MAC Single Shadows: Expensive Pink, Cranberry, Paradisco

MAC Single Shadows: Expensive Pink, Cranberry, Paradisco

Reddish toned eyeshadows are a huge trend right now. But sometimes you get so distracted by all the new limited editions palettes and things that you forget there’s also great stuff in the regular range, right?

I got myself some MAC singles to build my own custom palette. This isn’t the whole deal – I’ve got some neutrals as well. I’m not necessarily wearing these three together but they are in the same vein, so I’m putting them in one post.

The colors are: Paradisco (top, the bright peach), Cranberry (left, the red) and Expensive Pink (right, rose gold).

Swatches! same order as before, Paradisco, Cranberry, Expensive Pink. Ususally I put the finish (like Satin, Veluxe Pearl, etc) next to the name but my refill pans offer only the name, not the finish. I guess you’d have to buy them with the pot to learn the finish… Sorry about that.

Paradisco is an intense peach with fine golden shimmer. The color is just so good, lively and pretty and well I just like rose or peach with gold very much, okay.

Cranberry is deep red with red shimmer. But it’s muted enough to not look weird or off-putting. You can wear it alone or combine it with other colors.

Expensive Pink looks way lighter in the pan than it is applied, because the gold shimmer is so intense. The base color is a darker mid tone coral. I think it’s got too much red in it to really call it a pink. The color looks amazing on the lid.

All of these colors are great. I find them to be pretty fuss-free, I had no noticeable fallout either and they last very well. Mind you, I always have to use a primer on my lids, but with primer they last about ten hours. I can recommend all three. For the summer I’ll especially recommend Paradisco, it’s such a happy color.

All of these are permanent colors and can be bought as singles or as refills. The refills are quite a bit cheaper. They come with a magnet. You can buy an empty MAC palette to put them in but you don’t have to. Any empty metallic container will do.

MAC Fruity Juicy Haul

MAC Fruity Juicy Haul

Hello here’s my haul from MAC‘s current summer collection, Fruity Juicy:

I picked up the Fix+ Coconut, the Pearlmatte Face Powder and an eyeshadow palette. I was really good and skipped the lipsticks even though I wanted them all.

Before I go on to the makeup items, a few words about the Fix+: Firstly the name Fix+ is misleading as it is not a spray that keeps your makeup on longer. You can put it on top of your finished makeup and it will take the powderyness down a notch. Or you can use it to wet your brushes or to mix a pigment. As it is full of antioxidants you can also just spray it on after cleansing your face, that’s what I prefer to do. Since it’s basically water, glycerin and antioxidants it will help makeup adhere better (the glycerin) if you put it on before makeup (instead of afterwards). Now, this version here is not the normal one, it’s the coconut one. It includes actual coconut extract. The smell is a lot more gentle than I expected (considering the last item I reviewed was the Physicians Formula Bronzer!) In fact I can barely smell it. But, what I didn’t expect is that (since the liquid is clear in the bottle) the spray comes out milky! It dries down to colorless, but I’m sure my other Fix+ never did this. Okay so that was longer than I expected I really only wanted to say, guys good news, no obnoxious coconut scent!

On to the makeup. The pearlmatte powder in Oh my, Passion! is certainly the center piece of the collection. Usually I skip these kinds of things, because sure they’re pretty in the pan, but will I use them? Well this time the swatch was just so pretty…

The Eyeshdow palette is Love in the Glades, the one with green colors. The other two are more orange/pink and included some colors I already owned, so this one here was more unique to me.

Swatches for Love in the Glades. Shade names are (from left to right as swatched, the order is reversed in the palette): Russian Blue (matte), Palm Leaves (satin), Neoprene Green (veluxe pearl), Bye Bye Bahamas (frost), Cumulus (frost) and Grey Stroke (Satin). I’m surprised the Veluxe Pearl Shade has less shimmer than the two Frost ones, but then I’m not the biggest expert in MAC shadows and also it works better this way, you don’t need an intense green with a ton of shimmer.

Now the reason this palette is so cool is that while it can also be seen as tropical it is also literally cool (toned). You can go for a green toned holiday look, but since there are so many greys you can also go for a futuristic look, like a robot from a dystopian future (I have been reading a lot of comic books lately…). Seriously, you can go for conventional beauty or, with the right combination, a really disturbing look. The lightest shade is what makes or breaks the weird look because it is not a traditional highlight or blend out shade – it is too obviously grey for that. Pair it with a grey or blue lip for maximum alien-ness.

All of the shades apply well. I am glad that the greens apply properly opaque. For Neoprene Green you could use the Paint Crushed Emerald as a base but you don’t need to. I do need a good primer underneath but I always do. Without primer they stay about four to five hours, with primers all day on me. I am also glad the darkest color, Russian Blue applies so smoothly, it can work as an all over shade, as a crease shade, as eyeliner. I love using shadow as eyeliner and am annoyed when the shade is too crumbly for that. In the swatch it looks quite dark grey but it can be sheered out as well.

Overall I’d say the colors apply semi-opaque and can be built up to full opacity.

Swatch of the Pearlmatte Powder in Oh my, Passion! And yes, that’s the exact punctuation. Anyone else feel like that comma should be somewhere else?

