Glossybox Österreich Juli 2013

Glossybox Österreich Juli 2013

Yesterday I got my July box! Another early delivery, huzzah!


The design is so lovely. That alone won me over already. I forgot to snap a pic of the paper inside but it is also very lovely.


First look.


Beauty Bird Fly High! Active Foot Gel: this is a full size of 75 ml. So this is a gel with menthol and eucalyptus and it’s supposed to refresh your feet. I already used it yesterday since it was very hot and that always makes my feet red and warm. It does feel good, no burn or anything, sadly it only feels cool the very first second.


Daylong Sunscreen SPF 25: Since last box included an after sun product, I have been waiting for the sunscreen. This is a tester size of 30 ml. It claims to be water resistant. Daylong is a new line, I have only seen it the last few months. It is only sold in pharmacies. I used this yesterday when I was out swimming, and so far I can’t detect any sunburn despite my ridiculously pale skin color. I reapplied it after swimming; water resistant is nice and fine while you’re in the water, but it’s better to reapply afterwards.


Emite Makeup Eyelash Curler: So, this is an eyelash curler and it comes with four refill pads. More refills is good I guess, often you get only one. But I have a question to you, my knowledgeable readers: how often do you need to replace your pads? I’m sort of still on the first pad of my first curler.

What strikes me as the most interesting about this particular curler is the price Glossybox lists: 23,60 €. Like, what? Cheap curlers are about 3 or4 €. I own one I considered to be super expensive: it’s the Shiseido one and cost me 19 €. What can this Emite one do that makes it worth that price? Is this Glossybox strategy to list super high prices to make us feel like we get a lot of worth for our box money? ^_^”


Next, another full size (200 ml) that almost didn’t fit in the box: got2b strand nixe texturierendes Salz-Spray: I’m not much of a hair styling person, so I have never heard of a salt spray. Usually I’d think salt is what you have to wash out of your hair, not add in after washing it. But alright. It looks fascinating. It is supposed to give you nice beach waves. Sadly my hair is as straight as if I’d used a flat iron every hour of the day and the description already said that for straight hair you should use a curler first. So, I’m not sure how useful this thing is to me. I think it would work nice on a person with wavy hair to make the waves more pronounced.


And finally the highlight of the box: nails inc. Brook Street nail polish

This is a mini size of 5 ml. I’m a big fan of nails inc and this is the perfect summery color. Well, mini size, it’s half the size of a normal nails inc polish which is 10 ml. Still, it looks so cute and tiny! Hopefully the small brush will work for me.


So, this was the box. What do you think? The box will be my new jewellery box or something; it’s so pretty. I think the insides are mostly useful, too.