MAC Grand Illusion Lipcolor

MAC Grand Illusion Lipcolor

A while ago MAC had this display with new glossy lipcolors, the Grand Ilusion Lipcolors. To be honest I don’t know if they were LE or not, but even now that the display is gone you can still get them, so hopefully I’m not too late here.

Originally I got Broken Halo (silver with multichrome shimmer), and the red looking one here is Let’s Rock, which actually belongs to my sis. Let’s Rock is a lighter red (was hard to photograph) with green shimmer.

Then I got this one later on:

Ah, look at it! Rave Bunny, a light pink with blue shimmer.

Swatches of Let’s Rock and Broken Halo.

Swatch of Rave Bunny.

So in my books, these are glosses, even if MAC sorts them among the lipsticks on their site. Yes, the color is almost opaque, but the finish is still super glossy and does not dry down, which makes them glosses. They feel different from MAC’s other glosses, less sticky, more slick. They last fairly well for a gloss, too. I get like three hours of wear time which I think is great for a gloss.

They are supposed to have a cooling effect, which. You know the body can’t actually tell hot from cold, that’s just in your brain? This stuff gives off intense tingling, like from a strong mint. My lips interpret this as ‘chili’, so much that I got hungry for spicy food and ate some and I can confirm chili sauce on your lips feels not identical but very similar. So, tbh the cooling effect is basically a pain response, which can’t be too healthy for your skin. Luckily this tingling stops after about ten to fifteen minutes. I could have done without that effect.

But that’s the worst thing I can say about these, otherwise I loved them which is why I went back to get the pink one. After the tingling is done these are pretty moisturizing, combined with usable lasting power and beautiful shimmer. Broken Halo does pale down the lips considerably and gives off the finest pink shimmer. I have also worn it over matte lipsticks, which looks so good but is hard to touch up. Worn alone it’s pretty editorial and I like it that way.

Despite the green shimmer, Let’s Rock is the more wearable color between the two. Some may not even notice the shimmer is green, interpeting it as yellow gold. Let’s Rock is sparklier than the other two, which have the very finest shimmer.

And lastly, my absolute fave, Rave Bunny. It’s just so bubblegum pink and the blue shimmer is really intense (stronger in artificial light).

I can’t believe MAC actually made me like lip glosses!!! Those fiends! Luckily the majority of the other colors didn’t look good on me. The more normal colors were too dark on me, but will look stunning on deeper skin tones. Some of the lighter colors were not to my taste and some colors were too outlandish even for me. Yes I am willing to wear matte green lipstick, but green gloss is were I draw the line, apparently.

I greatly recommend Rave Bunny for pink with a twist and Let’s Rock for transparent red with a twist. Broken Halo is more for the androids and alien queens.

Now if MAC could do these without the ‘cooling’ they’d be perfect.


Nyx Cosmic Metals Celestial

Nyx Cosmic Metals Celestial

Hello, let’s brighten our monday with some more metallic lips, shall we?

This is a tube of Cosmic Metals by Nyx, the shade is called Celestial (CMLC13).

It has a regular flocked applicator, although it is a bit fluffier than others I think. The product is very goopy and always sticks to the end like in the picture.

Swatch. The color is a warm gold. And yes, it is a lip gloss. On the packaging they call it lip cream, but come on guys, this is a gloss. It has that typical plush glossiness you can only ever get with lip gloss. The color is opaque though and for a lip gloss it lasts surprisingly well. But it’s still a gloss, so don’t expect it to be long lasting. I get about two hours, mayyyyybe three.

Is it metallic? I say yes, of course this is a gold color with gold shimmer, so that wasn’t too hard, but most of the other shades in the cosmic metals range look metallic as well. This range also has very cool colors like blues and greens and such. They look pretty but since the lasting power isn’t that great I decided to stick to a lighter color. It’s just not a liquid lipstick (even though a SA tried to claim that, don’t listen to them) and to be honest I’m not a big gloss wearer. If I were, I would get some of the more outlandish colors, because they are super opaque and they do last longer than regular glosses. They are also very pretty.

