Sally Hansen Luna Pearl

Sally Hansen Luna Pearl

Lookit pretty shimmer! Ahem. This is two coats of Sally Hansen Luna Pearl 120. I don’t own a lot of Sally Hansen, because while the quality is good, the colors are often rather normal. When I saw Luna Pearl I expected a sheer polish with a bit of purple shimmer. And that is what you get, but in a good way. The color is off white and not opaque, but it does give off color. And there is plenty shimmer. Depending on light the shimmer appears more pink or more blue toned. I am not sure if there is real duochrome in it. If there is it is faint, but there is a certain shift in the color.

Quality is great. I wore this for seven days and there was only minimal chipping. Application was easy as well. The first coat is uneven, but the second helps a lot. I didn’t try for a third coat, because I don’t think that would have made it opaque.

For maximum fairy effect I wore this with the Zoeva Spring Strobe Spectrum palette, which includes a blue highlighter. (Review upcoming)

Little Drugstore Haul

Little Drugstore Haul

You know this thing where you go to a store because you need a specific thing and then come home with a whole gaggle of stuff you didn’t really need? XD

So I decided to try out the makeup sponges by Real Techniques. I can’t even say why. I never felt the need to pick up the original beauty blender, yet this orange thing said “buy me!” when I walked past. There’s also a whole list of brushes of theirs I want (but not really need).

Then I bought two back ups from essence: the mascara topper Forbidden Volume and the Camouflage Make-up & Concealer. Note how the cap of the Forbidden Volume has a sticker on it saying ‘new’. The Forbidden Volume line came out last summer, featuring two different mascaras and one top coat. I bought them when they were brand new and had a 2 for 1 promo. The next week I went back and bought another set since they were pretty good for the price. And in February, (only six months or so later) essence discontinued them! Yes, a product with the ‘new’ sticker on it and already not available anymore. Boo! So I bought that one as a back up. The Camouflage makeup, luckily, is not discontinued but I thought better safe than sorry and bought a back up since it is my favorite foundation.

Then there’s a lipstick from Maybelline, 987 Smoky Rose. I think this was new, it was on a display among mostly nude colors (review upcoming).

Last there’s a nail polish by Sally Hansen, 120 Luna Pearl. I don’t expect this one to be opaque, but it has such a pretty purple shimmer!

And I also picked up this one here: Balea Regenbogen Dusche. This was probably the most hyped shower gel of the last few months; it sold out pretty much immediately thanks to the unicorn hype. I got lucky; there were a few bottles left in a more remote location so I grabbed one. At least this one wasn’t an expensive hype: as all Balea shower gels it cost only 89 cent for 300 ml. XD The smell is lovely. It’s a milky, coconutty sort of sweetness, but not too much coconut.

Now I am back on shower gel and body lotion no-buy. These things just accumulate so easily? And because the bottles are so big they just clog up the bathroom.

Winter IS coming: getting nails ready

Winter IS coming: getting nails ready

Today is a beautiful autumn day and later I’ll be going to the pre-pre-premiere of Penguins of Madagascar. 🙂 No I don’t know either what a pre-pre-premiere is for. But I love the tv-series so I wanted to see the movie asap.

Anyway, back to nails: Julep asked me to participate in their “winterize” campaign and I was going to do my nails anyway, so why not? While it’s not winter yet, it’s getting colder and snow yould happen anytime now (laughter from everyone living in the Alps).

Due to cold weather and dry air, hands need more care than during the warm season. I’m already an avid user of handcream, as anyone who reads my “used up” posts can see, but that alone is not enough to keep my nails strong.


Preparation: nail polish remover, nail file, nail strengthener, cuticle oil and cuticle balm (I usually use cuticle oil and then follow it up hours later with balm. When going out in cold weather it’s better to use the waxy balm, though).


Cuticle remover gel, rosewood sticks and winter reindeer. I also used a buffer block by the body shop, but forgot to add it into the pics.


Before: my nails with liquid sand polish, day 7. This stuff needs the heavy remover with acetone.




Finally off.


The nails before I shorten them. They don’t even look so bad, but there were a few splits that made it necessary to cut the length. I don’t like leaving damaged parts in, they always get worse.


After filing. They totally look worse now, haha. My preferred nail shape is squoval, but my nails don’t always agree. Also, I don’t know why I didn’t snap the other hand instead, it looked much better.


Letting the cuticle gel soak. I found it needs at least four minutes to do anything.


After washing off the cuticle gel. Next step: nail strengthener.


And last step: slathering on the cuticle oil. Not just on the cuticles, but also my knuckles. The shine on the nails comes from the strengthener.

That’s it. I won’t apply nail polish the same day as I take it off. They get too brittle, and this post is all about pampering.

But if I did, these are my winter nail polish picks out of my own hoard :


top row: Chanel Black Pearl, OPI At First Sight, the brown polish from YSL‘s 07 duo

bottom: Dior Forget me not, which is the exact color of my winter coat, essence grey-t to be here, Maybelline Green Depth.

These are Julep‘s color suggestions:



What are your nail care tips? Your favorite colors when it’s all snowy and stormy outside?