Langé Opera in Paris

Langé Opera in Paris

Opera in Paris EdP is my second female fragrance by Langé and my third in total. The packaging is as usual nothing to get excited about, but the perfume is different and that’s what I like. The note list on the back of the packaging says:

Jasmine Heart, Black Rose, Warm Wood, Infused Vanilla

Reading this, you might be mistaken that this is a sweet perfume. It is not. It’s a rose perfume, that is the strongest note I get, and what a rose! It’s the driest rose I’ve ever smelled. It is absolutely not soapy (I dislike soap in rose perfumes) and unsweet. I barely get any jasmine. It’s all about the rose and the dry wood. There could be a touch incense in it. Much, much later I get vanilla, when all oher notes are gone but it is so quiet you might think it’s a whisper of a dream. Until then I don’t find it very sweet at all. Just the most intense dry rose. You could describe it as powdery but that’s a complicated word. Often powdery scents are sweeter than this, softer. Nothing about Opera in Paris is really soft. It’s more like… you know wearing it makes me feel like being in a spy movie or like Black Widow from the Avengers. XD This rose has hard edges.

The perfume lasts about five hours on my skin. The last stage is very close to the skin.

Overall I like it lots and that’s despite me still not being a fan of roses. Worth a try if you’re up for the ride.

Opera in Paris was released in 2015, the creative team are Eric Fustier and Julie Pauwels.

Langé Love Elixir

Langé Love Elixir


To continue from last week’s perfume review, another Langé today, Love Elixir EdP. This is what the Ladies’ perfumes look like, they only differ in color. Love Elixir is purple. Again, the packaging is nothing to get excited about, and also please be very careful when opening the boxes because the lower part will just fall down with the perfume bottle if you only hold the upper part! Consider this a lesson learned the hard way. Luckily it only fell an inch or two onto my old ktichen table and nothing broke.

Like I mentioned in my other review, all the money they saved on the bottles must have gone into the juice itself because this smells like quality stuff!

I am sure Love Elixir would have many lovers if the brand was distributed more widely. It smells sweet and I am surprised there are no fruits in the official notes list. It reads: Mystic Rose, Peony Bud, Precious Woods, Frankincense. This is probably why they had no money left for the bottle: the mystic roses had to be plucked by wood spirits on the first new moon of the year. Or something. XD Seriously, mystic rose?

I am not the biggest lover of roses, but I can live with this one. In my opinion, it gets overpowered by the peony. Or maybe the rose is okay because it is so sweetened. I can smell something woody, but I can’t say what it is exactly. It grounds the smell and the overall experience is very powdery and ultra dry. The  comes the frankincense. It’s not super strong, it just lends to the overall dry finish I think. It wafts in and out. I think this is one to try even if you don’t usually like incense. It is not smoky at all, more transparent. But it also depends on how much you apply. The more sprays, the stronger the gothic feeling gets?

Love Elixir is right up my alley. It’s the one to reach for when you want sweet, but with a twist. It’s also the one to reach for when in a gothic mood.

Langé Orient Treasure

Langé Orient Treasure


Now, if you’ve never heard of Langé, they’re a french consmetics brand. They’re rather more high end, but funnily enough, they don’t give a fuck about packaging. With Langé, all the value is what’s in it. Don’t get distracted by the cheap seeming packaging. So, they have released a small line of perfume as well, not too long ago. It was in 2015 I think. If I remember right it’s three male and three female fragrances, although the packaging itself does not denote ‘male’ or ‘female’. The male ones are shaped like the bottle above, more square and house 100 ml, while the female ones have more of a round shape and come in 50 ml size.

So, Orient Treasure is a men’s perfume. I own a number of unisex and some men’s perfumes and usually I do not distinguish here. You wear what you like, right? Well, Orient Treasure… is almost too male for me. XD

It’s not one of these men’s shower gel scents (which I abhor – boys if you wanna smell clean take a shower!) it’s just the right amount of dirty and woody and stingy. Like the name suggests it is an oriental, but not the warm ambery or vanilla kind. The official notes are ‘Royal Oud, Grapefruit Zest, Intense Leather, Birch Tar’. And that gives a fairly good impression of what it smells like. The oud is there from the beginning, and it is oud-y, but not the so harsh and medicinal edge oud can sometimes have. Together with the leather it ends up a dirty, earthy note, but the birch tar comes through and keeps it from getting too dark or too dirty. I can’t pick out the grapefruit on its own most times, but sometimes I get this metallic tang and that could be it.

I don’t know it it helps anyone but I experience perfumes as high or low and this one is high, but not screeching.

There is not a whole lot of change in the scent. I think there’s more oud in the beginning and more leather in the dry down, but it’s pretty base heavy anyway. Perfume lasts about eight hours and has moderate sillage.

It’s not the slightest bit sweet and yet so pleasant. Orient Treasure is amongst the best men’s perfumes I’ve ever smelled. Sadly I could not get my hands on the other ones by Langé. Rumour says they’re real nice. I did however, purchase two of the women’s perfumes and they are also amazing (review upcoming).

The packaging of Orient Treasure tells us that ‘Director of Creation’ is Eric Fustier and ‘Artstic Director’ is Julie Pauwels.