The gloss has no discernible taste or smell, which is great. The product is goopy and feels thick on the lips and is sticky – that’s what helps to keep it on. The lips feel moisturized while wearing it and in the evening the skin doesn’t feel like it wants to pop off. If there is a rest of product still on when you take your makeup off it is best to take it off seperately with some micellar water or else you’ll smear the goop all over the place.

Verdict: try out if you like opaque glosses.

essence Glossy Kiss: Cherry Kiss and Berry Kiss

essence Glossy Kiss: Cherry Kiss and Berry Kiss


More products from last year’s advent calendar: essence glossy kiss. On the front the tube says lip balm, but on the back it says lip gloss. I guess it’s sort of both. It’s a gloss, but also completely non-sticky. It feels more like a nourishing oil, really.


It’s got the typical tube gloss opening.


Swatch of Cherry Kiss. It comes out bright red, but as you can see, sheers out into pretty much nothing. There is no shimmer.


Lip swatch of Cherry Kiss. The color mostly settles in lip lines.


And this is Berry Kiss.


Swatch of Berry Kiss shows it’s Barbie pink with lots of shimmer, and the color also sheers out mightily.


Lip swatch of Berry Kiss. It has less color to begin with, so nothing settles in lip lines. The shimmer is somewhat visible.

Despite the fact that both are barely visible on lips, they stain like crazy on everything your lips come in contact with – glasses, your skin, other people’s skin etc. I suddenly had pink fingers and no clue why until I remembered I was wearing this gloss and must have touched my lips without even noticing.

Lasting power was close to zero: Maybe half an hour, if even.

I think the biggest selling point of these must be the scent & taste, which is exactly like you would expect from the names: fake cherry candy and fake berry candy. The target group is probably young teenagers who I think might like this sort of thing?

All Used Up March 2016

All Used Up March 2016

Another month over (time flies) and I had quite a few empties:


Okay, admittedly, this isn’t used up as you can see. This is a  Glassy Lip Gloss from Rouge Bunny Rouge. I liked it quite a bit, quality gloss. Sadly, the packaging, even though it felt like it was good quality also, broke. The applicator broke off from the rest of the cap in a way that the whole thing didn’t close tightly anymore. I had lip gloss all over the place and was afraid the gloss would go bad from exposure as well. So I said bye. 😦


I used up a sample of Lush Softy, a foot cream. Softy is a thin cream, but it still works very well so you need only  a little bit for the whole foot. It made the skin, like the name promises, softer. The reason I won’t be buying a full size is that it has a strong smell of rosemary and thyme and I don’t like smelling like Hannibal Lecter’s latest victim.


A mini size of Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes: This is THE va-va-vom lashes mascara! Length and volume in one stroke. Two and more coats can give really intense lashes. The brush took some getting used to, because it is long and very thick at the same time. At first I was poking myself in the eye, but once I got the hang of it it worked. I did the first coat with the thick half and then added with the tip. I might buy a full size, although it did smudge on me a little. Not really bad, and probably not noticable, but I have mascaras that don’t smudge at all on me. So despite the really good result it’s not an insta-buy for me. Might splurge when I see it reduced, though.


And since it’s me, your resident hand cream addict, there’s a hand cream named Blush from Accentra. It claims to smell like Velvet & Vanilla, but really it had a sort of coconutty scent. It is nice, but nothing special. Kept my hands soft.


List of ingredients.


A Marionnaud Lip Balm: the sort of purchase when you need one more item to get a discount… it was okay, but not very good either. Strong vanilla scent.


Davidoff Silver Shadow EdT: I have a few cool waters, but I didn’t know Silver Shadow existed until I found this sample. Guys, this is really good! Considering this can be found in the ‘male’ section, this is actually very fruity. At first it starts sort of metallic, but then the heart is his intense fruit salad, and then it gets powdery. This sounds like the components don’t really go together and maybe they don’t. But the powder and the metal balance the strong fruits, making them bearable. There’s of course not really a metal note in it, it’s the cedar combined with the spices that give the impression to me.

I’ll probbaly end up with a full bottle sooner or later. Perfumer is Francis Kurkdjian.


