Not So Little Haul

Not So Little Haul

As the title says, I’ve got some booty to show you.


Sneak peak.


But first I picked up these two: Lacoste Pour Femme Shower Gel, because I missed the scent of it. And Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I have heard good things about them, and the color looks like my perfect chapstick.


The gold, white and black bag in the first pic is the brush case of a MAC brush set. I’ve been wanting several brushes of theirs for a while and getting a set was simply cheaper. Also the set is gorgeous. I already ogled them last year, but found them not to my tastes. But this year’s MAC holiday collection has awesomely elegant brush sets.* The one I wanted includes the following brushes: 211, 214, 219, 227 and 266. It’s the smokey eye kit. Sorry you can’t see them properly in the pic; I was not yet ready to take them out of their protective plastic.

*the whole collection is geared towards elegance this year.


From a more crazy collection this year, I caved in and grabbed the Guerlain ultraviolet top coat.


And lastly, this. Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof long lasting eye liner in 104 Khaki Précieux. It’s still from their Fall Collection.


Swatch! Sadly it cannot convey the beauty of it; the light is very drab today. I meant to buy the shimmery brown one, number 100. But then this distracted me, and well… They are a great quality, long lasting and easy to apply. I find myself always choosing this sort of eye liner over pencil liners lately.

That was my haul. I think it’s very evil of all those stores offering all those sales discounts during november. *happy sigh*


9 thoughts on “Not So Little Haul

  1. How is Guerlain …?? It’s so expensive that I wonder if it’s worth a try .. I use the baby lips in Cherry me too. .. It’s a great color bit hardly even stays on lips


    1. Cherry Me stains really well when I drag it across my lips two or three times.
      Not sure if you mean Guerlain in general, or this nail polish. The nail polish is very good, but you can get get very good top coats for much cheaper, of course. Hah, this is probably the answer to Guerlain in general as well. It’s very good, but you can always find something cheaper that is almost as good. 🙂


      1. Thank you … You answered the question I had just perfectly .. It’s good but something cheaper works just as well 🙂
        Cherry me is great , just doesn’t last long at all !


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