Anyway, I swatched the individual parts and then all of them together. While you could pick up the individual colors with small brushes, in real life I only used them swirled together. And it gives off the prettiest color. Don’t get fooled by my pic here, the color can be built up quite a bit so I am sure it’ll also show up on darker skin tones. This is really the all over cheek product – blush, bronzer, highlight. It looks amazing and very summery, like you were sunkissed and are flushing at the same time. I use it like a bronzer, so generously on the cheeks, and a bit across the nose and forehead. You can apply it lightly or get it stronger. The first time I used it I used too much and ended up looking quite flushed. XD

I love the look because while it’s of course makeup it also imitates my natural look quite well. In summer I get a bit of color where the sun hits me from above and because it’s hot my cheeks are red at the same time. This is that, but prettier.

I hope that by now this isn’t all sold out already. You never know with MAC, but the big summer collection is usally not that bad… In case you can’t get the items anymore I am sorry. In case they still have the face powder left, I highly recommend it.


MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics: Coral Bliss, Overnight Sensation, Cracked Emerald

MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics: Coral Bliss, Overnight Sensation, Cracked Emerald

Well. MAC‘s Make-up Art Cosmetics was a limited collection that came out several weeks ago already. Originally I didn’t intend to buy anything, but I broke down when Douglas had 20% off. So that’s why this review is super late. I apologize if these products are already sold out, but we can always hope MAC brings them back again.

I bought these three items: two paints from the Kabuki Magic part, Overnight Sensation and Cracked Emerald; and a lipstick from the James Kaliardos part, Coral Bliss (Cremesheen). Coral Bliss isn’t actually new, it was either part of LEs before or available in the regular lineup.

I really like the special packaging here and that it says “Spring/Summer 2017”. So in the future I’ll know exactly when I got it. XD

Coral Bliss has a cremesheen finish, meaning it’s not opaque and has a glossy finish. The color is a pinky toned light coral, a very happy color. Due to the finish it does not last that long, maybe three hours and the color pulls into lip lines/emphasizes dry parts. I solve that by reapplying. I like the way it looks and it has been my most used lipstick lately. The color is such a no-brainer, I use it whenever I don’t know what to wear (as I have to get up in the morning way too early this happens a lot; I put my makeup on in zombie mode).

Overall: if you can live with the cremesheen finish it’s a great lipstick.

These are my first ever MAC paints. They used to be in the lineup several years ago but then got discontinued when they introduced the Paint Pots. GREAT INJUSTICE! These Paints are five thousand times better than the Paint Pots! I know the Pots have many fans but they never worked for me at all. They are hard to put on evenly and they crease two hours in. They are also too dry to be a good makeup base, imho. These paints, though. Look at the swatches:

Overnight Sensation is a purple with blue shimmer, Cracked Emerald is matte green. The green doesn’t fade out more than the purple, I just took less product out of the tube. The colors are perf, pigmented, easy to put on the lid (I used a flat synthetic brush for full coverage and to use as eyeliner, a fluffy synthetic for less coverage and I’ve also used my finger). And then they dry down and stay uncreased until the end of time. Yet, they can be removed with any regular makeup remover quickly. I am in love!

Since they come in these little tubes, it’s best to squeeze only a tiny bit and put the cream onto a surface (back of hand or some artist’s plates) and then pick up the product from there. Work quickly as it dries up fast. The purple one was a little eager, the tube kept releasing more cream even when I didn’t touch it. But overall I found them easy to work with and the fact that the cream is kept in tubes with a small opening surely keeps them from drying out too fast, unlike cream shadows in pots.

I seriously hope MAC plans on releasing more of these again. I would buy them in a heartbeat.

MAC Work It Out: Chromagraphic Pencils

MAC Work It Out: Chromagraphic Pencils

The current Work It Out Collection by MAC includes Chromagraphic Pencils again, so I picked up what I didn’t have yet.

The colors are Landscape Green, Genuine Orange and Primary Yellow. The whole Work It Out Collection has a special outer packaging on top of the regular black packaging. The products have the usual black MAC design. The chromagraphic pencils are permanent Pro items, meaning you can get them anytime online or in a MAC pro store, but with this Collection you can get them everywhere. Other colors also included in the Collection: Process Magenta, Rich Purple and Marine Ultra.

This pic brings out the kid in me. Happy crayon colors!

All three go on smooth and pigmented. The yellow might be a tad creamier than the others. But none of them smudges much and they go on well in the waterline. They hold reasonably well in the waterline, but they are not waterproof, so a waterproof pencil will last better. According to the packaging all of these can be used in the lip area, Genuine Orange should not be used in the eye area or the waterline and the other two shouldn’t be put into the inner rim of the eye either. That’s just a precaution, though (so that you can’t sue them if you turn out to be allergic or something). I’ve totally used them in the waterline and lived to tell the tale.

So these colors are probably a bit unusual but I like using orange, red or yellow underneath the eye, often with a regular brown colored smokey eye look. Other than that they can be used as lip liner for the currently very trendy colorful lipsticks and of course they can be used for all sort of special makeup, like Sugar Skulls etc.

There were also a whole lot of colored mascaras in this collection, but unlike pencils mascara dries up so I skipped them even though I sort of wanted some freaky colors.