And then I used up another sample, but that one gets it’s own review on friday. It’s Guerlain‘s new Aqua Allegoria, Pera Granita.


essence liquid lipstick in show off

essence liquid lipstick in show off

essence liquid lipstick

The items on essence and Catrice counters change so fast I can’t keep up with them and so I usually don’t buy much. But when I found liquid lipsticks at the essence counter I decided to try one. The color is 04 show off!

essence liquid show off swatch

Swatch. This is a single swipe. Very pretty strawberry red color. The product has a strong vanilla smell.

Show off! is one of those liquid lipsticks that applies glossy and stays glossy. It is pigmented and applies a little thick. I found it sticky on the lips. The problem with this one is that after a while it starts moving around. I didn’t like the look of the gloss after half an hour. However, it also left a stain. A really strong stain, too. I had real trouble getting it off.

So, this essence liquid lipstick is for those who want a glossy stain that is dirt cheap. Those who are used to more expensive makeup will probably not be happy with it (since it moves around) but those aren’t the target group of essence anyway.

In all honesty, I am currently moving house and this liquid lipstick will not be coming along with me.

Rituals La Vie En Rose Smooth Coral lip gloss

Rituals La Vie En Rose Smooth Coral lip gloss

Rituals Gloss

Let’s stay on the topic of lip gloss. Isn’t this packaging super cute? This is the La Vie en Rose gloss in Fresh Coral by Rituals…

Rituals Gloss 2

And this is what the tube looks like.

Rituals Gloss 3

It’s one of those squeeze tube lip glosses. That makes it less directional than the kind with seperate applicator but in this case it’s okay. The color is on the sheer side so mistakes aren’t that visible. 😉 I also sometimes use my finger to apply instead, but then you’ve got a sticky finger and gloss is annoying to wash off.

Rituals Gloss 4

Swatch. Fresh Coral is exactly what it claims: a fresh coral. The color gets sheer when applied, so your lip color will shine through. There is golden shimmer in the gloss, which is visible on the lips.

This gloss is a cross between makeup and skin care; there are a few nourishing oils in it. It feels a little sticky on the lips. Lasting power is normal for a gloss: two hours tops. It smells fruity, like grapefruit candy. I highly prefer my glosses scentless. Apart from the smell I think this is a really good gloss; good glossy finish and a slight hint of color.

I wore it a lot this summer. It goes so well with coral clothes and bronzer.

This was my first ever Rituals product. Do you have anything from Rituals?

Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer Candy Strip

Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer Candy Strip

Guerlain Gloss Candy Strip

I got this lovely thing as a GWP a few weeks ago: a mini size (4,2 ml) of Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer in the color 468 Candy Strip (sometimes listed only as Candy). I’m not a big gloss wearer, but this summer I didn’t feel much like putting on lots of makeup and a dab of gloss is quick and pretty.

Guerlain Gloss

I was so eager to use this that I didn’t manage to take a pic of the unused product, sorry. 😦

Guerlain Gloss Applicator

The applicator of Gloss D’Enfer is a nomal one. It works very well.

Guerlain Gloss Swatch

Swatch. Candy Strip is pigmented, so you’re ending upwith a raspberry pink lip. There is very small shimmer in, but not very visible. The finish is very glossy. Lasting power is normal for a gloss, so I’d say about two hours. Does not survive drinking or eating. It does not stain the lips.

This gloss is not sticky on the lips. It almost feels more like a rich balm. No discernible smell or taste. 🙂

It’s not a thick gloss, by which I mean it does not form a sleek film. Instead it sinks into all lines, looking uneven. Honestly, the older you are, the worse it’s going to look. My perfect lipgloss would have the feel and smell of this lip gloss while looking like YSL lip gloss.

In a nutshell: good feel, no smell/taste, good color payoff, uneven finish

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Beige Aquarelle

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Beige Aquarelle

Dear Reader,

today I will finally tackle this review that has been in the making ever since I started this blog.


