Glossybox Österreich Februar 2014

Glossybox Österreich Februar 2014

Today I received my Glossybox for the month of February! I feel like I have just posted my review of January, and there’s already another one! Usually Glossyboxes come at the end of the month, but February box is Valentine’s box and they always make sure it comes before the 14th.

So let’s take a look:


They ditched the usual one colored box design for this. Very kissy.



First peek inside. It contains Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer wake up under eye patches.


The backside.


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine


Eucerin Aquaporin Body Lotion


A Models Own Nail Polish: This does not seem to have a name or number? It is a glitter polish with different sizes and colors of glitter, mostly red.


Emite Make up Micronized Eye Shadow in Nect


Which I immediately used this morning.


It is highly pigmented (none of that sheer wash of color nonsense) and swatches true to pan. It is a very pale slightly peachy color with beautiful multi colored shimmer. The shimmer is not very visible, though. I used it all over my lid. It does not crease (visibly at least) but it fades around the five hour mark.

Alright, that’s it. Apart from the Eucerin lotion all products are full sizes. There’s a definite trend here. Again a full sized hair conditioning product, but at least a new brand, not Gliss Kur or Syoss again. Dear Glossybox, if you insist on the hair products, here’s a new idea: it does not HAVE to be a conditioner. You can add shampoo, dry shampoo, hair spray… ?

Overall, I am happy with this box. It is full of more unusual brands, and there are two decorative products. I think it’s a worthy valentine’s box. The worst thing about this box is – it’s going to take forever until March box. 😦

Glossybox Österreich November 2013

Glossybox Österreich November 2013

Guess what I received today! Glossybox for the month of November!


20% off the Body Shop, again a preview of what’s to come. (underneath: the useless Glossy mag)


First box peek.


As extra goodie, Roses de Chloé. As the name suggests, a strong rose scent.


Anny 6 in 1 Nail Polish 950. This is a base and top coat in one. Yes, this one was also in the Douglas box. I guess I’ll gift it to someone, because the polish is not bad at all. This is a mini size of 6 ml.


This black hole here is Emite Makeup Micronized Eye Shadow in Dams. Full size.


Swatch. It is coal black, no shimmer at all. Funny, but I only now realized I didn’t have a black eye shadow without shimmer. It’s a powder eye shadow, but with a super creamy and very fine texture. With this swatch there was no fall out at all. I think I’ll try this for eye liner.


Gliss Kur Marrakesh Oil & Coconut Intensiv-Feuchtigkeits-Kur: Oh dear, here we have the obligatory cheap full size (200 ml) hair product with silicone. Bleh.


Pic of the ingredients. It wouldn’t even be so bad – without the silicone!


The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel: It looks like winter and holidays! It smells like sweet plastic, but whatever, I’m going to use this in the gym. Small size of 60 ml.


Vichy Liftactiv Anti-wrinkle and firming cream: Mini size of 15 ml. I usually like Vichy, so this is a win.


My overall feelings: What is it with all those hair products? They are usually full sizes of cheap products. If it were at least sample sizes of more expensive brands. Not amused.

My box highlights are the Vichy cream, because Vichy is usually good, and the Emite Eye Shadow. I liked their lash curler and this shadow looks to be of good quality, so I am excited to try it. It’s not Glossyboxes’ fault I already got the Anny polish and I think it’s a good idea to have a base and top coat in the box.

I think the box is okay, except for this annoying ongoing hair product trend. Even if I meant to use them, there would be too many.

Already I am looking forward to December’s box, because last year’s was great. I hope 2013 can live up to it.

What’s in the box?

What’s in the box?

No, I don’t have another beauty box subscription. Instead I decided to put my most needed items and a few others into my prettiest Glossybox box to have them handy. I decided to combine this with the concept of “stash-shopping”, so that I’ll have a full box of make up items and will not use any other for a t least a whole week. Stash-shopping means that instead of buying more items, you go through what you already own and pick items from there. I’ll have yet to perfect my stash shopping skills. Anyway, here’s my box of the last week:



What do we have here?


Emite eyelash curler. Possibly the product from Glossybox I was the most skeptical about which turned out to be the most useful.



My foundation duo – Catrice Infinite Matt foundation and MAC Prep&Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer with SPF 35:

You can see I use the Catrice foundation a lot. Sadly, it has already been discontinued so I spare you the review. I combine it with the MAC Prep&Prime because the foundation doesn’t have any SPF. I think it makes the foundation last a little longer too, but it’s not omg the best primer ever. It’s in the box because I’ve had it for a while and I’m trying to use it up. It has a tendency to really cling to the skin so washing it off is a pain.



The concealer duo: Clinique airbrush concealer and MAC Studio Finish concealer with SPF 35

I have tried to use the same product both under my eyes and on blemishes but that never works. I’m happier with one for under eyes and one for blemishes. I like the Clinique one very much, the coverage is not full but it’s still a huge difference to me without under eye concealer. You can see the Studio Finish concealer gets a lot of use – I think it’s the best concealer I’ve tried. The pictured color is NC 20. In the darkest days of winter I switch to NC 15, but that one sees less use than this one. I like them better than benefit‘s boi-ing (I have boi-ing in 01 and 02, one is too pale, the other too pink). The quality is comparable but I still like MAC’s better.



