Guerlain Samsara

Guerlain Samsara

Guerlain Samsara EdT was first released in 1991 (two years after the EdP). My bottle is from 2016, though, one of the last batches before they changed the bottle. As far as I know, the bottle changed but the juice is the same so I have the newest formula.

Samsara is massive. You can smell the connection to the eighties where perfumes were as subtle as a fist to the face. When you’re wearing Samsara, everybody knows it. However, compared to some other huge eighties works, this one is almost ladylike. Almost. Originally I didn’t like Samsara at all. When I smelled it for the first time years ago all I got was soap. Today it’s one of my favorite perfumes and I wear it a lot. Funny how tastes change. I still get soap, but now I also get cozy vanilla, amber, sandalwood. Samsara supposedly has top notes, tbh I never noticed any other than the soapy part. With time it gets more and more ambery in a soft way (I don’t know about you, but some ambers tend to get on my nerves if they’re too strong) and of course from beginning to end there is sandalwood (synthetic, surely).

There are many sandalwood perfumes and there are many eighties orientals but nothing quite smells like Samsara. It’s probably a love it or hate it sort of thing. Luckily there won’t be a lot of people nowadays out wearing it so you’re more likely to annoy people by wearing LVEB (which I’m still smelling at every corner). At least that’s I’m telling myself while feeling fabulous in Samsara.

New perfumes quick reviews

New perfumes quick reviews

There has been a slew of new releases – most of them flankers – and I’m just doing some real quick reviews of first impressions in no particular order.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Florale: I literally can’t smell the difference between this and the original one??? Not necessary to own both.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Intense: bland, lifeless patchouli and uninspired flowers. Also very similar to original, except stronger.

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori: now I love, love, love the original Gucci Bloom, so I eagerly grab the bottle from the shelf and – WHAT IS THIS??? It smells nothing like Bloom, which okay, I was just complaining about flankers that are too similar but, this! It’s completely green and fresh and not bad, but where’s the sweet creaminess of Bloom? It’s a galbanum bomb, check it out if that’s what you’re looking for. If you want pompous flowers, stick with original Bloom.

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde: green tea perfume. vair good. Just a bit of citrus and ginger. Good enough to drink all day long. Bvlgari has similar stuff so you probably don’t need both. Best of the new releases methinks. Excuse me while I’ll fix myself a cup of tea.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Passiflora: fruity shampoo from expensive hair salon. My sis went through the whole lot of Aqua Allegorias and chose last year’s Bergamote Calabria to buy instead. She was right to do so.

Thierry Mugler Aura: starts out green and minty, turns vanillic orange blossom later on. Certainly different, not as intense as Alien or Angel. Probably a love or hate thing, as often with Mugler. I like it, but not enough for a bottle.

Dior Posion Girl Unexpected: Flanker of a flanker. Sweet with salty note in the beginning. Everything I should hate. But I kinda really like it? The start has a cinnamon swing to it as well, or something that smells a bit like winter cookies. Sadly, later on it becomes a very generic sweet perfume. Could as well be Christina Aguilera. Also the new 20ml bottles have a roll-on instead of a sprayer! That’s terrible! I’d love to buy 20ml bottles, but not without spray!!!


And that’s all for todays real quick reviews. Hope you enjoyed, see you later.

Guerlain Insolence

Guerlain Insolence

I hear the Pantone color of the year is Ultraviolet. Except, when you look at their colored square, it seems just plain violet to me? Well, whatever floats their boat. Last year I posted my fav color combinations. This year I like them all, so I’ll just link to the official site instead: here. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to the combinations.

I hope we get some lovely nail polish collections out of that. But it’s friday, so let’s talk about perfume!

This sculptural thingy here is Guerlain‘s Insolence EdP. It was released in 2008, perfumer is Maurice Roucel. The EdP followed the EdT released in 2006.  So this year we celebrate the ten year anniversary of the EdP. Very recently Guerlain has repackaged several of their perfumes, including Insolence. They are now only available in frosted bee bottles. While the bee bottles are very pretty, it also means no more 30 ml sizes. So, just like I did with all the L’Artisans I own, I snagged up the old bottle when it went for cheap. I’m not sure if I’ll do it with the others, too. Maybe Samsara.

