Kenzo World

Kenzo World

I’ve gotten quite a few samples of this one here since it was released: Kenzo World EdP. The EdP was released in 2016. Last year they released an Intense flanker and this year the EdT. But I’m super behind the times and so I’m only now reviewing the EdP. The nose is Francis Kurkdjian.

World was mostly known for it’s unusual TV spot and the bottle design. Tbh I don’t get why you name a perfume World and then give it an eye bottle. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t put that thing on my dresser.

Anyway, let’s move on to the juice. World has only three official notes: peony, jasmine and ambroxan.

It starts off extremely sweet in a sticky variety. It smells like overdosing on gummy candy. I guess gummy perfumes have their audience. That audience is not me. It takes half an hour for that to get more quiet, but the sticky sweetness never goes away completely. Only then the ambrox has a chance to get through. To me it smells more like a cashmere-y variant of ambrox. It doesn’t have much to to with ambre gris (ambroxan is the synthetic stuff originally made to replicate ambre gris, which is that whale stuff). Overall ambrox isn’t too noticeable. In fact I believe many people may be anosmic to it, just like musc anosmia is very common. This could lead to people thinking the perfume doesn’t smell anymore and reapplying it over and over. For this reason I hope it won’t be a bestseller because while I can live with the later parts of this perfume, an overdose of the beginning is something I wouldn’t want to smell on anyone.

I’m aware my beloved Kenzo Jungle is just as obnoxious, but that’s just more up my alley. Sorry.

On the upside Kenzo made an interesting perfume by reducing the formula so much. Most perfumes have much more going on, while World is bare bones. At least Kenzo are trying to come up with new things while everyone else is busy copying LVEB.


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