All Used Up May 2016

All Used Up May 2016

My list of last month’s empties is very short, only two items:


  1. Declare Hautberuhigungscreme lipidreich: a very rich skin cream, soothing, but extremely thick. Good as a last step in skin care for very cold weather to seal the moisture in. Would not advise using for skin with rosacea. It got a little hot underneath that cream. But otherwise very good.


Ingredients for the skin cream.


2. The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter: The only other item I used up, a big pot of body butter. I bought it for the obnoxious scent, which I love. It oscillates between overly ripe peach and peach candy. Terrible. XD However, the body butter is way too rich for my taste. I keep forgetting that and buying body butter instad of lotion. The butter is so rich it feels suffocating on skin. I can only use it in cool weather and I still feel like it makes me sweat. It does make the skin soft and smooth, though.

Finally I am making way in my stash of body products, yay. I am now allowed to buy body lotion again!!! Not shower gel though. I’ve still got way too much shower gel.

All Used Up December 2014

All Used Up December 2014

I didn’t expect to have many empties at the end of the year, but there were a few. Here are my last products used up in 2014:


Annemarie Börlind Naturoyale Lifting Serum: This luxury sample came in a beauty box. When I checked for the price of a full size, I did a double-take: for a few bucks more you can get a Lancome serum. The second ingredient of this serum is alcohol, and you really notice it. It has a strong smell of alcohol, and after using it for weeks, my pores were not happy. At first it seemed like they got small and ungunky, but the long term showed the opposite. That’s not the worst thing that happened to me, though. The worst thing was I was allergic to this natural serum and I didn’t notice until after I’d used it up! Suddenly my angry red skin and tearing eyes were healed almost over night! *headdesks* I spent a whole month suspecting food or scented candles! This is further proof that natural cosmetics are a health hazard for me and ‘natural’ clearly doesn’t equal ‘gentle’ or ‘good’. For everyone who is not allergic I still can’t recommed it because of the high amount of alcohol in it combined with the hefty price tag.


Let’s go on to greener pastures: Garnier Micellar Cleanser was my discovery of the year. This was the second bottle I used up and I stick with what I said before: this is even slightly better than expensive Micellar Cleansers. It gets my makeup off just fine, even the majority of eyeliners. Some need a dual phase remover.


Declare Ocean’s Best Marine Moisture for sensitive skin: This is a soothing moisturizer on the richer side, perfect for winter or when you need to heal allergy damage on your skin.


Biotherm Lait Corporel: This is already the second small Biotherm body lotion I used up. It makes skin all smooth with a delightful smell of  citrus peel. The citrus peel smell is more on the gentle side, not super zesty. I would buy a full size, but I’ve got way too much body lotion atm. XD


And my last item: Lancome O de L’Orangerie EdT. This is a flanker to the classic O de Lancome, released in 2011 (the flanker, that is). It goes nicely with the body lotion above because it also smells of citrus peel, albeit a lot stronger and zestier. Some people call it a summer scent, but for me citrus peel signifies winter, which is when I eat the most citrus fruit. I also don’t find it very green or all that refreshing. So it’s not very surprising I used it up in december, even though I did use a good amount of it in august just to try.


In conclusion  the items used up most often over the year: makeup remover, hand cream and small perfume samples. In makeup: mascara and foundation. None of these are surprising and I suspect the trend will continue in 2015. While I can live with my makeup remover coming in 400 ml bottles, I do wish they were 500 ml and I seriously wish that good hand creams came in bigger tubes.