Many fans of Insolence are sad to see the special bottle go. Personally, I’m not overly atached to bottle designs. As far as I can tell from testers, the juice remained unchanged, so it seems this was only a repackaging so far, not a reformulation (yet).

Insolence is a violet perfume. It’s a powedery, intense violet. I think back when they released it – and maybe still today, violet was suuuper old fashioned. And Guerlain was like, so what and released a super intense violet. Those were the days. The EdT, which I am not reviewing because I don’t have it, is sweeter. The EdP is mostly powedry flowers: violet, iris, a tiny hint of orange blossom. There’s a tonka bean in the base (well, it’s a Guerlain) but this stays a violet through and through.

A single spray of this is enough to fumigate a whole room. It lasts up to twelve hours, usually there’s no need to reapply. It’s also pretty distinct, everyone who ever knowingly smelled Insolence will recognize it. However, not enough people wear it to make it annoyingly familiar (hello, LVEB).

I love it, because it makes no compromise. It doesn’t chase after trends.

I suggest you try it carefully, because this is a love it or hate it thing and you wouldn’t want to run around with an intense scrubber on your wrist.

Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire

Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire

As promised on monday, here’s a review of Guerlain‘s latest mainstream release: Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire EdP Florale. As usual with LPRN flankers it’s quite a mouthful. It comes in the typical Guerlain spade bottle (again, that shape up there is not an “upside down heart” it’s clearly a spade!) but all black this time.

So Black Perfecto is this year’s flanker for LPRN (pillar). Allow me to link to my previous reviews: LPRN EdT (2012), LPRN Couture (2014), Ma Robe Petales (2015, green), Ma Robe Sous Le Vent (2016, blue). I think I got most of the flankers covered. However, the pillar is more complicated than that.

The first version of LPRN was released in 2009. The bottle wasn’t pink, more greyish and the dress was long. This scent was discontinued. In 2011 they released the first flanker, named Modele 2. This perfume was also discontinued and later renamed Mademoiselle Guerlain, which is now sold in the bee bottle. And finally in 2012 they released the LPRN which is still available today in EdP, EdT, Extrait, Hair Mist etc.

Why the history lesson? Some people still mourn the loss of the first LRPN, the 2009 one. And as Black Perfecto was released some say that this is pretty close to the old LPRN. So just in case you are looking for such a scent, go check Black Perfecto out. Me, I only know the 2012 version so I cannot say if it’s true.

Anyways, the perfumer for this version is Thierry Wasser. Perfumer for the 2009 LPRN was Delphine Jelk. Also the officially listed notes are completely different.

Black Perfecto is supposedly a rose perfume with leather notes. Honestly I’m not getting much leather, not like what you get from proper leather perfumes. What I smell is a very, very dark and not so sweet cherry. And then a candied rose. Something light that could be almond – there’s certainly something in it that makes it a sweet floral. But it’s nowhere near as sweet as what is currently sold in mainstream perfume. If the original LPRN smelled like this I can see why they discontinued it – for a mainstream hit you need more. That of course doesn’t make Black Perfecto a bad perfume. One might even argue it makes it a better perfume. But I doubt it’s going to be a major hit. Apart from not being so sweet (imo good, ymmv) it also doesn’t last long at all. I kept reapplying almost every hour. I went through my samples at lightning speed. It becomes a skin scent very fast. It does linger veeery light throughout the day. It does a lot better on fabric.

My verdict: nice, but I don’t feel the need to own a bottle or even a decant. But I’m not really in the market for a cherry perfume anway. I own a full bottle of Lolita Lempicka Sweet, which is all the cherry goodness I need. If I had to get a full bottle of any LPRN it would probably be the 2012 version. My second favorite is last year’s flanker, the blue ‘intense’ one.

Test Black Perfecto if: you miss the 2009 one or you want a cherry/rose scent that is not so overwhelming and sweet.

Guerlain La Laque Coleur: A la Parisienne

Guerlain La Laque Coleur: A la Parisienne

This would be a case for #ThrowbackThursday but I don’t post on Thursdays, so you get it today. XD

This is one of Guerlain’s old nail polishes. The whole line has been replaced by their new nail polishes in the LPRN design (spade bottle). I don’t know if the color made it to the new line. This is a single coat of 263 A la Parisienne. It’s a lovely melon pink/coral. A second coat makes the color more solid.