MAC Colour Rocker: Indigo-Go, Deep With Envy

MAC Colour Rocker: Indigo-Go, Deep With Envy

MAC has what feels like a hundred LEs out at the moment and I’m getting fatigued. But there’s this one, called Colour Rocker that includes so many unusual lip colors. All lipsticks are matte and I had to really hold myself in. Can’t spend a hundred bucks on blue lipsticks, right? But I chose two: Indigo-Go and Deep With Envy. The first is a muted mid-tone blue; it’s sort of a dark jeans blue and not as neon as the other blues. Deep With Envy is emerald green.

Even before I got into unusal colored makeup I knew I wanted to own a mid to high end green lipstick. I wanted one for years, even before I was confident enough to wear red lipstick. XD And for the longst time there were no good ones available so I had to have this one here. The blue I chose because it loked pretty.

Both are in MAC’s matte formula, so they are somewhat dry and long lasting. Of course with colors like these, wear is much more visible, but I found that Indigo-Go was a bit more forgiving of wear than Deep With Envy. Indigo-Go wore off evenly and left me with a transparent stain. Of course, that look was a bit ghoulish, but you’re not going to be wearing such colors unless you are okay with that anyway. Indigo-Go also felt a bit creamier on application so it went on smoother. Both colors needed two coats to look opaque.

Both lipsticks last around four hours on me, then they are still on but visibly reduced.

As for liner I do not know of any matching lip liner. You could use an eye liner. I tried using Landscape Green for Deep With Envy but that doesn’t work out – Landscape Green is much more yellow than Deep With Envy. And Indigo-Go is more muted than most blue liners. However, since they went on nicely there is no real need for liner. I did not notice much migration either during my wear. To get the lines crisp you can use a lip brush or you can use a Q-tip with makeup remover afterwards and/or apply skin color around the mout afterwards. When I want to do that I tend to use the Chromagraphic Pencil in NC 15/NW 20. But all those tricks were mostly not necessary.

In a nutshell: Indigo-Go was slightly better than Deep With Envy, but I can recommend both.

And now someone save me from purchasing more of these, argh. To my knowledge the Colour Rocker Collection is limited edition, although the MACista I was talking to said she wouldn’t be surprised if some of them stayed or came back later.

MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson

MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson


February means a new Viva Glam from MAC. After Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande, the new Viva Glam ambassador is Taraji P. Henson and because she is so awesome the lipstick got an extra special packaging. It’s all pink. 😀


Lipstick Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson (matte). As usual, you get the red metal with the signature on. The lipstick itself is a deep raspberry pink with shimmer.


Swatch in the shade. The color leans more into blue. Honestly I thought I had maybe a thousand lipsticks like this, but it turns out, I have none like it. Not only the shimmer makes it unusual, but it is also a shade darker than what I personally own.


Color comparisons! On top, the new Taraji P. Henson, which has a matte finish but with pink shimmer, making it less flat. Then the purple Ariana Grande 2, also matte, Pink Pigeon, also matte, Miley Cyrus 1 looks closest in finish, but that one is actually Amplified finish with no shimmer in it. And last I swatched Estee Lauder Stronger, because I had it lying about. 🙂

Taraji is a deeper, darker pink. That makes it universally flattering on all skin tones.


Lip swatch.

The lipstick lasted around five hours with eating. It wears off mostly even, it didn’t pull into lip lines. It did however leave one hell of a stain. I could barely get it off again. Despite being matte I didn’t find it drying on my lips (I always apply balm underneath).

Another great Viva Glam! I recommend. 🙂

MAC 4Eva

MAC 4Eva


Last fall there was another expansion of MAC’s permanent line. There were many great colors included and I want most of them. XD So it was only a matter of time until I picked up another one. This time it’s the purple 4Eva (matte). Unlike all the other purples I showed on this blog, this one does not flirt with pink. It’s straight up purple with a hint of white pigment. It reminds me of the packaging for Milka chocolate.


Swatch. The finish is the typical MAC matte finish, so don’t expect this to be hydrating. Purple always gets pulled a bit darker when applied on my lips, so let’s have a lip swatch as well:



Lasting power: four hours until it started to show some wear. Wears off on the inside of the lips when eating. Pulled visibly into lip lines when it started to wear off, but pressing my lips together and moving them around helped some.

I wish it lasted a bit longer, but this is just the sort of outlandish color that shows wear more than a pink. It needs a bit of reapplication from time to time (only on the inside of the lip).

Still, this is such a cool color. I paired it with orange tones and looked so easterly. XD

4Eva is part of the permanent range.

MAC Viva Glam V

MAC Viva Glam V

Happy New Year!

I hope you’re all safe and well. To kick off the new year I decided to start with a charity item: MAC Viva Glam V:


Viva Glam V (lustre) is part of the permanent six Viva Glam Shades. I already owned the red I and the nude II and then I made a jump in the numbers. My goal is to own all of them eventually. You can always buy them as single lipsticks, and usually they are also included in the Holiday Collection somehow, though usually in a pan. I prefer the traditional lipstick bullet.

V is sort of a MLBB (my lips but better) shade, but with a twist: being lustre, it is very shimmery.


