Tom Ford Black Orchid EdP

Tom Ford Black Orchid EdP

Well here goes nothing: This is my bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid EdP. You probably heard of this perfume before. It was released in 2006, more than ten years ago. Omg, what! Time flies. In 2015 they released the matching EdT (same bottle but all black). At this point I’d like to thank the SA, who, when I said I wanted to buy the EdT told me: “You’ll want the EdP, trust me.” She was right. The EdT only lasted half the amount of time that the EdP did.

Black Orchid EdP is a room-filing sillage monster and lasts ten hours on me. Luckily most of coworkers seem to be anosmic to any and all perfumes.

I think Black Orchid is the kind of perfume you can only hate or love. It’s a cacophony of notes. I can barely tell any specific note apart from the rest. It is too much at once. And that was also what led me to love it. You can find lots of easy sweet perfumes that don’t overwhelm you. But one that is “ride or die” yet still smells amazing? Yes, please.

I won’t even bother putting down any notes for it. It’s in the broad strokes of an “oriental flower” in the same way that a puddle and the ocean are both bodies of water. There’s some fruit in it, some flower, a lot of base notes. When the massive opening mellows down, you get some lovely pralines with sandalwood and patch.

Very much worth testing, even if you may end up hating it. At least let the opening run its course until you reach the base before you make up your mind.

Perfumer is David Apel.

Combined Holiday and B-Day Gift Haul

Combined Holiday and B-Day Gift Haul

I don’t usually receive that many beauty related gifts. But last Holiday season I did get some interesting bits, so here’s my ‘gifts I got in the past month or so’ haul:


What do you get a person who has been massively obsessed with perfume lately? Perfume! And a book about perfume! XD The book is ‘Perfumes the A-Z Guide’ by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez. It is hilarious and I greatly recommend it. The perfumes are L’Eau d’Ambre Extreme by L’Artisan Parfumeur and Al Oudh, also by L’Artisan Parfumeur. And Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain.


The naked bottles. 🙂


And I sort of forgot to photograph these with the outer packaging: Tom Ford Black Orchid, L’Artisan Parfumeur Mechant Loup and the pretty lipstick is Givenchy Le Rouge Beige Plume. Look at the pretty packaging!

So reviews for all of these will come up… sometime. I’m sorta behind on reviews. XD

Tom Ford Noir EdT

Tom Ford Noir EdT

Tom Ford Noir

Hello and welcome to fragrance friday!  😀 Today I am reviewing Tom Ford Noir EdT. This perfume was released in 2013 (the EdP was released one year prior) as a part of the regular Men’s line (so, not the expensive Private Blend line). However, in my personal opinion, I find that every Tom Ford perfume I have smelled so far is pretty unisex.

The official notes list is vague on what Noir EdT actually smells like, only mentioning citrus oils and fresh herbs. It certainly starts off with citrus and is soon followed by herbal green notes, yes. But it’s really a rich, spicy oriental perfume and not the fresh cologne that the words “citrus oils and fresh herbs” imply! Quite soon, about 15 minutes in I start sensing the base out. It is still dancing with the herbs (I think I’m also getting lavender?), but slowly the fresher notes die off and I am left with a deep, sweet, woody base. And that base, I think it is part of the Tom Ford handwriting, because I have smelled similar things in many Tom Ford perfumes. If Guerlain has their special tonka-bean Guerlinade, I guess this is the woody-smoky-chocolate Fordinade… 😉

It smells really good and also calming. It’s sweet, but not sticky. It’s smoky, but doesn’t choke you.

The base lasts very well. I’m getting about nine hours of wear time.

All in all, this is lovely and not overwhelming. Is it unique? Certainly not among the Tom Ford line. I’m not sure why there are so many Noir perfumes in the lineup, honestly. It also goes along the vein of Dior Homme (Intense, Parfum, etc), so while those aren’t dupes, it’s not like you’ve never smelled anything similar. But is it good? Yes, I think so.

Lastly I want to point out the notes list contains Evernia Prunastri (oakmoss) and Evernia Furfuracea (treemoss). This is interesting because from time to time people will claim these ingredients are completely forbidden. Well, using in perfume moss is not totally forbidden. However, it has to be listed (for the allergic people) and you can’t put in more than a certain percentage, which why you’ll usually find it at the bottom of the ingredients. But it’s still there.  🙂

The Dandy Perfume Wish List

The Dandy Perfume Wish List

No perfume review today as I am suffering a head cold and can’t smell properly. Instead I decided I’d do a list of amazing perfumes that I would like to own one day.


In alphabetical order:

Bottega Veneta

  • Knot


  • La Panthere Legere


  • Nr 5 Eau Premiere

Comme des Garcons

  • 2


  • Diorissimo
  • Dior Homme Intense
  • Eau Sauvage Cologne
  • Poison


  • Jicky (for Collector’s purposes)
  • Shalimar
  • Shalimar Cologne
  • Shalimar Ode a la Vanille (Shalimar is awesome, ok. You can’t have too many)
  • Shalimar Parfum Initial EdP (the original only, not L’Eau!)
  • Vetiver

Maison Martin Margiela

  • Replica Jazz Club

Narciso Rodriguez

  • Narciso

Tom Ford

  • Black Orchid
  • Jasmin Rouge
  • Neroli Portofino
  • Noir Femme
  • Oud Wood
  • Violet Blonde


  • Baby Doll
  • Cinema

…this list turned out longer than I thought. Oh, my. Also, I am still looking for the perfect perfume that smells like wonderfully roasted coffee beans.

Edit 13.05.2017: wow how my tastes/wishes have changed in such a short time. XD Some of these I own by now (Black Orchid, Shalimar PI) others I’m somehow not that interested anymore (Baby Doll, Replica Jazz Club, La Panthere Legere). My current wish list is too short to warrant its own post, so let me put it here: Chanel Coco, Dior Poison, Guerlain Shalimar. End of story. XD