This is my only Guerlain polish, but this one here has a good quality. Just the right thickness, quick to try, lasts well. I don’t know why they felt the need to change it, but maybe the new design has the same formula anyway.

Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial

Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial

I know it’s the middle of May and this is more of a cold weather perfume, but we’ve had a very snowy spring so far so I broke out the vanilla perfumes again.

Pictured: Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial (EdP).

Shalimar Parfum Intital (from now on: PI) is a flanker to Guerlain’s famous Shalimar. PI was released in 2011, perfumer is Thierry Wasser. There were two more PI flankers: Shalimar Parfum Intital L’Eau (same bottle, pink tassle) and Shalimar Parfum Inital Si Sensuelle (pink feathers instead of tassle). Now, the whole thing is a bit complicated, because Si Sensuelle is supposedly a LE bottle for L’Eau and juice should be the same. However, from the bottles I personally have smelled I could swear Si Sensuelle smells a lot more gentle and sweet. Yet at the same time I am not sure if I could tell apart PI and L’Eau in a blind test…

The whole PI line got discontinued a while ago, but as of now you can still find all three versions in some stores. It is still in the “freshly discontinued and being sold off” phase and not the “longer discontinued and highly sought after” phase. If you’re thinking of blind buying because you see a good price I would recommend getting Si Sensuelle. Well, unless you already know what PI smells like in which case it’s not a blind buy.

Now, what does it smell like? It is clearly related to Shalimar. I heard it was intended to be a beginner’s Shalimar. In that case it failed because I’m not sure if you could get into it if you didn’t already love Shalimar? The start is very tart bergamot and dark green notes. It almost punches you into the nose, going WELL HELLO HERE I AM! When that wears off you get unsweet vanilla, iris and a very indolic jasmine. Honestly I think it is quite stinky. The indole, you know. Si Sensuelle has a lot less indole which is why I recommend it for blind buyers. You don’t want to blind buy this one here and get hit by all the indole if you didn’t expect it.

The somewhat stinky flowers are the longest phase. After four hours you are left with softer notes, the typical Guerlain tonka bean, a hint of caramel and musk. All of those are fairly light. This is a cozy, cuddly phase. If you want only this phase better check out the new Mon Guerlain which smells like a Guerlain base without top or heart to me.

So, don’t get me wrong, I like PI. It’s just I have to be in the mood for the little stinker. But I’m also not super surprised the PI line wasn’t a mainstream hit, to be honest. For a softer, more easily likable Shalimar flanker, try Shalimar Cologne EdT.

Like I said above, I can’t tell much difference between this one and the L’Eau version. Si Sensuelle is lighter. And with that I have reviewed all of the Shalimar flankers I could get my hands on. I’m lacking the Ode a la Vanille ones. One day I’ll review the actual Shalimar as well. Maybe. XD

And now for some Guerlain news: a couple of their scents are going to be repackaged. They will lose their regular, unique bottle and will from now on be sold in bee bottles. I’ll certainly be on the lookout for sales of old bottles. 😉

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria

You know it’s spring when Guerlain releases its annual Aqua Allegoria. 🙂

This year’s offer is Bergamote Calabria and the writing on the bottle is light green. Be careful when testing it, many stores have put the tester for Herba Fresca in front of it. To make space in the lineup, Limon Verde was discontinued although as of now you can still find it in stores.

After last year’s Pera Granita, which was a flowery fuity offering, Bergamote Calabria goes the citrus spicy way. As promised you get bergamote, both peel and juice. I find it really mouth watering, as in I really get thirsty smelling it. There’s also ginger, which I am not the biggest fan of, but this isn’t the really sharp kind. It’s more like a really good drink of water with lemon juice and a bit of ginger thrown in. Ginger Candy, maybe. This lovely yum stage lasts about two to three hours, after that there’s not much left. I mean, there’s is some light musk, so the scent itself isn’t quite gone yet, but I still wish to reapply to get the citrus goodness. Without reapplication the scent survives maybe five hours, but the last three are very quiet and skin tight.