Today I will be talking about this YSL item, the Vernis a levres in the color Beige Aquarelle 19. I ran out to buy it back when they were new and, well, the reason it took me so long to do a review is because – I don’t like it. The vernis a levres were so popular when they got out and going so strong I thought it might be me and not the product who was at fault. But it’s time to admit I tried to get along with it often enough and we won’t be friends.


The applicator; probably the best thing about it. It is easy to work with. The color on the other hand… what was I thinking?


Sure, applied on my ghostly pale wrist it looks like a happy petal pink with slight shimmer. The shimmer is very low key though, just as I like it. However, on my lips… There is no way to wear this and not look like a corpse with gloss. 😐 The color isn’t even that far from Beige Nu, but that one is just the tad darker to make it a proper nude instead of dead.

Apart from the color, I am not a fan of the rest either. The texture is too sticky*, yet it doesn’t last longer than two hours on my lips. I know these are supposed to be glossy stains, leaving behind a hint of color when the gloss fades, but possibly due to the light color, that’s not happening.

I know I’m not a big fan of glosses in general, so that may be tinting my view, but I’d rather wear regular lipgloss instead of this. The only plus point the Vernis a Levres have over the Gloss Volupte is that they come in a much subtler scent.

So, my dear reader this is why although I am a huge fan of YSL, you never hear about the Vernis a levres on this blog. I prefer the lipsticks; and if it has to be a liquid formula, the Baby Doll Kiss&Blush, and even the Gloss Volupte, despite the garish scent.

xx, the dandy gal


*I’m not sure if sticky is the right word; it feels like I slathered my lips in something thick, like pudding. Very distracting.

Winter Favorites

Winter Favorites

Better late than never, here’s what I love to wear in winter:


On top of the picture, that’s not a cat, it’s a cap knit by my mom; I got it for x-mas. Because chilly air is no good, so I almost always wear a knit hat. 🙂

On the far right I put a tube of hand cream. Regular reads will know I am a hand cream fiend and in winter I need more protection than usual. Next to it, my new Clarins lip oil. Any lip balm might have worked for this compilation, but it’s new and really good so it made the cut.


On to the makeup: these are what I wore most often when it was chilly and snowy. Underneath the lip oil, The YSL Palette City Drive Arty. The colors are pretty chilly if you ask me. I don’t use it often, but lately I was in the mood for chilly. The tube next to it is another YSL, the Dare to Glow Liquid Highlighter in Naughty Pink. It’s such a pity these were limited edition, it’s the best liquid highlighter I know.

On top there is the MAC powder blush in Easy Manner, sadly another LE item. It was part of a past Holiday Collection. I loved it in the store, took it home and at home… I could barely see it. I was disappointed and chucked it in the back of the makeup drawer. Much later I pulled it out again and it was magic! It gives a wonderful peachy pink flush, pinker than you’d expect from the pan. This story shows how important it is to have a good blush brush. In this case, one that isn’t too loose. Anyway, I think this is a perfect winter blush.

Next is Guerlain Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer Highlighter in Sunny Pink. It’s a coral blush with lots of golden shimmer. I’m pretty sure Guerlain released this in the summer, but the time I need this most is winter. This is my patented recipe for gloomy days when the sun refuses to even rise and you’re stuck in cold and dark. Putting this on, instant light!

Next to it is a lip gloss by Isadora, the Express Star Gloss in Reflecting Peach. I’m not much of a gloss wearer, but in winter when it’s freezing and snowy I suddenly feel the need for sparkles, that’s when I reach for this one (or the one from Rouge Bunny Rouge, which goes very well with the Terracotta Blush).

Last item here is Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Crystal. I use it as base underneath the YSL palette, or on its own for a snow queen look.

Basically, in winter I am a fan of two things: lots and lots of shimmer and sparkles, and pastels. That’s why I am glad that Spring Collections come out in January. By the time real spring rolls around, I’m already in the mood for stronger colors. I guess what I showed you up there is the shimmer edition. Please note I’m not wearing all of this at the same time, that’d look a little weird. I was mostly reaching for these when there was snow on the ground. Except for the MAC blush – I wear it whenever, all through the season.

