Woman Day Haul

Woman Day Haul

Woman Day happens twice a year in Austria and it means 20% off everything, so now there’s a haul to show.


First, the freebies. Who doesn’t love freebies. I got samples of Lacoste Pur Femme EdP and the brand new Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne (which comes in the concentration of EdT, this is not confusing at all!). The first luxury sample is Lancaster Total Age Correction Mask Cream. I guess this is the sort of thick cream you slather on at night and don’t have to take of anymore? Looking at the very long ingredients list I spot a few things that are probably antioxidants, so it’s gonna be a nourishing repair mask. Although Alcohol is very far up in the list, which is not so good.

Then there’s two cute perfume minis: Acqua Colonia Lime & Nutmeg (EdC) and Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Petales (EdT). Man, I love perfume minis. Reviews and pics will come later.

On to what I actually bought:


A look into the package of shame. It’s very heavy on MAC.

Haul 1

The items: Two Zoeva brushes, because I wanted more face brushes and didn’t feel like spending a ton of money. The brushes are 102 Silk Finish (the duo fibre one on top) and 126 Luxe Cheek Finish (the white one).

Urban Decay Sin 1

I also ordered another Urban Decay eye primer, Sin. I love the Original so much and I like the current packaging so I ordered Sin before they replace the packaging.

Urban Decay Sin 2

Tube packaging with nozzle and no applicator. The new packaging will come with doe foot applicator again.

MAC Haul

And this is it, the great and slightly confused MAC haul. Confused because I had a mental list of things I wanted, but lots of things were sold out and I thought I wouldn’t get the limited edition Silly lipstick so I got Candy Yum Yum and now I have both. XD

So I got the Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20, the lip pencils Heroine and Candy Yum Yum and the lipsticks Silly and Candy Yum Yum. Product pics and swatches will be up with the reviews, hopefully tomorrow or the day after. 🙂

Looking at the packagings right now I see that the lipsticks are made in Canada, the Chromagraphic Pencil in Italy, but the liners are produced in Germany. A truly international haul.

If you made it here you deserve a cookie. Is there anything you want reviewed ASAP?

Have you been shopping lately?

All Used Up May 2014

All Used Up May 2014

I had no empties in April, but a couple of almost empties, so there are a few for May:


Lacoste Pour Femme shower gel: This was a repurchase because I like the scent. Would buy again, but I have several others to use up first.


BeYu Curling Star Mascara: As the name says, this is all about the curl. I don’t usually have much problems keeping my curl, unless I wear a volumising mascara that wears the lashes down. This mascara is very lightweight, so for me the curl stayed. No volumizing, no lengthening, just plain black mascara. Did not smudge on me, but crumbled quite a bit.


Biotherm Eau Fraiche: Okay, this isn’t so much used up as sniffed once, but since I decided to add in perfume reviews I’ll talk about it. It includes notes of pear, coriander seeds and jasmine absolute. To me it mostly smells of cucumber, and an hour or two later the jasmine comes out. The jasmine lasted all day. If you like fresh and uncomplicated and jasmine, it’s worth a sniff.


Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Riche: It says dry to very dry skin, I’d say very dry skin only. This is very rich. Also soothing.


alverde brow gel transparent: really good and very cheap. Only downside: the brush is so big. I would prefer it to be smaller.


Kenzo Flower in the Air: Eau de Parfum. Yes I’m the sort of person who actually uses those little samples. I like switching my perfume every week. Anyway, so this is, as the name suggests, a flowery one. But it’s not like those sickly sweet gourmand perfumes! It is a strong flowery scent, but also somehow fresh. I enjoyed it greatly.


And last, but not least: Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara

This gives length and volume in only one coat. It’s certainly a va-va-voom mascara. This was only a 2 ml sample (the full size I think has the gold and black reversed) but it lasted pretty long. Longer than the 5 ml mascara I showed up there. Three coats of this could rival falsies. It did not crumble on me, but.