The shimmer is mostly fine gold, but also frosty. The more you apply the more shimmer you get. The color itself is not opaque, but not sheer either. It lasts only about three hours on my lips, the shimmer clinging on a little while longer. It settles some in lip lines, but not bad. The texture is creamy, so you can still move it around by pressing the lips together. It’s not too creamy, though. The color stays on the lips and doesn’t go wandering off. In fact, compared to all my other lipsticks, the texture is almost a bit gel-like.

Viva Glam V is the perfect lipstick for when you want to try out the current trend of metallic finish, but not get too obvious about it. Plus, 100% of the proceeds go to the MAC AIDS fund.

Best of 2016

Best of 2016

It’s that time of the year again! I didn’t feel much like doing a best of beauty products last year, but this year I have enough product loves to make a list:

  1. best lipstick: 2016 was my purple pink year. I bought probably too many similar shades, but my absolute fav this year was MAC‘s Ariana Grande 2.
  2. best new perfume release: There are so many releases each year I usually only discover them later on. But of the new ones I smelled this year, Chanel N°5 L’Eau was the best. Even if I can’t smell the drydown, it so good while it lasts.
  3. best bottle: Moschino Eau Fresh. The smell is boring but the bottle is hilarious.
  4. best mascara: essence forbidden volume top coat. The plain mascara of this line is good, too, but the top coat rocks everything.
  5. best cheek product: I’m still on the fence with the blush part of the Zoeva rose golden palette, but everytime I put it in storage I missed the highlighter so much I had to get it out again.
  6. best foundation: Chanel Les Beiges (although essence camouflage is a strong contender here)

I don’t have a best nail polish because I loved pretty much everything I put on this year. Go to the tag and take your own pick. 🙂


Products most used that I didn’t purchase in 2016:

  1. lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure Precieuse
  2. base: Urban Decay primers. Still a life saver.
  3. perfume: Chanel N°5, probably.
  4. eyeliner: Chanel Santal. Sadly, my Chanel liners are slowly falling apart, they’re not as sturdy as I want them to be.
  5. eyeshadow: Dior quads, surprisingly. They have the most interesting color combinations in my stash.
  6. nail polish: Essie nourish me basecoat goes under everything I put on.


Some picture impressions:


Moschino Fresh

Zoeva RG

Chanel 1


Urban Decay Sin 1

So, it seems a little Chanel heavy. Funny, but I guess I only buy Chanel items when I really love them also they are decorative and so most often out of storage* compared to other brands…


*storage being a desk drawer.

So, that concludes 2016 for me, next post will be in the new year. 😀

What were your favorites this year?

MAC Chromagraphic Pencils Rich Purple & Marine Ultra

MAC Chromagraphic Pencils Rich Purple & Marine Ultra


Let’s talk about MAC‘s chromagraphic pencils. Those two here are Marine Ultra and Rich Purple. I already own a few Chromagraphic Pencils and I like them so much that ultimately I want to have all of them. These are Pro items, you can get them in MAC Pro stores or on the regular MAC website. They are not limited edition, you can get them anytime.

Those pencils are multi-use, you can do whatever you want with them (I mean, you can always do whatever you want with everything, but these aren’t designed as eyeliners or something is what I mean). Now that’s the theory but these MAC products always come with a little slip of paper in the packaging with warnings. These say that Marine Ultra is not to be used in the lip area or in the inner rim of the eye and that Rich Purple is not to be used in the inner rim of the eye. (The warning differs between general eye area and the inner rim. All the reddish colors aren’t to be used in the general eye area either). Now, AS USUAL I did not find this slip of paper until AFTER I’d used these products and I have worn Rich Purple in the inner rim and live to tell the story. Personally I ignore these warnings, but you might want to know these things before you buy them, so that’s why I put it here.


They look like regular pencils. Top: Marine Ultra, bottom Rich Purple.

As a whole, these pencils adehere well to the skin and apply without tugging. They are not eye pencils per se, though and that means they do not smoke out well. If you want a smoky pencil look, use a regular eye pencil or even better, a khol. These are what I use when crisp color is the goal. They can also be used to lay down a base color. As mentioned above I have also used them on the waterline and the color payoff wasn’t that great. A creamy eye pencil would be better there.


Swatch of the colors in the shade. Marine Ultra is a pretty bright blue, yet still on the darker end of blue. Rich Purple is more subdued.


Same swatch in direct sunlight.

Now, while the most obvious way to use them would be as eyeliner, lately unusal lip colors have been all the rage so I have also used them as lip liners. They don’t match up exactly with my lipsticks, but it works out. Examples:

Colorwise, Matte Royal is actually closer to Rich Purple than Marine Ultra, but it can work with either of them (depending on the goal, one would pull it more into blue, the other makes it darker purple).

Leap of Delight from the Holiday Collection is way more red than Rich Purple, so using them together pulls the whole deal more purple.

The mid tone purple lipstick 4Eva (review upcoming) is lighter than Rich Purple, this can be used for an ombre effect.

And lastly, since these pencils don’t really smudge and are long lasting they can also be used for any kind of special makeup like Halloween etc.

