All Used Up March & April 2017

All Used Up March & April 2017

Alright, time for another trash post. I have many items almost used up, but only a few I managed to actually empty and throw away lately and those are:

Balea Handcreme Buttermilk & Lemon: My current fav hand cream. Already repurchased. Must be on my fourth bottle now (If I always repurchase the same thing I don’t always put it in those posts because boring).

Jean & Len Shampoo für seidiges Haar: I tried it on a whim and really liked it. It did actually make my hair silky and my scalp was not itchy and dry (something I often have a problem with). However when I went back to repurchase it I couldn’t find it anymore. The whole product line was repackaged and looked different. For now I have some other shampoos to use up but I do plan on going back and finding this one again.

List of ingredients for shampoo.

Rituals Sakura Body Lotion: I had more than one of these. I like the smell and the whipped cream texture is fun to touch. However it does not really do a whole lot for the skin. No moisture. Looking at the list of ingredients (too small to photograph, sorry) it is very back-heavy, meaning it’s mostly silicone and all the advertised stuff like rice etc is listed after Phenoxyethanol (meaning there’s less than one percent in it). So, nice sample, would not buy full size.

s.Oliver Outstanding. Review here. I have nothing to add. Used up as a room spray at work.

Last two items: The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit shower gel: one of my favorite Body Shop scents. Yum. Currently on a shower gel bying ban (which I broke to buy those cursed unicorn shower gels – see my instagram). Should I one day have used up all my backlog I might get this one again.

And a body lotion: Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs. The lotion was actually not half bad, considering it’s mostly there to enhance the perfume. The scent is okay, nothing I would buy for myself, but a nice fresh floral.

And that concludes my empties post for the last two months. I have quite a few things almost used up I wonder how many more weeks they’ll last…

s.Oliver Outstanding

s.Oliver Outstanding

Let’s start into March with something fresh:


This cute dotted sample is Outstanding EdT by s.Oliver. It comes in a bottle with pinkish coral dots, and the juice is a little pink, too. I admit, while  think the dots are cute I am biased against pink colored perfumes. They’re often not exactly the height of art to put it lightly.

Another thing that makes it hard for this perfume to shine is the name. “Outstanding”, really? I hope nobody was expecting anything outstanding from a cheap pink perfume from a clothes store. If there is one word to describe this perfume it’s “mediocre” but I guess you can’t sell a perfume of that name.

So, how does it smell? It starts fresh, a bit citrusy, but more like a cleaning spray than the real fruit peel. I guess that’s the mandarin listed in the notes. The list also promises raspberry and blackcurrant, but this perfume is always on the fresh side. It’s not a heavy sweet thing as perfumes with red berries can be. Then the flowers come out, still fresh and scrubbed clean of any dirt. The base promises vanilla, but that barely comes out. The base is very thin, only a bit sweet.

It lasts pretty well for a perfume this fresh and light. I get about four hours and two more hours where it still lingers, but veeery lightly.

Outstanding smells like a dozen other perfumes, but if you like it fresh and flowery, why not? … I think it might also make a good room spray.