Essie Mademoiselle

Essie Mademoiselle

Essie Mademoiselle

Mademoiselle by Essie is one of their many sheer pinks. In this pic I wear only one coat, no top. It gives a milky sheen to the nails, no real color, but a sort of elegance. It was easy to apply and levelled nicely, no streaks or anything. The color can be intensified a little by adding more coats, but it’s always sheer.

After three days it was starting to chip at the tips. Chipping is so terrible with this sort of color because it looks like the nail is damaged. Brr. All in all, it’s a good polish if “invisible elegance” is the point.

I have the salon version, but I think the regular version is the same (with a thicker brush).

This nail polish was given to me free of charge by a professional nail salon.


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