Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

Please excuse my currently very errant posting schedule. My non internet life is being stressful and my posting is always patchy during the summer months, so I cannot promise you regular posts right now but this blog has not been abandoned.

Since I am in love with my other highlighting palette from Sleek, Distorted Dreams, obviously I got myself another one instead of using the one I already have because makeup collectors/bloggers are weird like that.

Sleek offers three permanent highlighting palettes. This is the lightest one, called Solstice 032. (I turned the palette around for my photograph so the pink and the taupe are the actual top shades.) While the (LE?) Distortion palette offered five shades in two finishes (cream and powder), this one has four shades in three finishes – cream, powder and two baked powders.

The colors are taupe (cream), vanilla yellow (powder), cool pink (baked) and orange (baked). The cream shade looks dark in the pan, but the color blends out on skin. Swatches:

These are unblended and you can see already that the cream (first swatch) is not dark. The swatches go in the same order as I mentioned before: taupe cream, vanilla powder, pink baked powder and orange baked powder. All of these have silvery white shimmer. You can see that the texture of the baked powders is not as smooth as the other two.

While you can tell the colors apart in the swatch, when applied on cheeks and blended they all look the same. You get intense platinum shimmer, end of story. If that’s what you want, this is a great highlighter for little money. For me I expected some more variety, so I’m a bit disappointed. I mean the quality is great, all of these last a whole day and the shimmer is very visible. It’s just that at the end of the day I could never tell which color I had applied, so the four colors are pretty pointless imho.

My favorite is the yellow powder, because it’s actually lighter than my skin tone and so makes the most difference, also it is the smoothest powder.

Another slight annoyance is that the compact includes a brush. This is completely pointless but takes up a lot of space and the brush is not of good quality. My favorite ways of applying these are as follows: for a more subtle finish I use fingers for the cream and my Zoeva highlighter brush for the powders. For a stronger finish you can either layer cream with powder or apply the cream with a beauty blender.


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