MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics: Coral Bliss, Overnight Sensation, Cracked Emerald

MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics: Coral Bliss, Overnight Sensation, Cracked Emerald

Well. MAC‘s Make-up Art Cosmetics was a limited collection that came out several weeks ago already. Originally I didn’t intend to buy anything, but I broke down when Douglas had 20% off. So that’s why this review is super late. I apologize if these products are already sold out, but we can always hope MAC brings them back again.

I bought these three items: two paints from the Kabuki Magic part, Overnight Sensation and Cracked Emerald; and a lipstick from the James Kaliardos part, Coral Bliss (Cremesheen). Coral Bliss isn’t actually new, it was either part of LEs before or available in the regular lineup.

I really like the special packaging here and that it says “Spring/Summer 2017”. So in the future I’ll know exactly when I got it. XD

Coral Bliss has a cremesheen finish, meaning it’s not opaque and has a glossy finish. The color is a pinky toned light coral, a very happy color. Due to the finish it does not last that long, maybe three hours and the color pulls into lip lines/emphasizes dry parts. I solve that by reapplying. I like the way it looks and it has been my most used lipstick lately. The color is such a no-brainer, I use it whenever I don’t know what to wear (as I have to get up in the morning way too early this happens a lot; I put my makeup on in zombie mode).

Overall: if you can live with the cremesheen finish it’s a great lipstick.

These are my first ever MAC paints. They used to be in the lineup several years ago but then got discontinued when they introduced the Paint Pots. GREAT INJUSTICE! These Paints are five thousand times better than the Paint Pots! I know the Pots have many fans but they never worked for me at all. They are hard to put on evenly and they crease two hours in. They are also too dry to be a good makeup base, imho. These paints, though. Look at the swatches:

Overnight Sensation is a purple with blue shimmer, Cracked Emerald is matte green. The green doesn’t fade out more than the purple, I just took less product out of the tube. The colors are perf, pigmented, easy to put on the lid (I used a flat synthetic brush for full coverage and to use as eyeliner, a fluffy synthetic for less coverage and I’ve also used my finger). And then they dry down and stay uncreased until the end of time. Yet, they can be removed with any regular makeup remover quickly. I am in love!

Since they come in these little tubes, it’s best to squeeze only a tiny bit and put the cream onto a surface (back of hand or some artist’s plates) and then pick up the product from there. Work quickly as it dries up fast. The purple one was a little eager, the tube kept releasing more cream even when I didn’t touch it. But overall I found them easy to work with and the fact that the cream is kept in tubes with a small opening surely keeps them from drying out too fast, unlike cream shadows in pots.

I seriously hope MAC plans on releasing more of these again. I would buy them in a heartbeat.

Not Used Up: Makeup Spring Cleaning 2015

Not Used Up: Makeup Spring Cleaning 2015

I had exactly zero empties last month. Last time that happened I chucked out some stuff that had gone bad or that I just wasn’t going to use anymore, so I’ll do the same this time around, only concentrating on makeup (last time was mostly skin care). Here’s the makeup that has either gone bad or that I simply won’t use anymore:


And another shot:


So we’ve got two eyeshadow duos, one from Nivea and one from Astor, both with barely any color payoff; a taupe cream eyeshadow from Maybelline that was always too dry to apply; three pale lipsticks, all of them with strong frost shimmer (shudder), from s-he, L’Oreal and Astor; an even paler and even frostier lip balm from Balea; and a green concealer from alverde that never worked because it kept sliding off when I put foundation on top. Phew.

Sorry, guys, but it’s just not working between us. Bye, bye.

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color BR70

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color BR70


I have a weakness for cream eyeshadows, they are so easy to apply and usually look pretty good on their own. This is the first one I have from Shiseido.


This is the Shimmering Eye Cream Color in BR70. I have a weakness for all sorts of bronze, this one is a cool brass-like color.


Swatch. I detect a tiny bit of taupe in the swatch, but it’s not really taupe. I call it a medium-dark brass.

It is creamy and very easy to apply to the lid with either finger or brush. I need only one swipe of a clean finger for seamless blending.

Shiseido promises it will last a whole day… well on me it doesn’t. In fact, it doesn’t last very long at all. Wearing this without any base or powder, I had terrible creasing two hours in. I was very disappointed. I had hoped I could wear it alone, but no such luck. Usually I reach for creams when I don’t want to muck around with three different products. On the upside, I think I can layer the brassy color of my new Dior quint on top of this.


My verdict: Will not get any more. I have big problems with creasing in general, so those who don’t, this might be for them. Everyone else: try Bobbi Brown or Kiko instead.

MAC Paintpot in Rubenesque

MAC Paintpot in Rubenesque


This is a cream eye shadow in a lovely peach color with a strong golden shimmer.


Please excuse the horrible pic. This is three layers made with my finger. The pic really doesn’t do the color justice.
When I put this on my eyelid I do it with my finger and blend with another finger. When it’s properly blended it doesn’t crease, even without primer. Most eye shadows crease on me, so I’m pleasantly surprised.