Essie Nailpolish Swatches

Essie Nailpolish Swatches

I took an unplanned break last week I just wasn’t feeling it. But I’m back today with lots of nailpolish.

I’ll put several of the Essie polishes I’ve worn lately in one post again, so here we go:

This lovely gold is Getting Groovy, from a past LE I believe. Those are two coats plus top coat. It was super easy to apply and lasted well. There was tip wear on day three.

This is Blue Rhapsody, omg I love it so much. Two coats + top. Also from a past LE. It shows some brush strokes, but only if you go looking for it. There was some chipping on day three.

This is sew psyched, which looks quite ugly in the bottle, but is incredibly wearable irl. Two coats + top, tip wear on day five. Best nailpolish to wear with a jeans look imho.

And here I’m not actually wearing any color polish at all. This is a single coat of CC for nails. It claims to color corect yellow nails, which… I don’t even understand the point at all. It does so by having very fine purple shimmer. You can barely see it, but looks good. This dries matte, so maybe you’re supposed to wear it on its own and people will think you have no polish on? Is that the point? Anyway I wasn’t really feeling it, tbh I hoped it would be more purple than that. So I dug out my purple top coat and slapped a good layer on:

Oh, yes. That’s Guerlain Le Top Coat Ultraviolet from a past LE on top of CC for nails. Now this is where it’s at! This combo lasted well, there was chipping on day four, but because I smashed my finger against something. It might have lasted longer. This just looks so good I might wear this combo more often. Pity the Guerlain top coat was LE and you probably can’t get it anymore (the Essie base is permanent and should be easy to get). If you can find something sheer and purple or pinky you should get the same effect, though.

And that’s it. I’ve worn more Essie polishes but I haven’t uploaded the pics yet, so those are for another time. Speaking of time, it flies. It’s almost march??? It doesn’t feel like march because we’re having a late winter here and it’s really cold. But the days are getting longer and longer and it’s actually so pretty to have lots of sunlight and snow. 🙂


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