This time I added no nail polish since I’d already shown you my color picks in a previous post. As for perfume, I forgot to add one. Something cozy like Eau de Shalimar maybe, although I also wore ‘cold’ perfumes a lot, like Eau de Gaga or Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere.

What are your picks for chilly weather? Dark and moody, or shimmery and light?

Clarins Spring 2015: Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Clarins Spring 2015: Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

The newest trend in cosmetics is tinted lip oils. Clarins and YSL offer them in their spring collections and I decided I needed at least one:


My choice fell to the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil | Eclat Minute Huile Comfort Levres in 01 Honey. Clarins offers two colors: honey and raspberry; they have matching scents. Honey will be permanent, raspberry is LE! But I decided that I have enough balms and lipsticks in raspberry hues and the smell of honey was so lovely.


Packagingwise, the lip oils are almost identical to the Instant Light blushes which were a limited edition a few springs ago. Only the cap is slightly different, but the applicator is the same.


It’s an unusually big applicator for lips, but it worked for me. I put it to the middle of my lower lip to deposit product and then spread around by pressing my lips together. While it’s called an oil, it is much closer to lip gloss. In fact you use it exactly like lip gloss, it can be applied on the naked lips or on top of lipstick.


Swatch. The yellow oil obviously doesn’t have much color and if it left a light yellow stain you wouldn’t notice it. On the lips it looks like a clear gloss. It also wears like a gloss. Lasting power is about two to three hours unless you eat or drink. But when the gloss has worn off, the lips are still being nourished. I guess the oils have sunk into the skin. To keep my lips soft I need to reapply maybe twice a day, if even.

I wore it for two days and it has healed my badly cracked lips in that time. It is cold here and I was ill and my lips were bleeding. But now they’re all all soft and I haven’t even worn it today. The only bad thing about this lip oil is that it hasn’t been released sooner! Where have you been all my life!!! Massive recommendation. Much better than any balm I own.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss Crisp Sorbet

Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss Crisp Sorbet


Happy Krampus day! Today I want to show you my favorite lip gloss: Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss in Crisp Sorbet 055. First off, the packaging is already so great. Not only does it have a pretty feather (or is it a flower?) on, it’s a nice sturdy tube that closes with a satisfying click.


Regular applicator.


Swatch. It’s a colorless gloss with lots of fine coral/pink shimmer.

The gloss is slightly tacky on the lips, but I like that. For a lipgloss it is long lasting, it even survives a small meal. I like using it in the winter because when it’s really dark I start reaching for more shimmer and this matches nicely to my Terracotta blush highlighter. But also because I feel like it isn’t drying.

It has a slight smell, but I can’t detect it after application. It’s nowhere near as nasty as the smell of YSL’s Gloss Volupté.

The one thing I hate about lipgloss is how my hair always sticks to it. So I mostly wear it when I got my hair in a bun or pony tail. That’s the reason you don’t see a lot of lip gloss on here. But the hair issue is really the only downside to this lovely Rouge Bunny Rouge gloss.

Availability: The Glassy Gloss are still available, but I’m not sure about the particular color.

YSL Gloss Volupté Beige Nu

YSL Gloss Volupté Beige Nu


The last item I picked up from YSL‘s current fall collection was the Gloss Volupté Pure in 210 Beige Nu. There are several more lip products, beiges and browns and whatnot. There’s one for everyone. This pick is unusual for me for two reasons: firstly I am not one for gloss. I do own glosses, but I am usually more into lipsticks. Secondly I am wary of anything with “beige” in the name. Beiges and nudes are hard to pull off for me, I feel like they pale me down too much. But as you can see up there, Beige Nu isn’t all that beige. It’s more a mauvey, dusty pink.


The curvy applicator. It’s actually shaped like lips.


Finally, a swatch. This gloss is completely without sparkle. What you see in the swatch is simply light reflection from the glossyness.

I like the color on my lips. It’s nude, but not paled down. I also really like the shiny look without any shimmer. I feel like this gloss makes my lips look bigger, which is always a welcome effect.

Weartime is okay for a gloss; it doesn’t survive drinking.

