Catrice Spectra Light Down the Milky Way, Holo Enchantment

Catrice Spectra Light Down the Milky Way, Holo Enchantment

Catrice has this set of holo and duochrome nail polishes and of course I fell for it:

This is three coats of 01 Down the Milky Way. I expected it to be opaque like the essence holo polish was, but this one is a topper. Still not opaque in three coats. Had I known I would have put a base color on. It’s hard to see in the picture but it is a holo glitter. Weirdly, it has red non holo glitter thrown in as well. The polish itself was easy enough to put on and stayed well on peel off base. I had no chipping until day four.

Here we have the better holo of the set (the other two or three polishes were not holo but duochrome): 05 Holo Enchantment. And yes it is holo, even if the shift does not translate well on camera. You can see it a bit on my index finger. Unlike holo glitter, where each particle does its own rainbow dance, in this polish the shift is simultaneous, meaning you can move a rainbow over your nail by moving it in the light. The colors were a lot more visible in electric light than in sunlight (this pic is taken in sunlight). Here I am wearing two coats plus top coat. Without top coat the finish is semi matte. I put a glossy top coat on and at first was I afraid I’d ruined it as the colorful shimmer was suddenly dull. Luckily when the top coat was dry the shimmer was back.

The polish lasted five days with minor tip wear on a normal base and since it was a shimmer polish not a glitter one was easier to remove as well. I’d recommend Holo Enchantment for being an unusual holo polish. The other one does not get a recommendation from me, holo glitter toppers are easy to come by.

I’m not entierly sure if these are LE or no, they can be found in the normal nailpolish Catrice segment. Knowing Catrice, there’s a chance they’ll only be there for a few months, though.


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