My biggest problem with these is that since I have used them for both eyes and lips I don’t know if I should put them with the eye pencils or with the lip liners (I keep those seperately, because I have a lot of pencils). XD


Blue lips trend: MAC Dreampot, Soft Hint

Blue lips trend: MAC Dreampot, Soft Hint

Well I hope you guys like MAC, because I have yet some more MAC lipsticks to show. These are… a little unusual though. XD At the start of fall, MAC has expanded their regular lineup again, and they put in so many awesome non traditional colors! I am in love. Sadly I can’t buy everything (boo) so I picked out the two most non traditional lipsticks they had:


These two babes are Dreampot (matte, a solid blue) and Soft Hint (frost, a sheer shimmer).

You know, there used to be a time when blue was only for the eyes and red only for the lips. But the current biggest trend is to have red on the eyes and blue on the lips (not at the same time though!). I mean the real current trend is anything goes, but even the more traditional brands have put out reddish eyeshadows this year and some put out blue lipstick as well. Most are more of a dark blue, like Matte Royal. The difference between dark purple and dark blue is minimal anyway. But these two here, they are bright! 😀


Swatch in the shade. Dreampot is a solid matte color, no shimmer. Soft Hint is an almost clear base with lots of blue and violet sparkle in. The base isn’t completely clear. It’s a light turquoise.


Same swatches in direct light. You can see the multi-colored sparkle in Soft Hint.


And this is a wavey line of High-Def Cyan atop of Dreampot. So you can see how much lighter Dreampot is. And here I thought High-Def Cyan was a light, bright blue. I guess you could use those two to create an ombre lip but I haven’t yet tried that.

Dreampot is a great lipstick. It looks pretty freaky on the lips, but the lipstick itself is creamy and goes on well. I didn’t feel the need for a liner (not that I would have one in this color). And when it was on, it stayed put pretty well. I even ate dinner with it and the color got less, but not patchy or anything. I did need three layers in the beginning to completely block out my real lip color, though.

With Soft Hint I knew it gave barely any color. I bought it as a glitter topper. It works well as a topper, although I learned that it would be best applied with a finger or patted on with a brush. Then as I was experimenting anyway I realized it also makes for an amazing cheek highlighter! The shimmer is just soo pretty! And I guess it could also be patted on the eyelid. So that’s what I bought it for, but then I tried it on my lips alone as well and that also looked quite good. With three layers the base color actually comes through and the lips look tinted blue and not just sparkly. I didn’t expect that so the lipstick was even better than I thought! The color never gets opaque, though, don’t expect that.

So, these two are a bit special, but they really work when I’m going for the faerie, otherwordly look. The look works out if I keep everything ethereal and super highlighted.


Here’s a lipswatch of Dreampot. I think it looks amazing, even though I have to admit I wear Soft Hint more often.

These lipsticks are non limited (aka they will be in the regular range as long as they sell) so there’s no real hurry to get them. They also got a load of amazing purples and some more of the shimmery ones. Sadly the only green looking lipstick swatched solid gold, so I still have no green one.

MAC Holiday Haul

MAC Holiday Haul


This year MAC has this beautiful pink purple themed Holiday Collection, Nutcrakcer Sweet. I actually only bought three items (so far) but it still ended up a picture heavy post. 😉 Even the bag is pretty!


And the items themselves! I bought a full size lipstick, a blush/highlighter face combo and a lipstick set.


The full sized lipsticks come half bright pink, half dark purple. It’s actually sort of ugly, but it works if you put it next to the other items. XD


I bought Leap of Delight (matte). All colors were pretty, but this one struck me as the most unusual, a dark purple that doesn’t lean reddish.


The mini lipstick set comes in a beautiful box. The lipsticks themselves have a pink/black design, different from the full sized ones (and prettier if you ask me). The box itself was my bane. In theory the plastic is slanted so that you should be able to get the licksticks out by pressing one end, raising the other. In reality, this was a world of nope. I had to remove the little drawer from the box (it doesn’t usually come out completely), remove the inner plastic and then pop out the lipsticks from behind. 😐 On the upside, I could put the box back together and with the plastic layer removed it fits a lot more lipsticks than just four. It can also hold full sized ones. So the box itself is a keeper.


There are three lipstick mini sets: pink, nude and red. I opted for red, because it was the only set that didn’t include colors I already owned. XD All lipstick sets include permanent colors only! So if you didn’t get a set anymore that had a color you really wanted, you can still get that color anytime!

The colors in the red set are: Lady Danger (matte), Mac Red (satin), Diva (matte) and Rebel (satin). So while you’ve got a variety of colors in this this set, there’s not a lot of variety in finishes. But those two are the most trusty, long lasting finishes which is what you’d want in a set of intense colors, right?


Swatches of all lipsticks ltr: First Lady Danger, which is an intense orange red. It was the most matte of the bunch. On the lips it looks almost neon.

Next to it, Mac Red. It is a bit washed out by having Lady Danger next to it. But let me assure you, there’s a reason this is MAC Red. It’s the most beautiful red ever. It has a blue undertone, which is why it looks pinker when put next to Lady Danger. I always wanted Mac Red, ever since I first started looking for red lipsticks. But there was always something else to get first. XD

Next color is Diva, a beautiful dark red, great for autumn.