And this is the part where you can tell it’s my first ever YSL gloss: Man, that thing is perfumed! At first I didn’t realize where the smell came from and went like “what the hell is this?”. It’s very strong and fruity. During testing I got some of it into my mouth and it has a strong taste as well. Do you know that feeling when you’ve eaten pineapple and your mouth is all prickly? That’s what this gloss is like. I am not entirely sure if this is the case for everyone, I might be allergic to it? But I’ve seen many a blogger complaining about the smell at least.

So a huge plus for the color and look, but a huge minus for smell and feel. I won’t buy another YSL gloss. (I have not had this reaction to any other of their lip products, be it lipsticks, the kiss & blush or the vernis a levres.) I’m sad about it, because colorwise this would be a wonderful every day item. But I can’t deal with a prickly mouth every day. And this is why makeup and skin care should be unscented. If I want to smell like YSL, I’ll douse myself in their perfume!



For a reason unknown to me, lots of stores had 20% off or 30% off yesterday and I went a little trigger happy:


I meant to buy shoes or a jacket, but the shoes weren’t in my size and the jacket was too short so what went home with me was:

OPI Little Northies: a mini selection of their Fall Collection. I liked pretty much all colors of the collection, but I couldn’t decide, so a selection was very helpful. Also, it’s not like I ever used up a full size bottle. Colors included are My Dogsled is a Hybrid (minty seafoam green), Do you have this Color in Stock-holm? (blueish purple), My Voice is a Little Norse (glitter), and How Great is your Dane? (Chocolate brown with a slight greyish tint). Swatches might take a while.


Back of the Little Northies pack.

I also picked up Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia, because I’ve been eyeing it for half a year and the SA said they put it on sale because they weren’t being restocked anymore. They also had Flora Nerolia on sale, which has been discontinued for years, but I didn’t take it because how much perfume can one person need? Back at home of course I really wanted it. 😐 (Review of Lys Soleia coming later)

And last I picked up two more items from YSL‘s Fall Collection: Rouge Pur Couture The Mats 208 Fuchsia Fetiche and Gloss Volupté Pure 210 Beige Nu. Last year I super into Chanel’s Fall Collection, this year I’m super into YSL. Reviews and swatches coming later. A preview:


Beige Nu is right at the bottom, Fuchsia Fetiche is second from top.

Douglas Box of Beauty Juni 2014

Douglas Box of Beauty Juni 2014

This is how you beauty box:



As an extra I received a sample of a Terry de Gunzburg perfume, Bleu Paradis.


The actual box.


A sample of Artdeco nail growth activator.


Nivea sun protect & bronze sun screen SPF 30: hurray, I’ve been hoping for sun screen, because I was about to run out!


Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme eau de parfum. A big box for a small sample, haha. It’s a sweet oriental, I like it.


Annemarie Börlind Lifting Serum: a 10 ml sample.


And finally, Shiseido laquer gloss in baby doll (PK 304)!


Swatch! It’s a subtle color on the lips and it feels great.


The douglas box is still not a subscription box in Austria. It is available six times a year and everytime you have to make the conscious decision to order it (and then you have to be lucky enough to get it, it is very limited). I think that and the low price of 10 € including shipping makes it the best box available in Austria. Plus the fact that out of the three boxes I ordered so far, none contained hair products! (There was at least one box that I didn’t order because it said there was going to be shampoo in, so the infos you get beforehand are pretty useful as well).

Every other box service, take notes!

benefit The Bronze of Champions

benefit The Bronze of Champions

Benefit has lots of pretty looking and cool sounding products. And then they have these really awesome kits with several of their products in smaller sizes. These are perfect for people like me, who want to try all the things and never use the big sizes up. Naturally, I have several of these kits and today I want to show you my personal absolute favorite of everything benefit, the Bronze of Champions set.


The packaging alone is to die for, not only is it pretty funny to look at, but it also very sturdy. This is my go to travel make up set and I have thrown it into my suitcase without care often enough and it still looks like this.


When I’m home I put it into my book case sometimes. Click to enlarge and read.


So, what’s in it?


Going by the numbers benefit put there: First there’s eyeshadow, one cream and one powder. The colors are bikini-tini and thanks a latte.