Here’s the thing. Two hours after application:

Captain-America-2-Sebastian-Stan-Winter-Soldier (Picture courtesy of Marvel)

It smudges! It smudges so hard! And I don’t usually have much of a smudging problem. Would never buy a full size considering the price.

And these were my empties for the last month. Thank you for reading.

Not So Little Haul

Not So Little Haul

As the title says, I’ve got some booty to show you.


Sneak peak.


But first I picked up these two: Lacoste Pour Femme Shower Gel, because I missed the scent of it. And Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I have heard good things about them, and the color looks like my perfect chapstick.


The gold, white and black bag in the first pic is the brush case of a MAC brush set. I’ve been wanting several brushes of theirs for a while and getting a set was simply cheaper. Also the set is gorgeous. I already ogled them last year, but found them not to my tastes. But this year’s MAC holiday collection has awesomely elegant brush sets.* The one I wanted includes the following brushes: 211, 214, 219, 227 and 266. It’s the smokey eye kit. Sorry you can’t see them properly in the pic; I was not yet ready to take them out of their protective plastic.

*the whole collection is geared towards elegance this year.


From a more crazy collection this year, I caved in and grabbed the Guerlain ultraviolet top coat.


And lastly, this. Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof long lasting eye liner in 104 Khaki PrĂ©cieux. It’s still from their Fall Collection.


Swatch! Sadly it cannot convey the beauty of it; the light is very drab today. I meant to buy the shimmery brown one, number 100. But then this distracted me, and well… They are a great quality, long lasting and easy to apply. I find myself always choosing this sort of eye liner over pencil liners lately.

That was my haul. I think it’s very evil of all those stores offering all those sales discounts during november. *happy sigh*

all used up, september edition

all used up, september edition

Another month is gone and we are heading up to Halloween. Which we don’t celebrate here, but that’s beside the point. Here are my empties:


Marbert 24h Aqua Booster eye contour gel: great eye cream, applies nice and feels light, moisturizes well.


Lacoste Pour Femme shower gel: bought it because I loved the body lotion so much. Still my favorite scent; sad to see it go.


Eucerin pH5 Lotion: This is a body lotion specifically for sensitive skin and it says it’s good for people with allergies. It makes my skin feel very soft, but that’s about it. The smell and feeling mostly remind me of nivea cream. Despite the fact that it claims to be good for people with allergies, it has perfume in it, and it’s not the last ingredient either, it’s somewhere in the middle.


Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom: I used this up so thorougly I can’t even show you the slightest trace of the color. I love this thing; it is good for my chapped lips, it gives visible color and it tastes and smells so good.


Clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector: you can see the sample was tiny, but I can tell from it feels great on the skin. I can also tell you it is very orange. Like, I know Lisa Eldridge said it’s good because it gives color correction but let me repeat this is VERY ORANGE. I could only use it at night because I would look extremely sick with it on, like I had one of these medical salves on. I think you can only use this during the day if you are dark skinned enough to cancel it out. I know the orange is supposed to cancel out the dark violet of eye shadows but it is hard to get it only on that area and nowhere else, also I want eye cream all underneath my eye and not just there. Also, despite the strong color my dark circles were not concealed the slightest. But it doesn’t need to, I’ve got concealer for that. I think I prefer my eye creams to be eye creams, not color correcting mumbo jumbo, thank you.

But does it help lighten the existing dark circles? Maybeeeee? I didn’t have enough product for longer testing but some mornings I believed they looked less worse than usual.


Long list of ingredients.


Matrix Biolage Fiberstrong shampoo. When I fleetingly checked the ingredients I thought it didn’t have any silicone in it. After several uses and a more thorough check – it has silicone. I dislike using silicone in my hair because it glues my hair together and sometimes clogs up my scalp (=dandruffs). I wanted to like this shampoo so much, because the smell is great, application and washing off is great. But the silicone. *sigh*


Lancome Visionnaire serum: Oh, but this is really good. I like it even better than Biotherm’s Blue Therapy serum. I used this twice a day and no moisturizer afterwards because I didn’t feel like I needed one. It claims to be an advanced skin corrector that lessens wrinkles, pores and makes skin more even.

