OPI Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!

OPI Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!


This is from a past OPI Spring/Summer Collection: Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN! In the bottle it looks like a cute pink with silver shimmer. On the nail the shimmer isn’t visible and color gets stronger. This is basically a neon polish. It looks happy and intense on the nail and it lasted for a full week. Application was trickier, it was always a bit streaky and never quite opaque at two coats. As usual I don’t have the patience for another coat so in the pic you get two coats and no top coat. 😄

OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!

OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!


What a title *eyreoll*. I am wearing two coats of OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! from the past Germany collection. This is a really dark green creme polish. There’s some grey in it which keeps it from looking black. It’s still pretty dark, though.

The quality is the typical OPI quality. I love it so much I forget why I even bother with other brands… 😄 The first chipping happened on day four, but it was minor.

OPI Coca-Cola Red

OPI Coca-Cola Red


This pic shows one coat of OPI Coca-Cola Red, no top coat. This is a true red, maybe a tiny bit on the yellow undertone side. The formula is the jelly kind. With this I mean there are no white pigments in it. It is pure color pigment and a bit sheer. With one coat you can still see nail line, but I like it that way. Two coats would make it opaque. The quality is flawless, applies well, wears well. I got slight chipping on day three, but then it stayed like that until I removed it.

OPI Warm me up

OPI Warm me up


In this pic I am wearing two coats of OPI Warm me up, no top coat. The color is a dark brown with cold shimmer. The shimmer looks mostly silver, but it’s actually multi-colored. Depending on the light it looks more or less grey.


Same polish in different light.

I absolutely loved wearing this color; I think it looks so amazing on the nails. Quality was flawless, too and the whole mani held for a week with minimal chipping (I put on top coat after the pics though).

All Used Up December 2015

All Used Up December 2015

In December I made my way through my stash and I’m glad to say I produced a couple of empties along the way. Let’s get into it:


Douglas XSmall Purifying Cleansing Water: I haven’t yet found a mini of my beloved Garnier micellar water, so for travels I tend to buy this one here. It’s almost as good. Already repurchased.


And here’s the big one: I also emptied a bottle of Garnier micellar water. Already repurchased.


OPI nail polish remover: this is the green one with acetone. It removes polish quickly and fuss-free and has a good scent. It’s not exactly cheap, though. Might repurchase, but not for now.


Balea Q10 handcream: This is still a staple of mine, although I still wish it offered a higher SPF than 10.


Balea belebende Augenpflege: nice moisturizing eye cream. Cheap and perfume free. Might repurchase.


Rexona Maximum Protection: This is a strong deodorant cream (with aluminium salts, of course). This is so strong I used it only once a week (and normal deo on the other days). Once I accidentally used it twice in a row, and I really noticed it – I was suddenly sweating more on my back and feet, haha. That’s because if the sweat can’t get out in the arm pits, it’ll find other ways to get out. Because what has to get out, has to get out. 😉 (And this is why you don’t have to worry about any sort of clogging or whatever when using deodorant.) Uhm, so, I liked this lots. Less sweat means less stink and it works for a good while, which is why I didn’t have to use it every day. Haven’t repurchased yet, but am planning to.


Lush Lemony Flutter: This is a good strong cream for hands and nails. I am a huge hand cream junkie, because my skin there is always dry and damages easily. Lemony Flutter is rich and feels great and helped me lots. It needs a while to sink in though. The smell is delicious at first, however after a while the smell changed. I am not sure if the product went bad there at the end. It’s possible, since Lush stuff is fresh made? If you don’t use the tons of hand cream that I do, this might be a problem. Since I didn’t have much left I simply used it up and noticed no bad effects. This is very, very good to my nails and hands and I am planning to get another one.


A small sample of Marbert 24h Aqua booster: regular moisturizing face cream. Feels good and has a scent that is not too strong. But I don’t feel the need to own a tube.


And the last one isn’t so much an empty as an “I give up”: Biotherm Homme Total Perfection: I hoped this would lead to clear skin, but all it ever did was give me dry spots. The “male” perfume is also annoying. Are men afraid of buying unscented cream or what? So I chucked it out because it wasn’t worth the dry skin it gave me.

And this concludes the last empties I had in 2015. 🙂

OPI Visions of Georgia Green

OPI Visions of Georgia Green

OPI Visions of Georgia Green

This nail polish was part of OPI‘s second Coca Cola Edition: Visions of Georgia Green. While the other polishes symbolized a certain beverage, this one is meant to evoke the green tinted glass bottle. The polish is not opaque (but on my toes I did two thick coats and got it nearly opaque), but a see through green with silvery and lavender shimmer. Not an everday color, but I like it. It also matches the stones on my sister’s veranda where I shot this pic very well, eh?

Apparently Georgia Green was the HQ of Coca Cola, and the name was the reason the glass bottle was tinted green in the first place.

Quality of the nail polish is great, as long as you can live with it being sheer. Started chipping on day 3.

The color scheme can also be found in this ad from the 1890s:

OPI Aloha from OPI

OPI Aloha from OPI

Aloha from OPI

And here’s the last little hula from OPI’s spring/summer Hawaii Collection: Aloha from OPI. It’s a bright reddish coral. I applied two coats and no top coat. Lasting power was okay, I got tip wear at the end of day 3.