Then the bronzer, hoola, the highlighter watt’s up, the mascara they’re real and last the lipgloss also named hoola.

Basically, you’ve got a whole bronze and highlighting look there. For travels I pretty much only pack up foundation and concealers, my brow stuff and regular powder in addition to this.



On top is the highlighter, watt’s up, underneath the cream shadow bikini-tini and next the powder shadow thanks a latte. Yes, the cream eyeshadow is lighter than the highlighter. Of course you can always switch stuff around as you like it. I have made the experience that neither the cream nor the powder shadow have much staying power on their own. However layered they last very well on me, no additional base needed.

The last two are the hoolas, the matte bronzer and the lipgloss. The bronzer works perfectly for pale skin. I’m not sure how it would be for darker skin, but it can be layered. The lipgloss comes out looking like caramel, but you can see it spreads out to be colorless with only bronze sparkle in it. Like most lipglosses it doesn’t last very long. It comes with a sugary scent. I actually like that scent and I’m usually picky about that.

I forgot to take pics of the mascara, but you’ve probably read reviews of it before. It creates va va voom lashes and it does not smudge or crumble on me.

All in all this is a useful set and everything goes very well together.

Not used up

Not used up

I did not have any empties in April, but I did spring cleaning, so let me show you products I used, but then chucked away half full.


alverde Blond Conditioner Hopfenblüte Honig: I liked this conditioner, it made hair super soft and easy to brush. But I used it only occassionally (would make hair limp if used too often) and I’ve had it forever and a day and it smelled funky when I found it in the back of the cabinet. So it had to go, but it was not a bad product at all.


Kanebo Sensai Prime Solution: This was supposed to be an additional step in moisturizing, used before any other products to make them work better. I had suspicions it broke me out. It probably didn’t, but it didn’t have any positive effects either. Usually I would let it lie for a few months and then try again. However, the product is impossible to get out. This thing has no pump, and it’s made from several layers of hard plastic, making it impossible to squeeze even a tiny bit. If it was liquid enough to come out on its own, that would be okay. But it was such a hassle getting even the slightest bit of product out, that I decided to give up.



bebe more Fresh Eyes & Face make up remover: it does remove eye make up very well and did not burn inside of my eye. However, it burned on my skin and made it very red. The next day, my skin would be very dry and peel off. This thing is supposed to be for sensitive skin. I beg to differ. I stopped using and chucked it away because I was afraid it would ruin my skin. It took me two weeks of using to come to this decision. I was very determined to like it, and it does remove make up well. But no, wasn’t worth it.



bebe more brighten up: possibly the worst skin cream I have used, ever. It gives pretty much no moisture at all. It is also highly reflective and not in the good way. It makes you look oily even if your skin is dry. So in my eyes, this makes it unsuitable for any skin type.



The Body Shop 100% natural lip roll on: Tastes sweet. Does not do anything else at all. Gives no moisture or protection. My lips cracked a lot and so I threw it out.



alverde liquid rouge: started to smell funky. That’s always a chance with liquid makeup, sadly.

Both alverde products were long past their ‘best before’ dates.


The only reason the great majority of Glossybox hair stuff isn’t on there is that I didn’t even open them. I only list things I really tried to use up but couldn’t. By the way, I have unsubscribed from Glossybox for now. I have a backlog to go through and their quality isn’t what it used to be. I might get weak with the one time boxes, though.

All used up: this summer

All used up: this summer

I’ve been slacking off with these posts so here’s a big compendium. I’m trying to keep it shorter than usual. I think it’s pretty amazing how many things I use up in three months, even if most of them are samples.


Clinique repairwear laser focus: a good serum, not as wowing as the biotherm blue therapy serum, but almost. no scent. big plus: can be used on the eye area and I didn’t need additional eye cream.


Biotherm aquasource nuit: a nourishing gel. I used it day and night, it was lightweight (unlike your average night cream, but since it’s a gel – perfect). would certainly buy full size (if I ever run out of samples to try that is)


click to read the ingredients on full size.


