Best of 2016

Best of 2016

It’s that time of the year again! I didn’t feel much like doing a best of beauty products last year, but this year I have enough product loves to make a list:

  1. best lipstick: 2016 was my purple pink year. I bought probably too many similar shades, but my absolute fav this year was MAC‘s Ariana Grande 2.
  2. best new perfume release: There are so many releases each year I usually only discover them later on. But of the new ones I smelled this year, Chanel N°5 L’Eau was the best. Even if I can’t smell the drydown, it so good while it lasts.
  3. best bottle: Moschino Eau Fresh. The smell is boring but the bottle is hilarious.
  4. best mascara: essence forbidden volume top coat. The plain mascara of this line is good, too, but the top coat rocks everything.
  5. best cheek product: I’m still on the fence with the blush part of the Zoeva rose golden palette, but everytime I put it in storage I missed the highlighter so much I had to get it out again.
  6. best foundation: Chanel Les Beiges (although essence camouflage is a strong contender here)

I don’t have a best nail polish because I loved pretty much everything I put on this year. Go to the tag and take your own pick. 🙂


Products most used that I didn’t purchase in 2016:

  1. lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure Precieuse
  2. base: Urban Decay primers. Still a life saver.
  3. perfume: Chanel N°5, probably.
  4. eyeliner: Chanel Santal. Sadly, my Chanel liners are slowly falling apart, they’re not as sturdy as I want them to be.
  5. eyeshadow: Dior quads, surprisingly. They have the most interesting color combinations in my stash.
  6. nail polish: Essie nourish me basecoat goes under everything I put on.


Some picture impressions:


Moschino Fresh

Zoeva RG

Chanel 1


Urban Decay Sin 1

So, it seems a little Chanel heavy. Funny, but I guess I only buy Chanel items when I really love them also they are decorative and so most often out of storage* compared to other brands…


*storage being a desk drawer.

So, that concludes 2016 for me, next post will be in the new year. 😀

What were your favorites this year?

Moschino Fresh Couture

Moschino Fresh Couture

Moschino Fresh

This is the newest perfume release from Moschino: Fresh Couture EdT.

Did I buy it for the bottle? I totally bought it for the bottle! Moschino designs are very hit and miss. And this was a hit for me. Your milage may vary.

Moschino Fresh 2

Even the back is funny.

What does it smell like? It probably smells exactly like you imagine. This is a very fresh scent. I can’t really pick out individual notes. There is cedar in the dry down. Light citrus in the opening. The middle is fresh, but not overly aquatic. It smells quite nice.

Is the smell anything to call home about? Nah, but it’s actually really nice. Dupable, but nice. I only bought it for the looks, but have found myself reaching for it a lot more than I thought I would. To be honest I use it as much as a laundry spray and room spray as I use it on myself. I might even use up the bottle going at this rate!

wd haul


Woman Day Haul

Woman Day Haul

Tody I have another little haul to show, my haul from the Woman Day Sale:


I picked up the new Moschino release, Fresh Couture EdT,  mostly because of the bottle. I’m not usually one to care about bottles, but this one is hilarious!

A makeup thing I really wanted: the Zoeva Rose Golden Palette. My first Zoeva makeup.

Then I stocked up on the MAC CC Cream. I mean if you’re gonna buy it anyway, you might as well do it when you can get it for 20% off. (In the last three years MAC has gotten more and more expensive here. I have my staples that I’ll keep buying but for the rest I’m checking out other brands now.)

I also got another Maybelline lipstick, the Color Sensational matte in 960 Red Sunset.

Then I bought two things that people keep raving about: the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, as a base for colorful makeup, and an EOS lip balm. I picked Strawberry Sorbet, not because I prefer strawberry scent, but because this one came without the bad scent components (like Linalool, Geraniol etc). I’m trying to pay more attention to that now. The reason that I bought Eos at all is, well I needed a lip balm, but I picked Eos because I felt compelled to at least try it as a beauty blogger… “for science” so to say. 🙂

The last items are the freebies I got: Missoni‘s first perfume release, Missoni EdP, and the new Escada summer scent: Agua del Sol EdT.

Well I hope you guys like perfume reviews because I’m not going to run out of topics any time soon.

As usual, reviews will follow when I had the time to test the stuff.

wd haul

Moschino Cheap and Chic Stars

Moschino Cheap and Chic Stars


My newest perfume test went towards a 2014 release from Moschino Cheap & Chic: Stars.


Yesterday I went into a flowershop to buy primrose and was reminded of the perfume I was wearing. So, basically, Stars smells like walking into a flowershop. A little greens, a little hint of death and decay, some peony and lily of the valley.

It is intense for a few minutes, then gets very quiet. After two hours the show is already over. This star does not have a very long breath. I can still detect a faint perfumy smell, but it’s just the very bland dry down.

