Christmas came early: Guerlain Crazy Pearls

Christmas came early: Guerlain Crazy Pearls

When you read this, I will just come back from something called “Assessment Center” which we have instead of normal job interviews. :/

On saturday I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over the wonderful Guerlain Holiday Collection ‘Crazy Paris’. Mum said she’d buy me something. I thought for Christmas, but then she gave it to me and said: “Good Luck on Monday”. Awww, thanks mum. Now even if I don’t get the job, I got something out of it, haha.

/boring story


Guerlain Crazy Pearls


In a crazy pot.




The pearls! To match the crazy pink theme, there are stronger pinks than usual. But they are very sheer, so I can wear the whole thing all over my face to give a barely noticable glow.


My naked right arm.


My left arm with the powder on. I wasn’t sure if I should include the pics. The effect was noticable in real life, polished but subtle. I don’t have to wear this as blush which I’d feared at first.

This is my not my very first Guerlain Product, but my first face powder and I’m just so psyched! I’ve never had a powder this fine.


I like the whole collection, the style is unusual and exciting for a Holiday Collection. I am eyeing the nail polish also, has anyone seen swatches of them?


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