Biotherm aquasource 24h cream: this is for normal/combination, there’s also one for dry skin. it’s okay, but I liked the nuit version better.




Biotherm blue therapy cream spf 15: I was very impressed by the blue therapy serum, but the cream is average imho.


ingredients (sorry for the blurry pic)


Balea Q10+Omega Handcreme: this is an anti aging hand cream with SPF 10. very nourishing, very cheap and I’ll probably repurchase.


Balea Young body cream Zuckerschnute: oh my. like the picture tries to tell you, this smells of candy, but not fruity as one might believe, more like nutty things? Sorry I can’t really describe, it’s a very fake sweet scent. my 12 year old self would have loved it. my adult self will not repurchase and remember next time that Balea Young IS for 12 year olds. as body creams go, it was good and rich.



Nivea Aqua effect Reichhaltige Tagescreme SPF 15 for dry skin: I also had the sample for oily skin, which was very drying. this one here is really good for dry skin. it’s a typical nivea cream product in my opinion. typical smell, typical feel.


Aldo Vandini shine&volume: despite the name, this is not a hair product, it’s a pink tinted lip gloss. I found it nicely moisturizing.


Florena anti age hand cream: Great cream, sadly no SPF which I would expect in an anti aging product for hands.


Kamill Hand&Nagelcreme anti age: this on the other hand, claims to have sun protection, but lists no SPF. not sure what to think about that. a little thinner than the Florena one up there, the scent is super sweet. and yes, that means I go through 75ml hand cream per month. what can I say, I am neurotic about hand washing and that makes my hands super dry. I think I should try to buy bigger sizes.


Kamill ingredients.


mentadent white now mouth wash: a disappointment. it claims to make your teeth whiter, while admitting the effect is temporary only. the product was electric blue so I guess it tried to cover the yellow in teeth with the blue. I saw no difference at all and only used it up because I am stubborn. would not recommend this to anyone.


And for last: Vichy Capital Soleil after sun lotion: this only came in my Glossybox in June and I am sad to see it go. very useful product, slightly cooling, great smell, very moisturizing. can be used all over the body including the face. instead of taking any face cream to my vacation I used this. big recommendation.


Aaaand that was my huge post of used up items. you can see, skin care is my biggest contributor here. help, am I obsessed? it is certainly the part where my Glossybox subscription comes in most usefully. I wish they sent more hand cream. all hand and body products were also used on my feet, which are somehow much softer than my hands, by the way.

Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Gloss

Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Gloss

Sorry for the lull, I’ve been busy with non-makeup related things, but there is still a ton of posts I want to make, so this is not abandoned at all!

Today I’d like to talk about a great stain:


pictured: Maybelline super stay 10h tint gloss.The colors are Forever Coral (on the left) and, uh, Forever Fuchsia, I think (sorry I removed the sticker. Maybelline! Put the color name on the actual product!)


The applicator looks like gloss applicators, but wider. The products smells strongly of bubblegum.


swatches: applied fresh, left Coral, right Fuchsia.


swatches: rubbed in with a finger for a proper stain.

Like the name tint gloss shows, it is supposed to tint your lips in the color. The product is certainly not a gloss in the sense that it does not leave lips glossy and sticky at all. It feels like I have nothing on, which is a great plus imho. The color can be worn more subtle than shown in the picture if only a small drop is used and smeared over the lips, or it can be worn really strong.

Well, does it really last 10 hours?

Yes, under the condition that you do not eat in the time and drink very carefully. It also depends on how much you put on originally. If you eat, it wears off, but slowly and evenly. It might survive the first meal. Even if it wears off, there is still a soft trace of the color left. It is certainly not like that horrible 24h gloss also by Maybelline that wears off on the inside of the mouth, but clings disgustingly in small folds.

Due to the fact that it is very long lasting, one needs to be careful with application. If you get it somewhere it is not supposed to be, it will not go off! This applies to any finger pad you use for rubbing the product in, too. And probably any brush/sponge you’d use for application. This tint gloss is here to stay!

All colors in this range come without any kind of shimmer. Sadly the color range is very small and only comes in very intense colors. But they are worth checking out.