Last color in the mini set was Rebel, which is very pretty, but arguably not so much red as raspberry pink. It looks purple in the bullet, but really applies lighter than that. The color absolutely beautiful on the lips and not too dark (for those who don’t want to look too goth). It was the creamiest of the four.

Personally, I like that there is some variety in the set. If you went for a stricter definition of red you would narrow it down too much.

The last color in the swatch is the full size, Leap of Delight. It is a dark purple. It goes on quite dark. Nothing for the goth-phobes. The full sized products in the Holiday Collection are limited edition (they might of course come back at a later point).

All lipsticks were long lasting. They only wore off a little on the inside of the lip. Leap of Delight really surprised me there, because dark colors tend to show wear most obviously, but this one really clung to the lips! Even after lunch it barely wore off. The matte finishes lasted a bit better than the satin ones, but the satin were pretty good, too.


On to the last item, the blush/highlighter compact. It’s the darker of the two available sets, the Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact. There was also one with a more silvery highlighter and a light pink blush. This one has a golden highlighter and a ruddy bronzey blush. The exact colors are Whisper of Gilt (highlighter) and Pleasure Model (blush). Both are in the extra dimension finish, which is very silky. At least the highlighter is a repromote, so you may own it already.


Swatch. The highlighter is pretty intense and golden. Perfect for strobing, although you can apply it more subtly with a light hand The blush also contains shimmer particles, but worn alone does not appear to be super shimmery. The color is quite dark on my face (MAC NC 13) and will look more natural on darker skin tones. I do think I can wear it, although it is more of a bronzer to me. I sort of also want the lighter duo, but my wallet does not want it.  😉

That’s it, these were all the items I got. I really like the collection and the quality – at least of the items I got – is great.

MAC Lip Liner Whirl

MAC Lip Liner Whirl

MAC Pencil Whirl

Hello! Today I want to talk about a liner I like a lot: MAC lip liner in Whirl. Depending on your skin color, Whirl is either nude or brown. In either case it’s useful for the nineties brownish lips which are still a huge trend right now.

Whirl Swatch

Swatch. The small line is the lip liner Whirl. The big one is the Urban Decay lipstick in 1993. The colors are fairly close, even if they are not completely identical. MAC also offers a matching lipstick in Whirl, which I don’t own. Often it’s the lipstick that exists first and then they make a matching liner, but in the case of Whirl and a few other well loved liners, it was the other way round.

The liner applies well and leaves you with nice and crisp lines. You can either use it only for the edges, or as I like to do it, apply it all over. You could stop there, it gives a matte look which isn’t totally opaque and looks more natural than a lipstick look. Or you can apply lipstick on top. Whirl lasts a good six hours on me (liner with lipstick on top). It wears off evenly, so you don’t even have to reapply, it will still look good even when it’s not fresh.

You don’t have to pair the liner in Whirl just with a matchy-matchy lipstick, either. You can use it to change the color of a lipstick as well. You can make a darker brown less harsh, you can make a rosy nude more brown etc.

Basically, I love this for when I’m going for 90ies supermodel brown lips.

MAC Invite Intrigue

MAC Invite Intrigue


Shown up here is MAC lipstick in Invite Intrigue (matte). To be honest I completely lost track of MAC releases so I can’t tell you if this was a limited release or a permanent one, sorry. If it was limited, I’m sure it’ll be back sometime.


2016 is the year I went crazy for this pink/purple color. I bought way too many similar lipsticks, but at least I also wear the hell out of them. I’m so used to it, at some point I thought to myself, today I’ll do a subtle makeup, and while thinking this I was smearing Invite Intrigue on. XD Then I was like, whoops.

So, the lipstick is matte, typical MAC matte. There is no shimmer. The color is intense and it’s either a pink leaning purple or a blue leaning magenta. Let’s see some comparisons:


So here we have Invite Intrigue, Maybelline Magnetic Magenta, which is lighter and pinker. Last is Estee Lauder Stronger, which is slightly darker. Then, as I really wasn’t sure about this, I made a thin line with Stonger atop of Invte Intrigue. They are pretty close, but it seems this depends on the light, because I also made this swatch comparison here:


And here I see more of a difference between Invite Intrigue and Stronger. (And yes the pink one here is Invite Intrigue and not the Maybelline one! I always snap a pic of the lipstick bullet before doing a swatch.)

Anyway, you probably don’t need both Invite Intrigue and Stronger. XD

The quality of the lipstick is great, it holds on really well to the skin. It’s drying though.


Lip swatch.

If you wanted to use a liner with it, I think the MAC Heroine liner works, since it is pinker than the Heroine lipstick.

tl;dr: good lipstick, if not exactly unique.

MAC Viva Glam Ariana 2

MAC Viva Glam Ariana 2


I skipped MAC‘s Ariana 1, because the color was so similar to what I already owned, but Viva Glam Ariana 2 (matte) is a total must have for me. It comes in the usual pretty Viva Glam packaging and the color is a light pinkish purple.


Color swatch in the shade. It is a typical MAC matte and contains no shimmer either.


Same swatch in direct sunlight. It’s always clearly purple, but depending on light looks more or less pink.