I own a few citrus scents, and none smell exactly like Bergamot Calabria. If you want a zingy citrus that isn’t too harsh, this one is worth a sniff.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain

Guerlain Mon Guerlain

You have probably seen ads for the newest Guerlain release already: Mon Guerlain EdP. It comes in the classic Quadrilobe bottle and should be available everywhere Guerlain is sold at. And it’s not a flanker! I had to try it.

People are saying it smells similar to the now discontinued Mon Exclusif. I haven’t smelled that one so I can’t say for sure, but mentioning it just so you know.

Mon Guerlain starts off with fresh bregamot; then it quickly morphs into a sweet scent. I sense a tiny relation to the blue LPRN, but less intense. Basically I feel like this is the sweetened Guerlinade with nothing much added. That probably means it’d make a good layering scent. It’s mostly vanilla and tonka bean and clean sweet jasmin. For a short while it smells simlar to Shalimar Souffle, but that one is airier, lighter and sweeter on the vanilla side. Mon Guerlain is more like caramel.

I’m going back and forth with this scent. It’s sweet and I’m not usually this big on sweet scents, but it’s just so cozy and yummy. Then again I realize I can have something similar with the dry down of Shalimar. In a way Mon Guerlain feels unfinished to me. Like they made the base and forgot to do the rest, then just added a quick head note of light bergamot. But it feels unfinished in such a cozy, yummy, lovely way. I might need a full bottle anyway…

It seems to stay closer to the body; I don’t think it’s a sillage bomb. I appreciate that – I still get flash backs from the one work colleague who blasted the whole floor with La Nuit Tresor and LVEB.

On me Mon Guerlain lasts exactly six hours. I have timed it and every time at exactly six hours it fades. XD However, opinions vary here. I have just received a text from a fellow parfumista friend who complains it smells good but is done after only five minutes. XD

In short: try this if you want sweet, but not too fruity. Avoid if you want complicated stuff.

Combined Holiday and B-Day Gift Haul

Combined Holiday and B-Day Gift Haul

I don’t usually receive that many beauty related gifts. But last Holiday season I did get some interesting bits, so here’s my ‘gifts I got in the past month or so’ haul:


What do you get a person who has been massively obsessed with perfume lately? Perfume! And a book about perfume! XD The book is ‘Perfumes the A-Z Guide’ by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez. It is hilarious and I greatly recommend it. The perfumes are L’Eau d’Ambre Extreme by L’Artisan Parfumeur and Al Oudh, also by L’Artisan Parfumeur. And Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain.


The naked bottles. 🙂


And I sort of forgot to photograph these with the outer packaging: Tom Ford Black Orchid, L’Artisan Parfumeur Mechant Loup and the pretty lipstick is Givenchy Le Rouge Beige Plume. Look at the pretty packaging!

So reviews for all of these will come up… sometime. I’m sorta behind on reviews. XD

Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperial

Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperial

For the first Fragrance Friday of 2017, let’s review something really old:


Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale was released in 1853 and is still available today. The perfumer was Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain. I have the current version sold right now, no vintage, so I guess this is the version subtly reformulated by Thierry Wasser to meet all modern regulations.

I don’t even know where to begin my review. This is just, so good? So very, very good? That’s not helpful, is it? Alright, first off, this is a real cologne, an old fashioned one, so don’t got expecting it to have longevity. Colognes are more to refresh yourself quickly. On the official webpage Guerlain even suggests using your regular perfume right on top.

At the start you get a stark wave of, well, I think it’s rosemary and something else, so it is herbal for like a second. Then it’s all lemon and other citrus and citrus blossom. Very yummy. I think I get lavender sometimes but I’m not 100% sure. The drydown is very Guerlain: tonky bean. Still yummy.

I was so unsure about even trying this because it’s so old and what if it’s terrible to my modern nose? But then I loved it instantly. I wear it both in summer and winter. I think it’s a bit sharper in hot weather and a bit sweeter in cold, but that could just be my imagination.

The biggest downside is that you want to reapply all the time and you can go through a bottle fast – and it’s not exactly cheap. And the bottle is also too big to carry around. The upside is you can put it on, enjoy it, and wear another perfume an hour later without much interference.

Imperial is my personal favorite of the Guerlain colognes. I find it to be the softest one.

