feet cream.


Gliss Kur (Schwarzkopf) ultimate oil elixir serum: A hair repair serum with argan oil and gold shimmer particles. It can be put on wet or dry hair. That would be useful in theory, but the small print says to not use it on bleached hair and my hair is bleached. 😩 I’m afraid it would ruin my hair/disturb the color job so I’ll probably give it away. That said I love the argan oil trend and want all the argan oil products! (full size)



Diadermine gentle face soap: this looks to be a great product and it can also be used on the body. I usually always use liquid soap, so a soap bar is going to be a new one for me. (full size)


A tester of YSL Manifesto: smells like a typical YSL to me, I mean different from the others but still very YSL.


All in all, a very balanced box with great products and it came in a proper box. If now only they manage to send me a box AND send it in the right month I will be in love with Glossybox Austria again. 🙂