Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin & Original – worth the hype?

Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin & Original – worth the hype?

I have complicated lids. I wouldn’t call them oily as such, but often eyeshadow just melts off or wanders off to party in my crease. Not a good look (although it works for a really grungy look).

I tried drugstore eye primers; I tried MAC eye primer; I tried layering cream shadow and powder shadow. None worked perfectly; although cream-powder shadow layering has been my biggest success.

Finally I decided to try the hyped Urban Decay Primers. Well, I guess they are hyped for a reason.


I went with Original first. Please ignore the other products here, pics are originally from a haul post. XD


Original is a silicony primer. It comes out a little peachy, but applies invisible. So there’s no swatch; you wouldn’t see much.

I have found that the secret to applying Original is to not get out too much. A little dab all over the lid is enough, else it gets crumbly.

And then the promised magic happened. Eyeshadows that worked well already stayed on until evening; eyeshadows that were troublesome at least managed five hours now! Praise the Makeup Gods!

The downside of Original is that it works very well with matte shadows, but shimmers get dulled. Some still work, others are a mere shadow of their usual self (Woodwinked for example). So I guess the brand knows what they are doing, as they also offer a shimmery base for all your shimmery needs. Why sell one primer to the masses when you can sell two (or more)?

Urban Decay Sin 1

Enter Sin. The tube is already so golden and shimmery!

Urban Decay Sin 2

I like the little apple on the back of the tube. 🙂

Urban Decay Sin Swatch 1

Since Sin isn’t invisible you get swatches! Here is a little dab of product. It looks small, but this would be too much for two eye lids.

Urban Decay Sin Swatch 2

Same dab blended out. It looks so good! Ungh. Best champagne shimmer right there!

Sin can be worn on its own and I did because sometimes its hard to cover the pretty. But alone it does not hold all day. Like my cream-powder layering method, two products generally hold better than one.

Now while Original killed the shimmer in my beloved Woodwinked, Sin amplified it. The combination also holds all day long. Another favorite combination is Sin and the Chanel eyeshadow sticks.

Overall, I think Original might stick a little better, but we’re talking nuances here. Both primers have ascended into my ‘daily items’ box. So for me, these were absolutely worth the hype. I’m so glad to finally know how to get my eyeshadow to stay! However, I cannot promise it’ll work the same way for everybody. I have read many ‘foolproof method’ posts on blogs and they didn’t work for me. Also, the very best primer might not help on a very hot and humid day.

By the way, the package is being revamped. New tubes should come with applicator.

Which primers do you use? Or do you have other tricks to get shadow to stay?

Little Basics Haul

Little Basics Haul


Today I have a little haul to share, three basic items:

1. MAC Mineralize Compact Foundation: this was my foundation discovery of 2014. I used it so much that I already hit pan on my first one. It’s nowhere near empty, but I bought a back up anyway.

2. MAC Prep + Prime Lip: So far I used either nothing or lip balm underneath a lipstick, but at the moment most of my balms are colored and I thought I’d try a proper primer.

3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: My MAC eye primer didn’t really work for me and as Urban Decay is now available in Austria I picked it up. So far I’m happy with it.

And that was the haul. Sorta unglamorous, but helpful basics. Which are your must-have basics?