Guerlain Santal Royal

Guerlain Santal Royal

Happy Holidays!

Today I will be reviewing this little stinker by Guerlain:


Santal Royal, EdP.

As the black bottle suggests, this one is not for the faint of heart. It was released in 2014 as a unisex fragrence. For many people, THE sandalwood fragrance is Samsara by Guerlain. But for my taste Samsara is too soapy. So when I spotted this one at my local perfumery, I was like, must try! And I slapped a generous amount onto my skin. And in the first second it really smelled like sandalwood to me. But a very dark, woody one. I was happy. For ten minutes. Then it turned a sharp and nasty medicinal alcoholic scent. I was like, dafuq? I have to say it was summer and really hot outside. And I had marinated myself with this in my lunch break. So I went back to work, wafting this awful sillage for the rest of the hot afternoon. My poor coworkers. In the evening, shortly before my shower, it got better, more gentle but also really subtle.

So that was it with me and Santal Royal for the time being. But I am nothing if not stubborn, so I went back to it. But this time I did it in winter. And hey, suddenly the sharp, overwhelming smell was greatly reduced. The whole perfume was a lot more subtle. Instead of a wafting cloud of darkness trying to engulf the whole city it is now a mysterial shroud close to the skin. Before it lasted about five hours, now I can barely smell it after three hours. During my testing period I have taken to reapplying frequently.

So what does it even smell like? Guerlain lists a normal notes pyramid, but for me, this is all base notes all the time. I think I can pick out rose, but none of the other flowers. To me, Santal Royal is sandalwood, but very shortly at the beginning. Then it gets massively smokey, leathery, a bit rosey and I have realized the overwhelming smell I am getting here must be oud. It is the strongest note in the perfume. I think the name is very misleading. This is clearly Oud Royal, not Santal Royal. If you are looking for a great Sandalwood perfume you must look elsewhere. The royal sandalwood was overthrown by the forces of oud.

It took me weeks, but I can finally appreciate Santal Royal. You have to be in the mood for it, but sometimes it works. It is my little stinkbomb. (For a sweeter, gentler take on this composition, try Tom Ford Oud Wood.)

Guerlain Shalimar Souffle de Parfum

Guerlain Shalimar Souffle de Parfum


Shalimar Soufflé de Parfum (EdP) is one of the newer Shalimar flankers by Guerlain. It was first released in 2014 and there have been collector’s bottles for it every year. The one shown above is the regular bottle. Perfumer is of course Thierry Wasser.

Usually I’m of the opinion that every version of Shalimar is a good one. They may differ, but are all great and distinctly Shalimar. This one here… you know it’s not a bad perfume but is it Shalimar? Imho this should be an Aqua Allegoria instead, it would fit right into the line and I would love it as such. As Shalimar … I am disappointed. But this does not have to do with the scent itself, which is just fine.

So, what does it smell like? Souffle is a fluffy cloud of a scent. Very cute, very lovely, clearly vanilla, but not too intense. It starts with a dash of mandarin, but lighter than the mandarin in Mandarine Basilic. I don’t smell bergamot in the opening. I mean it could be there, but it’s not very strong. And then the vanilla sets in already. There may be orange blossom and jasmine, but those are veeery gentle, unusual for those two blossoms, but a nice change for once (for overly strong orange blossom and jasmin try Elie Saab instead).

The vanilla is very sweet without really smelling edible. It’s not a baking vanilla, it’s a shower gel vanilla. Does that sound weird? I used to have an Yves Rocher shower gel with Tahitian vanilla which smelled a LOT like Shalimar Souffle. That’s probably what kills this off for me. I don’t want an expensive perfume that smells like 2 € shower gel to me. If you don’t have this kind of hang up with Tahitian vanilla, you may love this.

The vanilla stage lasts almost four hours, then Souffle ends the smyphony with some light musk (more shower gel/fabric softener thoughts for me).

Overall, it smells very nice, but not like any other Shalimar at all. It’s worth a try, but no must have (unless you love Tahitian Vanilla in which case you’ll probably be a lot more enthusiastic about it).  🙂

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Sous Le Vent

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Sous Le Vent


Should I ever release a perfume I’ll name it “This Perfume Has An Unnecessarily Long Name Because Why Not And Also We Like To Annoy Bloggers Who Have To Type It All Out Haha”. Eyeroll.

