Etro Patchouly

Etro Patchouly


Today I’m talking about Etro‘s Patchouly EdP. This was released in 2016 and is not to be confused with the EdT from 1989 which smells completely different.

The EdP starts off with a top note of patch (well, obviously). No citrus, no flowers, no playing around. Just cold, earthy, mouldy patch. Very earthy. At first I was like, well, in case I ever want to cosplay some old school vampire… But then it gets sweet in a very yummy way. Like cocoa beans – you know, lots of dark chocolate but no sugar. I’m sure there’s some amber and vanilla in it, that sort of thing. Very lovely in a cool way. This is no baked goods, it’s always earthy. Like a real spring day, after the rain when you’re walking through a concrete cellar or parking lot. And there’s the wrapper of a candy bar. The chocolate is gone but there are traces left.

The more often I wear it the better I like it. The big downside and reason this will not end in a full bottle is that it doesn’t last very long. Despite being made up of mostly base notes it survives maybe four hours. It took me forever writing this review because I want to be wearing the perfume while typing and the perfume kept on wearing off before I got to it. (I don’t kow about you, but it’s so easy to get distracted on the net. The biggest portion of my blogging time is the time until I finally get to it.)

So, this is really worth checking out, but keep in mind I don’t have much experience with real patch perfumes yet. Maybe to an expert, this is totally dull. But I love it, except for the wear time. It’s too easy to go through a bottle fast with reapplication and the bottle ain’t exactly cheap.