The color is lovely and summery, even if it’s not the most original color. I have no dupes, but several that come close. As you can see in the pic it applies slightly darker than it looks in the bottle.

OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops

OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops

OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops

After all the greens and blues I was in the mood for baby pink, so here’s OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops from the Hawaii Collection. Now when I say baby pink, and yes, it looks baby pink in the picture, but in reality it turned out to be something of a pastel neon! It’s a strong pale pink with blue undertone and it almost glows. I think it’s the most “Barbie” color I own.

Pictured are three coats and no top coat. Even with three coats it was still streaky. 😦 Wear time was pretty good, I got chipping on day four, which is fairly normal.

OPI That’s Hula-rious!

OPI That’s Hula-rious!

OPI thats hularious

In this pic I’m wearing OPI That’s Hula-rious! from the current Hawaii Collection. I applied two coats, in some places three when it was still patchy. Then I put top coat over. With this many layers it held like cement for five days! So I’d say the quality is pretty good, even if light pastels always need more layers than say, purple.

I had a lot more problems with my top coat, tbh. It’s getting super thick and applies patchy. I’m not sure if I should bother trying to save it or just give up and use the next one. (Top coat is Essie Good to Go, which leaves nail polish with a wonderful shine, dries fast and makes the whole deal last very long. It was quite a bit of work removing That’s Hula-rious! even though it’s only a creme. It’s just that now I used about half of it and it doesn’t apply so well anymore and it shrinks on the nail.)

essence The Glass Slipper

essence The Glass Slipper


Part of the current Cinderella LE, 01 The Glass Slipper is a glitter top coat by essence. In this pic I am wearing one coat of The Glass Slipper on top of OPI‘s Lost my Bikini in Molokini.

The Glass Slipper is a clear base with purple shimmer and silver hex glitter. The hex glitter comes in two sizes. Sometimes you can also catch the nail polish getting a sea foam green sheen, but I can’t tell if the base has a green tint or if it’s the glitter or the shimmer. It’s truly enigmatic, but mostly you’ll see the silver glitter.

The shimmer is strong and it changes the color of the polish underneath. In this case, I ended up a lot lighter than the original OPI color. A white base would end up more purple, I guess. The finish is glossy enough that I didn’t feel the need to put a clear top coat over it. It is easy to get the glitter out, you don’t have to fish for it. Instead, sometimes I got way too much on the brush. Application was very easy, no need to drag or pat the pieces on.

My brush was defective though, first I had to cut off a piece of the brush that was twice as long as the rest and would drag glitter everywhere. And there is still a loop in my brush, but I left it. I mean, okay, it’s a 2 € nail polish, but it can’t be too hard to cut a brush straight across?

Dry time was seemingly fast. I mean it was quickly dry to the touch, but several hours later I pushed the polish off in parts on accident.

In conclusion, my verdict is so-so. It’s nice, but I wouldn’t buy it again. Of course at the price point of essence, you can’t do much wrong.

OPI Lost my Bikini in Molokini

OPI Lost my Bikini in Molokini


From OPI‘s current Hawaii Collection, also part of the Little Hulas set: Lost my Bikini in Molokini, two coats, no top coat. This is a purple cream, no shimmer. Quality is pretty much flawless. I prefer the brush in the bigger bottles, but I did okay with the small one. And I really don’t need this many full size bottles. Anyway, if you’re looking for a good purple cream, take a look at this one.

OPI Muir Muir on the Wall

OPI Muir Muir on the Wall


In this pic I’m wearing OPI‘s Muir Muir on the Wall, two coats, no top coat. (I added one later and it got even shinier.) It’s a dark grey base with burgundy shimmer. The shimmer has a color shift over orange to bottle green, but the green is barely visible. You can catch it a little in the pic at the bottom of the bottle. Quality is absolutely flawless, in application and wear time. A wonderful vampy color.

Yearning for Spring: Nail Polish Haul

Yearning for Spring: Nail Polish Haul

I don’t know about your location, but here the weather is still drab and everything is grey. 😦 I can’t wait for spring so that I can complain about how it’s too hot again. 😀

So, a little spring nail polish haul was in order:


I very much wanted the minty green form OPI‘s spring collection Hawaii. But then I also wanted a baby pink so I picked up the mini set “little HULAS“. This set contains four mini polishes, all of them creams. There is the pink Suzi Shops & Island Hops, the minty That’s Hula-rious!, the purple Lost my Bikini in Molokini and the corally red Aloha from OPI.

Comparing it to the set of last Autumn both have a purple and a minty green. But the little Northies were much stronger, the little Hulas are more spring-y in their soft colors. Except for Aloha which is not very soft, but still very fitting in a spring collection.

Then I picked up a turquoise nail polish with black glitter from Flormar, the Black Dot Nail Enamel simply called BD02.

The statement necklace is from Bijou Brigitte. I love the color and that it has a ribbon instead of a regular chain. I think it adds even more visual interest. The downside is that it’s harder to put on (or I may simply be too clumsy).


Back of the little Hulas set.

What are your spring must-haves?