Time for color comparison! On top, MAC Heroine, the darkest and most purple of the bunch. Next, MAC Invite Intrigue, which is pink, then Estee Lauder Stronger, which is ismilar, but darker and slightly more purple. Then Ariana 2, clearly the lightest color and also much cooler toned than the two above. Ariana 2 is light and has a lot more blue than your usual purple. It ends up looking quite neon.


Lip swatch of Ariana 2. This was taken with my phone on the inside, so the color looks washed out here, sorry. But I think you can still see it’s an intense color.

It’s a typical MAC matte, meaning it’s pretty dry and needs some quality lip balm underneath. But it applies silkily and is really easy to put on. And the wear time is bomb. This phone pic was made after wearing it for five hours and you can see it stayed where it should on the lip lines. This is probably one of the best lipsticks I own, period.

Usually I try to recommend matching lip liners for the readers who want one. It’s a bit hard for this color, as there are no lip liners in exactly this shade and the purple ones (like MAC lip liner Heroine) are too dark and the pink ones can be too intense. The lipstick certainly does not need a lip liner, as it stays nicely where you put it and it is easy to apply non-messily, too. But if you really want one you could either use a colorless lipliner or a flesh tones one. Or, I have found, the lip liner Candy Yum Yum is actually the closest to this color, since it’s also a blue based neon color.

Long story short: great lipstick and a charity item, too! What’s not to love?

All Used Up September 2016

All Used Up September 2016

I had quite a few empties last month. Let’s get to it:


Douglas Beauty System Perfect Complexion Exfoliating Cream: This is a case of not used up. It’s a washing cream with plastic particles that makes your skin smooth. But the particles are pretty harsh and I’m trying to be gentle with my face. So I had this lying about for a long time, thinking maybe I’ll want to use it someday. I finally admitted it won’t get used up so it had to go.

Biotherm Skin-Best Serum-in-Cream: I remember testing the Serum-in-Oil from another Biotherm line and expecting it to be oily, but it turned out to be a gel texture. Well, this one here on the other hand, is totally oily. It’s not a thick cream texture, you only need a little dab for the whole face, but damn, when you spread it out it feels oily. It sinks in, so it doesn’t make you look  bad, but the feeling is unusual. Also I don’t think it did anything for my skin at all. I used it with the matching day cream, which I haven’t used up yet, so it’ll be in the next post, but the pair was pointless if you ask me. Stick with the Blue Therapy serum if you like Biotherm.


Long and tiny list of ingredients for Serum-in-Cream.


Another Biotherm item: Creme Solaire Dry Touch SPF 30: This product has been reformulated sometime after my purchase so I’ll spare you a long review. Would not have repurchased, too dusty dry.

MAC Prep&Prime CC Cream in Illuminate: The BBCC Hype may be over, but MAC created a solid product here. MAC, I have discovered, not only have great makeup, their skin care is also worth a look. This CC cream I consider a mix of both skin care and makeup. It has SPF 30 and is soothing on the skin, so after washing my face and adding a bit of moisture I go in straight with this one here, adding SPF and a smooth layer to apply my makeup on. It comes in several colors, I have the lavender one. It’s not the perfect color for me, as it doesn’t help with redness, but it makes such an elvish skin tone, lightening up the whole face. Also the other colors showed up too intense on my pale skin. I have repurchased the same color, Illuminate, but maybe one day I’ll check out the yellow color in hopes of it covering my redness…


Balea Urea hand cream: good cream, but strong plasticky sweet smell. Will try to find one with lighter scent.


Ingredients for hand cream.


La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +: really good cream with Salicylic Acid and Capryloyl Salicylic Acid. Used this every evening underneath my cream. Have not repurchased yet as I’ve got some other stuff to use up, but might. It cleanes the pores because of the lipophile acids. Good for acne and rosacea.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Blonde: Not my first bottle and won’t stay the last bottle. Batiste gives me more volume than other dry shampoos I’ve tried. And dry shampoo in general gives me way more volume than hairspray (especially natural looking volume), which is why I go through bottle after bottle (and of course, you have to wash less often, too). Only downside to this Batiste one is that the smell is really strong. It’s vanilla which works when I wear vanilla-heavy perfume, but sometimes clashes badly with other perfume. However, I have since tried Batiste Classic and think it smells godawful, so I’ll be going back to Blonde next time.


Ingredients of dry shampoo.

That’s it, my empties for last month. 🙂 I am currently on a no-buy for all skin care, as I’ve way too much of it. Only exception is hand cream, since I use so much of it (neurotic hand washer).

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Blackmail and 1993

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Blackmail and 1993

Urban Decay Vice

This year Urban Decay has released a new lipstick line, the Vice lipsticks. They launched a 100 lipsticks at once. In fact, there are some exclusive colors at Sephora I think, so it’s actually more like 120. I tried two matte ones, 1993 and Blackmail. Both colors were available before in the old lipstick line. There are two matte finishes, comfort matte and mega matte. Both of mine here are comfort matte. I also wish to point out the lipstick bullets, here photographed standing upside down. The top is flat so you can place them upside down without troubles (important for me as I always store my lipsticks like this, so I can read the labels)! And the labels also match the lipstick color, making it even easier to find the color you want. Yes!