Alright, here is my review for the newest LPRN flanker by Guerlain: La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Sous Le Vent EdP Intense. It will henceforth be known as “Intense”. It’s easy to tell apart from the other robes, as it is blue. Most LPRN’s are pink, one is green. Intense was released this fall/end of summer, clearly in time for the upcoming Holidays. Last years flanker (Eau Fraiche) was released in spring, as it was a lighter version. Intense was created to be an even sweeter version of LPRN, orignally for the American market. But then it was released world wide.

PSA: Intense will replace LPRN Couture, so if you want a bottle of that, better grab it quick!

So what does it smell like? I believe a press release mention blueberries and the blue color certainly implies it, but I’m not entirely sure blueberries is what I’m actually smelling. It certainly starts with a note of baked goods with fruits in, might be blackberries, might be blueberries. I have to admit, it smells a whole lot better than I was expecting. I’m no fan of the LPRN line, and I was imagining something like a harsher Couture (which imho was the weakest of the line). But the opening is really lovely and also different from the other sweet perfumes I had to endure so far.

Sadly, the start lasts only about ten minutes, then we get to the heart. That’s a bit boring. I think it’s vanilla, orange blossom, jasmin. Nothing to get super exited about (if you already own sweet perfumes that is). That lasts about two hours, then it gets better again as the base sets in. That’s mostly vanilla, some musk I think, a tiny bit of patchouli, mostly to stabilize the rest I think. The press release officially said it had a note of cotton candy. I have described many a perfume with cotton candy but this one is the first (?) I have that admits it. XD However, I don’t find it as screechy and oversugared as some others. What I find interesting is that it has no tonka bean it (that I can detect). I sort of always expect tonka bean in a Guerlain perfume…

Lasting power is as expected of a sweet perfume with Intense in the description: around seven hours. Although the majority of that is the base, which is rather close to the skin.

Overall, Intense has a lovely opening, the rest is only okay. I dislike the heart the most, the jasmin can get scratchy. Since it replaces Couture and I thought they were similar, I did the test, one left, one right. First off, yes both are clearly versions of LPRN, but Intense has the much rounder, lovelier opening. The screetchy heart is worse in Couture. In the base both are okay. So I prefer Intense over Couture and am okay with it replacing Couture. However I don’t care much either way, because I feel no need to own a bottle of Intense either.

This is always a thing of personal preference, but I’m much more a Shalimar kind of gal. But as long as I can have my Shalimar (+flankers) you can have your LPRN (+flankers). 😉

Guerlain KissKiss Rouge Kiss

Guerlain KissKiss Rouge Kiss

Guerlain kisskiss

People have recommended the Guerlain KissKiss line to me before, but there’s only so many lipsticks I can try at once. So it took a while until I got my hands on one. Pictured up there is the Guerlain KissKiss lipstick in 325 Rouge Kiss, a true red (pic may lean a little blue, this was really hard to photograph).

Guerlain kisskissswatch

Swatch. Rouge Kiss is a true red with a glossy, jelly-like finish. It is not completely opaque, which in my opinion makes wearing it easier. But it’s still an intense red.

Guerlain kisskiss ingr

List of ingredients, click to enlarge. Lots of mango butter in it, but it does not smell of mango. It has a real, old fashioned lipstick smell, the powdery kind that is sometimes imitated in perfumery. So I recommend smelling it once before buying in case you don’t like this. I prefer my lipsticks to be mostly unscented, but this annoys me less than the sweet smell of Guerlain’s LPRN lipstick range.

I found the lipstick easy to apply and needed no lipliner for precise edges. This is good because as much as I personally love using liner, it would ruin the transparent glow of this lipstick. Wear time was pretty good also, for a glossy finish. It gets less glossy and stains the lips some. I got about five hours, but a meal decimates most of it – but it wears off evenly so that’s okay.

Guerlain kisskissscomp

Color comparison. These lipsticks have a different finish, but I was trying to pin down the exact shade of red… Chanel La Malicieuse is lighter and pinker, and to my surprise both L’Oreal and Liya and MAC Ruby Woo are also pinker. Looks like I do not have an exact color dupe. Rouge Kiss might be my truest red, leaning neither blue nor yellow.