I might even like this perfume if the strong phase had lasted longer, but even then I have to admit this perfume isn’t very unique. In fact, this whole thing is, despite the aspiring name, quite forgettable. I guess Moschino sells mostly via their bottle shapes.

All Used Up September 2014

All Used Up September 2014

A new month, a new empties post.


First off, Clarins UV Plus HP with SPF 40: used this on my face during ‘summer’. This has a lightweight texture, it sinks in immediately and doesn’t leave a white cast either (even if it first looks like it will, but it just needs to be blended in). It’s not mattifying, it leaves a little dewy shine (possibly whats left over from the white cast). I think it protected well enough. My biggest problem, and I mean with ALL sunscreens, is that they always leave me with clogged pores. I experiemented around, and I’m pretty sure it’s the sunscreens (when it’s not MAC foundations). So this product is pretty good, also to wear under foundation, but not mattifying and I’m still on the look for sun protection that doesn’t clog pores. Before I forget this was only a 3 ml sample, but I needed so little for the whole face that it last a long time.


To battle the clogged pores and every other skin problem: Lancome Advanced Genifique: been wanting to try this for a while, but I waited until I had several samples to have a nice long testing period. Now I’ve used up my last sample and I’m already missing it. Advanced Genifique claims to be a youth activating concentrate. It doesn’t really claim much else. What does it do on my skin? The first couple days it reminded me a lot of Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Serum. It also felt like it flushed out some blemishes, meaning after about a week I had more pimples. Those healed up in record time. After that, Advanced Genifique went to town on my pores, blackheads vanished or got significantly smaller. This puts it ahead of Blue Therapy in my books, because that one never managed to get my pores smaller. Does Advanced Genifique also reduce wrinkles? Small ones, I guess.

Is Advanced Genifique really as good as the hype says? I say yes, and I’m already saving up for a full size.



Also used up: a 300 ml bottle of Balea hand cream Sheabutter Arganöl: I like that you can unscrew the pump to get at the very last bit of the cream. I’m neurotic about hand washing so I use a lot of hand cream. Big bottles are perfect for me. Sadly, despite being described as rich, this one isn’t rich at all. It’s a very thin cream, not like the name would make you believe, since both shea butter and argan oil are very rich ingredients. It was okay for summer, but now I need something better.



Also used up two perfume samples:

Moschino Chic Petals: This is a fresh fruity floral. And that’s about all I can say. It’s not overly offensive, but not very interesting either. Longevity is medium to strong, imho.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche: Perfect for summer, it has a very citrusy opening, although I can’t quite pin down which citrus. That phase is very short and then I am left with a clean chypre*, possibly the regular Chance smell (I don’t know Chance, sorry). Longevity is extremely short, so I had to reapply during the day. To be honest I also used it as a room spray. I think it’s a wonderful room spray. I wouldn’t buy a full size of this for myself (a scented candle would be another story), but I’ve bought a full size for my mum. My mum likes inoffensive clean chypre.

* the emphasis here not on chypre, but on clean. very very clean.


I’ve also used up a CC cream, but I’ll give it its own post.

Thank you for reading.

Glossybox Österreich Dezember 2013

Glossybox Österreich Dezember 2013

Another month, another box:


In very cute and festive packaging.


The inside looks rather… not so festive, all white bottles.

As a goodie, you can see it on the left here, a perfume sample of Moschino Cheap&Chic in Chic Petals. Despite the name, it smells a lot more fruity than floral, which I find refreshing. It’s not citrusy, more like… strawberies? With a little spice.


Then there’s a full size nail polish by Nails inc. in the color Victoria. It looks black against the background, but it’s a very dark red. Yess, nails inc.!


24h Aqua booster serum by Marbert 10 ml sample. I like serums, I like Marbert. win.


Renu Lip and eye active lift, 25 ml sample??? I’m a little confused because these are 25 ml, but the Glossybox text says full size contains 15 ml. Anyway it’s a product for both eyes and lips.


Alpienne Propolis Lotion: body lotion sample of 30 ml



Matrix Biolage Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Overall: not as glam as last december*, but useful. I have never heard of Alpienne or Renu and I think this is what Glossybox is for, to show you products you do not know. I’m glad that the two hair products count as one product, since I’m always weary of hair products and having 2 out of 5 be hair products would be annoying. I cannot see any silicones in the shampoo (but the writing is terribly small), there is silicone in the conditioner. I don’t know, I might even use them. I like that there’s quite a big eye product as well, very useful.

Yes, it’s a nice pampering box with the added glamour of a full size nails inc. polish.** I guess I’ll keep my subscription yet 😉


*last december included a perfume by versace, body lotion by lacoste and a full size rouge bunny rouge product!

**boy am I glad the full size is finally NOT a hair product! I am drowning in hair products, but there is no such thing as too much nail polish!