I can’t say much about wrinkles, I didn’t notice anything here, but I don’t have that many wrinkles.

Pores? Yes!  After about two weeks my blackheads were… not black anymore and my pores visibly smaller. It’s one of these things were you only notice HOW good it was when it is gone. I used it up about two weeks ago, give or take. And I am disgusted by the current state of my nose. Blackheads everywhere. I also didn’t have any acne breakouts while using it (note that I used it only a little over a month and that I am on medication. I got a spot right now, though.)

And last, evenness? I am not entirely sure what this means. My hyperpigmentation didn’t seem to go away while I used this. (But the age spots are lighter right now, presumably because I haven’t been in the sun.) My old discolored acne scars became smaller and lighter, though. It was not as extreme as with the blue therapy serum, but that may be because after the blue therapy serum, most of the work was already done.

Why do I like it better than blue therapy? I feel like it does everything that blue therapy does, plus it is so good for my pores (blue therapy didn’t seem to help with blackheads at all). If only Visionnaire wasn’t so expensive, I would purchase a full size. Maybe I still will.

And that was it for September empties. I think October will have less, since I just started using all those new products.

I’m thinking of making a serum review masterpost, since those are in my opinion the most interesting reviews. I currently use Biotherm‘s Aquasource Deep Serum and I have a sample of Lancome‘s Genifique waiting to be used.

See you next time! (Posts may continue to be slow. I was sick for over two weeks and have no backlog; didn’t want to touch anything for fear of contamination)

All used up: Cowshed, Kanebo Sensai, Lancome, Lacoste

All used up: Cowshed, Kanebo Sensai, Lancome, Lacoste

Time for another used up post; I will terribly miss most of these:


The one I’m not going to miss: Cowshed cow pat moisturizing hand cream. It came in my glossybox a few months ago. Seeing as the last used up post featured two hand creams, I guess you can say I go through hand creams like underwear, only sadly you cannot revitalize hand cream by throwing it into the washing machine. /overly weird metaphor

Anyway I was glad seeing hand cream in my glossybox, since I need so much of it. However…


List of ingredients. Doesn’t look too bad, but I felt like it didn’t help my skin at all. It was very cold here the last few weeks and with this my skin cracked. Unamused. The smell was pretty annoying too. It’s probably the coriander. I severely dislike coriander. And unlike with other products whose smell I didn’t like at first, I didn’t grow used to it! Meh, let’s get to nicer products.


Lacoste Pour Femme Body Cream. This also came in a glossybox and unlike the previous product this was a full win! Note this is not the body lotion for their newest perfume, Eau de Lacoste, but the older Pour Femme. The scent I would call pleasant, sporty and never overpowering. I love it to bits and pieces. This was so far the only glossybox product that got me to buy something related (the matching shower gel).


The ingredients don’t even look all that great, but my skin felt moisturized and whole these months, so whatever. I even started using it on my hands after the above product turned out to be troublesome.


Kanebo International Sensai Cellular Perfomance Emulsion II Moist Another glossybox product, a tester of glorious 30ml. Ingredients aren’t listed at the back, so I forgot what was in it. Silk, I believe. This is a very rich face cream and has lasted for months. It lead a brave battle against my dry skin in the winter cold.


Last, but not least, one product that didn’t come in any box: Lancome Eau Micellaire Doceur. This is the bigger 400ml bottle.


It’s a typical micellaire type cleanser, suitable for face, eyes and lips. The description says it’s for all skin types, even sensitive. I say “especially for sensitive skin”. You use only the product for taking make up off your face, no water. And boy, does it make a difference on sensitive skin if you don’t need any water. I wasn’t even aware how much my skin was aggravated by water before I switched to the micellaire type cleanser. I will always purchase these cleansers now, but I am switching the brands around (currently using the cheaper La Roche Posay). Lancome’s micellaire has a rose scent, that’s the only negative thing I could list. Face products don’t need scent imo, but I don’t think it hurt my skin either. I liked the pump a lot, very useful. At the end you can unscrew the cap and get the rest out this way.