So far this is my only KissKiss, but I am afraid it might not stay so. Luckily for me the color range is very traditional, mostly red, pink, coral and I have enough of these colors for the temptation to be small. XD

I recommend these lipsticks for those who can deal with the scent and don’t want completely opaque color – with the color still being very intense.

Guerlain Shalimar Cologne

Guerlain Shalimar Cologne

Shalimar Cologne EdT

Shalimar Cologne EdT is one of the more recent flankers to Guerlain‘s famous Shalimar. While it is called Cologne, the perfume concentration is Eau de Toilette. Calling a flanker “Cologne” is simply a recent trend in perfumery. Maybe they are too lazy to come up with a new flanker name, idk.

Shalimar Cologne starts with a recognizable bergamot, similar to Eau de Shalimar, another flanker. The real Shalimar has a much stronger opening, but is also a lot harsher. Cologne starts like, yes citrus, fresh. It is immediately followed by the trademark vanilla/flowers accent that I consider to be Shalimar. However, Cologne always stays light. The vanilla never gets as strong as in the original. Personally I really like the scent and think it’s going to be a good alternative to Shalimar for the days you want something lightweight.

However, the lasting power suffers. It’s like they dilluted the perfume so much that it just fizzles out at some point. I get about three hours, then it is still there, but much less.

Shalimar Cologne is perfect for those who want the lovely vanilla, but find the original way too intense. Those who already own Eau de Shalimar,  you don’t really need both (unless you want to, of course). Cologne is lighter than Eau de Shalimar.

Shalimar Cologne was released in 2015. Perfumer is Thierry Wasser.

Do not confuse the flanker Shalimar Cologne EdT (2015) with Shalimar EdC (1937). The latter is not being produced anymore, you might find it in yard sales etc. 🙂


Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita


The 2016 release of Guerlain‘s Aqua Allegoria line is Pera Granita. It’s a fruity floral with light pink juice. And the fruit is pear. Admittedly, that made me sceptic. However, I can say it really won me over, prejudice be damned.

It opens with grapefruit, but not zesty like Pampelune. This is more pink grapefruit, fresh and lovely. Then there’s more fruitiness and soft flowers. I can’t say the pear note is dominant. In fact, I can only sometimes make out pear and that might be my imagination. So if you were interested specifically because of the pear note, this might be disappointing. Personally, I am no fan of a pear note, so I am okay with how it plays out.

An hour in the orange blossom comes out. Now, I make no secret of it, I love orange blossom. It’s awesome. This isn’t a strong orange blossom that kills everything in its wake, though. It’s light and gentle. The whole scent is light and gentle in my opinion, although my mum claims she could smell me through the whole house. So it has quite some sillage.

Since it’s a light footed one all through, sadly it doesn’t have a lot of staying power. I didn’t catch much of a base. I’ve already used up my samples for this test sniffing because I kept adding more. When I caught the orange blossom for the first time, I was sure I was going to buy a full bottle. Now I wonder if I am willing to pay the price for a bottle of perfume that is lovely, but with little staying power. Maybe if I find it on sale…

Overall, though it’s one of the best fruity florals. Not too generic, nor too intense!

Aqua Allegorias still being sold in 2016:

Herba Fresca | Limon Verde | Mandarine Basilic | Pampelune | Pera Granita | + one travel exclusive

Discontinued: last year’s release Teazurra, Nerolia Bianca, and sadly, Lys Soleia didn’t make the cut. 😦

All Used Up March 2016

All Used Up March 2016

Another month over (time flies) and I had quite a few empties:


Okay, admittedly, this isn’t used up as you can see. This is a  Glassy Lip Gloss from Rouge Bunny Rouge. I liked it quite a bit, quality gloss. Sadly, the packaging, even though it felt like it was good quality also, broke. The applicator broke off from the rest of the cap in a way that the whole thing didn’t close tightly anymore. I had lip gloss all over the place and was afraid the gloss would go bad from exposure as well. So I said bye. 😦


I used up a sample of Lush Softy, a foot cream. Softy is a thin cream, but it still works very well so you need only  a little bit for the whole foot. It made the skin, like the name promises, softer. The reason I won’t be buying a full size is that it has a strong smell of rosemary and thyme and I don’t like smelling like Hannibal Lecter’s latest victim.