Urban Decay Vicelip

Unlike the previous lipstick line, the Vice are more traditionally lipstick shaped. I prefer this shape, this is part of the reason that I haven’t tried them before (the other is that over here they used to be more expensive than MAC, so I stuck with MAC. Except now MAC lippies cost 2 € more than these!)

Urban Decay Vicesw

Swatch time! On top Blackmail, then 1993. Pic taken in the shade.

Urban Decay Viceswliner

Swatch time #2! This time taken in direct sunlight and with additional lip liners. Urban Decay offers their own matching lip liners for some lippies (not sure if for all of them) but when I ordered the lipsticks, the liners were sold out! So instead I used my MAC lip liners and I think they match very well: On top, to go with 1993, is MAC lip liner Whirl, and on bottom, to go with Blackmail, is lip liner Nightmoth. I don’t own the matching Whirl lipstick, but I guess Whirl and 1993 are pretty much dupes and you can use them and their lip liners interchangably.

1993 looks pretty harsh on my very pale wrist, but on my lips it works out. I mean, it is brown not nude, but it’s supposed to be, hence the nineties name. It’s a very trendy color at the moment. It wears well with or without lip liner, I use it either way depending on the look I want to achieve. The pretty much best thing about this lipstick is that it wears off so evenly! I can go out for dinner and not have to worry about looking weird. The color wears off when eating, and I’ll end up with more of a nude color, but it looks good, too.

The comfort matte formula glides on effortlessly and does not feel drying at all. I’m not 100% convinced on the lasting power, though. Both lipsticks only manage about three to four hours max on me. I think I’ll have to try out the mega matte next. In comparison to other brands, these are less matte and dry than MAC mattes. The formula is most similar to the satiny matte lipsticks by YSL and L’Oreal. The matte by Estee Lauder feel similar, but last longer.

I didn’t manage a lip swatch with 1993 (I mostly wear it to work and have to leave in a hurry), but here’s one of Blackmail:

Urban Decay Vice blackmail

I think it’s a really pretty color. Sadly, it wears off visibly on the inside when eating and also sort of… rubs off a little. So this is not for dinner outings, more for when you don’t eat or only put it on for pictures and such.

So overall I think the colors are very pretty and I wear 1993 a lot, the dark one not so much. XD I want to try out the other finishes also, especially cream and mega matte. I actually didn’t want to buy Blackmail, I wanted Perversion, but that one is constantly sold out! I don’t get why not more brands release exciting colors, obviously there is a market here. Recently the new Maybelline ‘loaded bolds’ were released in Austria, but they left out the more outlandish colors like black, blue and grey! UNGH WHY! So I’ll just wait patiently until Perversion is in stock.

My MAC Chris Chang haul

My MAC Chris Chang haul


I skipped a few MAC Collections but I knew I needed some items from the Chris Chang Collection. Sadly, as it often happens with MAC LEs, some of the things I wanted were already sold out. Int he end I picked up four items, two eye shadows and two cream color bases.


These are the pretty pots.


The colors are: Sock-it-Xiqu (cream color base), Electric Mandarin (eye shadow), Royal Woo (eye shadow), and Peony Pavillian (cream color base)

The MAC MUA said you can use the cream color bases for everything and showed me how she used it as a base underneath powder eye shadow. However I wish to point out that there is a slip of paper in the packaging that says both cream color bases should not be used on eyes or lips. To be honest I only discovered that paper after I had already used both on my lips and so far I suffered no ill effects. But still this might be something you’d like to know. I haven’t tried the cream color bases on my lids because they are really very creamy and I have oily lids.

Chris Chang swatches

The colorful swatches! LtR: Electric Mandarin, Royal Woo, Peony Pavillion, Sock-it-Xiqu

Both eyeshadows claim to be matte, but the orange one contains some shimmer. You can see it in the pan, but not really when applied. The cream color bases have no shimmer, but never quite dry down, so they always look a little glossy.

I am very happy with the pigmentation of all of these. I skipped the turquoise eye shadow because it seemed less pigmented. The pink shadow and the orange cream color base also looked real good. Sadly, the yellow and the turquoise lipstick were so sheer. I’m waiting for some more pigmented releases there.

I have worn both cream color bases as blush and as a stain on the lips. Sock-it-Xiqu is very pale. It works as a blush on me (NC13) but might be too light for most. It also worked on my lips but only for a statement look. I lasts all day on my cheeks, and three hours on my lips.

Peony Pavillion is sooo great! It looks like a simple pink, but it’s really quite intense, amost neon when worn. But it still blends out so well on my cheeks that most peple couldn’t even tell I was wearing something. It looked like I had a strong flush, haha. On the lips it lasted about four hours. It creeps into lines because it’s so creamy, but it can be gotten out again by rubbing the lips together. It leaves a light stain on the lips.

Both eye shadows apply really well. They are pigmented and fairly easy to put on (with a patting motion, mind you). I used a normal colorless primer. They are so pigmented I didn’t really feel the need for a white base. The orange has lasted on my upper lids for about eight to nine hours, the yellow a little less. But I was testing them in warm and humid weather. I also used them on my lower lids with neutral shadows on top, which is the more casual way to wear them and they lasted even longer there.

I am happy with these and would buy them all again. I apologize for getting this review out so late, and you may not be able to get them anymore. But hopefully, there will be re-releases of these colors sometime.