Another item in daily use: alverde transparent eye brow gel. I used to pluck my brows and sometimes dye them, but I stopped both during 2013. Since my brows are thick and untamed now a little brushing and gel helps.

Lancome‘s eclat miracle is a subtle highlighter that I keep on forgetting to use. I don’t use highlighter regularly but I want to use this more. That’s why it’s in the box.



Two items I’ve owned for years and that don’t see much use: Clinique high impact mascara is my oldest mascara. It’s still good, but I’m trying to use it up before it goes bad. Except, I haven’t used any mascara in about two months, so the plan is not going so well. (First I barely wore eye make up, then I went no make up and then I dyed my blonde eyelashes black which makes such a huge difference that I don’t feel like I need mascara – note to self: never buy mascara again)

MAC prep&prime eye is what I use underneath powder eye shadows unless I use cream shadow instead. I also don’t use powder shadows that much, so this item didn’t get much love lately. I dug it out to use underneath my new Chanel shadows, works very well.



These on the other hand are in the box because they are new: The jelly pong pong liner from the last Glossybox (great for a very easy smokey eye, use nothing but this and your finger); Catrice cream eyeshadow in Copper&Gabbana (was on sale, obviously); and last Chanel cream stick shadow in Pink Lagoon which I had to grab before it wasn’t available anymore. So far I think Chanel does the best cream sticks. The last two items go very well with the shadows in my Oasis palette, which I showed here.



And last, MAC Casual Color for lip& cheek in Relaxation is in the box because it is my current favorite blush. It was a limited edition, a little creamier than normal MAC creme blushes and therefore super easy to apply.

The other two items were my first attempt at stash shopping, mostly picked because I had not seen them in a while, not because they go particularly well with the rest (need to put more thought in next time). Clarins Eclat Minute blush in Brown Fizz as a bronzer and Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude with SPF 6 in 03. If this color had a name then I don’t know it, sorry. I’ve had this lipstick for a long time and it’s quite fascinating: it smells strongly of sweets, like chocolate with nougat. That makes it a little annoying to wear because I keep on trying to lick it off.

The other items you saw in the box are my newest Chanel acquisitions so I won’t show them again.



Top Clarins lipstick, underneath a dot of brown fizz.



Spread out. It looks better on the cheeks I promise…



From top to bottom: MAC casual color in Relaxation, Catrice Copper&Gabbana, Chanel stick in Pink Lagoon. Pink Lagoon didn’t photograph very well, it’s so gorgeous in reality.

So, this was my everyday make up items combined with some extras. How do you store your most used items? Do you stash-shop? How often do you rotate your looks?

Glossybox Österreich Juli 2013

Glossybox Österreich Juli 2013

Yesterday I got my July box! Another early delivery, huzzah!


The design is so lovely. That alone won me over already. I forgot to snap a pic of the paper inside but it is also very lovely.


First look.


Beauty Bird Fly High! Active Foot Gel: this is a full size of 75 ml. So this is a gel with menthol and eucalyptus and it’s supposed to refresh your feet. I already used it yesterday since it was very hot and that always makes my feet red and warm. It does feel good, no burn or anything, sadly it only feels cool the very first second.


Daylong Sunscreen SPF 25: Since last box included an after sun product, I have been waiting for the sunscreen. This is a tester size of 30 ml. It claims to be water resistant. Daylong is a new line, I have only seen it the last few months. It is only sold in pharmacies. I used this yesterday when I was out swimming, and so far I can’t detect any sunburn despite my ridiculously pale skin color. I reapplied it after swimming; water resistant is nice and fine while you’re in the water, but it’s better to reapply afterwards.


Emite Makeup Eyelash Curler: So, this is an eyelash curler and it comes with four refill pads. More refills is good I guess, often you get only one. But I have a question to you, my knowledgeable readers: how often do you need to replace your pads? I’m sort of still on the first pad of my first curler.

What strikes me as the most interesting about this particular curler is the price Glossybox lists: 23,60 €. Like, what? Cheap curlers are about 3 or4 €. I own one I considered to be super expensive: it’s the Shiseido one and cost me 19 €. What can this Emite one do that makes it worth that price? Is this Glossybox strategy to list super high prices to make us feel like we get a lot of worth for our box money? ^_^”


Next, another full size (200 ml) that almost didn’t fit in the box: got2b strand nixe texturierendes Salz-Spray: I’m not much of a hair styling person, so I have never heard of a salt spray. Usually I’d think salt is what you have to wash out of your hair, not add in after washing it. But alright. It looks fascinating. It is supposed to give you nice beach waves. Sadly my hair is as straight as if I’d used a flat iron every hour of the day and the description already said that for straight hair you should use a curler first. So, I’m not sure how useful this thing is to me. I think it would work nice on a person with wavy hair to make the waves more pronounced.


And finally the highlight of the box: nails inc. Brook Street nail polish

This is a mini size of 5 ml. I’m a big fan of nails inc and this is the perfect summery color. Well, mini size, it’s half the size of a normal nails inc polish which is 10 ml. Still, it looks so cute and tiny! Hopefully the small brush will work for me.


So, this was the box. What do you think? The box will be my new jewellery box or something; it’s so pretty. I think the insides are mostly useful, too.