A mini size of Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes: This is THE va-va-vom lashes mascara! Length and volume in one stroke. Two and more coats can give really intense lashes. The brush took some getting used to, because it is long and very thick at the same time. At first I was poking myself in the eye, but once I got the hang of it it worked. I did the first coat with the thick half and then added with the tip. I might buy a full size, although it did smudge on me a little. Not really bad, and probably not noticable, but I have mascaras that don’t smudge at all on me. So despite the really good result it’s not an insta-buy for me. Might splurge when I see it reduced, though.


And since it’s me, your resident hand cream addict, there’s a hand cream named Blush from Accentra. It claims to smell like Velvet & Vanilla, but really it had a sort of coconutty scent. It is nice, but nothing special. Kept my hands soft.


List of ingredients.


A Marionnaud Lip Balm: the sort of purchase when you need one more item to get a discount… it was okay, but not very good either. Strong vanilla scent.


Davidoff Silver Shadow EdT: I have a few cool waters, but I didn’t know Silver Shadow existed until I found this sample. Guys, this is really good! Considering this can be found in the ‘male’ section, this is actually very fruity. At first it starts sort of metallic, but then the heart is his intense fruit salad, and then it gets powdery. This sounds like the components don’t really go together and maybe they don’t. But the powder and the metal balance the strong fruits, making them bearable. There’s of course not really a metal note in it, it’s the cedar combined with the spices that give the impression to me.

I’ll probbaly end up with a full bottle sooner or later. Perfumer is Francis Kurkdjian.


And then I used up another sample, but that one gets it’s own review on friday. It’s Guerlain‘s new Aqua Allegoria, Pera Granita.


Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick Leather Blazer

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick Leather Blazer

Recently Guerlain replaced their Rouge Automatique line with a new line, the La Petite Rouge Noire (LPRN) Lipsticks. Similarly, the nail polish also got replaced. I noticed no sales of the old things and they already vanished from the stores. They might show up in the summer sales.

Guerlain LB 1

I picked up one lipstick in the new design. The color is 013 Leather Blazer, the darkest brown available. Most other colors are very bright.

On the design: it irks me when people say ‘oh it looks like the Petite Robe Noire bottle’. No. The LPRN looks like a typical Guerlain bottle. You also get L’Heure Bleue and Mitsouko in that bottle.

LHeure Bleue

Case in point: L’Heure Bleue

Alright, so these new lipsticks come in the typical spade bottle shape and they are inspired by Guerlain’s bestseller LPRN. They also have a berry scent, very sweet.

Guerlain LB 2

A close up of Leather Blazer. It is a chocolate brown with teal shimmer. Later I noticed that the shimmer is in fact multi colored, but in the bullet you see only the blue/teal one.

Guerlain LB 3

Like the design already suggests, this is a sheer glossy lipstick. The texture is comparable to Chanel’s Rouge Coco shine, maybe a bit more balmy. Almost every color in the range contains shimmer and while the shimmer is very fine, I still felt it a bit on my lips. Sadly I couldn’t catch the shimmer on camera, but it’s there and it is visble on the lips.

Shown up there is two swipes and sadly, the color doesn’t get any more intense. My lips are naturally ruddy and sadly, this isn’t a my lips but better shade (MLBB), but simply a my lips shade. 😦

Due to the light and glossy texture, this lipstick lasts only about two hours, even without eating and drinking. This particular color does not leave a stain, but maybe the intense colors do.

I didn’t like the sweet scent of the lipstick. It lasts a couple minutes, then I forget about it, but I still don’t like it. They claim it smells like the LPRN perfume, but it doesn’t really. It doesn’t reach the depth of LPRN, it’s just some sweet candy cotton.

So in conclusion, I am not convinced by this line. You can get other nice sheer glossy lippies for cheaper. The one thing I did like was the shimmer, and the shimmer stayed on my lips much longer than the actual color. But that’s really not enough to make me buy another one.

From among the lipstick lines released recently I also tried a Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl (Review upcoming) and liked it much better.